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battery charger?

I have a 13.5v 1.7A "plug pack" battery charger that came with my solar speaker. because i live in Australia i had to change the plug pack to a local one. the only one i could get was a variable voltage (9 - 24) 1.5A. will it just take longer to charge or won't it work to charge my speaker.

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Batteries and charger? Answered

So I got one of those one cell battery bank that come also with a little crank generator. So far I took both of these apart to make one into a 2cell. So now these batteries are a parallel, my ? is if the voltage stays the same with the charging board and the mah is double this should not effect the board correct? and or the batteries. So far its been working both batteries reads the same voltage so the charging board must work. Now hear is the thing that I am concerned with, if I was to add 6 more into a parallel then all batteries would be the same MAH right. This should not damaged the board?

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charge battery

I have battery 1cell NI-MH AA 1.2 v 1500mAH   and i need to charge it by using smps and diode for detect peak voltage of battery   i prefer fast charge for maximum 2 hours for my project  how much voltage and current i need in output of smps ?

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Battery Pack

I want to start a battery pack but I don't know how to connect series/parallel to get most mAh but also 5V-12V output I plan to buy 8 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium Ion Battery but I don't know how to connect those together to get the most mAh as possible but also between 5V to 12V output . It is possible to do that with 

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charging one battery with another battery

I want to make a project about battery charger.i want to know if a battery can be charged using another battery of same specification. please help me

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12v battery charger? Answered

My WiFi ISP signals were unable to reach my room. So my ISP arranged a device  on top of apartment & it was powered with 12 volts DC adapter. But makes me to work offline when power is OFF. So i want to make that device to work on 12V battery. So i need to make a charger for that battery to work as UPS. Can any one help me with circuit Diagram and components list??

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48V battery charger?

 So i got this 48V scooter from one of my teachers for free but he didn't give a charger. can i use my own 48V charger? thanks!

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AA battery charger

Hello I have a bunch of AA rechargeable batteries and would like to use them. I could just go out a buy a charger but wheres the fun in that. I would like the charger to be close to the ones you buy, but of course with the instructables finesse. it needs to charge at least 4 at a time and tell me when there charged with an LED indicator. id like to see if it can be plugged into my USB port and charge. Thank You John F.

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Battery charger help

As some of you may already know, I'm planning on building an electric car this summer. Its all planned out, but instead of using regular transformer based chargers I was wondering if someone could help me design a transistor based charger to reduce weight. Requirements 48 or 72 volts Needs to charge marine deep cycle batteries over night Needs to not have a transformer. Needs to be relatively small (under 1 cubic foot) Needs to be simple enough for me to build myself (I can do it if you can design it) Can anyone give me some links or some good schematics for this? Thanks

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Battery charger IC

Looking for IC that charge Li ion batteries. can anyone point me in the right directions. Just wanting to know what kind of IC's by name

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Battery charger question

Hi,I have just bought a charger for my was advertised as having a trickle charge function; which I believe is good for battery longevity ( and I only use the bike once or twice a week).However, it does not have a trickle charge function but it does have a pulse function ( which it recommends for motorcycle batteries as the normal ampage output is too high for small batteries).Thiis is meant to be gentle and does not create the bubbles caused by electrolysis, but is it worse or better for the battery than a trickle charger ?Thanks

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Industrial battery charger

Why the correct maintenance of batteries is essential to warn his exhaustion and to know when to replace it. With proper maintenance,can we avoid the battery failure? Im asking about battery chargers, Digital battery chargers, automatic battery chargers, traction battery chargers, Amperis battery rectifiers, battery charger rectifier! Thank you so much

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Battery charger output

Hello, I have a Black and Decker 14.4 Volt Drill. The diode on the charger doesn't light up anymore so I don't know if the charger is working properly. It can use one of two different battery chargers. I measured the voltage where the battery plugs into the charger and I get 0.04 volts. I'm not a guy who understands electricity so I'm trying to find out what the voltage should read where the battery plugs into the charger. I'd appreciate any help. 1. FS14C 2. FSMVCThank you Frank

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12volts battery charger

Hi everyone, Please I need a simple 12battery charger with automatic transfer switch that can charge one battery while the other is in use With high current

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Battery charger circuit?

Hi, Can someone help with a simple battery charging circuit? It is to be attached to bicycle dynamo to charge the 4 V battery. Now the power generated by the dynamo would be fluctuating depending upon the RPM. So need to build a charger that would ensure constant supply to the battery. Preferably simple and economical circuit as this would be used on some charitable work. 

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Smart battery charger

I am trying to build a smart charger that will charge a Ni-Mh 2/3a 1200mah 9.6v charger. By smart I mean that it will stop when the battery is full, then if it drops below, say 9.4v, it will charge it to that again. Most of them also have a discharging button that will bring the voltage down before charging it. For the charger part I found this website;=1&ArticleID;=1823Which details how to make a charger that will charge a 13.3v battery. Of course, mine is 9.6v, so it would have to be modified. The current "dumb" charger for the battery just gives it 12v @ 250ma. The smart charger also is powered off 220vac, which is not good because I live in the US. IS there a way to make it work off the 12v 250ma charger? Also, the circled components (the overlay thingy wasn't working), what are they? the no/nc one might be a switch, and the RL1 one could be...a relay?

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Alkaline Charger

So, I want to try and build a charger for alkaline batteries with an Arduino.  I'll be using it to recharge 9v batteries. What I want to know is: What would the optimum charge current/voltage be?  Should I pulse the charge current? How do I detect the state of charge? How can I get ~1.6v from the arduino to charge an AA? Can I use PWM 5v? And any other useful info you may want to add. I have a ton of parts/shields/etc for arduino as well as components.  LCD's, IC's, LEDs, diodes, resistors, crystals, etc. Would also like to do a battery diagnostic utility to test health, resistance, charge, etc. Can anyone help? EDIT: So I made a quick circuit and sketch to charge an AA battery to 1.6v, using an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator. As os so far, it is working.  Now I need to figure out how to make a voltage doubler. I'm thinking something like 40-50 mA output at 10v. I have an LM324N quad op amp chip as well as one of these. How could I make a doubler circuit?

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USB battery

Hi, Last summer I made a solar charger(maybe I'll post some pictures), I used a 5v 320mA solar panel, 5V regulator and a USB port. So now I can charge my cellphone and mp3-player through USB. This works fine, but I would like to make an USB battery that I can charge and take with me.. Something like this I have no clue on how to make this. Can anyone help me with this ? I have some li-poly batteries so I would only have to know wich electronics to use and how to solder them :) The battery pack should be charged through USB and have and USB output :) Thanks in advance, Niels

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battery problem

I have a 12 volt 7ah rechargeable lead-calcium battery, but no charger. i want to build a charger, but the diagrams ive found are for lead acid. does anyone have a good circuit for lead calcium battery chargers?

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Hi, I'm building a mini BB-8 unit for a project and going to make many more for a club. My biggest problem I'm encountering now is the battery needed to power it. The entire circuit draws around 500mAh and runs  on 3-5V. I don't think a 9V battery is enough to power it or even a AA battery no matter how many i put on it. The online guides that I found uses 18650 batteries either salvaged or bought. However, from where I come its very expensive to buy this batteries and it the charger cost even more. So I was thinking of buying this cheap 2400mAh powerbank that is sold commonly here. It outputs 5 volts and can be charged by USB. This powerbank cost about the same price of a 9V battery but only have life span of about 2 months which is good enough in my opinion. My main question is are there any other alternatives to power this circuit at a cheap price and is it possible to use a powerbank to power this circuit? Tq for any help and suggestions.

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Charger circuit

Hey there, I'm planning to build a portable stereo speaker box thingy (you know what I mean). In order to power the 2x10W amplifier I want to use a 7.2V 1400mAh battery pack from an old RC car. As the housing of the box will be sealed I want to implement a mechanism to charge the pack. For this I wanted to achieve 3 things: -If the Power-Switch is turned on, the amp should be powered from the power line -If the Charge-Switch is turned on, the battery pack should be charged -If both of the switches are turned on, the amp should receive power from the power line while the battery pack is being charged. I have thought of the following cabling (see attached picture for a schematic) The blue box is the amplifier, the green box the battery pack and the orange connectors are tamiya connectors (the ones for RC cars) The first switch (marked in green) is a normal DPST switch which establishes the connection with the power line as well as the connection with the battery The second switch is a SPDT switch and activates either the connection between the battery and the amp or the connection between the power line and the battery. Will this work the way I think it will or does this configuration any faults? If the latter, what can I do I have to change? I'm actually really new to electronics, this if my first project so forgive me, if this setup is actually BS Cheers and sorry for the long post ^^'

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battery charging?

How can i charge my battery, i've lost my charger. the battery is 14.4V 1.5Ah Li-ion

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iPhone Chargers

I have seen many 'ibles on battery-powered USB chargers that say they cannot charge iPhones/iTouches because they require power to be supplied to the data pins. How, then, have I seen iPhone chargers (that work) with only two inner wires - a red and a black?  I recently bought an iPhone charger, so I could cut the wallwart off and use it instead of a USB port in this circuit. However, I have discovered that it only has 2 inner wires, as previously detailed. How could I use a 9V (PP3) battery and a 5V (7805) voltage regulator to turn this into a battery-powered charger? Both of the above questions are ones I would like answers to. Thanks in advance, ~H4ZZ

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Solar Charger?

Hi everyone! i want to build solar powered charger... i already build ups system using old computer system ups... configuration : 650va ups with 12v 35ah  battery. The battery is deep cycle one and should be charged in 8 hrs of good sun light.... so how many solar cells i need to buy and describe the calculation? Best online shop to buy a cheap and best cells ? Thanks in advance...

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laptop battery? Answered

I have a dell laptop which does not seem to charge when I try to charge it with the power lead. At the bottom of my screen it says 'plugged in, not charging'. What can I do to make it to charge? The power supply always overheats and gets in my way.

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Laptop Battery Charging

I salvaged a battery pack from an old laptop and i was wondering if i could charge the cells in the pack using the laptop charger that came with it. can i connect the power connector rom the charger straight to the control board inside the pack or do i have to get a different charger to charge each individual cell? bottom left of the picture is where i think the power goes in and out (red and black wire).

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9volt Battery overheating.? Answered

Hello i have a question.. i have made a usb charger  using a 9 v bat and a 5 v voltage regulator  but the battery  duracell  overheats way to much... same batt  connected to a led strip 12 v. it works but it overheats as well..... any ideas? my usb charger is on my page..... anybody have an idea why this happens?   cheers

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Ipod charger? Answered

I have the correct 5v and the Ipod registers it but it comes up as charged, so I think its working like an external battery, but how do I get it to actually charge?

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Rotational Charger?

Any ideas how one could transform rotational movement into usable energy?  I want to attach a little radio device to a tire and have that device charge a little battery when the wheel rotates so that it can transmit information (i.e. rpm).  Was thinking of using a small Nordic radio and accelerometers to transmit data.  

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Using the wrong charger?

What are the risks of using the wrong charger for rechargable batteries?  Can you do it if you don't leave the batteries on too long?  Can you get away with it if you make certain the batteries don't get too hot?  Specificially for my 18V power tools the charger I have is only intended to charge NiCad batteries.  The company that made the tools has also made different types of battery packs that are interchangable in the tools, but each battery pack comes with a different model charger.  What if I used the NiCad charger to recharge a NiMh battery pack?  What if I use the NiCad charger to recharge a Lion battery pack?

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Battery Charging?

Hello, So I have a 9.6 volt  NI-CD 4 hour quick charger and the battery(600mah) that goes with it, but I was wondering if I could charge a 7.2 volt 2000mah, Ni-Mh battery with it. If i can for how long?

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Battery Charging? Answered

Hello, So I have a 9.6 volt  NI-CD 4 hour quick charger and the battery(600mah) that goes with it, but I was wondering if I could charge a 7.2 volt 2000mah, Ni-Mh battery with it. If i can for how long?

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Solar 9V battery charger? Answered

I was wondering if you could make a solar 9V battery charger and if you can you show me how?

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bike charger

I ride on a bicycle patrol around my neighborhood three times a week.  (6-8 miles, good exercise) I also have another bike with a Wilderness Motor on it.  (36 V, 600 Watt motor) I don't use the Wilderness bike much anymore, but how could I wire a gizmo to charge some AA and/or AAA batteries?

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Battery charger regulator question?

I've got a 40 amp 12 volt  RV power supply that I want turn into a battery charger.  Anyone got any ideas about how to regulate the current so it doesn't cook the batteries?? Thanks 

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Battery charger advice please? Answered

Could anyone help with advice or plans to build a battery charger where I can regulate the voltage and  amperage seperately to charge a wide range  of batteries please, had thoughts of using a computer ATX power unit for the initial power source, thank you Doc Cox

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Wind powered battery charger

HI.. this is my first post on these forums. I want to build a small windmill that will charge ordinary rechargeable AA sized batteries. however there's a problem. I have hooked up my windmill to a motor which produces DC current. Now, the motor provides enough and MORE current to charge the batteries. My problem is how do i protect the battery from overly high voltages and currents that may be generated by the motor?

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homemade airsoft battery charger Answered

 my friend is gonna sell me a smg for 15 dollars but without the charger. the battery is 4.8V and 400Mah. so i was wondering if i switch its plugs on it and a usb cable that i can charge it computer usb=    5V   500Mah------- to the batery-------4.8V   400Mah= battery can i use this effectively 

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Help in constructing a battery charger

Hi there! I need some help constructing a circuit to charge a lead acid battery. The ratings of the battery are: 12v, 7Ah(Or so). The circuit must have the following features: -> Must be fairly simple (Considering the fact that i don't get all the components easily in the place i live, not even online) -> Must automatically cutoff when the battery is fully charged(Or near full). -> Must also have an indicator, (like the ones we have in a digital camera battery charger, which shows RED LED=Charging, GREEN LED=Full, something like that). -> Charging times can be fairly reasonable (Few hours for a full charge sounds reasonable).  -> Hopefully, some explanation on how the circuit works. ;) Thanks in advance :)

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How to make a battery charger?

So I was just wondering, what basic guid lines do you have to follow when making a battery charger for say a lithium-ion battery? How many volts do I need to supply to it? Do I need any protection diodes? How would I keep it from charging to fast, or trying to charge the charger? Thanks!

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Solar AA battery charger

Hi i like to build a solar AA battery charger with a indicator that show me it is full, is there a way?

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Can this Charger charge this battery?

For the past couple days I have been looking through the internet for the perfect battery and charger for very little and i think I found it!!! Please let me know if you think this battery and the charger will be compatible and will charge properly. I intend on cutting the leads of so I can have matching leads  (so the battery and the charger can connect obviously) Here is the battery I intend on purchasing:;=item3f19342b8d Here is the charger I intend on purchasing to charge the battery:;=item3363a9d51d Please let me know if this charger will be able to charge the battery! Thank you so much for all your guys help! I love instructables, everyone helps everyone out!

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Mouse wheel battery charger?

Is it possible to make a (trickle?) charger for a 12V battery that runs off a mouse wheel (or several)? The battery is intended to be used to power a 70-100W TV through an inverter... Where can small (mouse/rat-powered) generators be found (or how to make them)? Could small electric motors be used? Is this even possible?

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trickle charger for 14AH battery?

Hi, i am looking into making a 12v UPS for my home cctv system. i have two 12v 7AH batterys like the type used in fire and burglar alarm panels. my aim is to have a 240v input which gets converted to 12vdc and powers my dvr and cameras. the power supply of the dvr alone is 5 amps so i would need 1 5 amp output and then 16 lower amp outputs for the cameras but i guess this could just be done with fuses. now, here is the tricky part: in whilst also powering the dvr and cameras, i also need it to charge my two battery's wired in parallel so theres 14 ah of 12v battery's to charge (i may also add more at a later date). in the event of a power loss, a relay or some other switching device will switch power to all the devices to the battery so that its backed up. the only problem is that i am new to battery charging and don't fancy blowing them up. schematics, help suggestions all greatly appreciated. thank-you. - Luke

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18v lion battery charger

The charger for my 2.6AH Li-ion 18v cordless drill battery stopped working and I can’t find a replacement one for sale. The battery has +, - and T terminals.Would a different make of charger work, or are there any other solutions, please? It is an excellent drill with two batteries and I don’t want to have to throw it away.

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Li-ion battery charger

I have taken apart a cheap disposable phone. i got a better phone because this one died. the charger still works though. i have 3 nokia 3.7v battery's. all the same. could i use this to charge the battery's in parallel.

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Aus laptop battery charger

I removed the screws for the back and pried apart the cover. The battery charging is charging again. I was able to use a special screwdriver I used on a different laptop to remove battery..

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Solar USB charger

Setup: 330mAh@6V solar panel charging 4xAA Nimh batteries (series connected). Iphone is connected to the batteries. Can I simultaneous charge of nizn battery and iphone? what is the direct source of power charging the iphone? Do the batteries act as voltage regulator??  Any ideas to prevent iphone from drawing more then 500mah?? Thanks, Huzefa

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Help with battery charger circuit

I have a slot machine with a 3.6v rechargable lithium battery on motherboard. The problem is the battery goes dead after about a week and the settings are lost. I want to attach a solar battery charger to it so I do not have to leave it plugged in. Could I run the output of the solar charger through a comparator and then to the battery while it is still in the circuit? The panel puts out around 3v in the room I want to use it. Would this be enough to power an op amp? Then when the battery reaches a certain voltage the comparator changes output and stops charging.  If so, would this work? Any advice on how to build the circuit?

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Solar Panel Battery Charger

I'm doing a solar panel cell phone battery charger project for school using a 9V, 3.3W solar panel that I bought from here:;=item1e691610ec (I can get around 8V under a light bulb and 10.5V under sunlight.) The circuit is shown in the picture with four, 1/4W resistors because the output is going to a USB cable. The regulator I tried at first was a 7805 from radioshack I noticed I was getting exactly 5V on the output, but only getting 1.5mA of current on the output of the regulator. I've tried the MURATA 78SR, Fairchild LM317T, N.S. LM1804IS, and a few others specifying 5V and 1-1.5A of current but I still only get 1.5mA of current on the output (I need at least 500mA). The phones I'm testing will charge, including a ipod classic, but I'm afraid that the 1.5mA of current is far too small and will damage the battery. I have yet to try using 3W or 5W resistors but I still don't think it would help, I'm also considering using a boost converter to get the current up (also the voltage) and then feed that output into the 7805. Am I doing something wrong? Can I get around 1A of output current from the 7805 by doing something else?

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