Assembly on Windows

A while ago, I started learning assembly with FASM and as much as I tried I couldn't do it, it was impossible...all I found was 9 year old tutorials and stuff that I understood, but still didn't make sense to me, I would really like to learn assembly on windows and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? EDIT: I have programmed in other languages in the past including C++ and PHP

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assembly program

I have pic12f675. i have the neccessary asm and the header files.but i cannot compile it. please can you send me the hex file after compiling the program? as iam a student of class 8, idon't know how to compile. can you also send me the required steps? The required files are posted ;******************************* ;;LED FX.asm ;  11-3-2010 ;******************************* list p=12F629 radix dec include ""   errorlevel -302 ; Dont complain about BANK 1 Registers during assembly __CONFIG _MCLRE_OFF & _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT  ;Internal osc. ;_MCLRE_OFF  - master clear must be off for gp3 to work as input pin ;**************************************************************** ; variables - names and files ;**************************************************************** temp1  equ 20h ; temp2  equ 21h ; temp3  equ 22h ; temp4  equ 23h ; jump  equ 24h ;jump value for table1 fadeUp  equ 25h fadeDwn  equ 26h sequences equ 27h sw_duration equ 28h testing  equ 29h ;**************************************************************** ;Equates ;**************************************************************** status  equ 0x03 rp1   equ 0x06 rp0   equ 0x05 GPIO   equ 0x05    status  equ 03h option_reg equ 81h   ; bits on GPIO     pin7  equ 0 ;GP0  LED C pin6   equ 1 ;GP1  LED B pin5  equ 2 ;GP2  LED A pin4  equ 3 ;GP3  Sw A  pin3  equ 4 ;GP4  Sw B pin2  equ 5 ;GP5  Sw C     ;bits     rp0   equ 5   ;bit 5 of the status register ;**************************************************************** ;Beginning of program ;****************************************************************   org  0x00   nop   nop   nop   nop   nop   SetUp bsf  status, rp0  ;Bank 1           movlw b'11111000'  ;Set TRIS  GP0,1,2 out   GP3,4,5 input   movwf TRISIO         ;    bcf  status, rp0  ;bank 0   movlw   07h          ;turn off Comparator ports         movwf   CMCON        ;must be placed in bank 0    clrf  GPIO         ;Clear GPIO of junk   call _memory   btfss gpio,5   ;SwA to: "record new sequence"    goto record     btfsc gpio,3  ;SwC removes attract sequence   goto $+.10    movlw 0FFh   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEDATA        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   movlw .101   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEADR      bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write     movlw .101   bsf  status,rp0     movwf EEADR           bsf  EECON1,0 ;starts EEPROM read operation storing result in EEDATA        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0      xorlw .8   ;look for 8 - for Attract mode   btfsc 03,2   goto Attract_Seq ;selected sequence will appear first   goto  Main         ;**************************************************************** ;* Tables    * ;**************************************************************** table1 addwf   PCL,F           ;02h,1  add W to program counter   retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .40  ; program starts at bottom of table   retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .60     ;   retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .10     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .20     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .70   retlw   .60     ;   retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .100     ;   retlw   .70     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .30     ;   retlw   .50         retlw   .70     ;   table2 addwf   PCL,F           ;02h,1  add W to program counter   goto seq1     goto seq2     goto seq3     goto seq4     goto seq5     goto seq6     goto seq7     goto seq8     goto seq9     goto seq10   goto seq11       goto seq12  ;**************************************************************** ;* Delays    * ;**************************************************************** _xuS movwf temp2 _uS  movlw .10   movwf temp1   decfsz temp1,f   goto $-1      decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _uS    retlw  00   _ZuS movwf temp2   goto $+2   goto $+2    decfsz  temp2,f   goto  $-3    retlw  00  _xmS movwf temp2 _x  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _x   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _x   retlw  00     ;5mS delay for increments in timing for "New Sequence"   _5mS movlw 05h   movwf temp2 _5  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _5   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _5   retlw  00     _10mS movlw 0Ah   movwf temp2 _10  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _10   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _10   retlw  00    _50mS movlw .50   movwf temp2 _50  nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _50   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _50   retlw  00   _100mS movlw .100   movwf temp2 _100 nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _100   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _100   retlw  00     _150mS movlw .150   movwf temp2 _150 nop   decfsz  temp1,f   goto  _150   decfsz  temp2,f   goto  _150   retlw  00       ;**************************************************************** ;* Sub Routines    * ;****************************************************************    _memory        movlw .48   movwf temp1   movlw 2Fh   movwf fsr   incf fsr,f   movlw 0FFh   movwf indf   decfsz temp1,f   goto $-4   retlw 00        ;SwB puts current sequence into EEPROM for turn on.      ;and puts "marker" in location 101      Attract   movf sequences,w ;put sequence number into w   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEDATA        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   movlw .100   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEADR      bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write   movlw .8   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf EEDATA      incf EEADR,1      bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write    nop   goto $-1   ;Project must be turned off       ;Seq selected as Attract will be displayed when project turned on     Attract_Seq   movlw .100   bsf  status,rp0     movwf EEADR           bsf  EECON1,0 ;starts EEPROM read operation. Result in EEDATA        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0   movwf temp4   movf temp4,w      call table2    goto $-2    ;record new sequence - looks for "no switch pressed" for 1.25 seconds to exit   ;uses files 30h to 5Fh  (48 files)   ;three files per "step"   1st file = LEDs,  2nd = Off time, 3rd = on time   ;15 steps allowed - look for 5Dh   record btfss gpio,5  ;wait for release of button A   goto $-1   movlw 30h   movwf fsr   ;start storage at file 30h      ;look at keys being pressed - identifies 2 or 3 keys pressed together    _r1  clrf sw_duration _r1a call _5mS   incfsz sw_duration,1  ;5mS x 256 = 1.25seconds   goto $+2   goto Store  ;time out! store files 30h to 5Fh in EEPROM    btfss gpio,5  ;see if one or more Sw is pressed   goto $+5   btfss gpio,4   goto $+3   btfsc gpio,3   goto _r1a  ;no sw pressed create 2.5 sec timing        ;1,2,or 3 sw pressed     call _10mS  ;delay to detect 2 or 3 switches   incfsz sw_duration,1   goto $+2   goto Main    btfsc gpio,5  ;SwA   goto $+2   bsf  gpio,0  ;turn on LED A    btfsc gpio,4  ;SwB   goto $+2   bsf  gpio,1  ;turn on LED B    btfsc gpio,3  ;SwC   goto $+2   ;   bsf  gpio,2  ;turn on LED C        ;LEDs have been illuminated         movf gpio,w    movwf indf   ;w moved to fsr's file (30h+)       incf fsr,f     movf sw_duration,w ;off time!!   movwf indf   ;w moved to fsr's file (30h+)      incf fsr,f    clrf sw_duration       _r2  call _5mS   incfsz sw_duration,1       goto $+2   goto record  ;time out! keys pressed too long. Start again   btfss gpio,5   goto _r2   ;sw pressed   btfss gpio,4   goto _r2   ;sw pressed   btfss gpio,3   goto _r2   ;sw pressed          ;file empty. Put duration into file   movf sw_duration,w ;on time      movwf indf   ;w moved to fsr's file (30h+)       incf fsr,f     movlw 5Dh   xorwf fsr,w   btfss 03,2      goto $+2   goto Store  ;stop at 15 steps. store files 30h to 5Fh in EEPROM      clrf gpio    goto _r1          ;sequences:       ;seq1 Self-Programmed sequence    ;1St file:LEDs  2nd file:OFF time  3rd file:On time    seq1 bsf  status,rp0     clrf EEADR    bcf  status,rp0    bsf  status,rp0       bsf  EECON1,0 ;starts EEPROM read operation. Result in EEDATA        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0      movwf gpio   bsf  status,rp0   incf EEADR,1        bsf  EECON1,0 ;        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0    movwf temp4 ;this is OFF time. Store it   bsf  status,rp0   incf EEADR,1        bsf  EECON1,0 ;        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0    movwf sw_duration ;this is ON time   call _5mS   decfsz sw_duration,1   goto $-2   clrf gpio   call _5mS   decfsz temp4,f ;create OFF duration   goto $-2    bsf  status,rp0   incf EEADR,1        bsf  EECON1,0 ;        movf EEDATA,w ;move read data into w   bcf  status,rp0     xorlw 0FFh ;look for 0FFh - end of routine   btfss 03,2   goto $-31   retlw 00          ;seq2  chase right - very fast     seq2 bsf  gpio,0   call _100mS   bcf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,1   call _100mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,2   call _100mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _100mS   clrf gpio   retlw 00     ;seq3  chase right     seq3 bsf  gpio,0   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _150mS   clrf gpio   retlw 00     ;seq4  chase right with off-delay at end     seq4 bsf  gpio,0   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _150mS    retlw 00     ;seq5  left right left right   seq5 bsf  gpio,0   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,0    bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,2      retlw 00       ;seq6  middle on   middle off   seq6 bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   call _150mS     clrf gpio     retlw 00         ;seq7  All on   all off   seq7 clrf gpio   call _150mS   decf gpio,f   call _150mS   clrf gpio       retlw 00     seq8 ;seq8  middle on then sides on      bsf  gpio,1   call _150mS   bcf  gpio,1   bsf  gpio,0   bsf  gpio,2   call _150mS   clrf gpio       retlw 00     ;seq9  police flasher  3 times left 3 times right   seq9 bsf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,0   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,0   call _50mS    bsf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bsf  gpio,2   call _50mS   bcf  gpio,2   clrf gpio   call _50mS      retlw 00     ;seq10  random flicker   seq10 movlw .32  ;start at bottom of table   movwf jump   bsf  gpio,1   movf jump,w ;put table jump value into w   call  table1   call _xmS   bcf  gpio,1   decfsz jump,f   goto $+2   retlw 00  ;top of table found   movf jump,w ;put table jump value into w   call  table1   call _xmS      goto $-11       ;seq11  slow fade up down   seq11 clrf fadeUp  ;   clrf fadeDwn   incf fadeUp,f ;to create 1 (delay routine does not like 00)   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _xuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _xuS         decfsz fadeDwn,f ;   goto $-8   incf fadeDwn,f ;to produce 1   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _xuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _xuS   decf fadeUp,f     incfsz fadeDwn,f    goto $-8     clrf gpio   retlw 00       ;seq12  fast fade up down   seq12 clrf fadeUp  ;   clrf fadeDwn   incf fadeUp,f ;to create 1 (delay routine does not like 00)   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _ZuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _ZuS         decfsz fadeDwn,f ;   goto $-8   incf fadeDwn,f ;to produce 1   bsf  gpio,1   movf fadeUp,w   call _ZuS   bcf  gpio,1   movf fadeDwn,w   call _ZuS   decf fadeUp,f     incfsz fadeDwn,f    goto $-8     clrf gpio   retlw 00        ;Store   Store the 15 steps in EEPROM    Store bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   clrf eeadr        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0    movlw .48   movwf temp1   movlw 2Fh   movwf fsr   incf fsr,f ;fsr starts at file 30h   movf indf,w ;retreive data in file 30h   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   movwf eedata  ;   bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   call  write   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   incf eeadr,1        bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0   decfsz temp1,f   goto $-10   goto Main       write bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   bsf  eecon1,wren ;enable write    movlw 55h   ;unlock codes   movwf eecon2   movlw 0aah   movwf eecon2   bsf  eecon1,wr ;write begins   bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0  writeA btfss pir1,eeif ;wait for write to complete   goto writeA   bcf  pir1,eeif   bsf  status,rp0 ;select bank1   bcf  eecon1,wren ;disable other writes   bcf  status,rp0 ;select bank0       retlw 00           ;**************************************************************** ;* Main        * ;**************************************************************** Main clrf sequences   movf sequences,w   call table2   btfss gpio,5  ;Is swA still pressed?   goto $-3   ;SwA still pressed    movf sequences,w ;SwA released   call table2   btfss gpio,4  ;SwB puts current sequence at turn-on   goto Attract   btfsc gpio,5   goto $-5   ;SwA not pressed   incf sequences,f   movlw .12   xorwf sequences,w   btfss 03,2   goto $-12   goto Main      ;**************************************************************** ;*EEPROM           * ;****************************************************************           org  2100h                 END

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accumulator # immediate data ? Answered

Hello , What I need to know  if I want to load the immediate value  into the accumulator accumulator # immediate data accumulator is  8 bit, assume  address of accumulator is  11 10 01 01 temporary register is  8 bit  that hold Immediate data 00 00 00 11 Instruction register example LD A, # 00 00 00 11 this is 2 byte instruction first  byte is 11 10 01 01 second byte is 00 00 00 11 lets assume that first byte is opcode , store into instruction register  This is the first instruction fetch cycle. fetch , decode , and execute how to decode and execute the first byte instruction

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#3 Wheel Assembly

I live in San Fernando Valley area of California 91402. Where can I find Accessory #3 Wheel Assembly : 60mm DIA Trolley Wheels for the PVC Multi toy Formula Car?

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( Reverse and Array ) .. in Assembly language ? Answered

Hi everyone ! I just started studying the assembly language .. I have this question in my assignment but I'm not sure if my answer is correct I'm afraid that I didn't get the question very well -_- so please help me guys this is the question Use a loop with indirect or indexed addressing to reverse " the elements of an integer array. Do not copy the elements to another array. Use the SIZEOF, TYPE and LENGTHOF operators to make the program. and this is my answer TITLE " question 3 - revese and array" .686 .model flat, stdcall .stack INCLUDE .DATA                                    array  dword  1, 2, 3, 4 .CODE main PROC mov ecx, 2 mov esi, 3 mov edi, 0 L1:      mov eax, array[esi * type array ]      xchg eax, array[edi]      mov array[esi * lengthof array ], eax       mov edi, type array       mov esi, 2 loop L1 call dumpregs ; check mov eax, array mov ebx, array[4] mov ecx, array[8] mov edx, array[12] call dumpregs exit main ENDP END main waiting for your help  thank you  dreams,,

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Professional Assemblers and Installation Technicians

Hey everyone.... The Savvy Tech... (Mike) here, I am a professional assembly technician and have been for about 30 years. Don't know what I am talking about... you have seen the stuff on displayed at the store that looks great but when the asking about taking one home, people find out it comes in a box and requires assembly. Sometimes the assembly is easy... many times, not! If you like building things we should talk. I am the founder of the United Assemblers Network and recruiter for UX Assembly. Check out this recruiting video on the UAN website. Thanks, MikeM

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assemble a ultimaker for me please

Hello guys  I am looking for someone who can assemble and calibrate a ultimaker 3d printer for me  living in canada  i am willing to pay for the service  please contact me at  if you are interested to take this project up  Thanks for looking and have a great day ahead! Yours Respectfully Avi

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How to make or assemble a software ?

How do peoples create softwares like yahoo messenger or media players please help me I am completely idiot about this but by full procedure i can understand

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How to assemble the el wire

EL wire Assembling Instructions 1 Recommended Tools for Live Wire Assembling 1. Wire-Stripper. 2. Scissors. 3. shrinkable tube 4. Hot heat gun. 5. Glue gun 1.EL wire And Power supply wire 2.EL wire And EL wire 3.EL wire Self-contained 4.Attention 1. forbid to connect power supplier without its driver 2. the flash function control by driver. 3. forbid to cut when connecting power. The electrode forbid to connect together, and should prevent it from water. 4. When making shape or connecting, do not to drag and bend emphatically. 5. the wire need match the suitable driver to work, otherwise may break the wire and driver, even dangerous. The driver should operate in power properly. The driver forbid to work without connecting wire. 6. If the wire or driver is very hot, cut off power immediately, call the distributor. 7. keep far from tinder, causticity goods 8. install and connect with professional’s guidance

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What kinda project in assembly should I do ?

I'm studdying Assembly in 8051, so I need to do a final project about this microcontroller. Don't need be something complex but that be inovator and simple. Show me some good ideas. Please. Thanks. 

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Can you still write programmes for PC in assembly language?

Is it still possible to write programmes that will run on a normal PC in .asm ? I've had a look around, and the little information avialable seems to only be relevant to pre-1990 PC's running MS-DOS. Does anyone know of any sites with more up to date information for the processors/instruction sets in use, or what assemblers and linkers are available? Any help would be appreciated.

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Help in asssembly programming for AT89S52 (8051) for blinking LEDs?

P3.0 has a push to on switch P2 has 8 LEDs I need the LEDs to blink as: If switch is ON the Port P2 goes as: 1000 0001 1100 0011 1110 0111 1111 1111 This condition holds indefinitely until Switch is pressed again (OFF) and the Port P2 goes as: 1111 1111 1110 0111 1100 0011 1000 0001 0000 0000 This condition holds indefinitely until switch is pressed again (ON) and first conditions occurs. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou!  

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how to assemble press stud fasteners?

Details on how to put together

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How do you make an Inventor assembly with parts that interact? Answered

Currently, I can use constraints to assemble parts, but when they are moved around, they simply go through each other. How can I make the parts push each other around? For example, I'm designing a paintball marker, and it has a body, bolt, trigger assembly, and various pins. How would I make the bolt catch on the trigger when it is moved rearward? How would I make the bolt go forward when the trigger is moved rearward? I'm using AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2012. Also, I have access to most current Autodesk programs if they are required.  

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Need a Strategy to Count/Sort Plastic Tips

I need a way to take bags of plastic tips below and sort them into groups of 100 quickly for packaging. The tips are 6 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter. Any suggestions?

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Perceptual ART in motion

This little Wizard, my Grandson now in third grade, built and soldered the circuit of this perceptual motion kit. . I only added the two V grooved screws to stabilize the totter edge and allow height adjustment. The screws were hand filed to provide a stable fulcrum for the rower.

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Custom C Compiler for homemade instruction set? Answered

I'm designing a relay based computer.  It will be an 8-bit cpu made entirely out of relays, except for the RAM and program memory. I need an instruction set, but I am not crazy enough to try and make it run the x86 instruction set or anything like that, so I am making my own.  It is a fairly basic set, only 60 instructions, with a quarter of them being data movement. I tried compiling some basic computation programs, like a 16-bit add and an 8-bit multiply program. It is a pain trying to compile it so I was wondering if there is a way to plug my instruction set into a compiler, such as gnu's gcc.  I don't even need it to create a machine code file, I just need the assembly. Is something like this possible??? and how hard would it be to implement???

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free example Assembler and C programs. Examples

Ftp:// username: ian password: blank, no password required.

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how do i assemble the nerf recon?

I wanted to see whats inside that thing...bad idea. now i cant pull back the slide, what must i do!!!!??

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Your Local PCB Assembly Shop! (not in China)

Hi makers, hacker, tinkerers, digital frontiersman, and homebrewers, CBA Electronics is a PCB assembly house that has been serving the Bay Area for over 20 years. Contact us however you like, but I suggest you stop by. Bring your pets and your projects and we'll talk shop over a cup of coffee or tea. We can do 1 to 1000s of boards. We have a rich history of clientele that span from Fortune500 companies to garage enthusiasts and we treat each with the same human handshake. Look forward to seeing you and your projects. - Laci

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free computer programs written in C and Assembler

I have a number of free example programs including socket and web page programming. Help yourself by going to and use   ian   as the username. There is no password required so leave it blank. I hope you find something useful. ian t.

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Anyone available to consult for DIY LED assembly?

I am a disabled homemaker, I want to assemble my own indoor growing lights using LEDs. I am capable of soldering and following instructions, but need some guidance in the planning,  and assembly instructions for it. I have paypal and can pay a reasonable consultation fee to anyone who is willing to help me. The LEDS I will need to use will be atleast 1W, and I will be using Red, Blue, Warm and cool whites, possibly a few orange , yellow or green,  UV, and a few IR , my total output will be atleast 90w, I will need to have a power supply I can plug in ( not batteries). The end result only needs to be functional , not pretty. I will need to make approx. 6 lites, possibly with differing designs. This is not going to be for product selling and profit. Anyone who can help me can reply to me here, or email me at houseofchristina at aol dot com 

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Does anyone have expertise in assembling models? Answered

I'm attempting to assemble a model airplane made by Revell and thought I would find tips on instructables. No such instructable was found, instead most people have expertise in making paper airplanes. Does anyone have any tips for me, a beginner? Specifically, I'm having problems with the modeling cement/glue. Anyway to wash off excess glue? Also having problems painting. I'm no artist. And some advice about those tiny parts that are hard to put together.

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Write a single assembly program that does the following:?

A. Prompts user to enter student name into a buffer and display the name in all CAPITAL letters. b. Prompts user to enter student number into a buffer and display the student number in ascending order. c. Prompts user to enter marks for lab test (15%), mid-term (15%) and assignment (15%) if overall mark is more than 20, display ‘satisfactory’. Otherwise display ‘unsatisfactory’. d. Store the result for each task in memory. please help me immediately ide 68k..i cant make the coding 

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Assembling a Development Team (VC funding in progress)

I will keep this short and sweet. I am in the process of getting VC funding for my company/video game. I am taking emails on all parts of the development cycle. I will be using the Unity Gaming Engine for proof of concept and possible the complete game. Being that funding has not be secured yet this will be "pro bono". Please note that once funding is approved you will be offered a full-time position.  You will NOT be asked to do any work without knowing you will be offered a full time position. A non disclosure agreement has already been drafted and will have to be signed before any discussion about the game can take place. If you are interested please contact me at Again I am looking at all parts of the development process. If you do not know the Unity Engine that does NOT disqualify you as there are many parts to the video game developement process that exist outside of Unity. 

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How do I actually PROGRAM a z80, 8088, 8035, or their predecessors? (schematic, code, assemblers, UVeproms?)? Answered

I have a z80, apparently, with supporting ICs, on a PCB waiting to be salvaged. All I could find online for z80 programming was this guy who was making a whole computer out of it. And a lame "z80 world" site that doesn't help me. Also, on a separate board, I have a couple of Toshiba TMP8035P (with UVeprom nearby), whose online "datasheet" says that it's instruction set and pin compatible with the intel 8048.see: have programmed microcontrollers before, so I know a tiny bit of what is needed for programming them. (Note: modern microcontrollers, in basic-esque languages, notably picaxes and basic stamps)My problem is in how to actually make the program on my computer, press the download button, and the chip run the program. I have no idea how to do assembly, (or find the right assembler). I am also clueless as to hook the computer up to the chip. (I suspect it requires a parallel port, but I think I only have DB9-pin serial easily available. I do have a single parallel port in a win98 computer, but it would be a pain in the butt.)In addition, I don't have a UVeprom eraser light. (I have an uncle who does, but I only meet him every now and then. Maybe he would let me borrow it?)Another problem is, I'm on a time limit. It does not have to be done tommorrow, but if I do not clear the garage of my currently un-programmable outdated microcontrollers soon, I will be too busy with college this fall of 2009 to work on those things, and my parents will force me to throw them away.As for the 8035's my uncle also needs room in his garage, and if I can't program mine soon, then he will throw away his remaining stash of them. (No sense in holding on to equipment your nephew can't program in a timely fashion)By the way, the same uncle dumped a CMX controller on me, with a weird keyboard, huge scroll wheel mouse, and the big box with computer-like guts inside, and a gazillion I/O ports on the back. He said it could be programmed, but Wikipedia said the company that made this video-editing machine went bankrupt or something. If I had the "instruction set", I assume assembly, in addition to a download circuit, then I can use this thing for controlling lots of cool things.Oh, and my uncle is very nice to me, so don't think I don't like him just because his hobby is dumping old junk on me.PS: I'm just whining, but it seems all these old microcontrollers, equipment and whatnot assume I grew up with these. I didn't, so anything beyond plugging in a basic program to a picaxe is rocket science to me. (No, I'm not Russian)

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3D printed, no assembly, wind-up toy car

Hey Guys! Can't wait to hear your feedback on my latest instructable on my 3D printed, no assembly required wind-up car also on how to make your own 3d printed gadgets!

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Re-assembly of my NERF N-Strike Firefly

 I just finished half of my re-painting an un-modded firefly. I can't seem to remember how the assembly with the trigger mechanism works, particularly the part where the spring pulls the trigger back. Any help would be appreciated.

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Isolating the lens assembly and LCD from a digital camera

Hello, Instructablers, I hope you can help. I'm trying to make a functional pair of night vision goggles based on the premise that digital camera photosensors detect IR range light while the human eye cannot. I have an old, functional Sony cybershot that I'm willing to scrap for the job, but the innards are far more complicated than I was expecting. As I am trying for a wearable, head mounted unit, I would like to shave off as much bulk from the camera unit as possible -- I do not, after all, still need picture taking capability anymore, merely a digital display. Any suggestions on where to begin? EDIT: Correct me if I'm wrong, but the more I think about this the more it seems like it would be more practical to buy a standalone microcamera and mini LCD. However, what method of output and input would these typically use? Would a simple microcontroller like Arduino suffice to perform all the necessary processing to feed video from the camera to the display? Does any of this even sound reasonable? Thanks in advance and sorry if photography isn't the right section for this, Ninepound

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Tips for assembling and painting Space Marine Terminator miniatures for a newbie?

So I might be getting some Warhammer 40K Space Marine Terminators, and they'd be the first models I've ever collected, and I was interested in some advice on how to properly assemble and paint them, along with any additional detail work that can be done to make them look better. I've attached an image on what the squad looks like fully assembled and painted, color scheme and attachments are not related to what I plan on making them.

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Would you like an assembling package for your DIY project?

I am thinking about doing a project to build a set of parts that can be assembled together to build a package for any(most) DIY project. Most of time, the PCB is easy to make but the package is much harder(expensive) to make or find. I want to build a set of parts, so anyone can easily build a package for his/her own diy device. I will try to make them flexible, looking good(or fun) on most devices. Would you be interested in something like this? Please let me know, so I know I am building something someone may want. 

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Tips on building/assembling smartphone, compatible with 32 bit software

Hello, I'm looking for tips about how one would start assembling a smartphone capable of running OS like windows 8 or linux. Basically what i want is 4 to 5 inch computer with touchscreen, a hdmi output and phone capabilities. I'm pretty unsure about everything but i'm really committed. Thinking about using the atom cpu from intel. what do you think? How should I go about the rest of the project. let me know your thoughts?

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Atmel AVR IDE/assembler won't run (Windows 8)

I'm trying to write some code for my AVR in assembly, but I cannot get either the Atmel studio 6.0 (with or without sp1) or AVR32 studio 2.6 to run. Studio 6.0 with the service pack states that it will work on windows 8 but consistently gives the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)". AVR32 generates a Java error. This is consistent across all compatability settings and running as administrator. This is on a pretty much clean install of windows 8 pro x64, with all updates and the latest release of both 32 and 64 bit Java. All other software has installed and run without issues, including the equivalent software for microchips microcontrollers. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to get this software to run, or any alternatives that may work. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Let us assemble power distribution switches at home together.

I am an electronic engineer in the field of power distribution switches. In recent days, I am prepared to make a project for power distribution switches at home together.  The project begins now: Home decoration, the concern of hydropower indispensable. The laying of the home circuit is a crucial link, the home distribution box installation involves the safety of home appliances. Therefore, I specifically summarise the home distribution box installation knowledge, as well as home distribution box wiring diagram to make the relevant finishing, for everyone to take precautions, the home distribution box has a clear understanding. Home distribution switch installation points 1, Household distribution switch sub-metal shell and plastic shell two, there are two kinds of mounted and concealed, the box must be intact. 2, The household distribution switch of the cabinet wiring assembly should be set up to zero line, to protect the ground wire, phase line, and to be intact, with good insulation. 3, The installation of air switch seat should be clean and there is enough space, should be installed in the dry, ventilated parts, and no obstruction, easy to use. Never install the distribution box in the box to prevent fire. 4, The household distribution switch should not be installed too high, the general installation of the elevation of 1.8 meters, in order to operate; into the distribution switch of the electric tube must be fixed with a lock nut. 5, If the household distribution switch to be open, the edge of the hole to be smooth, smooth, distribution box buried in the wall should be vertical, horizontal, edge left 5 to 6 mm gap, distribution box wiring Should be rules, neat, the terminal screws must be tightened. 6, The loop into the line must be sufficient length, no joints, after installation marked the name of the use of the circuit, the installation of household distribution box to be completed after the removal of the distribution box residue. How to assemble power distribution switches at home ? 1, The installation of electrical box, distribution box installed on the wall, should be used bolts (expansion bolts) fixed, bolt length is generally buried depth (75 ~ 150mm), the thickness of the box floor, nuts and washers Of the sum of the thickness, plus about 5mm of the "margin". For smaller distribution boxes, it is also possible to embed a good brick at the installation site (in the form of a distribution box or a panel mounting hole) and then use wood screws to secure the distribution box or power distribution board. 2, Dark assembly distribution box, distribution box embedded in the wall installation, in the wall when the hole should be reserved than the length and width of the distribution box about 20mm, the depth of the distribution of the thickness of the distribution box with the wall Plaster thickness. In the masonry distribution box, the box and the wall filled with concrete can be fixed to the box live 3, The distribution box should be installed firmly, horizontal and vertical, vertical deviation should not be greater than 3mm; concealed, the distribution box should be around the gap, the edge of the panel should be close to the wall, the box and the building, Part should be coated with anti-corrosion paint. 4, The distribution box installed in the spiral fuse, the power cord should be connected to the middle of the terminal contact, the load line should be connected to the threaded terminal. In this way, in the loading and unloading fuse will not be electric shock. Porcelain plug-in fuses should be mounted vertically. 5, The distribution box of AC, DC or different voltage levels of power, should have a clear sign. Lighting line, should be set to zero line (N line) and protect the zero line (PE line) bus, zero line and protection of the zero line should be connected to the bus, not twisted, should be numbered. 6, The wire leads to the panel, the panel line hole should be smooth without burrs, metal panels should be installed insulation protective cover. Metal shell distribution box shell must be reliable grounding (then zero). Ps: Excuse me if I was wrong in words or expressions as I am a green hand in the field of power distribution switches. I need continual learnings. What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated. May someone would like to help ? thanks in advance.

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Looking for someone in the UK to assemble Arduino UNOs and Nanos to my design.

Looking for someone in the UK to assemble Arduino UNOs and Nanos to my design.All relatively simple but my eyes are not as good as they used to be.I can program them OK I just need them assembled. Happy to pay if we can agree a sensible price.

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Buzz Lightyear broken wing spring assembly that makes the wings open, how do I fix or replace?

I have a vintage Buzz Lightyear the spring assembly that makes the wings open up .  The spring assembly has a little spring and two "arms" that attach to the wings.  One of the white "arms" is broken, now what?

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MintyBoot Post-Assembly: Installing Batteries causes Battery holder to Melt

Any ideas here? Followed these instructions. I'm fairly novice, so hoping I overlooked something simple?Thanks.Mp

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Where/how/is there an instructable on how to painlessly as possible assemble knex? If not, how? Answered

I have this good gun, which I wanted a better trigger on after many mods. It is an extremely sturdy gun, and had to break the old one literally, to get it out. So i have tried pliers, and hammers, along with my own hands, without sucsess to get it in.Help....

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Can we separate a mobile phone LCD from backlight assembly?

Hello all, Is it possible to separate the backlight from a Mobile phone or MP4 Player LCD without damaging the function of  the LCD, In the way we can do  with  Monitor LCDs? Thanks in advance for all your answers.

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Where can i buy a vacuum robot kit that isn't already assembled?

It's for a robotics class and this is my way out of writing yet another paper.

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I need the assembly procedure for a 1974 VW rear axil and wheel bearing? Please?

The Chiltons manual that i have doesn't give the procedure for the rear wheel bearings or axil assy.

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What specific parts do I need to assemble a good quality crossover for my speaker setup.

Hey guys, I wanna inquire you about the specific types of capacitors, resistors and inductors that I need to assemble my crossover, I don't have the DIY kit, so I'm gonna build it myself. Thanks for the detailed response guys. Your help will be much much appreciated. :)

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How do I assemble the Colfax captains bed headboard, foot board and platform?

I bought the furniture with instruction sheet which is so technical and so small that I dont' know where to start. Bed is sold by

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