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Does anybody know?

Does anybody know who made this ballmachine or its name? I love it and would like som more pictures/video or building instructions Thanx in advance

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How should i name my knex ballmachine? Answered

I need a name for my ballmachine. And i hope you can help. Picture;=bild0022pl.jpg&res;=medium

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This is the frame of my new ball machine, BALLMACHINEARIFICOUS ( Credit go's to  seliziona for the name) It will have 8 paths, its 3 1/2 - 4 FT tall. So yeah........ AXIYS OUT!

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The differnences between an big air ball tower ball and an motorized madness balmachine ball? Answered

I'm thinking of buying more knex balls at knexusergroup. The only balls I have right now are 8 motorized madness ballmachine/ loopin lizard balls. The one's at knexusergroup are the one's from the big air ball tower. So my question is: Are they the same and if not what are the differences? Thanks for reading this. -sathothy

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Welcome to the Future

New knex ball machine by Sandroknexmaster, coming soon!

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Gargamelknex: I'm back!

The last instructable was a year ago... :( Sorry about that  But..... My ballmachine "limonium" is for 80% done! I will post it in summer 2015.... More k'nex buildings is coming soon! - Gargamelknex - 

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