How to give the most/ free up ram to a program on the dell dimension 8200? Answered

I want to use a old dell for a small server but it lags horribly.  Is there some way to free up space.  Im using windows is there another free os I can use.

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how to tell if vidio card is failing?

My dell 8200 series pc is having problems with i belive the Nvidio geoforce 3 card. or its drivers, i have tryed reinstalling the drivers but when i try to set it to 32bit colors it goes haywire on the display.

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Why is my step up converter not increasing voltage and why output is a little lower than input?

My step up converter is not working ,it wont increase the voltage . I used a multi meter and the output ends up being lower than the input like for example when I connected the battery to it, the battery was at 8.40v and I checked the output and it was 8.10v . I was trying to make a DIY speaker for the first time,  I am new to this.  step up converter  is called a MT3608 LM2577. I got it off of aliexpress. The battery i used is off a battery pack .it is 8200 mah and 9v

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How do I charge my Capacitor? It's a 82 volt.

I have an 82 volt, 8200 uF capacitor that I got from an amplifier years back, To this day, I just shorted it out to release the spark. Now, I want to use it in a Coil Gun/Rail Gun. I am using just this one capacitor, but I heard you can make a coil gun from a camera flash capacitor as well as it's charging circuit.. I tried to charge the cap in parallel and series, parallel worked, but only produced a very short spark and not enough energy to shoot anything in the coil gun whatsoever. Can I wire my capacitor up to the camera flash circuit in place of the short capacitor that originally came with the camera? Or do I need a more sophisticated charging system...? Also, if you guys don't mind, Would you explain to me how capacitor capacity works, as well as charging them? I am fairly new to capacitors and quickly discharging, however, I can just use a simple leyden jar to shoot my coil gun...... right?.. I do not know anything about resisters either, and what they do for capacitors. I know that I hooked one up and glowed red hot on my capacitor.... yeh heh heh.... --Thanks in advance.

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I need help setting up my H bridge for a motor design

Please help me ! I am working on an electric motor design, and I am having trouble understanding the sizing of the resistors required to set up my H bridge. If you look at my diagram you will see each phase consists of four power coils wired in parallel . There are two sets of reed proximity sensors that turn the circuit on one way then the other. I am using a TIP 35c & a TIP 36c for my Transistors I am using a 1n4936 for my Diodes I am using a PRX 8200 for my Reed Sensors  You will find data sheets attached  So far I have only been running my project at 12 volts DC . At 12v the transistors are running cold with no resistors at all. I have tried to apply OHM’s Law but I’m not getting it right. I am confused about a few other things as well. The Data sheet for the Transistors tells me the Base- Emitter Voltage is 5v & the Base current is 5a . Should I be running a separate power supply for the sensor feed to the base ? Or dose the resistor adjust the voltage for this? When you buy Resistors they come in 1/4 watt ½ watt 1 watt 2 watt etc. How do you choose the wattage? I would like to run my motor in 24, 36, 48, or higher voltage, to as much as the transistors will take , but until I understand this set up I fear I will only fry my transistors or sensors if I get it wrong.     Can you help me turn up the power?

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