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what should I do with the disk drive motor stator what projects could I do?

I was thinking an ark reactor model or a small decked out diamagnetic levitating art piece sculpture thing I got it out of a laptop if anyone is wondering

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any ideas?

Does any one hav any ideas i cant come up wit any at the moment

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any americans

Hy i want to know what america is like so can any one give me a heads up

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Any tips...

Any advice for those of us just starting out? -KB1QID

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any subscribers

Please subscribe to me im lonley

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Any Instructables?

If you are planning to contribute a knex gun instructable tell about it here.

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Any requests?

Hey ppl! Anyone want me to make an instructable for anything on here? Hope you request something for me to do any instructable on! Thx! =D

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any ideas for this? Answered

Just found this in my stuffs. Scavenged from an old photocopier years ago, any use to it? like using it for a sort of battery indicator displaying in percentageX10^-2

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Any Ideas?

Hey, i was wondering if anybody can give me some ideas of guns to make.

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any ideas

I have several laptop and electronics parts lying around any suggestions on what to do with them for example I have several cellphones with cameras and screens and deconstructed laptops and the lcd screens for the laptop as well just need a good idea for a project with them

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Any tips?

I created my "first" instructable in quite some time, and I feel I may be a bit rusty.  (took a while to pop up on the site too....) So I would appreciate any tips or hints as to how I can improve on future projects!  Gimme a holla!

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any ideas?

Dang, i got nuffin. ok, i need a new idea for a new 'ible. my hobbies and interests are: simple computer operations (up to the upgrading ram point), basketball, music, games, humor, and crude weapons for starters

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Any Help?

Hello. i was wondering witch one of you knexers live near philidelphia cuz i really want to build my own knex gun but i need help with the trigger and the overall design of the gun so plz reply if you can help!! :)

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Any Suggestions?

So I recently did an instructable on Liquid Light emulsion, (a darkroom technique for printing on objects, link posted below).  I'd like to do more projects with this, though I think it may take  some time.  But while I'm gathering my materials to make a darkroom, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what I should print the images on or what images you think would look cool.  HELP!!

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any interest in this?

Well you guys, I just finished my knex crossbow/rifle I'm working on, and im thinkin on makin an instructable on it. The reason for me posting this is asking if you guys think you may wanna try and make it, before i waste tons of time on it. Here's the description of it: Its a very sturdy weapon, which means it can take a considerable amount of stress. It is not only a crossbow, but the bottom half of it is a single shot pistol which i am currently working on an automatic reload system. Very powerful, and strudy. So if anyone thinks they're interested, I may post it.

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Any Knexers in England?

Any Knexers in England? If so, please tell me (if you want to), which town you live in. I will tell you that I live in England, Blackpool.

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Australian members. Are there any?

Just interested to know if there are any other Aussie Instructible members? Haven't managed to spot many yet, but am interested to know how many we are. seems to be becoming very popular over here, with several of my work collegues frequenting the site.

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Are there any iblers in Kansas?

This is a sort of follow up question to my one before but are there any iblers in Kansas? More so on the east side?

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Car engine stps running without ANY warning

My car: 2001 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, 95,000 miles Car always starts the first time I get in. I could be driving several days without any problem. Or It could shut off  every couple of days.  It's could even happen twice a day. Up to now it restarts after several seconds. Is there any answer? I'm at my wits end. Thankyou

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Hi all, is there an instuructables idea which is use recycle goods as a main materials and with a small cash ?

I'm an Indonesian student which is looking for a very good idea (using a small penny) from instructables so i can conduct it as a small business, in purpose to help my parent at least my self to fare my collage. Thanks a lot.

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Can a gun get any scarier?

Can a gun get any scarier? I think not. Now the thing that scares me is that the gun alone could kill you in a fraction of a second, and yet, they feel the need to make it even more deady... I LIKE IT >:-) And see if you notice something about the guy holding it... (Look at his uniform hehe)

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Any ways to make a motorized Blind?

Any ways to make a motorized Blind? Saw someone on instructable made one, but without instructions. I read somewhere, someone mentioned to go SOMFY SYSTEMS INC and read about motor and cord take-up system that fits into the existing blind headrail. But SOMFY SYSTEMS INC mentioned the specs and not on how to do it. Now i am kind of lost. As a beginner, i am only at this stage. This is what i found.  I need to know what kind of DC motors with what voltage and power, can roll up a blind. Wonder will a 12V DC motor with 30rpm do the trick? Thanks!!!

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Are there any knex guns that just need to be built? Answered

What im meaning by "Need to be built" are guns like the tr , mezak , and the knexsayer?

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What have you been building????? =D This  is my newest build

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telescope camera for homemade super low light camera

I want a camera that can shoot in extremely low light without long exposure times. it can be in black and white it would be nice if it did this with a very large lens so they make sensors for telescopes that are very sensitive, take very nice photos, are designedd to be hooked up to a computer and have whatever lens u stick in front of it work. i think we could use an arduino* a really big lens, and a telescope camera to build our own digital cameras with whatever outr special needs may be.

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Any Innovative Ideas ?

Hi I'm a final year engineering student. I need to do a project. For me it must some what interesting at the same time it must be helpful for society. So I decided to do a device or machine that should be useful to people. For that I'm asking you guys.      Do you ever have a thought that in your daily routine work that "it will be nice if we have a device for that" .something else friends . Please let me know. I'll do that. If it is your innovation then it'll be nice and I make it creativity.

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Any hacks for a Palm100?

Any hacks for a Palm100?

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Any Good Ideas?

Has any one got a really good weapons I can put on my battle bot?? 

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are there any mods to the knexsayer? Answered

Well i have a knexsayer and i cant think of any mods and i want to mod it

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Is there any one out there? Answered

 Is there any other 13 year olds who are into things like drawing,animation and blowing things up in Ireland

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No Pics in any instructibles

I cannot get any pics at all. Using Linux Ubuntu and Win XP with firefox 3. They used to show but suddenly stopped appearing.

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Any thoughts on aerogels? Answered

I want to make some aerogel, but I need it to be relatively cheap.

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Any Girl Knexers?

I haven't come across any girls knexers yet. I know you are all calling me a pedofile and stalker but really Knex was make pecificly for boys so why don't girls use it?

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Are there any youngsters on Instructables????? Answered

Ok so, im 12, is there anyone within or below the 10-18 age group other than me? am i alone???

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Any good bands?

 I really like bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, The Jesus Lizard, Seaweed, Black Flag, Sonic youth, etc. I am tired of living in the 90s, and was wondering if anyone knew any newer bands that I might like.  Thanks! 

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Money! Any ammount!

I don't know if this is against the rules, if it is, Im really sorry! Anyways, I am searching for good sould to help me out with my high school project! I am a Mechanic and a filmmaker, so i wanna connect the two things and make a professional video about my motorcycle, and all the repairs. But, to do that i need some equipment, and as I am a student (students and ex-students will feel me) I don't have enough money to buy it. So im kindly asking any of you Instructablers, if ANY of you could give me ANY ammount of money, and Im talking like $1, $2,or any ammount you wish, I would be the happiest guy ever! Thanks if you help me, or if you took your time to read this!

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any starter projects?

I am really new to electroic hacking but i love the thought of making stuff out of crap electronics, i have an old portable b/w tv , a old flatbed scanner, a pistol grip laser temp gun. is there any ideas on what i can build out of these and some other stuff? this will be my first project. i do have some knowlage about electricity and i am a do it yourselfer so i know tools. any help would be great, Thank you

Topic by wiccanman82  

Any thoughts on this CB? Answered

Any thoughts on this handheld CB? I'd like to get a CB radio, but I don't really want to mount one. I have been looking at this handheld. Thoughts/comments are appreciated!

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Are there any real paradoxes? Answered

I'm interested in paradoxes, like "You cannot prove a negative" as a statement of fact. Because I'm thinking these things are only apparent paradoxes, and I'd like some more to think about. L

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Are there any Greeks on instructables?

Hi, Could someone help me out with a nice little instructable on how to make the Greek pastry called Bougatsa? I really enjoyed it during my holiday and would like to prepare it at home. I really liked the sweet kind : Bougatsa Krema. so are there any Greeks on instructables who are willing to share their grandmother's secret recipe? Thanks!

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Any Maple alternatives?

I need a something that plots graphs (three-dimensional is better), solves differential equations and counts integrals - Maple would be ideal - plus I think that learning to use it is a nice constructive thing to do in the summer before starting university, but it costs a lot more than I can painlessly pay...  Any ideas? Probably some older versions are free or cheap, or there are any other programs? I looks like I'm only going to use it in the summer as they probably should give something to students... To be more specific, I'm trying to learn GTR and calculate some geodesics.

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Any new contests?

It was pretty obvious that the laser cutter contest got the creative juices flowing in quite a few people. Anything new coming up? I think even T shirts as prizes would get people off their ass - like me :)

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Any Simmers here?

Just wondering if there are any Sim fans here. I've always liked the sim games, Sim City, Sim Farm, Sim Tower.. you get the idea. When The Sims came out it was only natural to try it and I became hooked. 10 years later and we are now up to Sims 3 and I have all the expansion and stuff packs for Sims, Sims 2 and Sims 3. Currently I'm loving the addition of pets to the mix.

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Got Any Suggestions?

Well, after starting my group "Better Than That One," I thought it might be nice to let all of its members know that I am open to suggestions as to what guns to add to the group.

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any z80 simulator ?

Hello, am a student in my final year ,am preparing a project based on microprocessor z80 of ZILOG , i am looking for a software to build my circuit in and simulate it to see if it works on not , i tried PROTEUS v.7, i have ssen also z80 IDE simulator nothing could help me.   so if you can help to find any simulator that includes the z80 microprocessor it will be much easier to work.this is my email :   thank you for answering  

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Any ideas or challenges?

I'm bored. I want to make somrthing out of knex. I have no idea what to make. Like a gun, or a coaster, or maybe a ball machiene. What should i make?

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Any recommended rifles?

Aby rifles out there that are realistic, powerful and has a good range with few or minimal pieces and has some cool features e.g. Removable mags, bolt/pump/lever/break action, near frictionless barrels, cool loading action if not removable mag, horizontal mag etc.

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Any ideas for a bedroom?

I am a 16 year old who loves math,science,and electronics(and programming).I have to design my new room(a 14'x20' empty space right now) and am out of ideas.I tried searching the site for some cool ideas,but my searching skills are pretty bad and all I could find was some secret hidden compartments(which is more than cool btw),and a study table.My woodworking skills are not very good,but I can get almost anything done with a little help from my awesome neighbour,and I think my knowledge in electronics is decent enough for some basic home automation.Do you have any cool ideas i could work on?Any help would be really appreciated :D tl;dr  designing room,need ideas thanks

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