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Herbst Appliance

-update-cant believe the attention this has got. either way i got my braces august of 2008. Wednesday before school started. Finally.straight teeth finally, and i can eat! so great.either way it still took like 5 or 6 years, too long.Im just wearing an invisible retainer(behind my teeth, its glued in, its just a wire). Cant even feel it.Just think- if you have braces- how good it will feel when you get them off...OK, I have braces, meant to correct the spaces that were in between my teeth, and also, to move my lower jaw forward. I've had them for...5 YEARS! Needless to say, they JUST finished closing most of the gaps(again, after 5 years), and are working on moving my jaw forward. So, like almost every person I see with braces (well, some), I got rubber bands. I actually had a choice between them and the Herbst appliance. I picked the herbst-y thing, but they didn't have a, blah blah blah, long story short, I got rubberbands until the part came in. So the part came in today, and I went for them to put it on, and after about an extremely boring hour, they were on. Anyway, It wasn't until then that I realized what (Insert bad word(s) here) things these were. I can't eat ( more specifically- chew), talk (clearly), or EVEN FULLY CLOSE MY MOUTH!.i hate them...................SO... ...on a lighter note, does anyone here have/had that herbst thing before?Update- I got them off, and I'm wearing rubber-bands now.

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microwave oven repair?

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Smart appliances with NodeMCU

How Can I control my home appliances remotely using NodeMCU connection with appliances

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Power consumption of appliances

Hello everybody,I'm new here (hopefully no mistakes yet) and I just decided to upgrade my preexistent solar system but know very little about.My first question (of probably many to come) is: how do you calculate watts hour of something like a fridge or a freezer?I'm looking to buy the most energy-efficient fridge on the market which is rated 299kwh per year.What is the Watt Hour?Many thanks.

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Replace broken appliance handle

The plastic handle on my ancient upright freezer broke.  The manufacturer no longer makes the part.  The screw holes on the door are 9 1/4" apart.  What is the easiest way to make a replacement handle? 

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Foreign 220V appliance in the USA?

Hi...I am moving back to USA from South Korea. I want to bring my LG fridge model # R-T693TH 220V and would like to know if it will work in the US if I install a 220V electrical system in the house. Or would I require a step down  220V to 110v thnx for your replies.

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If you could invent one appliance, what would it be?

Hello Instructables! I am volunteering at a local high school science and engineering event, and I am looking to put a list together of some Out-of-the-Box inventions for your home (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, cooking, cleaning, anything!).  I was going to present the list to these kids to see if they have any more ideas to piggy back off of them to get them to start thinking innovatively. If you could invent any appliance for the home, what would it be?

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how do you change the induction heater element in a Bosch oven?

I have a Bosch HBL745 electric oven (2 actually) but the induction heater element keeps burning out on one of them. I have watched the repair once and it looks easy, but it would be nice to have a procedure. For example, does the oven need to be fully removed from the wall unit or can the repair be done in place?

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Household Appliance Efficiency (Slowing the meter)

Hello, Does anyone have an idea how I can build a device or circuit board that I can hook up a computer  to monitor the efficiency of Appliance and hopefully write a computer programe to maximize the efficiency of the appliance and minimize the power drawn from the power grid. Basically slowing down the meter while the appliances still operate at their full potential? Thanks 

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I'd like to bring a European appliance to US and run on a 220V line in my home. Besides clock speed, any other probs?

Specifically, this is for an espresso machine - which has some motors and servos, but no clock. It's a lot cheaper here (I live in Europe right now).

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How practical is using bismuth for stovetop heat transfer? Answered

A stove that heats pots by induction is a nice idea, but it is still not common and will not work with all pots.Suppose, instead, the pot and resistive heating element were placed in a well that was filled with bismuth or another metal that has a low melting point. How would the efficiency of this compare to a pan sitting on an induction cooker, gas stove, or ordinary resistive heating element? What would be some important practical considerations, if this were implemented?

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How to use an old freezer/fridge as a garden box or fish pond? How would you establish drainage?

Not that I have space for such here at home, but thinking along green lines and how to recycle old appliances. I know my grandpa had an old freezer he used that was converted to a mini green house wiht some grow lights, but I was thinking more along the lines of container gardening or fish pond.

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How to Clean a Glass Stove Top?

I have a glass stove top that I cannot get clean.  I have tried oven cleaner, Bon Ami, Ajax, Comet and the run of household cleaners.  I am not concerned about scratching at this point (I tried steel wool!), but want the black burn off!

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Does nobody modify vacuum cleaners?

Lately I've been looking for vacuum cleaner mods. I've done several Google searches and Instructables searches, and found only this one bag-to-bagless conversion. I expected there to be at least a handful of pages on vacuum cleaner modification on the Web. Does anybody have any suggestions on where to look?

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Does anyone know how to construct a heating pad that would work for a reptile heating environment?

Preferably with a thermostat to control temp as well. I don't want to know how to wire the two together. I don't want to know how to build a basking rock. I would like to know how to build my own regulated heating pad.?

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My Maytag Performa toploader washer stops moving during wash and rinse cycle.

I watched it fill with water, then the agitator started moving. After a minute or so, the agitator stopped moving but the motor was still running. I moved the knob to the spin cycle and the washer drained and spun as normal. Wonder if there is some sort of belt that may be wearing out? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Merry Christmas!---Rob

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Chumby One

Zachninme first turned me on to the Chumby, and if you haven't heard, they're coming out with a new version called the Chumby One. It's going to cost $120 (as opposed to the classic's $200), but if you pre-order it, you can get it for $100. The new one is plastic instead of bean baggy and has a retro feel. There are a few other new features, such as a rechargeable battery compartment, as well. I ordered mine a few days ago, who else is getting one? And to any developers out there, I'd like to suggest an instructables widget! Ideally, you'd be able to view a particular instructable. Imagine being able to carry it around instead of printing out a copy/carrying a laptop. I don't know much about the limits of widgets, but if you can't search for one via the chumby, maybe you could send it to the chumby from the computer with a log on? If anybody's interested in developing that, I'll help test it once I get mine ;) Update: Apparently Ewilhelm is ahead of the game. He's already made a widget that shows recent instructables. It would still be awesome to be able to choose the instructable, however. If you don't know what a chumby is, it's an "internet appliance." A Chumby is a small box with a 3.5 inch touch screen, speakers, an accelerometer, a usb port and of course, wifi. It's mostly useless if it can't connect to the internet (either with wifi or a USB Ethernet converter) because everything you do streams from You set up channels of widgets (user written applications that include everything from games and internet radio to RSS feeds and sports scores). You pick a channel and it will rotate through the widgets that are on it. You can also set it to switch to certain channels at certain times (alarm clock, etc) This will be my first one, but I'm super pumped to get it. I think the reduced price lasts through the end of the month, but don't hold me to it.

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Is there a way to make an air compressor that plugs into the wall run off of alkaline batteries? Answered

Is there a way to make an air compressor that plugs into the wall run off of alkaline batteries?

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What are the requirements for PAT test and what is the cheapest place for testing 1 item (UK)? Best awnser gets a patch Answered

Im looking at getting some of me stage lighting equipment tested so I can use it in a public place. I hope for it to pass first time as I don't want to spend too much money. I also want to the cheapest place  for testing 1 item in the UK for PAT testing. BEST AWNSER GETS A PATCH! Thanks   Oscar

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Is there a face appliance simillar to liquid latex, but reusable? Answered

Im trying to make a "chin extension" for a costume I have in mind for Halloween, but I dont want to have to form it from liquid latex every time I put it on. Is there a way to make such an appliance that can be reused?Thanks, -xD

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home appliances control through GSM

Plz help me this is my project i am working on it can any body tell me how does the circuit is working.

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Who knows Blender? (not the kitchen appliance)

So, anyone know about Blender, free rendering program? if you do, post some stuff you've made.

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rustoleum epoxy appliance paint on wood?

Hello all, I'm building a DIY wood aquarium conopy/hood and I'm thinking of using Rust-Oleum appliance spray paint for the interior, was wondering if anyone has every used it on wood? Or any suggestions for aquarium hood interior paint. Thinking of either that or using some white spray paint and then a top coat of spar urethane? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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Which AC appliances will run on DC?

I am planning on constructing a completely self sufficient home, with the energy created in DC using a water wheel, windmill, and/or generator. I wanted to stay away from inverters (unless REALLY needed), and wonder if i can make dc plug sockets and plug the AC appliances into the DC (building rules and regs wouldnt apply) . They would mainly be simple kitchen appliances eg mixers, and a lot of tools. They would be run from a bank of 12v batteries. i would also use DC lights in the house.i thought this may be possible from this instructables-,-without-an-Inv/any help would be GREATLY appreciated!?

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Is this legal? (UK electrical appliance question) Answered

Kitewife just bought a Christmas decoration, but when it came out of the bag, the connection was as shown in the image. The loose wire is already a safety concern, about which I shall be contacting the store, but I also I thought that appliances sold in the UK had to have a plug moulded onto the power lead? Since the decoration is lit with old-style filament bulbs instead of LEDs, I am wondering if she has been sold something that has been sitting in a warehouse since before the legislation changed?

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Where can I find a PIC microcontroller, in electrical appliances or else? Answered

I thought It'll be better if I could get a PIC micro controller from an Electronic appliance. I need one to make an LED Cube for my project, I need minimum 10 and it'll cost me more than I'll have to sell them for. I think I'll find one in an old radio or something . . . . .  So could someone please tell me: Where I could find a PIC microcontroller, from any device?

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tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontics treatment??

Tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontic treatment??

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Kombucha or sprout heater from a potpourri pot or other appliance?

I need something to heat a bucket of kombucha tea to 70 degrees Fahrenheit when the heat is off in the kitchen where I will be keeping it. The temperature dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in there. I also need something to warm sprouting jars, which I'll be keeping on a shelf that I plan to enclose with a window blind or something else to keep the heat in, but allow ventilation. I don't think I need a thermostat for either of these. The temperature doesn't have to be exact. For the kombucha, I could buy a heating pad for $60 or a heat belt for $20 and pay to have them shipped or I could go to the local aquarium store and buy some fish tank heaters, but I'd prefer to spend less, make something myself out of something old and not support an aquarium store. I'm not a big fan of fish prisons. The thrift stores around here have lots of old appliances for $2-$5 each. I thought I could make heaters using the heating element of one of the small potpourri pots I've seen at Goodwill. I saw online that these pots are heated with a wire wrapped around the (irremovable) pot. Any thoughts on how I could make heaters with this heating element that are safe and not too hot? Any ideas using other appliances? Another option would be to find a cheap heating pad (for heating people) without auto shutoff and use that on the Kombucha at least. I'm not sure that that would be warm enough though, but maybe it's a more worthwhile option that trying to make a heater. What do you think? Should I forget making something for the Kombucha and look for a heating pad instead? Thanks for your help.

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Which type of PIC do I need for the 3x3x3 LED CUBE? Answered

I was building a 3x3x3 LED Cube from an Project ( one of the part needed was an PIC16F690 microcontroller,so I visited the manufacturer website (Microchip) and found the Product but with different annotations (I don't know what they mean) at the end. SO COULD SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME: Which type of PIC16F690 do I need: PIC16F690-E/P OR PIC16F690-I/P OR ELSE SEE: COULD YOU TELL ME WHICH ONE OF THESE ON SITE LINK ? THANKS IN ADVANCE

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How can I make a white refrigerator black with out using appliance paint?

I have heard of "skins" for appliances to change their appearance and hard of someone using some sort of plastic but cannot find it on the internet.

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Can someone help me to add a dimmer switch or other temperature controller to my hotplate?

I saw the soldering iron controllers but my hotplate has a switch and I was hoping to put the dimmer right on the unit.  I basically want the coil to run a little cooler.  Thanks for your help!

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Timer gadget to press a button (on a dishwasher)?

Back in the days when appliances had real dials and switches on them, you could set the program and then put it on a timer switch so that it would run on off-peak electric. Now that they're all software controlled with soft switches you can't do that unless you either pay a premium for one with a timer or if they have memory to resume the program from a power cut. What I'm looking for is a simple little thing with a timer on it that you stick over the top of the soft power button, and it will press it (unless you can trigger a soft switch like a capacitive switch by sticking a voltage in front of it?) when the timer runs down. Is there a little gadget to do this? or does anyone have plans to build something? I know I could hack a timer into it fairly easily but that would mean voiding the warranty. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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will an ac appliance run on dc without an inverter?

I look at all the DC windmill and solar panel projects on the net and I was wondering if an AC appliance (lamps, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, etc) will run on DC current. Answers? Opinions? Further Questions?

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Has anyone ever "repainted" their old kitchen appliances for a new look... Answered

Preferably in black or stainless steel look. How did it turn out?

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finding parts from old appliances and junk?

Im looking for a web site that tells you where you can find all sorts of re useable parts like electronics  and mechanical things  from inside old or new appliances such as vacumbs microwaves or phones or anything. i saw one before but cant find it again.  any help ? cheers. 

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Any ideas for repurposing small appliances? parts? Answered

Any ideas on what these could be repurposed for? Is it worth taking parts or should I just donate them? Coffee maker (I replaced it because it was white and got discolored), but it still works fine and has a digital clock. Toaster Oven (got a larger one now). The oven is a small basic one wire rack style with knobs - nothing digital. BTW. If I can't find a use for either of these, and someone wants them, they can have them for free, provided they pay shipping. - canucksgirl

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Some free appliances in G'ville, FL area

We have a dishwasher, 2 microwaves, a scanner, and two large old monitors that are all non-working. I'm not going to try some of these instructables that involve electronics (not with my luck and skill...flames would be the least of the effects, I am sure) but someone else would be welcome to take them and make good use of them. There ought to be all sorts of great parts.

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How to operate home appliances through website with php and javascript ?

Please tell me the step by step procedure of how to turn a simple bulb on / off through website by using php / javascript .?

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will12 volt dc appliance work with 19 volt dc supply

I'm wondering if I can run a 12 volt DC thermoelectric cooler with a 19 volt power supply from an old laptop

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How can I remove the copper wire from appliance armatures, rotors? Answered

What I have is a collection of armatures & rotors from various electric appliances I have dissected. Appliances, fans, blender, even teeny computer widgets. The windings would give me lots of different diameter wire to ...wrap the ends of wooden pieces...bamboo at the culms...etc. Blasted steel gets in the way. What's a way to get at the wire without destroying it? Cold chisel the steel, separate, then cut each individual layer?? Please include details or a way to contact you if I need more info. Thanks

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Computer-Controlled Appliances, Dired Fruit Rolls, Install Drip Irrigation

Computer-Controlled Appliances Dried Fruit Rolls Install Drip Irrigation USB-Powered Marble Machine Cheap Multitrack Recording Crazy Looper Grass Charging Station Variable Neutral Density Filter Wood Stove from Scrap Granite Countertops 5-Minute Bread Pudding Tesla Turbines iPad Notebook Safe Upcycled Notebook Art AC-Powered Batteries

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using inverter reduces ampage is voltage is important or ampage is important for ac appliance? Answered

If input is 24v&10 amp and the out put is 240 v using inverter what might be the ampage and appliance like AC,washing machine can run with that voltage with out consedring ampage?

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Where can I sell my old electronic gadgets and appliances? It is on as is where is basis...thanks?

I would like to sell my old electronic gadgets and old appliances. Is there a site online where I can post my ads..thanks

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Simple On/Off data logging From A/C Appliance

I'm in search of a device (or interested in building one) that simply logs when a simple appliance turns on and off again.  I really only need two data points to be stored on a SD Card that I can retrieve later. On/Off and Date/Time (Accurate to the second). The idea is that it would draw from the AC power and detect when it's on or off (electrical draw or not). Couple use cases: 1.  You want to know how often your fridge is running and how long it runs for. 2.  Same for a sump pump.  You want to track how often and how long it runs. I haven't exhausted every single project on here but it actually seem a lot of projects on here are more than what I'm looking for.  Tweet-a-watt is close but I don't need to know the electrical draw, I just need to know when it's on and off. Please point me in some directions and I'll do as much of the dirty work as I can. Thanks.

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Circuit/relay that senses when ac appliance is in use

Hello all, I am attempting to add some ambient lighting to my home theater system.  I would like the lighting to activate whenever the tv or receiver are switched on (these units are always on together). I am a novice tinkerer, who is capable of soldering and simple circuit design, but I am having trouble finding a way to activate the lights without opening (read: voiding the warranty) my receiver or television. What would be the easiest way to accomplish this? A few of my unformed ideas would be:      -A relay that could sense when a/c power is being consumed (aka, receiver/tv being switched on)      -Would some sort of hall effect sensor accomplish the above? I'm just not really sure how to tackle this one, any suggestions are appreciated.  My project priorities are (in order): 1) ease/simplicity of design, 2) the smaller the component size the better, 3) cost ---EDIT--- I'm not sure if this helps, but this item came to mind, a Small Engine Hour Meter;=24561471  This item can sense the current to the spark plugs without a physical wire connection. (induction?)  I know that item is intended for dc use, but could one be adapted to AC?  Or does anyone know if the relatively low dc voltage signal to my speakers could be used to activate a product like this?  TIA

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microwave "anagram"

I have that maker-ish compulsion to disassemble any and every broken or otherwise defunct appliance, gadget or device. For example, my microwave just "went to sing with the choir invisible", so I have begun turning it into a pile of parts. I got to thinking- as many of you must have doe before- "what can I do with this stuff?". Just like anagramists take words and shuffle their parts (i.e., letters) around to make something(s) new, different and/or clever, I'd like to try to do the same thing with my old appliance. But more generally, I wish there were a database of appliance "anagrams"- a list of clever projects classified according to the appliance from which the parts come. Anyway- if anyone has an idea what could be done with an old microwave (I've got my eye on that big capacitor...), please hold forth!

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Can I use a European appliance in the U.S.? Exercise vibration platform--specifications below:

It seems to have some flexibility--will this help? Input power 100-240 volts, ac 50--60 hz; Supply output voltage 15volts; DC power consumption < 7.5 watts. Would a transformer make it work? Thanks for your input!

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Electrical Question that I'm too stupid to word correctly: How to you re-attach a cable/chord to an appliance?

So I have a back massager that I've been using for a few years and I would just pull on it to unplug it (stupid, I know) and so now it seems as if the cable has come out from the appliance (even though there is no visible damage). Because of this the connection to the back massages isn't solid, making the appliance turn on and off. Does anyone know how I could make the connection solid, or should I give up and get a new one? Thanks!

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