Ok, so i live in the uk and i cant seem to find #64's anywhere. i got massive bands from my mum but theyre not so good for smaller guns. i cant find them in staples either :( anyone know where i can get some? remember UK stores only :D thanks,

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Commodore 64 to a monitor ?

How can I connect a Commodore 64 to a PC monitor, so I can get a sharp display ?

Question by and7barton   |  last reply

Online n 64

Does anyone have the japanese thing to make the n64 online?

Topic by Bartboy   |  last reply

64 Bit Processors? Answered

Hiya! Well, looks like I got an old laptop, but the thing is.... it doesn't work. Dell Inspiron 8500/8600 series. It won't boot into Windows XP except in safe mode. Anyway, I was thinking of putting Ubuntu 10.10 on it and remaking it into an actually usable machine. Good idea, right?  Well.... the thing is I don't know much about these older processors, so my question is: Are any of these 64 bit processors? Or are they just 32 bit? Intel® Mobile Pentium® 4M Intel® Mobile Pentium® M I want to install the appropriate type of Ubuntu 10.10, 32 bit or 64 bit. Its just that the processor needs to be compatible... Thanks!

Question by transistorguy   |  last reply

Whats better, a Turion 64 X2 or a Athlon 64 X2?

I want to know because i have both of these, and my Turion 64 runs pretty hot, so if anyone can help me out here, it would be appreciated. they are both 1.9GHz dual cores, both 64 bit capable. What i want to know is, does the Athlon run cooler, and is there anything that puts it above the Turion?

Question by zack247 

64 bit to 32 bit

Hello i have an old laptop that is dieing and i wanted a tablet pc. i was looking at a HP Pavilion 12" TX2500Z Tablet, but the only problem is that its 64 bit and i need a 32 bit system. is it possible to convert a 64 bit to a 32 bit

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Is it possible for me to make a n64 av cable? Answered

I have spent the last 3 days looking for my n64 av cable and cannot find it. I was wondering if I could make one custom so I dont have to buy one.

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Help - Battery Powered 64

I have an extra adapter for my N64 (image of adapter above) I want to run it on a 12v 600mAh battery can I do it safely by soldering the connections inside this adapter. (image shown of adapter, it has wire setup on it) I dont want to kill the thing its our only one.

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Where can I get #64 rubber bands for my knex guns in Ontario, Canada? Answered

I need them for my knex guns. #64's seem to be the standard. I live in Ontario, Canada.

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Intel desktop processors all use 64-bit, is 32-bit possible? Answered

I am going to use an Intel i7 in a computer I'm helping design, and we have noticed something very strange. All Intel desktop processors, including the Core 2, use the 64-bit Intel Architecture. Do you think any of these would also support 32-bit? They must, because there are hundreds of Core 2's being sold every day, and they are usually 32-bit.

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Where do you get one and what makes a "#64" rubber band so desirable for K'nex?

I've never had one so it would be nice to know where to get one. I only have "assorted sizes" rubber bands and file 'bands

Question by LvNo1000 

AVR microcontroller programming help? Answered

I am about to start programming AVR microcontrollers with a USBtinyISP programmer from http://www.ladyada.net/make/usbtinyisp/. The problem is the computer I use is running vista, and the fact that it is 64 bit doesn't make it any better. I tried WinAVR but it didn't seem to be working properly. I happen to have a bootable linux CD, so mayby that could be used with my computer.Should I run linux or can I find some other software that will work with 64 bit vista? What software should I use to program it? Please explain in detail.

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Handhend Nintendo 64 (Nicknamed the Retro64!)

Many of you have seen my NES portable Instructable. Hopefully it was helpful to those of you wanting to make your own portables.Gathering information from www.forums.benheck.com (of which I am a member) I build a Nintendo64 portable. :D N64 is my favorite system, and I figured it'd provide an interesting challenge. I decided to make it the smallest while I'm at it, and this N64 portable is currently the smallest ever made.You can see the News topic here, (has much more pictures) and the 22-page WIP topic here.Just so you know in advance, I am not making an Instructable for this one. There is tons of information in the N64 section at the forums, and the N64's board is extremely well-labeled anyway.Comments? :)

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64 GB compact flash cards

I was reading this article about Samsung's 64gb compact flash (cf) card. This article is 3 years old and the largest I seem to be able to locate is a 48GB. Do 64 gb cf cards exist? If so where can I buy one? I thought this was really interesting, I was excited to put one to use in the ipod mini hackAlso anyone think it is possible to hack the mini this with sd cards or micro sd cards (I have seen sd to cf converters but the 16 gb cf card is still cheper than a 16 sd card to use with the converter, that's if the converter is even compatible with the ipod) Do sd to cf converters exist that support 2 sd (or micro sd) cards?just looking to bounce some ideas around ,Dan

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AMD athlon 64 CPU for sale

I have one AMD athlon 64 CPU ( 2.2 Ghz ) for sale; two sticks of 256MB of DDR RAM and a heat sink for the CPU. I tested them and they work The price I am asking for is $25 for all of it.

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is there a serial interface for commodore 64 cartridges?

I would like to know so that I can finish planning out my next project...

Question by nerd7473   |  last reply

Nintendo 64 Controller to PC (USB)

Could sum1 pleez make an TuToRiAL, so I can learn how 2 connect a N64 controller to a pc using a USB end? I want 2 oen peepz insied off Teem Foretress 2. Title says it all. Here are some links to the pinouts: N64: http://forums.benheck.com/viewtopic.php?t=11880 USB Wire Pinouts: Green = Data+ White = Data- Black = Ground Red = +5v DC Have any ideas?

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Installing a new processor.

Hi! My name is Kerry. I have an HP Pavilion a1410n PC. Where can I get a free manual for my (Asus A8n-LA GeForce 6150 LE Socket 939 mATX motherboard ? I'm trying to replace my ( AMD Athlon 64 3800 ) processor with a ( AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800 ) processor, and need to know if there are any jumpers I need to change. Thanks for your help in this matter. Sincerely, KC2Z

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Where to buy #64 rubber bands in the Netherlands?

Hello there, I was wondering whether someone knows where to get #64 rubber bands (i'm planning to use them on I_A_C's handheld heavy cannon) in the Netherlands. Thanks in advance, Bommelding.

Topic by Bommelding 

Old 64 games for my g-pa

Nebody got some old 64 games out there? i want to buy some more for my grandpa to hold him over while i try to get him a Wii. pretty much any old game will do as long as it runs. im willing to buy but obviously not a lot for old 64 games. oh by the way, im not trying to be rude, but i am not stupid and i am not going to fall for any scams. srry but there are so many scams out there you have to warn people so they will stay away so you dont have to waist your time.

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I have a Vista 64-bit laptop (my previous computer was a copy of windows 2000), and there's nothing i hate more than when my laptop tells me Access Denied. I'm obviously an administrator group with total privilege. Is there a way to get my computer to stop telling me no? I want my computer to warn me when I'm getting ready to do something stupid but if I want to do something stupid then let me do something stupid! Honestly I kinda miss the no interfering way that windows 2000 ran, not telling me no for instance. I guess the point I'm making is, is there a way to stop my computer from telling me no? Also if it will remember that I'm in charge and it should respect / fear me would be cool, too. --thanks

Question by Misc.123   |  last reply

Can you use a commodore 64 keyboard on a pc?

I have a question I down loaded a commodore 64 emulator on my pc and It's hard to use a normal keyboard can you use a commodore 64 keyboard on a pc?

Topic by puffinmuffin   |  last reply

How do I make a nintendo 64 portable? Answered

I have been looking through the the benheck forums but can't seem to find instructions on how to make a nintendo 64 portable. Does anyyone have a link? The ones in the sticky are broken.?

Question by mg0930mg   |  last reply

Mod a GameCube remote, so it will work with an N64?

Can you do this? If so, how?

Question by Danny09   |  last reply

Favourite N64 game.

What are your favourite n 64 games? Mine is ....................Zelda 64 Ever heard of it?

Topic by Bartboy   |  last reply

Super Mario 64 - Slide on 16 Floppy Drives

My latest video, thought I would show it off Super Mario 64 - Slide on 16 Floppy Drives how this was done can be found in my instructable in the following link, dont forget to vote for it in the competions if you think its worthy enough ;-) vote button is at the top right on the instructable page https://www.instructables.com/id/Musical-Floppy-Drives/ and subscribe to the youtube channel I am updating it all the time https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3eZe9nGX9nSS_N-WRJ67tw also on facebook and twitter https://www.facebook.com/DriveGeek https://twitter.com/N1cod3mus

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laptop running slow. 32 bit or 64 bit?

Hi all. i have 2 Acer aspire ones, 1 has win 7 64bit (mine) the other has win 7 32bit (mothers). the specs are almost identical. Mine has 2GB ram & AMD Dual Core C60 processor. Mothers has 1GB ram & Intel N570 will upgrading her windows to 64bit give any tangible speed increase.

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Need your help to fix my Nintendo 64

Hey, Well i was cleaning my room one day and i found my old nintendo 64 and i also found its star wars games and i really wanted to play it but something happened and it ain't working. Problem: Well basically i plug in the system to my television, the whole thing starts up the red light , lights up in the console , but nothing comes up on the television screen... i tried plugging again and again checked all the connections but na na...nothing came up. The same problem occured once and then i worked fine but now it aint coming back. I really wanna play it but there is nothing showing on the screen... Condition: I bought the console new brand about 7 years ago and it was working fine. then i got my playstation so i just put it aside. The video in and audio in cable is a bit broken at the console joint but i fixed it. There is one thing on the top infront of the catriage slot which has the sticker removed... Please help.

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How do you properly set up a transfer pak in Project64's N-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.80a Plugin?

I am running Project 64, and recently got Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Yellow (I know it's for the Gameboy, and have the emulator.) For the love, I have no idea how to properly set up the transfer pak to run with the software and make the game playable. I am using theN-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.80a Plugin. Could anyone who knows how to do this give me instructions?

Question by AlternateLives   |  last reply

Roms And Emulators

I remembered this Instructable when i found this site and i remembered all the trouble people had with said Instructable and i wanted to inform earth of this so post your favorite emulator and corresponding roms.

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processor swap AMDC-50 FOR AMD ATHION 64 2X?

Can i swap the amd athion 64 2x out of my acer aspire 5517 that crashed and put it in my compaq presario cq57 that now has amd c-50 1.00 ghz?

Question by GaryS51   |  last reply

Where can I buy 64# rubber bands in West-Europa (or even better: Holland)? Answered

So yeah, as the question may say, I've sucky bands and I really want those 64# and I've checked the internet (a bit) but I can't see where I can buy.

Question by mahmel   |  last reply

multitude of duplicates in category list

Selecting Workshop/Gardening/All Types came back with 64 pages.  As a newbie, I walked through all 64 pages and found a multitude of duplicates, some are displayed 5 times.  Not similar, duplicate.  Don't know if it occurs retrieving from database or malfunction on displaying the pages.  Firefox on Win8.  Total bummer, as 64 pages were a lot to walk through.

Topic by AmyInNH   |  last reply

I2C addresses > 63 are not usable with atTiny85?

Hi I have a big problem with addressing multiple attiny85-chips with I2C: For what I know the attiny uses 7-bit addresses for communication. I am using the TinyWireS lib, which works perfectly fine for me, untill I am reaching address: '64' which is '1000000' in binary. The highest usable address should be '1111111'. Here is the attiny85 datesheet. This is what happens: Slave: Attiny85: switches led on or off when msg is received over I2C. Slaveaddress: 64 #include #include #define output (4) #define I2C_SLAVE_ADDR (64) //works if I2C_SLAVE_ADDR < 64 void setup() {   TinyWireS.begin(I2C_SLAVE_ADDR);   pinMode(output, OUTPUT); } volatile bool state = LOW; void loop() {   byte msg = -1;   if(TinyWireS.available())     msg = TinyWireS.receive();   if(msg == 1)     state = HIGH;   else if(msg == 0)     state = LOW;   else if(msg == 2)     state = !state;   digitalWrite(output, state); } Master: Arduino pro mini: sendMsg(0, true); //works! led on chip: 64 switches on sendMsg(64, true); //fails! led on chip: 64 is off. #include #define DEVICE (64) //0 works! void setup() {     Wire.begin(); } void loop() {     sendMsg(1, DEVICE);     delay(2000);     sendMsg(0, DEVICE);     delay(2000); } void sendMsg(int msg, int device) {     Wire.beginTransmission(device);     Wire.write(msg);     Wire.endTransmission(); } Have you any idea how to solve this problem?

Question by DELETED_MakiY2   |  last reply

The "View in 3D" button opens the wrong model

In my instructable Blind Music Player when I click on "View in 3D" next to the "buttons.stl" file I see some other model. Maybe it's called "buttons.stl" too but that's not my model. Tested with Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Firefox 52.3.0 (64-bit). Debian Stretch 64 bit.

Topic by Philip Ashmore 

How would I cut a 1/64 inch hole for a pinhole camera? Answered

Has to be "1/64" no bigger or smaller reference "The Camera" by Ansel Adams. More than likely material that is going to need the hole is going to be a part of aluminum can.

Question by nfarrow   |  last reply

Where can I get tapes for Commidore 64 in audio format?

I recently got a Commodore 64 and plan to use it for vintage coding and playing retro computer games. So I want to load some Basic code on some games like Pacman, Tetris, etc.  I would like to load sound from my phone and connect an AUX cable to he input port, the conputer will think that I am loading a cassette since it is analog and is really just looking for a sound. I can't explain everything so well, just go to this video, https://youtu.be/_9SM9lG47Ew and skip to 7:32. That should explain what I am talking about.  So my question is what are those websites with retro games file in cassette (Audio) format that I can just plug in my MP3 player or phone or whatever into the input port and the computer will think I am loafing a cassette? Also I guess if I want to record I will plug in my phone to the output port and record audio. So basically can someone give me a website where I can retro games in audio format like what I explained? Abd sorry if this is the wrong category.

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(newsletter) Twittering Office Chair, Commodore 64 Laptop, Glowing Alien...

Sign-up for this newsletter: WARNING: LAST CALL to submit your awesome projects to win an Epilog Laser and Ponoko gift certificates, or books from Klutz! Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest - Open to any rubber band-powered contraption. Win cool books from Klutz! Closes for entries this Sunday, April 19! Epilog Challenge - Enter any awesome project with a green twist for the chance to win an Epilog Zing laser cutter or gift certificates from Ponoko! Closes for entries this Sunday, April 19! Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Create an energy-saving Instructable and you could win a MacBook Pro! The April Fools Contest and Burning Questions 7 winners have been announced! See who won here and here. The ThinkGeek Hacks Contest winners will be announced tomorrow. Press Aluminum Cans into Wall Tiles Toothpaste Squeezer The Green Twist Machine Commodore 64 Laptop Closes for entries this Sunday! Win a MacBook Pro! Glowing Alien in a Jar Build an Eskimohut in wood! Movable Record Player Greeting Card Sharpen Your Drill Bits Featured questions from our new Answers section: How can I get crispy french fries at home? Could a prism and lenses be used to make a stereoscopic video with only one camera? Needle Tatting a Necklace Vehicle Efficiency Upgrades Auto Spy Remote Make a Brass Bird Cage Dress Closes for entries on Sunday! Dozens of tips Foot Operated Computer Mouse Recycled Cardboard Lamp - This Way Up! Make a Ceramic Sphericon The Twittering Office Chair Sign-up for this newsletter:

Topic by fungus amungus 

How would I go about turning a Nintendo 64 into an electric guitar?

I've seen images online of a guitar that was made using a Super Nintendo, and I'd like to do the same with a Nintendo 64. However, because of the way the case is, it most likely would not be good as an acoustic, which is why I specified electric. Would anyone with guitar making experience have some kind of advice to offer me in going about this? Thanks in advance.

Question by TheUltraLobster   |  last reply

Can anyone tell me how to hook up my Commodore 64 to a TV?

I have a C64 without the monitor, but it can connect to a TV. However, I didn't get the cable with it, and can't find the solution. Help greatly appreciated!

Question by brandegor   |  last reply

Where can I get good, strong and new #64 rubberbands that can be shipped to The Netherlands ?

I tried ebay but shipping costs about 30 bucks on most pages. That seems a bit too much for a few rubberbands to me.....

Question by Mr. Muggle   |  last reply

Does anybody know where I can buy a bag of #64 rubber bands for guns like the diablo gun?

I want to buy it in stores and it needs to be latex well atleast thats what i'm looking for and I don't want to buy it off the internet but in stores.

Question by rexdino5   |  last reply

Why is my Windows 7 64-Bit stuck on the welcome screen for 20 minutes then signs me in to a temporary account?? Answered

I have looked everywhere for solutions.  Could it possibly have to do with the fact that I just installed Drop Box on it?  Thanks in advance for your answers.

Question by drmjj55   |  last reply

Post the Nintendo game systems you have owned!

What Ninty game systems have you owned?I have owned:Gameboy Colour x2 *Gameboy Advance *Gameboy Advance SPNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite *and a Wii. *I'm pretty new to Nintendo consoles, but I've been through many handhelds. * means I still own.

Topic by Noodle93   |  last reply

jamesdudes boast

Jamesdude boasted that 64% of his knex guys could make his 'ibiles from the pics

Topic by yeolddingdong   |  last reply

64 w solar panel without a charge controller or battries but using a buck converter for direct regulated power?possible?

Greetings and thanks in advance for all the help. i shall start with explaining the situation.  i am going to be in the remote himalayas for about 2 months with a expedition team and for all our charging needs  we are going to carry a few solar panels, most of them are small 5-15 watt ones . the problem comes in when i introduced the 64 w thin film roll able panel. the specifications for the panel are as follows Model PVL-64 Rated Power 64 (Watts) Rated Voltage 16.5 (Vmp) Rated Current 3.9 (Imp) Open Circuit Voltage 23.8 (Voc) Short Circuit Current 4.8 (Isc) i intend  to use 3 LM2596 ebay buck converters to get 12 volts and 2 5V USB Output Converter DC 7V-24V To 5V 3A Step-Down Buck KIS3R33S Module KIS-3R33S for usb power. All of these will have a common source of power (the solar panel) and have separate outputs as i need to charge multiple things at once.  will this setup work or i need to think of something else.?

Question by 1st rover   |  last reply