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led's and 3 aaa batteries ? Answered

I put 3 led's on a tin can with three aaa batteries and a switch,but no resistors on the led's.i also wired the led's parallel.My question is why do the batteries get super hot even when the toggle switch is off.Im also using 26 awg wire

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AAA Usb Charger Help

I just bought a new Sansa e260 and I've been looking at these usb chargers but they all use 9v or AA and i have a ton of rechargeable AAA battery's, There 1.2 v so 5 will be 5v. Will this work if i just make a case draw the power from them out via usb?

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AAA/AA batery charger? Answered

Hi guys i want to build batery charger for AAA/AA Ni-Mh bateries and im wondering is there any schematics that can help me?  Thaks a lot :)

Question by JohnSmith-Workshop    |  last reply

AAA batteries internally. is there a way to build in and use a cell phone battarie

I have an electronic device that uses 1 AAA batteries internally. Instead of replacing them every couple hours, is there a way to build in and use a cell phone battarie

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how to test whether a pic is programmed? Answered

I wanted to know is there a way to check that the chip is programmed

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AAA batteries for a digital video camera?

Hi folks. We were recently given a digital video camera that takes three AAA batteries. It's not the worlds greatest camera as you can imagine but it would be fun for our grandchildren to use in the summertime in the garden or possibly for the odd project. The problem is that as I'm not yet a millionaire I prefer to use rechargeable batteries, the ones we have are quite adequate for the jobs we have needed them for up to now but this camera eats them for breakfast taking them from a full charge to flat as a pancake in a matter of ten minutes or so. I'm the first to admit that when it comes to all things electronic I'm a complete dunce so without getting into the technical ins & outs of power drainage & how many amps live in an ohm or however it goes can anyone suggest a supplier in the UK where I can get batteries that are up to the job? I don't expect them to last all day long but rather longer than ten minutes would be good. Alternatively if anyone could suggest a suitable battery pack and charger to replace three AAA's that would be great. If it's any help the camera in question is a Mustek DV5300SE, as I said not exactly super hi-tech but could be fun for the kids. Thanks in advance for your help. NG.

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AAA cell vs. D cell

This question has been bugging me for a while now. What's the difference between a 1.5v AAA cell battery and a 1.5v D cell battery? Why is the D cell bigger? Is that just for weight, or does have more resistance, like it lasts longer? Why is one better? Thanks!

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Only AA, AAA, C, and D?

Can we only use the types of batteries listed in the Sanyo Eneloop Battery contest's description for the power source in our projects? My 9V clip flashlight technically uses a 9V, but it can also run on 2 AAs. Also, what about N's and the like?

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AAA solar batteries acting weird? Answered

I recently got a bunch of solar garden lights intended for a different purpose of course ;) During the modding stage I made a simple wireless charger for one of the lights an it worked as intended. However, while testing the light and how long it works I got a bit confused. The battery states 300mAh (NiCd), which is fine for a single LED solar light and a small cell. The light uses between 6 and 10mA, depending on the current color. With my dumb calculations I would say a fully charged battery should last around 30 hours - 24 at least. But after 8 to 9 hours the light goes off and the battery is down to a low level. Being dirt cheap I tried the same again with a good 1000mA NiMh battery, which otherwise does a good job in other applications. The 1000mA battery lasted 3 days, which again is way short of the calculated target. At this stage I suspect the Joule thief used in the solar light is the culprit as my own circuits don't show this problem... Would it be worth to get the oscilloscope out to check the actual spikes produced by the circuit? And how would I go with properly calculating the consumption? Being a color changing LED (circuit inside the LED) does not make it much easier :(

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Convert 2-AAA Keyboard to USB Powered Answered

Let me preface this by saying, no, I don't want to just get another wired keyboard - I want this one as it is small and compact, and looks/feels nice as well as it was free.I have received a small Silver Crest wireless bluetooth keyboard and it runs off 2-AAA batteries. I'd like to convert it into a wired keyboard because I hate battery powered stuff and I want a replacement for my current one(keyboard).I've read that some projects recommended adding several diodes to lower the voltage from the 5v USB output or using resistors but I'd like to have more concrete information for this specific project. Will the amperage be too much/little? Will there be any noise that might interfere with the signals? (since it's bluetooth) etc

Question by LiamB41    |  last reply

Convert AAA battery power to 12V jack?

So I figured out a really good option for my external rumble pack I want to make, I see these Wii lightguns use X2 AAA batteries and have a micro switch that engages the internal rumble motor on the handle of the gun. The batteries are connected to a microswitch and the switch is pressed after the trigger is physically pulled. How can I convert the AAA batteries power method into an external 12V power connector for continuous use and stronger motor vibrations etc? Like I said this is my first DIY thing. I want the AAA battery method to be converted to a stronger more capable 12V. I plan on buying some strong force feedback motors that need 12V. Eventually adding a small Solenoid too.

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can you use a AA charger on AAA battery's? Answered

I want to know if i can use a charger meant for 14500 3.6v rechargable batteries on a AAA 10440 battery. i understand it wont fit but i can make it work by hooking up the leads. will this work?

Question by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495    |  last reply

Convert AAA Battery power Headphones to become rechargable?

Hi,Im wondering if its possible to convert Beats Studio 1.0 Headphones (that use AAA batteries to charge them) to become rechargable?Are these the circuits i need?3.7V 300mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery5V MICRO USB 1A Lithium Battery Charging + Protection in one Board ModuleAm i missing anything else? thank you for your help and time

Question by frostieff    |  last reply

Voltage-capacity relation discharging an alkaline AAA battery?

Let's say I have a fresh alkaline AAA battery, 1.5V, 1200mAh. Also, let's say it discharges itself with 3% per year, just lying in the shelf. After one year, has both voltage and capacity been reduced 3%, or just the voltage? If not, how much has the capacity dropped then? I also wonder if the battery is being discharged the same  way, when in use? E.e. is the proportion between voltage drop and capacity drop the same on the shelf while in use?

Question by karolina81    |  last reply

is there a way to transform a 3x AAA cell powered device into usb?

Is there a way to power up a device that uses 3 AAA batteries into a hybrid usb and/or cell powered device?

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How would you make a battery holder for a AAA battery?

I make many small motorized things but have never found a good way to keep the wires on to the battery, i have used dog-eared paper clips and i can't find a single AAA battery case. Soldering batterys is annoying because i have a horrible soldering gun. Duct tape is what i normally use but it is annoying to have to take it all off to see if there is a problem.

Question by Stephen D. Alverez    |  last reply

Does anyone know a safe way to charge an ipod touch 4g with 4 aaa batteries? Will I need any resistors, if so what kind?

Any resistors, capacitors, etc. needed? What circuit should I use?

Question by DoctorDv    |  last reply

USB battery chardger?

I was going to build a amplfyer and because it was mainley going to be pluged into a computer I thought that it would be a good idea to have it chardge off usb. I want to chardge two aaa batterys by usb. Are there any instructables showing how to make a dual aaa usb chardger?

Question by David97  

can the infared led ( IR ) withstand 2 AAA batteris?

Can the infared led ( IR ) withstand 2 AAA batteris? if it can please tell me, if it cant and you know a way to make it withstand 2 AAA batteries with out resistors cuz they dont sell them here in dubai

Question by ahmad2117    |  last reply

how do I convert 2 AAA batteries to AA

I have an electronic device that uses two AAA batteries internally. Instead of replacing them every couple hours, is there a way to use AA or other batteries to extend the life? The AAAs are encased in a closing lid, so there's no room for AAs but I am thinking there should be a way to solder some wires to connect them. On the slow drain usage, the 2500 mAH AA should last 2-3 times as long as the 900mAH AAAs. Is this correct? And is there a way to put more batteries in battery pack [series or parallel] without frying the device? Thanks for any feedback.

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Cell phone battery

My friend gave me an old cell phone, with no battery. (No it does not have service). I don't know if it even works. It is a Motorola i860. Where the battery goes are four pins. How can I connect a AA, or AAA, etc battery to it to see if it works. The first time I tried it, it got real hot and then the battery smelled like it was burning. The second time it sparked. Is it even possible to do this? If it is, I need to know the voltage, polarity, and what pins to use.

Topic by popit    |  last reply

how can i power my 3 AAA led flashlight with USB?

I want to power my 3 AAA led flashlight from a usb? thanks.

Question by iamsinned06    |  last reply

How long will 2 aaa batteries last when connected to a 5mm 25ma 3.3v led?

The batteries are connected to a simple switch, then to the LED. Just wondering - hours? Days? Is there a better option for power supply? I need them to last around 150 hours.

Question by lentze    |  last reply

Can a 3.3v LED be used with 2 AAA batteries without a resistor?

I want to make a torch with a 3.3v super-bright LED (used for case modding) with a 25mA forward current. The power source will be 2 AAA batteries (~1.5v alkaline) connected in series to make ~3v. Is a resistor required, and if so, what is the colour code/value?

Question by awang8    |  last reply

Converting 3 AAA device to direct power point plug Q?

Dear electronic gurus, i need some urgent assistance with this "relatively" simple problem, but am not sure how to work it out... i have a device that is like a multi-colour changing light bulb ( not sure if it is glass or led ( most probably the later)), which REQUIRES 3 AAA batteries in the sequence of UP DOWN UP (standing arrangement) and I wish to convert this towards something that i could directly use a DC plug point power source ( 240v ) ... Can anyone please assisst / provide an instructable for me ? I've looked at something like this (;=item2ec5127fcd) which is a AU Power Supply Adapter Converter 100V-240V AC to DC 4.5V 1A Jack 5.5x2.1MM but am not sure if it is correct and don't want the light bulb to blow up on me .. i understand some soldering may be required but need guidance on the whole project.... Please please throw your ideas at me I'm thinking if this is successful, i might do it for another similar device making it two light bulbs  which can be powered through the same point if possible to maintain synchronization of the colour change :) Thanks heaps in advance!! :D

Question by porkupine888  

Trouble with homemade Solar Charger for AA AAA Batteries. Parallel issue? Answered

So I decided to make my own homemade solar charger to charge Double AA and Triple AAA batteries and I have been having issues and don't know what's wrong since I have made one before. Maybe this one is too complex? I had bought 3 cells online for just under $4. Each one generates approximately 2.3Volts at 150Mah. Together in parallel they should generate about 450Mah in full sunlight, correct? Well, I had already tested them and they did work fine, I gave a small charge to a single double AA and success. I put it all together with the cells, wires and battery compartments and the one way diode. (Use photograph for reference) Once complete, I had put 2 AAA batteries in. Put together they only require 400mah total to charge or just less then an hour. But when I took them out, they didn't take a charge at all....if anything they drained right dead. I thought maybe the diode was backwards but that wasn't the case either. Finally I took a multimeter to it and although it was getting over 2 volts easily, the amps were only showing 60Mah total. Not even half of what one of the cells are capable of. I did have it in full sun too, so there must be something whacky wrong with my wiring. Can anyone spot a possibility of a mistake or do I just have bad luck? I have worked with full size solar panels (100watts worth) and never had an issue like this before. Any ideas? Thanks! P.S. Is it possible that the positive and negative have to come out of the same cell? I am not sure if this matters since this is in parallel. I don't have a lot of time on my hands lately and I was hoping to get an opinion before changing something unnecessary. Thanks again!

Question by Smizz94    |  last reply

AA or AAA Solar Battery Charger from Deer Feeder Solar Panel

Would it be possible to build a solar battery charger (AA, AAA or both) using a solar panel designed to run a deer feeder?  If so, how would one accomplish this?

Topic by leechild73  

Can anyone help with my flameless lighter? Answered

I'm trying to build a flameless lighter but I am an electronics n00b. I gutted a cheap clear lighter and I have a momentary switch and a spring I stretched for the heating element. the case can only fit a AAA battery but that isn't enough to heat the spring(it does get warm though). Is there a simple circuit  I can make to increase the power of the AAA or maybe a different filament i can use that wont burn out and can be used over and over?

Question by csim85    |  last reply

3.7v to 4.5v how ? Answered

I have an wireless game controller which runs on 3xAAA(4.5v) battery... i also have plenty of spare li-ion 3.7v batteries upto 1000mAh.. so what i'd like to do is install that rechargable li-ion battery into my game controller... so i dont hv to buy AAA batteries every time...pls guide me how... and pls tell me as simple as possible... because i live in india..n small electronic parts like resistors,regulators etc. are reallyyyyyyyy hard to find here... thank you in advance...

Question by D3zire    |  last reply

can i replace any battery(s) with any other battery(s) as long as the total voltage is the same? Answered

9v are commonly used in a lot of projects, but 150mah give or take isn't a lot. since they're nothing but 6 aaaa and ohms law is v = ir, then couldn't u use 6 aa instead of a 9v for any project? also could u use different battery chemistries? i have no idea about that one because it would definitely change the overall esr and although most battery esr's are very low, i don't know what would happen if u changed it even a little.

Question by the judge    |  last reply

how to recharge my led flash light using 3 AAA battery from a usb laptop?

I have a led flashlight using 3 AAA rechargeable batteries. i want to make it to be able to plug in to my laptop's USB so that i can charge with my laptop.

Question by iamsinned06    |  last reply

can i use 4 AAA rechargeable batterys for my usb altoids charger without capacitors or anything?

I want to build altoids usb phone charger. i have 2 options using 9v battery and 5v voltage regulator, or using 4 AAA rechargeable batterys without anything expect female USB . So can i build 4 x AAA usb charger and what else i need ( diode, capacitor,....)?

Question by tealk    |  last reply

LED torch lens?

I have this LED torch, a luxeon 'MXDL' (next to a AA battery in the photo). It's a 3 watt LED torch (supposedly) running on a AAA battery connected to a joule thief of some sort (it has some sort of transistor, a capacitor, and an inductor), but it isn't that bright,( being about the same as a 3 5mm LED torch which has these lenses), but I still like it because of its compact size and light output. Anyhow, its throw is kinda poor, and I was wondering whether I could put a cheap lens onto it (from out of, say a camera's lens) to increase throw. Would it work? How would I go about it? P.S: I found these AAA li-ion batteries online, but I didn't even know that those batteries existed. If I put one of them into my torch, they'd probably increase brightness a lot, but because they are only rated at 300mah, I really doubt if it would be worth buying them. What do you think?

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how do i turn my prank shock gum into a mini taser?

I want to mod my prank gum so it zaps on contact, instead on having to pull the gum.

Question by Dakpots    |  last reply

Anyone have a simple how to for (1) LED connected to AAA battery with on/off switch? Answered

I need to know how to build a simple single LED powered by a ( AAA battery (with housing) that is also connected to an on/off switch.

Question by DIMS    |  last reply

Has anyone seen a AA to AAA Battery adapter??? If you have Help me make one

Hy alI I have My mp3 players.. from Iriver the T models.. (Acutally I have the T30 and the T60) anyhow..  I've been wondering Had anyone truyed making a AA to AAA adapter.. cuz.. when I'm recording.. the poor AAA's with the tiny 800mAh (NiMh) don't last for one hour and the 1000mAh one's maybe one and a half an hour(and that if I'm lucky) ????  I even boutht the 1100mAh ones but the same storry... I was thinking those AA seem to have the capacities around 2.5Ah = 2500mAh so that seems to me a little more then the small ones??? Or Am I seeing wrong??? for the same price 

Question by izidor7    |  last reply

power pack for battery powered mp3?

I am wondering if its easily possible to convert a mp3 that runs on AAA to mains via a power pack, which we all seem to have plenty of laying around. i realise that the AAA battery is 1.5v or there abouts while the closest spare power pack i have is 4.0v dc / 350mA will it work, or is it possible to further step down so it would be suitable ? via electonics - or do i need to find a powerpack that matchs a AAA battery voltage. i was going to wire this to the battery terminals ... or am i just looking for trouble? lol

Question by agatornz    |  last reply

How to add and power a Bluetooth receiver to battery powered speakers? Answered

I have a iHome speaker that is powered off 4 AAA batteries. I want to add this bluetooth receiver to the speaker. The bluetooth receiver is powered off USB, but I want to keep the system battery powered.  Can I take apart the bluetooth receiver and solder the power connections to the power connections on the speaker?   The speaker is powered off 4 AAA batteries, so 6 volts.  (How many amps??) The bluetooth is powered from USB which is 5 volts, correct?   Would the 6 volts from the AAA batteries damage the bluetooth receiver?  What about current?

Question by rachl009    |  last reply

How do you keep a solar/wind AA/AAA battery charger from overcharging and.....

.... For wind chargers, keeping the current from going back into the motor?

Question by Zem    |  last reply

capacitor based battery replacement

I was wandering how big does a normal capacitor have to be to replace a AAA battery?

Topic by clasic_traveller_diehard    |  last reply

Step up 6 volts to 9 volts? Halp!

I have a GB Instruments dmm i got at a Hamfest (Ham Radio Fest) in Peoria, IL a few years back for like $6. It's great, and its more accurate than my father's Craftsman from Sears that he paid $40 for about a year ago. I have replaced the 9 volt battery twice in it. 9 volt batteries are horrible for capacity, and I use this DMM so much it's almost a high drain on the 9v. I know that a standard 9v holds 500-700mAh. I have a whole box of old AAA batteries that have about 1.4+ volts still in them from a stupid car toy that drained an AAA .1v-.2v and called it dead. A standard AAA alkaline battery (E92 or equivalent) holds 1,200 mAh or 1.2Ah@1.5v. 4 alkaline AAA batteries holds 4,800 mAh@6v. I can fit 4 AAA batteries in the 9 volt holder in my DMM snugly with a piece of foam for anti-rattle. That's only 6 volts. The DMM will power on very dimly at 6v, so is there any circuit to make up for the lost 3 volts without adding a bulky power pack? There is a LOT of room in the DMM for mods n stuff. Thanks for any help Is there any way to step up

Question by lilpepsikraker    |  last reply

how could i use the energy of my energizer 15 minute AA/AAA for another application?

I was hoping to hook this up to my hydrogen electrolysis cell for some experimentation.

Question by GalaxyX    |  last reply

How long can I run a wifi highspeed modem on an AAA battery using RCA cables? Answered

After seeing a hack where someone used RCA audio cable to hook up an AAA battery (either alkaline or NiMH) that would run a television set for a few minutes, I was wondering if the same could be done with a wifi highspeed modem. Two concerns are whether the simplicity of the materials might allow the battery to damage the modem and how long the battery would power the unit before running out. There is a video of the television set procedure here. The primary reason for using a hack like this would be its simplicity, availability and low expense of materials. The purpose would be to be able to power the modem long enough to grab and reply to vital email and other social media messages in short bursts using a wifi device (such as an iPod) in the event of a power outage. This, of course, is dependent upon whether the landline phone/highspeed internet is still accessible during a power outage.   Two other questions that arise is whether connecting two AAA cells in this fashion will increase the length of time the unit can be powered significantly and whether the increase in power would cause damage to the unit without any other materials and equipment.

Question by blodefood    |  last reply

Any danger in Parallel battery circuit?

Hi, I have a voice recorder that runs on a 1.5 V AAA battery. I keep running through too many of them. I have more  AA batteries and I was able to figure out a  setup to run it off non-AAA sources. I was thinking of connecting 2 AA in parallel. Is there any danger my recorder if I do that? Any power spikes  or other things that can destroy my recorder?

Question by phillyj    |  last reply

CMOS Battery options

Can I replace the CMOS battery on my motherboard with a holder soldered in holding 2 aaa alkaline batteries instead of having to use CR2032 batteries? 

Topic by sctirvn687    |  last reply

Is there an instruct that uses USB power to charge batteries?As in a reverse Minty Boost?

Want a USB port battery charger...for AAA,AA,c,d or other rechargeables up to 5VDC.

Question by chadeau    |  last reply

What to do with dead batteries?

I have about 30 or more dead AA's AAA's and a 9v sitting in a bucket in my room, Are there any projects that I could do with them?

Question by Zem    |  last reply