Divide by 8? Answered

What is the purpose of using divide by 8 in avr programming? Without knowing more about this is seems like the long way around.

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Windows 8

So now that the developer preview for Windows 8 has been out for awhile, I figured I would ask and find out what everyone thinks about it.  Personally I don't like it, but I'm just curious what you think about it.  No right or wrong answer, just opinions.  :)

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8-bit amazingnes!!!

Hello everybody! I have recetnaly made alot of 8-bit stuff and here they are. Also all of the models you see here are made in LDD. I also will make a model for you if you don't want to as long as the picture is in 8-bit. NOTE: some of the 8 bit models were made by others re done by me or made in legos so i do give credit to them.

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8-track machine

Does anyone know how to fix one? Are there specfic points that they like to break at? I got one a while ago because my old one died (heatstroke... melted things pretty bad), and it turns out, the new one is dead, too. I'm just not sure how. I'd like to try and fix it myself, especially since many electronics repair guys nowadays haven't even seen one. Of course, if you've read some of my posts, you know electricity is right behind jumping 100 feet in the air on my list of talents. It doesn't really seem to eat tapes or pinch them, and if I plug something into the phono in, I can hear it play through the attached speakers okay. The problem happens when I need to use the built in AM/FM radio (mono and stereo options!) or play a tape, at which point horrendous static happens. I think I can hear a motor spinning (maybe) when it's supposed to be playing a tape, but no useful sound comes out. The program selector also seems to be malfunctioning, and is stuck on program 4. I've got too much money sunk in my 8-track collection to make it economical to buy it all again; I'd rather get a machine working and transfer formats. I suppose I should have tested this machine before I bought it, but even if it never works again, I'm two very nice speakers and 200 feet of speaker wire ahead, so it's worth it to me. Another idea: is it possible to build one using cassette tape heads? That would be an interesting project, if a little unweildy.

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Looking to buy 8-10 hour emergency candles anyone know where to buy some?

I am looking to buy some 8-10 hours emergency candles for a survival pack I'm putting together. Does anyone know where to buy some cheaply? I don't want to have to buy it off Amazon or eBay.

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I really like...

Hello everyone, I'm not very active here and I think this is my first post on the forums... I just wanted to say how I really like the fact that there are No on Prop 8 banner ads on Instructables. :) But since we're on this topic now: How do you feel about Proposition 8? (If you don't know what Prop 8 is, it's the "Marriage Protection Act", it would amend the California constitution to say that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and would make same-sex marriages unconstitutional.)

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stepping up 8.1v to home usage

I have a permanent magnet motor which i found in my store (old gemini gate motor) i have built a small wind turbine that works well, so here is my question, i need to make this turbine generate enough power, to power my hot water electric geyser. i hope there is somebody that can help me i am really novice to this, i have read about inverters etc (even bought a book - electronics for dummies - great book i might add) to help me but i am not coming right ! i really hope someone can help me

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UTF-8 Bugs

Adding extended UTF-8 characters to Instructables works the first time, but if I edit the page, the editor replaces them all with broken characters instead. I have to manually edit all the characters back before hitting save, or the broken characters are propagated to the web. The characters that I have tried are capital omega (Ω) and the degree sign (°), and I plan to use lower-case mu (μ) in the future. Also, the bug posting form seems to be much more broken in this regard.

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windows 8 dualboot?

As the title says i want to dualboot windows 8, but if i try and do it in a virtual pc, i get errors and when i try and bur the iso to a usb drive i get errors, it doesnt burn or the program says invalid iso what should i do?

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8 bit processor ?

8 bit processor main component for processor ALU 8 bit decoder multiplexer Q1 I have option for decoder  decoder 2 to 4 decoder 3 to 8 which decoder circuit  I need for 8 bit processor Q2 I have option for multiplexer multiplexer 2 to 1 multiplexer 4 to 1 multiplexer 8 to 1 which multiplexer  circuit  I need for 8 bit processor  

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Hi all,  I got two 3-way-speakers (8ohm) from my uncle, but I don't have an amplifier. I wanted to use these speakers as audio-monitors for my pc. Is it possible to make an (easy) amplifier-circuit for this use? And do I need one or two circuits (1 circuit-1 speaker / 1 circuit-2 speakers)? Thanks for helping me out! Arnout PS: Sorry if my english isn't that good - I'm from Belgium ;)

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Looking to make a basic LED scoreboard

? Looking to make a simple LED scoreboard for scoring "Bags" games (Cornhole). All i Need is 2 rows of 21 LEDS on each side of a vertical board with the bottom denoting scoring "1" and the top as "21". And I'd like to have some sort of momentary button to press that would move the circuit from 1 to 21 one increment at a time (moving up, turning on the next as the last one turns off). I could just put switches on each led but I am trying to avoid that. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks PS , if all the lights stay on until i get to the top and then able to reset it, that would be fine too, Just trying to eleviate the use of multiple toggle switches.

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Awesome Idea for a Hack but need LCD know how.

Hello there Everyone! I am trying to Do a project where I can use Small LCD screens (perferably a CVS disposable camera 1.4" TFT screen) The problem is I'm not quite sure how to go about hooking them up to a RCA, or S-video input. My whole project hinges upon me getting a good LCD or OLED monitor as they need to be fairly high quality. I cannot seem to find many small LCD or OLED suppliers out there so I am hoping this can be done with the disposible. I would also like to ask if anyone does have information on where to buy small, detailed LCDs that can receive RCA. I considered using a cell phone screen but it seems that you need to break down an analog RCA input and digitize it to be viewed on the screen, something that needs a beefy micro controller and programing knowhow, of which i have neither. Please lend a hand, and you may see my first instructable, of something rather awesome.

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is there a way to install windows 8 on an external hdd? Answered

I want to try out windows 8 but I don't have enough disk-space on my laptop to install it. So I want to install it on an external harddisk(USB) but those mean people from microsoft won't allow me to: when I try to install windows 8 in windows from "sources/install.exe" I get an notification that I can't install windows 8 on a usb device. Does anyone know whether this notification is bypassable or not? Thanks in advance

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can i a made 1/8" to 1/8 Mini Aux cable from a mic and headphones ?or...(i want this to connect my mp3 with my radio cd)

I dont have any audio shop near my place ... but i have a lot of headphones and mics ... i try to connect the jack of a mic and the jack of a headphone but it didnt work ... :P ...

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I got Nokia MD-8 speakers and the left speaker dont work. Will it make any differece if I change the adapter?

I got Nokia MD-8 speakers and the left speaker dont work. Will it make any differece if I change the adapter?

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my girlfriend and my 8 month aniversery is coming up on te 26 of september and I need a gift Idea? Answered

she likes duct tape, zombies, ninjas, and facebook so PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO!!!!!!(panicked yell)

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on August 16 the featured item was a tetrahedron interlocking sculpture of paper. Where can I find the steps for this?

The maker of the video spoke with an accent, possible Swedish. It was made of half squares of colored paper, each folded and made into an edge of a tetrahedron.

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Android and windows 8 Bluetooth

Well here is my problem, I have seen the many awesome things on instructables that you use an app preloaded on an SD card to control an arduino through a Bluetooth module. But I might get the new windows 8 phones and I don't see any windows 8 phone projects. I would assume that I could easily connect to the Bluetooth module and but what about the app.? Does anyone know where I could possibly find a tutorial?  Please help! 

Topic by broskiz 

Macromedia Flash 8 Eye Blinking

I have Flash 8 and was wondering how you make a cartoon character(that i drew) blink there eyes continuously. I don't mean just wink at you or something and be done but forever. Thanks.

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Anyone have instructions for the TR-8/BR-8? Answered

I wanna make one of them so does anyone have instructions for em??? please do a link if you can megametal8

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1/8 w resistor for 12v?

Hi, I've been trying to add a LED light for my glove box, since it didn't come with any. I bought one radio shack led with built-in 1/8w 680ohm resistors to see how it was made. I read the 1/8w resistor wouldn't work and it would burn up? Using something like 1/2w would be better. I tested it with a 9v battery and I didn't feel it getting hotter. Maybe just warm? I got some LEDs off ebay many years ago and I have no idea what their specs are. They are 3mm led bulbs. I decided to make my own by using 5 1/8w 150ohms resistors. 150 ohms are the only resistors I have on hand. With the combined resistance of 750 ohms, how much voltage is going to the LED? Will I be fine with just using 4 150 ohms resistors? Will is be dangerous to use the 1/8w resistors? I don't want a fire. Will having more resistors also help spread out the heat among the resistors? I drive 4 hours a day, so the light will only be on for that duration. Thanks

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Editor stuck loading: IE8

A picture says a thousand words (to quote millions of other people :)) So the problem is is that in Internet explorer 8, when you go to edit your instructable (excuse my sad little attempt at an 'ible in the background, I wanted to try out the editor) The whole editor is greyed out, and a loading bar is displayed indefinitly (2 hours in) I have tryed reloading the page, and it is still greyed out. The obvious soulution would be to upgrade to Chrome or Firefox <3, but that is not possible :(

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Pro Features for free?

Hi! I have this nice little laptop supplied by my school that I use to go on Instructables a lot, and I noticed that even though I donot have a pro account, I can still use the Allsteps feature. My laptop is running Internet Explorer 8 on a windows 7 machine. I belive that Javascript is at least partly disabled, and I am acessing the internet through a websence proxy. Whenever I am logged into the Instructables, I can simply click on the allsteps button, and instead of asking me to upgrade, it will give me all the steps on one page. I have tried this on my home computer, and it asks me to upgrade, so I am considering this to be a bug.

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8 Barreled Turreted Shotgun


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8-bit micro controler

Ok, so i took apart a old lcd monitor and found a w78e65p-40 microcontroler unit in it. i have no idea how to use it and whit not, and it just slides out a holder, so it can be put back in. again no idea how to use it, but this site may be of help to describe it http://www.8052.com/codelib/w78e65.pdf

Topic by killmore231 

pcb schema of 8 layers

Hi please help me to find a schema of 8 layers.I have a training on a multilayer circuit board machine tnx

Topic by khedidja elmestari 

Arduino 8 Step Sequencer

Hi! I'm working on a arduino based step sequencer: http://www.machzin.de/portfolio/arduino-8-step-mid-step-sequenzer/ I'll try to translate it to english, asap. knuppel

Topic by knuppel 

TR-18- to -TR-8?


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arduino 8 (eight) 74HC595

Need help for making running led matrix using 8(eight) 74HC595 and 1(one) 4017.also i need the code....thanks a lot for your help.

Question by faisolhanif   |  last reply

8-bit playback help?

Okay, simply what I want to make is a small device using a microcontroller (an arduino or maybe something more basic) and all I need it to do is play an 8-bit track when a button is pressed. unfortunately I have little experience in the area of programming and microcontrollers although I have basic skills like soldering. any help is greatly appreciated , Thankyou!

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8 - Bit Christmas Music !

8-Bit Jesus is an 18 track album featuring everyone's favorite Christmas jingles, but made with the music and sound effects from classic NES games. It was all amazingly well made by Doctor Octoroc. You can listen to and download the whole album for free HEREHovever Octoroc's 6-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy called Ein, has had to have bladder stone surgery recently. So if you donate $15 the doctor will send you a physical copy of the CD, and you'll help a dog in the process !(The dog is in the 2nd pic)

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Sorry for the damn caps-lock! My sister bought a laptop- after many years of my urgings and advise...(Compaq CQ58). Nice machine, but the damn thing is loaded with windows 8. (no, not -pro!) Normally, I would format the drive, en subsequently install pirated Windows 7! But in this environment, nothing works, and nothing is what it seems! How to format the W8 Drive? I want to get rid of the W8 installation, wipe the drive clean, and install W7! Windows 8 has, for me, in 2 occasions, proven to be a burden, incompatible with performing any real work,. Many pirated programs, always performing fine, suddenly present huge problems-like deadlines of 30 days appearing: after years of use!!! It has a mind of its own: screens popping up (unable to click it away!). I never needed 'apps' and still have no idea what they are and why I would need them! After this very negative experience, there is only 1 desire: Get rid of windows 8!!!  How???

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8 bit port in verilog ?

Hello members I want to make port for microcontroller in verilog code I want to write verilog code for 8 bit port module port (data_in,data_out ) input[7:0] data_in; output[7:0]data_out; wire [7:0]data_out; endmodule I think its not enough tell me what I do to make port in verilog I did google but I did not  find success        

Question by vead 

Interne explorer 8 upgrade?

Unfortanately, a while ago, i made a big mistake, geting vista. so before i make another one, i want some advice. internet explorer 7, 8, or should i just stick with fire fox. unfortanatley, firefoxe lets through tons of pop ups. and then of course, due to the fact of me having vista... welll... "INTERNET EXPLORER IS NOT RESPONGING, PLEASE WAIT WHILE WE SEARCH FOR A SOLUTION"

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Macbook or laptop on Windows 8?

I'm a writer and I need new computer. I heard that macbooks are great for writing. I don't care about a price and I use computer only for work and internet. I need good battery and low weight. You have any advices?

Question by radebab   |  last reply

What to do with 8 shirts?

My friends brother was in a band but they broke up so he decided "I don't want these shirts ill bring them to my friends party and try to get other people to take it." Well, they all left them at my house so i have 8 shirts. 3 female and 5 male shirts. Anyone have any good ideas of what to do with them? I have thought about goodwill but i was wondering if there was any cool 'ible i could do

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Methods for Powering 8 LEDs?

Hey Guys - My daughter has a small Little Tikes car which I'm adding 8 LEDs (3 per headlight & 1 per taillight) to. Each LED is a 2v 20ma. I've already started, but hit a snag. For testing the LEDs, I used a 9v battery with a 330ohm resistor on positive. This lit individual LEDs as well as 3 LEDs in parallel. My plan was to wire them all in sequentially then figure out what was needed resistor wise when done - bad decision. I have almost everything installed except power and now stuck as to what do do. Having 8 LEDs which are 2V / 20ma, exceeds the voltage a 9V battery can produce. Afraid to try connecting the 8 directly to 9V as don't want to risk burning them out. Just wanted to post to see what my best option would be - especially one where I wouldn't have to rewire everything again in parallel if at all possible. Thanks!

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Knex AR-8 Prototype

This is a hopper fed assault rifle prototype that has knex gun builder's 90 trigger and hopper system. But It also features my Creeping Death handle. It has decent range with on band, like 35 ft and it gets a good ROF. Sorry for only one picture. Links to the future prototypes/ versions: AR-8 Prototype I AR-12 Prototype II AR-18 Prototype III AR-20 Prototype IV

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8 bit Instruction set ?

Hello experts I need some help I want to make 8 bit instruction using folloing component so I made one simple example 8 bit instruction set 4 bit opcode + 2 bit source register +2 bit destination register+ 4 bit data accumulator A memory register R1 memory register R2 memory register R3 opcode         source       destination       data 0010               00               00                 xx                  R1  01           A  01                xx                  R2  10               XX                xx                  R3  00               XX                xx load data directly into R1 mov R1#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R1 01          00                  data load data directly into R2 mov R2#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R2 10          00                  data load data directly into R3 mov R3#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R3 11          00                  data load data directly into A mov A#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010            00         A  01                  data mov the content of R1 into Accumulator mov A, R1 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R1 01          01                  disable mov the content of R2 into Accumulator mov A, R2 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R2 10          01                  disable mov the content of R3 into Accumulator mov A, R3 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R3 11          01                 disable don't use any register disable opcode       source       destination       data 0010               00               00                 xx      don't use register

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Instructables Internship - Day 8

Wednesday: Jason's Last v_vToday was Jason's (derangedmoose7) Last Day, so we pretty much just spent all of it working on Project X. It's come along so far, it's truly quite amazing how quickly it was originally put together and how long it's taking to tweak it in order to get what we really want. I feel bad keeping Proj. X a secret from all of you, it would be awesome to tell you what we're doing every day, but It's gotta be kept a secret until it's released.By the way, Wednesday was my and Noah's salad club day. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the muffin stuffs... AGAIN.... I'm such an idiot....Luckily, Noah brought salad stuffs and we made lunch together, again, I got to chop! I also played around with my solar panels a bit, diffusing the LEDs and getting new LEDs, too. I made one earring, but it doesn't work very well... The LEDs light, but they're not bright... at all. I'm thinking about putting a cap on there so that they charge, and then some sort of tansistor that will clamp when there isn't sufficient light, the LED's flash for a split second, grabbing everyone's attention. Sounds good, doesn't it?!Hmmm... what else? I was planning on playing with the laser cutter today, but alas, I was working on Proj. X with Jason, that that'll have to wait for tomorrow. OH! THAT'S RIGHT! I made the Badge templates Wednesday night! HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THOSE?well, going out to see scenic Oakland. gotta go!Cheers,-Muffinator

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Grade 8 Grad Party What to do ?

Ok Its getting close to the end of the year DUN DUN DUN and me and my class need something to do for our after grad.What would you do ? Last Year it was paintball

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Does anybody know of a schematic to program an 8 pin picmicro controller such as: 12F675 12F508 Just those specifically because they're 8 pin and I have them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of those 2 has 8 I/O ports, which leads to a lot of possiblities for a small area. Also this will be my first real pic project.

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Mepain's Shotgun Video

YO 8 barrel shotgun turret up in this.  http://youtu.be/yrS1mjtTfbU

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Quick question about turrets

I planning on maybe building a turret gun and I was just wondering if the White rod mini pins on the tr-8 are essential for good ranges from a turret, as, if it is viable, I would quite like to build a turret without the mini pins. thanks, I.E.

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For sale is some Fox Crystals (55.8MHZ) and a crystal assortment. Thanks for looking. 

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Reformatting a 486 computer?

I have a pile of used university 486 computers laying around(from Laurence Tech, actually), I want to install DSL n them and work up from there, but I can't see any drives, CD or otherwise, at all which means I can't install anything, there is no my computer icon or anyting that resembles it, ctrl+alt+del doesn't work either.

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