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How to bookmark a project

Does anyone know how to bookmark an Instructables project so that I can come back to it? Thanks. Scott U.

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awesome mario bookmark!

Well this took a very very long time to make! It was mainly because of the blue background. This will be the one and only bookmark I EVER make =) enjoy the pics and remember it took me a MONTH to finish!!!

Topic by tarzioo    |  last reply

Create A Step Bookmark For A Hyperlink?

Can I create a bookmark pointing to a particular step in one Instructable, and hyperlink to it from another Instructable?  Scenario: Instructable "A" has a step whose image and info would also serve in another Instructable, "B". Can I link to "A" step while still remaining in "B". Kinda like the old "call" command used in dos batch files.  Thank you!

Topic by BeachsideHank    |  last reply

Challenge: Best Bookmark Ever!

 Bookworms often have a lot of use for this nifty device, now lets take it to it's the next evolution!  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a new era we are about to unfold... I challenge someone to come up with the best possible bookmark that is: A. Possible B. Useful C. Won't ruin book/ Still is a bookmark No need for an instructable (although would be epic), I just challenge you to come up with a design and explain your design thoroughly and how normal everyday bookworms might make this device. Ideas: Highlighter Pen Pencil Paragraph indicator (where you are on page) Non-tearable Not heavy A way to make it STAY on page ...  

Topic by Dmxspider  

DIY Bookmark with Finger/pointer

So I have found a bookmark in the internet which is pretty cool . I could buy one but I want to make one for someone which is becoming a special someone to me, and I thought of this idea would be really great if I give it to her as a gift or one of the Valentine's Gift ill give. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a rubber-like one but i thought just making of a simple typical bookmark but with a scroll-able finger  pointer which might not damage the pages of her precious books/novels  she always read  Im still thinking on if it would be back to back so that if the pointer cant point , it can be turned and point some part of the book. The black would be the bookmark itself with the message and the image (my Profile pic) of the Pendant she gave to me Red is the pointer it self, it can be pulled back and forth to pinpoint the word/sentence, also can be pulled up and down with the Green opening as the opening, and the Yellow as the lock so the pointer can't be pulled out.  All opinions, suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated :D

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How can I print my bookmarks in xp?

I want to print my bookmarks to move them to all my computers, so every computer has the same listings

Question by maruawe    |  last reply

Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Problems

I have Firefox, and I love the bookmarks toolbar, but I did something, and all of the icons disappeared. If I hit bookmarks at the top of the browser, then bookmarks toolbar folder, they still show up as being there. The bar is there, but there is no icons in/on it. I'm sure that it is the right toolbar, too. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Firefox bookmarks - is there any point still putting them in little folders? Answered

I've been a user of FF for many years, and have probably a couple 1000 bookmarks. More than half were setup in the old days, before I could search and tag them with the Wonderful toolbar or whatever they called it. They are saved in various bookmark folders. The tag system is much more powerful. I don't think I have used the old system to store a bookmark for a couple of years. Is there any practical reason to keep the old system, or should I just inventory and tag the old files ? How do other people handle topics in their bookmarks ?  Any pointers, as usual, much appreciated. Steve

Question by steveastrouk    |  last reply

How many Boomarks or Favorites do you have?

Here's a question: how many bookmarks do you guys have? Are there any tips to sort them easily?

Topic by starwing123    |  last reply

On iPhone iOS 10 Safari how do you bulk erase ALL bookmarks not in a subfolder w/o having to reset the whole phone?

I'm using Safari on the iPhone 6 with iOS 10 and am looking for a way to erase ALL bookmarks (and only the bookmarks) that are not in a subfolder, without having to reset the whole phone, or having to delete or reset the rest of the data on the iPhone or other applications. Just Safari. Over the past few years I evidently accumulated several thousand bookmarks on Safari on my iPhone.  I never created any folders, so they are all directly in the top level "Favorites". I can find no buttons in Safari to bulk move them all into a subfolder or delete them, the only way I have found so far is to go into edit mode and individually delete each one by tapping the red minus sign, which takes forever.  Especially if you have like 8000 bookmarks.  WTF. I looked it up on the Web and all I'm seeing are older threads saying that to clear all your bookmarks in bulk, you have to reset the data for your entire iPhone.  That would be a nightmare, as I have settings and data for hundreds of other apps and e-mail that I cannot afford to lose or redo. I don't have the countless hours that would be needed to back up my phone, wipe it, and then restore it. I also found a couple of 3rd party tools that claimed to be able to wipe out the bookmarks, but in the details they all seem to be variants of the above wiping out the phone, the only difference being that these tools just use their own method to back up and restore the phone - it's still the same time consuming and invasive kludge. As a workaround I tried turning on iCloud to sync iOS Safari bookmarks to the browsers on my Windows 10 PC, hoping if I then delete them on the PC, that iCloud will delete them from Safari on my iPhone. I turned on iCloud syncing for Safari on my iPhone, and I turned on iCloud syncing for my browser on my PC (I actually tried it for several browsers - IE, Chrome AND Firefox). After a few days(!) all the bookmarks from my iPhone eventually appeared in the bookmarks on my PC, but when then tried deleting or editing the bookmarks in my browsers, the changes did NOT appear on the iPhone. Rather, any changes I made to the bookmarks on my PC were overwritten by what's on the iPhone the next time iCloud synced.  In fact, I started to see many duplicates appearing in my PC's bookmarks, and the folders and bookmarks were all out of order.  What's more, any date information that was preserved for each bookmark on my PC was reset to the date/time of sync.  I often go to my Favorites folder in Windows and sort by Date Modified, so now that is gone.  WTF. But back to the main question, how do you bulk clear out all the bookmarks in Safari on the iPhone without affecting any other apps or settings on the device?  It would be nice if Apple supported the concept of a "Select All" button in iOS (this would be useful in lots of places!) As is I am ready to just quit using Safari and find another browser (alas not Chrome because it just crashes constantly since iOS 10).  Any help appreciated.

Question by madscijr    |  last reply


I think it would be nice to have an editable list of favorite instructuables on the home page. How else can I bookmark instructables i like?

Topic by Duke Luke    |  last reply

No more "favorties"?

Oh no! When did "Favorties" go away? Plus, I used them as bookmarks for future reference. Are they completely replaced by "follow" now?

Topic by deldotb    |  last reply

View All Steps Link-Button

It would be much more friendly if this link referenced an HTML bookmark so that is does not reposition the page to the top. 

Topic by pnosko  

Saving favorite instructables

Is there any way to save or bookmark my favorite instructables? If not, could this be added? It would be a great service on this site. Eric, thank you for a most useful and sometimes entertainig website. graywoulf

Topic by graywoulf  


If I upgrade to Firefox 3.0 will I lose all my bookmarks and personalizations? I want to upgrade but I don't want to lose my stuff. HELP!!!

Topic by Lego man    |  last reply

Why can't I use the favorites links.

I am running out of bookmark space, and would like to be able to just tag things as favorites. What am I doing wrong?

Question by dmack.005    |  last reply

Brasgoggles down again?

Is it just me from Romania, or is down again? it just tells you you are going to be redirected to the site, but then it never loads. nor are the bookmarks i have set in firefox loading. anybody? help?

Topic by DonQuijote    |  last reply

DIY wi-fi signal finder

Hi there, I came across the schematics needed to make one of these nifty devices a while ago, but didnt bookmark (idiot) and now I can't seem to find it anywhere... Anyone know how to make one of these? :) Thanks in advance. Cheers Celso

Topic by setekh  

Where to find these?

I want to make some specific bookmarks with this... but I can only find the metal clip part in one place, and they're a bit pricier than I like. If that's what I have to do, it's what I have to do, but can anyone help me find the clip, or even the name of what I'm looking for?

Question by tazzfox    |  last reply

No images appearing on pages - FIXED

EDIT: I fixed it. I discovered that for some reason the bookmark I use for Instructables was, which got me through the site okay, but with no pictures. But whenever I clicked a link someone else gave me, the pictures showed up. Anywho, I've edited my bookmark and everything's fine now.Hello.Every time i try to open an instructables page lately, I receive one error message for every image on the page, and the images never show up. Videos still appear on the pages, though.The instructables didn't use to do this, and I'm not sure what's wrong.I'm including a screencap of the error message below.Any help would be great!(I am also receiving the error for the screencap I just included - I'm not sure if anyone else can see it)

Topic by ScruffyRasputin    |  last reply

Cannot get recent instructables on all subjects

I used to like looking at what people had done, whatever the topic, but the last couple of weeks it has not been available, the bookmark that used to do it for me just delivers a 404 error. Can this be brought back? I don't want to just browse one subject area.

Topic by stechi    |  last reply

How do I add an Instructable to my favorites???

This might be a silly question, but I have been looking for the way to add an Instructable to my favorites list, but I dont know how to do so, or were to find the instructions. I have seen others people's profiles and I see the have them bookmarked. Can somebody help me? Thank you!

Topic by Titere    |  last reply

Mugshot Museum

It currently only has 13 entries, but the Mugshot Museum is a website to bookmark and check back when you're bored. This is True collects bizarre stories from the world's news media (there's a newsletter - I suggest you sign up), and sometimes the stories come with mugshots of the perps. The site's author realised that the mugshots were popular, so he gave them their own site.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply


Hopefully it's a hiccup, but something appears to be broken. I was trying to post a comment on Eric's Hallowe'en card topic, and the "timed out" message appeared behind the processing icon. The page then switched to: 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. All my usual routes into the site (bookmarks, typing it in, history) gave the same message. The "fault" only lasted a couple of minutes, but could it be symptomatic of something worse? No, I haven't broken the internet again.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

instructables keeps logging me out

I run the latest version of Google chrome on Linux mint 10, and after i log in, instructables soon logs me out sometimes less than an hour, i tried restarting chrome and the computer, and if i exit out the tab for instructables and reopen it from my bookmarks, im still loged in. it seems to kick me out in time. i have the "keep me logged in" checkbox enabled.

Topic by -max-    |  last reply

I need help looking for an instructable? Answered

Hi, A couple of weeks ago I was looking at an instructable on electronics. And some people in the comments were mentioning some good books on electronics for begginers. I forgot to bookmark it, and i also went through my history and i couldnt find anything. Does anyone have any idea on what instructable I might be referring to or can someone please recommend me some good books. Thank you?

Question by dude2179    |  last reply

soft circuit- using conductive clay

Hi guys I saw an article on instructables awhile ago about creating conductive/ none conductive clad using simple chemical mix with rice flours, and i think they also post a video on using those clay making a simple toys wired motor and sensors. I was really excited by but the article but forgot to bookmark the page. Can someone point me to the url on this topic? Thanks in advance.

Topic by consp51    |  last reply

Login screen overlap, technology page (Google Chrome 15)

Hey all. Just something that has been bugging me for a while now. I waited a few days to see if it would go away, but to no avail. The issue is when I come to the site, I have bookmarked the technology tab, so I usually login there, but every time there is a Radioshack ad that blocks the submit button for the screen. Just me or anyone else? 

Topic by astroboy907    |  last reply

WHY did the direct link to Answers go away, and how do we get that decision reversed? Answered

Folks have been marking the "didn't there used to be"  version of this question as Answered when someone says "yes" -- which is accurate but not very useful. Yeah, I know, I can probably set up my own bookmark for /answers... but I submit that I shouldn't have to. Unless the goal is to kill off the Answers system entirely...

Question by orksecurity    |  last reply

How can a preteen girl make money? Answered

Hi, I am a preteen girl and trying to save up for something ( I don't know what yet,) and I dont live in a busy area, I have made a little bit of money on these things: Making homemade bookmarks And having a lemonade stand All I have right now is $23 I had $200 but my mom and dad needed it, and I didnt want to hurt their feelings, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, I am not like that, but anywho, lets get back on subject, is there anything I can do, I want to get about $500-$800 and just have it for  when I want something, like a new game or something, I make charms and key chains but haven't got a chance to sell them, and outside work ain't really my thing and housework, I think I. Make even more mess, btw I am REALLY crafty like making charms bookmarks drawings etc, so if you got any ideas what to do please tell me,

Question by Poprockzftw    |  last reply

Apple Touch Icon

Could you include an Apple Touch Icon on the website? I know Instructables doesn't have an iOS app. Primary reason being that you want to focus on the website. I fully support that. I would like to add a shortcut to Instructables (my feed) on my iOS devices and I would like the bookmark to have a proper (Apple Touch) icon. Just because it looks nice and I think it would support Instructables' web app approach. Thanks.

Topic by pietervankessel  

Lost the wind generator here

I saw an instructable about a wind generator here last month. I bookmarked it to show to a friend so we could build it. Now I go to show it and I can't find it. I believe it was called the chispito wind generator. It features 3 blades made from big pv pipe. Can anyone tell where it went. Do they take down older instructables periodically? Can anyone tell me where I can find this if it's not on this site anymore? Thanks

Topic by diane4m    |  last reply

Why doesn't i' remember my login status, anymore?

For the last couple of months, I open my bookmark, see that I'm logged in (avatar in the upper right, with the "You, Inbox(0), Shortcuts, Logout" menu.) Then I click on one of the I'bles, and when I get to its page, I'm logged out. This used to be sticky.  What happened? I'm having it happen in IE9 and Firefox 7.0, on WIndows 7, and in Firefox 7.0 on Ubunto 10.04 and Ubunto 11.10. It's irritating.

Question by jdege    |  last reply

Custom Metal and/or Plastic Fabrication

I am trying to find an online supplier of custom metal or plastic parts. I built a nixie clock and would like a custom machined metal case for it. I know I've seen places online that you can send CAD drawings and specify the material and they will custom make the part. I'm pretty sure I've run across a site that uses software that will give you a quote right away. I can't remember any of the names of the sites and recently lost my bookmarks please help!

Topic by msdmsd    |  last reply

A Read Later button

Hey! I just want to suggest that the instructables team adds a "read later" (or something similar like "want to do") button that bookmarks an instructable you're interested so you can check it out later because sometimes you want to build a project and don't have the materials on hand,so with a read later button you can come back to the instructable later without a lot of searching for the exact one you were planning on doing. Not sure if this is in the right place so please redirect if it isn't. Thanks!

Topic by mero55    |  last reply

Add a 'Queue' section to Insructables

This section would be where someone can add a project that they want to make to a list of projects for later. I like to go through tons of Instructables at a time and I don't want to bookmark nor keep a tap open for every one, and I couldn't possibly remember them all. So a button on each slideshow or 'ible that would add it to the list would be really helpful. The list could then be reviewed later so the next project can be decided on; because I have much trouble deciding what I want to make.

Topic by cart562    |  last reply

Pin it Button! Did you see it!

The Pin It Button is back!  You may not have noticed, but it is there. It is pretty simple to use. To see the button, hover over the image you want to pin.  Don't open the image.  You can pin the big images, and the images that are in rows of two.  Any more images in a row than that and it doesn't look like you can pin them. Click the Pin It button. This will open a new tab the same as the bookmark bar Pin It button works. Pin the image. Close the separate window. You are done! Please, PIN AWAY!

Topic by Penolopy Bulnick    |  last reply

Where's my "Favorites" or "Collections"??

​I want to use this site, but it's a PITA for reasons like this. I find an instructible I want to check out later, or maybe plan on doing over the weekend. But unless I bookmark the page, I can't find it again. ​ - ​I've added things to "Favorites", but can't find where I can view my favorites. ​- I've added things to "Collections", but can't find my collections. ​ ​So how are you supposed to view things you want to save for later? What am I missing?

Question by shaunvis    |  last reply

Video Game Craft Patterns

Sprite Stitch is a neat blog devoted to turning classic video game scenes and characters into cross-stitch patterns. Since that just means gridding them out and picking suitable colors, it's also a great resource for all sorts of projects: knitting, mosaics, or even LED art. Who doesn't want a Pac-Man scarf, a Super Mario Brothers tiled shower, or a glowing wall of Space Invaders?Bookmark this one for future use. I'll be referencing it when we redo our bathrooms.

Topic by canida    |  last reply


 Wow, I've been inactive for quite some time, Mostly got carried away in forums like facepunch and the GMC(game maker community), I even didn't have this site bookmarked in my new installation, I just remembered about it and checked back, Boy things have changed, there are borders around the comments, Some images appear larger, And I've got a ton of new comments I haven't responded... What have I missed? And how's things been going? (oh and i forgot to mention, i've settled that "pro" thing, no more fuss from me :) ) ~ReCreate

Topic by ReCreate    |  last reply

help, i want to make a glowing logo with mobile phone lcd backlight ?

I have an lcd from my old LG GW 300 and it was blank white, last month I was read tutorial how to add glowing logo like apple mac and it use lcd backlight from portable game console but i forgot to bookmark the address link and now i confuse what to do ? I just want to light up the backlight of my phone lcd, it has very tiny flexy cable and I dont know which one to use ? thanks :)

Question by rannur    |  last reply

Android tablet vs YouTube Answered

Fewer and fewer YouTube videos (such as those embedded here) are working on my Android tablet. I'll see the usual frame image, but as soon as I hit play, more and more of them just become black rectangles. It's not the videos themselves, as they play on a Windows netbook or an iPod, or in the Photon browser I just downloaded. Has YouTube changed the way it plays videos,  or has Android been updated in a way that is not YouTube friendly? I want to keep using the Android browser, rather than the Photon, partly because all my bookmarks are in the defsult browser, and partly because Photon is horrible to use.

Question by Kiteman    |  last reply

I REALLY wish there was a 'save for later' button

It would be really nice to have this feature near the other "favorite," "facebook," and "print," buttons, as since I rarely have the time to fully explore each instructable that looks appetizing to me to the full extent I'd like to when I'm sifting through my e-mails.  Something that I can use to bookmark it for later, perhaps with room for personal comments on my initial thoughts or why it looked interested in the first place?  This would have the advantage of giving people an easy way to return to the site, track their progress on various projects, etc.  I dunno.  Just a thought.

Topic by confuscated    |  last reply

The site you haven't visited yet (but probably should have)

Okay, maybe you have visited before.  But it's still worth going back.   Check out AfriGadget : They bill themselves as "solving everyday problems with African ingenuity".  If necessity is the mother of invention, it's original home is Africa.  For the rest of us in the world who are far from Africa, they may be encountering problems we've never considered, and are solving them with limited tools and materials in very unique ways.  For example, go check out Richard's "Lion Lights".  There's a problem you won't encounter in Wisconsin (in my case), but the creativity is undeniable.  I've bookmarked it.

Topic by Kozz    |  last reply

"Published" Instructable is not showing up

Hey everybody! I pusblished an Instructable entitled "Making Thermite" quite a while ago - however, it has not appeared as published. When I follow the "Direct link" to it, it tells me that it has been removed "by the author". However, I have not done anything to trash it - I worked relatively hard on it! I can only access the editing page because I bookmarked it - on my member page, is says I haven't made any instructables. In the "History tab", it shows that my instructable has been changed by "admin" and "randofo". If either of you have removed my instructable due to it being a) Inapropriate or b) Absolutely terrible, then, please, email me, or tell me why you have deleted it! Thanks, -Boom

Topic by Boom!    |  last reply

My drop-down menu is broken! Where are "Recent", "Forums", and "Answers"?

For the past several years, I have used the excellent user-specific drop-down menu options for quick access to those parts of the Instructables site in which I am most interested: recent I'bles, forum topics, and recent Q&A.; This afternoon, my dropdown menu changed, losing all of those functions.  Now, all I have access to are the instructables which I myself have created.  Obviously, I can take the tabs I currently have open and add them to the bookmarks of my current browser.  However, it's rather rude to take away functionality from users without warning us :-(

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Dude, where are my unpublished, draft instructables? Answered

It seems like my Instructables dashboard used to have a button, or a link, pointing into unpublished, draft 'ibles, I might be working on. Is there a button, or a link for that, somewhere? For to show a user all of the unpublished 'ibles that he or she is currently editing, but has not published?I have noticed that an URL of the form,/editInstructable/edit/123456789ABCDEF/step/0will tell the ible-editor to open that particular draft, where "123456789ABCDEF" is a length-15 string of [0-9] and [A-Z] that, I guess, uniquely identifies that draft 'ible.Maybe we are all just supposed to bookmark, or make a note of that URL, while writing a new 'ible. Either that, or never close the browser while working on a new 'ible.

Question by Jack A Lopez    |  last reply

Attempts to print cause browser crash

I'm hoping that *somebody* here can help me. I've been trying to print out a couple of instructables (all the steps in one file), but my browser crashes just about every time I try.If I'm *lucky*, I'll get one file printed successfully before it crashes on the second instructable -- but usually the first attempt will crash the browser.It doesn't crash my system, just the browser itself.The latest message is:"Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience".Error Signature:AppName: iexplore.exeModVer: 7.0.6000.16640AppVer: 7.0.6000.16640Offset: 001cd123ModName: mshtml.dllThis particular error is from Internet Explorer, but I've had a similar error producing the same effect from Firefox on the same system (at home).I've also had the same error on Internet Explorer on a different computer (at work).I've had the same result with instructables bookmarked on my Firefox system, instructables bookmarked on, as well as instructables randomly loaded from the website itself.At home I've been trying to print to the PDF Creator software program, as I don't own a printer.At work, I've tried to both print directly to the printer, as well as printing to Adobe Acrobat 8 in an attempt to create a PDF file.I get the same errors, no matter which printing method I use.All attempts to print to PDF Creator and Adobe Acrobat 8 from other web sites have worked fine -- and I've gotten instructables to print to both of those software programs once or twice. Just it's only maybe 1 attempt out of 20.Admin - if more detailed error reports would be helpful, please contact me at the address on my account.

Topic by carikate    |  last reply

Do you know any great physics/chemistry projects? Answered

To a upper-high school academic level. I've been just doing a homopolar motor and supercooling water. Nothing very advanced or interesting. Do you guys know any good projects? Pertaining to Chemistry, I've seen most on Instructables and few on kentchem. Pertaining to Physics, blast away! I've done limited projects although I have few bookmarked for later. Answers that can be made at home are appreciated! Additionally, answers that can be made at quickly with a somewhat limited number of materials are also appreciated. Well since answering stopped Top answers were from FoolishSage, The Skinnerz, and gruffalo child. FoolishSage wins because of the amount of projects provided. But these were all great answers.

Question by Sh3lsh    |  last reply

How to get ride of an Acer laptop popup window? Answered

I have an Acer 5534 laptop. An Acer popup window comes on for about 20 sec after log on or after coming out of a sleep mode. "Your Acer Product is Registered" also "click here for more information" bottom right of screen. If I click for more info it takes me to an Acer site like a bookmark. I have gone into msconfig, start up tab unchecked any thing that said Acer, no luck. Gone into another location to change the Acer settings to hide both desk top Icons and notifications for the task bar, no luck. Any ideas how to get this nuisance turned off. Acer iformed me to make the msconfig, startup change which did not work.

Question by phantom9    |  last reply