how to use a Toshiba motor LSM-AX-7 / RG1-1960?

I have been harvesting parts from old printers, hard drives, CD's etc for re-use in projects. One of the items from an old HP Laserjet II printer is the above motor. It spins a mirror reflecting the laser. The assembly is a board plus motor. It is a BLDC motor I believe with 6 pairs of windings. Are there any articles/info. on the wiring of this and can it be re-used successfully. Thanks in advance Ted

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i have a 320 volts 3 phase 4000 rpm brush less dc motor from a broken treadmill,i need your help to make it run.

To be more specific,i need your recommendation for the right motor controller that will fit to my me.

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what is the EMF AND torque equation for BLDC motor?

How to calculate BLDC equation paramaeters?

Question by vickyraja 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I have to design controller for controlling speed of BLDC motor for E RICKSHAW ?


Question by DIGVIJAYSING 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Can I use a PC fan as a generator to power an LED?

Is it more complicated than hooking up the + & - power wires on the fan to the + & - wires on the LED and spinning the fan really fast? I don't know much about the LED I have, but the fan is a 12v BLDC, 0.30A

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motor specification for solar car?

Hi, i am trying to develop the working model of a solar car . i need to know the exact specifications of the motor that can drive weight upto 250 kg. and also i need the battery specification that depends upon the motor specification.

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speed control of multiple bldc motor -design

Please help me, anyone please help me to design the speed control of multiple bldc motor./ 

Topic by sachin george 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Can someone tell me how to use MC33035?

I need a simple bldc driver, and i found MC33035 chip. In the datasheet there are some things that I don't understand. Can you give me an ACURATE schematic how to use it for hss motors or cd motors. Atleast help me with "output buffers" in Representative Schematic Diagram. Pease.this is datasheet

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does anyone know how to make a brushless ESC?

Question by Rendydevara 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

3 phase bldc motors as a turbine. i am quite confused on how to determine which leads to us or how to configure them.

Ive got some electrical backround but dc seems to be where i get lost.  these motors i have were used in some sort of factory.  the motor has three leads and a ground. any help would be greatly appreciated

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How can I select a suitable bldc motor?

We are designing an electric tricycle having rear wheel drive(26 inches wheel dia).It will weigh around 400kgs including drivers. There are constraints for motor output power(max 400 watts) and voltage(max 48v). What are the calculations to be done for the selection of motor. The desired speed of the vehicle is 0 to 4m/s in 20 seconds. How can I calculate the speed of the vehicle for hill climbing(max 7degree gradient)?

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Need help on identifying big BLDC motor from 5.25 HDD (hallsensors?)

Hi! I have a very nice 5.25 HDD spindle motor with (obviosly) built-in hallsensors (or probably other kind of sensors?). I tried already to find a datasheet, but no success. The 3 spindle coil connectors are easy to identify, but I have real trouble to find out how to connect the hall sensors that are built in. I tried already to put 5 V DC from my arduino to the red/black connectors, then measured several combinations on the remaining 6 connectors which I believe are the hall-sensors. But the signals coming back is not 0 or 5V like a hallsensor should do. I measure slight voltages going up and down when turning the spindle by hand, for some combinations the current is alternating between -200 mV and +200mV. It looks more like a sinuswave for me, but not from the spindle coils. It delivers only a signal when I connect 5V to the red/black connectors. Unfortunately I can't open the spindle, dont want do damage it. The original driving circuit is missing, only housing, platters and spindle is left. Can anybody help to identify or how to find out about the sensors (6 pins + 1 black + 1 red). I also added 10k pull-up resistors, but no on/off effect when turning the spindle. The HDD is a FUJITSU M2266SA, the spindle is manufactured by Matsushita but google does not return anything useful on the part number(s) DIL-58B 3  or  B90L-1415-0021A.  Any help to get this baby running is highly appreciated!

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Speed controller for brushless electric bike motor? Answered

I have obtained a 400W 24V 2800RPM Monophase BLDC motor with related power supply and a 24V 40A-rated pulse width modulator unit, however from what i understand the PWM won't give me full control (if any at all) of the actual speed of a BLDC motor. I want my motor's torque to remain relatively intact and for it to cover a range of about 50-300 RPM, with no need for exact control. Are my only choices to build a pulley mechanism or to buy a mechanical gearbox? I'd like to control my motor electronically.

Question by Khalim 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

i want to build ebike?

But there is no any bldc motor supplier in my country Nepal, so anybody knows what alternative motor i can use to build my ebike that i can find from any other tools

Question by Suraj Basnet 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Need help to build my first Electric Motorcycle

Hi, I'm new to this e-Bike technology. I need help from the experts to figure out some details for my electric motorcycle. Here are the parameters of my motorcycle I've planned for : 1) Gross weight of the bike : 140kg + 100 kg (passenger/rider). 2) Wheel diameter : 18" (or 20") 3) Max speed : 180 kmph. 4) Max distance to be covered : 260 km (in a single charge and upto 95% of the battery (charge) usage at a constant speed of 100 kmph). Now, please let me know about the following details: A) Motor-BLDC (its power, torque, watts, hp, rpm, etc.) B) Battery Pack (Watt-hour/Amp-hour/Volts etc) C) Sprocket Ratio and number of teeth for both motor sprocket and wheel sprocket. Please reply.

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Hard drive motor scavenging

Hi ! I was wondering, I saw some projects using 2,5" Hard drive brushless motors but I don't get exactly how do we manage to take them off their casing ? They seem strongly fixed and I don't see any screws holding them... Can someone help me on this ?

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i have 12v 1A dc voltage supply from an adapter and 5v 0.25amp bldc motor so how to reduce voltage and power my motor?

Input 12v/1A dc power supply from AC to dc adapter ..  and want power a 5v .25 A brushless dc motor ... so want a stable and reliable dc voltage reducing circuit which will not burn out if used for long time.

Question by RajeshM64 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Bluetooth handheld remote (like a simpler wii 'chuck) accelerator/brake trigger assembly, what else is it called?

Hi All, Easy question (for someone), on this handheld bluetooth remote control, what is the hardware name for the accelerator/brake trigger assembly? It moves for and aft to control a bldc motor and motor brake circuit. I've been looking around and can only locate the 2 axis joystick. I would like to incorporate this into a different housing if I can find it. Thanks.

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V-22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft model

Hi i'm new to rc planes and drones so im making a model of v22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft i'm using the following components Arduino Mega 2x 2217/6 2300 kv brushless motor 6x micro servo for surface area control 2.4 ghz tx/rx fsct6b 6dof for stabilization i need help in controlling the bldc motors and servo by arduino mega using the 2.4 ghz tx/rx 

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How do i key in a 4x4 matrix keypad input into arduino and control the brushless motor?

I need to use a 4x4 matrix keypad to key in the value ( or angle 0-180) using a servo library to spin a brushless motor.  i was thinking of typing each character and then put them in an array. After that, change it to interger using atoi. how do i do that?? taking the pressed numbers from the keypad, put it in array and then change it to integer to run the bldc motor.?? help pleeeasseee.... an explanation and coding sample would be a great help..

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Aircon or fridge compressor to solar?

Sometimes I get weird ideas that I can't shake off :)When I was looking into options for a 12 compressor fridge freezer combo I was stunned.You a get a fullsized frrezer for far less!A further check revealed that it is mainly the linear compressor that makes the price plus the usual mark ups.Efficiency and especially start up is far better with thes compressors than out standard rotary and piston drive models.But why would it be so impossible to replace the motor from a standard compressor with a brushless DC one?I focussed on three things for the start:Lubrication, cooling and sealing.There is no such thing like a simple compressor with a piston system that does have some leaking.So apart from the noise the enclosure really needs to be welded and sealed again.Everything moving inside is lubricated by the drive shaft - it acts like a little pump.Same for the cooling of these vital parts.The oil flow exchanges heat through the big metal housing.A replacement motor would need to be suited to run in such a messy enviroment.Of course something to provide a proper oil flow needs to be created too if the drive shaft is replaced.With some basic enineering this might be possible, same for the motor mount and wiring to the outside.But what to do about the full load starting conditions that can happen?Even with no load from the cooling system the motor needs massive torque to get the piston moving.A bypass valve that closes once the motor is at proper speeds might work but hard to implement in a tight space.Any ideas?Did you ever try something that stupid?Could you make it work?What about a rotary compressor with external drive?We use ice blenders that have a magnetic base and the actual connection is made through the magnetic forces alone.A scroll compressor has lots of space without the original motor inside.Plus, a round pipe is easier to work with when it comes to adding or removing things.Small scroll compressors from an airconditioner or small industrial freezer wouldn't have to do much work in a small setup.Best thing is that with a variable speed the cooling power can be adjusted.How feasable would it be to use some polycarbonate end plate and a magnetically coupled drive ?Modern BLDC motors offer great performance and suitable gear systems are readily available.N52 neodymium magnets of the block type provide several kg of force if close enough to each other - should be enough to make a compressor spin...In return it could mean to have a nice freezer or even airconditioner that runs directly on solar power.No massive losses from inverters, no need for huge battery banks either.As long as the sun is out you have free power, once down you can still switch to a power supply for the motor or use battery power.Just imagine you come home after long day of work and the house is already cool.And you did not have to pay a cent to get it cool or wait for hours for it to reach this temperature!We love to add solar panels to our houses in the hope to get a few cents back from our energy providers.The sad reality often is that you might be able to power all your needs during the day but the excess that goes back to the grid often pays next to nothing.But if you could power a lot more things like a compressor directly with the electricity from your panels....Then these kWh would not appear on your usage bill either.Means you neither use what the power provider compensates you for nor is it "wasted" thorugh this bogus compensation.The normal solar setup can then provide you with this little extra money while an additional set powers the motors for your big freezer or little airconditioner - little being relative to what you make of the idea ;)If you really dare than you could even use your bike and legs to power your fridge directly ;)Use your imagination :)

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i would like to make electric bike please guide me in a right way........?

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