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5mm led problem

I want to make a 5mm white led  series and run it by 5v power supply so i want to use 1 resistor is it possible?????

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problem with 5mm leds Answered

I make a 5mm(3.3v) white  6 led series and run it by 5v adapter without any resistor but after running feu hours 1 or 2 leds slowly lost it's brightness and then it's off i can't understand what is the problem please help.....

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Convert USB speaker to 3.5mm speaker

 I have a USB speaker (image attached). These work great off the computer, but now I want to extend these to work with my ipod. I want it to host a 3.5mm input switch for connecting a normal ipod or mp3 player, at the same time still use it my computer when I want to. I tried following this, but it's not exactly what I want. Any ideas ?

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Adding pink 5mm LED to Fritzing diagram?

Trying to make a diagram of my circuit I made for a Star wars model using Fritzing, but I can't figure out how to add a pink LED. Thanks.

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Can you recommend an LED to me? Answered

I'm looking for a white LED that is 5mm or smaller.  My problem is that there is such a great selection of LED's on the internet, I can't determine which of the many options are best!  Here's my criteria: *5mm or smaller (cannot have a heatsink) *white (preferably without a bluish tint; a pure white) *wide viewing angle *bright (high mcd) † this is the order of priority for the criteria as well I understand that there's a trade off between viewing angle and mcd; ideally I would like to find a happy medium. Through the research I've done, I've heard names like Nichia GS, Cree 503D, and Jeled.  I'm not sure if these have a large enough viewing angle but regardless I wasn't able to find anywhere to buy these.  It would be great if you could include a link to a place to buy your suggested LED or at least insure that they are available for sale before posting a suggestion, after all it's not useful for me to know the name of a product I can't obtain.  As always, Thank you!

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Auto switching 3.5mm circuit

I currently have my phone connected to my car stereo via 3.5mm audio cable on the aux input for music playback I would also like to connect my UHF radio to the car stereo as the internal speaker is not very loud/clear. I would like it set up so that the music is playing and it auto switches to the UHF when someone is broadcasting. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible (DIY) or if a product existing on the market already. I would appreciate any help on the subject Cheers 

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What does V+ represent on this schematic?


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Is there any way to turn a usb headset into one that uses 3.5mm jacks.

If anyone knows a way to do this it would be a great help.

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What's the best way to "add" together both channels of stereo sound into mono?

I'm making a VU meter and I don't want to replicate my circuit for both the left and right channels of audio.  I'd like to just "add" together both channels so I can view them on the meter together.

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Usb to audio out adapter?

Some stereos now have female usb sockets built into them to play music from a memory stick. Mine does not, which is why I am looking to make/buy a usb to 3.5mm audio out device that can read the files on my memory stick and output them as audio. I have done a concept picture using professional editing software 'Paint', but the sd card reader is not really that necessary. It could also be battery powered, the picture is just a basic idea of what I want. I have spare computers I could raid for parts if I need. Any help would be appreciated either building or buying such a device, but low costs for both are a big need.

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3.5mm homemade stereo audio cable conundrum...

Hey guys! This is my first post, so thanks for any suggestions or ideas! :) So......I do computer repair and tutoring on the side and I just gave my 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable that I use for my MP3 player in my car to a client so she could get the speakers in her monitor working on her new PC because it didn't come with the cable and it's Sunday, so all the stores are closed....she needed one to Skype with her daughter and grandkids tonight in France (we're in Canada) and I knew it would mean a lot to her. Being the tinkerer that I am, I thought..."I could buy a cable from the Dollar Store tomorrow for about $3 that will work, or I have enough stuff laying around to just make one..." So, I just made one out of 2 old, non-working sets of headphones by stripping the wires and soldering the 3.5mm jacks together. Both cables have red and white wires, so I assume white is left on both leads and red is right on both leads and solder red/red, white/white, and ground/ground. As far as I can tell, this should be fine! I've double-checked and my solder joints are strong and none of the wires are touching other wires they shouldn't be as far as I can see. However, when I test them in my car with a 30-sec MP3 clip that plays sound through Both channels, then only the Left, then only the Right, I hear sound from all speakers during the "Both" test, NO sound from ANY speakers during the 'Left' test, and all sound from all speakers during the 'Right' test....what did I do wrong? Cheers and thanks! :)

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5mm Round Red LED Lamp

5mm Round Red LED LampType: LED lamp Wavelength: 630-640nm Forward current (mA): 20 Forward voltage (V): 1.7-2.8 Luminous intensity (mcd): 5,000-8,000 Lens color: water clear Viewing angle: 15-degree Applications: for light, indicator and illumination

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Concerning "pirahna" 5mm superflux leds.?

 would appreciate some info regarding the  1/2 W 5mm "pirahna" superflux leds.  started using them and think they are great.  do they need any other regulating component other than a resistor to keep them running  safely?  how do they hold up over time? i just need to use one or two in my projects (powered by a  9v unregulated wall wart).   thanks!

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Ideas for "Consuming" Outdated LEDs

Hello all! I have many of Cheap and Outdated LEDs (In thousands) lying around. These were purchased long time ago (2003~2005) when luxeon Stars were hardly available and costed Rs 1000 a piece. These LEDs are- 5mm 20 deg White ~100pc 4.8mm "Straw Hat" Low dome 100 deg White.~ Many 1)Both of them are rated at 20ma, 3.2 volts. 2) Straw hats are twice as better (Life, brightness, Even-ness) than low beam angle 5mm ones 3)I learnt the hard way using these in many precious projects. Now I know very well that 5mm LEDs dim considerably even at 20ma after a year intermittent use. I had made 36-LED matrixes (about 2 watts) with good spacing between LEDs, Legs uncut still went dim after a year. 4)There is a huge variation in Tint, Voltage and output of these. Straw hats are better , but still 5)These are not entirely Cheap in money per-se. Costed 3 Rs per piece. Today a reasonable spec Chinese 350ma Star costs 40 a piece. If we consider a bunch of 18 of these to make that wattage, They add up to Rs 55 6)Advices to throw them in the bin/ Donating/ smashing with bulldozers./ Overvoltage Fun etc are not my idea. 7)Don't want to spend tremendous time/energy/money than they're worth.

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What can i do with lots of earphone speakers?

I've got a lot of earphone speakers from cheap giveaways ,and other peoples smashed earbuds. Can anybody think of something cool to do with them?

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Audio over rj11

I was wondering if I can have a audio input on a rj11 so I can run audio off my house's phone lines. We have VOIP now and don't use the phone lines, so can I still do that?

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3.5mm clicker software for windows?

I'm sure we have all seen it before, branded under several names such as Klick and Pressy. I was wondering if there is some sort of pre existing software out there that would provide this functionality to a pc? This would be great on the GPD WIN or Pocket C.H.I.P.

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Building a 5V or 12V powered in-line preamplifier

I want to build an in-line pre-amplifier with a 3.5mm in and out jack.  What I want, or at least think I want, is a simple booster that provides a small, but relatively even gain boost from an MP3 player into the main amplifier. Something along the lines of this: However, I would like to be able to power it off of 5V USB or off of the 12V coming into the cigar lighter. What I'm effectively trying to do is get enough gain on low volume spoken-word audio coming out of my mp3 player so that I don't have to crank the stereo up to max.  Does anyone have any good sources for instructions or advice for this sort of thing? Alternatively, someone can tell me if this is a fools errand to begin with, and that I aught to be taking a different approach altogether.

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Splitting an audio signal on a PCB - Doides required?

I have a 3.5mm audio jack on a PCB.  I want to split the signal to go to two different places on a PCB.  Do I need a diode on each "branch" or literally just split them in a T with no components in between?

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Connect 3.5mm Jack to a Speaker

Hello, I am trying to connect a 3.5mm jack to a speaker I salvaged from an old radio. The speaker has 2 wires: A + wire (marked yellow) A - wire (marked black) The problem is, the 3.5mm jack has 4 different wires: on one side, there is a copper one and a red one on the other, there is a copper one and a blue one. I got the speaker to work for a few seconds while plugged into my phone, but I cannot remember how it went.

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Any suggestions for a 5mm - 10mm telescope eyepiece?

I am currently using a home built 3'' refracting telescope, and want to build a shorter focal length eyepiece to get some detail for observing planets (lunar surface, rings on Saturn, more of the moons of Jupiter. The current setup uses a plossl eyepiece with about a 25mm focal length, giving 30 to 40x magnification, and allowing very clear viewing of the moon, and will pick out three of Jupiters moons on a clear night. Ideally I'd like a 5mm to 10mm focal length, for a 100 to 200x magnification. I've considered using the lens out of a DVD drive, which looks as though it could work, although I've only seen one example of it done before. I also have a selection of reasonable quality prisms and lenses about 1'' diameter, with focal lengths from about 2'' to 4''. So, how well would a DVD drive lens work, and are there any interesting designs that make an eyepiece with a focal length significantly shorter than any of its component lenses (in the same way the focal length of a plossl is about 1/2 the focal length of the lenses used). Thanks in advance for any help. (Would this get better response in the photography section)

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How to Make Speakers With a 3.5mm FEMALE jack instead of a Male 1? Answered

I'm makeing some speakers for my iphone and i want to know how to make the speakers with a female 3.5mm jack (from computer) instead of a male one

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Aux Input 2002 Nissan Xterra...HELP!?

How to I get my stereo to display AUX? (like this:  I have that exact same stereo. Is there some button combination or something? (<-- Please be something like this. =P) I know in the guide he uses a switch on the aux cable to turn it on, but I really dont want to (and can't really) do that I'm thinking of buying this, but I'm pretty sure that I need to turn aux on for it to play.  (or will the cable below work without a switch?);=mtr&hash;=item2eb0da0add#ht_1869wt_1165

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phenoptix - LEDs, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, SMD and Superflux

Www.phenoptix.comLEDs, resistors, Kynar wire and many new products coming soon.UK based with fast and low priced shipping worldwide.

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I was wondering if 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm LEDs would be best?

For the LED cube project

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where can i purchase 1.5 x 5mm tritium vials?

I have been trying to find Green 1.5 x 5mm tritium vials with no success. Does anyone know of a supplier for these?

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3.6v 250mAh Ni-MH battery to run 10 5mm LEDs?

I would like to use a rechargeable 3.6v 250mAh Ni-MH battery to directly power 10 5mm LEDs, is that too much mAh?

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5mm 6 no of led for night lamp to plug in 230v 50hz power supply ?

I want to make 5mm 6no. led night lamp can directly plug in 230 v ac household power supply ? is it possible ..

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i want to make 60 5mm led tube using mobile charger with circuite diagram plz?

I want to make 60, 5mm led tube light from mobile charger,so what else required and how to solder with images plz

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power supply 3V forward voltage 3.2-3.4 20mA. How many leds can i light up? Need a resistor for that, and how many OHM?

I am a really beginner, i want leds in serial, and i can't figure out what resistor i need even with web calculator, i do not even know if i need a resistor please help me!

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<5mm distance sensing, <100micron accuracy, GUI, RasPi or Arduino?

Hi there, I am trying to keep my hardware/ coding skills alive and spruce up my bicycle wheel truing stand. I need to figure out the required hardware + software for the following: I want to build a non-contact distance measurement sensor system and get the output "into" my computer for display in a graphical user interface. I know I could omit the latter step with going directly onto a mini-LCD screen, but trying to use this a learn-another-programming-language learning experience (I've coded Matlab galore, pondering Python for this project). General system components: Sensor - [something - RasPi or Arduino I guess] - laptop (running debian) - GUI displaying continuous sensor reading Sensor: I've web-searched the hell out of this, but not finding anything quite answering my questions. I want to continuously measure the distance from the sensor to a bicycle wheel rim braking surface. Material is aluminium, shiny, though not smooth. Biggest problem with the web-search is being swamped by proximity sensor results (on/off) rather than a distance proportional output signal and much lower resolution projects. I rule out IR or optical sensing, now stuck between ultrasonic and inductive sensing, though tending to the latter for a faster response/adjustment to change time. Sensor criteria (other than reasonable $$): - total sensing range: ca.5mm - sensing accuracy 10 to 100micron/ 0.01 to 0.1mm - don't ask if that's needed, a bit of overkill, I know, but a bit of OCD doesn't do any harm, eh? - fast-ish sampling rate (so that when I turn the wheel, the number on the screen updates nice and fast, guess >25Hz is sufficient). [Something - RasPi or Arduino]: I know that I could omit the laptop GUI part (mini-LCD, LED array, etc), but keen to learn/ practice a little Python with this project, so I guess I am tending to the RasPi, but I am open minded. All I want is the analogue sensor out to end up as a digital reading "inside" my computer to be passed to my GUI as a reading. Essentially a mini A2D converter. Not fussed whether the output is in actual distance units or in arbitrary units/ current units (I guess the sensors put out a proportional current signal?). GUI: Depending on the above, how do I best get the signal "into" a Python program? A moderate fast sample rate >25Hz should suffice.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! LaserCycle

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I wanna use some 5mm white leds as a head lamp for my bike... The battery is 12v So how many leds colud be connected for a bright light and also tell if it is to be connected in series or parallel for longer battery life

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White LED Variety Pack: 5mm, 8mm, Piranha, 12 Volt Led Board With Resistor         Includes: One 12 volt LED board with 6 white LEDs and resistor. Six 8mm wide angle white LEDs. Six 5mm wide angle white Piranha LEDs  Ten 5mm 15-30 degree white LEDs   $6 Shipping included

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LED batteries voltages and resistors?

Hi, I'm planning on making some throwies... I see that you can use a 10mm LED with a 3v watch battery without any resistors. Can I use a 5mm 1.7v LED with a 3v watch battery as well? Or could I hook 2 5mm 1.7v LED's to one 3v watch battery without using resistors? Is there any other watch type batteries that work well with a 5mm 1.7v LED? I don't want to connect them to AAA batteries lol... could hurt someone when throwing those. The reason I ask is because the 5mm LED's are like 1/10 the cost of 10mm LEDs. Thanks

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how to connect 5MM RGB led to connect with 12v 6A controller?

Dear all,  i am bit confused and want your expert help for following matter. 1. I have 12v 6A (2A X3 each= 6A)  RGB contoller  : as this link;=item2588543cac  2. I have 5 mm common anode led: as this link;=item2348a8b539 i want to connect this 5mm common led total 6 nos with above mentioned 12v 6A RGB contoller.   how to connect it safely so that led will not burn . because red needs 2.2 v  , 20 ma , blue and green need 3.2v  , 20ma  to light up. and source is suppling 12v 2A . i think if i connect it directly . it will burn the led. 

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How to make a color selectable LED?

Radioshack sells these LEDS that are 5mm 7-Color and you can use a momentary push button to make it change colors, the only bad part is that these LEDS are like $3 EACH. They are great if you only need a few but I need about 30 of these. Does anyone know a cheaper alternative to getting this same effect? Is there a way you can control regular RGB 5mm leds? Thank you. (I really need 5mm LEDS for this and LED strip lights will not work)

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Will these LEDs work in my computer case? Answered

I want to change my standard blue LEDs to color changing LEDs and I was wondering if there is any modification I have to do to the wiring. The LEDs I have now are 5mm and I am going to replace them with 5mm color changing and I dont want to ruin my power supply.

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my leds not work Answered

Is it possible to run 5mm white(3.3v each) 6 led series by 5v adapter without any rasister????

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LEDs : Require urgent HELP about LEDs. Answered

Could somebody please answer me that using an array of 135pcs of 5mm LEDs that produce 12000mcd each be better than using 3pcs of Cree MC-E for a motorcycle headlight. will the 5mm LEDs produce more light (lumens) than the MC-Es. If yes then will the distance of the beam of light produced by the 5mm LEDs be the same as the distance of the beam produced by the Cree MC-E?  By the distance of the beam I mean how much far can the beam produced by an array of LED light up the road. Please answer somebody answer me quickly I need urgent help. I will be very greatful to youll

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What's wrong with using diodes to step down voltage for LEDs? Answered

I always hear that using a resistor to regulate current for LEDs is very inefficient, even for the low power 5mm ones What would using a zener diode as well as resistor do if I wanted to run, say just a handful of 5mm LEDs from 12V? Thanks

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LED focussing? Answered

How much can you focus a standard 5mm LED? (i.e how tight can you get the beam)

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How to join a 3.5mm Jack to a Microphone ?

I want to make it to use it as a Mic.

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5 mm led's 8 LUMENS PER WATT!?!?!? [answered] Answered

Well i was thinking, 5mm LED's take about 1/10 of a watt, correct?  and from this calculator found out Cree 5mm led's are .806 lumen's. i assume they are 1 tenth of a watt. well, my calculator states they are 8 lumen's per watt (if i could run them at a watt.)  i figure they are 1/10 of a watt because because this 500 led light makes takes about 50W as in the video and led's give less than a lumen of light. so far, it seems leds just last long and emit blueish light. is incandescent light better? with 20 lumens per watt from halogen?

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Cheapest LEDs?

Where's the cheapest place to get assorted 5mm LEDs? I can get 100 for $8 including shipping, but those are just one color... Any other places?

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Can I take 20+, 12V DC Pre Wired 5mm LED Lamp's, put them in my garden lights and use a 12v car battery to power them?

I have a question, can I take 12V DC white Pre Wired 5mm LED Lamp and put them in my garden light housings, and run 20 of them in a row using the same wiring I have in the ground already? (the low voltage system uses 20, 4 watt bulbs rite now,) I would like to remove the transformer and run the LED's using my battery back ( 10, trojan T-105's, 12v setup) I have for my solar panel system. Thanks.

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123D Design help, making a maze Quickly Answered

Hey everyone, I'm new to using 123D Design and need some help to move my project along a bit quicker, and with a lower blood pressure. I need to make a maze that is basically made of Lego bricks; looks similar to a crossword.  I'm using a 20x20 grid of 5mm ^3 blocks. it will be backed by a 100mm^2 by 5mm thick back plate.  Right now I am creating a grid with 5mm blocks and deleting them as needed. I can live with the lag, the problem is even when i merge these there still appears to be a gap between them. so A:  Any Ideas on how I could make a 2D Vector and stretch it out to the thickness I need?  and B: If I have to do it like I described any hints on how to merge the blocks without the gap? Any help would be Appreciated !

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how do I give an LED a wider beam spread?

I would like to position a 5mm LED approx 3mm - 5mm behind a clear surface with a stencil in front of it. at the moment the LED projects a spot about 5 - 8mm in diameter, I'd like to make that around 20mm without changing the LED's position.  I can replace the LED's, so if experimentation of the focal lens is required thats OK, but every time I've tried I'm made something with a dark area in the middle ;-)

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How long will 2 aaa batteries last when connected to a 5mm 25ma 3.3v led?

The batteries are connected to a simple switch, then to the LED. Just wondering - hours? Days? Is there a better option for power supply? I need them to last around 150 hours.

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