How to program atmega32A using arduino uno??

I bought a 40pin atmel's Atmega32A-PU and i was unaware that it needs a different programmer rather than using arduino. I can't buy another programmer just to program that ic. I have arduino uno board which has atmeha328p and i have used it to program another atmega328p. But I don't know how to program a 40 pin ic such as atmega32A using arduino board and arduino ide. I tried this tutorial on this link but nothing happened... It was successful only upto burning the bootloader. What to do next???

Question by akki5230 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How to use a YL-34 programmer with ATMega32A PU ?

So... A while ago I bought me a programmer, a YL-34. Just like this one :   As far as I can see, this board just connects the pins with connectors, has a Xtal on the right pins, a reset and lines that go to the 10-pin connector. I would like to use the chips (which have an Arduino Bootloader in them), and program them with the programmer/ board I have. But... How? I tried the Arduino as an ISP, but no go... I have also some FDTI boards, USB to serial. Please, anyone? I would love to use those controllers for some projects, so I don't have to use my Arduinoboards. If you can tell me how to program them (over Arduino IDE)? Or, if you know a good starterguide for programming these ("ATMega 32 PU for Dummies"... Thank you so much!

Question by marc.deloor.5 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago