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i don't know who to ask sooooo i lay it out for anyone here!?

1st of all, i live in Greece can i take part in one of your contests?? 2nd i searched in the site if there was already an instructable of what i want to make,with the keywords i could think of and found nothing like it, but how can I be sure that there isn't one??

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I have my ashtray sitting right beside my computer intake fan, is this safe? Answered

I hate having smoke in my face, even though I DO smoke, I just decide to put the ashtray by my computer fan intake. It isn't hot, nor does it seem to affect my computer performance. Keyword is SEEM....does it do anything to the circuitry??

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Creative or practical uses for my newly purchased Dremel 300 with flexi-shaft.?

I have made an ashtray out of beer cans, wooden plaques, installed a look on my door and removed fiberglass with it but am at a sort of creative wall.

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What kind of bit do I use to drill ceramic? Answered

I bought a really nice vintage cigar ashtray at an estate sale and I want to use it as a soap dish in my shower. Since it fills up with water as  I shower I'd like to drill a hole or two in it to drain the water. The surface I would be drilling is only about 1/8 thick. Any suggestions on what kind of bit to use? I read that since it has a glaze I need a glass bit? Thanks.

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