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Road Accident.

People are now a day very busy. They go fast, they eat and they do everyting fast. They also drive very fast without thinking much of secuirity of own and others. Road is increasingly frequent now a day. We dont pass a day without a news of road accident. I think we have to be more careful while we drive.

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Car Accident

Well Today on 9:45pm My families car got hit by a motorcycle this was horrible as it is but, the better news is the guy has no insurance or motorcycle license I can't believe this I wonder what is gonna happen next.

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accident prevention

I am selecting my final year project which is an eye blink detector and accident prevention in that i want to use IR moudule(transmitter and receiver) but i have doubt that can IR light penetrate through human eyes if is so it may harmful so is there another option instead of IR led light?

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MythBusters - Accident at M5!

I hope he's ok for next season..

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Pro Cancelled Prematurely By A Bug? (after only 11 days!)

I upgraded to a pro membership on September 14th and got the receipt in my e-mail for $8.85 for a three-month Pro subscription. On September 25th I got an e-mail saying: Hi daemonsan, We just wanted to let you know that your Pro membership has expired. Your Instructables membership is now back to the regular level. If you would like to keep your Pro features active, you can upgrade to Pro at any time here: and when I come to the website I am indeed a normal user again. What can be done to fix this?

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Bicycle accident is the frame okay? Answered

I struck basically struck a curb (an unmarked road island really) going 17 mph roughly and blew out my front rim. I broke a collar bone because of the accident. Anyways I was wondering if the frame is okay I looked at it and there was no visible cracks anywhere. Its a cheap Schwinn frame and it got me wondering if it would be safe to put a new rim on and go. BTW this is a gas powered motorized bicycle not the cheap ones as shown BEFORE the crash. 

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I hit "Flag" by accident or not?

I was scrolling and hit "flag" is this a bad thing? I loved the idea I was researching, but I was just reading and some how hit the button. Can "Un-Flag" as you can tell I am a rookie in here. Thanks

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Radioactive Legos!!!!!

Help me please! Yesterday, when I got home, I found these (legos in picture) in my lego city! Luckily, little other damage was done, but what can I do?! I have never come across this problem before! And when I tried to discipline the rouge legos for their radioactive behavior, they wouldn't listen!!! How do I stop the insolent radioactive leogs?! That;s right, they're even calling themselves leogs now!

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Story of a spelling mistake

Body { background: rgb(245,245,245); } *.container { width: 500.0px; text-align: center; margin: auto; } *.copyright { margin-top: 50.0px; font-size: 12.0px; text-transform: uppercase; } *.copyright a { text-decoration: none; padding: 5.0px; background: rgb(192,57,43); color: rgb(255,255,255); } *.copyright a:hover { background: transparent; color: rgb(192,57,43); } *.button { height: 50.0px; line-height: 50.0px; padding-right: 30.0px; padding-left: 30.0px; background-color: rgb(41,127,184); color: rgb(255,255,255); text-decoration: none; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1.0px; margin-bottom: 15.0px; } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } * { } *.button span { left: 0; width: 50.0px; } * { } * { } * { } * { } *.button:hover span, * span { background-color: rgb(0,102,26); } *.button:active { margin-top: 2.0px; margin-bottom: 13.0px; } * { } * { } * { } * { background: rgb(255,127,0); } *.button.purple { background: rgb(142,68,173); } *.button.turquoise { background: rgb(26,188,156); } * { background: rgb(231,76,60); } ul.a { list-style-type: circle; } ul.b { list-style-type: square; } ol.c { list-style-type: upper-roman; } ol.d { list-style-type: lower-alpha; } Hello all, today I have a tale of why you should proofread your Instructables... Or just laugh at the annoyed faces of grammar pendants as you watch Steven fry shame them.  Now recently I made an instructable, it was named and "Breathe new life into an old computer" and being the grammar illiterate person I am, combined with the fact the article was written out of pure boredom, I misspelled the article title in two different places. Instead of "Breathe new life into an old computer" I wrote "Breath of new life into a old computer". The reason is, after writing the article, I felt the original title of "A breath of new life into a old computer" didn't really sound good. So I axed the A and called it a day (Rhyme not intended). It was late and without another thought I hit publish and eagerly awaited its appearance on the new ibles page. Nothing happened for 20 minutes, so I went to bed without a second thought. Maybe the database server just crashed or something :P The next day, after a long day of school, I eagerly sit down at my computer and watch youtube... After enjoying at least a few hours of Pwediepie screaming at disfigured goats and Linus (attempting) to colour a $500 motherboard I decide to check my Instructables page. A few clicks to my current Instructables page and WOAH. I see the featured banner draped proudly across the front of my project. My eyes dart down, desperately looking for a view counter and then they find it, "10 thousand views!" I cry. My mouse cursor automatically clicks, my world in slow motion, I scroll down... 3 comments greet me. I just sit there, mouth wide open. A crazy thought slams right into my face, my mouse cursor waddles over to the corner of the screen and suddenly the homepage sits there, my project stands in its little box, like an expensive toy, on display for all to see. My mind is racing, In disbelief. I look around, a hidden camera maybe, I shout upstairs to my brother "good prank". But all I hear is a surprised moan, "what?!" he shouts.  It took me a few hours for anything, whether it be ME being featured, or the chicken I had for dinner, to sink in. But eventually it did and I took a some rotting fleshes advice, Keep Calm and Carrion. The last thing on my mind at this point was spell checking, no one in the comments had pointed anything out, and well... I couldn't see anything wrong. It's like that thing when you're looking for something in that horrific mess you call a fridge, after spending what seems like hours looking at every little detail you still can't find the butter. Then your girl friend, Wife or Mum comes along and after giving you a lecture on tidiness they find that one thing you're looking for instantly... Anyway, I decide in the spirit of things I will go and enjoy some facebook, I take a trip to the Instructables facebook page and see my article, AWESOME! I open up the comments section and... Correcting my grammar Correcting more of my grammar I'm not an English professor Correcting my grammar Correcting my grammar Someone who doesn't understand that: 1. I am not American, 2. Americans are smart and awesome people Correcting my grammar Someone who uses such bad grammar that I can't even figure out what they are saying   Now at the sight of this I quickly ran back to my article and changed the picture and title, on facebook... It doesn't update. I have learned my lesson, proofread and double check your article, before you post!  What can you take away from this? What I have learnt:  Theres no 'Be Nice' policy on the internet Proofread your work! Admins are humans and might not pick up on a spelling mistake Write every ible like its the best one you have ever made, because you never know, your ible might be featured down the road and you will just wish that you double checked that title and fixed that little spelling mistake. Also dont ever use facebook because :( it dosnt update live :P lol The Facebook Post My Instructables

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Ran Honda with E brake on (new driver)? Answered

Oops! Just got home today from school and realized that I drove home with the E brake on (around 10 miles). Should I be worried about this? Its mostly 35mph the way home, with 55 for around 3 miles. I noticed no burning rubber smell or anything that would indicate burning (but the windows were closed). I have done this occasionally on the driveway, but usually notice. The car is a Handa Civic, 2003 I think.

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Well guys I finally ran out of luck

On my way to work today I came off my bike at somewhere around 20-25mph, on a long sweeping corner I was turning with a steady lean and just lost all grip, both tyres slid, my left elbow hit the ground, shredded most of the skin on it and I actually brunt a hole in the jumper I was wearing with friction, I flipped over and smashed my wrist in to the ground so hard that that doctor wasn't sure if it was a sprain or break due to swelling, at some point my left hip hit the tarmac and they Xrayed that aswell in case I had chipped it, there's a nice swelling forming there... I also scuppered both my knees, the bad one is now just popping out from under me at any oppurtunity while the other can barely be moved. I've also just noticed that theres a bit of wood or stick stuff in my arm. This means that I can't go cycling for two weeks by docs. rules, can't play guitar hero, can't lift anything, might not even be able to drive, which would suck nuts as I just started formal lessons, finally afford them and I'm put outta work for a week and can't use my time to do the stuff I want/need to do. On the upside I can get to the hardware store and get my pulse jet parts and be doing something with my time, but I wont be able to build both because I've to save extra wages for next month as I wont get my days off back. The bike stood up to the crash much better than me, scraped paint on handlebar bell and I somehow knocked the reflectors of one of the pedals, I'm guessing thats the big gash on my shin explained... It's wierd I've been hit by trucks and got up straightened the handlebars, cycled off happy enough, I had the same type of crash except the front wheel fell down a curb I clipped a car and hit a wall with enough force to damage it and was fine apart from minor bruises, this simple crash screwed me completely, I fell perfectly and rolled well after flipping and smashing my right wrist, the bike somehow got a good distance away from the crash, as did I... Also three instructables I was planning will have to wait for at least a week, depending on what tools I can manage by then, it's a shame I just made three great projects and I have to wait until I'm better to finish them and publish... it also took me about 25minutes to write this...

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Just for fun this time!We all love bycicles.Enjoy nature, loose some kilos or just having some fun with the kids.I even like to ride if I find the time and the right weather.But what about those courier riders in the city?Those fitness fanatics riding in a pack of 30 and surprising you on a winding mountain road by fully blocking it...The guy hitting you from behind on the traffic lights because he was only looking on his phone...Or maybe this drunk guy in the middle of the night not even realising that he uses the entire road...What is your worst nighmare experience with someone using just legs to get two wheels moving?And: What is your worst nightmare experience as a cyclist yourself?The guy cutting you off while turning and running over your bike?Someone "accidentally" opening their door when you ride past their car?Or maybe these parks constantly blocking the bike lanes and forcing you to go into the traffic?

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how to unsubscribe to someone? Answered

I accidently subscribed to myself but i dont know how to unsubscribe to myself!!!

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How do you unfollow members? I accidently pushed someone's follow button and I don't want to follow them.

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I had an accident while trying to rush finishing up the USB project...

And it is not fact, the 555 timer is getting hot, suggesting I either wired something wrong, or it  has a problem handling the crystal speaker I used from a any case, I won't be entering this contest either, but I do want to attempt to trouble shoot and publish my USB  light sensing alarm. In my rush, I tried to climb out of my work area (my wife has it fairly well "barricaded in" with her stuff), and tripped over the pile and ended up under the office chair, with the cross brace of the desk getting broken,  I struck it so hard. AFAIK, I am unhurt, not counting a bit of a strained neck muscle and some lower back muscle pain too. She came back (after trying to call me on the cell phone) to see if all was well, and of course I was still partially buried.  Unable to actually help me out much, she went back to watching her movie as I dug myself out from under the pile.    This is not the first time something like this has happened and with the way things will continue, it won't be the last. *sigh*

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how do you delete a started instructables?

I started this instructiable several times by accident an know need to get rid of some of them  

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Sometimes I accidently 'flip' On-Off-On the power switch of my TFT LCD, could this cause any harm to the LCD's circuits? Answered

Or the appliance has some protection against this? (my worry is that such on-off flipping cause some surge or arch). It's said that in modern PC LCD monitors like mine (where the power switch is just a touch sensitive area of the front bevel) most of the actual circuitry remains on all the time so I have nothing to worry about, is that correct?

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how to zoom in/out of a webpage easily?

I zoomed out of a webpage by accident i think i used the scroll wheel on the mouse to do it, how do i zoom back in again?

Question by AlmightyFduffle  

Favorite Type of Dog

So do any of you have a favorite type of dog? I like almost every dog breed there is that you won't accidently step on.......but I ESPECIALLY like Siberian Husky's.

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Cautionary Tales - How not to do it!

We were discussing electric shocks in one of the threads and I thought it might be interesting to share some cautionary tales. I have had quite a few accidents, made (to many) stupid mistakes, and had some pretty near-misses in my life. I have also heard about and witnessed many happening to other people. Have you experienced any near-misses (or hits for that matter)? How about sharing your cautionary tale with the rest of us - it might just save someone from making the same mistake.

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Is it possible to repair a TV remote which has a snapped circuit board? Answered

I snapped my TV remote by accident and i was wondering if it was possible to put the two halves of the circuit board together again?

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I accidently powered my arduino from a wrong pin externally....please help me Answered

My arduino was working and after some time it stopped uploading and it would say  "arvdude :verification error,first mismatch at byte 0x00000xc != 0x62 arvdude : verification error ; content mismatch" so i tried troubleshooting but it didnt work so started to think what i did wrong and i remembered that i powered my arduino from 5v pin and ground when i should've powered from vin pin and ground.I think my arduino's fuse is gone but i am no pro at arduino i am quiet new.So can you please tell me how to how change my i need to change my  ATmega328 chip or something else.if you think its not the fuse please tell me how to fix it .  

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how are alto saxophone notes different than tenor saxophone notes?

My dad  got a tenor saxophone song book by accident and i have a alto saxophone will it make a difference how i play the notes?

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New grenade

I made this grenade in about uh 10 minutes ( about 5 of those minutes were looking for the pieces ) , anyway this grenade has a pin that you pull in order to work and it will only fire when it hits the ground or you hit the trigger by accident.

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Motor Music! I accidently got a motor to play music and I dont know how it works. Help?

I was trying to make a motor spin to the beat of the music by plugging it into my ipods headphone jack. But alas, poor Yorrick, it failed, and instead the motor barely spun and the motor vebrated like crazy. Then I noticed that the vibrations were in time with the music. Curiosity overtook me and I put my ear to the motor and heard the music! I could actually hear the guy singing! Apparently I had turned the motor into a speaker, but how? If you might have a solution to my problem, please leave a comment below.

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Oil to Wax?

Hello! There is a home way to turn vegetal oil into wax? Or in any solid form that can be used to make candles? I want use the oil in candles, but I have fear of an accident with the "common" oil candles. Thanks for your time!

Question by infob  

removing instructable from group

How do I remove an instructable from a group? I just added 'how to remove a beer bottle top" to the scouts group by accident... whilst in the UK that might be true, not sure it'd be so happily accepted in the US.

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When Carbon Fiber Bikes Break

Not 100% sure how the rider fell (all sorts of stories), but when he did crash - this is the result. CF tubes broken in two places and 1 broken collar bone (a not too uncommon injury on bigger accidents). Just thought someone might be interested :)

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what effects will ear rings have on your life ? Answered

Today i got my ear rings pierced and i would like to know what effects that can have on the average life and in accidents and extreme conditions.

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How can I fix my damaged table veneer?

There has been an accident with our kitchen table. We accidently cut something on the table with out protection. This has left some pretty obvious gashes in this table. The main problem is we live in a rented accommodation, and this table was supplied with the house. I can see 3 options. 1. Own up to the letting agent and pay an unknown amount for the damage. 2. Replace the table. 3. Try to repair the table some how. Ideally I'd like to get this sorted as cheaply as possible. I have tried buying some coloured pens, but couldn't find the right colour and wax that seemed to be the right colour, but wouldn't apply correctly. Any suggestions?

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I can't delete my own instructable?

I'm trying to delete an Instructable I wrote about a year ago, which was published once by accident (its been unpublishes for about a year) but it wont let me, because apparently its entered in a contest! Help?

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Motorcycle Camera

Hi, I purchased a Honda Goldwing and with all the accidents and what not, I want to get a camera that will mount on the bike so if something happens I have a video of it. I don't know anything about them and I would like to be somewhat thrifty in price. Any Ideas? Thanks

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how to make a hand/fingers excerciser to move fingers with the help of motors and gears.? Answered

My wife had met with accident and all four fingers are damaged and operated. Now I do regular exrcise to move fingers of left hand. Advice me how to make finger exerciser with the help of motors and gears.

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I consumed the stuff in mood rings. Is it toxic?

I was biting it as I always do(very attractive) and it broke it my mouth. The plastic covering came off and I consumed the inside on accident. Will I be okay? I know it doesn't matter if it touchs skin but this is diffrent because I swallowed it. HELP ME

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I've greased my GORE-TEX hiking shoes by accident - how can I get the grease back out of the pores?

The GORE-TEX material is waterproof but still breathable so your feet don't get too hot while hiking - problem is, I forgot that you're not supposed to use grease on that material b/c it will fill the pores so the material can no longer breath. What now? How can I get the grease back out? I thought about putting them into the washing mashine but than I thought this might harm the GORE-TEX, too...?!Help!PS: The shoes are LOWA hiking shoes, the outside LOOKS like leather (which is why I thought I could use grease), if this is any help!Thanks a lot!

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Cell Phone Killer & Now Texting Problems

I need help! The ditsy blonds , brunets, and red heads are trying to crash into me. They are on their cell phones, everywhere. Need someone to invent a signal blocker (killer) that cuts the signal when a cell phone is brought near a persons head in a vehicle! Cops are not enforcing the law. People are crashing. Wait till the statistics come out. One in four ? or more! Help, can anyone invent this dearly needed device? Maybe get them installed in all new cars? Now its young people TEXTING and crashing and dying! 3,000 this year from Texting Auto Accidents, they were not accidents, they were stupid texting idiots. lLife is more important than stupid messaging! Wake up, stop TEXTING, and live!

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My Palm pda z22 screen resolution is low after a wet accident! can anybody help to fix it?

Hai I recently got a palm z22 to organize my life. It was really helpful until after a week it got wet in my bag. I didn't know initially it is wet. So I tried to use it the next day it was not working. So I try to charge it. Still it was not on. Then I saw that inside the palm cover is wet. So I used blow dryer on low heat setting. Then I tried to on the power button. I got little success. It was on but the screen resolution is very low. I can barely able to read it. Then I reset it. Still it was in the same condition. I let it dry as it is for a day. Then I opened only the back and blow dry it again. Still it was the same condition. The battery is fused to the back cover. I haven't tried to open the front. Today I am trying to charge it to see whether that will solve the problem. My question is what I can do to get the screen resolution back?

Question by shemayil  

Stats that show how many people viewed my page, shared etc

I saw by pure accident apparently, 'stats' for my First Instructable, now I can't seem to find them.. can someone tell me step-by-step how I can find them again?? thanks

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Helo people of Instructable . I want to ask how to Fix bent and wore off Dropout ??

My dropout bent because I accident step on it when the last paint job. I not realize the bent but until recently. I provide some pictures for you guys to see . 

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Pico fuse help?

Dear all.. By accident (short circuit) the pico fuse  in my watt meter is blown . Could you help me to know value of ampere (ie: 250v 1/4 amp...) of this pico fuse. the dimension  and color code in photo please. In the time waiting your help can I used glass fuse for replace .Thank you so much

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Why won't my Hawk Eye show up? Answered

I recently got a Hawk Eye Helicopter, but I accidently deleted a file while finding my pictures and videos. Now it will not show up on my computer. Any help? Now my lower rotor won't work. The top one is fine. Any help?

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This normal?

I just got into soldering, and I've been haveing a very bad problem of burning myself. Within the first 10 minutes of using it, I accidently touched the tip of the iron to my finger, and it HURT! And then jsut now, I was soldering, and my mom called me, so I kinda of jumped, brushing my finger against the newly melted solder. Is this normal for beginners?

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Help Identifying A VERY Old Vacumm Tube?

I recently got a 1920's RCA Radiola 60 Tube Radio , and when I was servicing it I kinda accidently dropped a tube and the vaccumm seal broke and the glass broke. on the side of the tube it says "Philco H 5" it has four pins two bigger two smaller. Here are some pictures of it for reference.

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Newsletter Jan 23, 2015

I make a point of keeping all the newsletters when possible; because i like to keep ideas of things i want to do for my home or small business. And today they emailed me one, but i happen to have deleted mine on accident; could someone please post the newsletter for today if possible? i will send my email address through a pm if needed

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Any kool ideas with what i should do with a busted Voyager Cell Phone?

My friend accidently killed his Voyager when he sat on it at work. He got a new one so hes giving me the busted one. It still works but the inside screen is blank and the touch screen is cracked on the outside. Anything kool i can do with it or is it garbage? _

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What fuse to use or breaker for a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery? Answered

What size fuse would I use for a 12 volt 5 amp/hour sla battery.  Better yet, are there breakers for same battery.  I am wiring an electrical system for a bike.  As the complexity increases I accidently short the battery more often.  

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In a capacitor bank for a coilgun, must all the capacitors have the same farads and voltage?

I am wanting to create a coil gun, however I accidently picked up two polorid disposible cameras. Now, I have 5 330v and 120uF capacitors, and 2 330v 80uF capacitors. Will this work, and what will be the voltage and amperage going through the coil?

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A glimpse into nuclear disaster.

A team of engineers has used an endoscope to carry out the first visual inspection of Windscale 1 nuclear reactor for more than 50 years. In October 1957, it was the scene of what was the world's worst nuclear accident when it caught fire and released radioactive material into the atmosphere.Just over 50 years ago, British nuclear scientists, under political pressure from a succession of Prime Ministers, had been pushing the reactor to and beyond operating limits in an attempt to develop the UK's own independent H-bomb and achieve an "alliance of equals" with the US.When the fire occurred, the scientists were faced with a choice: let it burn, and contaminate Europe, or dump water on it, and potentially die in a nuclear explosion. They chose the latter, risking their own lives to save people who didn't even know there was a problem.That sounds heroic, but the official report into the incident blamed the scientists for the accident, rather than let the US find out about the H-bomb programme just in the days before signing a treaty to share their existing knowledge with the UK.Windscale (now known as Sellafield - the name was changed after the accident) is now in the long process of closing down. Along with jobs, buildings that marked the dawn of the nuclear age are being slowly demolished and moved ... somewhere else. They don't know where, yet, but it will probably end up remaining on site in deep holes (down in the porous sandstone that carries the local water-table).The original piles were shut down immediately after the accident, and the site's AGR reactor was closed down 27 years ago, but it is only recently that they figured out what to do with them, and they are now being decommissioned as a "UK's demonstration project (meaning; "we've never done this before, we'll work out the bugs in remote Cumbria before we try it on a reactor near a city").As part of the decommissioning work, they now need to see what is left in the ashes of the world's second reactor disaster before working out what to do next.I don't know about you, but I'm not convinced that a paper boilersuit would be enough protection. Maybe that's why the chap on the right looks like he's crossing himself...

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