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Amp to sub amp?

I wanna amp a sub but the only amp I have is a standerd amp how can I make this so audio out of the amp is really bassy part of the music  and with the plugs there 3 wire yellow white and just in there  mid the loos one ground yellow right and white left

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10W audio amp?

Ok, so i want to get this one audio amp to work, but i can't seem to figure out how to wire it! the first picture is a schematic, and i have NO idea what the connections are, 1, 2, and 3 the second is a picture of the amplifier chip

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Audio Amp Help Answered

I bought a small audio amp, and i am trying to make a high quality boom box type device, for my mp3 player, however i am not sure if i should use a speaker that is a higher wattage than the amp is rated for, or lower.  The amp provides 15 watts per channel, for two channels, so 30 watts between the two channels.  I have a few extra 100 watt sattelite speakers, could i use them?

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audio amplifier

HI, i have a bunch of transistors that i took out of an old cd stereo. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make an audio amp using one or two of them. I am really new to electronics and I haven't had much luck figuring it out on my own. The transistors I have are like little rectangles with a hole on top the kind that usually has a heat sink. some of the numbers on them are: B1344, B1342, k3053, D2012, i also have alot of capacitors ranging from .47 to 3300uf  these are 50 v and 30 v. I've tried other audio amp plans but im having trouble learning to read the schematics. Any help is appreciated ill make an instructable if i can figure it out.

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audio amp help needed

Hi people i'm trying to make an audio amp using a salvaged IC, but i need help with the "what goes where".i'm using a BA15218.Datasheet here

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is there any way to use a homedics sleeping sound device for an audio amp? Answered

It is the one that has a bunch of sounds and is supposed to play calming sounds to help u sleep. it is 6v powerd with an 8ohm speaker i want to use the circit bord for an audio amp. if there is anything u need to know about it please just ask.

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Specialized lm386 amp? Answered

I want to make a amplifier like this but i was wondering if i can make it without the 10k pot as i dont have one.

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Audio Transducer

Hi, how/where can I harvest (audio?) transdcuders, preferably bone conducting ones?  Like this; Which devices will have them? Old tv's, vcr's, pc's, amps....anything..?

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TDA7293 gets hot?

I recently bought some TDA7293 chips in order to make amplifiers, but when I tested one it got hot! I've checked the wiring several times. I'm using this circuit : I'm using +-8V supply, which is bellow the minimum voltage according to the datasheet, so it shouldn't work nor get hot!  If I use a higher supply voltaje it gets hot faster. Any ideas?

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ideas for homemade audio amplifier?

I was interested in pursuing the Bike Stereo instructable but I would rather not buy the $30 amp. What are the general ideas behind making decent-quality amplifiers for speakers? I have limited theoretical/practical experience with op-amps and I'm struggling to apply these ideas to a stereo system. Any thoughts?

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Help with homemade amp and speakers

Hello, I am a complete "noob" when it comes to electronics. I do not have an Ipod. I want to make that clear. I want to make a set of speakers and an amplifier for my truck. please dont ask me what voltage or anything else like that because i have no clue. I want them to be loud. and cheap.

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Do audio amps have a fixed output? Answered

I was wondering if audio amps put out a fixed amplifying power no matter what the input is. Like if the input was really low would it be quieter or bring the audio up to a certain point? Thx

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audio amplifier don't understand wire schematic :/   the one i am having trouble understanding is the 20 gain amplifier

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What would be a good portable amp chip? Answered

I'm making a simple portable amp, and i'm searching for a good chip. I've already tried LM386 didn't like the sound and power output. TA7368P good sound, but the low frequencies and the power consumption weren't great. (also 741, TL082 but they aren't ideal for amps.) Now i'm with TDA1015 so far the sound is great, power output also great, the consumption is sort of good. Can someone tell me a good mono (or stereo) amp chip that has good power output (>2W) and it has low power consumption. I know it sounds sort of stupid but iv'e seen some great sounding amps with low power consumption and high power output in an old BoomBox. But it was covered by a big heatsink and when i removed it the IC was blank. So if anyone can help thank you in advance.

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How much current would this draw? Answered

I am trying to build and audio amp and i need to know what voltage/current my wall plug should be. It says it in the pdf i think but i need another persons opinion. here is the link to the amp, pdf is a  link on page.;=92254311&uq;=634236322019806587 Also would it be possible to feasibly power this for a short time on batteries (aa or c size?) I know i am burdening you already, but what wattage resistors should i get? P.S I am building off of figure 15 on page 7 THANK YOU! =D

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sony xplode amp

I have an car audio amp that i need the schematics for, the model is: XM-SD22X. was wondering if anyone can help. have been able to find owners manual and such. but not much help.

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Power amp clipping problem?

I recently bought a Pyramid PTA150 1500 watt power amp, and its clipping led's always seem to be lit when my mixer is set to half volume or higher, even when the amp is unplugged. Could they be powered from the input voltage when it is high enough? Is it bad to push my amp when they are lit? and it has a high volume cooling fan so I dont think it will overheat when pushed.?

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use an op amp to have two outputs?

Hello, I need to amplify a single mono audio input with two op amp or a single dual op amp and have two discrete outputs that can filtered at different frequencies and then those outputs have to be read with an arduino with two different analog inputs, is this possible? Thank you.

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how to increase W of audio output ? Answered

Hello , i have a amp with output ~0.5W . I want to make a simple circuit to get a higher output (1w or higher). Please tell me what part i need and how i do it . Thanks! sorry for my bad English :(

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value of a potentiometer to attenuate amp inputs?

I have three 'sources' of stereo audio fed into my NAD amplifier. Each source has a different (non-adjustable) output level. So when I switch each one at the Amp input selector the output volume changes significantly. I just want to attenuate the two highest outputs with a trimpot at source before inputting to the amp, so that each are roughly at the same level. Any idea what value trimpots I can use?

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Volume adjusting stereo audio amp?

Hi, I want to make something like have it be stereo and also use a 386 audio amp. Is this at all possible and have you seen schematics for something like it? Thanks for looking :D

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ammo can speaker amp problem

I have a 5v amplifier to a set of speakers mounted in an ammo can. usually it works fine but when i plug the audio jack into my phone(s) it sounds like there is no amp, very quiet. the cord has 2 micro usb outputs (meant for two amps but i only have 1) a audio jack, and a usb plug for charging. the sound works fine when i plug the usb and audio jack into my laptop but just the audio jack into my phone doesnt work. the power comes from a rechargeable battery connected onto the amp. if i was unclear about anything please tell me

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Amp problems: Audio output cuts out on any bass.? Answered

I have a Sonic Impact T-Amp Gen 2. When running, the audio output suddenly cuts out on the bass of a song for half a second or so, and starts again. The blue LED light stay on however. There seems to be no connection between the times it cuts out, except for it usually runs for a while, at 50% < 100% of the volume. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Amplifier for my car audio system?

I have 4 x 30W speakers as well a 400W subwoofer....I am simply lookin for an appropriate AMP to push everything....something under $300, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

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Ultra-simple low pass audio filter? Answered

Is there a way to create an ultra-simple low pass filter? Will not be using it for subwoofer, but to split audio and boost the power for audio-synced leds. Is a split at about 15-200 hz any good? or should it be higher/lower. Mostly looking for bass guitar and some drum to go in this area. I am totally non-audio knowleged, and am beginning my circuit building skills, so yes, i need lots of help. Can i hook this in parallel to speakers and will it not affect sound quality? can i use a separate audio (no op-amp) amp to boost power to leds? (such as a .5w amp to leds that consume less than .5w?) or should i find an op-amp. Could i just put the filter on and hook leds up in parallel w/out sound loss? I am getting totally lost. I know this is a LOT to ask of you, but your answers to my previous questions have been very helpful and are greatly appreciated. Thanks for putting up with me :) I wish i could figure this out better, but i am having a hard time. So far example no.1 on this link (about halfway down page) seems to look pretty good. Thanks!!!!

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Wireless cox box help (audio transmitter / amplifier)?

Hi, I'm trying to design a circuit that will replace the traditional "cox box" in a rowing boat. What I want to have is a wireless microphone that transmits to an amp that I can connect into the boat's existing speakers. I don't care about the stroke rate or timer features, just need the audio.  I can solder well enough, and even print pcbs others have designed, but I'm not too sure where to begin with the design. There are plenty of great amp projects on here, but how would I tie that in wirelessly?  Thanks!

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How many LED's would a TDA2822 op-amp drive? Answered

Hey- trying to make led's light up to music, and i need to know if a tda2822 amp will light up ~15 leds (maybe more). i will be splitting them into high-mids- and lows. highs 3 leds, mids 4, and lows 8 leds. Sorry this question is so sketchy but i am writing this quickly. Power supply and necessary parts are not a problem. Thanks :)

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How can I build an amplifier to use between some large unpowered speakers and my TV?

 I have two large unpowered speakers (not sure of their ratings) and I'd like to build an amp to power them, since the TV audio out wouldn't be nearly enough juice. If there's an instructable for this already, that would be awesome.

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Tube Amp tips?

Lately I've been pondering building a tube amp for my electric guitar, and I'm wondering if anyone has tips on component selection/could recommend some resources for me, since I'm not exactly an audio expert.  I'm considering something in the way of a half-stack, any ideas on what the cost would be of building that, and what kind of wattage I could get without breaking the bank?

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What does "Fi freq comp" mean in IC TA7313AP ? Answered

Hello , ia have a question about the IC TA7313AP . This is the IC's pin : 1 : Hi freq comp 2 : Input 3 : Feedback 4 : Hi freq comp 5 : GND 6 : Out 7 : Vcc 8 : Bootstrap 9 : Ripple Filter What does "Hi freq comp" mean ?? In datasheet file, they place a 100p Cap between pin 1 and 4 , what happend if i put a 1n cap instead of 100p cap ? Thanks in advance !

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Building 5.1 Audio Amp , don't know where to start out with .? Answered

I have 5 Satellite speakers which has a max input power of 60W , rated 30W , 6 ohms impedance , 160 - 20,000 Hz And a passive subwoofer , max input of 140W rated 70W , 8 ohms impedance , 65 - 1,500 Hz (My god , i just searched underneath my bed and i found  Two of those  old but useful JBL GT82 Subs ) Impedance :Single-4Ohm 8" Max power : 200W Rated power : 100W it's a 8" sub Now i'm thinking of , 2 subs (lol)

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Help me mod this amp

Help me mod this amp i Hi i'm new in this site and in electronics and i need help.I got a sony ericson -mps 30 model audio amp and i want to connect it to my mp3 as an amp but when i opened the case there were two wires to speaker ,one wire to antena and the thing to plug in to my phone with 10 connections which confused me .So my question is can i mod it to connect to my other audio devices and if yes then how?   (Thanks for reading and sorry for my English)

Topic by andiukas223  

About audio amplifier boards? Answered

I've brought TDA2030 amp board for stereo system(pictures attached). I can't identify audio input terminals. Experts please help me! 

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what is the purpose of capacitors in audio amplifiers? Answered

I want to know this because i want to convert a guitar amp into a bass amp and ii need to modify the right capacitors

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OP-Amp Troubles

Hey everyone I was hoping someone here could help me with a problem in having. I've been tinkering with some op-amp circuits with the LM386N-1 namely the one I have pictured. I first assemble them on my prototyping station and they work well using the signal generator but when I connect them to a audio line from my computer nothing comes out the speaker I have tested the cable and speaker and they both work so I am at a loss as to what's not working. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me thanks

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Trouble understanding audio amplifier schematic Answered

I have been looking at audio amplifier circuits online to use in a small-ish speaker system I am working on. I found the circuit in the image which is a pretty straight forward circuit and has cheap/easy to find parts. My only question is where exactly do I hook the audio input. I am guessing I connect to the .1uf capacitor on the left chip and to the ground, but I don't know. Thanks for your time. the circuit is also here:

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How to connect Xbox 360 to older Sony stereo amp? Answered

Whenever I plug my Xbox into my amplifier, the sound comes out extremely loud and distorted. I am only using the standard RCA plugs, because my TV is kind of old. I would really like to use my Xbox to play music and movies, but my TVs speakers are pretty awful, and I would like to have volume control when using my headphones. The audio settings on the Xbox are very lacking, so there is nothing I can do there.

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what is the best ohm rateing for running speakers out of a mp3 player with no amp or any other equipment.

i just bought a new zune HD player today and i dont want to risk  damageing it  unfortunatly i dont have any other speakers besides some that i had laying around which are rageing from 3.2 ohm (somehow) to 6 ohm to 8 ohm which would be the best the 3.2 are what im useing now they suck but they are outloud if somebody could design a simple amp with -volume control -3 inputs -cabible to run differant ohms of speakers safely  -left and right channels -cabible of running a large numbers of speakers thank you

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Need a small amp for unpowered speakers (that are to be plugged into the TV).

I've got a TV with left and right audio out and unpowered speakers. I would like to plug into the audio outs but I need a very simple amp to power the speakers. Any ideas on where to get/build a cheap amp? Bonus points if it fits in an Altoid tin. I did find a 10W stereo amp kit over at the Electronic Goldmine for $24. I was hoping to possibly do it even cheaper. I don't want to end up with any remotes, etc for the amp. So simple is better.

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How do I connect a car amplifier? Answered

I have a "300W" (actually 30W) mini amplifier. It has black, red and yellow wires for power.How do I connect it?

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How to couple pairs of computer speakers together to increase volume? Answered

Problem: laptop speakers are too quiet Proposed Solution: couple a few pairs of computer speakers together to increase the volume questions: -I have not worked with audio-electronics before is this possible/plausible? -computer speakers need 8ohm resistance (T/F)?    -if true when I split the lines do I need to increase resistance? -non-powered vs powered computer speakers?   -if I go powered can I use a small voltage (5volts) amp to power them? NOTE: I really have no experience so if the scheme below is completely ridiculous let me know, and try to point me in the right direction. I just want to hook a few pairs of computers speakers together.

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Mobile charger and audio amp power supply?

Hello friends i want to power mobile(feature) and audio amplifier (PAM8403) with single power supply. can you please help me? i am a beginner in electronics. how much voltage and amp i need for it. If i use 5volt 2Amp power supply.  will it burn PAM8403 if mobile not connected?

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How to replace mini microphone with more sensitive mic?

Hi I am trying to replace mini microphone (is very similar to mobile phone microphone) of Audio bug with more sensitive Standard electret microphone with intention that it pickup sound from more than 1 metre distance, and in doing so I am getting too much noise in Audio bug out-put. Do I need pre-amp? Is there any better way to do it? If pre-amp then how to harmonise out put of pre-amp to the input of audio bug? Any help..... Thank you.

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Simple audio amplifier?

Alrighty, I'm a n00b to this world but I'm really into it. I just bought a simple amplifier kit and put it together. It is a stereo amp but I am only getting output to one speaker. The only problem I can think of is how i rigged up the inputs. I took a 3.5mm jack and combined the ground from the left and right channels. Can you not do that? How do I fix this without running two individual mono channels? Thanks in advance!

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very strange speaker amp problem?

I have two 5v speaker amps. One i made myself and another I got from my cousins junk box. Anyways, when I connect the speaker it has a very very loud buzzing. The strange part is when I touch almost any terminal in the circuit with my finger the buzzing stops and it plays normally with very little buzzing. The amp I made I have followed the circuit schematic exactly and triple checked everything. I have tried grounding the parts too but that didnt work so I know its not a grounding issue. Another thing, while I was making the amp I tested it and it did the same thing but it started working when a 10k resistor popped out of its place and was sticking straight up in the air, it was originally connected to ground. please help.

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Building a Stereo Tube Amp

I'm in the UK and interested in Building a Stereo Tube Amp (by thobson in audio). Can anyone advise on the UK equivalents for many of the components used in this project e.g. transformers, valves (tubes) and where to buy them? Many thanks.

Topic by DonaldStott