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6V power supply Answered

HEY! I recently took out a 6V DC motor from a CD player. The problem is that I wanted it to power through the mains but have a 12V step  down transformer. So, my question is that whether there is any way  I can  power it?  (except by using a 6v step down transformer) Thank You

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need to covert 6v dc to 12v dc for CB radio

I want to build a 6-12v dc converter so I can use a CB or FM radio in an antique car (1930).  The car uses 6v positive ground power. There are small commercial units available for about $100  but there's got to be a less expensive alternative. Thanks!

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Help Making 6V regulator?

I need to power one of my projects for which I need a power source. I require 6V,which will require a lot of batteries. So, I decided to make a regulator and supply it through my 12V DC transformer. Please if any one of you can give me a schematic of the same I will be gratefull.

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Is there an easy way to control the speed of a little 6v motor?

I've got a little 6v electric motor that I would like to slow the rpm's down.  It doesn't have to be a variable controller, but if there is something like that then cool.  I'm just looking for a cheap way to slow that puppy down.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  :)  (p.s. I'm using the power from a USB - 5v)

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Difference between 12V & 6V dc gear motor of same rpm?

Difference between 12V & 6V dc gear motor of same rpm?

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Potentiometre for 3v DC Motors? Answered

Hey Guys, Today I Need help selecting a potentionmeter for my 3v dc batteries, The setup will be like this, There will be 4 3v dc motors in parelllel drawing about 800 mah i think with a 6v 2 amp 4 aa cell battery pack. I want it to be so that when i turn the potentiometer to the lowest the motor goes to the slowest speed (or close) and when i do it the other way it goes to the highest speed (at 6v). Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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i want to make a 6v ac-dc adapter

I want to make a ac to dc converter which will give an output of 6v under the input of 220v to 240v. if it is possible please help me with the circuit diagram as well as the list of parts required for the project. it will be a great favor to me.

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I need a diy solution to boost 6V DC to 12V DC @850 mA

I have torroids from pc power supply units, loads of transistors, 555s, uControllers, diodes, caps... all sorts of stuff.

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Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors?

Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors? If yes, then can anyone give me a schematic for the circuit to = convert 6v DC to 220v DC, charge 250v capacitors ( @220v ), capacitor overcharge protection with something like resistor, capacitor full charging LED indicator, capacitor full charge LED indicator, SCR (Silicon-controlled rectifier) based capacitor discharge (use power for magnetic coil) circuit.

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How to work out the Resistors needed to get 25% & 50% speed on a 6v motor using a rotary switch? Answered

Hi there, I have a small motor rated from 1.5 to 9 V DC that operates off a 6 volt lead acid battery. I need to connect a rotary switch (1 pole 3 way) so that in position 1=off  position 2= 25% speed and position 3 = 50% speed. How can I work out what Resistor to use to get the motor to operate at roughly 25% & 50% speed? ______________________________________ EXTRA INFORMATION ON THE MOTOR: ______________________________________ No Load @ 6V   =   Current = 0.021 A    Speed = 2790 rpm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Max. efficiency @ 6V = Current = 0.084 A    Speed = 2234 rpm  Torque  = ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Load @ 6V = Current = 0.180 A Speed = 1395 rpm Torque = ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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How to combine charge from solarpanel(3w,6v) and 6v d. C generator?

Combine charge from solar panel and dc generator and charge the battery.

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How to make an BJT astable multivibrator run faster than 30Khz that works?

I am working on a dc to dc converter and it works but it seems to me that when i go higher than that it doesn't work anymore. I am using two C945 transistors. The resistor values for R1 and R4 are 1K and for R2 and R3 are 15k . For the capacitors C1 is 2.2nf and 1nf for C1. i have tried putting in smaler capacitors and increasing the two base resistor values. BTW its for a dc to dc converter that im working on. I also have no idea how much inductance on the inductor is. I am try to step up 6V dc to 15 V. It works put its low on power thats what i want.

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How to power an MP3 Player with 6 Volt DC Motorcycle Battery

Hello, I am creating an audio billboard, you all have seen billboards with words, this is a billboard, but there it also talks to you. WHY? Because I am here in Kara, Togo West Africa. In this village they speak 3 local language, and if very educated, they speak French, but if you really wanted them to listen, you would talk in Kabye. I would like to offer free Malaria medicine to people, and this could save babies from dying, 1 in 10 dies that has the Malaria parasite. Mothers avoid going the lab, or taking the cure because it cost one weeks pay, about 7-10 dollars. The longer they delay, the more likely the baby is too weak, and dies. The need to know, money is the problem, but how to tell them, this audio box is to tell them money is there in their own language. But to make it work for one-month, or one year without maintenance is the challenge. I am will experiment with the device inside a Hotel signs, and try to have the Hotel help, they get an ad, and the public ad is served, help them, and they help. The electricity goes off between 3 and 10 hours, sometimes more in Africa, about 200 countries and this box is not close to electricity lines, but next to water pick up spots.  I want to power a 6 Volt Radio I can buy here in Togo, West Africa with a 6 volt motorcycle battery. I am hoping to have the radio run for 10 days, 24/ 7. I can buy a 6 volt motorcycle battery easy, and can even charge it by connecting to a running cycle with alligator clips. But, I need to figure out the correct way to set this up. I learned today, I cannot buy a 6 volt battery charger here: - So I put a diagram down below showing how to make one? Is there a way to know when the thing is fully  charged? What is needed to connect the battery the radio? - I put a wiring diagram with a fuse and diode, is this correct? This is a French speaking country, I speak ok French, but not the word needed to make this device. I need help. Andy Graham of in Kara, Togo West Africa. Thanks

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Too much voltage for dc USB boosting converter ?

I have a 6v rated solar panel but am also using 3 rechargeable aa batteries, 3.6 volts. My USB boosting converter is rated for 3v-5v input and obviously outputs 5v. Would the 6v solar panel damage the boosting converter if it were to output 6v? thanks!

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dose spark will produce through tesla coil using 6v DC battery?

Dose spark will produce through tesla coil using 6v DC battery..............if possible can we use it as insect killer???

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6v dc flourescent lamp from 12v source.

I have a left over Coleman dual florescent bulb set up from an old lantern that has several problems. The lights work and I want to hard wire it into our camper to run on our 12v dc back up. The current lamp setup is 2 6v, 6 watt bulbs. I know I can run them in series to accommodate for the extra voltage but do I need to worry about amperage? Do I need a resistor and if so, what wattage? Am I missing something else important? Thanks.

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6v to 12 v step up power inverter to charge phone from a 6v motorcycle electrical system. advice sought.

Hi, just below are two pictures and details of different mini 6v to 12v step up power inverters. I have tried to use the smallest sized one out of the two without success. I installed the smallest one on my old 50cc moped with the idea that it would charge my mobile phone as I rode my bike.  My bike has a 6v electrical system, hence the need for a 6v to 12v power inverter. I also bought a 12v incar charger lead from a phone shop. Its the type of lead you plug into your car cigerette lighter to keep your phone fully charged. It charges my phone well inside my car but not on my bike! On my bike. I connected the phone charger lead to the 6v to 12v step up inverter expecting it to charge my phone just as it would do in my car. But no! It does not charge my phone correctly. It seems to send power to my phone in short spurts and gaps. It will charge for 5 to 8 seconds. It then stops charging for 7 seconds and continues to charge for a further 5 to 8 seconds and the cycle repeats over and over. Having it charge this way means that the phone does not receive a good charge and eventually my phone battery goes low and then dies. I think there could be stability issues with this 6v to 12v power inverter. I have found another type of power inverter for sale. The seller says his inverter is quite stable. I may end up replacing the old inverter with the one. I'm hoping it will do the job more successfully than the current inverter im trying but failing to use. Im not technically minded. I have copied and pasted the web addresses of both inverters. On the sites you will see the technical details of both inverters. Would someone please take a look to compare both devices for me please. I am looking for a solution to charging my phone successfully whilst on my bike. Would the bigger inverter be better compared to the smaller one  I have allready installed? This is the inverter I am currently using but doesn't work properly. And this is the inverter I am thinking of getting to replace the old one.;=item2313e68e8f As i said, Im not techinally minded and and looking for your advice. Would the bigger inverter be a good choice to replace the old one to charge my phone. Thanks for replies in advance.

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which has high rpm and torque, the 3v dc brushed motor or the 12v brushed motor, they are running the same at 6v battery

Is it advisable to use a 12v motor to have high torque and rpm than a 3v motor?they both run at 6v,

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DC Motor Control Help?

A very long story short, I desperately need assistance in knowledge with some motor control. I need to control 2,DC 6v motors with encoders that include 6-pin 2.0mm pitch PH JST cables that break out motor inputs. The bottom line would be what do I need to control these motors, to go forward and reverse, and operate it from a wireless controller? I appreciate any and all help! Also, this is our motor:

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Combining AC and DC on the one output?

I have a variable 0-12v DC output which has a maximum output of 1 amp. I have a fixed 16v AC output which has a maximum output of 1 amp. I am looking at how to combine the two so as to power a model with the variable DC output and also power lighting on the AC through a capacitor to filter the DC out. Also, I would rather it was nearer 6v AC at the output. Would this just be a matter of a simple step-down transformer before they are combined? Essentially, I am looking to replicate the functionality of this product for less than £42.95. This is too expensive especially when I need two of them.

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12 VDC

AC -> 12v DC, 1000mA Output -> Halogen Lamp = Nothing.DC -> 12v DC, 10 AA Batteries -> Halogen Lamp = Works fine.Yes, the wall adapter works.Why does the Halogen Lamp not accept the current?@ 6v, 5W (0.83 Amps, right? Just under the AC output..)

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DC Charger Voltage Drop?

Hey all! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I don't have any instructables up on the site, but I have used many and I do have a biting question....currently, I am trying to create a USB car charger for my MP3 player out of an old CD Car Power Adapter. The MP3 player is a Creative Zen V, so it, of course, usually just charges on my computers with a USB to Mini-USB cable. In the next few months, I am picking up a new stereo for my car with an Aux. input and as I like recycling anything I can, I figured I could just make a charger myself so I could keep my player charged when I'm driving. The old CD Car Power Adapter in question has an output of 6V DC at 500ma. From my research, USB operates on 5V DC at a maximum current of 500ma, so the adapter I have seems almost perfect...? My question is this, how would I lower the voltage of the adapter from 6V to 5V? My second question is, I've read conflicting information on a number of, IS my information that USB 2,0 operates at a maximum of 500ma correct? If any of you folks would happen to know, and be so kind as to answer, I would be very grateful! I don't want to end up accidentally frying my player!

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A 6v motor (rated ) and Appiled voltage is 12V

I am making a line following robot and using Two Dc motor with L298N motor Driver and applying a voltage of 12V.I have used PWm to control my speed but my motors are behaving abnormally like one rotates and other one is not rotating . WHy ??Any suggestions

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Charging SLAs from DC

Hi Instructables community! I am building a K9 robot - one that is going to be covered in solar cells-in such a way that I get a voltage / current ratio of a pretty high number. I plan to charge my SLA partially via these cells so I can lengthen the space between charges. Unfortunately, my 6V 4.5Ah SLA battery is charged via a plugin adapter and I do not wish to pull it apart unless there is no other choice - so is there are a way I can charge my battery from a constant DC voltage? If so, do any of you know what voltage/currents I'd need to feed it? I can get most any current/voltage specs via transistors and voltage boosters - just I don't know the equation. Thanks for all your help! Jonathan Davis NitroJon Labs

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external power supply for arduino/ driving motors? Answered

I need to use an external dc power supply for arduino. I have the male jack for the power jack on the arduino (that is what the black round jack next to the usb jack on arduino uno is right?) but, given the power supply from the usb is 5v, should I use 4.5v or could I use 6v? I also need to run two 1.5-3v motors on it. I read that because the arduino digital pins have a total output of about 20 ma, and if you plug something larger into it, it could fry the processor, and that you should use mosfet transistors to connect the larger items. but could you just use  NPN transistors rather than the mosfet transistors? 

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Simple, yet Confusing.

I have this Soldering Iron. It takes 4 AA's @ 6V, and 8W or 11W. My reasons aside, I want to make it into an AC Soldering Iron now. I have various Plug-in adapters, and the one I chose Outputs @ 9V, 100mA. So sticking with the 11W setting, the Soldering Iron: > 1.83 Amps; 6 Volts; 11 Watts; And the plug.. > .01 Amps; 9 Volts; .09 Watts; So, what are my options? I got one.. find a plug with a higher current output :P

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How to make a 6vdc to 200vdc converter?

Hello, i am a bit confuse about how to convert 6v dc to 200 v dc having a least power output of 25watts. is it possible?

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6v dc./sla. down to 3v dc to power a 1w.Duracell led flashlight that normally runs on 2 aa batteries or 12v to 3v.

This set up is for a bike light, I have access to a 6v sla. batt. that came from a larger flood light that was useless because of the power sucking halogen bulb,approx 15 min. run also has its own charging circuit and a separate circuit for a single led night light.I tried looking up resistor values,but get confused cause i'm getting different answers from different sites ! LOOSING MY MIND ! HELP ! thanks oh..I use the night light circuit to power a red led flashing bike light for the rear.

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What could I use to amplify 6v DC to run 8 LEDS? Answered

Firstly, I am sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject of electronics. I have an output voltage of 6 DC volts that I would like to amplify to run 8 LEDs in series. What I am trying to do is use this colour organ to run more than just four LEDs per range of music. I need it to run eight. I was wondering if there is any way to do so, that would be relatively simple. Would buying this work? I don't mind buying anything extra in order to do this, so please, help!

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help me to create a simple dc circuit

Anyone help me to create a simple dc voltage converter circuit..?(ONLY CIRCUIT DIAGRAM) input of circuit  :  4.8v (1.2v X 4 rechargeable cell )  or 6v (1.5v X 4 dry cell) output of circuit  :  5v 350mA. not use IC chip. can select input battery(voltage) selector swich. for my next instructable, you must help me.....

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Transformer less 6v smd led driver circuit? Answered

Hi, I have buy a 6V smd led board which have12leds. Now I what to make a cheap transformer less power supply that light it in 220v ac  mains. I try with a 474k capacitor with 100k resistor parallel and 4 dioads and  a 1k resistor connect to the positive dc output . It works but the light of led is too low. I want a circuit  like in led bulbs to drive them. Thank you.

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need help controling dc motors

Im having a prob. maybe someone here can help. im going to be making a robotic arm for my wheelchair to lift and hold my tablet pc. im going to be using 4 mg996r servo motors moded to be geard dc motors. i own a (owi robotic arm edge robot) im hoping to use the pc board out of it to control the 4 motors forward and backwards,but i cant seam to figur out how to hook up a 6v acdc adapter to it to do so. here are pic of the edge robot schematics and a link to the manual (pdf) if anyone can help or know a easer way to control 4 motors both ways and not with arduino as i dont know enuff about them yet. edge robot manual pdf

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How to connect Arduino and Raspberry Pi together with one SLA 6V 4A battery.

I am planing to use step up dc to dc voltage regulator for both of them. Can i simply connect the regulators polar to SLA battery's + and - ? At the same time, SLA battery is charged by solar power which controlled by arduino.

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Will it work if I put 400kv dc input in spark gap TC

I have a ques if I put 400kv high voltage generator as an input in standard spark gap Tesla coil will it work

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need good battery options... help?

I've got a bit of a confusing circuit going on, and I need to figure out a good battery option. The battery pack must supply 9v@400ma to one connector (2x 2.4ghz video receivers in parallel with each needing 9v@200ma) and 6v@1.6a to the other (2x portable LCD TVs in parallel with each needing 6v@800ma).If my calculations are correct, I'd need a 9v battery that puts out 1.5a to support the whole kit & kabootle. I'd like a minimum of a 2hr run time, so we're talking 9v, 3000mah)I need it to be rechargeable, with the ability to run the system while charging from a dc adapter.Assumedly, I'd also need a DC/DC transformer from 9v to 6v with as little loss as possible.Can anyone point me in the right direction for batteries, chargers, and transformers? Either (relatively easy) homebuilt options or pre-made options are good.also, what are the pros and cons to each option (if you know)?any help would be greatly appreciated

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Resistor gets really hot? Answered

I'm trying to build a simple circuit. 6V ---> potentiometer ---> Small DC Motor (dont know the specs) First the potentiometer was getting hot a some smoke came out of it (its still working anyway). I thought this was happening because with 0 resistance on the potentiometer alot of current was flowing by. I added some resistors (not knowing exactly what value to add, i tried a few). First 2k Ohms, motor didnt spin, 1k same thing, 800, 100, and finally around 5ohms. Now the motor spins and seems to be hanging on a bit better. However the 5ohm resistor is getting hot really fast.... What should I do to avoid draining the battery so fast, and keep the motor running for as long as possible (without burning resistors or the dc motor itself)

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Voltage question - 4 battery operated soap dispenser to AC powered awesomeness

Alright, so first time post here, I have been interested in converting my automatic soap dispenser from DC power to AC power using an old 5V cellphone charger. Last night I did the deed, actually really simple, I followed the general idea of this instructible, though my mod didn't include a double pole double through switch, I just took the batteries out and connected the AC charger's wires directly to the battery terminals. Here's my question though: While it works, its not quite as powerful as I though it would be, its actually a little weaker than it used to be when I had batteries with a fresh charge. It originally had 4 batteries, so I used a 5V charger. I have another charger setting around, but its a 7V, do you guys think thats too much of a jump? Should I wait till I can find a 6V charger? Am I going about this the wrong way? I really don't know anything about voltage, but the concept of converting this stationary item to AC seemed like a good idea and I'll really enjoy not having to replace the batteries all the time. Thanks for any help!

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Need Circuit Diagram for 5 Watt 12v LED Connect to 6v 5Ah Battery

Hai Friends, I have 5 pieces 5 watt led's. Led Specifications: Model - 5 watt, Forward voltage (VF) DC 9 - 12v, Forward current  (IF ) - 900MA, Output lumens  - 800 - 900LM, Color temperature -  6000 k, operate voltage - 9v to 12v DC I want to connect these Led to a 6v 5Ah Battery. (Used in emergency lamps.I want to replace the old tube light in the batteries and replace with these led's.) I need the circuit diagram for the project.With Low and high Brightness modes.Please help me. thanks in Advance to those people, who are going to help me completing this project....

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Is it possible to use a transformer to step up voltage in a DC circuit?

I have two 6V solar panels connected in series that are generating electricity which I plan to use to make hydrogen but I'm wondering if I can somehow use a transformer to increase the amount of voltage being supplied. I know a disposable camera does something similar and I have taken apart several of them before (to make sparks for potato cannons) but is there a way I can incorporate that into my own DC circuit?

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Pulley set for a 150rpm motor (small rc car project)?

Hey, I'm building a a car for a small competition in  my university (really small, like 3 teams) The motor they are providing for the car is a small dc motor, 6v, 1.7A and 150 RPM (there's no info about the torque). We have access to a 3D printer and wanted to print 2 pulleys to decrease the speed and gain strength (so the car can move), but I have no idea on what pulley size to use, what rpm should we aim? I know that without torque there's not much to say without testing, but any of you have at least a reference? thanks!

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USB DC Car Charger load question...

Hey all! I'm a long-time lurker that is about to horribly attempt to create an instructable, but I had some biting questions I wanted to ask first before I went ahead with it :) My intention is to make a USB car charger for my MP3 player....I know, I know, there are many on here already, but mine is a bit different. I had made a thread awhile ago ( ) asking about how I could lower an old 6v 500ma charger I had down to 5v so it wouldn't fry any MP3 players/etc I connected to it to charge, I learned that I couldn't really just drop the voltage of that charger as 5v regulators (which I didn't have at the time) need an input of 7v to work...and the charger would only provide it with an input of 6v. Back to the drawing board! I found a 5v regulator on an old IBM Mwave ISA sound card/modem. Drawing on Nachomahma's suggestion of just running the car's 12v directly into the 5v regulator, I have stripped the old casing of a cigarette lighter adapter empty and will use that as an enclosure fo put my charger in. Theoretically all I would need to do is hook up the ground and 12v from the adapter plug to the regulator and run that regulator into a USB port...however, this is where my question/difference occurs. As I am a n00b with electronics, basically, I looked up other car chargers on this site. Most use phone chargers which already output 5v 500ma. I've been told that tieing my regulator directly into the 12v of the car will give it an output of 1A and that the MP3 player will automatically only draw the current it needs (500ma). My problem is this: My MP3 player is a Creative Zen V, which apparently requires some sort of "load" to get it to charge. This load exists when coming from the USB port on a computer, but I am not sure how to create this load on the USB port on my charger? I had found this Instructable ( ) which seems to solve my problem, but as the pinout is different (they used 2 mini-USB ports and a 5v input), and as I said, I am a n00b at electronics, I am not sure if it really helps me or not. My question is, how would I get the load I need in order to get my Zen V to charger? Cheers, thanks for taking the time to read my novel (I like to be a bit too detailed :P )and thanks to anybody who tries to help :)

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I want to make an on of circuit but want a time limit on the power when the circuit is switched on. 6V DC? ?

I am using 4 x 1.5volt AA batteries for power and i want it to activate a magnetic solenoid once it is switch on but want the power to either to turn off or drop in voltage so the solenoid will release once deactivated...

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Adafruit Motor Shield?

Hi,I have this motor shield and I would like to know is its possible to use its max 2 servos and 2 dc motors at the same time and how much power do I need if I have two standard ra 130 motors and 4.8-6v servos?

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Why can't I use a voltage divider?

I am working on building my own firework controller. the whole thing will be powered by 6v dc, with the exception of the test circuit this going to run on 1.5v (I am using an optocoupler to separate it from the 6v). I was just going to use 2 resistors to make a voltage divdered to get the volatge down to 1.5. I just read however that "voltage dividers should not be used to supply power to a load". My question is why cant I use this method? When do you actually use this method? and what should I use to properly reduce the voltage? 

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can the transister be used to switch ac voltage?

Hi , i am controlling 4 el wires using basic stamp.  i am using an inverter that outputs 6v dc to 110v ac.the inverter has 4 outputs to connect with el wire. can i use a transister as switch? lot of people use triacs.i am not sure whether transister can switch ac  voltage.thanks

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DIY Mini Drill Machine

Hi everybody! I have bought a mini drill chuck from But unfortunately it's hole is smalle than my DC motor. i don't even know the motor I have is 12v or 6v but i have ran this motor on 12v but i didnt burnt. its tip is bigger than my drill chuck. Any ideas how I can fix this?

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How to write code for an Arduino with the Arduino motor shield. Answered

What would the code for an Arduino, with the Arduino motorsheild, look like to run a 6V 300 mA DC motor? I want to stop and start the motor at a certain frequency (I don't have to reverse the direction of the motor). For example at every 5 minute interval I want it to run the motor for 2 minutes and stop it for 3 minutes. Any help or advice is appreciated thanks.

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Electric Motor Tricycle 6V4.5Ah

I bought a riding toy for my son and it's cool, but it doesn't have enough power sometimes.  It's fast enough in the house, but it gets stuck outside.  The plastic wheels tend to slip on rough surfaces and inclines, but I can address that issue at the wheels/tires to some degree.  However, the battery that came with it is a 6V4.5AH/20HR sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery (It has F1 contacts, so unless I change or adapt the wires/connectors, I think I need to stick with a battery that has these).  The AC-DC adapter has 6V DC 500mA output, but I think I could get a UNIVERSAL AC DC ADAPTER {1.5V 3V 4.5V 6V 9V 12V 500mA} that would work with a new battery. I'm hoping that I can increase the power noticeably but safely.  One constraint is the width of the battery area inside the "engine" compartment.  It fits the present battery (1.75 x 2.75 x 4), but I'll have to mod the compartment to fit a replacement that's more than slightly bigger. I've seen some 12V4.5AH batteries online, but most are larger in every dimension. Am I even on the right track thinking a higher voltage battery is what I need?  Could I use an NiMH or Li battery/batteries instead? What's the easiest, safest, cheapest route for this mod? Thanks, Dan

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