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Help with 6DOF robotic arm?

Hi, I am building a 6DOF robotic arm for my final school project and i need you help I have an arduino and i have to run 6 servos with it i have a joystick shield on my arduino and was wondering what the best way to power the servos is. Should i get a servo shield, or seperate board? Also i have a 360º servo in the base and when it spins left it instantly stops when i let go of the joystick but when turning right it does stop but it stops smooth. I thank any help you can give me and english is not my first language. PS.: if you want i can send pictures.

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stewart platform with firgelli linear actuator using arduino codeing help!

I am building a stewart platform as part of a larger assembly to accuratly position an object in all six degrees (transition in x,y,z) and rotation about each of these (pitch, yaw, roll). I plan to use an arduino board and 6 firgelli linear actuators. Any help on how to go about programming this would be a great help, or if anyone knows of any open source code so that I do not have to do the reverse kinematics as Im not strong enough in math to do so. ive attached a pic screenshot of my design. thanks

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Considering doing a 3D Printed 6DOF robot arm, any tips?

Hello all,I'm considering creating a medium sized 3D printed 6 DOF robot arm for Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega, likely using 28BYJ-48 5v mini stepper motors for all joints and an optional servo for the claw. Current sketches and ideas have it laid out with a rotating base, two arm segments (one rotates), and a 2 axis "wrist". Larger steppers may be used in a second iteration based on the performance of the first. (The picture is of the two arm segments.) I want to be able to code it to the point where it can be used for 3D printing, CNC, and Laser based work, as well as accurate pick-and-place functionality. I assume my code will need to have advanced trigonometry functions to triangulate the x-y-z position and angle of the manipulator head (I already know how to do this), but I am unsure of how to get to that point from a standard g-code file (or how to read a g-code file with Arduino in the first place). Any tips or ideas that might help?Thanks, Dangerously ExplosiveP.S. If you like the idea, but don't have a tip, comment anyway with what you think I should have the arm do. It's still in the design stage and I'm trying to get a feel for how popular this idea will be, as well as possible functions.

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help with arduino code? Answered

I am making a project for my 6 DOF arm and I want to control the arm with a remote. I found a code for just that, but with only one servo and I am hoping somebody can help me out with changing the code to control 6 servos. please help me!!! the code is shown below. #include #include   // You will have to set these values depending on the protocol // and remote codes that you are using. These are from my Sony DVD/VCR #define MY_PROTOCOL NEC #define RIGHT_ARROW   0xffc23d //Move several clockwise #define LEFT_ARROW    0xff22dd //Move servo counterclockwise #define OK_BUTTON     0xff02fd //Center the servo #define UP_ARROW      0xff629d //Increased number of degrees servo moves #define DOWN_ARROW    0xffa857 //Decrease number of degrees servo moves #define BUTTON_0      0xff4ab5  //Pushing buttons 0-9 moves to fix positions #define BUTTON_1      0xff6897  // each 20 degrees greater #define BUTTON_2      0xff9867 #define BUTTON_3      0xffb04f #define BUTTON_4      0xff30cf #define BUTTON_5      0xff18e7 #define BUTTON_6      0xff7a85 #define BUTTON_7      0xff10ef #define BUTTON_8      0xff38c7 #define BUTTON_9      0xff5aa5   IRrecv My_Receiver(11);//Receive on pin 11 IRdecode My_Decoder;  Servo My_Servo;  // create servo object to control a servo  int pos;         // variable to store the servo position  int Speed;       // Number of degrees to move each time a left/right button is pressed void setup()  {   My_Servo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object    pos = 90;            // start at midpoint 90 degrees   Speed = 3;           //servo moves 3 degrees each time left/right is pushed   My_Servo.write(pos); // Set initial position   My_Receiver.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver }    void loop()  {      if (My_Receiver.GetResults(&My;_Decoder)) {        My_Decoder.decode();        if(My_Decoder.decode_type==MY_PROTOCOL) {           switch(My_Decoder.value) {             case LEFT_ARROW:    pos=min(180,pos+Speed); break;             case RIGHT_ARROW:   pos=max(0,pos-Speed); break;             case OK_BUTTON: pos=90; break;             case UP_ARROW:      Speed=min(10, Speed+1); break;             case DOWN_ARROW:    Speed=max(1, Speed-1); break;             case BUTTON_0:      pos=0*20; break;             case BUTTON_1:      pos=1*20; break;             case BUTTON_2:      pos=2*20; break;             case BUTTON_3:      pos=3*20; break;             case BUTTON_4:      pos=4*20; break;             case BUTTON_5:      pos=5*20; break;             case BUTTON_6:      pos=6*20; break;             case BUTTON_7:      pos=7*20; break;             case BUTTON_8:      pos=8*20; break;             case BUTTON_9:      pos=9*20; break;           }         My_Servo.write(pos); // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'        }      My_Receiver.resume();     } }

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V-22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft model

Hi i'm new to rc planes and drones so im making a model of v22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft i'm using the following components Arduino Mega 2x 2217/6 2300 kv brushless motor 6x micro servo for surface area control 2.4 ghz tx/rx fsct6b 6dof for stabilization i need help in controlling the bldc motors and servo by arduino mega using the 2.4 ghz tx/rx 

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