TV Aquarium

Ok, I'm thinking of turning an old TV/Computer screen, CRT, into an aquarium. If so would anyone be interested in me making an instructable about it? Please tell me if there is already an instructable about this. Thanks.

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Aquarium project

I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes here. I just posted a new topic in Aquarium Projects. It involves using a microcontroller (starting with Parallax BS2 and eventually switching to AVR) to automate some of the tank maintains. Please delete this if it is some sort of violation to refer to a topic in another forum. Otherwise, it is at: would really appreciate any advice I can get.Thanks!

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Aquarium TV

I'm looking for an Instructable on how to turn an antique console television set into a fresh- or saltwater aquarium. Anyone know where I can find such a thing? TIA!

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huge aquarium

I was looking at this huge fish tank at a music club in seattle. it was huge, and it looked awesome. it was alt water and looked like something you'd find in the ocean. well, I wanted to do something like this. any Ideas for making a really big fish tank really cheap? I was thinking on the lines of plastic personally...

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Self made aquarium  with cupboard

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greenest possible aquarium?

I was given a 50-ish gallon aquarium and stand, and would like to get it up and running in the most environmentally friendly way possible. I have purchased some gravel already. Help! And thanks!

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Aquarium LED driver?

Im looking for a schematic that controls 1w leds for my fish tank light? i need the control to be dimmable and hopefully programmable so i can incorporate a sun motion effect and then a moon motion effect! i say hopefully because this will need to be an add on later in the project as id like to have the initial lighting up as quickly as possible! As far as i know so far, the circuit is a basic constant current circuit but  i need a "buck" driver or PWM to enable the dimming by varying the current! so my questions are :- 1. Does anyone know of a simple, reliable and cheap circuit to use? 2. Because of the amount of LED's ill be using im not sure i like the idea of having all the lights in a series configuration because if one fails, thats a lot of lights to test! 3. If i have to use a computer to run the lights id like to be able to make it compatable with the raspberry pi therefore id need a program and mounting software for the pi, so anyone know of one? 4.Right to the power, i dont care what voltage it runs on but id like to only utalize one plug socket if possible, i do have a few power supplies laying about for various things like old laptops and old pc's, so what do i need to power it! i cant think of any more at the moment but you guys know what im trying to achieve so im sure you know what questions i have missed! as i said though, id like to start simple and work up to sun motion control and timers! Thanks in advance for any help anyone is offering! 

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Led fading aquarium? Answered

Hello, I have a fish tank, and it has a TL light above it. I made blue Led's above the fishtank. My idea was: - You get like from 8 AM. - 8 PM. the TL ligth (or some led's i have to make) - From 8PM-10PM the blue Led's - And then it all shuts off. - And then the cycle goes aroud. But the thing is, the TL is 220V and the leds are powered by a 8V AC powersupply, I made a diode bridge, so it all works, But my TL ligth will just shut off, becose it has a timer on it, And i have to turn on/off the blue leds myself. So, does anyone have an idea how to do this? maby some extra white led's so i can power it from 1 cicuit? Greetings. Ingmar (Im from Holland, don't mind my shitty english)

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what can i use to feed fish?

caught some fish at the local lake. now i need some way of feeding them. (they don't always eat everything so i would like a way to feed them but at the same time pick up anything that wasn't eaten. i need a contraption to hold/feed my fish :( any help/suggestion/invention is much appreciated :D

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Underwater, Ambient, Aquarium Lighting

I am building a DIY foam/crete background for my cichlid tank and would like to run LEDs underwater as ambient lighting under ledges etc. I want to run lines with single lights placed strategically in the background. Any thoughts on how I might approach this inexpensively?

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help wiring aquarium lights

Hi, i'm building a steampunk style ornamental hood for my 20 gallon aquarium, i will be using the florescent lights from two old store bought aquarium hoods and two cpu fans; all to be installed in this new hood. i don't have much experience wiring, i can splice wires with caps and electrical tape. it would be really convientent if i could wire the two lights and two cpu fans to the same power cord and on/off switch. i know there will have to be some kind of converter between the cpu fans and the lights because of the voltage, but what kind and how exactly i dont know. also each the the florescent lights have there own powercords and on/off switches. it would be easy enough splice both light to one power cord but how do i wire them to a single on/off switch? i'd greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions. thankyou.

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all in one box aquarium feeder

Hi you all, I like to ask you ,what do you think i can improve on my project ? its my first instructable ever, also is there anyone who tried making my idea ?

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Reef Globes, worlds smallest balanced reef aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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how can i make a protein skimmer for my reef a save money? how can make my own reef light hood under 20 dollers

All so how can i make a uv sterilizer for under 10 dollers

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How to maintain aquarium water fresh for a long time?


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how do you keep you aquarium clear from colloidal particles?

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how do you make home-ade aquarium ornaments?

I have wanted to make homeade aquarium ornaments for my fish tank but could not find  out how to can anyone help????

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How to make Automatic Aquarium Feeder?

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how to make an aquarium air pump

Hi allso i do not know much about air pumps, but i wanted to construct onei know i need a diaphgram for the pump, but what else do i need?i found this replacement part ( which was the diaphragm pump itselfit has some magnet part which it attaches to for the electric part,but say i wanted to make it to a kind of attachment where i wanted it to split to two wires, how would this work?thanks!

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Is it possible to make an electric filter for aquarium at home?

 I had purchased an electric filter named sun-sun for my aquarium. Its not working now because of electrical leakage, i had purchased many filters previously but none worked perfectly! so i decided not buy another one.can anyone suggest me is it possible to make a filter using an electric pump at home? 

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Who knows how to make their own aquarium tanks out of glass? Answered

I've been looking and the nets just to big, I've seen it done before, years and years ago. But I can't remember how people make their own aquarium tanks. I wanted to know if anyone knows if it's possible to bend a glass pane like Tap Plastics Instructables on how to heat and bend plastic.

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Air Pump

Does anybody know how to make an air pump for a aquarium out of stuff laying around your house?

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How does an open bottom fish tank work? Answered

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How do you change the lights on the bottom of the tank?

I noticed there's instructions on a coffee table aquarium. I'm interested in building one for my goldfish carp. When I saw the way it was done, I had a few questions to ask. Such as, how do you change the bulbs to the lights since they're on the bottom of the tank, zip tied to the shelf, and are facing away from you? How do you gravel vac the bottom when you need to do a water change?

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Is there a way to make tropical fish food at home?

I made a 4x2  ft. waterfall pond in my garden. I caught some wild tropical fish from a nearby spring fed stream and placed them in the pond. They seem to be thriving, but those flakes are expensive here. Wonder if someone knows an inexpenive recipe to relace the flakes. 

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Can i put this little bottle in my aquarium?

I'm asking this because on the bottle there is a sticker, i dont know if it's harmfull for my fish (in a cold-water aquarium). I want this bottle in my aquarium for decoration, I'm going to fill it with red fluid (foodcouloring i think). Unless the sticker will do harm to my fish. Does anybody know?

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LED lighting capable of reef aquariums?

Using 5m 420nm to 680nm blue and red LED getting enough "light" past 18 inches of water to allow live rock and coral growth. How many LED's are needed? Has anyone else done it? Ridiculous is the price as soon as you put the word hydroponics or aquarium on a item. Like some help building one 36"x 12" that would pentrate 18" of water at what 3000 lumens? Pars? Buying "supplies" here in Kanada is another use of that "R" word.

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Worlds Smallest Saltwater Reef Aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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Would it be possible to take the trim off of the top of a 42 gallon hexagonal aquarium or would the aquarium fall apart?

I was thinking about making my aquarium into an open-topped aquairum, and the trim would take away from the effect. Would the aquarium fall apart or would the silicone hold it? It would still have the bottom trim. I'm probably not going to do this but I would like to know if I could try it.

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Really random idea

Does anyone know anything about connecting aquariums together? I think that in the end the "aquariums" will end up being random objects that hold water like blender jars, etc., but I was also interested in whether anyone has examples of aquariums joined (as in the fish can swim between the two aquariums) with tubing of some kind?

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How to make pump for a waterfall ( height approx. 10cm) and water depth approx 2cm for an aquarium.

I have this aquarium 60x30x30 cm. I wish to setup a waterfall in the aquarium. Now the depth of water in the aquarium is to be approx. 2cm and the height of waterfall is to be approx 10cm.  I am looking for a pump design which could work comfortably in that water depth.

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Do aquarium fish like cold or warm LED light best?

I am making an aquiarium (from an old tv, to be specific), and I wonder if the fish like warm or cold LED light best. The light will be their 'daylight'.

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Wanted intructable - "Convert an Aquarium Air Pump into a Vacuum Pump"

Hey all - Wanted intructable: "Convert an Aquarium Air Pump into a Vacuum Pump" I know this is pretty simple - probably... as well to add to that a mod... "Convert a Aquarium Air Pump into an Adjustable Vacuum Pump" I'm trying to build something else and would like to see how this is done - i have one shot at one Aquarium air pump and don't want to mess it up. Plus i'd like to know how to regulate the vacuum  - make it with adjustable vacuum pressure if possible - if i even really need to or at least regulate the vacuum pressure so it is not too much if it is after built. I'm sure i could do a google and find all the parts - thinik tank it out and build it... but if you know already how to do it - makes things a tad easier for me. The instrucable even easier to avoid mistakes. thanx - chase -

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Whats the best way to seal a wooden aquarium stand? Answered

Going to build an aquarium stand soon. Going to use wood but was wondering what the best sealer/water resistor would be? I know theres polyurethane clear coats and stain but was wondering if there anything else? Would like for it to be fairly cheap. How do the deck sealers work or are those stains too? thanks

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Macquarium anyone?

Has anyone out there built a macquarium from an imac? I have an imac shell, but all the instructions for macquariums I can find are for the old Macintosh. There isn't even an instructable for those, so I'm going to set one up, but if anyone has done this before, I'd love to collaborate on an instructable for them.

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sand, gravel, & rocks? LAVA mmmm....

Hello boys & girls, We're a little over-stocked on crushed lava rock and thought the fine members at INSTRUCTABLES might like to take advantage of a special offer. Use coupon code "INSTRUCT" to get 5% off your order (can be combined with current free shipping promo). It takes a few hours for new promo codes to propagate the Amazon robot so if it doesn't work right away, try again in a little bit. The current listings are for 20lb dry lava rock (red or black). Screened. Rinsed. Kiln-dried.;=1055398&field-brandtextbin;=substratesource Think of all the DIY Earth Boxes... terrariums... aquarium backgrounds... and more you'll be able to create. If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread, shoot us a PM, or visit our site. Thanks! Have a great holiday season. P.S. If this is too spammy, please don't kill me! Friends?

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Got a LED light bar, what to do...?

Http:// So I got a a couple of these that I found at work...  Planning to use them for my fish tank.  Kinda worried that they will be TOO bright. Can I buy a dimmer to wire them up to?  I know very little about all this, I have a coworker that knows far more. But I was hoping to pick your BRa--IIA-NS!!!

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Fade LEDs on and off when the power is switched on and off

Hi, I'm still a complete novice when it comes to electronics so I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help. I'm rigging up some LED lighting for my aquarium which is set to switch on and off with timers on the mains supply to the house. The timers switch on/off the power transformers which supply the LED lights. I would love to find a way so that when the power comes on the lights fade on and when it goes out they fade out, would be nice if it was a long fade too, maybe 15-30 minutes, ideally 30 mins to an hour. I am guessing there would have to be some pretty big capacitors involved to that would fill up, increasing the brightness as they goe, when the power comes on and slowly discharge as the power switches off. Another thing to note is that I am using 2 different LED systems. The blue LEDs are using standard LEDs that are sold in blocks (3 LEDs per block, I'm using 3 blocks, so 9 LEDs total) and are designed to run on 12v. I am currently running them on 6v as they are pretty bright, but if the circuity could have them fade over an hour I would like to put them up to the full 12v.  The white LEDs are 4 of 3w luexon star type LEDs that are running in serial. The system goes mains > 12v transformer > 3w LED Driver > LEDs. Here is a link to the driver I'm using;=250752711282&ssPageName;=STRK:MEWNX:IT I assume that the fade device would have to go between the driver and the LEDs? Thanks for any help you can give me. Darren

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How can I remove water scaling from a fish tank?

I currently work at a pet-shop, where we're turning over inventory. And guess who gets to inherit the 25 gallon, high-style tank that's been on display for 6 years and was so scummy the manager took one look at it drained and said, 'no way, you've got a new apartment, you take it home'? That's right, me. So now I've got a tank, and I've gotten everything in it cleaned out except for this top edge of what I assume is water scaling. I've been trying to clean it for over two weeks, and gotten desperate enough to even try vim and kitchen cleaner, and it just won't come off. Please, help?

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Advice on A centrifugal pump.

Hello, I recently was given a pet from a friend and after doing some research on what the little guy needs I came to the understanding that the current enclosure he is in is inadequate for his needs. Therefore, I wanted to save up some cash to get him the right size tank set up that I know he deserves. In the meantime though, I have plenty of things laying around the house that I feel could render him a more comfortable habitat till that investment goes through. After more research on the matter, I came to find that for most household aquariums, the bulk of the work falls on your filtration system. That being said, I wanted to go for a Wet / Dry Sump Filter setup as it would be  the most easiest system to setup at home with the various resources laying about. Unfortunately while gravity will be doing the work of siphoning the water from the tank down to the Wet / Dry Filter Media, it will not be moving it back up to the tank. For that I concluded there was no escaping the need of a pump in some shape or form to move that cleaner water back into the tank. From what I read the pump will pretty much determine how big I can make his tank.  So this brings me to my current dilemma. Presented with various motors around the house, I went for the biggest I could find (* excluding the water pumps in our cars mind you). That so happen to be a 1.25 HP Wet & Dry Shop vac that was collecting dust in the garage. I confirmed the motor is working and already came with the impeller attached to it. I was hoping to see if you fine folks could share some wisdom on how I can: 1.) Make it Waterproof. 2.) Adhere the right type of casing around the Impeller and Motor so as to benefit from the  Bernoulli's principle and get the most water moving through my system.  3.) I intend to have this setup not 15~20 feet from where I sleep, this motor is LOUD. I was reading online about creating a sound damping box for it and was wondering what suggestions you guys might have for that? I keep fearing there won't be enough ventilation and it will over heat. ....anything else you would like to throw in. TL;DR : 

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how can i switch the standard light for an LED in a 'BiOrb' fish tank?

OK, i'll start by saying i know next to nothing about electronics, but i reckon this should in theory be a fairly simple hack. I Have a Baby BiOrb fish tank with 2 goldfish in. the tank is great, if a little small, and the lighting unit on the top of the tank is quite bright. i guess they use the same light unit in the small tanks as the large ones, so although its probably fine in the large tanks it's quite bright in a small one. i get the impression the fish don't like it too much as they spazz out a bit when its switched on. what i want to do is to replace the standard bulb with a less bright LED so that the lighting is more ambient and more comfortable for the fish. i've seen the moonlight ideas on here using blue LEDs which look really nice, however these tutorials are for building a setup from scratch and not for replacing components in an existing setup. the question is, what would i have to do to replace the bulb with an LED? the existing light is powered from a 12v plug which also powers the air pump; theres a central power box with two cables coming off, one for the light and one for the pump, so i guess its a parallel connection meaning theres a full 12v to play with for the light. would i need to add extra resistors or something like that, or is there such a thing as a 12v LED? what about several LEDs? (EDIT) - official literature says that the bulbs are 5w halogen bulbs. another option would be to add LEDs as a secondary light, maybe with a secondary switch for separate control to the main light. would this be easier at all? any knowledgable advice would be a great help as i've no idea where to start.

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Age of Aquariums Special Guest Judge Announced!

For the Age of Aquariums Contest we are bringing in a special expert judge, Alex Andon! Alex studied marine biology at Duke and was always fascinated by the jellyfish exhibits at public aquariums. Jellyfish can't go in a regular fish tank because they would get sucked into the filtration system. They require a kreisel tank with a special water flow pattern to keep them suspended in the middle of the tank. There were no commercially available jellyfish tanks, so Alex started experimenting with large tanks and then made them smaller and more affordable until he had designed the first desktop jellyfish tank. He launched it on Kickstarter and raised $163,000, making it one of the first successful crowdfunded launches of a product. The company sells specialized jellyfish aquariums and breeds its own jellyfish, shipping them overnight to customers throughout the U.S. Alex's latest project is the Chargerito, the world's smallest in-wall phone charger.

Topic by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

People selling instructables on eBay?

I was browsing eBay for Aquariums, and came across this:eBay Aquarium And it is plans for a coffee table aquarium. I remembered the instructable, and asked to see a sample, and it's a direct copy.I find this disgraceful. I might report this to eBay.

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How can I make an aquarium island that's solid and light? Answered

I want to make a large island for my turtles and I want to be able to make it look how ever I want. I need to know what to use for long lasting use in water.

Question by jakemaur 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Fungus problem? Answered

I have a small 5 gallon aquarium in a cupboard and there is fungus all around the wood in the cupboard! How do I stop this fungus from growing there. I also have a big aquarium for almost 5 years now whose hood is always very damp, but never had fungus on it. Anyone knows why this is happening with the small one?(And there is no difference in placing. They are both side by side)

Question by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

can i use aqua tube , and then wrapped it with copper wire, will this stand a heat from soldering iron.

And not burn aquarium tube.and can copper stand a heat.

Question by hore 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Automated dimming LED Aquarium light with moonlights? Answered

How do I make a Aquarium light that is automated simulating dawn and dusk, then turn on/off moonlights using LEDs? I want the system to be based upon time. The array of LEDs for daytime use can slowly 'awaken' over the course of an hour then the after a specified length of time, the daylights slowly turn off then start to slowly turn on moonlights. I saw an instructable that showed how to mimic the outside lighting to replicate that in the tank but I don't have my aquarium that close to a window so I'd rather it be based upon a programmable clock.

Question by seadweller43 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago