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Arudino Instant Camera?

After seeing the Electronic Instant Camera made by Niklas Roy, I want to try and make a better camera that's faster than his. But before I get into any good discussion about how to make something like this, does anyone know if an Arudino can be combined with the tech from a digital camera AND a thermal printer?

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Arudino countdown timer? Answered

I'm looking to make a countdown timer for my local card shop for games of Magic (nerdy, I know). However, I think I jumped the gun, as I have no idea how to do this.  My plan is to us an arduino nano/barebone arduino as the brains to this, make my own 4 digit 7 segment display, and have give it a programmable time (nothing over 50 minutes) along with a start, stop, and reset button.  I've done quite a bit of looking, and have yet to find something that matches my needs or comes close to it so I can reverse engineer the code a bit. Any sort of help on this would be greatly appreciated!  Should also mention I'm a tad bit of a newbie to C. I know enough to know where i need to look for a good chunk of things, but thats for simple things like "make this LED blink according to these random inputs"

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can anyone teach me how to program an arudino ?

I wanna design a robot following a line ....... i dono how to program t board ............ respond me genius people

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how do i program a arudino to play happy b-day?

Does anyone know how to program an arudino platform to play happy birth day????????????

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Exactly how much better is the arudino than the basic stamp? Answered

I know that the basic stamp is more limited than the arudino but how limited is it . IS it better than the arudino or not please post your opinions!!!

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Im new to the Microcontroller world and i want to know; Whats the difference between digital outputs and analog outputs?

I know it sounds stupid but im thinking it is some kind of trick?

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Arduino car following an IR led signal

Hi every respectful member of Instructables,i've an assignment from my university, to create a 2 wheel car which will have a IR reciever on it, and from a small distance there will be an IR led which will emit an Infrared signal, and that car have to follow that signal to reach there( on the point of where the led will be placed).i have searched the whole Internet but couldn't find anything. i hope you guys can help me with this issue.cheers thanks in advance

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Can I use Arudino Uno instead of  the Arduino pro mini 328?  I am interested in the following Project so please help

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Arduino voice control without using pc or labtop? Answered

Hello,  im sorry but the subject said all, is there a way to use arudino with voice to controll led or something without using a pc? thanks

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Can this be converted as a shield with Arduino?

I've scrapped a broken Nyko wii perfect shot which I don't care about now so then the only thing this has is this port which is a wii nunchuk port with a male port to stick the wiimote on I've tested it with my guitar hero WOR Guitar and it still works well, now my question is this is even possible to reverse engineer this and turn it into over to Arudino and use it as a usb controller port with Nintendo's Wii Classic Controller?

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What are some compatible displays for Arduino Uno?

I'm gonna create a little half scale Arcade machine (out of cardboard if I can) just for fun so I can know how to code the screen but I don't know what displays can work for the Arduino Uno and I've found one at Sparkfun which is the touch one for it but that's too Expensive! So what are some displays that the Arudino Uno can use so I can program it to display Atari's Arcade games on it?

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Cardboard Template for arduino powered Arcade?

I'm trying to find the 80's styled arcade plans for a cardboard project I had in mind it uses the retro 80's upright Arcade style you see with the screen upright, and I haven't find a single one only a mod to the icade for iPad. I'm thinking learning to code the Arudino to power up a couple of Atari's Classic games on it on my own mini cardboard arcade cabinet. I also will need a template of it so I can create some arcade like artwork for it and display with ease and play on it with a removable joystick (for battleZone only) and replace it with the special two joysticks for battle zone classic. if there's some plans for making a mini cardboard mini arcade from the 80's let me know so I can try coding the Ardiuno to play Atari's classics.

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Arduino xbee coding using 2 button as transmitter and 10 led as receiver?

 For the turn signal code, there is a receiver and transmitter  For the transmitter code, I want to set 2 button  When I trigger left signal , Left LEDs will turn on and press again will turn off  When I trigger right signal , right LEDs will turn on and press again will turn off  When press both button both signal of LEDs will turn on and press again will turn off  For the receiver, I would put 5 LEDs on the left and 5 LEDs on the right  The light would turn on when the buttons are trigger, to have left, right and stop signal I want to code to be quite similar like but not using arduino lilypad but arudino uno and xbee Does any one know how to do this coding and schematic, please help thanks!!

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How to send a value from Blynk to Arduino?

Hi All,I am doing my project by using blynk and arduino mega. This code is to control Relay by measuring temperature and humidity through dht11. Now I programmed that Relay is off when the humidity is over 60 which is the fixed value. However, I want to add slider or other input switch to set the humidity value on the app. And then the set value is sent from Blynk to Arudino. Therefore, Relay will be on or off, depending on the set value. I’ve been trying it but failed. Please anybody can help me? Thank you.#define BLYNK_PRINT SwSerial #include SoftwareSerial SwSerial(10, 11); // RX, TX#include #include char auth[] = “*****************************”; #define DHTPIN A1 #define DHTTYPE DHT11 // DHT 11 DHT dht(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); BlynkTimer timer; void sendSensor() { int h = dht.readHumidity(); int t = dht.readTemperature(); // or dht.readTemperature(true) for Fahrenheit Blynk.virtualWrite(V5, h); Blynk.virtualWrite(V6, t); if(h<60){ digitalWrite(52,HIGH); } else{ digitalWrite(52,LOW); } } void setup() { // Debug console SwSerial.begin(9600); pinMode(52,OUTPUT); // Blynk will work through Serial // Do not read or write this serial manually in your sketch Serial.begin(9600); Blynk.begin(Serial, auth); dht.begin(); // Setup a function to be called every second timer.setInterval(1000L, sendSensor); } void loop() {;; }

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Help me with my 3D printer

ISSUE: Stepper motors are not working when connected with RAMPS 1.4.OBSERVATION: The LED lights(LED 2,3,4) in the RAMPS 1.4 and Stepper motor are not powering up.PRATICES: I use Arduino mega 2560 and installed marlin firmware in it. And I bought a RAMPS 1.4 in a local electronic dealer. I placed the RAMPS over Arduino mega 2560. For testing I just connected 2 NEMA 17 stepper motors with RAMPS. When USB port connection is given from laptop to arudino board, a LED light is ON in Arduino board(L) and in RAMPS(LED 1). I use SMPS 12V 20A as a PSU for RAMPS. But in RAMPS the LED 2,3,4 is not switched ON. I checked the input voltage to the RAMPS using micrometer and it shows 11.75V. But there is no output from the RAMPS.Also I installed and tried Repetier firmware and grbl but it doesn't work.When I flashed Arduino with grbl, in this case all the LED lights in arduino and RAMPS 1.4 is switch ON. I use Candle GRBL software to test the stepper motors.And I replaced and tested with another RAMPS which is bought from Amazon but the problem remains unchanged.Hereby I attached images of circuit connections. kindly give some suggestions at the earliest.Thanks and regardsBaalaji V

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Kaysan Stepper Motor ( Motor Shield or Easy Driver ) ? How to stop motor after rotation?

Hello, I am Mechanical Engineering student working on my Intro to engineering class project. We are a group of two students ME and EE but unfortunately my EE partner dropped out of class and I have to finish the project myself. The project is about rotating some sort of pipes. I have not figured out where to place the electric motor but all I am working on now is setting up the circuit and the motor. I have a kaysan stepper motor nema 17 Datasheet link : I am planning to have the motor rotate one or two rotations in only one direction and then stop. When a push button is pressed the motor will start rotating the one or two rotations. I did some research and I found out that I need a motor shield or Easy drive to control the motor. So far I have the following items: 1. kaysan stepper motor nema 17. 2. Arduino Uno Board. 3. Adafruit Motor Shield v2.3 4. Easy Driver Shield Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967. 5. Push buttons and the circuit board. I am really not sure what is the best to use between the Adafruit Motor Shield and the EasyDriver. What is best suitable for my application ? and in terms of the Arudino code how do I make the motor stop completely after specific number of rotations. I have the Stepper Motor connected to the Arduino and I tested it using the Example code in the Arduino software but I am not really sure how to make the motor stop completely? As of the power supply, I am planning to use an external battery buy not sure what voltage I need. Your help is really appreciated. Thanks

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Arduino not recognizing certain RFID tags? Answered

I have looked at some RFID lock programs, so that I can make own.  Most of them use strcmp to compare the correct tag to the one that has been read.  That is what it did in the program below (modified from the program on the arduino playground) , but nothing happens when I put a tag in front of the reader.  For one tag "led1" is supposed light up and "led2" for the other.  Is the tag not defined right? Did I not use strcmp correctly? Please help! // RFID reader for Arduino // Wiring version by BARRAGAN // Modified for Arudino by djmatic int  val = 0; char code[10]; int bytesread = 0; char tag1[10] = {'0','F','0','3','0','3','8','0','A','2'}; //define tag 1 char tag2[10] = {'0','4','1','5','E','D','4','2','1','1'}; //define tag 2 const int led1 = 12; const int led2 = 13; void setup() { Serial.begin(2400); // RFID reader SOUT pin connected to Serial RX pin at 2400bps pinMode(2,OUTPUT);   // Set digital pin 2 as OUTPUT to connect it to the RFID /ENABLE pin digitalWrite(2, LOW);// Activate the RFID reader pinMode(led1,OUTPUT); pinMode(led2,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(led1, HIGH); digitalWrite(led2, HIGH); }   void loop() {   if(Serial.available() > 0) {          // if data available from reader     if((val = == 10) {   // check for header       bytesread = 0;       while(bytesread<10) {              // read 10 digit code         if( Serial.available() > 0) {           val =;           if((val == 10)||(val == 13)) { // if header or stop bytes before the 10 digit reading             break;                       // stop reading           }           code[bytesread] = val;         // add the digit                     bytesread++;                   // ready to read next digit          }       }       if(bytesread == 10) {         // if 10 digit read is complete          if(strcmp(code, tag1) == 0) //compare tag1 to the tag read          {            digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);            digitalWrite(led1, LOW);          }          if(strcmp(code, tag2) == 0) //compare tag2 to the tag read          {            digitalWrite(led2, LOW);            digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);          }                }       bytesread = 0;            delay(500);                       // wait for a second     }   } } Thanks in advance! AI

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June 2014 Build Night with littleBits

15 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: Tuesday, May 13 This is NOT first come first serve. We will be reviewing your application + past build night participation (does not apply if you’re new to build night program) to determine eligibility. We will follow up with you by May 14 to let you know if your space has been accepted. You must be associated with a makerspace, hackerspace, fabrication lab, library, or university to participate. JUNE BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with littleBits, opensource library of electronic modules for prototyping, for our June 2014 build night. We have over $1000 in materials! Sign up and we will ship you a package that includes: (4) Deluxe Kits (7) Arduino at Heart Modules - not available to the public yet, your space will have an opportunity to get a sneak peak of the littleBits Arduino At Heart Module!! Must have experience with Arduino to use this module. (3) Additional Power Bits, batteries, and cables “Getting started instructions" will be included in the kit with information on how to use the Arudino at Heart Modules. HOW TO PARTICIPATE Host a Build Night: pick a night in June (any night) to host a project build night using the littleBits Deluxe Kits and Arduino at Heart Modules. You can host multiple build nights during June and July to work on your projects. Post 3 Instructables: post 3 Instructables using the littleBits Arduino art Heart Modules. (Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights). Brownie Points (not required): post your projects on the littleBits community page. CHALLENGE We are offering a copy of the Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate to the makerspace that submits the best Instructable featuring the littleBit’s Arduino module. That space will also receive 20 Instructables t-shirts for their makerspace. SIGN UP - Please only sign up if you are able to complete the requirements listed above This is a 2-step sign up process.  YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH TO FULLY SIGN UP. Fill out this google form. You will then receive a private message in your Instructables inbox by May 15 asking for your shipping information. You cannot receive the littleBits materials without completing this step. Selection Process: We look at past build night participation, past project quality, and project proposals for the current build night. If you haven't participated in a build night OR haven't submitted Instructables for build nights you signed up for we suggest your space create Instructables over the next few months and submit them in future applications. RESOURCES littleBits Projects - a library of projects made using littleBits Instructables App (for documentation during the build night): iOS and Android JOIN OUR ANNOUNCEMENT LIST If you are interested in being directly notified about future build nights fill out this form. You will receive an e-mail when the events are announced in the forums. If you have signed up for a past build night or this build night you are already on our announcement list. ABOUT BUILD NIGHTS Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month is a different theme and we will send you materials to run a workshop at your space. In return your space posts Instructables from your build night.

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