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Bank Robberies

A collection of robbery-notes presented to US banks. E.g. "I have a gun in my bag. Give me $5,000 please. Thanks a bunch." "Give me all the money out of the register right now and I won’t kill you. Thanks." "ROBBERY"

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Capcitor bank

Could someone post an instructable for a huge capacitor bank?

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Power bank

Hello everyone I recently found a 12v 9a.h battery in my stuff and now i decided to make a portable power bank with it.this is what i am thinking about:i want to make a portable power bank with several voltage outputs for using in car and etc. 1- I want to get a 5v output and use it to charge my devices when I am in a car.2- i want to connect some power led lights so that i have a light bar.3-maybe I also connect an amplifier to it to play music when walking or that you understood what i want to make these are my problems:1-when the battery slowly drains and the input voltage decreases will the output of the charger module also decrease?2-different devices need different currents for charging for example my tablet needs 2amps while my phone needs 1 amp. do i need to set the output current to any special value?3-what kind of solar panel will be suitable to charge the battery?

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I confused the bank...

I just got a call from somebody claiming to be doing a survey for my bank, and he asked me to prove my identity by answering some security questions. I asked him; Before I give you some personal information, how do I know you are who you say you are? It was a remarkably short conversation...

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Vending Machine Bank

I recently got a Vending Bank that you put money in and press a button (1-6) and get candy. The candy dispenses from the holder (small holder mabye 1 inch wide 2inch tall) and it drops down to a slot in the bottom. None of it is motorized in anyway. You can put pennies, nickles, dimes, quaters, and dollar bills in via a slot that you put the bill in and a dial that you spin until the money goes inside the bank. I want to know if any of you can figure out a way to modify it to where you cant get candy until you put at least 25 cents in there because currently you dont have to put money in to get candy. If you need pictures i will gladly supply them upon request. Any help will help! Thanks!

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Drunk Driving Bank

I am looking for ideas or a complete solution to locking up your car keys when getting drunk, but allowing access to the keys the next day to go to work or whatever. The idea is to make an electronic bank of sorts that you would deposit your car keys into and it would be time delayed, so you could not open it till the following day. Another idea is to make a breathalizer that you could make and install in your vehicle, and not have it monitored or have to make monthly payments on it as they are set up now. I know my son has good intentions of not drinking and driving, but we all know when drunk, your intentions are impaired. if people that wanted to drink, yet not drive, a setup like this could save people from driving when impaired even though they normally wouldn't. If someone has an idea on this issue, I would love to hear about it and could help in the construction of this type of device, be it supplying components, to financing the project. Message me here and I can give you my ph number, etc to make getting together easier. Dan

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My Capacitor Bank

This is a little project I've been working on for some time now, playing with capacitors to see what kind of sparks I can get. I finally decided to build a mounting board for them and glue them all together. You'll see before I glued them in, as I was counter-sinking holes for them to sit in. So far I have MOST of them wired together, in parallel, but I only hooked up the larger ones until I get all the "bugs" wrinkled out. I'm also using a relay circuit to switch the output from the capacitors (so I don't fry myself while they're charging). I have it set up with a 2-way toggle switch, so when I hold the switch to the right, it charges my capacitors, and when I flip it to the left, it triggers the solenoid, and I can then discharge the capacitors however I want. Right now I'm in the process of finding the right power supply, as I have both the relay, and the capacitors charging off the same 12V (1A) wallwart, but it's not enough juice for what I want. Enough to burn little holes in tin foil with the sparks, but It's just simply not dangerous enough for me! Me and nachomahma are working out something so an update will ensue! 

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capacitor bank questions.

Hello all, this'd be the first post i've ever made, and may be in the wrong place....... edit- i guess it was in the wrong place, since no one replied.... so i'll try here.... i'm tryin to make a cap bank from 30+ flash cameras (possible? possible outputs? how do i calculate that?)  and i have some question/problems. is it possible to take a bank like the above and use as a spot welder?   if so, how would i trigger the spark without the trigger becoming the spark gap?  another possible use i have for it is a rail gun...... theoretically, if counter evidence isn't provided by all of you much more tech inclined ibblers a second concern is that the caps come in at least three different micro farad ratings. would one explode if it's rating is lower than the higher ones?  (the ratings are between 80ish to 150 ish (don't remember)) i rather need the weilder for a possible steampunk project that i just bought a bunch of metal junk for....(knowing me though, i'll never get around to doing it....)

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Capacitor bank troubles

I have wired 5 capacitors from disposable cameras in parallel and reattached them correctly to the charging circuit of one of the cameras. They charge as usual, but using my multimeter I find it only charges to about 330 volts. Also, when I touch the two ends of the wires I have hanging off to shock things are touched to a piece of metal, the spark doesn't appear to be louder, brighter, or any more intense. I have included a diagram, so please tell me if there is something I am missing. My goal is to create either a coil gun, or a "flash plate" where I have about 30 camera flash bulbs on a breadboard all linked to a very large capacitor bank to try to get an almost violent flash able to be seen for miles. So far I haven't even been able to light up a flashbulb that I have hooked up to the capacitor bank. Here is the setup:

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Recharging a `battery bank

Im looking for a dc motor that will carry a load of three 24v 100a alternators and a suggestion of what size and type of batteries will carry the dc motor. NOTE one of the three alternators purposes is to recharge the batteries powering the motor. Please help with a suggestion of what type of motor to get, the voltage or hp of the motor and what size battiers will be suitable to carry that motor.Thank you

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Coilgun Capacitor Bank? Answered

I am building a coilgun for a high school project. The capacitors for the original design call for 2200uf 400v capacitors, but these are too expensive. I found some 1000uf 200v capacitors, would these still be powerful enough if I run 5 of them in parallel. Does the voltage make the coil stronger or is it the capacitance. My coil specifications are; 16 AWG 4 layers and 25 turns on each layer

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Circuit for power bank? Answered

Hello, Need a circuit design for the following requirement. Checked online available circuit designs but not sure if they meet all needs.  Looking for circuit design as per following details. 1. It will have one or two, 3.7 volts 2600 mah 18650 lithium batteries 2. Batteries will be charged using smart phone mobile charger or solar panel 10 to 20 volts and around 500 mah to 1 ah input 3. Will have mini usb connection for the same on pcb 4. Circuit should have battery level indication. While being charged, when they are fully charged LED should turn on indicating battery full. Also there should be one LED to show that the charging is in progress. When the battery charge drops below specific level another LED should turn on. 5. If we use 2 batteries then they will be connected parallel 6. Output voltage of the batteries should be 5 volts (so step up is required) and current should be appropriate for mobile charging 7. There should be provision for 2 USB connections. Load can be mobile charging / USB mini fan / USB mini keyboard LED (could be 2 at a time) 8. Circuit should be safe enough so no damage is caused to batteries / load etc.

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Explosive Fun with a Capacitor Bank

Watch a 24kj capacitor bank as it discharges through various objects. Maniacal laughter follows each one and a slo-mo montage finishes it all up. via Make blog

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Will a mixed-capacitor bank work? Answered

If I have an assortment of capacitors - all different voltages and farad ratings - and wire them in parallel to make a capacitor bank, will it work? Any comments or suggestions welcomed.

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Banking capacitor for household electricity

Anyone here knows how to make a banking capacitor for residential? what is the right capacitor and value for the electricity banking?

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Charging a 8kj capacitor bank

Hello I have a 8 kj capacitor bank and am looking to charge it with dc power I was wondering if I could use a power supply such as this: Any feedback will be helpful Thank You-TDC

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Capacitor bank charger question.

I know alot of people use a standard disposable camera's circuit board as a charger for coil guns, but would this be sufficient for a bank of ~20 of those capacitors? If not, what would I use to charge it? They are 330v 80uF capacitors, by the way. EDIT: Or would there be a way to modify the existing charger circuit to charge the larger amount of capacitors?

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Circuit to flash a bank of lights

I have a bank of 30 x 6 volt lamps in an old computer console and I am trying to find a circuit to flash them in a random pattern. Ideally the lamps will be driven from a chip rather than individual transistors. I'm perfectly capable of building the circuit, but not designing it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thank you.

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Remote Controlled LED Bank?

Can someone explain what I need or direct me toward an appropriate Instructable for this?I want to make an IR remote controlled RGB LED light strip bank. I want it to switch between two colors, when I press a respective button for each. Or would making this radio controlled be easier? I don't want to buy one of those strips that has a remote control, I want to make it myself, and only have it change between 2 colors. What components do I need to make this, and how difficult would it be? Some instruction or diagrams would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Charging HV capacitor banks

I noticed that recently a lot of users are looking on information on how to charge capacitor banks. Not going into the legal aspects here when it comes to coil guns, EMP's and similar applications... I do have a few options at my disposal depending on how fast the charging needs to be but for serious applications with high power levels, fast charge rates and so on it soon becomes very technical. The differences between the US mains power and the rest of the modern world only complicates things here. So I was wondering who already build some decent cap charger based on inverter technology and if these people are willing to share their info and schematics for reference - if you already have an instructable explaining it a link to it would help heaps. Considering the costs of high performance caps circuits with proper protection against overvoltage and with good current limiting properties would be prefered over simple circuits that could damage the caps. Thanks for your help!

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knex bank style safe

This is my new knex safe. it is called a bank styled because it looks like one and has an extreemly thick back wall made up of 5 layers of knex. yes i did just say 5 layers!!! however it does have some bad points, i made the mechinism to big and almost stops the door opening sou you have to push or pull it to get it open .second  it only has 16 combinations. third the door is easy to take of its hinges. fourth it has little room inside as the mechinism takes up a hell of alot of room.if you want instructions you can either heve istructions for this or saw the ride.

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Capacitor-bank safety issues

Okay, so I'm going to be the wet-blanket old guy.... Has anyone considered adding a topic to this group (or an I'ble) on electrical safety with supercaps? Even the low-voltage ones put out tremendous current, enough to put you into convulsions or stop your heart (50 joules) if applied correctly. These devices are amazingly cool to work with -- better than batteries when you need high current, outstanding AC line filters, and terrific party toys when you need some bang for your buck. They can also turn around and bite you on the arse without warning...

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I have samsung s duos gt s7562 and the big problem is its battery. whenever i have to go out for a day long, i have to suffer for its poor battery back up. in market several power bank is available, but its costly. i want to make myself. i need atleast 3000 mah capacity power bank. So what should i do ? please tell me.

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Is this capacitor bank enough for Railgun? Updated

I have connect the capacitors (5 of 150v 330uF and 1 from Fuji-film cracked camera which has already connected to the charge circuit board, so I don't know the detail) in parallel. Is that enough for Railgun?  I have made rails with copper 5x15 cm. I'm not sure that it will work. Update.................................... Now I change them to be  5 of 350v 47uF and 1 from Fuji-film cracked camera which has already connected to the charge circuit board. And increase the size of the rail to 10x2 or 3cm per one copper plate.  Is that enough? Or should I change something more? Because I have seen somebody use only 3 of the camera flash capacitors and it works. How do you know that it's ok or not? @3@ Thank you...

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How can I make my own usb to charge batteries then use that to charge my phone?

So I am in the field a lot with the army.... and looking to make my own battery bank.... well I was thinking of using six 18650 3000mAH batteries in a parallel and series setting. Now if I set it up like this what would I use to charge these battery?

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Capacitor bank for Coilgun help please!

I havetwo 680 uF capacitors, rated for 200 volts.. And I want to use a disposable camera charger to charge them both. The camera charger stops at 300 something volts, and when I wire them up in series, I get 400 volts, right?.. I want to charge them and discharge them into a coil of wire to launch a projectile at a fair velocity. , I can work with up to 10k wraps of wire, and i have only two capacitors and a major one.. First 2: 680 uF 200v 680 uF 200v Major one: 180 uF 400v Now I imagine I'd get more joules with the two smaller ones than the big one because of the microfarads, right? These specific type of capacitors are made from Elite, and are electrolytic I think, and I got the major one from a computer CRT monitor, and the two smaller ones from a computer power supply.... I also have a 3.3uF 50v capacitor. Now the question is: Can someone help me add these together to increase maximum joule output? I want to hook up the two 680 uF 200v capacitors in series to get a maximum voltage of 400. Then I want to add the major capacitor, which is 180 uF in parallel with the two other capacitors to increase microfarads, in this case, it'd be: 680 680   + ------- = 680 (because they are in series) ------- + 180  = 860 I want two capacitors in series, and the major in parallel, increasing voltage to 400 volts, and the major capacitor doing nothing but adding capacitance (IF possible) Sorry, this is alot to ask for you guys to answer, If none of the above can work, What would work better, the two 680 uF's in series, or one big 180 uF 400 volt capacitor? I apologize if I cannnot explain my question properly.... it's very hard to understand capitance and series/parallel blah blah mumbo jumbo. Thank you.

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02 sensor bank 2 where is it? ?

I need the location of bank 2 for an 02 sensor on a 1997 dodge intrepid 3.3 engine

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Monopoly DIY Credit Card Bank?

Ok, so we have the Monopoly electronic banking board game, we have everything the credit cards and board.  But we lost the credit card banking thing, we also do not have the receipt.  Is there any way we can do a DIY bank, even something over the computer.  I heard of Excel but, you would have to type in your money, the whole point of having credit cards is to make the money system faster than just handing out bills.  is there any ideas what we could do?

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Portable battery bank to charge a laptop?

Let me start off by saying that this problem may well have no possible solution and I'm probably a fool for asking. I was wondering if there's any simple(ish) way to use an external battery bank with 2 USB ports on it to charge a laptop? The bank has 18,000mAh of capacity, one 2.1A, 5V USB port and one 1A, 5V USB port (total 15.5W). The laptop charger in question runs at 19.5V, 2A DC (total of 39W) and the laptop battery has a 3800mAh rating. Thanks in advance for any replies :)

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banking software for monopoly board game..? Answered

I saw an electronic banking edition of the monopoly board game in the shop  and was pretty impressed by it. But its too expensive to purchase and i already have a normal version of the monopoly board game and also the electronic banking unit alone is not available for purchase.  After thinking for sometime i came up with the idea of making a software for mobile phone that will act as a monopoly banking device. But I don't know programming. Can anyone here help me in making such a software? I don't think that will involve much work. All the software need to do is allow the user to select the number of players from 2-6 and assign each of them a custom start balance and then allow them to transfer money between each other and also pay fines to the bank.  I hope someone is ready to help me. I am just sharing an idea/thought that will help many others like me who play the monopoly board game.

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HV capacitor bank charge indicator?

Hello! I have a capacitor bank with three 330v capacitors (from disposable cameras, of course... those things are awesome) connected in parallel, but I'm planning to add more. I'd like to indicate when the device has been charged using an LED, but I'm pretty sure that most LEDs can't handle 330v. The disposable cameras often have indicator lights, so how do they do it, and how can I implement it with more capacitors?

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Usb battery bank help and questions ?

Well i want to add like a battery pack instead of the 9 volt batteries i have now and this a ruff model i made today, but i will make a better case but back to my question is would this work?;=1347244925&sr;=8-11&keywords;=9-Volt+Rechargeable  or do you recommend something else it has to be rechargeable,  

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how many batteries in your bank?

Great project Steve! my dad lives offgrid in the high desert of oregon: state thus far he uses several dc mills and solar panels.i greatly look forward to building this project with him in the future.also i wanted to compliment you on your willingness to explain and re-explain already stated facts......i first read and looked at your steps then took the time to read all the "Q&A" (yeah all 562 of them).after having done so i have no questions other than how large is your bank and what type of batteries did you go with?(we started with a bank of 32 12v ,but are now replacing them with long life deep cycle 6v cells)<large investment cost has us gathering them a few at a time.its great to see so many people gaining interest in going green.This project is without a doubt the best mill ive seen and your patience/willingness to let others pic your brain and promptly kick back thorough and accurate answers is commendable..most prodigous!looking forward to checking out all the links you provided. best personal regards, Luke A.R.S KV7M

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What is the definition of 'development' by World Bank?

I need a few definitions of 'Development' from different perspectives, to clear my concept. I know the term 'Development' is very complex and confusing, so I'm having a little problem defining it. I'm a student of Anthropology (Undergraduate) and recently doing a course on Development Anthropology. It'll be really helpful if anyone provides me with a number of definitions (of development) with reference and direct online links.

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is there anyone who can make a piggy bank cola? Answered

is there anyone who can make a piggy bank cola???? plz send a massage to my tih artical is made by google translate

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I have a pneumatic tube from a bank, what's something cool i could do with it? Answered

 Had it for 5 years, never could figure out the best thing to do with it, but it is too cool to pitch. It's the thing you put your money in and watch WHOOSH away. I've attached a pic of someone who turned it into a handbag.

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How i can make 400dc-450dc from a 9 volt battery??

I want to charge a capacitor bank of 400-450volts, but I don't know how.

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How to make a 230v AC power bank?

I would like to make an AC power bank but don't know exactly all the parts to get any help.

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Please help Electronic (problem in power bank)

One of a resistance it's blow up in the power bank and i don't have the number of it !! and I could not find any scheme for this Motherboard of power bank and chip that use in this power bank is mt4606 and name of this Motherboard is yd178_b

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Capacitor Bank charger without flash circuits

I want to make a capacitor bank and cant find a charger circuit. I cant seem to find any secondhand disposable cameras and would greatly appreciate help making one without the circuit.

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Power Banks vs. ac wall outlets

I've observed in many power banks, that they charge up my phone a LOT quicker than a conventional ac adapter plugged into a wall socket. Why is this so? Many of my friends share the same observation. I'm building a simple power bank myself, and I want to make sure I can enjoy this feature when I use it too. I plan to use this instructable as a guideline with some modifications: I'll be using four 3.7V batteries in parallel and stepping it up with a step up converter, so that the mAh value gets added up (forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe mAh adds up when batteries are in parallel). Will this arrangement give me faster charging times like the power banks available in the market? Is it a safe circuit? Please suggest as I am eager to build this :) Thanks in advance :)

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What is the best form of charge a capacitor bank?

I want to charge a capacitor bank of 450 volts, 4000-6000 uf. With dc. I have these ideas to charge it: Cockcroft walton Flyback  What is the best way to charge it, i want that the charge time be like 2-10seconds Thanks

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Best way to light small bank of LEDs?

I was trying to help someone put together a small lighted prop for a Halloween costume, and quickly realized I knew enough just to be dangerous.  The result should be simple, for someone who better knows the intricacies: 9 superbright 3V LEDs, arranged in a circular pattern about 4in dia., powered by a small pack of batteries which CAN be located elsewhere on the costume, with a small wire run. Initially the thought was "oh, well, 2 AA's gets you the 3V, you're good..." Then we thought, "to make hooking up the LEDs simpler, attach them end to end, and then each end of the loop of LEDs goes to the two batteries."  Of course, totally wrong.  After realizing the glaring problem, it occured to us that 3 9V batteries would instead get us the requried voltage to light them up. Then, realizing again this should work but that there might be some finer points to know, I started looking up some information online for similar projects.  My big fears, having not tried this out yet, are that: 1) The string of LEDs or batteries may get hot. (Seen a lot of posts like this.) 2) There is some glaring inefficiency in this setup that could be more simply redone. For example, is it better or worse in any way to run three strings of 3?  Would batteries last longer if a different configuration of batteries or wiring were used? 

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How to make power bank with 8 rechargable AA batteries?

I'm a nobody at electronics, electricals and stufs. well i have some rechargeable batteries for some reasons,. 2 of my friend has a portable power bank for their phone. then curiously thinking if i can make that kind of stuf.. (DIY),.. if it possible please help me make this... my AA batteries is 1.5V with 500mah of power if i'm right. , then multiply by 8 so that will be 12V with 4000mah of power? right?. then i want this to charge my phone... recently searching i need to drop the voltage to 5, because if not, my phone battery will or might explode., then my phone will be damaged?.. so i need to make a circuit,, then that my problem, i dont know any thing about resistors and things like LM317, just i don't know anything about that.. i need it be able to be recharge and charge my phone, so here's another question, expect the wee did make something like that, then how will i be able to charge it?, it's 12v right from the inside? right?.. that all, hope we can make something like this,, if there's a related post, which has been already answered, if this is not possible.. That all.. Advance Thanks for helps... 

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Is there an age limit for pay pal?

Is there an age limit for getting a pay pal account? If you are 16 and already have a bank account can you get a pay pal account for making purchases through Ebay? Thanks.

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Can you make your own Capacitor charging Circuit? Answered

I have a Cap bank, but i need some way to charge it without using a camera  circuit. I have pretty much every component that could be required, so if someone could please make a schematic (even if it's done in paint) that would be great. Would also be useful to anyone else making a cap bank as well. Thanks.

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Hi Instructabillians I have a dream. I want to make a atm machine. I doesn't have to be as secure like a bank atm but I want to make it so the cash comes out of my safe (door open). But I need a rough design to build of. It doesn't have to have a pin system, but one would be nice :) If I am going to make it run by a computer I also need to figure out how to connect my PC to the atm and I would also need a software solution Any help would be appreciated Thanks Orro

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Is there any way to encourage banks/lenders to make a loan on a foreclosure/bank owned home? or a home that needs work?

My wife had good credit when she married me, I've always had marginal/poor credit, but see that there are dozens of homes that could use some work in our town, and for really cheap ($20k-$40k). I would certainly do a lot of the work myself, but don't know how that would affect said lender's opinion.

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How do you repair a broken ceramic piggy bank? Answered

My sister's piggy bank broke and she is REALLY torn up about it  (she got it forChristmas and she has broken a bunch of glass lately) and i want to fix it, it is mostly in large pieces, what adhesive, glue, filler, paint should I use? Please respond fast! Thanks!;=off&sa;=X&biw;=1400&bih;=959&tbm;=isch&prmd;=imvns&tbnid;=Egziqd0BezZXkM:&imgrefurl;=;=87LBDC8Zpw67qM&imgurl;=;=540&h;=351&ei;=ThX9TrP6MM3sggerhr3iDA&zoom;=1&iact;=hc&vpx;=171&vpy;=479&dur;=1112&hovh;=181&hovw;=279&tx;=101&ty;=91&sig;=110872985198211297103&page;=1&tbnh;=118&tbnw;=181&start;=0&ndsp;=34&ved;=1t:429,r:14,s:0

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