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popup flash advertisements

I know instructables needs advertisements to stay afloat, and I'm fine with that.  But that popup flash-ad for san luca, from is horrible.  I mean god awful.  It's the type of thing that drives people away from websites, and causes them to install flash-blockers and ad-blockers. When we do that, instructables doesn't get ad revenue, and that's bad. So please, for the love of God, Bob, Steve, or whoever your deity is, get rid of them, so we can support your site by seeing the normal adds, and even clicking on them occasionally.

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"What's that awful smell?"

Right at the end of our daily meeting this foul stench began to swirl around us. We couldn't quite figure out what or where it was coming from, but it was nasty. At first we checked the laser cutter since some people in the building like to occasionally burn Stuff That Shouldn't Be Burned and oh man does it reek. But that wasn't it. We check the fridge, but it was fine. We even discovered that it was just inside the building, but we had no luck figuring it out. Then Mike from Potenco walked down the hall and said, "Oh, hey, sorry about the smell. I blew up the transformer." He grinned and walked off to find all the fans in the building to air the place out. Just another day at the tower and another experiment gone awry. But if you don't blow anything up, then you're not going to make any real progress, right?

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Awful back-of-the-magazine tat

Somehow, I stumbled across this bloody-terrible piece of cack on the internet: Flying Scotsman-Memories of Steam Cuckoo Clock And remembering the: Elvis Presley Dambusters Clock Plate of Tutankhamun I could not honestly tell which was real, and which was a "piss-take". There are more... what did you see in the back of that thing you looked at printed on cheap-paper?

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Awe Noes ! I can't post guides :(

Since i saw the first guides out there i wanted to make mine , yet i can't . Does anyone know why?

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Transform a store to a room !

We have a small store on the roof , which is very dirty and filled with racks and suitcases .the walls are awful too .Can someone give me ideas to transform it into a new room for me cz my current one is awful .It will as a guest room where i can sit with my friends and watch TV mainly .Thanks

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Searching Sucks

What is up with the search? I used to search for stuff and a bunch of pictures and descriptions came up, I could quickly find what I was looking for by looking at the photos. Now it's a google style search with no images. This is completely awful and I will not use it nor waste a crapload of time searching for stuff that used to take 2 seconds. should be embarrassed because of how awful this search is.

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Cannot download Arduino Projects ebook

The link for downloading the Arduino Projects ebook is invalid: it (AWS?) returns access denied.

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Do you have any experience with using cheap eBay combination squares? Are they that awful?

I've heard that cheap combination squares are pretty awful. I don't need a square that's 90.00 degrees. I don't need it to be that accurate. Does anyone have any experience with something like this:;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ? Have you used these squares? Are they THAT bad? 

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Why is my dirt bike Bogging????

I have a panterra 50 cc And it is having an awful bogging problem. why is it doing this? i bought used and this is how it came

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Bluetooth dongle connecting to another bluetooth dongle?

Hello, I'm working on a project that requires bluetooth connectivity between two  devices over 3.5mm ports. I was planning on ordering this transmitter and pairing that with this dongle question is will these two pair with each other of would i have to get something like an arduino with a bluetooth transceiver?  I need to use the transmitter but i can replace the receiver if needed. 

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Help with LED strips

I need around 300 ft of white led strips lights. I found 16.4ft strips on amazon. If I connected all (19) of them, would a normal ac outlet suffice? You may be thinking, what am i doing with 300 ft of leds, it is for decoration for my dad's business.  AC to DC converter Strips;=8-6π=SL75 If it doesnt work, how would i run all of them from an AC outlet The outlets are US standard (if that makes a difference)

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Diddy Did It

Mark Your Calendar because Instructables and the Electro-Graf will be making a brief cameo on the VH1 hit show I Want to Work for Diddy. The show is scheduled to air on September 15th at 10:00 pm EST on VH1. It is sure to leave you shocked and awed.

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Fallout 3 weapon props

These Fallout 3 weapons by Ryan Palser are sweet. The attention to detail is fantastic and the whole project is awe-inspiring. Check out the Flickr set for many more shots of the props and the build process. A3-21 Plasma Rifle via MAKE

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Pretty Trippy Interactive Website

Okay, somehow I stumbled upon this website today, and was in awe on how weird. Just kinda randomly click on people, eyes, earths, pills, heads, hearts, aces, chairs, and ladders; its completely random and has some psychedelic music to it aswell.LINK

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Why do people post instructables? Answered

What drives so many people put in all the time and effort to make instructables?   I'm awed by how much is here - the instructables themselves plus all the answers and comments.  So what  are the motivations that make so many people active on this site?   

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poisonous plants in montana? Answered

What are any poisonous plants in montana? (preferably ones that will knock someone out) I am trying to write a western and the hero needs to knock out (or give them really awful stomach cramps) also they need to be able to be found in the wild, and please insert a pic or a link to pic (if possible)

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Help removing stucco ceiling

Hi, I live in a 1970's home that has a lumpy awful stucco ceiling. I want to get rid of this. Can anyone provide instructions on how to do this? I don't want to plaster over it, I actually want to get rid of the little stucco bumps to make it smooth. Thanks! G

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Steampunk Snowboard

Steampunk hits the slopes with this crazy and dangerous board. Lots of time was put into putting coppery bit and bobs all over it to give it that steampunk flair. And then some hippy windsocks were put on for some awful reason.Ah well, another step forward for steampunk, I suppose. Steampunk Snowboard Flickr set via Make

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Toxic glue in dishwasher

My spouse washed a bunch of antique children’s china in the dishwasher. They were from a garage sale and he didn’t realize some had been glued back together. The glue must have broken down and melted during the wash. Now the dishwasher smells awful (like chemicals) along with everything that was washed in it. Do we need to replace it?

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Is there anything useful to be done with a Kodak Disc Camera? Answered

,,,and no, I'm not talking Compact Disc, Hard Disc, or Floppy Disc.  I'm talking about a disc of film. I understand that film can still be obtained for this camera, but is almost impossible to get processed, and the images are pretty awful. So, what fun stuff might be in the guts of that funky plastic case?

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having a little trouble picking out 18650 batteries for my 3A flashlight? [answered]

I am looking for a few batteries for my flashlight. i have one the LC 18650 but it will only lash a few days of use. OK, i do want a high quality 3A battery (for 1000 LM from my light) so one that that supports the current. i prefer one with a safety circuit in it, one that holds at least 2200 MAh, ok, i shop for that, but what is the difference between: LIR  18650, LC   18650 (the one i have) (i think LC stands for "low current drain"), GTL 18650, TR   18650, AW   18650, (i know this offers 5A, but its expensive and rare.) BRC 18650, XSL  18650, TRC 18650, i know the AW battery offers 5A max.

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How about a Google+ +1 button?

Having moved to Google+ and seeing how alive the place is with interesting people, I am sad that I cannot easily share Instructables there. The Google+ Chrome extension picks up a random ad, which looks awful. Could we have a +1 button next to the Facebook and Twitter ones? Thanks, -Lars

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Help, please: Opening a sealed camera battery

I have several exhausted NiMH camera batteries, for a camera I rarely use anymore. The batteries (or perhaps the charging system) were awful. But I would like to use it as a backup--maybe by replacing the NiMH cells, or inserting smaller Li-ion unit... Anyone been successful at opening these? I think the seams are welded...

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Full Size Bender Bending Rodriguez

Here's a labor of love: a full-size replica of Bender from Futurama that took Des Bromilow months of spare time to put together. After posting the pictures of the results, he then went back through his archives of photos and documented all the steps of putting it together. Awe-inspiring stuff! Bender is finally finished via MAKE

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Fixing my headphones - can't identify the leads

I am trying to fix my headphones - the connection to the jack got a little damaged from using it over time. so i cut the existing jack off of the cable. the cable is stranded wire, so i'm having an awful time identifying which is left, right and ground. i will try to post a picture soon. 

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DIY Helium Flying Saucer floated away with 6 YO Boy

OCT 15th 2009 Noon PST A CO boy climbed into a Helium filled Flying Saucer shaped balloon his Dad made. The 6 YO climbed in and released the balloon. It left Fort Collins CO and is flying East across CO. is covering live.

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Harvest Grain- with a Hedgetrimmer?

Has anyone tried cutting tall grass with a hedgetrimmer? It does resemble a sickle bar mower, at least superficially. I've never quite gotten the hang of the scythe, and although the gas chainsaw does work, it's an awful lot o noise. This year, the slender wheatgrass, which is usually xeriscaping and erosion control will be harvested for chickens ! I'm thinkin of buying a Ryobi cordless trimmer. 

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After I make a batch of pancakes, how do I clean the hot pan so the next round doesn't get fouled with residual gunk? Answered

It's brown, it smells awful, and it's all over my pan after a few rounds of pancakes. What is it, grease? I don't want to eat it! How do I get it off!?

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How to de-lint clothes when drying on a line and not in a dryer? Answered

Obviously I could go over them with a lint roller but I was hoping someone would have a less tedious method. We have two furry cats and some clothes come off the clothesline clean and good-smelling but looking awful, cat-hair-wise.

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How could I make a hidden space in my room? Answered

I have a fairly small room and i want to make a hidden space big enough for a small person to fit in. Could i build a piece of furniture and a compartment in the back? What about making fake drawers under the bed? Are these awful ideas? Do you have any more? p.s. I don't have a closet.

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Why did you change what was good? This new site is awful! I see pics with no idea of what I'm looking at because the titles and brief descriptions are gone. I can't even hover and get a mouse over text. BTW - the pages don't format right in my OS / Browser combo - couldn't you have tested this first? This was a great site that needed no tweaking. Sad, so very sad....

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copyright infringment

Https:// This looks an awful lot like the following website I do not have a entry nor do I know of anyone with an entry in this contest but I think the award should go to somebody that does the work.  The likelihood of anyone having the rights to those photos is slim to none since it was not even a book published in a country eligible for this contest.  And if they were that good they would have done something new....

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How to make a giant Magna Doodle to use as a white board?

 I want to go about making a giant Magna Doodle to use as a white board in my home office. It would help cut down on the number of pens I use as well as that awful ink smell. Overall, more better for the environment and hopefully for my budget. Any ideas on how you would go about doing this?

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I'm Back! and got some ideas

Well thank TheDunkis he kinda inspired me to come back (and when looking through his things gave me an idea to revolver v2 - which i should have been working more on)so yeah good to be back and outa school with no homework...wait... aw **** i gota read 500 pages of american gods before jan 10th. - thats not a problem though.well ill be working for the new revolver cyas

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why cant i favorite ibles? Answered

i cant faverite anything because it says ERROR 400:user nfk11(USER) something something something.if you have seen this or you know whats going on pleas help.

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Instructables Guide Suggestions

I recently found out that you can't make a guide unless you are a member of the staff, and for good reason, if they allowed anybody to make guides, there would be an awful lot of lame guides out there. But some people have some very good ideas for guides, and don't have the power to make them. So this is the place for those guide ideas. If you have a good suggestion for a guide, post it here and it might just inspire an Instructables staffer to make one about it.

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Super awesome secret thread! WOOT!

WHY DID YOU CHANGE?!? Why did you change what was good? This new site is awful! I see pics with no idea of what I'm looking at because the titles and brief descriptions are gone. I can't even hover and get a mouse over text. BTW - the pages don't format right in my OS / Browser combo - couldn't you have tested this first? This was a great site that needed no tweaking. Sad, so very sad....

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 Im interested in peoples feedback towards current flat-pack furniture or D.I.Y products. Problems and annoyances with current methods of putting together these products, problems with materials and fixings used etc. Any problems regarding requiring tools that aren't provided or instructions being awful? On the other hand, has anybody had a great experience putting together anything flatpack or D.IY? (Eg: bookshelves, bedside tables, stools, BBQs, anything requiring assembly really)? Any insight would be great!

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Are you gonna vote?

It is you duty as an American after all ;-)Unfortunately, I'm only 16, and thus cannot vote yet...Well, before this turns into a God v. Darwin thread (FSM forbid!), let me just remind everyone to Be Nice - no political bashing; you're welcome to say why you want to vote for such and such candidate, but let's not say how much the other guy is awful and start a fight, cause that's not cool.So, are you voting? Who are you rallying for? Why? How? True or False? GO! ;-)

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here's a quality concept for you

Feel free to go out and experiment making this concept... It's a scalable, stackable, light in the air, controllable automated AWE Airborne Wind Energy Beasty. And the idea is proving popular. By spinning a bunch of kites from disks on tethers and a tracking rail generator ... you get power The generation side is on the ground. cool eh The drawing is a bit out of date now as the concept has developed... eh a few mins ago... but it's still a good indicator

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Waste Management's new "Bagster" is a 4'x8'x2.5' woven fabric bag with huge straps. The intended use is as a disposable dumpster, but the construction itself is awe inspiring. How can we use this wonderful $30 product for other things?  We'll be using it as a liner for our general purpose trailer. My first thought was as an inexpensive raised-bed garden (floppy sides need some framing to make this work.  How about as a hammock? It doesn't hold water or it would make an interesting pool... Anyone else interested in this thing? Here's the official website:

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How do I get rid of the scratches that I made on the inside of a dishwasher door that has an almost mirror finish? Answered

I scratched it with a brush when trying to clean some discoloration that had happened. Now it looks horrible. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it needs to look alot better. I am the cleaning lady and it is not my dishwasher which is a Miele. I feel really awful about what has happened and hope that I can somehow make amends. Any suggestions?

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How can I cool down an electromagnet?

Hi instructables...I have made a small electromagnet for a project of mine....actually I made it to make an electromagnetic or relay switch...I intend to use it in a robot...I have this awful keeps getting hot..I would really appreciate if you told me a way to cool it down...and increasing the number of turns of coil or using less voltage or current is not an there any other way...I used a cooling fan but it didn't is there any other way?

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why do my solar-powered computer speakers sound terrible?

I'm trying to run a pair of computer speakers off a solar panel. they're a pair of Sony speakers connected by a wire and there's an optional 4x AA compartment in addition to the 6V power port. i've used a solar panel (rigged to the battery compartment leads). while the sound is loud, the lows (bass) are crunchy and generally awful, like that of a blown speaker, except the speakers aren't blown and sound fine on batteries. my panel is rated at 6V and 120mA. does anyone know what i'm missing here?

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Bluetooth amp add buttons and how to place them?

Can someone give me some advice? I am going to buy this mini amp.;=1∣=A29EZVB447EKA7 I want to add some buttons like play and skip, how can I do it? What kind of battery can i  this?Int to make it portable.  Another question: I am looking all over the place but can't find small play and skip buttons. Can someone help me?

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How to connect Xbox 360 to older Sony stereo amp? Answered

Whenever I plug my Xbox into my amplifier, the sound comes out extremely loud and distorted. I am only using the standard RCA plugs, because my TV is kind of old. I would really like to use my Xbox to play music and movies, but my TVs speakers are pretty awful, and I would like to have volume control when using my headphones. The audio settings on the Xbox are very lacking, so there is nothing I can do there.

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Is it possible to modify a Bluetooth Receiver to use inline microphone of stereo earbuds instead of unit built in mic?

For years I have been using Bluetooth Receivers such as this Sony : The problem is they all have built in mic which I don't like, I prefer to use the online mic on my wired earbuds headset. So question is if I were to disassemble the bt receiver device and disconnect the built-in mic would it then let me use the inline mic on my on my earbud headset?

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if you have ever had acid reflux then open this!

I woke up really early one morning with an awful feeling in my mouth and throat. Acid Reflux. Evil. I did some research and i found a site reccomending apples. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a cup of applesauce. GONE instantly! none of the medicenes worked, but the applesauce worked! So if that ever happens to you EAT APPLES!  I remember lots of people on here complained about it so I figured i'd post! tell me how it works for you!

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New Knex Sniper !!!

Hi there :D Im working on a new knex sniper. It will be an A(ccuracy) I(nternational) A(rctic) W(arfare) L96....i like it because its in WarRock and this sniper pwnz is that game :D it will be bolt action with a true trigger, sad enough untdetachble mag but maybe in the future i make it detacheble. It shoots yellow rods. I also could use red ones but if i used red rods the mag would be to big and unstable and i didnt like that. I have 1 pic of the original L96 and 1 of my gun so far. Hope you like it!!!!

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