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To cut a 4X4 post? Answered

Is it better to use a Miter saw or can I just use a Circular saw?

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how do yo cange over 2wd to a 4x4?

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4x4 Issues Nissan Pathfinder, '93

4WD acts like it isn't 4WD, but only rear wheel drive.  Not good on snow and ice. Sometimes 2WD on dry pavement feels like 4WD when taking sharp turns. I've tried the trick of reversing for a few feet when switching back n forth.  Sometimes seems to work, sometimes not. Suggestions?  Appraisals?  Guesses?

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

Need help in debugging code for 4x4 keypad

Greetings, I am relatively new to this forum. Please pardon me for any mistakes I make while posting new topic in this forum. With this being said, I have been trying to write a 'standard' 4x4 keypad scanning code. However, the code did not work correctly, I have tried to debug my code using the Serial Monitor with no luck. According to the Serial Monitor, only few keys would actually be correctly registered (usually 5, 8, 4, and 1), and the rest give me no output at all. However, when I insert a delay of 1 second within the loop itself, all the keys are correctly registered, but it give me a 'cyclic' pattern (ie. pressing 7, will give me 1, 4, and then 7). I have spent a lot of time on this, and a Google search of 4x4 keypad always refer me to the Arduino library. Overview of the code:set column pins to pull_up resistor, and set the row pins as output. Begin to scan the column pins with a given row pin output, and return the index.*Note: I know there is an Arduino library for this, but I want to practice in coding/programming the 4x4 keypad, and I don't know where did I went wrong.const byte ROWS = 4;const byte COLS = 4; int rowval; int colval; char hexaKeys[ROWS][COLS] = {{'1', '2', '3', 'A'}, {'4', '5', '6', 'B'}, {'7', '8', '9', 'C'}, {'*', '0', '#', 'D'}}; int rowPins[ROWS] = {7, 6, 5, 4}; int colPins[COLS] = {3, 2, 1, 0}; boolean col_state; boolean prev_state; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { pinMode(colPins[i], INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(rowPins[i],OUTPUT); digitalWrite(rowPins[i],HIGH); } }void loop() { for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { rowval=0; colval=0; pinMode(rowPins[i], OUTPUT); digitalWrite(rowPins[i], LOW); for (int j = 0; j < 4; j++) { col_state = digitalRead(colPins[j]); if (col_state == 0) { prev_state=col_state; delay(50); if(digitalRead(colPins[j])==prev_state){ rowval = i; colval = j; Serial.println(hexaKeys[rowval][colval]); delay(1000); ///add a 1 second delay here to make the output of Serial monitor more manageable digitalWrite(rowPins[i],HIGH); pinMode(rowPins[0], INPUT); break; } } } if(rowval!=0 && colval!=0) break; } }

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How can I stop tyre theft ? Answered

One of my hobbies is looking after a special ex-army landrover called a 101 - thats one to my left in my "avatar". Some miserable low life has just stolen ALL my wheels off it. Now, the tyres are pretty heavy - you wouldn't want to lift one off the ground for long - and 34" in diameter, but still they have all gone. They are/were held on wih big nuts too ! Too big for off the shelf locking nutsHas anyone any bright ideas as to what I can do to fabricate a lockable nut ? EDIT Panic over, thanks for all your help. I can buy lockable nuts from stock

Question by steveastrouk    |  last reply

anyone have an idea for a good knex solid axle suspension?

K so i have ideas for everything else, can someone come up with a good solid axle suspension for a rock crawler out of knex, i also came up with a torsion bar ifs set up...if you can make a SMALL cv shaft i could make 4wd steering and indipendant as well, but for now i want solid axle! lol i just want to see how many ppl can do all this, steering idea would be good too!

Question by aaronj    |  last reply

Arduino control of 4 wheelchair motors?

I want to build an offroad/all terrain mobility vehicle and have simultaneous motor control using an Arduino, raspberry Pi, or similar mini board. I have very limited mobility and want to enjoy the outdoors more. Can this be done? I have 24volt motors, but not sure yet as to the watts.M

Question by poppaIT    |  last reply

Anyone know why a 99 Chevy blazer would engage 4-Hi 4wd but not 4-Low?

2-Hi and 4-Hi work just fine but the 4-low just won't engage. Trying to figure out if  can DIY fix it if it's something simple, rather than pay an exorbitant amount to a mechanic. Thanks.

Question by A.J.B.    |  last reply

What car should I take on a trip around the world, and how should I fit it out? Answered

In a few years, me and two of my friends are planning to do a round-trip of the world, entirely by car and boat, we want to ship the car from Iceland to the UK, and drive from there to Japan, sounds strange, but it is possible, through some sort of witchcraft involving "Tickets" and "Ferries". The car itself can't be too expensive, but if we're talking about a car that must be expensive, all ideas are welcome :) Oh, and you can view a map of our route here: http://img638.imageshachttp// We'll likely be skipping Alaska and taking South America instead, and we have yet to fathom how hard it is to drive in Greenland. (We'll learn by driving in Iceland.) Ideas about tents and so forth are welcome, and many thanks in advance :)

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Driving a bank of DC motors using 4x4 Driver Shield for Arduino

Hey guys,  I am trying to run 8 DC motors through this driver shield. I don't know how to wire it up neither do i know the code for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me.  Thanks

Topic by misty123    |  last reply

i need a knex cv shaft, who can figure one out???

Okay for you knex ppl i need to figure out a way to make a cv shaft for knex, i got 4wd already i just want stearing now, i can post pics and stuff if someone can make the cv shaft?? :D :D

Question by aaronj    |  last reply

1994 toyota 4x4 5speed v6 how do i get to the shifting forks.

1994 toyota 4x4 5speed v6  how do i get to the shifting forks. some times i only have 2nd and sometimes i only have 3rd 4th 5th and reverse and some times it gets stuck between gears. im sure i have to pull the transmission apart  just want  to make sure

Question by vanrodd    |  last reply

How do i key in a 4x4 matrix keypad input into arduino and control the brushless motor?

I need to use a 4x4 matrix keypad to key in the value ( or angle 0-180) using a servo library to spin a brushless motor.  i was thinking of typing each character and then put them in an array. After that, change it to interger using atoi. how do i do that?? taking the pressed numbers from the keypad, put it in array and then change it to integer to run the bldc motor.?? help pleeeasseee.... an explanation and coding sample would be a great help..

Question by AndrahyzertekosterA    |  last reply

How do I make a garden hose hanger for a 200ft hose to hang on a 4X4 post? Answered

I need it to be somewhat easy to make. The storebought hangers eventually break.

Question by Kathycat    |  last reply

How to design and build a switchable 3 colour LED into a 4x4 (16 cube) shelving system? Answered

Hi all, I've been wrecking my head on this project that I want to make, and I just can't seem to nail it, so hope some of you guys and gurus with much more electronic experience might be able to give me a nudge (or tell me that this is going to be borderline mental). Background: I repair laptops and wish to make a lighting system to give a visual indication of my current work flow. If a new laptop is placed in one of the 16 shelving cubes, I want to hit a switch on that cube to indicate the colour (RED), to say its a new arrival and hasn't been worked on yet. After getting it on the bench for assessment, it will be returned to the cube in one of two forms, either A) Its unfinished and awaiting parts/customer communication (hit switch and show BLUE LED) or B) Its finished and ready for collection (hit switch and show GREEN LED). The only thing close to an off the shelf (no pun intended) product that I've been able to find is 31cm wide Aquarium overhead LED for fish tanks. These come in at £11 GBP each, and I need 16 of the guys... so £176 to begin with as well as the issue with each unit having its own 12v Power Supply that needs plugged in! (Ouch). So, can someone here possibly recommend a solution to this that A) Isn't going to cost me my first born child and B) Not use up every plug in the house! :D I will admit, I'm actually not entirely averse to buying the 31cm bars as above, but would definitely need to be able to address the power requirements safely. I'm really looking forward to your ideas or certainly if you know of any other off the shelf (still no pun intended) product that I could modify to fulfil my needs.

Question by sheasmith    |  last reply

I want to control a RC Rock Crawler 4X4 truck with Wi-Fi in place of the radio control? ?

I have a RC "radio control" 4X4 Rock Crawler Truck that I have mounted a AIRSIGHT Wi-Fi camera with pan and tilt that has a 360 degree range of about 150 Feet from my wireless router, I want to use the pan signal from the camera to control the steering and use the tilt signal for forward and reverse. The truck will not need a speed control as it moves very slow anyhow. It has a normal servo for the steering and two 12 volt DC motor's for the front and rear drive's.  I have a Arduino UNO and a 2A Motor Shield that I bought for the truck but this will be my first project of this type and I need help. Also I will not need the camera to pan or tilt but I thought it would be easy to cut the wires to the pan and tilt motors and use them for my signal wires for steering and forward and reverse, also I can drive the truck with the camera software from any PC or tablet.  Thanks for any help!   

Question by hardinfarms    |  last reply

how do you get the best price for a junker? Answered

I have a well used car a 1987 ford ranger wich is a 4x4.

Question by yo man    |  last reply

how to build a roof over a 3ft. x 8ft. grill table ?

How to buid a roof over a 3ft.x8 grill  table using a 4x4 post on each end of the table

Question by ChristopherM47    |  last reply

a simple way to solve a rubiks cube?

I know how to slove 3x3 but i cant do 4x4 or 5x5 any  guides? NOTE: i cant follow guides that use these  '

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

I'm replacing my rusting out brake lines on my &quot;93 Toyota 4x4. Is there such a thing as flexible copper brake lines ? Answered

My 1993 Toyota 4x4 is rusting out under the frame area! Flaking everywhere. Now my fuel and brake lines are rotting out too. I am slowly replacing the leaky lines, but its messy and time consuming. The standard steel lines don't bend easily, unless you have a bending tool. Is there such a thing as flexible copper brake line tubing? If so where can I get some?

Question by triumphman    |  last reply

Modeling 2D Life-Size Files on the Computer

Hey community! I have a slight dilemma! So say I want to make my own laser cut frame, and I have paper designs, how do I transfer my paper designs to a computer? What (free :) program can I use to make a lifesize model? Like for instance, if I have a 4x4" square in the program when I send it to print after it's printed it's exactly 4x4". Also, do I need to do anything extra for sending it to a laser cutter? Will Adobe Illustrator work? Thanks!

Topic by HavocRC    |  last reply

110V 200-250Watt dummy load

As the title says I`m trying to find a best solution for a 110V 200-250Watt() inductive or resistive dummy load. Small size 4x4", rugged , as lightweight as possible and the least emitted heat . Incandescent light bulbs are not suitable. What are my options. Thanks guys. 

Topic by DainiusG    |  last reply

wine rack

Hi, I don't have a ton of experience with wood, but I saw this wine rack and want to build something similar.  Would a 4x4 work to make this out of or do I need a harder wood?  Also what would be the best way to attach it to the wall? Thanks

Topic by shemway    |  last reply

how to build a pergola?

I have a 14x14 slab of cement that is 3 to 4 inches deep. I would like to use 4x4 for posts not in the ground there will be a metal base. or use 6x6 for corner post. i will be building a pergola with 1x2 or 2x2 rafters.+++++++++++++ thanks to everyone with pics and options safety ones too. soo how about 6 4x4x8 with 2x10x12 rafters??

Question by sanchez05    |  last reply

Can you have one inverted and one normal subwoofer in one box?

Hello. I'm thinking of building a 4x4 subwoofer box with one inverted subwoofer on top and one regular vertical subwoofer to save space. Is it possible? I'm thinking it will be weird since one subwoofer will pull and one will push, will it work and do i need to change the polarity?

Question by Marcus BjörnR    |  last reply

2003 Tacoma Manual Transmission Problem

I have a 2003 Tacoma 4x4 manual transmission with a shifting problem.  With the clutch depressed it will not go into any gear...if I let up on the clutch, and press/release the brake, it will go into gear.  Other times, when in gear and approaching a stop sign, depressing the clutch will not allow me to slow/stop and it lurches ahead; the same is true when backing up...can't stop.  Either way it is disturbing....any ideas?

Topic by LLogan    |  last reply

Speed sensor

I have a 60 tooth ferromagnetic ring gear with a speed sensor attached. Each passing of a tooth creates a pulse in the sensor sending a signal to the ecu for calculation of attained rpms. It calculates the interval between the teeth to obtain the rpms, thus determining when to kick in the rev limiter on my 06 polaris ranger XP 4x4. Is it possible or even practical to eliminate every other tooth to "fool" the sensor into a lower rpm reading, and creating higher rpm levels within the motor?

Topic by hiatt65    |  last reply

I'm makeing about a 7-8 foot tall Swinging Ship but I have no Idea how to get started on the Ship can someone help me?

Thanks i really want to start working on the ship. The Base of the whole thing is 4x4 with red rods and i'm using a 2x4 rectangle as the dock where the ship stays a loads the passenger. I also want it to look like it has seats.

Question by rexdino5    |  last reply

What's the best method of creating a transparent, protective coating for custom aluminum coasters?

I have 4x4 inch metal coasters (for placing drinks on) which are made of aluminum and I don't want them to get scratched.  What's the best type of protective coating I can place on top of the metal to prevent scratching?  The coating would preferably be less than 2mm thick, be smooth, and dry very hard.

Question by Joe426    |  last reply

Is it better to get one stick of 4GB RAM, or 2 sticks of 2GB RAM?

I'm buying new RAM for a motherboard that has 4 slots. I may want to expand in the future, so if I buy a 4GB stick, that means eventually I will be able to upgrade to 4x4 = 16 GB of RAM. Is this a good idea, or is it better to split the RAM into two 2GB sticks?

Question by Ke-Bob    |  last reply

GME TX3520 cuts out

Hi all, I have  GME TX3520 UHF fitted to my 4x4 lately I have noticed it wont turn on every time. It seems to work randomly and might go for a day with constant starting of the car but then it suddenly cuts out and wont start for a period of time. Once or twice it has actually been on and cut out suddenly and without any interference or adjustments of anything close to it. Any ideas on where to look? Cheers and TIA ;)

Question by AllanW28    |  last reply

Trying to use keypad with arduino mega. please help

I have a 4X4 keypad (the same one they use here: wired to my arduino mega on ports 14-21. I have a piezo on pwm8. I need a program that plays a diffrent note when each key is pressed, using keypad library here: The code on the first link is my base, I just cant get the if statments to work. please help.

Question by TheRealRocketBurns    |  last reply

Ideas for how to make a kinetic pin wall door

Http:// The concept was to take the pin walls that you see at museums and science centers and make a kid's bedroom door out of these push pins.   From talking to manufacturers it appears to be a pretty pricey proposition (.25 cents per pin / approx 55,000 pins per 4x4 area). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to make this more economical?  Or if it had already been done and there was an instructable already out there? Thanks!

Topic by msmith94    |  last reply

constructing an a-frame, lean-to roof on a garage

I started framing a lean-to, a-frame roof like a deck (with an a-frame "header" and three joist hangers). The joists are angled at about a 45-degree angle and are perpendicular to the garage (on which I hung the header). There will be two 4x4 posts at the end of the 10'x10' roof. When I looked for advice about this framing style, I found nothing. Is this going to be stable? I designed the roof this way because I have 6' reclaimed cedar fence panels that will run down the roof like shingles. Thanks for your help.

Topic by meralgia    |  last reply

Looking to make a Dance Dance Revolution pad but for fingers, any suggestions on the materials?

Hi, as the title says I'm trying to build a finger pad for a custom DDR game I'm doing for a school project. I've already made the game software and connected it through serial to the Arduino Mega 2560. At the moment I'm using a 4x4 matrix keypad for testing purposes, but I'm looking forward to a more presentable, pretty and functional way to do it. I've thought about pressure sensors, but I think someone more specialized could give me some advices on how to do it and what materials to use. Any suggestions? fedloan

Topic by SonilGomes    |  last reply

How can I use a 5 gallon water bottle to make a giant bird feeder?

I would like to use a 5 gallon water jug as a bird feeder. It would be mounted on a 4x4 post. There would need to be a hole in the top approx 6 inches in diamer to allow for filling it with sunflower seeds. The top would be covered to keep moister and squirrels from getting into the filler opening and top. I assume the seed would pour out of the bottom (mouth) of the jug and controlled by a feeding tray of some sort. I would want it framed for sturdiness with either wood or PVC pipe.

Question by EasySugar    |  last reply

Building a fence

I am going to construct a fence between my garage and my house. 20 ft or so long, To keep my too small dogs contained. Here in lies the rub, I have already built one fence. it's still up and working fine, however in the construction I discovered how dense the crete is, ramset doesn't work, drilling? I would never get deep enough. So I have decided to use cement piers and 4x4 posts and sit the fence right on the concrete, with enough weight I am praying the fence will not move much, I only need to contain two 5# dogs its mostly ornamental. If anyone has attempted anything along these lines, please contact me with your triumphs and failures, or any advice you may have thanks!

Topic by colurblinde    |  last reply

need help with high power LED light array drivers? 20x10watt running on 12vdc in car

I want to build a led light array for my 4x4 im thinking somewhere around the 10w mark not sure weather i should get the 12v ones or the 4v. fabrication and cooling i can manage my question is about the drivers.. can i use a buck-boost dc-dc converter as the driver? i understand they will even out the voltage thats caused by engine cranks and charging.. roughly 10-15v change. i plan yo use about 20 leds, yes i want it to be super bright and i realise that it will get hot. but i dont want to be spending to much per led on drivers, factoring in that i need lens's for each aswell. so i was hoping to run a few leds on one driver/buck the save some coin. a company called xmitter make something similar but they charge something stupid for them cheers. 

Question by grimgroper    |  last reply

Help out with a Solid relays idea and make it an Integrated Circuit design?

Hello,  I have been tinkering with the idea of being able to press 4 buttons in a or any sequence and have a set of LEDs light up showing which button was pressed first, second, third and so on. I was able to do this with plenty of solid state relays (kinda like a 4x4 matrix of relays) and four switches I can turn on various LEDs (1 thru 4 for each button) in each row to signal which button was 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. But what I would really like to figure out next would be to this same thing but with an IC or some kind of micro controller but I have no idea where to begin because most of my research to do this so far has taken me nowhere...people have lots of ideas on the Game show type buttons and lights deal but not for what I am doing. Game show just shows and locks 1 button and like and I need to be able to make connection between which button was pressed in what order.  Any help or further direction would be great.

Topic by netgoo2000    |  last reply

Ardunio Uno Keypad Pin Memory

Hello everyone, I am having trouble making an Arduino code using an Ardunio Uno, and a 4x4 keypad. Quick background, I just started working at a school to help them out with CAD drawings, and they are working on a project.  The students have to make a "cabinet" that has doors or drawers or whatever they wanted.  the door has to lock with a solenoid, and be opened with a pin from a keypad.  The reason is the students will store Ipads in there to charge and so that nothing gets taken. They want the students to put their Ipad into one part of the cabinet, then close the door, lock the door, and put in a pin for that door.  then they want the student to be ale to put in their pin and their door opens.  This would allow each student to put in their own pin, They don't want pre programmed pins as the students that use the room changes over a lot. The biggest trouble so far is none of the teachers know how to make the Ardunio save a pin to memory, and then check the memory when a pin is put in.  So if anyone could help point me in the direction of how to do that, or help with the code hat would be great. Thanks, P.S. I'm a mechanical engineering tech student helping with CAD simply because I know it well enough.  and I don't know much programming.

Topic by werb123    |  last reply

Brighter headlights?

Hey all! I drive a 1984 BMW 318i (that's the E30) with the standard H1 bulbs for the low and high beams (4 x H1 in total). I want better visibility at night and have been looking at options. Can anyone help with the following: 1. do i have to use high wattage bulbs to see a significant difference or would "upto 90% more light" 55W osram bulbs help? I would hate to spend the money on the 55W osrams only to end up with 5 extra lumens. 2. am i correct in saying that ALL xenon bulbs require the whole ballast and starter setup like fluorescents? are there some that don't? 3. Is there anyone who has used a high wattage bulb? what are your experiences? is the shorter life worth it? where on the continuum of wattage VS lifespan would you recommend? Right now I'm leaning towards the high wattage option, something like 80-100W. MY local hardware doesn't stock these and I doubt my local auto-electrical supplier would either. I'm thinking I may have to do some digging, maybe 4x4 accessory stores would have them since they are technically only meant for offroad use. K thanks, your help is much appreciated, I'll try to post an 'ible of old VS new and the installation procedure once I decide on the bulbs.

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building cinderblock wall... questions questions questions

I'm considering building a small cinderblock wall off of an existing concrete slab.  I have very little clue what I'm doing, but I'm a fast learner. Question #1: Do I need rebar to hold the blocks, or is mortar mix enough?  They won't be "weight bearing" as it will only be a partial wall around 3' tall.  If I do need rebar... hammer drill? all the way through slab? pound rebar in?  Note that the blocks will be just about flush with the edge of the slab. Question #2: The area I want to create a wall for is covered with a roof (four- 4"x4" posts, about 10' x 12'... roof is around 12' high) so the blocks will butt up right next to wooden posts... is this kosher? I guess in my mind, this precludes a cornerstone, and makes the courses hard to offset (I don't know what to call that... the center of the second course blocks sit on the edges of the bottom course blocks), and what is a good way join block to wood? Question #3: Can I use the small blocks (4x8x16) or will they just topple over (see question #1 again), and if I should use the normal cinder blocks, how do I make a corner with 4x4 posts already there? ...likely more questions to come :)

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Wanted: A contraption to punch two parallel holes in a pumpkin (see pictures)

I really could use some help with this project.  I live in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and the Williams Bay Recreation Department and the Williams Bay Business Association hold a pumpkin race around Halloween.  The pumpkins have to have two parallel axles, four wheels.  I attached some pictures of what we have been using, but frankly it doesn't work.   The contraption we have is a piece of wood, 4x4, with two holes drilled into it.  We have two long screwdrivers that go through the holes.  Pumpkin pushed up against the wood and the scewdrivers shoved through.  We also took off the handle of a scewdriver and inserted it into a drill and that seems to work great.  However, the holes were never small enough and the screwdriver can move around inside, which defeats the whole purpose.  Also there are only two holes and that limites the size of pumpkin that can be used. I like the basic idea of this Pumpkin Punch.  We just didn't have the right tools or know-how to do it right. The axles have to be parallel or the pumpkin will not go straight.  We, the Rec Department,  use 5/16 threaded rod and six inch rubber wheels.  The morning of the race, volunteers help attach the wheels and axles for the children, which is why we need this contraption. I would also like an Instructable made on how to build a pumpkin racer so that the Rec Department can direct people to it for questions. Check out for some more information on our event. I hope there is someone that can help.  The next Pumpkin Race is set for October 30, 2010. Thanks  

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Indoor framing: Taken to another level.

We all love to mount stuff to walls to get it off the floor. Makes things so much easier to clean when the floor has nothing on it. But we also don't want to put holes in or deface the wall. Especially if we're renting. So then we get floor mounted stuff and the floor is a headache to clean. It often takes way more time to move the stuff off the floor than it takes to clean the floor! Imagine if instead a frame was devised to line the walls. Something like 4x4's for the corners or make the entire thing out of something like 2"x2" slotted steel angle. Its extremely strong holding a lot of weight for spans of over 8' without flex. If course its not completely off the floor but pretty close. Once you have the corners and horizontals in place you can hang/bolt anything to it. It takes space organization to an all new level. Look around your room that you want to organize and try to envision being able to mount anything anywhere in that room and have it off the floor if so desired. And have it stable. One thing I haven't figured out is how to anchor a vertical post to the floor without drilling into the floor. One option would be a high friction material like artificial rubber, maybe 1/16th or 1/8th thick that goes between a plate on the bottom of the vertical and the floor. If it was loaded with a lot of weight surely it wouldn't move. Another advantage to this is in the event of an earthquake it would add structural integrity to the room for those of you on the west coast waiting for "the big one". Or it might act as a roll cage for your house as a hurricane blows it off its foundation!I put this under Workshop but I have no idea if that was the best one.

Topic by SpencerW  

What should I do with all this?

Hey everybody, I've been MIA in Ible-land for a long time now. In the meantime, some new stuff has been brewing here. Some totally awsome ibles coming, I promise! Recently I aquired at an auction: -a pallet of computers -printers -a 24" color plotter -a photocopier -a microscope on the end of a long arm with a fiberoptic light What should I do with the pallet of PCs, the photocopier, and the microscope? Obviously the photocopier is the big deal here. Copy machines have a loda of stepper motors (most w/ very high torque), lots of electronics, LEDs, high voltage power supplies, a flourescent lamp, belts, pulleys, encoders, shafts, wheels, feeders, speakers, com. chips, MCUs, RAM (good for advanced robots), lots-o-metal/plastic, and some very awsome/complex mechanisms. Pretty mush everything is in a photocopier. So help me out! maybe I'll use your idea to better mankind and destroy the oil industry! Okay maybe not, but it's a nice thought to imagine every car running on fuel cells. Give me some ideas because too many are running through my head. Things like: -Tesla coils -Rendering farms -laser scanners -CNC machines -static lifters -lamps (yeah, not the best idea) -railguns -large, 4x4 robots -trebuchets -sorting machines -combat robots -lasers -net-enabled robots -high-speed home PCs -extra misc. Also, the toner feeder leaks, that is why the copy machine doesn't work. There is a full toner cartridge though, what do I do with that? Well, give me some Ideas and I greatly appreciate it!

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High SWR on CB radio? Answered

I've had a long, hard journey to try and get my Cobra CB to transmit properly. Let me explain. My radio never has been able to transmit properly, and my friends with their CBs (they have the same kind as me, and their SWRs are fine) can't even hear what I am saying if we are parked right next to each other. This is very surprising, because I have a 4 foot long Firestik antenna.  So I borrowed my friend's SWR meter and measured my SWR. I have well over 3 in all channels, which is WAY in the red. I immediately printed out Firestik's high SWR troubleshooting tips, and did everything it told me to do. I tried tuning the antenna as usual, I tried checking all the grounds and connections, and even changing antenna positions. Nothing helps at all. I was still in the red, and my friends could not hear me. I thought that maybe my antenna or coaxial cable was at fault, so I borrowed my friend's working magnetic-mount antenna to try it out. With the different antenna, my SWR was worse. Finally, I decided to just get a new radio, because maybe mine had a fried resistor or something. So i took my CB back to walmart, and successfully exchanged it for a brand new radio (without receipt or original box, for that matter). And just my luck, the new radio STILL has a super high SWR, in the red, the same place as before. I am all out of ideas. I have searched the many CB and off-roader forums on the all-knowing google, and nothing helps. Does anyone have ANY ideas on what I can do?

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Smells in the Basement

I have multiple smell problems in my basement.  A bit of information to assist: The floor is a concrete slab The outer walls are made of cinder block About 80 percent of the outer walls are under ground (on the outside of the house) There are two rooms in the basement, a laundry room and a finished room (currently used as a bedroom) It is bare cinder block wall on the exterior wall in my laundry room It is drywall over wood frame wall against the cinder block (with fiberglass insulation) in the finished room The laundry room has some bare concrete and some vinyl stick on tiles as a floor The finished room has concrete slab (unpainted and untreated)  covered with carpet padding and then carpet The carpet in the finished room is about four years old I have had the entire basement tested for mold. mildew, etc. with the results showing none. I am not sure when the house was built. Our house is near Annapolis, Maryland The two smell issues are as follows: The laundry room always has a pretty strong musty smell.  In the winter when it is cold, the smell is not as strong.  As the weather warms up the smell gets stronger and stronger.  I have read that the warm weather draws moisture into the basement threw the walls creating the smell and that a dehumidifier will eliminate.  Dehumidifier removes a lot of water daily and may help a bit with the smell but does not get rid of it. The finished room has an odor problem that does not seem to be in the entire room but is certainly present in one corner of the room where the two exterior walls meet.  The smell is not really strong on the walls but pretty strong in a 4X4 section of the floor in the corner.  My wife smells it all of the time, I can smell it when I put my nose top the carpet.  My wife ha a nightstand near that corner and can smell the odor in cloths that she keeps in the nightstand.  This section is in the right corner of the room.  In the left corner of the room, we have a 4X8 walk-in closet.  She smell the odors from both rooms in the walk-in closet and also smells it in her clothes that are in there. Any help with either of these issues would be greatly appreciated.  

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Can someone help with my anti auto theft arduino device? I am trying to use a reed switch and a relay.

     I am trying to build a device for my engineering project which is a anti theft device for cargo trucks in third world countries. Since cargo stealing is very common truckers already use satellite tracking. The device works in the following way, in an attempt to steal the truck a thieve tries to breach into the truck"s electrics to disable the satellite tracking, but the reed switch detects the breach and the arduino stops feeding power to a relay which is connected truck's electronic fuel injection system, thus making the truck's engine to stop and consequently immobilizing the cargo.      The system uses a 4x4 matrix keypad, one relay(I might add more) and one reed switch but I am planning to use two. When the sensor is breached the arduino is supposed to cut power to the relay. If the correct password in entered in the keypad the system turns the relays on until the sensor is breached again, if the wrong password is entered it remains locked.      I managed to find a password code a guy shared which worked with the keypad and the relays, but when I try to add a if statement to lock when the sensor is breached it simply does not work. Thanks in advance for the help. #include int Relay1 = 13; int Relay2 = 12; int greenPin = 11; int Sensor1 = A1; int Sensor1Valor = analogRead(Sensor1); int position = 0; const char * password = "123"; const byte ROWS = 4; const byte COLS = 4; char keys[ROWS][COLS] = {   {'1','2','3','A'}, {'4','5','6','B'}, {'7','8','9','C'}, {'*','0','#','D'} }; byte rowPins[ROWS] = { 8, 7, 6, 9 }; byte colPins[COLS] = { 5, 4, 3, 2 }; Keypad keypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS ); void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(Sensor1, INPUT); pinMode(Relay1, OUTPUT); pinMode(Relay2, OUTPUT); pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(Relay1, HIGH); digitalWrite(Relay2, HIGH); setLocked(false); } void loop()  { char key = keypad.getKey(); Serial.println(analogRead(A1)); if (key == '*' || key == '#') { position = 0; setLocked(true); } if (key == password[position]) { position ++; } if (position == 3) { setLocked(false); } if (analogRead(A1) > 300); { setLocked(true); } } void setLocked(int locked) { if (locked) { digitalWrite(greenPin, LOW); digitalWrite(Relay1, LOW); digitalWrite(Relay2, LOW); } else { digitalWrite(greenPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(Relay1, HIGH); digitalWrite(Relay2, HIGH); } }

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