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The 40 LED blink

Is this possiable the program on Arduino for the 40 LED blink that which we want?help me out?

Question by SamrajP    |  last reply

Is it possible to make a big acrylic block (as big as 40" * 40" * 40") with resin casting?

I wanna make a big transparent block . It should be really transparent. Can resin casting help in this case? if not, what is the best way to do it?

Question by JavadK7    |  last reply

How to draw a MP-40?

 How do i draw a realistic MP-40?

Question by mcellis94    |  last reply

Speed Record for Cal 40

Any one know of top speeds hit in Cal 40? I presume this would be a transpac speed.

Topic by pnelson    |  last reply

What is the best way of derusting a knife blade? Answered

My multitools main blade has started to rust, I have tried using WD-40 but it is not doing very well. The blade is carbon-steel if that helps at all.

Question by PotatoCoffee    |  last reply

Flickering tv screen on Samsung 40”

My Samsung LN40” has been flickering for a week. Progressively worse. I read on one of your posts about cutting a jumper wire JP825/845 on the Samsung 46/55” but when I took my tv down and removed the back plate those wires don’t exist on this model. I’m trying to locate the correct wire to cut for my specific model. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Samsung with no feedback. Please advise. Thank you

Question by RobertH555  

40% Off: an art show for the new economy

Come on out to 40% Off: an art show for the new economy this Friday!New artwork from:Aaron GemanBen CowdenDaniel BenoitLuigi OldaniMitch HeinrichRandy SarafanNoah WeinsteinShelly CournoyerPlus, 40 gallons of delicious home brewed beer from Dying Vines, drink serving robots, live music from Belly of the Whale, Tiny Things and No's at 10PM, 8000 sq. ft of community art space, 1200 sq. ft of show space, a big yard with a fire barrel, a bus, a man living in a shipping container and many classic mercedes cars!Friday, February 20th, 2008 at 7PMABCo artspace3135 Filbert St.Oakland, CAMore at

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How do you connect 40 leds in a row. I need to run them on a small boat. Just looking for the best way thank you.  

Topic by tbolle    |  last reply

Neon Sign transformers, gotta go! $40 each.

These things have been sitting in my basement for quite a while; I doubt I'll ever use this many. So, I offer them for sale! I've got 9,000V ones, 7500V ones, 6,000V ones, 5,000V ones and 4,000V ones. $40 each. All are 30mA, center tapped with no sGFI, perfect for Tesla coils, Jacob's ladders, etc.

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Wiring 40 or 50 LED's to 12V motorcycle battery?

I would like to wire 40 or 50 LED's to run off of a 12V motorcycle battery.  Here's what I have: Red LEDs- 2.2V typ 2.8v max @ 20mA Motorcycle battery- 12 Volt, 10 Ah, 180 CCA The plan was to run 8-10 series of 5 LED's in parallel. From what I understand each series would need a resistor but I am not sure if the motorcycle battery puts out enough mA to support the total number of LED's. I am a beginner so I may have this all totally wrong, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help!

Question by motoLED    |  last reply

Will this LCD work on any 40-pin LVDS driver board? Answered

Take a look at this datasheet, particularly the intput/output description. If I were to use a different LVDS driver board with a 40 pin connector, do you think it will work with this display? Is there any kind of standard among all 40-pin LVDS displays and driver boards? E.g. This driver board

Question by knexpert1700    |  last reply

how to build a tower with 40 craft sticks and Elmer's glue

Must stand 10" tall, support 25 lbs, and have center of 4" diameter

Question by barineau    |  last reply

how to calculate force required to lift a 40 kg mass?

 i want to throw a 30-40 kg opponent robot in a robowar in air! i wanna lainch it in air, that is the attack strtegy am using...please help me to find th e force required to do that. thanks in advance!

Question by sarathjulius    |  last reply

Can wd40 be used to lubricate PVC? If not, what can be used? Answered

I heard somewhere that WD40 would damage or corrode PVC, and wanted to know if this was true. If it is, does anyone know what could be used to lubricate PVC.

Question by 1337f0x    |  last reply

How to run (and power) 40 16' LED strips with a single controller?

I am working in a room with an exposed beam ceiling.  I am planning on running 16' strips of 12v RGB 5050 (150 LED) up each rafter.  So in total I will end up with around 40 strips.  Each strip is listed to consume ~36w.  Tons of info on the net about controlling and powering 2-4 strips at a time. But 40?  I'm having trouble drawing out how to power the strips (power supplies + amplifiers) at the same time being able to control them from a single controller.  (A simple generic controller that has selectable colors/ blinking/ etc)  Is is possible to control all these with a single RGB controller? I would love to get into a DMX setup. But all the DMX controllers I've seen only show controlling a grid of 300 LED's.  Is there anything remotely feasible for a home setup that could control 6000 LEDs?

Topic by mrlegoman    |  last reply

Man builds amazing 1:40 scale LEGO Battleship + VIDEO !!

A Japanese man called Jun Brick has finished building a 1:40 scale replica model of the Japanese battleship "Yamato" .. out of LEGOOver 100,000 LEGO bricks were used in the construction !Back in 2007 Jun Brick posted photos showing the construction so i can only assume it took over 3 years to build.Photos of the construction and loads of the finished ship can be found on his Geo Cities page(Which is in Japanese so i cant read it :S)Below are a selection of the most impressive photos.Video is not all still images, it has some great panoramic views and walkarounds Via Wired

Topic by =SMART=    |  last reply

Where can I find inexpansive led light bulb? Answered

Hello everyone, My dad bought a new kitchen and he would like to put led lights behind plexiglas to have a light source at the level of the work place , I've searched on eBay for cheap led light bulb 40 watts equivalent , but it's a little bit expansive and after searching more , even if they say it's 40 watts equivalent , it's actually not and it's definitely not bright. Please , may someone help me finding the ultimate inexpansive led light bulb ?

Question by Anykey    |  last reply

What should i do with an empty 40 ounce peanut butter jar?

Any instructables that use this kind of jar? and if its relevant, it was creamy?

Question by mynameiswillem    |  last reply

I have 40 LEDs and have no idea what to do with them. Help? Answered

I just wnt to radioshack and I found a great deal on LEDs. 20 for 2.00 US$!!! I got 2 packages of them they are in assorted colors (red, yellow, green, and amber) and sizes (5mm & 2.5mm). what do I do with them?

Question by techturtle2    |  last reply

BBC Magazine readers give 40 ways we still use floppies

This fun article from the BBC website showcases readers' responses to Sony ceasing production of floppy disks.  There are 40 picked responses, many of which just talk about legacy hardware that still uses them for data storage, but some of them are easily 'ible-worthy.  Highlights: 1. I regularly buy floppy disks. I own a pub with a retro theme and I use them as beer mats. 4. Not as much a user as an owner of a great many floppies, I was planning to tile the roof of my shed with them (using the two existing corner holes to take the nails) until my wife forbade it. 13. I put handles on them and sell them as spatulas. I sell thousands of them a year. 18. I've always used an old floppy disk as an ice scraper for the car, just the right combination of rigidity and flexibility. Just don't use the side with the metal sleeve on. They last about a year before they need replacing from my endless pile from the 1990s. 28. Floppy disks are ideal "floppy table" stabilisers, whether in the dining room or on the patio. They are also good for wedges filling in gaps where wood has to be cut. I have also embossed them in a cement pathway in a splendid "talked about feature" as they are of no use whatsoever for storage. Enjoy!

Topic by yoyology    |  last reply

I Need to make a large 40" wide sleeping bag. Low cost .

 I'm thinking a couple of blankets safety pinned together with a wrapping of that reflective poly sheeting ( I have some) this mite work out if it wont rip or crackle loud when I roll over. ?.  I will be leaving it in one spot, so weight is not a consideration. .Anyone with experience with this?  thanks  Jon

Question by jonpersonals    |  last reply

Where might one be able to acquire inexpensive IR laser goggles (<$40)?

I'm planning on getting a 905nm IR laser that's pretty powerful, and I don't want to spend a lot on the goggles (from my searching, they're normally pretty close to $200). Does anyone know where to get some decent ones on the cheap?

Question by The Ideanator    |  last reply

What would be a good alloy/ dimensions for an aluminum blowgun?

I would like to order an aluminum tube from but I'm not sure of what kind I should get for a blowgun.  If you could put in the dimensions you would get for a blowgun at that would be great, thank you.  The only set thing I need for the tube is for it to be less than a .50 cal blowgun... If you could tell me if this would be good for a blowgun that would be great:                                                                                                                       Thanks,                                                                                                                         Wafflicious

Question by Wafflicious    |  last reply

mine that has 40% silver and 50% gold how do i separate it in the separater

My mine has 40% silver and as it come out of the gold separater how can i recover the silver

Question by gold dust    |  last reply

Is there some sort of rigid tubing with a 40 mm interior diameter to fit an airsoft grenade?

What material, size and thickness of tubing (pvc, abs, copper) would be necessary to fit a 40 mm airsoft grenade inside of. It would need to be either 40mm exactly or slightly larger, although I'm not sure how much larger it could be.

Question by travisttt    |  last reply

i have a crouse-hinds 1950s spot light that uses a 500matt HS 40 bulb

So every bulb i look at the threaded par is too small and a bulb with the right size threads are big street light looking things ,i think that need a balance so i tried a screw in thread reducer but it didnt seat all the way down .do i need a bakace for  the big bulbs?   

Question by AKA THE HAMMER    |  last reply

airborne Micro generator from nitro rc 40 motor / 400kv outrunner / smart charger / lipoly

Concept : design onboard lipoly charger system to extend flight time on giant scale electric plane.  1) if this is even a worth while project, the trade off of course is weight / power ,      can enough be created from a micro generator to make a differance, or would additionals 6 cell lipoy be more sensible ,  configuration =   OS max 40 nitro motor /  brushless 400 kv outrunner / ac / dc conversion rectifier / dc voltage regulator / 12v dc lipoly balance charger to main bank of lipoly batteries /  motors 2) I don't know how to build the rectifier bridge, so I would need some direction  Any suggestions or thoughts on this project are appreciated.  Jeff

Topic by JeffR135  

What motor should I look into for lifting 50 lbs around 35-40 in. off the ground?

I have a project where I very simply need to raise and lower a flat board with a 50 lbs drill press 35-40 in. and have it stop at the same specific place every time going up and coming down. I've seen TV lift mechanisms and things such as that, but they cost $500 - $1,400. I need this project to cost very little. <$100 if possible. I have a scissor design that I will be made from wood that I already have, so all I need is a motor that can lift 50 lbs up and down, slowly, quietly, and only once or twice a week. But I know nothing about motors.  Here are all the parameters that I can think of.  1.) It will be stationary, i.e. — not require a battery or ever need to be moved.  2.) It must move slowly. Lift the surface approx. 1 in per second. i.e. — around 30 seconds to raise the surface 30 in. or so.  3.) It must be as quiet as is reasonable. It doesn't have to be whisper quiet, but def. not power-drill loud. 4.) It must be as inexpensive as possible.  I do not care about... 1.) Motor weight 2.) Dimensions 3.) Power consumption 4.) Heat production 5.) Longevity... it will be used very rarely so wear & tear is a non-issue really I very much appreciate any help you guys can give. 

Topic by Dolmetscher007    |  last reply

What craft can I demonstrate or teach at a lunch & learn session for a 40-something aged crowd?

I volunteered to demonstrate a craft at my husband's office (insurance adjustors) early December.  Purpose is to have fun and give employees opportunity to interact.  I find people are generally creative or not, and I'd like something that can appeal to both groups.  I was thinking Chocolate Cherry Mice but question if I could accomodate a group of more than 5 with double boiler.  Office policy forbids use of office resources (photocopier, computer) for personal use.  Microwave is ok.  I would like to limit the craft to $2-$3/person as I will cover the cost of all materials and supplies.  I suspect people will not want to bring ANYTHING to the session (e.g. photos, ideas, etc)  Many thanks for ANY suggestions!

Question by kolowinter    |  last reply

Warhammer 40k question

Questionif you can please answer my question.

Topic by manu11    |  last reply

Arduino bootloader for Atmega 32?

I have an Atmega 32 based board. I wish to use it with Arduino. Is there any Arduino Bootloader for Atmega 32 (40-pin) microcontroller?

Question by sarveshk    |  last reply

two different voltages in parallel?

I have two solar cells. one has an output of about 15-20v depending on the light. The other has an output of about 30-40v depending on the light. what will happen if I connect then in parallel? will the lower voltage one subtract voltage of the higher voltage one leaving me with about 15v? Will the amperage still double with both cells in parallel?

Question by carrierpilot1357    |  last reply

Simpsons Intro in LEGO

Worthy of $40 in a competition, apparently.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply


Does someone have a flexdex longboard? i am getting the classic 29. has any one ridden the classic 29?Also my bro has the pro 40. the pro 40 is amazing! please tell me if you have ridden the flexdex classic 29

Topic by T-man    |  last reply

Wiring 120 LED in parallel.It is in square shape.Each side contain of 40 LED.How many power supply i need.?

I'm going to build up a multi-touch. Now I'm facing the wiring problem. The screen is square in shape. Each side contains of 40 LED.Now i need to know how many power supply that i needed..and also the wiring diagram since that i have no knowledge on it.

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If you had about 30 or 40 12v 7.2A Lead Acid batteries what could you do with them?

I am wondering if I should get these, they are free, so it;s more of a matter of wasting storage space and being unable to get -rid- of them if I can't use them for something practical. I've been meaning to make a little follower-bot, so I may have a use for about 6 of them at most...Any suggestions before I go and pick em up?

Question by Kasaron    |  last reply


I love the stuff but shipping outrageous to canada 20$ 40$ for a tee shirt

Topic by mman1506    |  last reply

How do I go about fixing a Schumacher 10/40/100/200 charger for 12v and 6v auto batteries?

The cooling fan hums when unit is supposed to charge, so that has power. Which components do I check first and how?

Question by grantdylan    |  last reply

Okay. So i didn't finish my pump action..UPDATE1

BUT. Here's some more candy. What's that.. About 40 rounds in the hopper? 2 firing pins? Hmm... UPDATE1: Okay. I didn't actually count 60 rounds in the hopper. Not 40. Trigger is similar to swagboss. Because it's a good trigger. When tweaked enough.

Topic by ajleece    |  last reply

Inverter question? Answered

I have recently made a pond in my garden and to avoid spending lots of money in electricity, I decided that I would power it with a solar panel. My pump is 220v 34w, so I thought that a 40 or 50w solar panel should work. However, i can't find any 40-50w inverter, only about 150w. So, my question is, will a 150w inverter draw 150w from the solar panel if powering only the 34w pump? In other words, will a 40-50w solar panel be able to power a 34w pump via a 150w inverter or would I need a 150W solar panel for that?

Question by tgferreira184    |  last reply

tnkit entry

My tnkit entry my m82 range around 40 feet please comment rate subscribe

Topic by knex mad    |  last reply

My Silver Coins!!! What's it worth?!?

I am not too sure about what references to trust, so I want to check with you what all my silver is worth. DIMESTotal: 31 QuartersTotal: 18One is a 40% bicentennial proof. Another is a (I don't know why but,) silver bicentennial. HalvesTotal: 6One is a 40% bicentennial proof DollarsTotal: 5Lots, huh? And by the way, one of the dollars is on it's way from eBay, and another is a 1971 proof. Another is a 40% bicentennial proofPlease let me know if you can find the value, THANKS!

Topic by Flumpkins    |  last reply

Data on a super shotgun mike from 1960?

I am looking for info on a directional  mike design from 40 years ago I cant find a thing on. It used 20 or 30 lenghts of conduit 20 to 40 inches long bundled together. The effect was to add their resonant effect. I beleive it was directional as well and called a shotgun mike. Was in pop electronics type magazines.

Question by ericsundbergva    |  last reply

Ipod touch for droid

Would you guys consider a ipod touch for a droid a good deal. The ipod has a 40$ case and is a 8gb.

Topic by silentassasin21    |  last reply

35pounds thrust thermojet

Hello everybody here iam going to show you the 10% throttle of the engine and 40% throttle of the engine. At 100% throttle 40pounds thrust is got. But unfortunately my LPG valve has got some restrictions so iam unable to show you guys the peak thrust. engine at 10% throttle engine at 40% throttle

Topic by ganuganu