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Pickle Boat with 49cc motor?

Making a pickle boat for the kid.  Boat is made out of PVC and 55 gallon plastic barrel.  I've got a 49cc two stroke engine laying around I want to throw on it.  It's one of those motors that come off a pocket bike or stand up gas scooter. Anyhow, any thoughts on how to use it. I'd like to do a direct drive propulsion setup but I don't know what size propeller I would use. I could make a trolling motor out of it but I don't imagine it would work to well without stalling the motor.  I'm sure it would rust out as well.  So my questions...... 49cc two stroke motor, what size prop do I use for a propulsion (fan) like setup? If I put it under water, what size prop do I use for that?   Links would be amazing.  Thanks guys!

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Where to find 2 stroke engines?

I am looking to find small 2 stroke engines for cheap/free. I am not sure where to look. The side of the road, craigslist,and ebay have been of no help to me. I need something between 40-50cc and would like some god places to look. Thanks guys!

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Where can you buy 49cc clutch bell springs and clutch bell arms? Answered

I need three clutch bell springs and one clutch bell arm for a 49cc engine?

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Can you put a key on a pocket bike?

Hi i was wondering if i could still keep the pullstart on my pocket bike, but make it so the key has to be in inorder for the bike to turn over, kind of like a kill switch any help would be much apreciated.

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Would a forklift motor be overkill for a (stretched) 49cc quad bike conversion?

I Have a childrens 49cc quad bike that I'm stretching to 6 feet long, and converting into a 'party quad' with a sound sytem and lights (which will be removable). Will a (big) forklift motor running on 12-24v be overkill for it? Or should I 'accquire' the motor and try it out? And if I do get the motor, where would I find a relay/solenoid powerful enough?

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How do I check the voltage to the electric starter of my scooter?

It is a 49cc 2-stroke chinese scooter I got for christmas. The electric start won't work, and I'm wondering how to check the voltage to the starter, or the solenoid. Oh, and when I have the keys in and its switched on, and I press the starter button, it only clicks.

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How does this engine work? Answered

I have a mini moto engine which i'm going to use to power a go kart type thing. I need help identifying the different intakes as it looks like there are three holes. I think the middle one is to attatch a throttle cable, but what of the other 2? One already has a pipe attatched to it (right hand side) and the other (left) looks like it has a fuel tap. I'd guess fuel and oil, but I always thought that had to be premixed, so shouldn't there only be one hole? Any help in identifying the different bits would be appreciated. Chip.

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tweaking engine output on an 1980 Suzuki FZ50 moped. suggestions pls

I run on a daily basis a Suzuki FZ50 moped from 1980. its a good little run about but i wish its little 8hp 49cc two stroke engine had abit more output. Ive just bought a carb jet kit with larger jets but i haven't fitted them as yet.  the little bike is in its original state and hasn't been modified. there seems to be many knew and used parts to buy on ebay for this model bike and  I would like to make some modifications to it myself as it tends to be slow riding up hills. I want to ask. have you owned this model moped in the past. can you make suggestions to what i can do to up the engine output. thanks for replies in advance.

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