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How much maximum frequency and maximum power we can get from an amplifier. I mean what is the latest technology about amplifier.

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Hi all,  I got two 3-way-speakers (8ohm) from my uncle, but I don't have an amplifier. I wanted to use these speakers as audio-monitors for my pc. Is it possible to make an (easy) amplifier-circuit for this use? And do I need one or two circuits (1 circuit-1 speaker / 1 circuit-2 speakers)? Thanks for helping me out! Arnout PS: Sorry if my english isn't that good - I'm from Belgium ;)

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Hi Im new to the site and it is awesome Can someone tell me where in a speaker /radio/walkman is the amplifier as I really want to make one for a project Can you tell me how can I salvage an amp to make an Altoids amp powered by a 9V Thanks a lot

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Does anybody have any idea on how to design a headphone amp that will use the incoming sound voltage as a voltage supply? Possibly something like a joule thief to amp the power?

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Amplifier mod

My old DVD/amplifier's DVD is broken so i thought i would convert it to a portable amplifier with some more inputs and stuff, anyone know where i might find blueprints or something so that i might easier figure out what's what? it's a Centrum Triton 110, (sucks, but then it doesn't matter if i mess with it) thanks

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Amplifier Schematics? Answered

Can anybody get me a an amplifier schematic which can drive an 8" sub-woofer, two  8" Speakers and two tweeters? Actually my neighbor built an amplifier which is driving the same mentioned above . He resides in the nearby apartment still when he uses that amplifier i can feel the bass hear the treble and get the music to my ears sitting in my apartments. When i asked him the schematics he laughed at me and said that I am a noob of drove me out of his house, ARROGANT MAN. So please guys help me out in this regard. Thanks in Advance  

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audio amplifier

HI, i have a bunch of transistors that i took out of an old cd stereo. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make an audio amp using one or two of them. I am really new to electronics and I haven't had much luck figuring it out on my own. The transistors I have are like little rectangles with a hole on top the kind that usually has a heat sink. some of the numbers on them are: B1344, B1342, k3053, D2012, i also have alot of capacitors ranging from .47 to 3300uf  these are 50 v and 30 v. I've tried other audio amp plans but im having trouble learning to read the schematics. Any help is appreciated ill make an instructable if i can figure it out.

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operational amplifier

I need someone that can tell me what an operational amplifier is. ive been googling these shenanigans for the better part of a day and cant seem to find anything other than technical diagrams. i just want to know, generally, what they do, what theyre used for, and where i would find one inside something in my house. im actually really pissed off right now, every page ive read tells me how important they are, and exactly how they work, and that they are used "in a wide variety of electronics", and that they have "nearly infinite uses" but no one seems to say "hey, here's where you might be able to find one, and here's what it will be doing" anyone got any answers to this. and so help me god, if i see any schematics posted with that little triangle that ive been staring at all day, i might set someones house on fire. (not mine, of course....but someones.....)

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Make DIY guitar amplifier with operational amplifiers? Answered

Hello I'm new, I'm not very good at electronics, I wanted to ask if I can make a small guitar amp with an operational amplifier! I have 2 UA741  DATASHEET = http:// Online I've seen several projects, but used LM386 Exemple is possible to create an amplifier, having 2 operational amplifiers UA741, or if there is a scheme that I can follow?? sorry if I did something wrong, but then again I'm new :) Thanks in advance!

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High Voltage Amplifier

I am trying to build a high voltage amplifier that will amplify an AC signal of approx. +-5V to a signal of approx +-100V.  I was looking into building a common-source amp using JFETs or a common-emitter amp using BJTs, but both seem to have an output waveform of 0V to +100V.  Is there a way to modify these amps to have an output waveform of -100V to +100V?   Also, if anyone has any better Ideas, please let me know. Mark

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how to make a amplifier?

i have SANSUI speaker having wires in barb wire form.... i need a power supply for that , for which i need a amplifier... help people.........

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Old Amplifier Challenge

Have a few old amplifiers around.  wondering what they can be combined to re-create. Best Re-purpose for 1 old amplifier... Thanks.

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Help with amplifier 5.1

Good day, I had a samsung HT-40X home theater; however, the main unit died. So, I want to use the speaker and create a new audio system. The speakers spec are in the picture attached:[1].pdf thanks.

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Simple audio amplifier?

Alrighty, I'm a n00b to this world but I'm really into it. I just bought a simple amplifier kit and put it together. It is a stereo amp but I am only getting output to one speaker. The only problem I can think of is how i rigged up the inputs. I took a 3.5mm jack and combined the ground from the left and right channels. Can you not do that? How do I fix this without running two individual mono channels? Thanks in advance!

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Microphone to speaker amplifiers

I want to make a microphone to 8 ohm speaker amplifier. I have tried using the lm386 op amp, however, the results were poor. What other IC could I use for this project? PD: It would also be of great help if any of you could send me a schematic along with the new IC since I am relatively new to electronics and still learning.

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Fix noise in amplifier?

 recently make a lm386 amplifier  test it with battery and my eleminator power supply it is working fine. i also add a filtering capacitor. But when I connect it to a 12v adapter it marking some hum noise .So how can I repair it?

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Wireless headphones to amplifier Answered

I took apart some wireless headphones because I wanted to hook up the receiver to an amplifier using a 1/4" male jack but in confusion I tore off the speaker leads and grounds I managed to find the leads (marked SP1 and SP2 I only want one side though since its a mono plug) if the Part marked SP1 is the lead how do I find the ground?

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Broken bass amplifier

Hey, I have this 10w bass amplifier for home practice. Problem is that it gives no sound through the speaker, but it works fine through the headphone output. I have Checked the fuse, which was ok. I have also connected other speakers to the amplifier to see if it is the speaker itself that is broken, it seems like it is not. Seems like quite a curious problem, but can it be fixed? It sure would be nice to play without headphones again.

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Passive amplifier with a transistor? Answered

It's possible to build a passive amplifier with a transistor? i have think about something that might work with a capacitor conecting the audio + to the transistor base. not sure if will do, and if it do i don,t know how much resistence is needed on the other end of the circuit. also i'm going to use 2 15 ohm speakers in series.

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Help : LM386N Amplifier

Hey guys. I'm new to these forms so please bear with me. I am very new to Instructables and this is my first project. I am currently working on THIS INSTRUCTABLE: All I did is connected all the components as shown in the link. What I decided was to use an aux cable to connect my phone to input jack and connect my computer speakers to output jack. After connecting the 9v battery and connecting phone and speakers, all that happened was that led lighted up slightly and no sound from speakers. The moment I turned the volume of phone to maximum , LED started blinking still no sound. Plz help......:(  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :) Sorry for bad English...:(

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Telephone amplifier schematic? Answered

Hi, I saw this cool thing on Make; an instrument that picks up remote signals and makes noise. This link shows the original product: I hear the product is a telephone amplifier with a coil as an input. I would like to know if there is a schematic for the amp that someone new to electronics could work on. Its really interesting stuff. Thanks

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How powerful is this amplifier?

I bought this amplifier kit and I'd like to know what its capabilities are.   I was going to make a Chu Moy headphone amp but remember that I bought this a while ago and never did anything with it.  I'm going to guess that this isn't a top-notch amp, but I was wondering what I could get away with by using this.   Specs: music power output: 7W / 4ohm RMS output: 3.5W / 4ohm or 2W / 8ohm total harmonic distortion: 0.05% (1W / 1kHz) frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (-3dB) signal/noise ratio: 86dB (A weighted) input sensitivity: 40mV / 150Kohm overload and short-circuit protected supply voltage: 15V DC (8 to 18V DC possible) / 0.5A dimensions: 2.2 x 1.4" I'm assuming that this would be good enough for use as a headphone amp?  Would I be able to run this off a 9V battery?

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LM386 amplifier overheating? Answered

I built a simple LM386 based audio amplifier (schematic attached), but it appears to be over-amplifying, as it makes horrible squeaking noises and picks up a lot of interference. It also gets very hot in use, so I only switch it on for a few seconds at a time. I'm guessing this is because of the high amplification as I have a commercial amplifier that uses an LM386 and it does so without a heatsink, although unfortunately I can't reverse-engineer it and even if I did, my circuit would almost certainly have to be remade. I tried changing the potentiometer today from 1k to 10k and even 100k, but they didn't have much affect. What component(s) should I change to give ti less amplification, I only need about 2-6 times amplification, preferably adjustable but it doesn't matter too much.

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audio amplifier transistor? Answered

I pulled what looked like a voltage regulator from a PSU, i guess as it turns out its not? apparently its a audio aplifier transistor, but what would that be doing in a PSU? if its any use, it was near a fan connector on a small sub-board... markings are: UTC 2SD880 (2 small, undistinguishable letters)RKOB (or 0B) i believe this is the datasheet, correct me if im wrong.

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Choosing the Right Amplifier?

Halo everyone again! This time around, I am planning to build a dedicated modern jukebox/ music kiosk. It will have touchscreen and all the good stuff. HOWEVER, I am not sure of the what amp to use for the speakers. I am planning to drive 6 coaxial speakers on this thing, 3 for each channel. The coaxes have a spec of 35watt continuous and 140watt peak. First off, will 6 of these be powerful enough to get a large living room thumping for parties, and if yes, what power amp would i need? I am planning ot buy the Sure Electronics amp boards, but ont know if i should get the 2 channel 100watt or invest in the 2 channel 300watt. These coaxes are 4ohms each, and i will probably hook them up in series. (unless there's a better way you guys can recommend). Would appreciate any and all help!

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is this usable as a sond amplifier? Answered

I have this lm324 chip from a old stud finder, i searched for a datasheet and found this: it says a op amp, so will it work as a audio amp? sorry. i have never used ics before, and i dont know how to really read datasheets much

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741 Signal amplifier Answered

How would I go about creating an amplifier using an LM741 to amplify a 0mv-400mv signal to a 0v-4v signal? All the circuits from google or textbooks don't work, or produce strange oscillations. The only way I can get it to work is in inverting mode, where I can get -4v-0v out, which isn't very useful. My specific application for this is for a digital thermometer. I intend to amplify the 0-400mv analogue signal from an LM35 linear temperature sensor, then somehow sample that without using loads of logic or transistors and convert it to decimal or binary, then drive a dual 7-segment display to show the temperature. I have a prototype made using 20 comparators and 10 xor gates, and countless diodes, so if anyone could advise me on an easier way to do that, that would be great. And no PICs/AVRs, I know how to use them and have programmers, but I prefer to do "real" electronics using CMOS chips.

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Matching speakers to amplifier

I have purchased 2 Maxamp20 amplifiers ( and i am trying to match speakers to them, i've searched audio forums for information (that i mostly don't understand) and tried asking questions (that have been mostly ignored) and i think i've found appropriate speakers but i want to get a second opinion before i purchase stuff i might not be able to return. i don't have the space for and can't afford the weight requirements of a large enclosure but i want fairly high volume and wide dispersion so im looking at getting 2 of these PA horns ( to mount on top of a shallow down firing enclosure for 2 of these subs ( i know the subs work with that amplifier because they are used in Boominators ( but i have no idea about the horns. also assuming this setup is okay do i need some kind of filter or crossover (not sure of the difference) to split the sound safely between the midrange and the sub speakers?

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Operational Amplifier not working? Answered

Hello, I'm trying to use the KA324 IC (which consists of four opamps) for amplifying an audio signal. I've tried almost every schematic from this website: and also from lots of other websites, but none of them work. If the output volume is Really low, the sound is pretty good, but very quiet. When I turn up the volume, the sound is really bad, I almost can't recognise the song I'm playing. The output volume is also not that really high. If I keep increasing the input voltage, the output stops increasing after a while. It's not really 'loud' at that moment too. I've connected the IC to 12V DC (between the two middle pins). The + input goes to the ground connection, the - input goes to my POT voltage divider of the input voltage. The output pin goes straight to the speaker. I also added a 100kOhm resistor between output and - input. Without that resistor, I hear nothing at all but I think that's normal. I've also tried the three other op-amps from that IC but no luck. Is this opamp just not ment for audio amplification? or am I doing something wrong? Greetings, Electorials

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Audio amplifier grounding

How to make proper grounding in audio amplifier circuit? How to have separate signal and power grounds?

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Daisy Chain Amplifiers?

I have a couple amplifier chips, and i would like to know how i could daisy chain them (connect them together for more power)i am using STMicro TDA7266s pdf i have tried putting amplifier chip in series with each other (not the outputs, but all the pins)help?

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Simple guitar amplifier?

Just curios, is it possible to build a (very) simple guitar amplifier out of  2x2N2222, a 8 Ohm speaker, a battery and some resistors? Note: I have a guitar cable with another and cut off.

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differential amplifier tech

Hello, I'm following a circuit diagram for a current monitor that uses an op-amp as a differential amplifier. Connected to V- and V+ on the amp are the positive and negative leads of a 10mH Inductor that senses the current (as much as 9A) passing through an insulated positive line. The gain on the op amp, I'm told, is 220. If I calculated this correctly then at 9 amps in the insulated wire, 0.09V should be produced by the inductor and there upon entering the V+ lead and -0.09V in the V- lead for a differential of 0.18V which gets amplified to 39.6V. However the voltage source that powers the op amp is only 9V. So question # 1: Did I break down the math correctly? question #2: What happens to the excess voltage from the gain? I am getting all of my op amp information from wikipedia. I've never used an op amp successfully before.

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Tube amplifier schematic

Does anyone have a schematic for a stereo tube amplifier, I just acquired a large quantity of tubes, a tube tester and some other assorted electronics from my grandfather. Ive always wanted to make a nice tube amp, now all i need is direction. It will be another 2 weeks or so before I can actually pick them up and start testing them so I was just trying to find some schematics to get me in the right direction. I figure this may even make a nice first instructable as long as im not completely lost in the schematic. Thanks smoke

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Amplifying speakers and IC's

I have come to the instructables forum today in search for knowledge. So I have been working on a simple speaker system for my ipod shuffle, the speaker I used is quite old, but was the only one I found laying around. When I plug my ipod into the circuit everything works fine the only problem is that it is barely audible. Is there a way to amplify the sound so I can actually hear it without having to stick my ear right next to it? Pictures of my work so far will be provided. Oh also identifying the IC's included in the gallery would be of utmost help. Thanks in advance.

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Lm 324 amplifier?

Hello i am trying to build a Lm324 Stereo preamp to go into my 100w tube amp, and i cannot find any schematics on 324's. My idea was to have each channel occupy its own side of the chip, and having a switch to switch between 1 and 2 amp stages. please help thank you.

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dual 3 ohm amplifier circuit.

I have two 3 ohm stereo speakers, which i wish to connect to a computer. What is the ic chip that i should use for best quality? Please help me with a circuit!

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Can someone help me build an amplifier?

I want to put a loudspeaker on my backpack, but I want it to be at least 50watts and that's not a problem, the problem is connecting it to an mp3 player... I need some kind of amplifier for it right? I was wondering if someone can help me build that amplifier...

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I want to make a simple very simple audio amplifier

Hi people im a 15 year old south african,i want to make a small,very very very very simple and self powered audio amplifier that can work with i sed im 15 and i dont know alot about electronics,so please help me remember the amplifier must be as simple and cheap as possible just say capacitors and resistor and tel me how to make it self powered.thanks in advance,o and 1 more thing please tell me your email address because i might have questions

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How to increase/amplify the load of my mini audio compo music system cause.,

I wanted to add more speakers, if I add more speakers the sound of existing speakers getting weak., is it possible to make our own amplifier... if yes How? and I know it is easy to find a proper amplifier from the market, but I would like to make my own..if possible..

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i want to make a 10 watt amplifier , which can play songs from a USB Flash Drive .........

Please provide me with the circuit and list of materials required

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i was repairing a home amplifier when it "unrepaired" itself. help?

I found a samsung mm-c430 home amplifier the other day, and decided to take a stab at fixing it. i replaced a few burnt out parts and tried it out. nothing. then, while using my multimeter to check things, i noticed the main transformer wasnt putting out any voltages. this lead to more probing around a mosfet when suddenly the VFD lit up and the device appreared operational. my multimeter had shorted out two contacts and that led to the system starting up the way it should, rather than just turning on the LEDs. i turned off the device and turned it back on, and just the LEDs lit up. then i went back with my multimeter to the same spot and t started again! so i went and soldered two wires and a load (resistor) and went back to try again. the resistor burned, and the device did not power up properly. i tried again with my multimeter and nothing. i removed the wires and tried again, and still nothing. now im really confused with whats going on here. can anyone help? attached a photo. it was taken before any repairs were done, but the two points are labeled. the chip is a pwm controller, and the pin labeled is VCC

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i'v got a micro chip from an old cd drive. i wanna make an amplifier and i was wondering is it equivalent to lm386?

I'v seen the cd audio amplifier instructable but i ripped it apart long ago. surprisingly i'v got the micro that's why i was asking if they are the same purpose.

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if any one can help me with fixing a stereo amp iv just put a link on community page?

The link is help fixing a stereo amp  ( with pictures) sorry my camera is crap at taking close ups

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Adcom Amp GFA-555 II hissing out of the right side..too old to fix?

My Adcom GFA 555 II amplifier is producing a slight hiss/static sound from the right side. I made sure by switching the cables, and swapping terminal contacts and its always the right side (red and black). the music comes along with it, but its annoying to hear along with the static. You hear it most on quieter passages. It was coming and going, but now its heard all the time. I guess i have to take it in to fix, but its 20 yrs old, and i worry about paying to fix a broken part, only to have another part fail a week later.

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