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Assasins creed hidden blade mechanism?

I want to make a assasins creed hidden blade but i need to know if my mechanism would work. I drew it in paint . red means when the ring is pulled

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I havent been here for a long time...

So, What's new??

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911 conspiricy stories

Who believes im them?

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Push blow gun

Click on my name.

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****kool knex site****


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my skewer sniper gun

What do you think.yea it really shredded the plastic box.

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My "theory"!!!!!!!!!!!

"The world was created in 7 days" Is one "day" for us, one day for God? 1 day for God could be 1 billion years or something.

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my skewer sniper gun

Hey guys heres my spear gun.yea it really went through the plastic box.can't post though.what do you think.

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*******HOW MANY VIEWS DO U HAV******

Hi guys um... i was just wondering (said above) i hav 2thousand sum thing views on my skewer gun. below my fav sniper rifle. psg-1

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My skewer sniper gun

Hi u probably saw my ads 4 this.what do you skimmed my face once it hurt.i pulled it back too far so it dident go in the barrel.yea it really went through the plastic box.

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Guys learn english and proper grammar for example ok are you RETARDED the thing on the end less time makin sure its not out of the barrel Disgraceful ;( hey here's a tip for instructables make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something and copy and paste on to the place where you fifst make your instructable.

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i need some odd weapon, can someone help? Answered

I have a recipe for coca cola's secret formula. but a weapon would be nice if i encounter a assasin hired by coca cola to keep me from upgrading the formula, can anyone think of a good instructables?

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Would it be worth my time to make an instructable on how to make a duct tape hidden blade? (like assassins creed?

I've already make one but i was wondering if it would be worth my time to create another and make an instructable for it. would anyone read it?

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Led movement how to?

Hi people, i am trying to find some one here to tell me how i can make a line of led. to move from one point to another. to help you understand what i want go to youtube, and find any video relating to tosh from starcraft 2. he is the jamaikan assasin. i want to make the same thing in my car, and a lot of people tell me that i can make it with only 5 to 10 leds... and i want to make two pair of lines the one 40cm and the other a 100cm... does anyone know a way to make it? p.s. i am super noob at electronics, so anything that you will write, i will tell to a friend that knows about electronics :) thanks a lot !!!!

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