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Add Request

I do occasionally look at the adds, but I find it really annoying having to remember to hold CMD when I click on them so they open in a new tab. Could the instructables team please re-program the site so that it will open the adds and links in a new tab or window, just like facebook? Thanks, BB

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Add keywords

Ok i need to add a keyword to my instructable however i cannot see the button. Can some one tell me or post a screenshot? Thanks.

Topic by steven07    |  last reply

Craftsman Adds

Hey all, This comment is directed specifically at the people who run I really enjoy the site and I spend countless hours browsing through the projects. I recently noticed that the website is starting to have craftsman adds all over it. I understand that sponsorship is great to keep the site up and running, but please dont let the adds bloat the site. Its really irritating to log into the site and have a little animation of a palm sander running around on the screen. Keep the adds if you must, but please dont bloat and commercialize our great little site. Thanks, C.Y.

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Anoying Add

I couldn't help but notice the new ad for Ace Hardware on the site. Glad to see you are getting some ad revenue for the site. But does the thing have to bring up a larger popup version of the add every time my mouse just happens to cross over it? This is really putting a drag on my browsing experience for the site. If you could disable the automatic popup of the ad that would be great.

Topic by mpilchfamily    |  last reply

Firefox add-on for Chinese?

Arrgh! I want to do mah extra-credit math project, but mah browser is making it hard to read any Chinese!!! (It all comes out as weird symbols- see the screenshot) Is there a FF3 add-on to fix my problem? Or is it something else I need to download?

Topic by watermelonhead    |  last reply

How to add to Favorites?

How do you add an interesting Instructable to my favorites under the YOU tab? Thanks

Topic by oldtug    |  last reply

How to add step??

I am new here and i am in the middle of trying to create a step by step instructable but i cannot find an add step button!   Where is it???

Topic by SpencerrH    |  last reply

Add Frets to a Violin?

I have a violin and i play guitar. I want to learn violin but it's the concept of no frets i cant grasp. Could i add some with pipecleaners or something? Suggestions?

Question by PyroMaster007    |  last reply

Unable to add photos

I cannot add a photo to my instructable at all. I've reloaded, cleared temp files, checked Adobe flash, etc. The box for adding photos/files drops too far down when I open it, and I can't access the buttons I need. What gives??? Windows 10, Chrome browser. I can't even add a screenshot here! Grrr!

Question by dpulley  

Cannot add a instructible

Hello I try several times to add a instructible. When i try to upload images or click the save button, it freeze on updating . I have try it in IE, Mozilla and Chrome, in all the browsers the same problem.

Topic by jelleknikkers    |  last reply

Can't add email

I logged in through Twitter and created an instructable to enter into the leather goods contest. In order to do so, I need to have an email connected to the account, but the site does not allow me to add/change my email (Likely because there's none to begin with due to the twitter connection) I'm on win7  on 32.0.3 FF - Tried Chrome as well. Works in neither. The email I'm trying to add is - If someone is able to add that to my profile so I can get into the contests in the future I'd appreciate it

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Something to add to the site

Well i was just on here and was bored and remembered my time on when i would just hit random to get a quick laugh. is it possible to add that to this site so that we can bring up random instrucables which we may not find otherwise.

Topic by evan_124    |  last reply

Add a buzzer to a multimeter? Answered

Hello, is it possible to add a continuity check buzzer to this MAS830S mutimeter ? i would like to do like on this video but i cant find which resistor is the good one i don't care if the buzzer is inside or not thanks

Question by rastactivist    |  last reply

How to add a video?

I have been making a instructables but when i upload a video it turns into picture what should i do??

Question by MilanA5    |  last reply

Firefix dictionary add-on

The FireFox British dictionary v1.19 is incompatible with the latest version of FF itself. Any ideas on where to get an up-to-date version?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

DSI add ons

Im wondering if someone could make an instructable on adding slot 2 from my broken ds to my DSI or posibly making it run 3ds games without 3D (on dsi)


Add a new category?

Is it at all possible to get another new sub category added to the "Outside" Category? I would really like to get "Farming"  added as a sub category, possibly even a "Tractor" sub category as well. I have already posted a couple of tractor/farming instructables but would like to see a dedicated place for these instead of vehicles or gadgets. I will post some more help and how to with farming and tractors as time goes on.

Topic by GunGeek369  

Add a touchscreen to a Laptop.

I have a Cr-48 Chrome OS developer PC with a Windows 7, Chrome OS, Android Honeycomb, and Ubuntu quad-boot. To use Android I use the trackpad, but I was wondering if anyone knows where to find an appropriate digitizer. It is a 12.1" screen with a 16:10 ratio. It would more than likely need a USB connection. The touchscreen would mainly be used for Android if possible, but also for Win7 & Ubuntu. I am very eager about this project. Please help!

Topic by Ds HaKa  

Resources: Add Value.

I like to learn stuff from someone who can do what I want to do and will answer my questions. I don't like extraneous material cluttering the path to my goal. The greatest achievements are made through cooperation. We all stand on the shoulders of those who cooperated to achieve the point where we should start. And the greatest achiever will lift us there, so we can lift the next achiever. We disserve ourselves, our ancestors, and our progeny when we hoard our results and pretend to be smarter than the next achiever, when rather than showing where we left off and where he should start, we instead slow our collective progress by placing the next achiever at our feet, and requiring that he review the mistakes we have already made and learned from. Time is too short. In a cooperative efficient society, no one reinvents the wheel.

Topic by Piranhafish    |  last reply

"add to this guide (paste urlString)"

Is this a new feature, where everyone can add stuff to a guide, or is it a bug? It appears above the Author box in Guides

Topic by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl    |  last reply

The Add Images button is dead in replies

The "Add Images" button in the project replies area does not work. PC, Windows 10, Firefox

Topic by tgdula    |  last reply

No provision on my instructable to add a step!

I have posted a new instructable, but when I went into edit mode, to add a new step, there is no provision for doing so: Here's my instructable: I tried using Internet Explorer 8, Opera 12, and Mozilla Firefox 23, but to no avail. This is the first time this has ever happened with one of my instructables. And please, don't hesitate to be verbose with your answer, as others on this forum have posted the same problem, and the posted answers are not helpful at all. For example, others have answered "... click the add step button..." when the post indicated there was no add step button, or "... maybe the instructable was not set up as a step-by-step instructable" and simply left the problem still hanging there.  Hey guys, these are not complete, problem resolving answers. And problem repetition (with lack of suitable answers) does clutter up our help section. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, shastalore

Topic by shastalore    |  last reply

How do i add my instructable?

How do i add my instructable to this group?

Topic by ReCreate    |  last reply

Some pages can not add to my favorites

In some Instructables I can not add to my favorites list or can not give "Follow" when I try to do a window appears telling me to do login, even though I already did. This happens to me with some pages. What could be happening?

Topic by stormys    |  last reply

how to add a little on/off switch to this meter?

Hi, quick question, how do i connect a little toggle switch to this meter? what/where do i connect the switch to? i want to set it up to override the push button. Thanks

Topic by HTF    |  last reply

Can't Fully Add Instructables to Our Group

Hi there instructable wizards! I'm the admin for a somewhat new Instructables group and we're having trouble adding our Instructables to our group. We found two ways to attempt to add an instructable to a group - Go to the group page (in our case The Rabbit Hole) and on the right hand side press the +add your Instructable Or - Go to your Instructable and on the middle right there is a Add Instructable to "Group" button Either way, if someone uses these options, as one of the admins, I get an email saying that a new add request has been submitted, but then when I follow the link to the admin page, there are no pending instructables to approve. I've tried this many times on Windows 7 in FF, IE and Chrome...also tried it on Linux in FF When I visit the URL I see the image included here:   It says 12 items found, displaying all items. 1 But willschm and another member of our group have already submitted new projects that should be in the pending section Also noticed that something considers that I have added an Instructable to the group because I can't attempt to add it again from the group page thanks fro the help!

Topic by mazzmn    |  last reply

Can't not make comments.

I tried to add comments to other peoples Instructables and that didn't work. I also tried to reply to a comment on my Instructable. Help!

Topic by cateddy    |  last reply

please add keywords problem

OS: OSX Browser: Firefox 30.0 URL: Can't publish instructable - get "Please add keywords" even when keywords are present. Example keywords: "onstar hack privacy camaro gm". I have tried others, nothing seems to work.

Topic by uhclem    |  last reply

Add text into a batch file

Hello Can somebody tell me if you can add text into a batch file at a specific point. When i add text (with another batch file) it always go's to the end of the text/batch file. That does not help having the text at the bottom like this :hello pause>nul exit echo hello for example when I want to add text like this :hello echo hello pause>nul exit at the moment I use this code to add text to a batch file pushd %CD% for %%j in (1.bat) do type "%%j" >> 2.bat popd Thanks in advance If you don't understand please comment and say what you don't understand :)

Topic by vorlock    |  last reply

Best Firefox add ons

List any good firefox add ons here. No themes, please.

Topic by King825    |  last reply

can not add thumbnail to videos

I can add upload images but i can not open my library when i am adding file to video But here i have no problem.

Topic by i make shooting things    |  last reply

Best firefox add-ons? Answered

Question by priceis    |  last reply

what to add to a honda ruckus?


Question by dogguitar    |  last reply

cant add stuff to groups

Help please

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Thumnbails for videos won't add

I tried submitting a video but i when i upload a thumbnail it doesn't add. I'm unable to submit a video due to this.

Topic by NurdRage    |  last reply

add an external crystal to attiny85?

How can i add a 16mhz crystal to attiny85? i dont know how and cant find it online

Question by fossilshark    |  last reply

Can't add project instructions

I am probably doing something wrong, but when I try to add instructions in the edit window all the words go away once I save and get out. Also, when I add instructions, then add a step, the instruction from the first step is in the edit window.  If I change the danything in the edit window it gets changed for all steps. Can you tell me  what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

Topic by JorIsa    |  last reply

Can't add projects to collection

I am trying to add a new batch of projects to my collection "To Do" but any time I try to add a project, it says "Error adding to collection. Please try again". I am not sure why it is doing that but I can't add anything to it. I only have 21 projects in it so I don't think I am hitting any kind of project cap am I? Any and all help in this would be extremely helpful! 

Topic by Pondering_Pig    |  last reply

Logged in but can't add a comment

I would like to add a comment to an instructable. I am logged in, with a pro membership. Each time I click "add comment" I am returned to a "log in" panel. It is a loop, what can I do? This hasn't happened before. Thanks

Topic by ClareBS  

how to add youtubes on instructables??

I dont know how to add youtube videos to the instructables i make. i get on and see all these instructables where the video is right on the screen and u just click the -> sign to watch it. when i add videos the same way i add pics you need to go to a whole diff page on a link that doesnt work half the time. can any one help me???

Topic by A.C.E.    |  last reply

how to add image notes?

How do you add image notes to an instructable. i try the "click and drag" but all i do is move the image. please help. thanks

Question by Matt526    |  last reply

Flickr "add" doesn't work

On Firefox and Mac osx 10.5.6 I was able to import Flickr photos but clicking the Add link didn't add the photos. I tried multiple times. Thanks

Topic by susie  

How to add photos to instructable

How to embed photos to instructable?

Question by Karlo JosipK    |  last reply

how to add pictures to a comment? Answered

How do I add pictures in a comment? the first one to give me a decent answer gets the best answer, no matter if someone comes with a better answer.

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

Medival shackles, gotta add it

Https:// A great instructable by this guy, rate it comment it, get it added.

Topic by Cpt. Caleb  

is there a way to add iron into dirt?

I am trying to plant a maple tree and i found that it needs quite a bit of iron 

Question by Jayden353    |  last reply

Cannot edit or add to collection

I am unable to add instructables to or edit my published collection. Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1,, Click "Edit" button and get: "Something unexpected happened, If the error keeps occurring, file a bug report!" ( In attempting to add to the collection, when on the page for any instructable, I click the "+ Collection" button, the appropriate dialog pops up, I chose the collection, click the "+ Add to Collection" button, and receive the "Error Adding to Collection, Please try again" dialog. This has only begun recently, as I was able to create the collection and add Instructables previously.

Topic by irishjim68    |  last reply

"Add on" radio volume control

I have a simple radio alarm clock with digital volume control.  But, the lowest available volume is still too loud.   How can I make it softer.  Can I simply solder in a resistor in the speaker wire, or add a pot?  Or is it more complex than that...  (if so, what resistance?)

Question by rnmerchant    |  last reply

add to group (FT option)

Hey guys, I used to have the ability under FT options to add an Instructable I was viewing directly to a group I was part of (button was located where 'add to guide' option is now). This ability did not require the author of the Instructable I was viewing to acknowledge the addition or for them to be part of the group. Since guide publishing was rolled out, this option seems to have disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else, is this the new format, has this ability been removed? Input? Windows 7, FF v3.6.10 _mike

Topic by mikeasaurus    |  last reply