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3G "adaptor" for ADSL Router

I was looking for a 3G Router and I was thinking about the ADSL router I have at home and if I can use the same one with the 3G Huawei card that I have. I don't have a landlines because the telecoms company has no infrastructure where I live.   So would it be possible to have some kind of adaptor that connects to the port where the phone line goes in but on the other end have a USB port that you can plug in the 3G card? There would need to be some kind of electronics/software in between I suppose. Any Ideas on how this can be done or if it can be done?

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Ethernet to USB Wii Adaptor

My sister finally unboxed our Wii after it just sitting there for a few months and shes been bugging me to connect it to the internetz. So anyway Nintendo being Nintendo they made the Wii without a Ethernet port so I was thinking I could just make a Ethernet to USB adaptor. Would this work with my Wii?

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Sunrise lamp adaptor alarm

Hi guys and compliments for the comprehensive forum! I would love to have one of those sunrise simulator alarm clock out in the market but since I have no bedside table, and the wall cover with wood on one side, I am looking for a way to make an adaptor to start dimming my existing lamp at a precise time, like 7 am. I found out this product:  but the producer told me it does not work outside US (I'm from Italy) since we have 220V main and the gig would fry out. Also he told me it cannot be modified and power adapters don't work. Any idea on how to build one? Thanks a lot! Sam

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Laptop adaptor power rating interpretation Answered

Hi all. My laptop power adapter is rated as follows. -Input:100-230 ac volt, 1.6A -output: 18.5 V DC, 3.5A So what does this mean and how important is to follow?

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how can i fix my broken pc adaptor pin?

Please i used my pc and i tilted it to see the authentication number and my laptop went off because the pin got broken,how can i fix this?

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How to lower wall outlet power?

Hi, I need a circuit to change the AC 240v (UK) into 5v 1A, What is the SMALLEST possible way to do this. I know I could use an adaptor but it there a smaller circuit that could be done?

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Can I use this AC adapter? Answered

 I found a AC adapter for my NES but I want to know if I can still use it: NES: 9VAC ; 850mA Adapter:9VAC ; 830mA with the difference of 20 can I still use the AC adapter?

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Why not use a potential divider in power adaptor?

I thought I could put a bridge rectifier directly after the mains and then pass this through two high value and high(ish) wattage of resistor to act as a potential divider and bring it down to 5v. Why would this not be possible?

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How can I convert a two pronged adaptor to a three pronged plug?

I have an electric shaver with a two pronged charger.Is it possible to fit a three pronged plug to it?Thanks.

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How to test computer screen power adaptor for failure? Answered

I haven't used my Wacom Cintiq 24HD screen in a few weeks and it's not working properly. After disconnecting the power supply from the wall socket for a few minutes and re-connecting at most I get some flickers of the screen, followed  quickly by turning off entirely. If the adaptor keeps power connected then the screen won't do anything, and so I figured it should be the power adaptor that could be failing. I'm really not knowledgeable with electricity so I thought I could ask for some help here: - The power supply adapter has a light that is faintly lit while connected; - It reads *Output: 24V =-=-= 5A* on the back - The end terminal is similar to a Mini DIN Connector type connector, round with 4 pins that are arranged in a perfect square, but not as standart I think. How can I check if the power supply is working properly with a multimeter like the one in  the picture?   I did try setting it almost like the photo, one step to the right (20 V, black on COM and red on VΩmA), and when I touch the pins inside the connector I get a spark out of it. Pressing the black tip as well against the outside ring always result in a spark from the red tip and values reading erratic on the multimeter's screen. Can this be used to make any sense of this? I've looked for power supply replacements and they're looking to be very expensive to get directly from Wacom. One final question: if it is failing, could I try to get some alternative solution working here? I don't know, using an universal adaptor and request soldering a more common connector to this Wacom proprietary one's tip? Thank you in advance

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How to Put a dead GPU laptop to use ?

I bought an HP laptop (hp pavilion dv2000)from a friend who sold it to me as it never showed up the display .I though i might replace the Graphic adapter but later discovered that the NVdia trouble chip is integrated on the motherboard.The GPU heats up .I repaired it twice in a repair shop ..all they did was the heat-gun treatment on the chip and applying thermal paste . the treatment worked for two days and the display is gone again .I did the repair twice .I know it boots but does not displays anything .I don't mind opening the laptop apart , but i cant let it eat dust at one corner...what can i do with this laptop ..I have my mac as my main machine ..any ideas !!?

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How to make OBD II to USB adaptor

Can any body know or did any body have a project of making OBD II to usb adaptor. Kindly post with pics.. I want to make one to use with OBD II software on computer.

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Help , electric current from adaptor question

Ok kind of a noob question .. so im running 4 12v dc fans using .28 A current in Parallel with an adaptor that outputs 12V with .3 A current. my question is, will i need to add something (resistor or w/e) to limit the current  so my fans dont fry or will i be ok with nothing?.. i also want the voltage to remain at 12V , because i need them running at full  I searched the forums, couldn't find any specific answer Thanks for your help!! -Chris

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Hacking a cassette tape adapter?

Hey everyone!  I was wondering, would it be possible to use the head in one of those cassette-to-AUX adapters as a tape reading head? Finding a new magnetic tape head is like hunting for hen's teeth, so it'd be nice if that were an option.  Many thanks!

Question by DrRorschach    |  last reply

Power supply/adaptor for 12v 15w ac bulb?

Hi all. I have a light set with a 12v 15w AC bulb along with a 12v 1-2w small AC motor. I also received a adaptor along with it of 12v 1A AC. The adaptor worked only for an hr and went off. The primary winding were open when checked. I brought a new adaptor and the same thing happened. Can anyone please help me to find what kind of adaptor (output volt and Amp) is required for the light and motor to work.

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How can I run DC motors found in a CD Rom?

I have a DC Adaptor with variable voltages and I applied the wires to the terminals of the motors but they dont run. Am I missing something. Can they be run by simple adaptors,

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is there any way to make a computer screen into an s video or a composite yellow screen without opening the it up? Answered

I have a monitor to S-video / composite yellow adaptor (picture) and since it can use a Tv as a screen then cant it make a monitor into a "tv screen"? I think that by stripping the wire that connects the monitor and the computer tower and somehow adding 2 leads that go to a composite yellow connector (yellow adaptor in picture) then i should be able to use it as a screen. WILL THIS WORK?

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Help with Wireless Network Adaptor USB to me xborx 360

hello large you whether you-can use a whole andre usb wireless network adapter. ? where I think it is too expensive two buy a usb wireless network adapter for my xbox 360 er old xbox ps I am from Denmark and go the price is from 500 to 1000 in Danish kroner do you think about it?

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how do i lower the milliamps in my adjustable adaptor?

Hi it seems i need to lower the milliamps, currently at 1500, in my adjustable adaptor in order to run a small dc motor that usually runs with a rechargeable 2.6v battery. i think the ohm rating was 006.5 but im not sure. im trying to test these motors without having to bother to charge up loads of batteries all the bloody time. but i cant test them accurately as the motors run alot faster when plugged into the mains using the adaptor. what do you think is the best solution?

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Converting solar LED string lights to a wall wart adaptor.

Hi all I recently picked up some bargain priced solar string lights for room decoration and to provide a low level of light at night, I suffer from Meniere's disease and one of my triggers is moving around in complete darkness, unfortunately I also have problems going from darkness to light so simply turning on a light can also trigger an attack. I've tried all manner of different lighting but most were not suitable for a variety of reasons. A friend who is also a sufferer suggested LED string lights, the kind used at Christmas or to give some decorative lighting in gardens, he has similar problems with light and darkness to me and had been using them for several years he now has LED lights set into coving in every room of his house, I borrowed a loose string set of his he uses on some plants in a small conservatory while he was away on holiday and to use the same words I did to him on his return they were "Bang on perfect" bright enough to be able to move around comfortably (imagine a couple of candles in a bedroom) but not so bright that they keep me awake. I've had solar lights in the past and knew that the bargain price was probably because they had been in storage for some time so was not in the least surprised to find the batteries no longer take a full charge, I swapped out the old batteries for new ones but to be honest I bought them more for their look than the solar capability, I was originally seeking some mains ones but not wishing to have a hundred or more all I could find were solar or battery, I really don't want the hassle or expense of constantly replacing batteries and the solar ones come on automatically at night so it seemed a good compromise, unfortunately I'm still having problems, whether it's an issue of their not getting sufficient charge from the autumn sun to fully charge (the panels are stuck to my windows so are in full sun all day) or simply that the batteries are running down too soon they are just not lasting long enough for me to rely on them. What I would like to do is change the power to a mains wall wart, each string is powered by a singe AA 1.2v 600mAh battery and I'm hoping I can swap this out for a hard wired adaptor of suitable output. I'm not really an electronics/electrics guy, I can build wiring looms for motorcycles OK, I've made some simple additions to the circuits on my electric bike to power an alarm and installed 12v LED car bulbs into its lighting but that is all very simple low voltage stuff, I don't have much experience with converting from battery to mains. My questions are pretty straightforward and I'd like layman's answers, a whole lot of technical chatter about amps living in Ohms and suchlike will get me nowhere, all I want to know is is it a viable option and if possible where I could obtain the necessary adaptors suitable for UK 240v mains electrics online. These are the only tech specs I have on them that seem appropriate to my question are they are Solar Power: 2V 100mA If it's any help these are the lights in question. Thanks in advance for any help ideas and suggestions. NG.

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Charging batteries (in my case a 9V) from a Multi voltage wall adaptor?

Hi All, I would like to charge a 9 v rechargable battery from a power adaptor similar to the one below.  Can I just add a female plug to the battery and charge it direct?  Is there an optimum female plug that I should use?  Any advise would be handy. Thanks

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(newsletter) Magnetic Power Adaptor, Make Lipstick with Crayons, Dieselpunk Stereo

DIY Magnetic Power Adaptor Make Lipstick with Crayons Dieselpunk Stereophonic Amplifier Tatted Lace Panties Survival Bracelet Arduino on a Breadboard Velcro Hard Drive Dock Jasmine Tea Chocolate Truffles Wood Whittling 101 Guides Home Decorating Kids Crafts Cake Robots - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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How to remove an M42 Lens mount? Answered

Hello, I recently bought an adaptor for my Canon 600d ( rebel 3 ? ) to allow M42 lenses to fit to it. That was fine but the adaptor is stuck on the camera. It is not cross threaded. I have tried using slip-jawed pliers really hard, but not as hard as I could because I was afraid of damaging something. There is a small hole in the front of the adaptor if I press that and turn it , the adaptor separates, so I stopped that method. Any advice ? If not , I'll just go with the pliers as hard as I can. Thanks

Question by FriendOfHumanity    |  last reply

if I were to get a microsd card and its adaptor and put it into my nintendo Dsi would it work?

Do I have to use the special white sd cards?

Question by mrelement    |  last reply

could someone make an adaptor for my hot glue gun to melt zipstrips

I want to make an adapter for my hot glue gun to melt zip-ties that way i can turn them into filament for my 3d printer. just saying... If it could melt zip-ties and make filament why not use it to melt pop bottles? I could cut the top and bottom off a pop bottle and slice the sides up in a paper shredder then take the shreds and put them in  a hot glue gun to make the pop bottle into filament for my 3d printer. a little help please ? / what would I need to do to make this? I have the ability to print anything if someone could help design it. I wll share it with EVERYONE !

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Does Anyone know how to make a MicroSD USB adaptor for the R4 Card I lost mine in the water and cant get it back thank u Answered

Hi I lost my R4 MicroSD USB adaptor for the R4 Card in the water and i cant get it back and i dont want  to buy another one is there a way you can edit a USB so it can read a 4GB MicroSD Card Thanks Nathan

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How to make an automatic switching power supply for a 12v lamp (wall adaptor and batteries)? Answered

I'm converting a few lamps to run on 12v for wedding decorations, but would like them to have a bit more useful life after the big day. I am going to power the lamps from 8xAA batteries (to give 12v) which according to my calculations should power my 12v 4.5w (so 0.375a) LED bulb for somewhere between 4 and 5 hours (plenty of time for when they will be used). I would like to also put a DC socket on the lamps so they can be used as normal desk lamps with a wall adaptor, but still have the ability to run on batteries if needed. The simple solution would be to use a switch which can toggle between battery power and the wall power, but I would like to (if I can) wire it up so the switch is only "on or "off", and it will always run on wall power if it is available, but to switch automatically to battery power if not (if the cord gets pulled out or if there is a blackout, etc). I think I have worked out a circuit for this, but I haven't tested it yet, and I would appreciate any feedback on things I might have overlooked, or if there is a simpler way to do it. In my plan below: Wall Power (when available) runs from the DC socket, to the P-Channel mosfet gate (causing high resistance for the battery, effectively disconnecting it). The Power passes through a diode (to stop the battery connecting to the mosfet gate) then to the switch, bulb and to ground. If the wall socket is unplugged, or if there is no power running to it for some reason, then the mosfet gate drains via the resistor (I am unsure of what resistance to use here) to the negative battery terminal so the mosfet now provides low resistance for the battery. The Battery power runs to the mosfet, if there is low resistance it then goes to the switch, bulb and negative terminal on the battery. I have very limited space in the base of the lamp to put all this in so I am trying to keep it minimal and using as small components as I can (so I can keep as much concrete in the base as I can for stability). When I get it sorted I am intending to publish the project as a step-by-step for anyone else who might like a battery backed up lamp. If anything doesn't make sense please tell me and I will try to clear it up. Thanks for any help in advance!

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How to connect LED Strip

​Dear sir, i have purchased a 5 Meter LED strip with adaptor today in online. can u just instruct me how to connect the strip? the 12V adaptor will work for 5 Meter strip or can i use it the strip by cut in to pieces? kindly help me in this regard.

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Best point of connection for my external "Cantenna"? Answered

I have a "Cantenna" I built for my old laptop and it (the Cantenna) works GREAT!. I would like to connect it to my new USB wireless network adaptor (Linksys WUSB600) for better reception on my new laptop. I'm trying to determine the best point of connection (on the usb circuit board) for a short pigtail coax wire to connect my "Cantenna". The usb adaptor should have its own built in antenna on the circuit board but I don't know where it is after examining it.  

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dos any one know were to buy cheep laboratory equipment in The GTA or grater Toronto Area?

I need a: Hotplate, water condenser, three way adaptor,vacum adapter, claisen adaptor, three neck flask,sepparation funnel,dry tube, a flask, distilation colum,and a capillary with fine outlet.

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Make picooz micro heli controller run from ac/dc adator

Hi all, this is my first question so bear with me.... I want to mod all my micro heli transmitter/chargers to run of a 9V dc power adaptor, I'm tired of changing/charging batteries for them and seen as I sit next to a power socket when I fly this is the best option. For this question I am focusing on the picooz sidewinder remote. What I have planned is to use a dc barrel or 3.5mm jack socket, connect - to the battery - on the pcb and connect the tip to +in on the pcb the switched tip to the battery so that when nothing is plugged in it automatically runs from battery. what I would like to know is... where to add a capacitor and what rating, this to provide enough power for the fraction of a second when the plug is pulled out, without this I would have to "trim" the controller each time because it would turn off for that small amount of time and forgotten where it has been trimmed to. thanks in advance. ps once I have this working I will be doing a full Instructable on this subject.

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How do I convert a pair of aeroplane headphones to be used with a normal 3.5mm jack? Answered

The pair of headphones are from QANTAS business class. They have 3 prongs: 2 x 3.5mm and one 2.5mm The two 3.5mm prongs are for left and right sound but the 2.5mm is (i think) for power for the headphones and the noise cancelling ability. I'm not sure how to incorporate the 2.5mm prong into a normal jack or whether it's even possible. I want to use these on an mp3 player or if the power needed is too big then on a laptop. Your help or ideas is appreciated! Cheers, Tal

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DIY digital camera to web cam

Hi guys. I want to use my digital camera as a web camera so I can skype. I saw all these adaptors online but I was wondering if it was possible to make a DIY adaptor. Any ideas? I kind of on budget. :) I think there is some kind of circuit.

Topic by TobaTobias    |  last reply

now that rock band 3 has been release i was wondering if i buy the midi adaptor cani make my ps3 drum kit compatible?

I want to know if the midi adaptor can make my ps3 drum kit compatible with 360 and i enter to amazon and the weight of the item is 16pounds is that right?¿?

Question by luis-acs    |  last reply

Psp external battery

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a external battery pack (via adaptor) and make it so it will run from the battery pack. my concerns are: matching the voltage and mAH. as well as ensuring the safety of my psp i know that i already need the plug for the psp from the ac adaptor, anything else? also if possible, keep it as cheap as possible.

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Is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO Video Card compatible with a ATI Radeon X1200 graphic adaptor?

I purchased the NVIDIA card and installed it and the setup wizard is telling me that my graphic adaptor is incompatible and will not install the software. I tried downloading the NVIDIA Driver 182.08 from but that will not get past the setup either. It says that it cant locate any drivers that are compatible with my hardware. What can i do to make it work? Or did i just waste $130 on a Video Card that wont work with my PC?

Question by Blazer40    |  last reply

does the sd or sandisk cards have fit completly to use with adaptor to plug into my pc.?

I no this sound so stupid but i have a adaptor for my sony camera and i just got microsdhc card with adapter and i trying transfer stuff from my phone to the computer or vise versa.i dont want mess up my card but will it work if i still can fit into the adapter from the camera to the still has little it only75%fits.will it work or mess it up. so what i trying to ask is if even though my sandisk is littler than the slot that i need to plug in can it still read it or no?again it sound stupid but never know til ask.dont want mess it way my pc kinda old.only has one those thick usb plug ins.that why i want know if i can use my camera adapter and just stick my little card in best as possible and if it thanks so much

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whats the difference between magnetic wire and the enameled copper wire in dc power adaptor's transformers? Answered

Hello, i want to know, aside form colour, what is the diiference between retail labeled magnetic wire, and the enameled copper wire i find in a dc power pack (battery charger). the wire i am talking about is the thicker wire,  not the thin wire that the AC power flows through. i want to build a coilgun, but cannot afford magnetic wire, and want to know if the wire in the transformers will work. from what ive seen the guage / size is the same, and the only seeable difference is the colour , where one is copper colour and the other is red.

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electric current of Motherboard (approximately)? only motherboard, processor and ram, no HDD, PCI, PCIe, DVD Drive?

I made a plan to make the battery for the motherboard, I want to know, how much current is needed. I asks this because I have broken mutimeter. and i have a plan to buy MSI 785GM-P45, amd athlon II x2 245

Question by Rendydevara    |  last reply

USB charger? Answered

I want to make a usb charger with 3 ports in which I can plug my laptop adaptor (16v, 2.5A)and charge my phone and other usb devices. I am planning to use a Lm-317 to regulate the voltage. Will it be fine or I need to consider something else also? And please don't tell me I can buy one!

Question by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim    |  last reply

sensor bar pinout? Answered

Hey is anyone in the possesion or knows the wii sensorbar pinout? im attempting to make a usb adaptor for it, but i dont want to cut the cord to splice

Question by Krayzi99    |  last reply

servos run on 6.5V, but how many amps?

I have five servos running off a picaxe sd21 servo controller and it will operate using four AA batteries, but I want it to run off a wall adaptor. Now theres plenty of adjustable adaptors on the market giving from 3V to 12V and I've seen one that might work for me that can be set to 6.5/ 7.5V, but does anyone know the suitable current range for my device.

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how to build a portable speaker (for ipod) with a 10w speaker, 9v battery and a male adaptor, plz help!! :(?

I am attempting (but failing) to build y own portable speakers im trying to use a 4ohms / 10 watt speaker with a 9 volt battery and a male jack for my ipod i have assembled it all to the best of my knowledge but when i put the battery on the bare wires (testing if it works), ipod says music is playing but the speaker has other ideas.   this is my first build of my own and i can't get past this problem :'( any help would be much apreciated :)

Question by Reger3142    |  last reply

Zune to Ipod socket connector

I've just got a ZUNE, love it, but all MP3 accessories seem to be made for Ipods. Has anyone seen a adaptor from Zune to Ipod accessories?

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Iphone 6 component out?

I am connecting my car to an Apple CarPlay head unit via the lighting cable. I am also trying to get a component out as per older iphones however I am aware that apple no longer offers this. I know that there are adaptors out there however I know that apple can kick up a fuss unless you use genuine apple parts. I know that there is a HDMI and lightening adaptor and that is exactly what I am looking for except it must be Component. Is this possible?

Question by SamC17    |  last reply

any suggestions of how to fix my bass?

I used an adaptor of the input in my bass and its been stuck there ever since plus some of the wiring inside got disconnected

Question by cris101    |  last reply

Hyi 090-02180-i3 no power out put to the tv

To tell you the truth cant afford a new ac adaptor any help on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Question by cruto66    |  last reply

Led light board help?

I want to connect a led light board;=item3a67dca2b7#ht_5240wt_1139 To an ac power adaptor;=item4153343382#ht_4258wt_905 What fittings/ connectors do i need.  I know nothing about led lighting at all. Please help  I want to make a light base with these components to light up an alcohol bottle from the base up 

Question by aussiedude    |  last reply