Arduino UNO R3

I want to make projects on Arduino UNO R3 . In fact i made one that is 3x3x3 LED Cube. But facing some problem.  I don't want to use Arduino all time. Please any one tell me the alternative for this. I want to do like this picture but i don't know the connections for this. PLEASE HELP ME

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how to control small dc motors with arduino uno r3 with the connection of homade moter controller

How to control small dc motors by motor controller on arduino r3  and what is the better motor controller chip and how many small dc motors can u connect on an arduino uno r3

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arduino uno

Good morning I am getting the arduino uno with the monitor. Want to have 5 booton and clicking individually to my display a MESSAGE on the screen when the potato and when let off. these be in the second row while the first shows to permanently temperature from someone sensor someone can help. thanks

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arduino uno?

Do i have to push the reset button before uploading a another file 

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Hi,    iam using the arduino uno in my project.The project is to display the temperature and humidity in lcd and ethernet and stored in the sd card in every 1 minute ,using the dht 22 sensor.But the lcd display is not working simultaneously with the sd .Hereby i am attaching the code.pls hlp me to trobleshoot the problem.

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Arduino (uno r3) not in sync, help? Answered

So I'm pretty new to arduino. Got myself an Uno rev3, and all was well for a couple of weeks. Now however, whenever I try to upload a sketch I get an error message telling me this: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 Googling this has not solved anything. I don't think there's anything messed up with the IDE, as I get this in both arduino 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, as well as Visual micro. I tried everything I could think of. Resetting the board did nothing, neither did re-installing drivers or rebooting. The serial bounce test showed no errors, and the Rx LED blinks when I try to upload.  (If you are unaware, the bounce test means connecting Rx to Tx and opening a serial monitor. Everything you send should then be bounced back.) I'm currently thinking bootloader issues, since resetting the board does not make the pin 13 LED blink.  So, does anyone know what to do here? ------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: I am an idiot. This whole time, I had the atmega328 plugged in backwards. It works now.

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Arduino and DHT11

I am trying to make my ArduCAM work with my DHT11 sensor.I have done it successfully with Arduino UNO and want to do the same with ArduCAM. So far it is not working. Can't retrieve the temperature nor the humidity. The thing is that I thought as ArduCAM is based on UNO R3 it would work. Is it possible? Thanks

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arduino uno detection

Hello evry one i've got a weird issue :( i have an arduino uno R3 and it was working fine. now my computer doesn't detect it (i can't find even the com port or non identified devices in the device manager) that was when i was trying a GSM shieled with 9V 2Amp power like the datasheet says the weird thing that when i plug my arduino to the USB 3.0, the light "ON" on the board turn on, but when i plug it to USB 2.0, nothing happen. what i did: i remove evry other connection from the arduino i tried with another cable i tried other devises on my USB 2 and 3, they works fine i tried to use my arduino on another computer, same problem (i dont have another arduino to know what's making this problem) i tried to reset (with button and with jumper) -> the led L does not blink what i think the problem is: probably the problem is in the arduino not the computer maybe when i plugged the power 9V 2Amp and plug to the computer in the same time (and i dnt think it can be a problem) maybe there is a problem with the bootloader please help me, at least how can i know what it the problem, did i harm something or evrything

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Hello sir, i am stuck with my arduino uno. in the manage driver list i cant see arduino uno's name so what to do please tell

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arduino? Answered

Hello everyone. i am really intrested in electronics so i am looking forward to buy arduino . so my question is which one to buy? i really like UNO because its cheap and most of projects that i saw here are using uno.

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arduino uno R3 + ethernet shield as webserver

I am trying to load a webpage stored on SD card on the ethernet shield. I loaded the sketch webserver avalable in the library. THe output that i got on the serial monitor was server is at but i was unable to open the webpage any suggestions?? thank you

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Arduino Uno R3 connected to adh8066 GSM?

I'm trying to have my Arduino Uno R3 send SMS texts to my phone with latitude/longitude coordinates with use of the GTPA013 GPS unit. The GPS is working fine but I'm having trouble with the AT codes sent to the GSM module. I keep getting errors and not the "OK" I should be getting. Below is the code I am using if that helps. Thanks for any help!! Greg. #include #include int PWON = 13; // the pin to switch on the module (without press on button) int rxPin = 0;                    // RX PIN int txPin = 1;                    // TX TX char data[256]; int x; void setup() {   Serial.begin(115200);   delay(2000);   pinMode(PWON, OUTPUT);      // sets the digital pin as output   pinMode(rxPin, INPUT);   pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT);   PowerModuleOn();   delay(3000);   InitializeGSM(); } void loop() {   } void PowerModuleOn() {   digitalWrite(PWON, LOW); //Pull PWON low   delay(2000);  //Delay 300 ms   digitalWrite(PWON, HIGH);  // Pull PWON high, Powers up GSM Module } void InitializeGSM() {   Serial.println("AT");   Serial.flush();   for (x=0;x < 255; x++){     data[x]='\0';   }   /*if(Serial.available() > 0)   {     Serial.println("Data Available");   }   else{     Serial.println("No data coming from GSM Module");   }*/   x=0;   do{     while(Serial.available()==0);     data[x];     x++;     if(data[x-1]==0x0D&&data;[x-2]=='"'){       x=0;     }   }while(Serial.available()>0);   Serial.println(data);   delay(10000); }

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arduino uno programe

I am new to arduino programing and have below query. i am getting below content in abc and wanted to parse and compare with current time. char abc[128] = Fajr5,04:40 Sunrise6,06:03 Dhuhr13,12:39 Asr17,17:16 Sunset19,19:15 Maghrib19,19:15 Isha21,20:37 ; how do we parse and get something     String time[] = 04:40 06:03 12:39 17:16 19:15 20:37 ; and then split and compare with current time. i am getting time from ds3231, hh=hour and mm=minute then compare like below     int h = time.Split(' ')[0].Split(':')[0]; // this is 04     int m = time.Split(' ')[0].Split(':')[1]; //this is 40     if(hh== h && mm==m)     {         Serial.print("Fajr");     }

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problem with arduino?

I have some questions about Arduino Uno. I connect my board and within 5 minutes (no code is running or anything), the chip becomes hot. Plus, none of the IDE is recognizing my board. I'm always getting the error "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00". Can someone help me with these issues? 

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arduino help

Im needing some help with a project that im working on. Im needing info on what parts I would need to use arduino uno to power a hair drier and small fans on a 12v dc power?  and I need some help wrighting the code if any one can help that would be sweet ? im using windows 7. thank you for your time.

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arduino uno programming?

I want a code in which as there is a change in resistance for sone millisecinds, arduino turns on led for a specific period of tie

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I want to buy an arduino either a uno or mega which ine should i buy i want the prices of both. my focus will be on robotics projects as well as light effects

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What is wrong with my Uno r3?

Please help.  I have 5 UNO R3 clones and I can't install them on my computer. When I plug them in two red LEDs light and the board comes up under Other Devices as a USB V2 device. I've tried every driver I can find, but none are recognized as suitable. I've tried 5 different boards, two computers Win 8.1 and Win 7. I've swapped cables and still nothing. I have a feeling it could be a lack of a bootloader on all the boards. How would I check if this is the case and how would I fix it? I have managed (easily) to install an Arduino Mega with no problems and I've managed to install many other devices so it's not a case of too dumb. Just a little dumb :-) Any help would be very much appreciated.      Stu

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What really happened to my Arduino Uno R3?

My Arduino  Uno R3 was working properly, but I connected it to a power supply board along with relays and GSM modem and some voltage fluctuations and blinking occurred. I immediately disconnected everything from it and connected Arduino to my PC. But I was not able to upload any programs to it. avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding I was getting this error report. I disconnected every connections from it, but still I was not able to upload programs to it. When connected to PC the 'ON' and 'L' LEDs are glowing steadily. No blinking occurs to 'L' LED even when the reset button is pressed. Also the micro-controller chip is getting overheated(By a little more than usual). There is no problem with my USB drivers because I am sure that it was working fine on Windows and Linux. Can you please tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? -Thanks

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Right Transistor for a apx. 50watt H-bridge? Answered

Currently i am trying to make an Arduino UNO R3 control a 50 Watt (12 volts @ 4 amps) motor with an H bridge and use the Pulse width modulation on the Arduino to control the transistors. However i don't know what would be the best choice for transistors? Also I am new to this so can some also explain how transistors are named?

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I am making a micromouse and want integrate the encoders using the fuction interrupt with the Arduino UNO. The encoders are from parallax; Boe-Bot Digital Encoder Kit. Know how programed using instruction of interrup.

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Arduino UNO R3 SMD Uploading Error on Widnows 7 64bit

Hi, I just Installed Arduino UNO R3 SMD to my Windows 7 64bit. and getting     avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error when uploading I'm sorry if it is a old problem solved somewhere in this forum. But last couple of hour i couldn't find it. Please see attached image for better understanding. Thanks Farness

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Im interested in working with arduino. i made plans for many projects with arduino. i cant buy an arduino because its too costly. When i searched about arduino i got results about low cost arduino duemilanove  clone made in india called induino. When i searched i found that induino has more features when compared to arduino like inbuilt IR LED, TSOP, LDR etc. I dont know induino can be used for all arduino uno projects. I want to know   can induino x be used in place of arduino uno in various projects?

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arduino ethernet shield connect to facebook?

I have an Arduino Uno R3 and an Ethernet Shield R3 (Both official) and i want to connect it to facebook. Can someone help me?

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Arduino wifi sniffer

Is it possible to connect an Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 (official) to a wifi router then connect to a different router though the first router? I want to do this so I can make a robot that when it finds a known network it connects to it then dumps the data from the sd to an online server. Can anyone help me with this? I have an Arduino Uno R3 (official) and an Arduino Mega 2568 (clone).

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Arduino and esp8266

Hi, I am new to arduino and creating project where i connected arduino uno and esp8266 as follows: UNO --- ESP8266 RX ----- RX TX ----- TX GND --- GND 3.3V --- VCC 3.3V --- CH_PD I power arduino uno and it is working fine. i checked by uploading blink program. when i connect esp8266 to arduino uno and open serial monitor i am getting some garbage text which is shown in below screen shot. also when i connect esp8266 to uno the orange light is continuously blinking. no action on entering AT command in serial monitor. some one please let me know how to get it work.

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CH340G and Standalone UNO R3 Got ERROR "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00?"

I bough the CH340G USB-TTL with 6 pin (GND, CTS, VCC, TX, RX, DTR). The CH340 driver already installed, the arduino bootloader also already burn to ATmega328P-PU. When upload the sketch using FTDI or PL2303 or ATmega16U2 is okey and no error found. But if Ia using CH340 and connecteed below pin: Arduino VCC ==> VCC CH340 Arduino GND ==> GND CH340 Arduino RX ==> TX CH340 Arduino TX ==> RX CH340 Arduino RESET ==> DTR CH340 The error always appear as "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00?" event the speed on the port setting already change at 9600; 19200 or 115200. Iam also trying with IDE 1.6.0, 1.0.5 and 022 the error message are same. May be someone can help me please?

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How to RESET an Arduino UNO?

Guys!            Can some one tell me how to RESET the Arduino UNO using a software code. The reason for this question would be that I am planning to place the Arduino inside a small box once my project is completed and working. However, I will need to RESET the board quite often. I am aware that there is a RESET button, but it will not be accessible. I want to put another push button outside and somehow manage to connect it to the Reset line on the board. Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Burning Arduino Uno Bootloader

I am planning to burn a bootloader onto an Arduino Uno using a Uno as an ISP. The instructions here:  say to put a 10 mf capacitor between reset and ground. But they to not say which Uno to put the capacitor on. Am I correct that it should be on the Uno to be programmed and not the programmer?

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Arduino uno &Gsm modem

Can any body tell me that is there any difference btwn. Arduino gsm-shild  and normal gsm modem .?Do i have to code Arduino differently to send data when i'm using normal gsm modem ..?? and how can i connect Arduino-Uno to normal gsm modem..???

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ARDUINO UNO nested loops

Hi there. i'm using arduino uno and i found that the code below does not work. Seems like "if" do not work inside "if" statements. how do i solve this problem dear community. if(ButtonStateAUTO==HIGH) { while(1) { Serial.println("auto"); delay(1); if(ButtonStateON1==HIGH) //while(1) { Serial.println("autoON1"); delay(1);} } } else if(ButtonStateMAN==HIGH) { //lcd.clear(); while(1) { Serial.println("man"); delay(1); if(ButtonStateON2==HIGH) Serial.println("manuALon2"); delay(1); } }

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Arduino Duemilanove or Arduino UNO which BEST ?

Question by Avadhut.Deshmukh 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Arduino Uno Relay circuit

I am currently involved in a project that requires me to run a fan heater through coding in an arduino. I have decided to use a relay to act as a switch, to maintain the time period of heater running. I am using a DOAT 5V 20mA relay. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the circuit needed using a n-p-n transistor to power it while maintaining switch function. I know a circuit similar to the one below is needed, but im not sure about the capacitor and resistance values needed for a 5v, 20mA relay.

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Arduino UNO Code Problem

I want to get arduino code to sync computer time... Please Help Me...

Topic by Tech Works 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

GSM900A and Arduino uno programimg?

Hi, I'm using arduino uno and gsm900a for sending sms and making call upto 10 numbers, i'm not able to send for all ten numbers one or three numbers only received,others? Please answer. thank you/.

Question by Anbuc7 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

2,4tft lcd to arduino uno

Hello guys , I'm making a gaming console for my school project with 2,4 TFT touchscreen and arduino UNO , i bought arduino uno and touchscreen LCD but without a shield , i searched on web how to connect them but i cant find a circut diagram for lcd without shield , can someone who know how to connect it make me a circuit diagram for it or just write which pin goes in which port on arduino , thanks , I'll attach picture of my LCD touchscreen

Topic by kikid112 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Arduino UNO not working with Arduino WiFi shield

I'm having a lot of issues regarding interfacing an Arduino wifi shield with the Arduino Uno. My Arduino works fine when the shield is not attached to it but when I attach the shield, I'm unable to upload the code; I get: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I also tried to change my board and uploaded the code on Arduino due, then it gives: device not found on COM 8 as error Otherwise the boards are perfectly fine, they are working usually they should. Also, I'm unable to reset the board when the shield is mounted on the board The code i uploaded is simple blink code,however none of the code are uploading The shield i'm using is this , the arduino's official WiFi shield shield These are the things i have already tried but none is working : -powered up the arduino from external power supply (12 V, 1A) -removed the shield and programmed it (code loads on board ) but then mounting shield on board, the led on pin 13 cease to blink -without using the shield , arduino works as usual (like that Rx, Tx pins work and pin 13's LED and power led blinks /lit up) but with the shield stacked on board , nothing seems to work

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arduino button question?

Hey guys I have an arduino question. I want to run both servo sweep and servo knob at the same time But be controlled by a button.  Like servo swep starts up, i mash a button, then servo knob comes on and i can manually control the servo. then push a button (either the same or another) and servo sweep comes back. This is for arduino uno r3. Please advise

Question by thematthatter 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to connect phone with arduino uno &amp;make it call through arduino code?

Hello......I have an arduino uno and i want to use it to connect cell phone when signal from specified point is on the phone call or send sms . I also need to know the code thanx alot

Question by hamadabedo 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

bluetooth for arduino?

I want to connect arduino uno to my android phone. can i use regular bluetooth  or i need to use some special?

Question by tealk 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

how to control servo motor(analog or digital servo) with ps2 remote and Arduino Uno r3?

Hello, I just want to control my servo Pan tilt with my ps2 remote and arduino uno R3. It means when i press the Triangle(Green) button it will move clock wise, and when i press X(Blue) button it will move counter clock wise. and this condition will true when button will press. unless it stop at current position.

Question by vrushank26 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Arduino Beginner

I'm gonna start with arduino, I'll buy the arduino uno board, any suggestions for courses or books that can teach me how to program and work with arduino? Thanks in advance! :)

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Control arduino outputs on a web page with an arduino?

So what I'm trying to do is control, let's say and LED, that's on output 13 on my arduino over a web page from anywhere in the world. I have an arduino uno R3 and an Ethernet shield. I've looked for tutorials but I'm really new and I'm not good at adapting other peoples code for my use, so does anyone have a simple sketch I can use to turn on an LED from a webpage? 

Question by jeffrey_stjean 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Which microcontroller to choose?

Hi all, I need to use a microcontroller for my project and am thinking of getting the arduino UNO R3 development board which composes of the ATmega328 microcontroller. I have to connect a small motor, a 16x2 LCD display and a miniature heating element to the arduino. I would like to know if the UNO R3 is suitable for my project. PS: I am very new and noob regarding microcontrollers

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Arduino question? Answered

I got the adruino uno recently and i am still learning how to use it. I was wondering if anyone could show how to program it to send a pulse out at the highest voltage and 1Khz continuosly.

Question by jbaker22 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

is it possible to connect an xBee to 4 servos and a tank chassis and control it on a computer? Answered

Im building an RC tank whit an 4 dof robot arm on it, can I control the whole thing on my computer using an xbee on my tank and one on my computer? and if so what do I have to download on my computer to control it?

Question by ibenkos 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Will this stuff work with the new Arduino?

Hello guys! I already have the Arduino Rev3 but I want to know if all these components I want to buy will work with the new one. They are in a kit for the old board, but I hope they work with the new one. Please tell me if they will work or not. Thanks!

Topic by HavocRC 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Which arduino borad to buy?

Http:// Hello! And i am interested in starting arduino! But i am not familiar with the hardware spec of arduino boards. I have some electronics and programming bg as an physics student. I read the above tutorial, the led matrix looks like a easy/cool starter project. However, i have a question, For 4 by 4 matrix, it need 4 outputs and 4 grounds. With 14 i/o pins on an arduino uno (0to13), is 7 by 7 the maximum for upscaling this design without multiplexing? Or if i can get a "shield" that add more pins to the uno? Should i just get a arduino mega with 54 I/O pins? Since it is not that expensive, Is the tutorial compatible with a mega? Actually my target build is two 15 by 15 matrix displaying identical image. Can i rig up two identical led matrix, connect both in parallel to the same board? Thank you in advance! for your replies!!

Topic by mchau2 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Arduino And Servo

Hi..  i want a motor which can drive my robot at humans normal walking speed.. and also whose speed can be controlled dynamically.. Can anyone plz suggest me such servo or any dc motor.. motor should be compatible with arduino uno..?? 

Topic by amolamol 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

avrdude stk500_getsync(): not in sync resp=0x30 error for Arduino Uno?/ Computer doesn't read Arduino Uno R3 anymore?

My Arduino used to work well till yesterday until I had made a mistake. I accidentally connected a 12v supply into the "5v" female header pin on the board instead of "Vin" and at the same time I had it connected to my computer usb. While uploading a sketch, I realized what mistake I had done in the wiring and pulled out the usb and disconnected the 12v supply. Since then my computer does not even read my Arduino anymore. However power LED and built in orange LED on pin 13 still turns on when I connect Arduino to my computer now. Can any body help me?? I know I was too careless, but please help me with some solution. 

Question by edifiedsprit 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago