Problem with detection of AT89S52 home made programmer with Windows 7 with DB25 parallel port...!!

PLZ HELP ME..!! this is AT89S52 programmer as per  but PC ISP or proload software doesn't detect it.. is there any electrical problem or driver problem of Win 7 like no parallel port driver... (here i not connected 74LS04 betwwen port and mcu.)

Question by Pranjal Joshi 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to construct a programmer for Atmel AT89S52 microcontroller? Answered

I have been trying to construct a ISP Programmer for AT89S52 microcontroller and my previous attempts were not fruitful... So please help me..

Question by batta420 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How to start with AT89S52 MC?

I am new to embedded systems of 8051. i coded At89s52 and dumped my code for blinking LED. when i trying to get out put from a bread board no result dont know where i m doing wrong i m sure with connection fittings and circuit exactly matches with what ever available in internet. i have doubt on my crystal and 22pf capacitors and how to check them...?   can any one help me on this ..

Question by Vijaykum_ar 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Can I use an Arduino to program an AT89S52 using ISP?

Since the AT89S52 controller is ISP programmable is it possible to use an Arduino UNO as a programmer to upload the hex file to the 8952 ? I've tried various programmer softwares such as progisp, 8051 loader and ISP Prog v1.4 but the Arduino doesn't show up as a programmer on any of these. I've uploaded the ArduinoISP sketch on the UNO and then tried to program the 8952 without any luck. According to my understanding the ISP programmers use an ATMega8 ,so is what I'm trying to do possible or do I need to purchase an ISP programmer ?

Question by r5sb 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to program ATMEL AT89S52 chip?

Hello. I'm new in forum. I buy a DIY Kit Secohmmeter Capacitance Meter Inductance Meter Frequency Meter, but the chip have no code. The vendor send me a link to download the schematic and the code in C and inn hexadecimal. But I don't know how to code the chip, the board have UAB_ASP connection. If anyone already use that kit and know how to code that, can explain how to code the chip? I attach foto and the code.  Thank's Miguel Rodrigues 

Question by miguelfsky 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

SENSOR- Ultrasonic HC-SR04 (Interfacing HC-SR04 with 8051)

Hi friends, I am doing a project based on obstacle detector. It is a outdoor project hence i choose to buy an ultrasonic sensor to work efficiently on both bright sun light as well as dark nights. Now my problem is i am not able to interface this sensor with my controller. Anyone please tell me what input i must give to trig input of that sensor and what kind of output i get form the echo pin. also tell me how can i interface this sensor with the AT89S52. i have attached the user manual which i downloaded from internet.  Please help me with your valuable comments, Thanks in advance.

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Help in asssembly programming for AT89S52 (8051) for blinking LEDs?

P3.0 has a push to on switch P2 has 8 LEDs I need the LEDs to blink as: If switch is ON the Port P2 goes as: 1000 0001 1100 0011 1110 0111 1111 1111 This condition holds indefinitely until Switch is pressed again (OFF) and the Port P2 goes as: 1111 1111 1110 0111 1100 0011 1000 0001 0000 0000 This condition holds indefinitely until switch is pressed again (ON) and first conditions occurs. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou!  

Question by amendiratta 6 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago