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"The 'Ible Awards"

Ok, i got this idea whilst in the chat room. The Instructables Staff, should look out throughout the month for outstanding behavior shown by members of the community, and at the end of the month they choose someone to be the "-Ible member of the month" or have at the end of the year "The -Ible Awards" with multiple categories and the community votes on a winner, and they receive like a trophy or a badge. Just throwing it out there, feel free to comment/debate.this goes along with Keith-kid's idea from about a month ago (which he pointed out to me): idea was mostly a group thought, so credit goes to myself, Keith-Kid, Killerjackalope, and Adrian Monk

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Idea- Instructables Awards

Everyone's posting ideas for instructables, so I thought I'd post one of my own- The Instructables Award. At the end of every year, the community will vote and pick winners for a category. There doesn't have to be a material prize. It could perhaps be some sort of badge, that is displayed on the winner's page ( example: Best something 2007)The categories would be something like this:Most productiveMost comments - (or the Goodhart award)Most innovativeMost featuredMost helpful (GMiko could be...)Most thoughtful...or somethingMost commentedMost resourcefulCommunity member of the year (The kiteman award)Most beloved (its a tight race between Ible Robot and Kiteman)Most random (*cough*Cough*)Most controversialRising star - New guy that's becoming popularRandom winner - no reasonMost funMost pyromaniac?Most greenBest techie (techie of the year)Best Artist (artist of the year)Longest running member (nonstaff)Best avatar?Best comment (the single best comment of the year?)Best forum topicwell? what do you think? Ideas for categories are welcome!

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Knex Creations of the Year Awards

Alright sorry I didn't quite start this earlier as it's already New Year Eve but better late than never. You have tonight and tomorrow to vote for your favorite knex creation in each category. I'll tally it all up and announce the winners the day after new year. You may vote for your creation in only five categories. Please only vote for things made this year. You may vote for things that were made but never posted as long as you provide a picture of it and the creator provided enough information about it.~Categories~-Best Sniper/ Power Weapon-Best Mid-Sized Assault Weapon-Best Assault Pistol-Best Automatic Weapon-Best Melee Weapon-Best Side Arm-Best Explosive-Best Non Weapon Object-Best Large Caliber Weapon-Best Shotgun-Best Replica-Most Innovative Build-Greatest Builder-Best Feature in a Knex Weapon (no people as in who made a feature and in what gun? Don't just list a feature like magazine) Any other ideas? Post them quick as I need at least 3 votes for a nominee for it to win.

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Contests; they are getting a bit confusing

I am a bit confused...I got the distinct impression that a photo contest was a photo contest, not a 'best instructable' contest; hence the camera as a prize. Almost every contest has been based on the subject matter (and that makes sense); submit a new i'ble on how to make a better cake and win a kitchen device; submit a new i'ble on a good way to use LEDs and win a product that helps make things with LEDs easier. Therefore (for some odd reason) I thought the object of this last I MADE IT photo contest was to enter a really good (possibly award winning) photo of something you built (rather than enter an average photo of something really good). Don't get me wrong, all of the instructables entered are good, but submitted as award-winning photos...not hardly. Was this just another popularity contest? How did I miss the mark here?

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my knex builder awards

Best replicators: trauts,the dunkis, ironman 69 best rifle builders: benfoxg,mepain viccie,the jamalam, darth gecko man,dsman best pistol builders: Iac, viccie,trauts, oblitivius best cannon builders: Iac, winchester shotgun, viccie best shotgun builder: oblitivius best builders overall: viccie, Iac ,mepain,dsman, oblitivius and dath gecko man most innovative builders: mepain, viccie ,IAC ,ironman 69.

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Can anyone help me find this video clip? Free Pro membership to the first answer! Answered

It has been a long time since I have seen this clip.  I remember it was part of an MTV movie awards in the late 90s.  I assume it was 1998, since that is when the movie came out. It was a funny version of a clip from the US Godzilla movie.  The MTV version had Christopher Lloyd as the cab driver.  I remember that it was hilarious! There was a part where Christopher Lloyd was eating a banana and threw the peel out of the window and then Godzilla tripped over it.  Then he kept ramping off of Godzilla's foot.  Other that those two parts I don't remember much. I have been looking for this clip for a long time.  Like the title says, the first person to answer this will get a free year of Pro Membership!

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Knex Gunner Of the Year Award

Ever wonder who is the best builderthe one with the best ideaS and the best knex gun instructables out?Well here it is The Knex Gunner Of the Year AwardThere are 10 NomineesYou guys will vote on who is the best So to vote what you do is in your post you firest put the date then put the nominee's name and the you add +1 so eg: Zero0928 +1 NOMINEES1.Mepain2.PerfectDuck3.Loosewire:SOE Operative4.Trainman 20005.IpodKiller6.Bunduk7.Oodalumps8.Danny9.Knex Hater Hater10.KillerK Rules1. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE if you vote tWIce your vote will not count.By 6:00 everyday (canada time) i will add up the votes.VOTING CAN BE DONE UNTIL JULY 20th

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Knex Awards 2009 Winners Announced!!!

Hey guys! Yes I know there are already awards for the best gun, but these are different. Put simply these are awards to do with knex. Well you want to know who won right? Best Replica the runner up is Killer~SafeCrackers winchester! And the winner is... AK47 by Bakenbitz!!! Best non weapon the runner up is... Chaos Ball Machine! and with all but 2 of the votes, the winner is... the Miter Saw by Shadowman39!!! Best knexer the runner up no-one because only one person who joined in 2009 was nominated. and the winner is... Killer~SafeCracker!!! (shadowman and kNeXFreek were unable to be accepted into this category as they joined in 2008, sorry but it"s the rules.) And what you have been waiting for, the best weapon of 2009, the runner up is MeZak! and the winner of best weapon of 2009 is... this pistol! No seriously the winner of best weapon of 2009 is... the Turret rifle by KILLERK!!! well thank you for reading, look out for these awards next year, feel free to comment all you want now, thank you and good night.

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Ladyada wins EFF Pioneer Award!

The always-awesome Ladyada of Adafruit Industries is one three winners of the EFF's Pioneer Awards! It's doubly awesome to see more geek women on lists like these. Check out her recent projects here!From the official notice:A pioneer in the field of open-source hardware and software hacking, Ladyada helps the general public engineer and adapt consumer electronics to better suit their needs. Her do-it-yourself ethic is founded on the idea that consumer electronics are best modified for use by customers, not corporations. Fried runs her own company, Adafruit Industries, which sells unique and fun do-it-yourself kits to help consumers make gadgets such as backup iPod chargers, green power monitors and programmable displays for bicycle wheels. She also hosts an Internet video program called "Citizen Engineer" that provides step-by-step instructions to help consumers build and alter their own home devices. Awarded every year since 1992, the Poneer Awards recognize leaders who are extending freedom and innovation on the electronic frontier."

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Saul Griffith awarded a MacArthur grant!

Saul Griffith from Squid Labs, Howtoons, Instructables, and other cool companies has been awarded the MacArthur "genius" grant. He gets $500k because he's so genius-y and it couldn't be going to a better guy. Saul Griffith is an inventor whose innovations span industrial design, technology, and science education. Through a variety of endeavors at MIT and as a principal in Squid Labs, Griffith demonstrates his boundless energy for inventing across diverse disciplines in the global public interest. While still a graduate student at MIT, he designed a unique membrane-based molding system that can produce a variety of common lenses from a single pair of flexible molding surfaces. This prototype has the potential to change the economics of corrective lenses in rural and underserved communities around the world and continues to be a major focus of research and development energy at Squid Labs. At MIT, Griffith co-founded, a web community that has produced socially conscious engineering solutions, such as novel household water-treatment systems. is the forerunner of, a remarkable do-it-yourself website driven by user contributions. He is also a creative force behind HowToons, an animated educational resource designed to engage children in hands-on science and engineering projects. Through the spin-off company Potenco, Griffith initiated the project design for a hand-held human-powered generator, which has the potential significantly to improve access to electronic devices such as laptops and water purifiers throughout the world. Though still quite young, he holds several patents in optics, textiles, and nanotechnology. In these engineering ventures as well as others yet to be imagined, Griffith is a prodigy of invention in service of the world community. Saul Griffith received a B.MET.E. (1997) from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, an M.E. (2000) from the University of Sydney, and an M.S. (2001) and Ph.D. (2004) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a co-founding partner of Squid Labs and serves as a technical advisor at Potenco in Alameda, California. full story

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Some USC Graphics

.  Here's a few graphics that others have done. .  Visit us at . Credits Finest Foozle Award - Goodhart Lives - 1: Darwin Award - Goodhart Future Darwin Award Winning Ibler - Yokozuna Future Darwin Winning Ibler - Yokozuna Future Darwin Award Winner (Black) - Yokozuna

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VOTE for Instructables! (In the SXSW People's Choice Awards)

Instructables is a finalist in the SXSW Web Awards "Classic" category, for websites over a year old. We're up a against some big sites, so wish us luck!Of course, that means we're also eligible for the People's Choice Award, so go vote for us! I just did it, and the process is dead easy - you can vote once/day until March 6th.

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Best knex gun designer of the year award

What are the best designs in knex guns, who made them? Well I wanna find out who you guys think is the best designer. I actually think the best designer is killerk.Here are the people you can vote for: Mepain Killerk You Danny Bunduk Flie-ing Goose(did I do that right?) Gamer5 Ooulumps emperar Perfect Duck Loosewire Quincy85 wrestler(I dont think I did that one right Smigde (your name here) Ipodkiller shadow 64 You can vote twice .The winner will recieve the pride in being the best designer lol.So no real prizes, just the happiness.

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Eric Wilhelm wins TR35 Innovation Award

Sharing your projects and ideas on Instructables is now officially a Big Idea. Eric just won the TR35 award for top innovators under 35 from MIT's Technology Review magazine for his work with Instructables; check out the press release below, and read about the other winners.I'm pretty psyched to be part of this site, as we're clearly doing something exciting and important -- it's especially neat to be an early adopter with the power to change the way society works.-- ChristyProject-Sharing Website Creator Named Top Young InnovatorSan Francisco, CA - August 19, 2008 -- Eric Wilhelm has been recognized by Technology Review magazine as one of the world's top innovators under the age of 35 for creating, the Internet's #1 project-sharing began as a way for Eric to document his engineering work and grad-school kitesurfing projects, and has evolved into a world-wide hub for documenting and sharing creative projects. The site's simple, elegant step-by-step format provides an intuitive platform that allows anyone to publish their project, complete with pictures, text, and embedded video.In a world of mass-produced culture, hand-making and personalizing is experiencing a resurgence, and people everywhere are reviving classic skills and technologies. Instructables is the hub of this movement, providing a social and interactive environment to demonstrate amazing projects and ideas. The site dramatically lowers the barrier to sharing projects, enabling crafters, modders, engineers, artists, cooks, bicyclists, and techies to gather and share their work freely, and where cross-pollination is actively encouraged."Everyone wants to be a creator, not just a consumer," Eric explains. "We bring passionate people together to learn from each other. Instructables makes it cool to be smart." Instructables is also a valuable educational resource. Parents and teachers rely on Instructables as a source of project ideas, and students maintain their personal portfolios at the site. By coupling old-fashioned tinkering with thoughtful discussion and long-distance collaboration, Instructables has begun to revolutionize learning and innovation.Eric Wilhelm and the other TR35 winners for 2008 will be featured in the September issue of Technology Review magazine and honored at the EmTech08 Conference. "The TR35 honors young innovators for accomplishments that are poised to have a dramatic impact on the world as we know it," said Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review magazine, "We celebrate their success and look forward to their continued advancement of technology in their respective fields."About Eric Wilhelm:Eric earned his SB, SM, and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT, where he developed methods to print electronics and micro-electromechanical systems using nanoparticles. He co-founded Squid Labs, an innovation and design partnership, and a number of Squid Labs spin-off companies including Potenco, producing a human-powered generator for cell phones and laptops; Makani, an energy company seeking to harness high-altitude wind; OptiOpia, developing low-cost portable vision-testing and lens-fabricating devices; and Instructables, a collaborative how-to site that helps people document and share a process or skill. See Eric's How To Start A Business Instructable for the more detailed story.About is the most popular Do It Yourself community on the Internet. Started in August 2005, Instructables provides accessible tools and publishing instructions to enable passionate, creative people to share their most innovative projects, recipes, ideas, and hacks. The site is currently home to over 14,000 projects covering such diverse areas as crafts, art, kids, electronics, pets, bikes, cars, robotics, green projects, and cooking.About Technology Review, Inc.:Technology Review, Inc., an independent media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the authority on the future of technology, identifying emerging technologies and analyzing their impact for leaders. Technology Review's media properties include Technology Review magazine, the oldest technology magazine in the world (founded in 1899); the daily news website; and events such as the annual EmTech Conference at MIT. ContactsFor Instructables:Christy Canida, 510-931-5622press (at) instructables (dot) comFor Technology Review:Sarah Mees, 978-208-1499press (at) technologyreview (dot) com More news and press about Instructables here.

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I got an idea

How about we have some sort of Instructables year end awards and or hall of fame? Rate this forum if you think its a good idea. Something like this: Hall of Fame: One induction per month, selected by Instructables staff. Users to be considered must be nominated by a minimum number of people (7 for example) Year End Awards: Awarded at year end. Users are voted on, however there are first nominated for certain award by a minumum number of people (7 for example) Suggestions for awards: Coolest Most Helpful Most Popular Most Dangerous Funniest Hall of Famers recieve no physical prize, but are allowed to add their instructables to Hall of Fame group, and may recieve special avatar (see Kiteman) Year End Awards recieve t-shirt (maybe) and special "medal" placed on their orangeboard

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Treehugger gives Instructables Two Best of Green awards

Woohoo! Treehugger has given Instructables TWO of its Best of Green awards! Honus won a Best Gadget Hackaward for his Solar iPhone Charger - you may remember it as a winner of the Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest.  Congratulations Honus! Instructables is also named as the Best DIY Website. We'd like to thank the cool folks at Treehugger for the award - we'll keep doing our best to deserve it.  Hooray for keeping it green!

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How would I wire my high voltage capacitor bank? Answered

So I'm having this project that calls for a high voltage capacitor bank. I bought 10 450V 330uF electrolytic caps and want to make a 2kv (with safety margin) cap bank. I wired 5 of them in series and I end up with 2 sets of caps. My question is how would I connect those sets in parallel? Do I just connect the ends together (exhibit 1) or do I connect all the caps together (exhibit 2)? Thank you for reading!

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How to Make an Oscar

Ever wanted to know how to make your own movie award?Here's a quick behind-the-scenes peek at the plant in Chicago which produces LA's favourite door-stop:Link to BBC story

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Has HQ discontinued awarding a 3M pro membership for featured ibles ? Answered

A friend said this question did not post. Nor did he get any recognition for his recent featured ible ! Anyone up on what goes ?

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The Facepalm Award - What are your favorite comments and questions?

Every once in a while, I'll get a comment that makes my brain lock up on an Instructable or an Answer that I've posted. When I tell RavingWife about some of these, she accuses me of making them up, or at least embellishing for effect. This leads me to believe that others might find these amusing, and may also have funny comments of their own to contribute. In the spirit of fun, I hereby institute the Facepalm Award - to be given for comments posted on this site which unintentionally make us laugh, or at least stare in stunned disbelief. I'll kick it off with a couple of nominees of my own: 1) On a question asking for cheat codes for a video game, I answered: Wouldn't it be cool if there were a site out there dedicated to cheats and walkthroughs of video games? That would be AWESOME!!! The Nominee:      TheOriginalPoster (author) says:  hahaha very funny but i do not have that kind of time     Sure, because you're too busy doing important stuff like playing video games..... I don't know if I find this amusing because of the serious time management issues indicated by the response, or because the OP gave my snarky comment a Best Answer..... 2) This one has been flagged and deleted, so I'll have to paraphrase. It was a response on a thread which had absolutely nothing to do with sexuality, dating, relationships or anything in that vein. No double entendres, no sly puns, no wink-wink, nudge-nudge of any kind. My post on that thread was totally innocuous as well. The Nominee: HI I JUST SIGNED UP FOR THIS A LITTLE WHILE AGO IVE BEEN LOOKING AROUND- PRETTY COOL STUFF. ARE YOU BISEXUAL????? Uhhhh... what? So, do you have any nominees of your own? Post 'em so we can all have a chuckle. Nominees will not be officially judged by anyone. No points will be tallied, no winner will be selected, and any hypothetical winner which might have been selected would not have received any kind of prize anyway.

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Request: Non-Alpha Characters in Titles to Designate Awards

Dear Instructables Administration: While downloading Instructables as PDF files, I like to edit the name of the file with the following convention at the end of the title: How_to_Make_Mashed_Potatoes (*++).pdf The part that looks like this (*++) indicates that the instructable has been featured (*) and has been a finalist in 2 contests (++). This lets me peruse my downloaded instructables within a given category (I file them by project type) and find one that is really top-of-the-line at a glance. Would it be possible and/or acceptable to have this sort of suffix automatically added to the title of downloads by the instructable web site? This would save much time and effort for me and anyone else who was interested in this luxurious little feature. Perhaps it could be included as a preference check-box for those who did (or didn't) want this feature enabling them to choose it? Would the code to do this be difficult to implement? I hereby request this feature for pro members! Timothy Nugent

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Guess the Pieces contest!

Https://, So recently, I’ve finally finished counting all the pieces in Convolution. I thought it might be a cool idea to make a contest about it. There will be separate categories with points awarded in each category. The one who has the most points wins! You are allowed to give ONE guess for each of the categories. Here are the categories and the scoring system for each one: 1) Grand Total: Guess the grand total of the piece count. The closer you are, the more points are awarded. If you are within 50 pieces, you get 10 points, within 100 you will get 8 points, within 250 and 6 points are awarded,  within 500 and 4 points are awarded, within 1000 and 2 points are awarded, and within  2000 1 point will be awarded. 2) Most Common Piece: Here it is simple; just give your guess of the most used piece/part in the machine, and the amount of times it occurs.  You will get 2 points for guessing the correct piece/part, and another 2 points if you are within 50 of the amount of pieces used. 3) Least Common Piece: Just as simple as the second one, guess the least used piece/part in the machine and the amount of times it occurs.  2 points will be awarded for the correct part/piece and another 2 points if you correctly guess the amount of times it is used. 4) Price Total: In this category, simply give an estimate of what you think the price of the machine would be if you were buying it piece by piece from the K’nex website.  Prices are based firstly on the K’nex website, and if the piece is not found there, the price will be based on the price of the K’nex User Group. Prices are calculated in USD. If you are within $25, you will get 6 points, within $50 and you will be awarded 4 points and within $100 and you will be awarded 2 points. For reference, my room measures 2.28m(7’6’’) high, by 3.65m(12’) by 2.74m(9’). Also, here are some pictures and the video for reference as well. Video: Best of luck to everyone.  The contest deadline will be February 10.

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Instructables - Finalist for Best User-Generated Content Award in the Crunchies

Instructables is a finalist in the category of "Best user-generated content site" in the Crunchies. As described on the site, the Crunchies are the first annual competition and award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year. The Crunchies is a collaboration project between GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb, VentureBeat and TechCrunch. Best of all, the internet community is invited to choose who wins.The winner is determined by voting by the internet at large. You can vote once a day until voting ends at midnight PST Thursday, January 10. Award winners will be announced live at the Awards Ceremony at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on Friday, January 18.Perhaps you've been thinking that your project was the underdog in our Laser Cutter Contest, well now it's the same for Instructables! Check out our competition!:DiggFacebookGeniYelpWe are by far the smallest and least well-funded of the contenders, so it's really a testament to how awesome the Instructables community is that we're able to even appear among these giants. Given the nature of the voting, I'd bet Digg is in the lead, but head over, show your support, and vote for Instructables:

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D3CRYPT3D won SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Privacy & Security

Hey everyone! For a long time, being a modeler and working in the industry, I have always felt that Modelers get the short end of the stick.  Things get re textured, models get hijacked and studios just kind of store models and stock pile them up. Some people will even resell models that don't belong to them. I used to see it all the time. Well, my crew and I came out with a software that enables you to share and collaborate on your 3D files securely. We won the SXSW Innovation Award for Privacy & Security last month and just released our beta this week.  We would love for you all to try it out and give us your feedback so that we can make the best product possible.  If you are interested, here is the link to download - Thank you!

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"Choose To Reuse" Contest Awarding Free HP Laptop & Printer

If you like turning trash into treasure, then you're probably going to love Greenwala's new crafty contest.The green social network is complementing its other green-themed contests with their latest and greatest one, which asks participants to photograph an original repurposed design of their own creation.Some examples of other contestants' creations include:1) vinyl record garden planters2) shower curtain turned into wearable "hoodie"3) vinyl records stitched into a pocketbookTake a look at the rest of the entries here and then gear yourself up to submit your own cool, repurposed design -- most creative reuse will win a new HP Mini 110 XP Notebook and a Deskjet D2660 printer! Good luck and have fun!!

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Instructables - Finalist for Best User-Generated Content Award in the Crunchies

Feeling like your Instructable was the underdog in our Laser Cutter Competition? Check out the blog to see how Instructables is competing with the likes of Digg, Facebook, Geni, and Yelp. Or just head straight over and vote for Instructables: according to the rules, you can vote once every day until Thursday at midnight.

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DIY Dialysis - an Ultimate Make?

There are makers, and there are Makers.Two years ago, Dr Malcolm Coulthard, of Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, had a patient too small for dialysis. The baby girl had suffered kidney problems following bowel surgery, but, at only 6 lbs in weight, she was too small even for the "child sized" dialysis machines.Rather than let the girl die, Dr Coulthard, with the help of senior children's kidney nurse Jean Crosier, designed and built her a dialysis machine from scratch in his garage.Every so often, the idea of Instructables Awards pops up, but only for people on the site. Kitewife said now they are people who deserve a Robot patch, and agree, but more so. We need to recognise the achievements of people like this, so I propose we set up an award - the Ultimate Maker award.Nothing dramatic, just a simple certificate they can frame, a Robot patch, and maybe a logo they can display on their website if they have one.What say you, Makers?BBC Story

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Green Sled Design Challenge

If you have a good idea for a sled built mostly from recycled materials and you happen to live in or close to New Hampshire, then you should check out the Green Sled Design Challenge. Each sled entered must be built from at least 90% recycled materials. The last 10% is for all the stuff that you need to hold it together that would be tough to find in the scrap pile.If you're interested, register quickly since it all goes down March 7.Prizes include:Best OverallBest Aesthetics AwardBest Performance AwardGreenest Award: Judges will weigh criteria such as materials selection, design for disassembly, etc. Be creative and create a low-impact sled! Link via Core77

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frollard gets 300 Best Answers

.  frollard has been awarded Best Answer 300 times! Congratulations and patch sent.

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Canucksgirl reaches 100 best answers!

Canucksgirl's fellow Iblers have awarded her Best Answer 100 times. Way to go!

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Samuel Bernier gets Runner Up in Core77 Design Awards 2012

Instructables member and artist-in-residence alumnus Samuel Bernier was recently awarded Runner-Up in Core77 Design Awards 2012 for his amazing Instructable Project Re_, an exploration into 3D-printing as a DIY tool for upcycling. Here's an exerpt from the Core77 page: "This experiment of Project RE_ explores 3D-printing as a DIY tool for upcycling. Customized lids are created using low cost 3D-printing. They are then clipped or screwed onto standard jars, tin cans and bottles to create new and personal objects" If you're not already familiar with Sam's work with Project Re_ you should check it out, he updates the Instructable with new design ideas and regularly answers questions about his 3D printing experiences.

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International CYNETART competition

Call for Entries for the 14th Festival of computer-based art CYNETART || entry deadline 28.02.2010 TMA Hellerau hosts this international competition of CYNETART, inviting artists and art groups to present their projects, every two years. They can apply with projects that fully utilise digital technologies in their conceptual, creative and performing processes, thereby opening up opportunities for digital performance and their relationship to factors such as time, space, physical presence and social encounters. An international jury with representatives from well-established media culture institutions and experienced scientists with a background in media art history will decide about the winner of the CYNETART-award and the sponsorship award. It will also decide on the award of the artist-in-residence-grant funded by the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts. Further information/ Entry Form:  

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Steveastrouk reaches 400 Best Answers

.  A big "Way to go, Steve!" for being awarded Best Answer 400 times by your fellow Iblers.

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contest schedual

I looked in the rules but I did not see when the prizes will be awarded. I assume there will be a little time for people to look at cakes that were submitted close to the deadline.

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Achiev'ibles - 26/08/2012

Hi, here is a list of the patches that were awarded this week for our members. Achiev'ibles is a community run achievment project. The stats of members of the group are automatically recorded every day and patches are awarded at key milestones. For a full list of the patches you can earn, see here. Want to join Achiev'ibles? Leave a comment below and I'll add you. By next week I hope to have a few pages available on my website so that you can check to see if your stats are being recorded. I also want to start awarding patches to authors who are included in one of the biweekly newsletters. I think it'd be good to add each of these authors to the list whose stats are scraped so that they are automatically in the group. Good or bad idea? James Total Views: neuropol iApple+guy RollerScrapper A-Nony-Mus annahowardshaw Comments: Tomdf Best Answers: jessyratfink

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Launch It! Challenge is closed for entries. Just a few hours left to vote!

At 11:59 pm PDT on Sunday the Launch It! Challenge officially closed for entries, but it's not over yet! Six prizes will be awarded for the top-rated instructables and one will be awarded for the top pageviews and those numbers close on Thursday at noon PDT.Voting is done by giving an instructable a positive rating. And the rating buttons can be found to the right of the instructable's title.So if there's a Launch It! instructable that you like and haven't voted for, do it now! Go to the list of instructables and start clicking!

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what can i do with this?

I have a chip off of a mother board here and i was wondering wht can i use it for. it is an award (company name) 1998 pci/pnp 686 216816591

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Re-design receives 500 Best Answers

.  Re-design has been awarded Best Answer 500 times! Congratulations. Patch has been sent.

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lemonie Reaches 500 Best Answers

.  lemonie's fellow Iblers have awarded him Best Answer 500 times! Way to go, L!   (Patch has been sent.)

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seandogue reaches 200 Best Answers

.  seandogue has been awarded Best Answer 200 times by his fellow Iblers. Way to go, seandogue! Patch has been sent.

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Help With Resin

I don't know very much about resin's & need help on what to look for & in detail how to prepare it. What I want to do is fill a small vile with a clear resin & a black ball in the middle.  I tried filling one of these bottles with a two part resin & it nearly shattered from the heat. I tried using a clear hot glue, ether by gun or just melting it in the glass vile, ether way the glue fogged up. I need something like those awards you see on TV, solid acrylic with a face or globe, whatever the object may be, in the middle of the transparent award.

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A Non-Stop Patch Contest! (Temporarily closed)

I'm pinching an idea from Fungus Amongus... My second favourite form of poetry is the Haiku - a deceptively simple form, with nice simple rules. Three lines Five syllables in the first, seven in the second, five in the third. Preferably contains a subtle reference to seasons, nature or time. My favourite form of poetry is scifaiku - Haiku with a science-fiction theme. The rules are more flexible, but the aim is still to be minimalist, implying much more than is written down. So, here's the contest - write a Haiku, a scifaiku or even a DIY-ku. It's a non-stop contest - every time one takes my fancy, I will award a specially-designed patch. allons y! Inspirational update: Have a look at the work of Kobayashi Issa - you can even get random examples sent to your email address. UPDATE: I have just awarded my last patch - feel free to keep adding haiku, but I can't award patches at the moment.

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Steveastrouk reaches 500 Best Answers!

.  Steveastrouk has been awarded Best Answer by his fellow Iblers 500 times! .  Congratulations, Steve! Thanks so much for your many contributions to the DIY community.

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And now we present the IGNobel peace prizes

Ig Nobels Salute Stranger Side Of Science:Audio for this story will be available at approx. 6:00 p.m. ETTalk of the Nation , November 28, 2008 - What do studies on potato chips, puzzle-solving slime mold and jumping fleas have in common? Each was awarded an Ig Nobel prize this year by the editors of the humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research.Annals editor Mark Abrahams serves as the emcee of this broadcast of the awards ceremony. Abrahams is author of The Man Who Tried to Clone Himself.The LINK to the IGnobel podcast from NPR

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yokozuna Receives His Patch For 100 Best Answers

.  yokozuna's fellow Iblers have awarded him Best Answer 100 times. Way to go, yoko! Patch has been sent.

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Contests? Answered

If i submit multiple entries in a contest, will they have an effect on the judging of each other asides from the fact that only one can win. Will he user be kept in mind while judging the entries or will they all be judged separately and the highest scoring one be awarded? ty

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my computer is idle it beeps then shuts off as if im working the cpu to maximum but there is little activity WHY?!?

Custom built PC, wndows xp service pack 3 system specs on request bios pheonix award workstation bios v6.ooPG

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jeff-o Receives Patch for 100 Best Answers

.  One hundred Iblers have awarded jeff-o Best Answer! 100 BAs Patch has been sent. Congratulations to jeff-o.

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Burf Achieves 200 Best Answers

.  Burf has been awarded Best Answer 200 times by his fellow Iblers. Congratulations, Burf, and thanks for being a valuable member of the DIY community. (patch has been sent)

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kelseymh and Kiteman reach 200 Best Answers

.  I just sent patches to kelseymh and Kiteman, acknowledging the fact they they have been awarded Best Answer 200 times by their fellow Iblers. Thanks for contributing to the community guys. (graphic courtesy of caitlinsdad)

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