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atmega powered autonomous tank

I want to make an atmega powered autonomous tank but i dont know what atmega i need to use i need it to be able to process video give me a video feed from anywhere cost less than $150 and use an rc hovercraft that i have

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Arduino bootloader for Atmega 32?

I have an Atmega 32 based board. I wish to use it with Arduino. Is there any Arduino Bootloader for Atmega 32 (40-pin) microcontroller?

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External interrupt on atmega AVR Answered

I've been learning to program an AVR (atmega644p) in assembly, but I cannot get it to respond to any interrupts. I am trying to use the external interrupt INT2 on portb,2, but the program does not respond to a signal on the pin either as an input or output. I have verified all the ports work, and have added LEDs to indicate that the program has reached the wait loop. I have looked at several code examples, and there doesn't appear to be anything missing. At the moment, I think that the issue may be with the fuses dealing with the boot sector. Fuses are currently set to Low:0xFD, High:0xDF, Extended:0xFF. Thanks in advance for any suggestions as to what the problem might be.

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how to program ATmega 168?

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Interfacing HC 05 with Atmega?

Somebody please tell me the code to turn ON and OFF a Led on atmega8 board using hc 05 Bluetooth module Some what like this

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atmega based robot controller kit

Help make low cost robot controllers a reality

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Help making a USBasp with atmega 328P?

I recently got hold of a couple spare arduinos wich all had their FTDI chip burned out (not on purpouse of course) by students. The Atmega 328p chips still work though, and I was wondering if it was possible to make a USBasp with such a chip (the only schematic I saw used an atmega 8 or atmega 88 , schematic below), and if it is, is it the same schematic as below? Also, what program would it need to work? ( I have a working arduino I can use to program the chip first, then put it in the circuit) PS: yes I know I could use an arduino uno board and just switch out the chips when I need to re-program them, but that's not the point.

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Glowing LED arduino/ATmega/AVR question?

Hello!  I have an Arduino Duemilanove running a very simple glowing LED program. I plan to build a small device to house the LED and I was wondering what my options were for using a stand alone ATmega.  Most importantly I need to know how small or low voltage of a battery I can use to power the one LED and the ATmega.  I'm also open to any suggestions that go beyond the arduino. thanks!

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How to program an AVR barebone atmega328?

HI,ALL Now i want to program an barebone atmega328,I searched the net for methods of doing so,the rock that i bumped my head on was the 'boards'file.I bootloadded the chip with ISP method, then found the 'boards file' stating 'barebone atmega328 with internal 8M crystal'.the case i am using is an external 16M the test rerult is not what it turn out to be,so i want to know if the 'internal 8M crysta' is OK?

Question by gada888  

How to upload a sketch on an Atmega 8 IC?

Hey frnds! we r working on a simple persistence of vision project. for that i'v bought a cheap Atmega 8 From here: Robomart Atmega 8 Project Board With Controller V 1.0 I think it have arduino bootloader by before but i dont know how to upload a sketch to it. I have an arduino uno by before. Can it help in some way?

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What hardware can I use to program an AVR?

I'm just getting into microcontrollers and I'm getting an atmega328 to practice with, and probably make an arduino out of. I'm a bit confused about what I need to turn the usb from computer into something it will understand. I was confused about if I need an ftdi cable, but I think they are only used if you are using a bootloader? So I think I need a usb to ttl converter and I've found a couple cheap ones on ebay and am wondering if they will work.;=item2a1a00556c#ht_2026wt_958 This one I'm pretty sure will work but I think I would need to convert it to six pins for the atmega:;=item27c3bbcfd8#ht_2946wt_958 Sorry for such a beginner question I'm just getting started!

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Is it possible to program Atmega chips with just a bootloaded chip? Answered

I was wondering if i could use a atmega chip with an arduino bootloader to program other chips. I have an arduino uno, and it doesnt have ISP abilities yet due to software issues. So i want to try using a bootloaded chip to program other chips. Could i stick it into my uno to program it, and then take it out and program other chips? Just wondering :) Thanks

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Is ATMega644A a pin-equivalent substitute for ATMega16A?

Like are the in/out pins the same (On the TQFP)?

Question by 16zzundel5    |  last reply

Will an ATMega88 compiled program work on an ATMega32 ?

I found a nice hex file for the ATMega88 but all i have is an ATMega32 ... will the hex made for the 88 work on mine ? Or is there at least a converter which will make the hex file be compatible with the atmega32?

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Help with basic arduino sketch for Halloween

Hello all, I'm very new to Arduino programming, and was trying to write a basic sketch to flash some LEDs in a jack o lantern for halloween, but I'm struggling with the code. Essentially what I wanted to accomplish was blinking a LED from pin 13 x times, followed by fading (pulsing) another LED from pin 9 x times and then repeat.   If anyone would be so kind as to help me accomplish this, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

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How can i put arduino bootloader on an atmega 168? Answered

I know i could buy one but i'd rather do it myself

Question by DELETED_cdousley    |  last reply

can ATmega and pic microcontrollers communicate with the rx and tx pins?

Hi. i am starting a project that will involve about 4 small boxes that have simple switches and led's connected to them. they will then all be linked to an arduino but maybe later on i will replace the arduino with a pcb that has an ATmega chip on. same as my arduino, which has my custom program on. i would like as least wires as possible. so by using the receive(rx) and transmit(tx) pins i would only need 4 wires. power, ground, rx and tx. BUT. pic microcontroller chips are alot easier to program and are cheaper too. i would not be able to use a pic microcontroller to control them all at the central hub so i would need the arduino and pic chips to be able to communicate without problems. only sending basic commands like: 0001 0011 or LED 1 HIGH. i just thought i'd check it could be done before i buy my parts. if it can't be done is there any way to make it work or any cheap alternatives? thanks, Luke 

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How do i use the Atmega chip outside of the Arduino? Answered

What parts do i still need to use the atmega chip on other projects after programing it with the Ardiuno?

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Hi. I was just wondering, is ATMEGA32A-PU fully compatible with ATMEGA32? I am going to program it with USBasp, do I have to make any changes with the pins, or they remain the same? Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know any good PWM tutorials for the AtMega32 and AtMega168 chips. These are not arduinos. Answered

Does anyone know any good PWM tutorials for the AtMega32 and AtMega168 chips. These are not arduinos. I am looking specifically for servo and DC Motor control but any tutorial on PWM should give me the base I need to move forward.

Question by TheTrustedOne    |  last reply

USBAsp error. Need help.

Hi. I am getting a warning a strange error with my usbasp. Here's what I'm getting: C:\>avrdude -c usbasp -p m32 avrdude: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update . avrdude: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions Reading | ################################################## | 100% 0.04s avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e9502 avrdude: safemode: Fuses OK avrdude done.  Thank you. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Question by inkas  

How to work with digital multimeter displays? Answered

Ive got some old digital multimeters which no longer work. I see their displays lying around and get this urge to make them work and see them showing something (temperature probably?)...... So, well... as you would have found out, I dont know how to do this. I can use microprocessors but how to and where to work them????? God, i need help with relaxing my brain... ;) lol

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The USnooBie is a microcontroller kit that does not require any sort of AVR programmer or USB-to-serial converters to load and run compiled code. It's hardware design allows the user to develop low cost USB devices with Atmel's AVR ATmega microcontrollers. It can also be used to develop projects which are not USB devices. It is even compatible with Arduino. No AVR programmer is needed and no USB-to-serial converter is needed to bootload. The bootloader uses native USB and works with AVRDUDE. This makes USnooBie the fastest and cheapest way to get started programming AVR microcontrollers AVRDUDE is cross platform, so it works on Windows, Linux, and Macs. Make V-USB based USB devices using AVR microcontrollers, great for making keyboards, mice, joysticks, gamepads, and other neat gadgets. Of course, you can also make non-USB projects as well because USnooBie uses the same microcontroller as Arduino. Compatible with Arduino. Thin design for use with breadboards or plugs straight into a USB port. Operating voltage is selectable between 5V and 3.3V by a jumper. Protection diode and self-resetting fuse protects your computer from over voltage, reverse current, and short circuits. Buy one from Seeed Studio Instructions and Tutorials on the Official Website

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Arduino bootloading circuit

Hi everyone, I have a short question. I am making a project that uses a ATmega328P and I'd like it to be stand alone, so I have been burning bootloders on this chip but only on the DIP socket and with a shield I made after a tutorial. I know that when burning the ISP you can't have anything connected to the board, and I was wondering if you must have the same conditions for the bootloading procedure since I am going to use the TQFP32 package and it is going to be a little bit difficult to make a shield for it. So if I solder everything to the board and put a connector for the ISP do you think it will burn the bootloader?

Topic by shinystuff  

How to program atmega32A using arduino uno??

I bought a 40pin atmel's Atmega32A-PU and i was unaware that it needs a different programmer rather than using arduino. I can't buy another programmer just to program that ic. I have arduino uno board which has atmeha328p and i have used it to program another atmega328p. But I don't know how to program a 40 pin ic such as atmega32A using arduino board and arduino ide. I tried this tutorial on this link but nothing happened... It was successful only upto burning the bootloader. What to do next???

Question by akki5230    |  last reply

Arduino Uno TV B Gone code error ?

I just got an arduino (the arduino is a fake off ebay, didnt know at the time.) It runs off of a ATMEGA8A-PU. I have built a few projects that work but now following this tutorial: Not sure if im just missing something or what I've done wrong but the compiler keeps giving me the error of: TVB.ino: In function 'void xmitCodeElement(uint16_t, uint16_t, uint8_t)': TVB:92: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope TVB:92: error: 'COM2A0' was not declared in this scope TVB:92: error: 'COM2B1' was not declared in this scope TVB:93: error: 'TCCR2B' was not declared in this scope TVB:93: error: 'WGM22' was not declared in this scope TVB:106: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope TVB:107: error: 'TCCR2B' was not declared in this scope TVB.ino: In function 'void setup()': TVB:191: error: 'TCCR2A' was not declared in this scope TVB:192: error: 'TCCR2B' was not declared in this scope TVB.ino: In function 'void sendAllCodes()': TVB:274: error: 'OCR2A' was not declared in this scope TVB:275: error: 'OCR2B' was not declared in this scope

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Uploading to ATmega328 with preloaded blink sketch through ArduinoISP doesnt work?

I'm using my Arduino Mega as an ISP and have successfully uploaded a blink sketch to an atmega on a breadboard, with the led @ D13. Thats the SCK pin, and now i cant upload another program to the atmega on the breadboard. I tried resetting both the boards JUST before uploading, but it didnt work. my connections are secure, reset pin is tested, auto-reset is off. im at a loss. Please HELP!!!

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How can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board?

How can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board? I got this board frm a frnd.....I wd like to knw how can I programme a AVR microcontroller with this board? Will I need a separate usbisp programmer r this is enough..... r a makeshift arrangement can b done....

Question by chatsbk007    |  last reply

FatFs Library

Hello everyone, I have recently been working on porting the FatFs Generic FAT File System library to an Atmega328p for use with a project I'm working on and I'm really having some issues with it.  I've tried a couple of different tutorials and walkthroughs and in the end I either get odd errors that seems will be an incredible hassle to correct, or my program compiles but the actual program won't work correctly (none of the open, write, etc functions actually work) I am writing this in Atmel Studio 6 (AVR Studio) If anyone can please help me out, or if you have ported this for the atmel mega series before and can provide your files that would be awesome Thank you

Topic by BooRan  

Plans for AVR LCD display, need some help..

I've just ordered at ATMEGA644 after running out of space on my ATTINY2313 too easy. Along with that, i got a 20X4 LCD screen, character one that displays letters, and the cursors are 5X7 matrix.How does one write to a LCD screen? like is there a good place for a tutorial? maybe a simple sample code of HELLO WORLD? I know in DOS you need stlib or w/e, and you do printf("HELLO WORLD\n"); does it work similar to displaying on a 20X4 character screen? I'm a ok C programmer, knowing the basics to create little games with 3X3 leds and speakers. I've got a C programming book to help along with it. So feel free to explain, or just give code samples. i can figure it.

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How would I go about interfacing an arduino with an old joystick from a wheelchair?

I have obtained a joystick module from an electric wheelchair.  The board says DYNAMIC CONTROLS (C) Mar 2011 GPC80830 REV E.  On the underside of the board, there seems to be test pads labeled the following: +5, MOSI, SCK, MISO, RST.  Slightly to the right of +5 is a test pad that says 0V.  Below are pads labeled SBL and SBH.  Slightly more to the right of 0V is a pad labeled SB+D.  Finally, furthest to the right are test pads BCN, BC, and BCP.  On the top side of the board there is an ATMEGA8A AU 1114 Micro-controller and an empty 5 pin through hole connector. Also soldered onto the board is a joystick that consists of a coil and 4 smaller coils soldered to the board in a + configuration around it (Some sort of EMF sensors?), a weird 4 pin connector and a 3 pin programming port resembling an XLR connector. Any ideas?

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has anyone used the sparkfun tiny avr programmer to program an atmega chip?

I know that in the documentation it specifically says that you can program an atmega chip with it; however, I don't know how I would go about it. can I program it through the arduino IDE like I can with the attiny85? if so, where would I get the files for it (I had to get specific files for the attiny85 chip)? where would I connect the wires (the hookup guide shows a connection points that are nonexistent on the actual chip)? sorry if these questions are simple. I'm currently blundering and flailing into the world of AVR microcontrollers and need all the help I can get.

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Why is the ATtiny85 more expensive than the ATmega328? What? Answered

I only need 2 I/O pins, but if I can get it cheaper with the 328 then why not?  Can anyone find the tiny for under 5 bucks with shipping?

Question by Spaceman Spiff    |  last reply

ATMEGA328 V/S at89c2051?


Question by yhdesai    |  last reply

Where can I get a cheap AVR programmer

Hi, I'm working on a project and am wondering: Where can I get a cheap AVR programmer compatible with Atmega chips? Specifically the ATmega32U4. It does not need to have a socket for the chip, I'll be doing in circuit programming. Please help.

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i found an atmel atmega8535, what do i need to program it? Answered

Ive found the IDE for programming the atmega8535, but im wondering what external components are needed to program it? thanks in advance.

Question by zack247    |  last reply

How can I disable an avr's special pin functions?

I'm using an ATMega8? I've set all PD to output. The PD4 (XCK/T0) and PD6 (AIN0) can't be controlled and stay high or low.

Question by DemonDomen    |  last reply

ATmega16 Problem with ADC code?

I have got an Atmega16, only that, and I wanted to program it so I made the simplest parallel programmer for it. Now I want to read analog input on it and present it on a 7seg display. Ive written the program for the display but I just cant understand how to get the values from ADC and how to connect it. Taking millions of tutorials have fried my brain a bit more.  Please help, write the code with comments so that I know what is actually happening. I use Programmer's Notepad with AVRdude. Thats it.    ok i'l post my code later

Question by pro2xy  

Any "Cheap-Duinos" based on the ATMega1280/1281/2561 MCUs?

Hi there. I'm using a Arduino Mega-1280 in a project, and am wanting to "free it up" for other things. I see that there are a number of cheap-duino replacements here and other places (ie;, but I haven't found any that specifically incorporate the ATMega1280/1281/2561. Basically, I'm needing all four of the hardware UARTs this family of MCUs provide, without reverting to interrupt-driven, software-based serial I/O it's predicesors utilize, having the extra memory certainly doesn't hurt either. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, links, etc! Regards, Scott

Question by tennisaddict    |  last reply

Atmega168 Interrupt help Answered

I'm trying to write code so I get an interrupt on an atmega168 when timer0 overflows. Right now I've got it set up so it blinks an LED every 8th interrupt(~1 second @16mHz /w div 8 prescaler I think), but it doesn't work, so this is where I came. Here's the code:#include #include volatile int flag=0;ISR(TIMER0_OVF_vect){ flag+=1; if(flag>=8){ flag=0; PORTB = (1<<0); }} int main(void){TCCR0A=0b00000000; TCCR0B=0b00000010; TIMSK0 |= (1< TCNT0=0; sei(); DDRC=0b00111100; DDRB |= (1<<0); PORTB |= (1<<0); while(1){ } //End while loop return 0;} //End Main

Question by geeklord    |  last reply

Want to move "tv b gone" project from Arduino(Atmega328P) to Atmega8A

Hello. I found "Tv b gone" project which i can write to my arduino. It worls perfectly. I want to make it smaller but i don't want to waste my arduino board and Atmega328P which sits inside of an arduino. Here is a video on YouTube Works on one IR diode (would be glad if can do the same on atmega8a) There is a link to download the code for arduino: Project page (guy changed the code to working on arduino) Original project page where originally everything is working on ATtiny85. If needed I've got Arduino UNO, USBasp (can burn program with USBasp using Eclipse C/C++ or ArduinoIDE) I want to know if i could make it work on Atmega8 (internal oscilator/external crystal?) (got many of these, don't want to buy new microcontroller) without any effort? I would appreciate if someone help me. Sorry for my English. I'm from Europe.

Topic by DELETED_AndrzejŁ    |  last reply

How to move project to work on Atmega8a?

Hello. I found "Tv b gone" project which i can write to my arduino. It worls perfectly. I want to make it smaller but i don't want to waste my arduino board and Atmega328P which sits inside of an arduino. Here is a video on YouTube Works on one IR diode (would be glad if can do the same on atmega8a) There is a link to download the code for arduino: Project page (guy changed the code to working on arduino) Original project page where originally everything is working on ATtiny85. If needed I've got Arduino UNO, USBasp (can burn program with USBasp using Eclipse C/C++ or ArduinoIDE) I want to know if i could make it work on Atmega8 (internal oscilator/external crystal?) (got many of these, don't want to buy new microcontroller) without any effort? I would appreciate if someone help me. I found also something like this. but I need EU codes Sorry for my English. I'm from Europe.

Question by DELETED_AndrzejŁ  

pulse nublers on arduino?

Hpw would you use an arduino to read a number from 1-10 (read which is high) on 10 pins then when another pin is high do the relevent humber of pulsces on another pin????

Question by jcbed    |  last reply

Ceramic resonator vs. Quartz crystal for arduino? Answered

Hey- I'm going to build some Arduino clones (as posted from ) and was wondering if it would be better to use a crystal or a ceramic resonator. i will be ordering from Tayda Electronics (Ive ordered before, 10 days shipping for rock bottom prices, I'm ok with that) and the resonators and crystals are +-5c. difference, so I was wondering if I could use resonators, since they are a bit cheaper and I'm ordering a few (around 8). Which ones would be better? Also, does anyone know for the circuit from the above link would work with a 4.5v supply if I just left out the 5v regulator? Many thanks- Astroboy907

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Is there a way I can program an atmega16 easily, I mean the arduino way?? Easy language?

The title explains it a lot, but I want to program my atmega16 through a rather cheap and easy DIY programmer. I would love to get the arduino software to work with it... Actually Id love to buy an arduino, its not very costly in India, but only if i was allowed.... :/ Anyway, I have the atmegas and diodes and transistors and a 12mhz xtal and all sorts of things lying around. Can i make it easy>?

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How to make a circuit for the ATmega328P-PU?

I have been wanting to build a standalone circuit for the ATmega328P-PU but i understand where to connect the power to it, i have been looking online and all i can find is how you make a DIY Arduino and they only show pictures of the wiring that does not show what is connected to the prongs coming off of the ATmega. I have generated a list of questions below: How to provide power to the ATmega through USB what prongs i should connect the power to. what prong does what. I put a picture of a diagram of the ATmega below that i found online for reference.

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I'm very new world microcontroller. I am very interested with microcontroller because I thought, I'll be able to do something big with a very small and affordable prices. I had a problem with my knowledge of how to enter the program to the microcontroller. I am very interested in creating a tool to set up the system to light up a stage and I discovered a site through google ( I plan to create a dmx driver by using ftdi breakout and some components are simple and easy to come by (from dfrrobot + max485 ftdibreakout + resistor 100 ohms) and the tool may suggest I make. Then I was stringing a series of electronics like the one in with the main components of an atmega 8515-16 PU as his driver. Maybe anyone can give me a clue in full, how do I get into the program to enter the mine by using atmega8515 avrstudio 4.18 and avrisp mk II. A tool that has been in my possession:   1. dmx Series with atmega 8515 ( which I will use as the recipient of your dmx signal dmx-made me. 2. AVRISPMKII (USB) CLONE with reference to NUE-125 programmers. 3. PC Windows XP who have already installed the avrstudio 4.18 therein. 4. a laptop windows 7 64 bits.   Thank you for any help from you.

Question by triesna    |  last reply

arduino powered by 3.7 volt battery?

Can an Atmega328 chip +oscillator run off of 3.7 volts without a regulator to be used for 7 channel pulse width modulation with mosfets to drive the leds? I'm desiring to power it with an 18650 battery. (which charges to 4.2 volts and drains to 2.75 volts) if not, how could i do it?

Question by SpiffyChee    |  last reply

is it possible to store an arduino library on eeprom if it is big enough?

I was wondering if you could store an arduino library on an eeprom chip because the sound library for the waveshield kit is very large (~10KB according to she had also stated under the waveshield tutorial that it is too much to store on the ATMEGA328's eeprom. she didn't say anything about other eeprom chips. i was wondering if it is possible to do this because she had stated that there is not enough eeprom on the arduino chip.

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