Mod my Treo 600

Would you like to turn a Treo 600 with a bad screen into a robot or....? I'm willing to give it away to someone who wants to experiment with it, if you'll pay for shipping (or you can pick it up in San Fran.) Susie

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Imformation on restoring 1990 yamaha 600 Radian.It hasn't been started in 15 years! jay-dee-in

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What is the best electric guitar under $600?

I would like to know your opinion on the best electric guitar under $600. By the way I like playing punk and grunge. Thanks so much!

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recharging the battery in a polaroid type600 film pack

Anybody know how to recharge the 6v polapulse battery in a polaroid 600 film pack? I'm trying to rig the whole camera up to a dslr body (essentially replace the "film capture" with digital) and fire the shutter on the 600 camera. Apparently, you can't fire the shutter without juice, and from what I understand, the 600 film battery only holds enough juice to fire 10 frames, the length of one film pack. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Maybe rigging up 6v worth of juice and connecting that to the camera itself?

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$600 Shapeways Printing Credit for $300

Hello all, I have acquired $600 in printing vouchers to Shapeways from a couple contests, they are actually divided into three separate vouchers of $100, $250, and $250. I'm sure I can find something awesome to use the money to print but as I'm in college now I could better spend this towards something else (books!!). I'd be willing to do %40 percent off for an individual voucher (so 60 for 100 or 150 for 250) or %50 percent off for all 3 together. Feel free to message me if interested. Thanks!

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Barco Cine 600s CRT projector

I have for sale here a late 1980's Barco Cine600 CRT projector. Powers up ok but I've no idea how to plug anything into it. I can imagine in the right hands there is nothing wrong with it, but i'm no expert so sold as seen £200 I'm in South England and can deliver it anywhere in a 25 mile radius from Salisbury in Wiltshire. £200

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Double Celebration!

Wow, not only have I just been made a "Featured Author", but I have just gained my 600th Follower! Thanks to Wilgubeast for the article, and a special patch to Supersoftdrink for helping me hit the big six-oh-oh. I've got to say I'm really proud to join the likes of Lemonie, Scooch, Jessy, Caitlinsdad, NoahW et al.

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Polaroid battery hack

I am looking to use a Polaroid for an art project and I want to get a long-lasting battery in the camera. It is one of the good old polaroids that has the battery in the bottom of the film cassette. Since these are only meant to last about as long as however many shots you take, I will need a way to put in a stronger (possibly rechargeable) battery. Any ideas?

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Anyone familiar with sb 600 smart boards?

I recently bought a smart board from a school auction, the school is shutting down only problem is it doesn't have the pen tray and from what research I have done that seems necessary. I was just wondering if there were anything else I could wire it to just to make it turn in to see if it works thank you ahead of time for any and all comments.

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Art project for 600 kids age 5-18?

I am entrusted with creating/producing an art project that includes every child at a K-12 school --600 kids.  One idea I had was each child getting a disk and putting her initials on it and then putting them together to make an image and maybe using sensors to have the discs move with motion. If  you have any ideas of a simple way to execute this idea OR any other suggestions, I would be extremely grateful. I want it to be special. as it will be permanent.

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photo: Polaroid 600/SX-70 => film mod?

I'm wondering if anyone is aware of attempts to use standard process film in a modified Polaroid 600 or One Step type camera... These things are a dime a dozen at Salvo and other such stores -- I'm curious as to an adaptation to, let's say, 120 type film, is possible. Anyone have ideas? The first 600 I just tried to take apart is now in shambles, those puppies do NOT come apart easily that I can tell. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Still attempting to iron out bugs with Kodak Instamatic modification, so far 3 have been murdered in the process.

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600 Shots Fan-shape Red & Blue Stars

FireworksSpecification:12*17*170cmPacking:1/1Details:20's * 30 row 7 seconds red/blue stars quick shoot;=1992If you want to browse this fireworks' video, please click the "video" icon which is right under the product picture to watch.

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Looking for a 400-600 C electric burner / heating element?

Im working on building a stirling engine which is powered by heat. The bottom cylinders will need to be heated to 4-600 C.  A burner similar to an older spiral stove burner would work but I'm afraid it wouldn't be able to reach the required temperature range.  The diameter of the burners surface needs to be at least 3 inches. Ive searched and searched but am unable to find much that looks like it will work.  Could someone explain how to possibly make something with some sort of heating element?  Any ideas?

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what is the fastest way to get $600 so i can buy a dell inspiron duo?

Really what is the fastest way and i cant get a job job because im only any suggestions

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How much big in length and size blades and what rpm of motor do I need to lift 600 kg of weight like helicopter?

How determine what size blades ( length , width ) and what rpm do the helicopter need to lift a specific weight like 600

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Garden solar lites

Where can you buy ni-cd AA400 600-900mAh batterys ???

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How to make a solid state FET Amplifier, 600 watts output, continuous 1.5-22MHz cov. swr protected, thanks Mike,,KJ4ITH?

Would like to have a nice solid state amp, but the cost is out of my range, anyone know how to put one togather, and at a savings...they run about $1500. thanks, Mike,,,KJ4ITH

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Investment advice?

Hello I am a 15 year old kid with 600$ and i want to invest in some stocks. How do I start and what are some tips? 

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Table saw? Answered

I am going to buy a table saw soon and I was just wondering what I should buy that is under $600 that can be used in a small space or moved outside?

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Savage Air Rifle?

I have a Savage model 600 .177 cal.air rifle. Can you tell me who actually made this gun and approx.when it was made. Thank you for your help.

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Diode question

I need help with diode. Actually a question: if you put diodes in series for example 2 diodes of 300 V will they act as one diode of 600 V?

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Good deal? Answered

So i was wondering, as christmas is coming up, is near on £600 worth this? Because if i got this for christmas this would cover my birthday present a which is a bout a month after christmas. (34 days after)

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i want to build my own amplifier for my car to power my sub. i would a 300 to 600 watt rating any ideas? Answered

I have a small background in electronics and i would like to build an amplifier for my car to power my subwoofer. i am having trouble coming up with a schematic that would work. i would like to accomplish 300 to 600 watt rating and i would like all solid state components if possible. i dont care to much about size as long as it fits in my escort. and i dont care to much about cost either do you have any ideas?

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PreSsure rating ball valve

On one side, the valve says 600 WOG That's "600psi water, oil, gas" On the other side 1/2 psig That's 1/2 psi gas Which side to believe?

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Monster Jellyfish Crop Circle

Check out this giant crop circle that was made/created on farmland in Oxfordshire.This jelly fish is about 600 feet (or 250m) check it out!link to vid:

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How much lift is created by a half-sized rotor?

If there is a rotor of 26ft rotating at 600 rpm and lifting 635kg of weight at 1200ft/min 14000ft so if there is rotor of 13ft HalfSized 26/2 =13 and same rpm 600 & same power so will it lift half of the weight like 635/2=318kg at 1200ft/min 14000ft ? if not then how much half sized rotor will lift at same rpm and power if 26ft rotor is lifting 635kg at 600rpm at 1200ft/min upto 14000ft then how much 13ft rotor will lift at same rpm and power at 1200ft/min upto 14000ft ? The helicopter used in this example

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Lp record storage?

I have about 4000 LP records that I need a display storage for. I've done some web searching and the ones I find are $500 $600. I need ideas/plan for building storage for my records that will not break the bank. HELP!!

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You are under attack

Hi, I just saw on this page that the last 600 posts are in Korean and speak about "Casino" or whatever... I don't know if you have noticed it so I'm just telling you. Best regards

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help modify my paintball gun shoot at 400 psi , or 600 fps, im trying to convert it to shoot special paint projectiles

Im trying to modify an a5 tipman marker to shoot a specialised paint projectile im creating , basically a sniper round of my own disign, but i cant get the gun to volicity i need. im not overyly into pmnumatic sytems as i should be, so i need help. i want at least five to six hundred fps, as the projectile is about twice as heavy as a regular paintball, so at 300 fps for a standard round i fiqure 600 fps for a round that is double its wiehgt, any help on how to acomplish this would be great,

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Anyone kno where i can find solidox,potassium chlorate,400-600 mesh aluminum powder or any other kind ,potassium perchlorate, 223 casings, mercury fulminate powder, or a non-electrical blasting cap. it would be really helpful if you could tell me where to find these besides online

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kitchenaid mixer upscale. any ideas?

Hi! My parents mixer broke recently, they gave it to me and I fixed it up.  its a nicer one, a kitchenaid 600, and they have already replaced it and don't want it back.  does anyone have any ideas of what I could make with this?  thanks!

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International Editions

I just suffered a minor coronary looking at the cost of text for the next semester, and was wondering if anyone here had experience using international editions for engineering courses, It would be nice to trim my cost from $600 to $300 but I don't want books I can't use.

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Amd Gaming? Answered

I was planning to purchase parts for a budget gaming system, around $600. Everyone says that Amd processors are a lot cheaper than Intel (which is true), but they say that the performance isn't nearly as good. What do they mean by this? Are they decent gaming processors? Thanks.

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How can i make 6 volt and 10 amps with just single coil ?

How many turns of winding and the what number of guage of wire do I need to make 6 volts and 10 amps from a single coil with 12 magnets at 600 to 800 rpm?

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Choosing a good bass amp

I need suggestions for a good bass guitar amp. One I have in mind is a Behringer Ultrabass BA115 600 Watt 1x15 Bass Cabinet. I'm looking for something good at around $150 USD. Any advice for choosing one would be nice too.

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Where are my comments?

Last month I viewed my profile to see what others see, and wow, I posted over 600 comments on other peoples instructables. I just looked back at my profile last week and now it says that I only posted 89. Can anyone help?

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How can I overclock my PC?

I am running an intel i5 quad core at 2.66 GHz and would like to overclock it. Cooling is not an issue as I have a coolermaster 600 case which is overkill. How do I go about overclocking my CPU, Video card and RAM?

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HELP I have a wireless router and the power isnt on.

I have I router that doesn't turn on. its a d-link model dir-600 wireless 150. it doesn't have a power button but is supposed to turn on as you plug it in. I think it might have blown a fuse but im not sure. please help!!

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Hit veiws in contest

.Is it possible to again include the Hit totals in contest by again adding the 'VIEWS' Tab? It would be so much easier...especially for some contest which have like 600++ entries!! Then we could see the new and the old easily....else who is going to go and check the entries...18 by 18 by 18!! Thanks!

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Set an Instructables Record!!

Help set a record for the most comments on a forum topic. I don't care what it is, pictures, videos, messages, whatever. Just wright something! I have not yet seen a topic with more than 600 comments, but if you know of one, tell me in the comments. Just to start things off: I lost the Game

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What should I use to power LEDs?

I would like to use a buckpuck to power 4 350ma leds. I will use a lithium ion battery pack with 11.1 volts and 600 ma. How should I wire them to make it work or do I have to get a higher powered pack.

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What is better? the Gamo blue flame or red fire?

Yes I know the blue flame is a lot lighter, but I want to know what other users think would be better out of a 600 fps break barrel against squirrels.

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bike charger

I ride on a bicycle patrol around my neighborhood three times a week.  (6-8 miles, good exercise) I also have another bike with a Wilderness Motor on it.  (36 V, 600 Watt motor) I don't use the Wilderness bike much anymore, but how could I wire a gizmo to charge some AA and/or AAA batteries?

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Cool IKEA Standing Desk Hacks

My coworkers and I lately have gotten into the standing desk craze but don't want to pay $600+ for a desk online. We rounded up some cool hacks from other sites using IKEA furniture parts. Check it out! -Daniel

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PVC Unistruts??

Hi, I need to make 10 garden carts. They have to be light weight, capable of handling 400-600 lbs, have a 4' x 5' adjustable height platform, and on casters. I was thinking about making the supporting structure out of a high tensile strength poly vinyl rectangular or square tubing. Anyone know of a source??? Thanks

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