Iphone 4S Internal Speaker? Answered

I just purchased an Iphone 4S from verizon 2 days ago, it is the white model. However, the Internal Speaker will not work, and has never worked for anything: Apps, Music, Videos, Ringtones, etc. I made sure the phone was not on silent mode and the volume was up high.  I thought that the headphone detection could be malfunctioning, however when in music, I set the volume to highest possible with no headphones and then plugged in my headphones and the volume bar went to the previous setting with headphones. This makes me assume that it knows to play out of the speakers. Help would be appreciated, if the solution is not fixed, I will be trading in the phone at verizon.

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How can I speed up my old iPhone 4s?

My iPhone 4s has been using for more than two years and it's becoming more and more slower. How to make it run faster?

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DIY Milled iPhone case? Answered

I am taking a class in automated manufacturing this year in school, and thus have to do a few projects requiring laser cutters/cnc mills. So I thought as kind of an extra project, it would be cool to make a case for my iphone 4. So the question: is it possible that I can mill myself an iphone case, probably out of wood (I prefer aluminum/stainless steel but that might just scratch the heck out of the phone), and if so, what type of wood should i use (I am clueless... not a carpenter :D ), any ways, any thoughts, or maybe someone has tried it before? Just though it would be a cool project if I could make it happen...

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How to make a 3D soft silicone iPhone 4S/5 case?

I was wondering if its possible to make a soft silicone iPhone 4S case at home? And how? What products would I use? I have a idea so it would look something like these. Thanks!!!!!!! 😜

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Can anyone help me jailbreak my ipone 4s? it's running ios 9.3.1

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Making a smartwatch

I want to build a touchscreen smartwatch which can use fitness apps and possibly pair with an iPhone 4s I need parts and a sort of howto guide to help. Many thanks for anything Andrew :)

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iPhone 4S popup too small to show close button and zoom deactivated, image upload broken on chrome, text editing broken on edge

Bug1: Instructables.com is not usable on an iPhone4s based on the nasty blocking nag-popup with hidden X/CLOSE. Replicate: - iPhone 4S with Safari iOS 9.2 (13C75) - Wait for the nagging "log in" popup - The close/x button is north of the screen, not visible, because the iPhone screen is not as big as your developers thought. - Zooming is disabled. Scrolling does not work as the nag-popup is using javascript to center. - There is no way to reach the X/close button - Nag-popup will not go away. - Instructables.com not usable on iPhone 4s. This is major PITA. Only way to get rid of nag-screen is ""reload"", but that was a lucky guess. Bug2: uploading Screenshots into this forum using Google Chrome DOES NOT WORK. Click "choose files" does not return anything. Bug3: although uploading screenshots works on EDGE Browser, clicking and entering the forum Text DOES NOT WORK. so- entering text into forum topic does not work on EDGE. so I upload pictures on Edge and enter this text in chrome... Do I reaaaaly need 3 browser to do this bug report? WTF? Only because I truly love instructables.com like a unicorn loves pink, I took the pain to write this report, despite this forum's "choose files" button not working when trying to uploaid screenshot. Damn, even reportig bugs doesnt work - get your s*** together!

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Anyone know how this bluetooth headphones work?

They are from my old phone , Lg 900. So anyone know something about them? Like how to power them up or what is that button for? If they work with my iphone 4s?

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How to clean iPhone junk files and get back space?

I wanna update to new iOS 8 lately but my iPhone 4s space is not enough. I've deleted some photos and videos. What else can I do?

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Video to long exposure photos?

Hy! I would like to light paint, but my camera is limited on 4s maximum exposure (firework mode) but it can shoot good videos so i need a program, or any way to turn video ito long exposure photo!

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USB Charger Help?

I'm stumped. I built a usb charger with a usb plug in and a battery holder that holds 3 triple a's. I think the output is about 5.10 volts and it charges my flip phone but will not charge my iPhone 4s? Please Help. BTW I am extremely new at electronics. Thanks.

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has anyone made a gps guided helicopter?

Like to find out if anyone has made a guided helicopter using a gps from an iPhone 4s or any other way of guiding a quad / or helicopter so you can give it a point on a map and it will fly to that location or to operate thru web or google maps etc.. Love to hear from any whizz people out there.. Lets hear from you .. 

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What can i do with a broken up coconut shell? Answered

The only cool stuff i could find used at least half a coconut, I didn't have any near-perfect circle-halves or circle-1/4s (as you can see in the pictures). What can i make with the pieces in the pictures attached?

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Lipo battery cut off

I'm using a couple of Lipo batteries to power a speaker on a trailer, I bought 2 low voltage alarms that plug into the balance cables but upon testing I found it to be unlikely that I'll hear them over the speaker. So would it be possible to modify the alarms so that they activate some kind of cut off device attached to the power cable instead? Each battery is 4s 10000mah.

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ESC,Battery,Motor selection for quadcoter

Hi, I am a beginner to build a quadcopter. so please help me in selecting ESCs , lipo Battery and Motor to make my own. I details of the parts are listed below : Brushless Motor : Brand: Racerstar Item name: BR2205 2600KV Brushless Motor RPM/V: 2600KV Height: 31.5mm Width: 27.9mm Shaft diameter: M5 Motor mount hole size: M3 Weight: 28 grams Voltage: 2-4S Battery: 2-4S lipo battery Max.current: 23.2A Max.power: 710W Internal resistance: Ω Usage: for 250 260 280 Multirotor Frame Kit Lipo Battery : Brand : Lion power  Configuration :  3S 11.1v Maximum continuous discharge rate : 30C Capacity : 4200MAH ESC : Sustaining Input Voltage: 6-12V BEC Output Current: 5V/3A Continuous Output Current: 30A Max Current: 35A/12s  I just tested a brushless motor mentioned above with the esc and battery while the motor is running for about 10 seconds the esc is burnt.So is to possible to build a quadcopter with the parts listed above please help. Thank You

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Head unit not charging iPad

Hey All, In my car i have an after market HU with a usb port that my iPad 3/ iPhone 4s / iPods can connect to. However when my iPad is connected to it is unable to charge. The charging indicator in the iPad has the little lightning bolt going through it, indicating that it is indeed charging however the iPad looses about 7% of its battery every hour. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can get my iPad to charge through my HU? Cheers  

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Laptop sees but won't connect to home wifi network, but can connect to other wifi networks?

My Vaio laptop with XP won't connect to the home WiFi network, which it used to no problem, although it connects fine to other WiFi networks outside the home. Same problem with the iPhone 4s - these were the only two wireless devices home when the problem started. The main PC hooked up to the router still has internet access, and other household laptops and mobile devices can still use the WiFi. I have tried resetting the router to no avail, as well as disconnecting from the network and reconnecting.

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Recommendations for lipo cutoff device

I've been looking for a device similar to a battery alarm for 4s lipos that can cut off the power when any one of the cells drops below a certain voltage instead of just sounding an alarm, i've been told that i can get a bms circuit which should be able to do this and that i should try to find the best one i can but i don't really know exactly what to search for. can someone recommend a small and affordable bms please? i won't be charging through it as i have a separate balance charger, i want it purely as a cut off device for when the batteries are in use...

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DIY Hot Tub Solar Heating

Hi. I have a solar tub heating system 3/4s complete. It's based on a 100W PV panel to drive a pump, charge the battery and supply the electronics. A 16.5 sq ft solar water collector to heat the water. The heart of the system is a (made in China) DST1020 water temperature controller. My first thoughts are to open the flow of hot water to the tub at around 25degC, and cut it of at around 34degC. Problem - this controller has a reputation as a great little device, but it's a b**ch to program, the various instructions online just don't work. All I want it to do is close the heating dry relay contact at 25C and open at 34C. Easy? No. Has anyone got experience of this controller?

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Another Consequence of Rising Gas Prices

Everybody knows that rising gasoline and fuel prices are taking a toll on consumers' wallets. But few anticipated this problem: a shortage of numbers at gasoline stations. Since gas prices have easily surpassed $4 per gallon, gas stations in New York don't have enough 4s to advertise their prices--so they've had to improvise and make DIY numbers.Of course, with gas expected to hit $5 per gallon soon, some stations are prepared: On Monday, at a BP station on Coney Island Avenue and Lancaster Avenue in Gravesend, Brooklyn, a 2 had been turned upside down to make a 5 for the large sign on the corner.When the price hits the $5.20 range, though, they'll probably have to start improvising again.New York Times

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Altoids Tin Can Charger

Hi, ive made an Altoids tin can charger awhile back and it chargers all my devices but my iphone 5s? Its charges my iphone 5, 4, 4s, and every ipod. What circuitry do i need to allow my charger to charge my iphone 5s? Right now i have a 5v regulator and 2x 200ohm resistors off the positive lead into the positive, data -, and data + connections. Should i add capacitors on the inputs and outputs of the 5v regulator?  The only reason i build my own chargers is because i take long trains rides and flights and i use my rc car 5000mah battery that can last me a week, i put all the circuitry in an Altoids can to hold it together.  

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Can I download photos off a functioning (not broken) phone after I stop using my current carrier?

I want to change mobile phone carriers, but am afraid that if I do I won't be able to retrieve my photos off my phone (iPhone 4S) once I'm no longer with the same carrier (I'll be using a different phone, as well).  See, the thing is, I want to switch my phone and carrier NOW, but I don't have the capability to download my photos off my phone onto a computer right now.  I will have the capability in a month or so - but, not now.  So, before I switch carriers, I'd like to rest assured knowing that I merely need to just turn on the phone and I'll be able to download the photos onto my computer. (easy, right? :D) Thanks for any help! :) Bunny

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Series Parallel 4S2P Li-Ion Battery Pack

Hey guys,I'm busy making a boombox*, my first version had an old small car battery inside which obviously weighed a tonne!Looking to make the switch to Li-Ion.I have already purchased for the battery pack:8 x Samsung 30Q Li-Ion batteries (3000mAh - 3.7V)BMS board I found online (CF-4S30A-A)2 x 4S 18650 Battery Holders.I'm unsure how to go about setting up the batteries and balance cables etc. Need the 4S2P configuration for the Voltage.I want to expand this in the future by increasing to maybe 3P or 4P (depending on how much space I'll need in my boombox).I have watched multiple YouTube videos but sick of watching 15 minutes of somebody soldering. I understand the safety aspects of Li-Ion.*I know this project could have been done with Raspberry Pi or Arduino but the rest of the guys who will use this would not be familiar with hence why I went with a Car Stereo.If anybody has any criticism, I welcome it but make it constructive!(I know I'll get a roasting for the terrible MS Word wiring diagram I made)

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18650 protection board limitations

Hi ThereI've been lucky enough to stumble across a large quantity of brand new 2600 - 3300mAh 18650 cells and I'm wanting to find some DYI projects to put them to good use. 200W flash light, electric Go Kart or a basic power wall comes to mind. However first things first Ill be needing to build them into a packs and connect them to protection modules but Ive got a few questions:Protection modules come in so many flavors. 2S - 3S - 4S - 5S - 5S5P and bigger.. Do you choose the module based on how many cells you have in total and then just use a DC-DC converter to get the required voltage? Or do you try to get as close as possible to the voltage needed in series first and then find a module that suits? What is the most versatile configuration?Can I connect 5S5P pack to a 5S module? Can I keep increasing in parallel with no consequences? Like for example can I connect a 5S15P pack to a 5S model and expect the module to be able to balance and charge the pack back up? I understand there are Amp draw limits to watch out for too. The module I was looking at is below.https://www.ebay.com/itm/191978019369Also this module requires a charge voltage of 21 volts at no more than 5Amps. Where would I be able to find a charger like that? A laptop power brick maybe?Any guidance would be great as I'm keen to learn as much as possible!Thanks in advanced!

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Looking for advice on LiFePO4 car battery replacement for SLA

I'm thinking of replacing my 12V lead acid car battery with a DIY lightweight battery based on LiFePO4 cells, but before I dive in I'd like to get some advice...My plan is to use 4 sets of 2 x ANR26650M1B cells in parallel, to give 13.2V output, and high output current, and about 20Ah capacity.(These cells seem to be used in commercial lightweight car batteries, so seem like a good choice.)Now, question 1: Can I just use these 8 cells as a drop-in replacement? With, presumably, occasional balancing out of the car.I think the answer is no: while my initial research suggests that some people are using off-the-shelf LiFePO4 cells in this way, a whole lot more people write about the protection and balance electronics they're using, and I don't suppose they're all wasting their time.Question 2: If Q1 = "No", would adding a balancing and protection module enable the cells to work safely in the car? There are 100A and 200A 4s modules available, so they should be OK with starting current (c. 120A in my case). I guess it's a question of whether it's OK to have such a protected battery pack constantly hooked up to c. +14.4V from the alternator, or whether I need to limit the time that the battery is charged from the alternator.Question 3: is it smarter to use super capacitors plus lifepo4 cells, to enable higher starting current while keeping battery discharging current low? (I started out thinking of combining an RC LiFePO4 battery pack with 6x400F super capacitors, but realised that I could get enough current with the ANR26650M1B cells, and fewer components should mean less to go wrong)

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Big battery bank project. Circuit related questions?

Hello everyone! I have a project in my mind and I would love some guidance and some ideas if possible. I already have a lot of 18650 batteries in an “acceptable” state (1800-2100mAh each) and I am planning to make a large battery bank, for use in camping mostly (smartphone charging, led bulbs, electrical air pumps 12v, etc) I did read a lot of articles in here about battery banks, but i didn't find something as complex as my idea. I have already made a 12v battery pack with 12x18650, 3 rows in parallel, of 4 in series in each row. My goal was to operate a 12v air pump for inflatable mattresses. It worked like a charm! (Also created with instructions from here! Thanks for that!) But since my “DIY disease” does not leave me in piece… I want to build a large enough pack that can support the following: 1) 12v car plug 2) 5v/1A + 5v/2.1A USB plugs 3) charge circuit for the battery pack, so I will no longer have to remove the batteries to charge them separately 4) switches in each plug 5) led voltmeter also with switch ?) at some point I would like to add a circuit to charge it with a solar charger or a mini wind turbine that i will create at some point with my 3D printer, but for now let stay with the basic stuff! For the case i will use a modified screw organizer case, with those classic 18650 black holders from ebay. (photo below) The case will fit almost 8 to 10 holders (4x18650), so we are talking for 32 to 40 batteries... My main concern is the circuit design. I have done a few simple things in the past, but this is a bit more complicated and that is why I want your guidance/ideas. How to safely connect all those things together or maybe suggest a different plan/design, cable thickness, etc... Links gathered so far: I am thinking about 4S in a row. Is that too much? Or should i consider 3S? 3S Li-ion Charger PCB with BMS For charger... something like this maybe? 12.6V 5A Charger optional... maybe i could fit sothing like that, for laptop charging? 150W DC-DC Boost Converter for 5v 1/2.1Amp charger i m looking at this. 5A Charger Step down Module for usb/12v plugs/voltmeter i am considering this option. Thanks in advance for your time!

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How to charge a Powerpack of 18650 li-ion cells 4s3p 14.8V?

I plan to make a portable audio system with 4 speakers and a subwoofer which are driven by a 12v TDA2030A 2.1 Amplifier. Everything is already packed in a small enclosure (approx. 30x15x30cm) and works fine so far. At the moment the amp gets it's signal from a 3.5mm audio jack and the power is provided via a 12v 1.5Ah wall wart. That's what I have for now. But that's not really portable right? So to complete my project I want to add 2 more things - a bluetooth receiver powered with 5v and of course I need to get this thing of the mains. That's where my questions actually starts. I've read tons of forum posts, instructions and watched a lot of videos about making a 12v battery pack but I'm confused with all that information. From what I've read 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries have an excellent power density and would suit my system best (small enclosure and portable). But of course I'm open for new ideas anytime. I planed to make the power pack out of 4s3p 18650's from an old laptop battery (don't have the exact data of them yet). So the pack would provide about 8Ah at 14.8V nominal. With a step down converter to 12v it't could power the amp and for the bluetooth I would use a car usb adapter to get the 5v needed. So far so good, but regarding the power pack I have a few questions. 1. Would a 3s4p (11.1V) arrangement be good enough to power the 12v amp since the 11.1V are in average right? 2. The biggest question I have is - How to charge that thing? As I want to have it as portable as possible, to be able to charge it anywhere from a normal power socket would be ideal. I know there are dedicated chargers for lithium batteries but they are quite expansive and not really handy to carry around. Is there any other solution to handle that? 3. BMS, PCB - I'm confused. From what I've read, to charge multiple cells they have to be in balance right? An over-charging and over-discharging can lead to fire/explosions and to prevent that a BMS is essential right? But first - how do i connect that BMS? Only to each of the parallel strings or to every single cell? Second, is it possible to use that BMS to charge the pack? Maybe also in balance? 4. For the case that the 18650 from the laptop battery are undercharged, where is limit to withdraw them and to charge them to balance with a TP4065 at 1A? That's it for now. Sorry for the long text and thank you for reading through it. I read so much on the net but didn't find the right answer for me.

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トップApple社のiPhone 4ケース:SwitchEasyオデッセイ

IPhone4の4を取得するためのSwitchEasyオデッセイ小文字混合 今までにあなたの個人的な新しいiPhone 4 4​​の罰金のケースを見つけたときに、いくつかの他の所有者が期待する属性はもちろん最善を覚えてみてください。 あなたのケース、そのマシン上の大規模な、最高品質の保険 あなたがすべてのあなたのiTouchの新しい世代のサイズを作成しないようにしたい薄いパターンのiPod 4 スタイリッシュな あなたは要素をすることができ、プラスのケースの結果として、取り出すのない動作するように片手でアクセス あなたが約かなりの数の基本的な原則はちょうど私の携帯電話ケースの間に表示することを選択する男性と女性のアドバイスを求めた後に大量に発生する様々な成分であることができる。 このようなものは、通常、よりスマートフォンが感じているというよりも、その目的に加えて、有効性に関係し、また最も簡単な方法は、アイテムがあなたのオファーに検知し緩和されている。 これらすべては、同様に、事項である傾向がある。 いくつかの民族が信頼できることは非常に困難シェル型のタイプを選択し、汎用性の高い個人は非常に屈曲可能な迅速なゴルフグリップパターンを優先。 様々なケースがよく、おそらくそれは添付のいくつかの並べ替えの助けを借りて、いくつかの異なる運搬の選択肢を持っている多機能ケースを含め提供し、かつ/または非常に簡単/添付します臨時だけでなく、完全にユニークな点の結果として知ることができる たくさんより有用摂取量をもの携帯電話を許可するマシンを切り離す。 スタイルは、ケースの面で非常に優れた具体的な事は、それが再びはるかに焦点を誘惑することができ、さらにはPCには、好ましい、個人の好みに変身。 その範囲内で動作するタイプのケースは、SwitchEasyオデッセイアマルガムケースです。 このケースに関して、初期の問題は、細工された手法になります。iphone4sケース ルイヴィトン完全に異常な3ピースの製造と一緒に新しいものの製品は、あなたの個人的なiPhoneの4S 4のための最高のカバレッジを提供します。 3ピースの製造が手ごわいポリカーボネート外層、セクションを返すので、スコアと繊細なプラスチックから製造しても、ミドルケースに入れた文字を避けて貼り合わせ、いくつかのポリマーを持っています。 あなたのケースの製造に、穏やかな本質的なケースに入れた文字が非常に困難に外装カバーで力低減を与えることを実行します。 あなたのケースの床部を加えて、それが容易に提供しており、幻想的な、安定したトラクションを提供し、それは間違いなく結合した、非常に傷のつきにくいポリマーによって覆われてもとして主な理由は、排他的である。 それはいつのスタイルを調整することが可能ですので、ユーザーはあなたの再びテーブルのカップルの独特のトーンを取得します。 自分でケースが頻繁に/黒、赤または多分白/グレーになります。 原発ギフト包装のもの自機を経由してアプリケーション熟練支援真ん中ケースに入れた文字にある間、外のカバーを通してそのケースポップコーン中。 設備の人の作品は完全にすべての異なる要因にに影響を与える、カバーされ、加えて、手で強くあり続けることでしょう。 あなたはケースに管理しても、この楽器の特性誰にでも簡単にフリップオープンアクセスを含んで維持し続けなければならない。 あなたの個人的なitouchの新しい世代のiPod 4のための最も本当に深刻なセーフガードの回答に加えて、特定の外観、についての販売は確かにSwitchEasyオデッセイ複数のケースである。 パターンを用いて自然の素晴らしさに加え、優れた安全対策。

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