Instructables app for iPad?

I had a app for my iPad, but there is no update? So I deleted it. Where can I find a new App for instructables for the iPad?

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App yet?

Is an iPad app being developed?

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App yet?

Anyone developing and iPad app yet?

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Ebooks on iPad? Answered

How in the world do I get an ebook that I downloaded to show up in the iBook app on my iPad?

Question by solardave 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

ipad app for posting ibles? Answered

I guess this is more of a request than a question, sooooo.. Can someone please make an app for IPads that allows you to post a new 'ible and upload pictures???   I'm thinking something similar to the facebook app that allows you to "choose a picture from your library" or 'take a new picture"? writing an app is well beyond the scope of what I can do/have time to learn how. Please instructaballers, show some app ingenuity!

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Instructables iPad/iPhone app.

Hey, is there anyone out there that can write a iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that would automatically sign into Instructables, and show all steps?

Question by Robotic_mage 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do I write an app? (without paying for a service)?

I found plenty of places to pay for it,  but how can I do it myself?

Question by sarahfish 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Is or has instructables designed an app for the iPad?

Question by cockleman1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is there a good text editor for the iPad?

I recently received an iPad for my birthday. I have been loading some of my favorite books into iTunes to read in the iBooks reader app. Some of these books I have scanned and run through OCR (optical character recognition) before generating the EPUB format that iBook uses. As much as I try to catch errors before I export to iTunes, I still find errors in the text of these books while I am reading them. So far, I have highlighted the passages that need to be edited and then gone back to the master file on my PC to correct them. Then I re-sync them to my iPad. Quite a laborious process and one that requires me to go back to my PC to fix things long after I have found them. Is there a text editor app for the iPad that I can use to edit either the text in the EPUB container (a collection of XHTML files) or to edit a plain text file to correct spelling, punctuation, etc? I would like to be able to edit the mistakes and then sync them back to my PC when I reconnect. While I would like to find a free app that would work, I would pay for an app that let me do this. Or, is there a way to sync annotations that you make in iBooks when you reconnect? I could develop a desktop application that could recognize annotation tags and edit the EPUB file from the tags. It seems like the iPad would be an ideal platform for proof-reading, but I haven't found the right software yet.

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iPad App bug. The most irritating one. Please solve. Arrgh

I'm using the app on the iPad. Mine is an iPad Air 2, and the OS is 8.4 version. Whenever you try to click on the 'explore' dropdown on the top the app exits (don't know If it crashes. It just exits and I come to the home screen). It is the most irritating thing ever. I tried this when I'm Logged in, the app exits and logs me out as well. When I'm logged out, the app exits. This happens as soon as you touch the explore dropdown on the top bar. Please please fix it. It screws up the entire experience.  i can't really give you any screen shots since there is non error message. 

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How do a start writing an app?

Ok, so the ipad 2 looks like an instructables machine!  I saw another post that rumored an ible app is on the way, which is sweet. How do I start writing apps myself?

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iTunes app not available in Canada? Answered

Why is it not available in Canada?

Question by jon_chalk 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Making the mobile app better

Wouldn't it be great if the mobile app could do all that you can do via a PC or Mac? For example use the forums....or post a message into a selected forum. I think it would be good if the mobile app displayed all the contests and challenges instead of missing some out. I am sure that once upon a time I could use the mobile browser to at least view the main site that way. Now they cleverly detect that I am in mobile device and do not display the same content. Diesanyone else want the mobile experience to match the desktop experience?

Topic by Gregarious 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

IOS App?? explore Crash

Hate to beat a dead horse but, can we at least fix the IOS app to make it usable? If you don't know what I'm talking about download app and tap on explore. You only have to try it two or three times before you delete app. Seems to me many potential contributors to the DIY community will move on after discovering that such a great database is impossible to explore...wait where did it go? There it is...expl..whoops..screw it. 

Topic by G-Bus 3 years ago

iPad app exiting when pressing "Explore All"

I am using an IPad air with latest iOS updates and version 2.64.5 of the Instructables app For the past 6 months or so, whenever I go into the app and press "Explore All" the app simply exits back to my IPads homescreeen. All other app functionality appears ok. I have tried: - shutting and restarting the app - a hard reset - deleting and redownloading the app - as a last ditch effor, doing a factory reset and restoring from backup None of the above has worked and it's really destroyed my ability to use Instructables on the IPad and the desktop version is a little clunky to explore on a tablet. I have submitted feedback a couple of times through the app but that hasn't seemed to have done anything. I really hope asking here might help me resolve this! Thanks Darren

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iPhone app is a great idea but what about the iPad?

I got all excited when I saw there was an iPhone app but unfortunately it isn't compatible with iPads (not even on 2x). Any chance a boffin could get an iPad version going?

Topic by itamer 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Use old ipad as always-on wall mounted family organiser/info center

Hey everyoneI was looking at a bunch of instructables today for making a Magic Mirror, and I love the idea of making one. Could be a good info hub in my kitchen potentially, but then I figured that as much as I like the idea of building one, 1) I'm a little limited on time currently, and 2) I have an iPad (3rd gen, first one that got the retina screen) that really doesn't see much use now.So I figured that might be a good starting point until I have more time to build something from scratch, specially since it's touchscreen which is ideal for adding stuff to lists or amending things etc.I'm not worried about it being a mirror, but basically I want it to meet the following (approx) criteria:1) To remain with the screen always on - (think you can just set it to never lock in settings and this would do that?)2) To ideally be widget based content, to include such things as:WeatherA family based calendar (that individual calendars on other devices can link to preferably) Reminders Imminent events (for say the next 3 things in the calendar perhaps)Shopping listNow after some searching I can see there are quite a few family organiser type apps, but having gone through a bunch of them I can't quite find anything that suits quite what I had in mind because of the following sort of issues I've encountered:App needs to be on newer version of iOS (can't update this ipad to 10 or higher - it's forever to be on 9.x)Apps don't have weather and/or aren't widget based (or pleasing to the eye)Apps are for the iPhone not iPad, so don't look great.Don't let you change the interface/layout.So I've got tired of looking for the right app for this after setting up different accounts on loads of apps then finding they're not to my liking for one reason or another, and am wondering more if there's something like a web based tool that would give this sort of customisable functionality, or something I could install on my local network (even on my nas since that can run apps & services etc (synology diskstation)) that will give a local web page that the ipad could maybe just permanently display/interact with on safari or something?Grateful to hear what people would suggest for accomplishing what I want for this project. Maybe there's an existing app that can display modular/custom content, which would be ideal since it would keep the touch screen input for stuff like shopping lists etc?I'm going to mess about with Magic Mirror anyway and see what I can do with that, but appreciate any cool suggestions on different tools to try.Thanks! :)

Topic by Mr Joshua 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Native iOS and Android App Retirement

Hello Community! In an ongoing effort to make sure that Instructables is able to focus its product development efforts where they count most for existing an new authors, we are officially retiring our native iOS and Android apps. Note that this does not affect mobile web. I expect continued investment in mobile technologies for years to come, but we will focus on the experience of people using Instructables through their mobile web browsers, rather than through downloaded apps. For those keeping score, this isn't exactly news. We have not released new versions of either app in over two years, and they have become steadily buggier and buggier during that time due primarily to changes in their respective environments. Android 2 and iOS 5 were current when we released them originally, and Android 7 and iOS 10 are very different beasts. Simply keeping up -- even without adding anything new or fixing any bugs -- requires a constant investment of development time from Instructables, and prevents that time from going to projects with greater impact. The original purposes for the apps were: 1) To lower the bar to Instructables authorship by providing direct access to upload photos taken on smart phones 2) To improve the browsing experience by making it faster Since they were released, mobile technologies have progressed to the point that #1 is no longer a concern. Our mobile web editor already has full support for uploading images directly from your phone. #2 is also coming into striking distance soon, as browser manufacturers begin to standardize their implementation of offline content for mobile web sites, sometimes referred to collectively as "progressive web apps". We'll be watching these technologies closely, and we'll be among the first to speed up your browsing experience with offline components when cross-browser solutions become available. We have already developed (and will continue to expand on) Accelerated Mobile Pages, which mean we display nearly instantaneously when you tap an AMP result on mobile from Google. You can identify these pages via a lightning bolt in mobile search results: In short, the reasons that we developed the native apps no longer apply, and we're dropping support for them in favor of putting those energies where they are able to have greater impact for the community: Mobile Web. The apps will soon be removed from sale from their respective download stores. For existing users who have downloaded these apps and are using them currently: feel free to continue doing so, though we would urge you to upload your Instructable Drafts to the website as soon as possible. While we don't expect the editing process to break, no support is available should you experience issues in the future. You can also use the apps to browse Instructables, though I believe there are already some issues that have started adding friction to this experience. Thanks, all, for your continued support of our vibrant community! ~Devs

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iOS App: Explore Drop Down crashes app

IOS 9.3 ipad air instructables app when I attempt to use the explore drop down on the main screen, the app crashes. thanks

Topic by Marcos El Malo 3 years ago

iPad App when click Explore All, flash back

Hi, I'm new here, I use my iPad App when click Explore All, app flash back

Topic by KenRon 3 years ago

iOS app redirects login

I can't sign into the Instructables Apple iOS app from my iPad, with my account credentials.  Each time I click on anything to do with account, login, or settings, it redirects and opens the Instructables site in the browser. After I enter the account info into the browser and log in, I am still not logged into the app. Repeatedly I have tried different methods of connects, but still have this issue.  Has anyone else had this issue, found a work-a-round, or knows what the problem is? 

Topic by auchaus 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Instructables Classes on iPad? iOS App Removed?

I've enrolled for a class and wanted to view it on my iPad (my preferred method for viewing video content). However, following any class link off the main site shows only a blank page. I went to the App store hoping to download the Instructables App I'd read about, but that seems to have been removed from the iOS store (at least in the US).  Is it impossible to use Instructable classes on the iPad? I'm on an iPad Air 2.

Question by montressor 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Browsing by categories crash

When I open the app on my iPad (iOS 10.0.1) the app just crashes to the home screen. This goes for pressing both the top menu and the drop down menu. My app version is the newest version (2.64.5)

Topic by GuestPolis 2 years ago

Launch a specific iphone app when docking in home made dock? How doable is this?

I'm doing a project to build myself a quality ipad speaker cabinet dock (because the ones to buy are aither not good enough or too costly), and had an idea for a feature that would be cool, but I have no idea how I could implement it. I want to incorporate and old school 80s/90s type LED spectrum analyser in it for display, ie this sort of thing:;=e9kApA2UbBk Now I could buy the one shown in that video for about $130 plus postage but I can't really afford to pay out money like that for a bit of bling. I've got an iphone app called Audio LED which gives the same kind of display based on sound through the mic, and I'm wondering if I added a second dock for the phone (the dock is for the ipad but could easily have room for the phone too. It'd make sense if this project could actually house and charge them both) if there's a way of linking this app to audio output from the dock? Probably sounds confusing sorry, but to clarify, if the ipad and iphone are both in the dock cabinet then playing music from the dock would automatically launch the spectrum analyser app on the phone.  That's what I want but it it probably well beyond my means without a lot of advice. I know that docks can trigger certain behaviour in the phones, so they clearly are sending a message to the phone when it docks (eg with the "iLuv" branded docks you get a message on the phone asking if you want to download their app when you dock the phone). So this certainly seems doable because to do this the phone must 'know' it is attached to a specific brand of dock in order to prompt the download.  That means the dock is sending info to the phone to tell it this, and that's what I want to somehow replicate, but with commands instead that tell it to launch this Audio LED app. Ie logic something along the lines of: if       Phonestatus == Docked &       Musicplaying == Yes then       Telliphonetostartthedisplayapp Probably pie in the sky really, but I'm certain in theory it's doable - it's just whether it's realistically doable for me. There's a much easier alternative that involves the likes of one of these really cool and cheap LCD displays:;=GBP You program them via a parallel cable I think using software like LCDsmartie, and people have used them for exactly what I want, but the problem is that means it being connected to a PC, and that kind of rules these out in this case alas.  Anyone savvy with the sort of stuff that'd be needed to do this please pipe up now, or if it's really dreaming then by all means say so. I've got some basics electronics knowledge and even used to make my own PCBs and stuff when I was a kid but only really know a few basics.  I've got stuff like breadboard and a various components etc and am happy to meddle but I'm guessing this would require programming of some kind of chip to store the commands, and knowledge of how the code distinguishes one app from another to identify the right one. Alternative suggestions welcome on how I could have a pretty looking spectrum analyser without spending tons of cash. If money was no object I'd just buy one of those ones I linked to at the top, but that's far from being the case!!! Cheers!

Topic by Mr Joshua 7 years ago

When are you going to come up with an instructables app? I would love to be able to post from my iPad!?

I absolutely love this website! The quality, creativity, and originality of the ideas are  amazing! I have started to gather ideas of my own, but can't post from my iPad... Are you planning on developing an app? looking forward to it!

Question by artzcool 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

iPad Problems - 14 Problems with Apple's iPad

Apple just revealed the new Apple iPad Tablet that will probably make it one of the first failures by Apple's latest line of products. Apple revealed this new Tablet PC as a challenger to netbooks. However, it's already been labeled a "less powerful, but more expensive netbook." Here are 14 iPad problems that made this Apple iPad an iDisappointment. 1. No Multitasking The Apple iPad is just like the iPhone, in that there is no multitasking. You can't work on a document and talk on AIM or Gtalk. In other words, the iPad just a giant iPod Touch (the iPod Touch being better) and cannot match netbooks. 2. It Has an Awkward Design The design is a bit awkward because you have to hold it in one hand and balance it while your other hand uses the functionality or more likely you will need to put it on your knees to use it properly. It's like holding a monitor, I'm sure nothing will happen to it. Some people complain about the Bezel being too large, but perhaps this was necessary so that you don't constantly give commands while moving around. 3. No Adobe Flash Were you considering watching Hulu on this? How about youtube (well we'll have to wait for an app for that)? Thinking of playing flash games while waiting on the bus? Oh well. 4. No USB, Need Adapters Again with the iPod design, you need to plug in the special Apple adapter. If you lose it, you'll have to buy another. If you want to plug in multiple devices you need USB to iPad adapters! Since it's not even using Mac OS, most USB devices would probably not work anyway. 5. AT&T; Once Again Are you thinking of purchasing the 3G version? You'll need to get it with AT&T; and think of how overloaded their service will be now. There is no Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint service available for this product, some of which has better coverage. You can't use T-Mobile's 3G at all because of their MicroSIM made specifically for AT&T.; 6. Memory Business Model Apple will charge you extra for higher memory. It's a business model they use for all their products to increase profits. That's why they don't want other storage devices being inserted to improve memory. You're also stuck with a limit of 64GB, so don't think about putting in all your music, movies, or games. 7. Touch Keyboard Many people were complaining about the touchscreen keyboard. Which would be fine if it worked perfectly and you didn't have to sit it exactly on your lap and make sure it's flat. You can however, attach an Apple keyboard, just another way for Apple to make money. 8. App Store Again Just like the iPod Touch you have to download everything from an App store. Meaning if you don't like Safari, you're stuck with it. Some apps may be banned once again. 9. No Cameras Yeah no web cams on the front, and no cameras for photos or videos from the back either. 10. No Removable Battery You can't just take an extra battery with you on a long trip because the battery works the same way as an iPod (though my bet is, it doesn't last as long). 11. No HDMI/DVI Output You can't plug this thing into your TV to display your HD movies. You'd need AppleTV for that. 12. No Widescreen 16:9 ain't happening, you're stuck with a 4:3 screen. 13. No GPS There's no GPS, so --unlike the T-Mobile MyTouch or the Verizon Droid which both run on Android, can multitask and have GPS so that you can use the Beta Google Maps Navigation system for turn-by-turn directions-- you're stuck with locating yourself via WiFi hotspots. 14. It's Large, Slow, and Clunky Not only will you have to buy accessories to protect your device, it's very large making it easy to drop and probably won't live a healthy life in a backpack filled with notebooks and other possibly sharp objects. There may be a number of accessories sold by Apple to cover some of these problems. The iPad max speed is 1GHz (A4 processor) and will probably be just as slow surfing the web as most other smartphones and it won't match up to netbooks. There is no Mac OS X or anything either, it's definitely the iPhone OS except without the Phone capability and of course I'm sure they will ban Google Voice and Skype. The iPad is about the size of a Kindle, so it is nice for reading e-books I suppose, but then I'm not sure why I wouldn't just buy a Kindle. As with all companies that initially have much success, they get a little overconfident and launch a product just to create more hype and increase their stock prices.   More related iPad Problem resources: ipad wiki - What you need to know about iPad The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. Announced on January 27, 2010, it is similar in functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch, running the same operating system (iPhone OS) and almost all of the same applications...

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Instructables app shuts down when you select explore button

Every time I select explore button on the instructables app the app shuts down. I have the current IOS up loaded to my iPad and the most up to date version of the app. I tried restarting my iPad with out any luck. I also tried uninstalling and reloading the app and I have the same results. Any words of advice.

Topic by Hullkd 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

On an iPad, how do you make a folder? Answered

I think I've made one before, but I forgot.  I know how to move apps in and out of folders, but I forgot how to make folders.

Question by thispageiscringeignoreit 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to make a rc transmitter for iPod to control a helicopter.???

Control can be done to control this app

Question by krusnik_06 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Problems with new site and iPad!

The new web page format includes many dropdown boxes that do not work with the ipad. The ipad does not support a "hover" event so when you to select a dropdown item it doesn't work. Did not have this problem with previous website. I know that there is a limited app for the iphone but it does not appear appropriate for the ipad.  This makes it virtually impossible to navigate instructables on the ipad. 

Topic by DCA 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Play SNES on your iPad

There are more and more gaming apps coming to the iPad all the time, but if you have a retro gaming itch that you want to scratch you can play SNES games on it with a Wiimote. Lifehacker breaks it down into four easy steps so you can see if you can still get high scores on the classics. How to Play SNES on your iPad in Four Easy Steps

Topic by fungus amungus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Need some suggestions with a School iPhone app

Now that I'm back at school, I've been assigned with the task of creating an official school iPhone app. I was told that it needed to be easy to use, and contain information that students would need, or like to see. Currently the school has an intranet, where you can access the Daily Notices (teachers can post stuff etc), email, 'Our Files' (web FTP interface for documents), school calendar. It used to have your class timetables and attendance records, but it no longer works because we switched to a new system and it'll take some time to connect the new database to the website. What I want to do is create an app which goes further than the intranet, and has features that students want. Because it's a long weekend, I can't do any sort of survey at school to find out what people want, so I'll ask you! If you were at a high school, what information would you want quickly? This is what I want to implement so far: Notices Canteen prices Exam timetables School Rules Calendar Notification system (i.e a popup saying something like 'Don't forget about Athletics Day tomorrow!') Photo Gallery Does anyone else have any ideas? I've included a screenshot of what the current intranet looks like, and what I want the app to look like.

Topic by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What are some good iPod Touch apps?

Question by freelife571 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Which device is best to make a instructable? Answered

Trying Safari on IPad but not working for the best.Maybe I should use the app,don't really know. Any suggestions?

Question by GingerSnapsAM 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

IOS and Instructables

Hey was up guys, I know this may be too much to ask but.... CAN THERE BE AN INSTRUCTABLES APP?????? So many times I have wanted to make an instructable on my iPad or iPod, but I can't because firstly you can't choose the files (like photos, videos and links) and secondly when you go on the instructables website on iPod or iPhone, the text is either zoomed in or out so u cant read it. If you were to make one it would be a whole lot easier and there would be a lot more instructables being made. Just think about it, if u just brain stormed and wanted to make an instructables, you can easily start one and you can then either choose photo, video or take photo, video. This would be a bunch helpful. If you cant do it then that's fine, but if u were to do it, I would buy it for how ever much it would be. Thanks

Topic by seanthesheep101 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Animated GIFs

My cover image is a animated GIF and it works fine on a PC.  I tried to view my instructable on an iphone and ipad.    It doesn't animate at all on the Iphone app unless I click on the image.  It comes over as a fractured picture on the Ipad app.  Has anyone else had the same issue? Here is the project.

Topic by mtairymd 3 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Bug: embedded YouTube videos on iPad

YouTube videos imbedded on instructible pages only provide audio.  The video is black but the audio plays as expected.  The pause stop and play function work normally.  Just a black video with sound.  Imbedded videos work on other sites like Make, hackaday, and hacked gadgets. I assumed it could just be my iPad, but I just did a restore to factory setting and am in the process of reloading data and apps when I noticed the videos still don't work. Thanks iMega

Topic by iMega 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

123D Design for iOS update out now!

What's new: * Color! Set colors for your design. Defined colors will appear when the model is opened in 123D Design web and desktop tools. * Dimensions. Tap on an object to display its measurements. *Create image snapshots of your design that you can email, share, or save to your image library. * Contextual menus appear with a long press on parts or on the canvas. * Insert parts by dragging and dropping to the canvas, or double tap a part to drop it at the origin. * Lock or unlock objects in the workspace. * UI improvements and bug fixes.;=8

Topic by andrewt 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Send audio with arduino through bluetooth to an IOS and save it in the App.

I have an arduino board and I need to capture audio with a mic, send it through bluetooth BLE and receive it in an IOS App to save it in the iphone or Ipad.

Topic by FreddyA17 1 year ago

Can't Sign-In Using My iPad Air in Mobile Safari

The iOS Instructables app directs me to the sign-in page in mobile Safari to sign-in, but the page won't recognize my taps to enter username and password.  I'm using iOS 9.3.

Topic by hartpete 3 years ago

iOS does not upload the new instructable

1. What Operating system the device iOS 10.3 ipad & iphone 2. Browser information including version number, if you're using the mobile app include app version number. App version 2.64.5 5. steps to reproduce, Write a draft, save to instructables. Results in  "Error ! Please use an allowed HTTP method!"

Topic by mariosis 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Phone guitar

Phone apps are creeping more into the musical space. Famous musicians have been seen using cell phones with apps to play in their shows. Steffest has combined multiple phones into a guitar and can be seen here playing the results. Now I want to see him add an iPad for the guitar body and make the entire thing touchscreen. via Make

Topic by fungus amungus 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

NEW AND NEED HELP! After I signed up I received a code for free year membership and now I can't find the code!? Answered

I had just signed up I copied the code so I could put it in the box after verifying my account in email! I put it in and it said it was already used expired???? Also during this time I changed the usser name and downloaded the app for ipad but been switching back to my ipad Safari browser bc they need a ipad app not just iPhone app! Anyways I been trying to find the link and code again and I can't find it inorder to try it again or get assistance! I love this site and I am new and still not understanding how everything works! Thank you for any help!!!!!

Question by BrandiWine 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Classes not working properly

When you pass classes on browser on iPad (not in App) and return to site on regular computer - classes progress show not properly. I have go in every lesson in site on regular computer to update info of progress.

Topic by Andy_I 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

instructables and a few issues with Mac, iPhone and iPad

I have had numerous issues related to writing step by step instructables on my iPad as well as iPhone and my mac....this site needs its own app for iPad and iPhone....I use my mac at home with similar are a few of the issues: While writing in the text box, when you go to delete a few letters,the cursor jumps to either the beginning of the paragraph or goes directly to the end... there is no internal spell check within the contents of the text box toolbar area or any where else that I can find the a few times I wrote an entire step and went to save it and then a error window appeared and I lost all of the data in that step when uploading images, sometimes you get a progress bar and other times not...never sure if its uploading or not for the first minute or so THIS IS WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED IN THE PAST TWO DAYS WHEN TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THE THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE..MIND YOU I JUST INSTALLED THE FIREFOX BROWSER BECAUSE SAFARI HAD SIMILAR ISSUES... Firefox can't find the file at;=on&includeImages;=on&imageSize;=MEDIUM&includeRelated;=on&includeComments;=on&includeImages;=off&includeComments;=off&includeTableOfContents;=off&includeRelated;=off&includeHeader;=off.

Topic by tinpie 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do you upload a picture for your instructable from an iPad? I can't seem to make it work.

 Wordpress had a similar issue and recently updated their iOS app to make it work, it'd be great if there was a similar solution for Instructables. The Android app doesn't appear to support Instructable creation, so that's not an option either. Seems like a great opportunity to open the community up to all the iOS users out there...

Question by MatthewTaylor 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Unable to Update Settings

I'm using Mobile Safari, iOS 9.3 on an IPad Air. I've tried other browsers. iCab Mobile DOES WORK, so I was able to change my password after a password reset. i don't see anywhere in the iOS app to change settings, either. Thanks

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Summer 2014 Updates

The site is always undergoing changes as we work continuously to make Instructables easier and more fun to use. Sometimes these changes can go lost or unnoticed, so I thought it might be time to post here more often. If you're interested in seeing more frequent updates here, please comment on this topic directly so that I know it's worth taking some extra time. This summer there have been a number of significant changes: iPad support for our iOS App Live in the app store now! We're especially proud of our beautifully redesigned app for iOS7, with full iPad and iPhone support. We were featured in the app store once the app released, and we hope everyone enjoys the new editorial presentation of Instructables, complete with large images beautifully assembled. Social Login You can now use your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Autodesk accounts to sign up for an Instructables account. It's easier than ever to get involved at Instructables! While we were at it, we redesigned the flow and the associated UI, and made in-context modal login work more smoothly. Fusion 360 Integration  For those interested in 3d modeling, the Fusion360 Viewer is a great way to show off your projects. Ultimately, they'll be supporting a wide variety of file formats, and using the Fusion360 viewer will ensure that your project looks its best as people browse the site. Click the link to learn how to embed your 3d models. Fluid Homepage, Contest Page, and Explore Page Designs As screens get larger and higher resolution, we're trying to make sure you can get the most of the screen real estate that's available. To this end, we're gradually making our pages fill up more of the available space on screen. The contest page was updated at the beginning of summer, and the homepage and explore page have been updated in the last couple of weeks. And... around the corner: Much Improved Search Results We'll be testing and rolling out greatly improved results when you are looking for something in particular. We've been serving our own internal results for a long time, but through your feedback we've heard these aren't good enough. We're in the final stages of testing a new much-more-intuitive provider of search results, and we should have those working shortly. Mobile Web More and more people find Instructables first on their phones, and we don't want you to have to download an app to have a good experience on the site. Big changes to mobile web are on their way, stay posted.

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Instructables pong help?

I have been thinking about this for a long time: An insctructables version of pong.  I would like some help with it possible positions include: -Someone to download a bunch of famous instructablers profiles (Like lemonine and fungus amungus and kiteman (probably spelled all of their names wrong)) -A Java programmer to help me make an android and/or iphone/ipad app out of it. -A couple python programmers because the main language im going to do it in is python. -Possibly graphic designers. If you have any interest leave a comment or send me a message or an owl or a pigeon or use your preferred method of communication.

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New Commenting Bug

Did the change to comments affect commenting on Apple devices? I have both an Ipad mini and an Iphone 5 on ios 7 that have trouble commenting. When I leave a comment, the grey pop-up appears and says "missing comment text," even when I in fact did type something. The only ways I can comment now are through my "discussions" page and the ios app, which doesn't let me reply, either. I will repost this in the "bugs" forum as well. This comment was typed from my Ipod touch that runs ios 6.1.5 and still can reply. But the change is good in part, I used it to italicize words in this comment. :)

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