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Nerf ak-47

I was looking around on the internet and found this it was coll but i wanted one that shot and so i used the mag from it. then i used the barrel idea from here;=related then used cardboard for the stock and i made this it does shoot if you want step by step directions feel free to ask.

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knex ak-47

This is a realistic looking ak 47 it has a curved mag(the dunkis) it is as powwerful as my assault rifle but the stock is pretty bad comment if you think i should post or if you have any suggestions for it.

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Knex AK 47

Hello, this is my Knex AK47. It worked very well and shot very hard. It fed off a large type magazine that was actually very sturdy. It was provided with internal pictures.

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AK-47 mod for Ironman69's Glock 23

I made Ironman69's Glock 23 and it was awesome. For some reason I decided to make an AK-47 out of it, and here it is! Yayyyy... I also made a suppressor for the Glock 23, but that dampens the performance slightly and you can only see it in pistol form.

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Is baken bitz's Ak47 out? Answered


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knex AK-47 mods

Before i post instructions for mods in my knex AK-47 i will post them here and ask you if you want them. so far the mods i have are : new butt balljoint in front grey connector in front to stop the barrel form bending frucher mods: mag will replace hand guard anything else i can think of lol

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knex ak-47 true triger

Well i made sgt's ak-47. i moded it with a true triger. i got his permision to make a instructable on it. spread the good news.i am done

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Knex Ak-74- Updated

It shoots from the bottom barrel, true trigger, and its a little bit weaker than the dragunov but still can pierce cardboard all the way through with gray rods. now i need some advice, what kind of stock should i use, one of those fold-able ones or just the regular ones or the one that looks like the one i have on the dragunov

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Knex Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947

This is my latest project, the (in)famous Avotomat Kalashnikova 1947, AKA the AK47!\ I'll post a full set of instructions if there's enough intrest! credits; -Dr Richtofen for the stock. See ya in a next post!

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My phun created Ak-47, SMG, and blender...

Ok, so i just got phun, and while i was bored, i made this fruit blender.and then i made an Ak-47and then i made an SMGboth are fully automatic, and phun to play are the pics, and files, but be sure to convert the scene files from .tmp to .phn, so that they will work...

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Ak-47 vs M-16.

I just want to know peoples opinion on which is the better assault rifle. personally, i prefere the ak-47 because of its better knock down power, ease of use and reliability. the only thing i can see what the m-16 has to offer over the ak-47 is its improved accuracy. what does everyone think the better assault rifle is?

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Paint Choices

What color scheme should I choose for the AK-47 I'm making? Any suggestions? The original colors would be like a burnt sienna and a black I usually spray paint the parts separately here is a pic of the completed model i'm building

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how make a magazine release? for my carboard ak-47

I watch other video but it's very difficult.. help

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my new knex gun

I made this gun realy fast last night maybey ill post instructions

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post or not

Want me to post the sgt`s ak-47 it is very powerful.

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Airsoft Gun? Answered

I was wondering what people on here think about a CM.028s AK 47. Should I get it? Here is the link.

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sgt, this has pics!!

Where da sgt go. i made his ak-47

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how to make a distortion/pedal? Answered

If you could make a very easy instructble on it it will help show wiring nd ake it for a preschooler to read.

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What is a good laptop for Osx86? Under $500?

It would need a dvd drive and working wifi.- AK

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another problem in finding connection points of a camera viewfinder

This are my first letters ever written on instructables  so im working on another nightvison goggles and as common i have problem finding the power,ground and video wires i have 5 wires connected i dont know the model of the viewfinder i bought it from junk sellers,and im afraid i screw it up because it aint easy to find working one, i tried to get photos from every possible angle i ever could get and if anyone wants me to get another photo of another angle im at ur service . . . HELP!;=5448D233&__gda__=1415203979_5ffb6cf3bab2579bc2266fb7199157fd;=544F1CFB

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500 fps airsoft gun

I just got a brand new custom airsoft ak-47 that shoots at 500 fps. I need ideas of things to do with it then dominate with it in a war.

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Can anyone tell me how to make a true trigger for a knex gun? I Just want the triger not a whole gun? Answered

Plz I really need a tru trigger im makin a gun and i need one. The gun is like  4 connecters thick. (the actual gun is 2 connectors thick but including the shells its 4)

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Hello Kitty Chainsaw

The Hello Kitty Chainsaw, for when you need an extra bit of cuteness in your zombie massacre. Not much info on this one, but it is one lovely custom paintjob. There's already a Hello Kitty AK-47 out there. We need more for a Hello Kitty arsenal. Link via Neatorama

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Airsoft Gun I bought

I bought a airsoft gun which looks like a AK-74u and with a folding stock i bought it for a 100$ and I want to know if it was a good buy 350 fps foldible stock 3 tac rails chager and all adapter including be-be spin adjuster It includes a bunch of other stuff to

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First bolt action without gravity fed hopper?

I made this true bolt action that works like the real one . instead of using gravity to put the bullet in the chamber , mine uses a ramp . Another thing new about this is the magazine is easy to remove , just press the button behind the magazine , just like the AKs , and remove the magazine .

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Cool double weapons

Here is some cool weapon doubles: Magnum dagger AK scissors Blowgun lead pipe Pistol flying guillotine Colt net Railgun sword Railgun warhammer Pump action baseball bat Trident crowbar Pistol machete Railgun mace Railgun chainsaw Rocket war hammer Colt wrench Blowgun chainsaw Razor gun :-)

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Airsoft gun fix

I bought a crappy ak-47 airsoft rifle, but it broke. Can anybody tell me how to fix it? Before you ask, what happens is it somewhat works on semi, but when it goes to full auto, it works the same as in semi. I can press the trigger very rapidly on full auto and it will go full auto. Can anyone help??

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What replica next?

Well, i have a new replica coming out right away, and i want to know what kind of gun is should replicate next! I need ideas, and don't ask me to make these huge guns like the M249 Saw, or an intervention, I want to make a medium (eg, AK-47) to small (eg, mini-uzi) sized guns.  IDEAS?

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need help on quick and easy snack recipe Answered

I basically want to make a short and fast snack that requires minimal ingredients, and only needs a microwave or toaster oven to bake if needed. i have very little cooking power, and being ak id i don't trust the stove and oven to much... i don't care if it's sweet, salty or (my favorite =P) spicy

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where can i find a good site for instructions step by step to build a working tiny brick shooting AK-47 i need help!!

Would you help me by showing  me instructions for  building a step by step black pistol  i cant find any directions at all i need to find one that can reload and work. Can you help me out reply and tell me if you can help me or not.         from             Zreakeo                

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Gibson box into clothes hanger (materials?) Answered

Hi!! i've an issue... I wanna turn the Gibson image on this box ( ) into an clothes hanger (where the keys of the guitar are the place to put the clothes)... what can i use to make the box stronger? like wood or something? unfortunatly i don't have a saw or something like that... does someone of you have a clue?

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how to choose a good beginner airsoft aeg assault rifle and a gas 1911?

I need good idea's for good beginner/intermediate airsoft aeg assault rifle such as a famas,ak-47,m4,etc. and metal internals and good upgrade ability and around $150 and a good gas 1911 for around $100  and what to get after this? m14,p90,mp5,l85,shotgun,etc too many choice's, for example: also I will be doing cqc and woodland

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cellphone signal blocker by dealextreme. settings for canadian networks like rogers/fido.?

Can some one help me out . i just got my cellphone jammer (blocker) purhcase from dealextreme. when it came its not blocking the signal of my cellphone or anyother unless u are very close to it like right infront of it. after 2 feet it just don't block. so i read the guide how to change the settings by opening the case of it. but the settings are shown for att and other usa networks . i am in canada and i need for fido/rogers settings please help me thanks.

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Please take a look at my Halloween Costume project! Criticism is needed!!!

Hello, since this is my first project, and it is to be used for Halloween of this year, I would truely like some feedback and honest criticism on my project/instructable! WHat do you like about it? WHat can be improved upon it? What would you change about it? Anything? I just need honest criticism on my 1st project! Here's the link to my first/currently only project/instructable below!

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what animal reptile,mammal,fish,amphibian can fit in a 3 gallon tank?

I dont know what can i fit in a 3 gallon tank but i cannot find any catterpillars in any shops lol so i decided to ak some questions thats why i love to explore about animals cause i've been seeing animals and when i try to stop them i dont even know their language so i also want to learn language of the animal u are talking about in the is really a waste of money so can you help me.

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What I Have Built

So... It has been A LONG TIME since I last posted anything on instructables. To be exact my last comment was 20 days ago, so here is an update. Right now. I have. Bakenbitz (Atlas) - Model M16 in mettalics Dutchwarlord - Tar - 21 in classic, gold, colors Ironman69 - M249 (SAW) RBG in mettalics If you want me to post the SAW, I will, I just need alot of people who want me to because it is a big task. Video for the SAW Also there are my two airsoft guns.  A G&G; MP5 SD5 (400$) And a Kraken AK-47 (220$) 

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SR- 47 gun

I am in the process of making a new gun. It may not be fantastic, but I know with yalls support it might be near it. It is the American version of the AK 47. It resembles the M4. I'll post some pictures, and right now, I'm working on the stock. I think that dutchwarlord's M4 stock is pretty cool. It doesn't matter if this is a working model or not. I really want to get this up and made. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to yalls suggestions. If anyone wants to help me build this gun, just PM me.

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How to make natural flower jewelry? Answered

I have searched everywhere and cannot get any info on this. I am trying to get instructions on aking real (natural) rose & natural flower and leaf jewelry. I have seen these for sale, but there is never any info on how to do it. They are still in their 3d shape and some even remain soft and pliable. I think it is down with resin , poly resin, or acrylic. An example can be seen at: after you reach the website, in the search box enter item # H20-7497JW I am also posting a photo for you to see. As I said, there is NOTHING on any sites with instructions. Thanks so much, Patti Meadows

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Ok, so I decided to dabble in the art of replicating recently. However, I dont really know what gun I should replicate. What I know for sure:I dont want to replicate a gun that has been done a million times, like an AK-47 or an M4 Carbine.I dont want to do huge replicas that use too many partsThe guns I will replicate are not limited to just real life, I will also do guns from video gamesNo pistols. Most pistol replicas are just TDS copies with cosmetic mods.Post a picture of whatever gun you think fits these requirementsI was considering doing either the Halo sniper rifle, or the FAMAS. If anyone else has a suggestion, Im open.

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Guns to make

So I want to know what guns to make, (not ones built before) but I'm low on ideas. I know that there have been topics like this before, but instead of this being for just me, if you have an idea I'll put it in a list here. Anyone can build any of them, (duh you could anyways) and if you make a gun on the list, I'll put a link to it. This way there is 1 topic, not 50. So what should people build? List: *scorpion evo III *Beam Rifle from Halo *MG-42 *M60E4 *M249SAW *870 Tactical *SP10 *Neostead 2000 *Agram 2000 *Spas 12 *AKS74U --------------------- Slideshow: *Famas *Sterling l2A3 *FN FAL *Mini 14

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need help plz..

Hi i got my cellphone blocker i am in canada. i want to block rogers/fido network but when i got this it wasn't blocking in the longer range . by longer range i mean not even few feets away. When i take the blocker right close to my phone it works but if i even move two or three feet away from it . it won't work and the bars come right back on the phone. So i read here the instruction for tweeking the setting . i open it up but i have no idea what will be the settings for rogers/fido because the settings posted on this site is for att and other usa networks. please help i need ur help . i bought this with high expecation looking forward for your help . the site looks great with so much to read and learn thanks.

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Non-permanent wall paneling?

So I got the idea from this photo: I was thinking how it'd be neat to put some kind of wood paneling like this around my bed, maybe toss some LED strips along the top for an added effect. I'm trying to figure out a way to do this that won't be too expensive nor permanent (I'm renting my place so I need to be able to easily remove it when I leave). My thought was I could get the wood, stain it and then just screw it into the wall along the corners (or maybe even nail it if it's thin enough?) My alone concern with that are the screws/nails will look out of place, unless I'm able to stain them as well? If anyone has any other ideas on making this happen I'd really appreciate the help!

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Yes. Back again, with more of a challenge. How would you construct a Gunshot-Location-System for 2006s standards? Answered

How'd you do it? The new requirements included: Shooter localization to plus or minus 15 degree accuracy, and within one second of the shot Reliability for shot miss distances of one to 30 meters Ability to detect and localize fire from AK-47s and other small arms at ranges from 50 to 150 meters Reliable performance in urban environments with low buildings Operable when mounted on a vehicle moving up to 60 miles per hour on either rough terrain or highways Ability to withstand sand, pebbles, rain, and light foliage impacts Ability to deliver alert information in both a voice announcement and on an LED display Microphone array and electronics box must be replaceable in the field[4]

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Rewire the laptop power button.

Hi, I have a desk and I've put  shelf on it that is 4 inches high from desk. On this shelf lie two 23 inch monitors. Below the shelf, tucked away, is my laptop (with the lid closed). The problem is that I need to be able to turn the laptop on without opening the lid. (The power button is right above the keyboard). My motherboard does not support Wake on LAN but it does support USB Wake. This is a bit useless to me, however, because it doesn't allow me to fully shut down the computer, but rather put in stand-by. So i wanted to know if there is a way to attach an external button (maybe a push switch) that can power the laptop? If so, can anybody help me out how to do it? I'd assume it would be in parallel to the regular switch.  I have an Dell Inspiron 1521 (which I think is a fail to being with :P ) Thanks! AK

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help me please . i beg

Hi i got this one from dealextreme. please some one help i know u answered few things but i don't know what u mean by setting the freequences there is a guide on instrutable site but thats for att/ other usa network settings there is no setting posted for fido/rogers network this is the link where i bought the cellphone blocker. and this is the website that has the guide for this exact blocker how to tweak the settings but those settings are posted for usa carriers like att/ and other so thats where i need help. i hope some oen can help me here as i have heard there are lot of experts around this site who knows many things thanks.

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why is my 433MHz wireless receiver outputting a 6Hz pulsating output?

Hello, i recently bought this receiver and have tried it out with my 433MHz transmitter, and something strange happens. im using it to light up an led, and the led is flashing at what ive calculated is about 6Hz. why is it doing this? for some reason it ceases to do this when i hold the antenna of my transmitter within 2-3cm of where the antenna of the receiver should be (i havent added an antenna yet), and the frequency drops the further away the transmitter is, though not by much, maybe down as low as 4hz at 30M. could this have something to do with the fact that the frequency crystal says R315A? does this mean that its 315MHz and not 433MHz like my transmitter?, i wouldn't expect it to work though, and i did order it as 433MHz or could it be just the led? i have nothing else which i can use to tell otherwise. what i want the receiver board for is to power a relay. i haven't got the relay yet though. will this cause the relay to rapidly switch on and off? the transmitter i am using is a standard 4 channel 433Mhz transmitter (brown wood style plastic cover) standard with any wireless modules available on eBay and receiver transmitter combos on dinodirect. on both ebay and dinodirect, none of the sellers have a clue about where the datasheet for this is, or how they work (i doubt at dinodirect they even know what it is).

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Ultimate Knex Contest has been changed...

Alright well this takes too long so I might as well just start it. Instead of entering and making it a contest anyone can nominate a gun that fits the category. Sorry to disappoint anyone if I did. We are still comparing we're just comparing all of them instead of entries. Alright from now voting for yourself. Put it this way. What weapon from each category would you want to have and use most in a battle? Don't just put pride in your weapons. Also it would be great if you actually built the gun you vote for...don't just make assumptions...well I guess except for best replica. Weapons mentioned Best Side Arm- TheDunkis with the TDS Radioactive with the SPEC-9 Dsman with dsman's Side Arm popomaster with the glock Most Innovative Gun- popomaster with the glock Best Grenade/Explosive TheDunkis with the D model splodies/ DX8 Splody Bomb I_am_Canadian with the War Bomb flames with the F25 Anti-Personnel Grenade Best Replica of Another Weapon- TheDunkis with the AK-74 Katarukito with the Dragunov Best Gun Overall I_am_Canadian with the super cannon dsman with the DD-27 I_am_Canadian and knexgunner12 with their Battle Rifle I entered some of the guns I remembered but if you have other guns you want to vote for and they fit the category then go ahead. Just copy the form and type out the name of both the creator and their weapon under each category. Best Side Arm- Most Innovative- Best Grenade/Explosive- Best Replica- Best Gun Overall-

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