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Nerf ak-47

I was looking around on the internet and found this it was coll but i wanted one that shot and so i used the mag from it. then i used the barrel idea from here;=related then used cardboard for the stock and i made this it does shoot if you want step by step directions feel free to ask.

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SR- 47 gun

I am in the process of making a new gun. It may not be fantastic, but I know with yalls support it might be near it. It is the American version of the AK 47. It resembles the M4. I'll post some pictures, and right now, I'm working on the stock. I think that dutchwarlord's M4 stock is pretty cool. It doesn't matter if this is a working model or not. I really want to get this up and made. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to yalls suggestions. If anyone wants to help me build this gun, just PM me.

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knex ak-47

This is a realistic looking ak 47 it has a curved mag(the dunkis) it is as powwerful as my assault rifle but the stock is pretty bad comment if you think i should post or if you have any suggestions for it.

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Knex AK 47

Hello, this is my Knex AK47. It worked very well and shot very hard. It fed off a large type magazine that was actually very sturdy. It was provided with internal pictures.

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knex AK-47 mods

Before i post instructions for mods in my knex AK-47 i will post them here and ask you if you want them. so far the mods i have are : new butt balljoint in front grey connector in front to stop the barrel form bending frucher mods: mag will replace hand guard anything else i can think of lol

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My phun created Ak-47, SMG, and blender...

Ok, so i just got phun, and while i was bored, i made this fruit blender.and then i made an Ak-47and then i made an SMGboth are fully automatic, and phun to play are the pics, and files, but be sure to convert the scene files from .tmp to .phn, so that they will work...

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Paint Choices

What color scheme should I choose for the AK-47 I'm making? Any suggestions? The original colors would be like a burnt sienna and a black I usually spray paint the parts separately here is a pic of the completed model i'm building

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What is the significance of 4.7 in electronics? Answered

Why are most electronics components available in multiples of of 4.7?  I've been noticing this a lot recently when looking for components, and it seems like an odd choice to be a common division, seeing as it doesn't divide nicely, and isn't a particularly easy value to work with. If anyone knows why 4.7 is one of the most common values, I'd be interested to know. Thanks.

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knex ak-47 true triger

Well i made sgt's ak-47. i moded it with a true triger. i got his permision to make a instructable on it. spread the good news.i am done

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Ak-47 vs M-16.

I just want to know peoples opinion on which is the better assault rifle. personally, i prefere the ak-47 because of its better knock down power, ease of use and reliability. the only thing i can see what the m-16 has to offer over the ak-47 is its improved accuracy. what does everyone think the better assault rifle is?

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my new knex gun

I made this gun realy fast last night maybey ill post instructions

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AK-47 mod for Ironman69's Glock 23

I made Ironman69's Glock 23 and it was awesome. For some reason I decided to make an AK-47 out of it, and here it is! Yayyyy... I also made a suppressor for the Glock 23, but that dampens the performance slightly and you can only see it in pistol form.

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how make a magazine release? for my carboard ak-47

I watch other video but it's very difficult.. help

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how do you repair an Ez-47 electro lift plow unit? Answered

Plow reise's sometimes and will not swile right nor left, other time just the opposite

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post or not

Want me to post the sgt`s ak-47 it is very powerful.

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Airsoft Gun? Answered

I was wondering what people on here think about a CM.028s AK 47. Should I get it? Here is the link.

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sgt, this has pics!!

Where da sgt go. i made his ak-47

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Can anyone tell me how to make a true trigger for a knex gun? I Just want the triger not a whole gun? Answered

Plz I really need a tru trigger im makin a gun and i need one. The gun is like  4 connecters thick. (the actual gun is 2 connectors thick but including the shells its 4)

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500 fps airsoft gun

I just got a brand new custom airsoft ak-47 that shoots at 500 fps. I need ideas of things to do with it then dominate with it in a war.

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Samsung 47" LCD Tv.Hums when tv is on and will shut off on its own from time to time. any ideas?

TV Hums when TV is on and also shuts off by itself

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Resistor Voltage Drop

Is there any way to calculate the voltage drop of a resistor value? For example, if I had a 47 ohm resistor, would its voltage drop equal -30V, -857358V, or -0.5V?

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Resistors? Answered

I'm trying to do the evaporator workaround for the Ford Fusion. Instructions from this page say to use 37kOhm 1/8 watt resistor. No one has this. Can I use other wattage rated resistors such as 47 kOhm 1/2 or 1/4 watt ?

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How do you make a 4.7 volt transformer into a 12 volt one? Answered

I want to make a 4.7 volt wall transformer into a twelve volt 2 amp wall transformer.Is there some way I can do this?

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university clear smartboard

Https:// (on this date, they have a vid on opening page) hit pause at 47 second mark of vid transparent smartboard? what university? awesome stuff.

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Hello Kitty Chainsaw

The Hello Kitty Chainsaw, for when you need an extra bit of cuteness in your zombie massacre. Not much info on this one, but it is one lovely custom paintjob. There's already a Hello Kitty AK-47 out there. We need more for a Hello Kitty arsenal. Link via Neatorama

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I want a home cooling system effective for Temp. upto 46 centigrade.

I am in need of an effective and simple home cooling system to stand with outside temperature upto 45-47 degree centigrade. How an evaporative cooler can be made more effective. my email is

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How to wire a MOSFET?

I have some CCFL's that i want to switch on and off with an Arduino like board. I think i have wired them up right but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm using the IRF530 MOSFET (data sheet here: and i'm powering the CCFL's from an old PC power supply.

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Halloween Gingerbread House

$5-$10 Gingerbread House kits.... I highly recommend NOT buying one. Not only are they not flammable... They taste bad, difficult to assemble AND they don't come with the parts to make it just like on the box....This was one sad sad house -- so we put it out of its misery... Just thought I'd share... <-- Some videos in there...

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Airsoft gun fix

I bought a crappy ak-47 airsoft rifle, but it broke. Can anybody tell me how to fix it? Before you ask, what happens is it somewhat works on semi, but when it goes to full auto, it works the same as in semi. I can press the trigger very rapidly on full auto and it will go full auto. Can anyone help??

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fun stuff

Lol my uncle took out his 47 foot boat and tied a beer keg to it and once he was in 780 foot deep water he let it down and it imploded and wen they took it up it was all crushed it looked like a giant egg timer and they opened it and drank it they said it tasted like salt lol if any1 has done this or something fun like this plz share

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Inner Tube 700x45

Can i fit a 700x28-35 inner tube on a 700x45 tyre. my common sense says no its first tyre ive needed to change tho so i went halfords got told a 700x45 sounds more like a motor bike tyre and was sold 700x 28-35.  just checking before open them and cant get a refund.

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What programs are needed to flash an Xbox 360?

What computer programs are needed to flash an Xbox 360? I have a Hitachi 47 HD and I've tried downloading Jungle Flasher and Ixtreme from their respective websites, but I can't seem to get them to run on my Laptop (Windows 7).

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What replica next?

Well, i have a new replica coming out right away, and i want to know what kind of gun is should replicate next! I need ideas, and don't ask me to make these huge guns like the M249 Saw, or an intervention, I want to make a medium (eg, AK-47) to small (eg, mini-uzi) sized guns.  IDEAS?

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Help for a project

Goodmorning everyone I am not very practical in this field, but I would like to know if it is possible to carry on this project and if someone can help me to develop itInstall IP cameras I want to create a card that powers a 47 v LAN port from the USB port of my PC so that the data cable can both power the camera and receive the video signalsI would need something like that in the picture even if it comes out bigger is not a problemthanks everyone in advance

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Air Soft Opinion

 I was going to buy an Air Soft Gun. But I'm really confused which one should I buy. My play style is less-hiding and do more tactic moves. I prefer to shoot in a long range, but using burst-fire weapons. I was going to buy UMP-45 or MP7, but those submachine guns are less-accurate. My friend suggest me to buy AKA 47. Any other suggestions? 

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Top 50 Instructables Authors of 2007 Ranked by Number of Instructables

This is the fourth in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the Instructables authors who have the greatest number of Instructables in 2007. This list includes unpublished projects, so I bet some of these people have great things coming up!Instructable Author - Number of Instructables1. trebuchet03 - 722. TimAnderson - 473. Kiteman - 474. sam noyoun - 395. noahw - 366. Brennn10 - 357. canida - 358. loup226 - 339. ewilhelm - 3010. threadbanger - 2411. randofo - 2412. unclesam - 2213. stasterisk - 2214. neelandan - 2115. Kipkay - 2116. golics - 2117. TeacherOfTheWays - 2018. Weissensteinburg - 2019. logic bomb - 1920. Tool Using Animal - 1921. msolek - 1822. fungus amungus - 1823. PetervG - 1724. avinash - 1725. royalestel - 1726. indymogul - 1527. technick29 - 1428. jeffreyf - 1429. Aeshir - 1330. tycoyoken - 1331. bofthem - 1332. i make shooting things - 1233. babblin5 - 1234. 5Volt - 1235. sardines454 - 1236. funwithfire325 - 1237. Vendigroth - 1238. - 1139. oldschoolstructure - 1140. Popular Mechanics - 1141. Daniel662000 - 1142. zieak - 1043. neighborsproject - 1044. Mr. Rig It - 1045. dave spencer - 1046. robbtoberfest - 1047. rachel - 1048. T3h_Muffinator - 1049. lemonie - 1050. degroof - 10

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where can i find a good site for instructions step by step to build a working tiny brick shooting AK-47 i need help!!

Would you help me by showing  me instructions for  building a step by step black pistol  i cant find any directions at all i need to find one that can reload and work. Can you help me out reply and tell me if you can help me or not.         from             Zreakeo                

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Best Answers Count For 2010-06-01

Best Answers Count for 2010-06-01 lemonie:375 Re-design:362 frollard:243 Steveastrouk:211 Kiteman:174 orksecurity:174 kelseymh:153 seandogue:147 GuardianFox:131 NachoMahma:108 Burf:94 ZEROGX:94 RavingMadStudios:94 AndyGadget:69 NobodyInParticular:58 jeff-o:51 jtobako:51 Grathio:47 MahavishnuMan:48 DJ Radio:47 mikeasaurus:46 alex-sharetskiy:43 Killer~SafeCracker:39 Gorfram:36 UziMonkey:34 11010010110:33 Joe Martin:32 Jayefuu:34 gmoon:29 Jack A Lopez:29 caitlinsdad:26 rickharris:25 AngryRedhead:24 killerjackalope:23 Mr. Stealth:20 Prfesser:20 siliconghost:19 cyberpageman:20 ChrysN:19 RelaxedSoup:18 karnuvap:19 randofo:17 MichelMoermans:18 CameronSS:15 fwjs28:16 iPodGuy:15 yokozuna:14 Shadowman39:13 Zengineer1618:13 ewilhelm:12 acidbass:12 canida:11 Goodhart:12 purduecer:11 Hiyadudez:10 kevinhannan:10 Lithium Rain:9 The Ideanator:9 plane phanatic:9 M4industries:8 gmjhowe:6 nickodemus:6 kcls:5 LoneWolf:3 artificialintelligence:3 wrivera6:3

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Why are my batteries getting hot with the switch turned off?

I built a simple circuit with 2 AAs, a SPST slide switch, 1 red LED and a 47 ohm resistor. With the switch in the off position the batteries get hot to the touch. All the connections and solder points were wrapped with heat shrink tubing so nothing is touching that shouldn't be.  When the switch it turned on, the LED lights the way it's supposed to.  I assume it's a bad switch but wanted to get some other opinions.

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Does anyone know how much weight can 1&quot; OD PVC pipe can handle? Thank you in advance.

Im thinking of making a canoe and kayak stand out of PVC. The stand would look like a modifyed 'H' with the top span enclosed as well. The cross memebers would be approx. 36" long. The weight of the canoe is around 75 lbs. and the kayak weighs 47 lbs. All of the weight will be distributed over 3 H frames spanning 8'.

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how to choose a good beginner airsoft aeg assault rifle and a gas 1911?

I need good idea's for good beginner/intermediate airsoft aeg assault rifle such as a famas,ak-47,m4,etc. and metal internals and good upgrade ability and around $150 and a good gas 1911 for around $100  and what to get after this? m14,p90,mp5,l85,shotgun,etc too many choice's, for example: also I will be doing cqc and woodland

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Presidential Finger Puppets

Now you can make your own Presidential Puppet show. Hold Your Own Debate! Have a thumb wrestling match!Find free crochet patterns on Lion Brand's website: Crochet Barack Obama Crochet John McCainYou may have to create an account to see them, but with all the free patterns Lion Brand has to offer, it's totally worth your 47 seconds.And if you don't know how to crochet yet, what could possibly be a better incentive to learn?Check out tlmacnolan's great how-to series and set those needles ablaze!

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Sixty one million people get spun by Daily Mail

The UK population has hit a 47-year high of 61 million, "...with changes in birth and death rates now a bigger cause of growth than immigration." (BBC).Less than 25% of all births in the UK are to mothers born outside the UK.What's the Daily Mail headline?The migrant baby boom: Foreign mothers help push Britain's population past 61mThe Daily Mail; racist in public, so you don't have to be.BBC versionDaily Mail VersionThe UK's changing demographic

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Rate My EEE pc cooler

Hey guys what up this is my first post i wanted to know what you guys thought of my EEE pc cooler i made from an old mini cooler door lol . It has two 92mm fans on bottom and one 40mm on exhaust. i also over clocked my EEE to 1062 Mhz as well at a cool 47 C. can u guys add any suggestions and rate it out of 10 :) i think i should add a usb hub in the door on the right side. enjoy my pics

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Any ideas how to REUSE these film / foil / sheet ? To give them a second "life"?

Hi ... recently I've started a new job in printing industry and I'm crying everyday on the waste that is produced by this industry :( I would like to ask, if you could suggest anything, so that this waste = sheets could be reused ? See the attached pictures please. They are 900x1200mm (35" x 47") ... 0.16mm thick but very strong. The closest how to describe it  = X RAY sheet in bigger size.  As mentioned, they are very strong, durable, NON biodegradable !!!  Could you think of anything ? Thank you in advance for any ideas. Zed ...

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What I Have Built

So... It has been A LONG TIME since I last posted anything on instructables. To be exact my last comment was 20 days ago, so here is an update. Right now. I have. Bakenbitz (Atlas) - Model M16 in mettalics Dutchwarlord - Tar - 21 in classic, gold, colors Ironman69 - M249 (SAW) RBG in mettalics If you want me to post the SAW, I will, I just need alot of people who want me to because it is a big task. Video for the SAW Also there are my two airsoft guns.  A G&G; MP5 SD5 (400$) And a Kraken AK-47 (220$) 

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