Why did they stop showing Battlebots and Robowars in the U.S.? It was a great show, Every guy I talked to said they watched it too. I think they still show it everywhere else though. I liked the idea of altoid tin Battlebots, we should have a contest for it.

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knex battlebots

As you have seen(or not sean) i am making battle bots. one has a machine gun and the other has a knife(i also have a mod for a drill that does not use the orange gear) they are made that there is just driferent atachements on the bot body. so even with out the body you could make a mod( like a saw) with out the body. that is what this forum is for. people who can not make the body. you can post a mod and i could try it for you and give instructions for you and other people. i will give you full credit for the mod.

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A new class of BattleBot Altoids BattleBot

A new class of BattleBot – Altoids BattleBot After watching BattleBots on youTube I thought there had to be an easy way of enjoying the same mindless destruction but on a scale that I can accommodate in my apartment. It would also have to be simple enough to build and wire up. The Altoids BattleBot Class. Take any Altoids tin and add to it a hard wire link from a controller to the BattleBot. The controller can be another Altoids tin with a couple of switches and the battery pack. Then add weapons to the unit that can comply to a maximum 300 gram weight limit (without hard wire and controller) with a size limit of no more than 30mm from the edge of the tin and an over all maximum height of 50mm. To prevent a fire hazard (I was thinking of adding a zippo lighter), no batteries that either power the unit itself or weapons are to be placed in the BattleBot. Ive got an idea of using a small solenoid to make a flipper of some sort that could turn an opponents Altoids BattleBot turtle. Any other ideas for weapons?

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Checking a battlebot on an airplane? Answered

Most battlebot competitions are far away from me, so I would need to fly to them.  Which leads me to wonder...Can I check a battlebot ( no way they would let me carry-on it)?  I know you can check some dangerous things (bow and arrow).  So  does anyone know if I could check it? AI

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Robot Competitions?

I'm thinking about building a battlebot (ant/beetle weight)but I'm not sure if there are any competitions near me. I live near the San Francisco Bay area, if you know any competitions please tell me!!!  The date right now is June 16, 2012

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Where can I find full battlebot episodes? Answered

Im talking about the new show that is on CBS college Sports, not the old 2002 episodes.

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Should the wire I use be able to handle the stall current of my motors? Answered

I am building a battlebot (3lb), and I was wondering if the wire had to be able to handle the stall current of all the motors, or just the normal current that the motors draw. AI

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Need Help for charging 12v Lead Acid Battery? Answered

I need a charger for a 12v Lead Acid Battery for my Battlebot. I am planning to buy a UPS, detach and use the battery of the UPS to power motors and other stuff in the Battlebot and then recharge the batteries by connecting them back to the UPS charging circuit. Can my above be successfully implemented ? Please give me your opinions and suggestions as to how this can be implemented.   

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How to get started in battle bots

I was wanting to start building a battlebot but im not sure where to start and how to design it so was wondering if you would help me and also can someone show me how to use pneumatics for a weapon.

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Maker Faire UK on BBC

The BBC stopped by the Maker Faire UK that happened this last weekend in Newcastle. They were especially interested in the robotics. A fire-breathing horse, a walking and singing robot, iRobots, and battlebots. Nothing else about the rest of it, but the video's worth checking out.See also:Maker Faire UK in 3DLemonie's report

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Need regulator and compact solenoid 5/2 valve for small scale Co2 powered system.

Looking to drive a 5/16ths inch pneumatic cylinder all in a self contained package. Cylinder is rated for 150 psi and the 12 gram co2 i was planning to use is 900 psi so i need to reduce it considerably. I'm trying to make a moving costume piece, not a battlebots weapon or a bomb.

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Need help with PWM to Analogue conversion

I have a Futaba RC transmitter and receiver, and an electric wheelchair. I want to be able to control the wheelchair via RC (a-la battlebots), and I do not want to control the joystick via servo. I also want to leave the wheelchair's joystick controls intact and either solder another RC device in tandem with the joystick, or hijack the control by having an external switch that switches from either manual joystick, or RC Freq. I have some experience in electronics, but only in the troubleshooting arena. I can fix things if they are broken and can troubleshoot to the board level, but have no experience building bots and have no RC experience. The solution needs to be low cost please. I can solder build boards from directions. I just have no "vision" of how to put these 2 systems together. I think the words "pwm to analog" have been thrown around online, but I need to know more. Please point me to websites, or send me instructions and Ideas. The wheelchair will not be a wheelchair forever. R2-D2, Wall-E, and an RC Lawnmower are all in contention. Thanks in advance.?

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