6V power supply Answered

HEY! I recently took out a 6V DC motor from a CD player. The problem is that I wanted it to power through the mains but have a 12V step  down transformer. So, my question is that whether there is any way  I can  power it?  (except by using a 6v step down transformer) Thank You

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6v to 12v system?

I have a 1929 model t that is curently a 6v system with no starter or generator. I would like to use a starter generator off of a modern galf car. Is there any way i can step the voltege down befor the battery or would it just be easyer to add a converter in to run the original lights and ignition system? Any help would be awsome!!!

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How do I make a device to bring 12v back to 6v without too much power wastage?

I want to run a couple of LED lights that are 6v and I want to use a couple of 12v Batteries. Have been told that a "Spike" would be the way to go but not sure just what that is. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please make the answers simple as I am a tad old and not real sharp on electrics.

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6v 0.5a voltage regulator?

I need to drop down the voltage from 12v 1a to 6v 0.5a for a project but i dont know how to do this please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Help Making 6V regulator?

I need to power one of my projects for which I need a power source. I require 6V,which will require a lot of batteries. So, I decided to make a regulator and supply it through my 12V DC transformer. Please if any one of you can give me a schematic of the same I will be gratefull.

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How to work out the Resistors needed to get 25% & 50% speed on a 6v motor using a rotary switch? Answered

Hi there, I have a small motor rated from 1.5 to 9 V DC that operates off a 6 volt lead acid battery. I need to connect a rotary switch (1 pole 3 way) so that in position 1=off  position 2= 25% speed and position 3 = 50% speed. How can I work out what Resistor to use to get the motor to operate at roughly 25% & 50% speed? ______________________________________ EXTRA INFORMATION ON THE MOTOR: ______________________________________ No Load @ 6V   =   Current = 0.021 A    Speed = 2790 rpm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Max. efficiency @ 6V = Current = 0.084 A    Speed = 2234 rpm  Torque  = 12.9g.cm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Load @ 6V = Current = 0.180 A Speed = 1395 rpm Torque = 32.5g.cm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Circuit to flash a bank of lights

I have a bank of 30 x 6 volt lamps in an old computer console and I am trying to find a circuit to flash them in a random pattern. Ideally the lamps will be driven from a chip rather than individual transistors. I'm perfectly capable of building the circuit, but not designing it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thank you.

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6v solar panel for charging

Is a 6v solar panel (260 mah) enough to charge 4 AA NIHM battery? The four batteries in serie amount to 4,8 volts, and  fully charged they can amount to 5,5v. I'm planning to add a diode, that can drop the voltage by 0,2v.

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Battery / Phone Charger with 6v Solar Panel

Hi everyone, I am currently working on building a Solar powered USB (iPhone) charger. I am hoping to do this by using the 6V 50mA solar panel to charge 2-4 AA Batteries, the batteries will then in turn power the USB port. I know that I need a voltage regulator to get it all down to 5V for the USB. I have attached a sample wiring schematic and I am wondering if I am missing anything or if anyone has any tips or if I'm about to try something exceedingly stupid. Any help / comments are appreciated! Hoping to upload complete guide if it works! Thanks!

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6v to 12 v step up power inverter to charge phone from a 6v motorcycle electrical system. advice sought.

Hi, just below are two pictures and details of different mini 6v to 12v step up power inverters. I have tried to use the smallest sized one out of the two without success. I installed the smallest one on my old 50cc moped with the idea that it would charge my mobile phone as I rode my bike.  My bike has a 6v electrical system, hence the need for a 6v to 12v power inverter. I also bought a 12v incar charger lead from a phone shop. Its the type of lead you plug into your car cigerette lighter to keep your phone fully charged. It charges my phone well inside my car but not on my bike! On my bike. I connected the phone charger lead to the 6v to 12v step up inverter expecting it to charge my phone just as it would do in my car. But no! It does not charge my phone correctly. It seems to send power to my phone in short spurts and gaps. It will charge for 5 to 8 seconds. It then stops charging for 7 seconds and continues to charge for a further 5 to 8 seconds and the cycle repeats over and over. Having it charge this way means that the phone does not receive a good charge and eventually my phone battery goes low and then dies. I think there could be stability issues with this 6v to 12v power inverter. I have found another type of power inverter for sale. The seller says his inverter is quite stable. I may end up replacing the old inverter with the one. I'm hoping it will do the job more successfully than the current inverter im trying but failing to use. Im not technically minded. I have copied and pasted the web addresses of both inverters. On the sites you will see the technical details of both inverters. Would someone please take a look to compare both devices for me please. I am looking for a solution to charging my phone successfully whilst on my bike. Would the bigger inverter be better compared to the smaller one  I have allready installed? This is the inverter I am currently using but doesn't work properly.  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350436684000?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2648 And this is the inverter I am thinking of getting to replace the old one.  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Converter-Regulator-Step-up-Step-down-2-1-/150657732239?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Test_Measurement_Equipment_ET&hash;=item2313e68e8f As i said, Im not techinally minded and and looking for your advice. Would the bigger inverter be a good choice to replace the old one to charge my phone. Thanks for replies in advance.

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Which electronic component to use to step down voltage from 7.4v lipo battery to varying output voltage between 3v - 6v?

Hi all, I dont have much knowledge of electronic components and I am trying to make a robot. I have servos with operating voltage of 6v and I will be connecting it with a battery. I am not able to figure it out which electronic component should I use to step down the voltage from 7.4v lipo battery to have varying output between 3v-6v with maximum output current of 2amp. Thank you in advance for your advice :) 

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Direction/turn signal indicators making them brighter with led bulb I need help pls

Hi. I somtimes ride a 1985 yamaha ms50 pogal 50cc moped. It has an 6v electrial system where as modern day scooters are 12v. I bought a knew indicater relay for it and checked all the bulbs as the turn signal indicators are not so easy to see flashing. I mean, on average sunny day other road users would need to look hard to see them flashing. the bulbs are 6v 15w and both old and knew flasher relays gives output of 6v 40w. I would feel much safer when turning if I had a bulb that gives a brighter flash to give other road users a better idea when im turning. I can see on the web there is a 6v 5w and 10w bulb I can try or even 6v leds but I dont know much about leds. the stanadard factory fitted indicater buld 6v 15w gives an ok flash at night, but in sunny daylight I would need to be close up to see it flash which is no good! I don't want to change the originality of this little ped since it has been carefully taken care of over the years and has made it in intact into current times as is. I need to come up with somthing that will work and if I replace a buld with a 5w or 10w when it should be 15w I may get a brigher flash or just blow the bulb. I wonder was there a problem or just bad design with the indicator lights on the yamaha ms50 pogal when they first came out in the 1980's as I have seen a couple of them fitted with suzuki fz50 indicators and other makes of bike turn signal indicaters on them. I don't think the flashers are faulty I feel they where just made that way. I could be wrong. I suppose there could be a bad earth on the flashers. Sorry to go on so much about this. Im looking for your suggestions for a brighter indicator flashers which is purely for safety reasons. If car drivers can see where im turning, im less at risk of being nocked off by them. Im thinking a higher or lower wattage incandescent 6v buld or even a replacment 6v led buld ive seen on ebay but as I said. I know nothing about led bulbs or even if they will work on my moped. Would a equivalent 6v 15w led give a brigher flash than a 6v 15w tradisional incandesant bulb? can someone help me here pls Here's the led ive seen on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-E10-6V-9V-12V-24V-INDICATOR-LIGHT-BULB-LED-WL-ay-/330859527741?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash;=item4d08c3be3d these are the standard 6v 15w bulbs i want to replace with brighter led bulbs http://directshopping4u.com/6voltvehiclelighting/P244A10  

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Suitable motor for generator? Answered

I have salvaged a Dewalt 9.6v drill motor and I'm planning on turning it into a generator, and I was wondering if there would be anything inside the motor from inhibiting me from of doing that.

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moped with 6v sytem but i need 12v for phone charger. idea's & suggestions pls

Hi, i run a 1980's suzuki 50cc moped. its electical system charges a 6v 2amp battery. I need to charge my phone from the moped battery using a car cigerete phone charger that is designed to operate off a 12v system. the phone charger runs from 12 volts and its output is 5v 500ma.  i tryed connecting the charger strait to the moped battery but nothing happens. not even a lower voltage is shown!  the phones battery is 3.7 volts.  the phone will only charge if i use the phone charger on a 12 volts supplie.  is there a device i can use as a work around to connect strait to a 6v battery that will then boost output to 12v in order i charge my phone. please help as i need my phone for my work. the phone is a xda zest. with a built in gps navigator that i want to use all of the time on my moped. thanks for replies in advance.

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Making a set of iPod speakers from computer speakers.

I have a set of stereo computer speakers that run off a 9v power supply, I'd like to replace this power supply with a bank of 8 1.2v cells (9.6v) that I could recharge with the original (9v 94mA) power supply. First of all, would I need to regulate the voltage down to 9v, or will 9.6v be fine on a simple amplifier circuit? Secondly, would I need any circuitry to allow the 9v supply to charge 9.6v worth of cells? Would some kind of auto cutoff circuitry be necessary to prevent overcharging of the cells, or would common sense by not leaving it charging for long periods suffice?

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7v AC reduced to 6v AC?

Simple resistor? I'm no good with electronics

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6v-9v trip wire for trail?

Layout of trip wires for 3 trail alarm with lights. About 250' range from panel no noise just lights on trip to panel.     Thanks Alan

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Converting Solar Garden Lights to 6V?

I'm trying to change the battery in a solar walkway light to a 6V. The reason for this is Im also now using a light that contains 21 LED's at 4.5V instead of the 1 LED that is in the light. The charge for the battery is from an external solar panel at 10V. I don't think the charge controller in the light can handle the volts in the battery as the light is always on - even when the panel is not connected. Like the power from the battery is going backwards thru the controller. I do see a diode in the controller and was wondering if I just need to increase the size of it? Please help. Thanx...

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3V Hobby Motor in a 6V Circuit.

Hi. Hope I'm posting appropriately. If not, please forgive an older guy! I'm working on a Useless Box project that I power from a 6V wall wart. I've already completed one and it works great. I use two standard servos with an Uno. But now, rather than being satisfied, I'd like to add a 3V hobby motor, which naturally would only run randomly for short periods of time. I have purchased an AMS1117 step down module which is rated at 800mA from Amazon to get the correct voltage for my little motor. My question is, do I need to add a capacitor across the leads or to the casing. If so, how do I determine what size? And while I'm asking, is there anything else I need to think about? I appreciate any help as this is a new hobby for me.

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What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?

What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?I am trying to make a solar phone charger and need to know. Thanks!

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How to make a 6V AC LED headlight?

Hello, i have a Moped that has no battery or anything, the only electricity comes from the magneto  and its 6V AC, and my headlight is weak, so i cant see anything, i dont know much about electronics, i would only need about 4-6 LED-s. any help?

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Is there an easy way to control the speed of a little 6v motor?

I've got a little 6v electric motor that I would like to slow the rpm's down.  It doesn't have to be a variable controller, but if there is something like that then cool.  I'm just looking for a cheap way to slow that puppy down.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  :)  (p.s. I'm using the power from a USB - 5v)

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Converting computer speakers into portable, rechargable iPod speakers?

I have a set of stereo computer speakers that run off a 9v power supply, I'd like to replace this power supply with a bank of 8 1.2v cells (9.6v) that I could recharge with the original (9v 94mA) power supply. First of all, would I need to regulate the voltage down to 9v, or will 9.6v be fine on a simple amplifier circuit? Secondly, would I need any circuitry to allow the 9v supply to charge 9.6v worth of cells? Would some kind of auto cutoff circuitry be necessary to prevent overcharging of the cells, or would common sense by not leaving it charging for long periods suffice? Thanks, Pir8 Pablo.

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What battery should i use?

So I started a little home project where I am using 28 LED lights and I need to know what kind of battery I should use. The lights I have are 5mm, 3-3.2 volts, 20mA-30mA. I want to wire the lights in a parallel circuit for each one. I want the LEDs to be bright! They are rated at 2,500 mcd @ 20mA. -I need a battery that is a very small battery less than 1"x1"x2" or very close to that. -Also is it possible to use a battery that is a 3.0 volt battery that is something like 2000 mAh - I did the math and it seems that my mAh is 560 because (20mA)x(28 LEDs)= 560 mAh. Is that right? if so could I use a battery that is 3 volts and 2000 mAh and have a battery life of 3.5 hours? because 2000/560. is that right? So in a summary, I need a small battery powerful battery that can EQUALLY light up 28 LEDs and if so what kind of resistors would i need if I use a battery that is 3/ 6/ 9/ 12 volts. Also do i need to have a resistor for each LED light or can i have one at the end of all the parallel circuit? Thanks!!!!

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Can a 6V 2.4 W LED be safely used for a 6V 3W (hub) dynamo?

Head Lamp: B&M IQ-TEC Fly N Plus; intending to be used without tail light ( don't like the external wires) with a SON or Shimano 6V dyno-hub, having 3W output

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How to combine charge from solarpanel(3w,6v) and 6v d. C generator?

Combine charge from solar panel and dc generator and charge the battery.

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Does an LED driver rated @ 6v -12v hold/keep a source voltage of 8.4v to 6v or just maintain it between 6v - 12v

I should preface my inquiry with an admission of possessing very limited electronics knowledge. but I am somewhat familiar with battery voltages & amps. I have several Luminus SST-50 & SST-90 LED emitters. I have found that to achieve the full lumen potential these emitters must be driven beyond Luninus's stated typical vf of 3.2 volts. I do not exceed 6vf. I am aware that current is a major factor in the performance of these lights, but when using 5-6amps or the max of 9amps (SST-90)I notice little difference in the brilliance of the light. However, when altering the vf from 3.2v or 4.5v to 6v the difference is amazing. When using 5 X NIMH batteries (= 6volts/4.5amps) with an SST-90 the lumens are high. When I use 4 X NIMH bat @ 4.8 volts/4.5amps, there is about a 25% reduction in light production. With my limited electronics info.I assumed the voltage was the key force here. Or is there something about the volt/current relationships that I need to know? My ? actually concerns the drivers that I have. They are rated @ 6v - 12 v. Do you know if a driver, with these specs, regulates/holds the vf @ 6 volts when the source voltage is greater than 6 volts or does it just maintain the voltage within the range of 6v - 12v. Using 2 X 4.2v LIon batteries, connected to the driver, gives an 8,4v the volt meter reading. Such a voltage will destroy the emitters. I expected a reading of 6vf (@ the driver leads). If you are able to answer my question, one I would be profoundly grateful, 2 please be as detailed/specific/simple as possible. Thank you very much cgc210

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I need to be able to see the charge level of a 6v rechargeable battery and want it to be as simple as possible?

I need to be able to see the charge level of a 6v rechargeable battery and want it to be as simple as possible?

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Difference between 12V & 6V dc gear motor of same rpm?

Difference between 12V & 6V dc gear motor of same rpm?

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Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors?

Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors? If yes, then can anyone give me a schematic for the circuit to = convert 6v DC to 220v DC, charge 250v capacitors ( @220v ), capacitor overcharge protection with something like resistor, capacitor full charging LED indicator, capacitor full charge LED indicator, SCR (Silicon-controlled rectifier) based capacitor discharge (use power for magnetic coil) circuit.

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how do i conect a 6v relay ? Answered

(the 5 connections relay)

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Charging mobile with a 6V lead acid battery?

Hello, I want to make something like power bank. i want to charge my mobile with a 6V 4.7Ah battery. My mobile charger is rated 5v 500mA. How to make this circuit?

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serial charging of two gel cell 6v..?

I have two 6 v 4.5 amp gell cell I wish to charge them both at the same time connected serially by using a 12v charger? is this feasible? or do I need a 6v charger because they can't be charge by a 12v charger? what say you, thanks, Al

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A 6v motor (rated ) and Appiled voltage is 12V

I am making a line following robot and using Two Dc motor with L298N motor Driver and applying a voltage of 12V.I have used PWm to control my speed but my motors are behaving abnormally like one rotates and other one is not rotating . WHy ??Any suggestions

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How to power an MP3 Player with 6 Volt DC Motorcycle Battery

Hello, I am creating an audio billboard, you all have seen billboards with words, this is a billboard, but there it also talks to you. WHY? Because I am here in Kara, Togo West Africa. In this village they speak 3 local language, and if very educated, they speak French, but if you really wanted them to listen, you would talk in Kabye. I would like to offer free Malaria medicine to people, and this could save babies from dying, 1 in 10 dies that has the Malaria parasite. Mothers avoid going the lab, or taking the cure because it cost one weeks pay, about 7-10 dollars. The longer they delay, the more likely the baby is too weak, and dies. The need to know, money is the problem, but how to tell them, this audio box is to tell them money is there in their own language. But to make it work for one-month, or one year without maintenance is the challenge. I am will experiment with the device inside a Hotel signs, and try to have the Hotel help, they get an ad, and the public ad is served, help them, and they help. The electricity goes off between 3 and 10 hours, sometimes more in Africa, about 200 countries and this box is not close to electricity lines, but next to water pick up spots.  I want to power a 6 Volt Radio I can buy here in Togo, West Africa with a 6 volt motorcycle battery. I am hoping to have the radio run for 10 days, 24/ 7. I can buy a 6 volt motorcycle battery easy, and can even charge it by connecting to a running cycle with alligator clips. But, I need to figure out the correct way to set this up. I learned today, I cannot buy a 6 volt battery charger here: - So I put a diagram down below showing how to make one? Is there a way to know when the thing is fully  charged? http://www.alpharubicon.com/elect/3dollarbattggn.htm What is needed to connect the battery the radio? - I put a wiring diagram with a fuse and diode, is this correct? This is a French speaking country, I speak ok French, but not the word needed to make this device. I need help. Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com in Kara, Togo West Africa. Thanks

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read external 6V power source via 5V driven arduino?

I need to check external 6V voltage for a servo circuit on my 5V USB driven arduino uno - in order to not waste power & "over-power" the arduino's analog pin reading the external 6Vt: - should i use a voltage divider with high resistor values? i look forward to your advice …

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i want to make a 6v ac-dc adapter

I want to make a ac to dc converter which will give an output of 6v under the input of 220v to 240v. if it is possible please help me with the circuit diagram as well as the list of parts required for the project. it will be a great favor to me.

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Is 6v too much for an ipod 5th gen video?

I have a 6v charger, just wondering if i could run that to a usb port and charge my ipod from that. will it fry it? planning on running it to a female usb plug then just plugging up ipod with usb cord.

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how to use 6V 1.3A battery with my arduino mega?

I am making a line follower robot.i am using my 6V battery for my motors which can provide 1.3 A current...i have to use another battery which can provide less current for my arduino.some people told me that if I connect my arduino with that 6V 1.3A battery it will damage my arduino.is there any way to use that battery with my arduino?

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m confused how cum 80 leds would work ok 6v battry for so long as shown in STADIUM LIGHT by dipankar ghosh.?

M confused how cum 80 leds would work ok 6v battry for so long as shown in STADIUM LIGHT by dipankar ghosh.?

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need to covert 6v dc to 12v dc for CB radio

I want to build a 6-12v dc converter so I can use a CB or FM radio in an antique car (1930).  The car uses 6v positive ground power. There are small commercial units available for about $100  but there's got to be a less expensive alternative. Thanks!

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6v lantern batteries as a power source in a firework ignitor? Answered

Ok so i made my ignitor, and it worked great with the 2 9v batteries when i used steel wool ignitors, however id like to use nichrome ignitors. the 2 9vs just dont do it justice, so i was wondering if anyone thought those huge 6v batteries would work, possibly 2 of them?

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