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I'm not positive I'm entirely right on this, so if I'm wrong, don't jump down my throat. Thanks. When you reply to someone (I usually do something like, "Thanks,") on a question you've asked, it counts that comment as an answer to go towards your Best Answer Percentage. I don't think this is fair because: 1.) There is no way you can select your answer as a Best Answer (I would never do this, though), and 2.) It goes towards your Best Answer Percentage. In addition to routinely submitting to instructables, I also try to improve my stats (total views, comments, subscribers, ect.). So, my Best Answer Percentage (in addition to many other's %, I assume) has gone down because our answers on our own questions count towards the Best Answer Percentage. Instructables staff, if you could change this, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

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Best Answers? Answered

I just got my first best answer and now it say i have 20%, what happens when i get 100%?

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When I click on Best answers in my profile I used to be able to see the questions I had been given best answer for - Now I see the questions I have asked. ERROR!

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Best Answers

Revised The new format on a members page gives a bare hint of Best Answers. There are some of us who enjoy helping others and keep bragging score in exchange. That germinated a thought at least one considered worthy of the forum. Why not make it a soft-switch the user can activate by them for their page ? Like that age thing we lie about..... A

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no reply to best answer

In answers when answer is chosen as best answer there is no longer reply link in it

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Best answer problem

I got an email saying I got best answer for this question. My list of best answers doesn't show it. Did the person who asked the question just un-mark the best answer, or is this actually a bug? Thanks!

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No Best answers emails ?

Has the system stopped sending Best Answer emails ? I've had a few BAs recently, but no notifications.

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Lack of Best Answers, it's getting pretty bad...

  Have you checked the answers page lately? Take a look at the first page, I don't see a whole lot of Best Answers marked there. Not a big deal, most of them are fairly recent. Try checking the 2nd and 3rd.I don't see very many at all...  They've been there for a few days, surely at least half should be answered. I understand that not all questions asked can be fairly answered, due to being an opinion, or just a question that doesn't need a best answer, like "What's you favorite food?" Please, if you are reading this, and recently asked a qeustion, go back and read them. If you find something that answers your question, by all means select it as Best Answer, otherwise you are wasting their time. ( "their" meaning the people who answered your question, apparently "answerer's" isn't a word.) Don't take this as a rant, because it certainly isn't, I'm just trying to speak on the behalf of all the people who take time to answer the community's questions. Thanks.

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Me:Discussions:Answers shows no 'best answers' (I have 11)

I have 11 best answers on my 'you' page saying which they are. (hurray)On the "You" page, discussions tab, questions subtab it shows: "AnswersNone of your answers have been selected as "Best Answers", yet.The Instructables Community provides the knowledge and experience that makes Answers such a powerful feature. And by "Instructables Community," we mean you! Answering questions is as easy as making a comment. If the question author likes your answer, it may even be selected as a Best Answer. Find questions to answer, now!Note: We will soon have a listing here of all the answers you've written, not just your Best Answers. "

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Best Answers Count For 2011-04-08

Best Answers Monitor v1.00.03 (2010-04-24) NachoMahma (Original Perl script by Jayefuu) (Regex help provided by kelseymh) Report Date: 2011-04-08 20:35 (GMT-5) 11010010110 34 acidbass 34 alex-sharetskiy 45 AndyGadget 119 AngryRedhead 40 artificialintelligence 4 17 blkhawk 11 Burf 189 caitlinsdad 26 CameronSS 18 canida 12 caarntedd 36 ChrysN 37 cyberpageman 22 DJ Radio 65 dombeef 1 ewilhelm 11 Flannel UK 13 frollard 372 fwjs28 16 gmjhowe 6 gmoon 39 Goodhart 13 Gorfram 51 Grathio 52 Hiyadudez 15 iPodGuy 17 Jack A Lopez 117 JamesRPatrick 9 Jayefuu 54 jeff-o 96 Joe Martin 40 jtobako 63 karnuvap 22 kcls 12 kelseymh 281 kevinhannan 13 Killer~SafeCracker 40 killerjackalope 28 Kiteman 238 Koosie 9 Kryptonite 11 lemonie 502 Lithium Rain 13 lizzyastro 5 LoneWolf 7 M4industries 11 MahavishnuMan 54 MegaMetal8 2 MichelMoermans 24 mikeasaurus 64 Mr. Stealth 20 NachoMahma 176 nfk11 1 nickodemus 19 NobodyInParticular 59 Nutrition Man 13 orksecurity 380 plane phanatic 9 Prfesser 27 purduecer 11 randofo 22 RavingMadStudios 127 Re-design 621 RelaxedSoup 17 rickharris 123 seandogue 220 Shadowman39 22 siliconghost 28 Sorunome 3 Steveastrouk 478 The Ideanator 22 TitanTechRobotics 4 uniqueutopia 18 UziMonkey 34 Willard2.0 9 wrivera6 11 yokozuna 68 Zengineer1618 13 zero.gx 89 knuckel 0 Warning: no member: drpepper1234 Warning: no member: GuardianFox

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comments and answers

Is it just me, or has the robot separated the comments and answers on our user profiles? My number of comments rose, my number of answers dropped and my best answer % just jumped from 4 to 7. (yay!) My mum always said that I talked too much.

Topic by caarntedd  

Answer Bug

Sigh, found a bug in answers when a replied comment was declared the best answer, its reply doesn't follow it

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Canucksgirl reaches 100 best answers!

Canucksgirl's fellow Iblers have awarded her Best Answer 100 times. Way to go!

Topic by yokozuna    |  last reply

Instructables Answers

Check out our new Instructables Answers! Have questions about how to build or make something, where to get tools or materials, or about DIY and life in general? Me too. To get answers to all of our questions, we've put together an answers section on Instructables. Ask a question, and help answer questions from the community. Then, choose the best answer to help others with the same question. You can ask a question from almost any page on the site. Look for the blue answers box, and type in your question -- you don't even need to create an account or log in. Upload images to help explain your question.Answers is a work in progress, and while we have many of the key elements ready for you to test, there are a few obvious things we're not quite finished building, but will be up as soon as possible. Upcoming features include:Your questions on your "You" pageIndication of the number of answers and Best Answers for users replying to your questionsMore tips for asking good questionsAbility for the community to vote on a Best Answer to a questionLet us know how you like it, and how it's working. If you come across a bug, please submit as much information as you can to our bugs forum section. Update: Here are some tricks to see the Questions with the most Answers, and the most recent Answers: Instructables Answers Tricks - Sort by number of answers and most recent answers.

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I noticed that i have 18 best answers but my profile keeps saying that I only have 1%best answers? Answered

It is really weird I have noticed that other people have had the same problem but i was not sure if I should report this as a bug.

Question by acidbass    |  last reply

Who chose the best answer? Answered

Is it possible for non-admins to tell who selected a "best answer" as the "best"?

Question by Kiteman    |  last reply

Best Answer for the taking - headscarf? Answered

I'm very tired and didn't find much at first attempt, any one able to find a good pirate-style head-thing? I want: cloth pattern & how to tie. L

Question by lemonie    |  last reply

Is there a way to rate answers?

I keep browsing through Answers, and i have noticed that alot of times, the person who asks the question never really selects a best answer, and sometimes it's because alot of the answers are similar. Is there a way for users to rate on another's answers, selecting a best answer by vote?

Question by cyc4015    |  last reply

Best Anwser Totals

A couple of days ago I had a "Best Answer" to a question regarding suspending a kayak from a ceiling.   Today I find that BA was removed from my total along with the author's response.  It also seems that the question has been removed from the Answers section.  Can questions or Best Answer ratings be deleted by the author? 

Topic by diyoutdoorsman    |  last reply

If you answer this question with "no", will I give it the best answer? Answered

If you answer this question with "no", will I give it the best answer?

Question by shadowninja31    |  last reply


Hello!! I recently asked a question on how to make an inductor of 0.35 mH. my friend iceng gave me the most  appropriate answer but i cant select it as the best answer and the option is only available for the first reply. For the technical specifications Im using windoes 7 and Internet Explorer 9.(One thing  i was able to select the answer for another question on 6V regulator) Please help me to solve my problem.

Topic by pranjal12    |  last reply

Are some questions appearing on 'Answers' hours after they are submitted? Answered

I'm sure that some questions are appearing down the list which were not there earlier. I'm sorting by 'latest'.(And I wanted to see what the 'best answer' button looked like ;¬)

Question by AndyGadget    |  last reply

Can't reply to author once I receive a best answer.

I don't know if this is a bug or the way it is intended to operate, but I have noticed several times that I have received a Best Answer and the author has a follow up comment or question and there is no way for me to respond to it. The reply button isn't there. Is that just me or is it the same for others? Here is a link to the most recent instance:

Topic by Burf    |  last reply

Why You Can't Reply to a Sticky Comment or Best Answer

Lemonie sent me the following question asking why he couldn't reply my answer, which had been selected as best answer by the question-author. Here's his question:Hello Eric,Sorry to take up your time with something minor, but why could I not post a REPLY to your comment on this Answer, yet I DID have the option to flag it? reply to the question is there, is this not what they wanted?)When an author selects the best answer, we make that comment thread "sticky" and move it permanently to the top of the heap of other potential answers. You can only select a top-level comment as best answer, but the entire thread travels with that top-level comment. The thinking here is that an entire thread might be the best answer.Once the answer is marked best and "sticky", we remove the ability to reply to it. This is intended to prevent later comments from being tacked onto the best answer thread, just so they appear at the top of the list. If the author un-marks the thread as best answer, further replies can be added.The same is true of "sticky" comments throughout the site. When we make something sticky, we feel it's important enough to always be the first comment. However, we want to prevent others from hijacking this position with unrelated replies.

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Are the admins picking best answers now? Answered

I've noticed lately that a lot of my really old answers are being picked as best answers.  Is it just a coincidence, or are the admins finally picking the best answers on the old questions?

Question by thegeeke    |  last reply

kelseymh Achieves 300 Best Answers

.  kelseymh recently received his 300th Best Answer. Congratulations and patch have been sent.

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Best answer count is not in profile anymore.

It looks like the count of best answers is not in the profile anymore.  Is the a bug or permanent?

Topic by Re-design    |  last reply

orksecurity Tops 400 Best Answers

.  orksecurity has had his fellow Iblers click Best Answer over 400 times! Thanks for all the help, orksecurity. .  Patch sent. .  400 Best Answers graphic by caitlinsdad

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

frollard gets 300 Best Answers

.  frollard has been awarded Best Answer 300 times! Congratulations and patch sent.

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

rickharris Reaches 200 Best Answers

.  rickharris has given the Best Answer 200 times. Congratulations and a patch is on its way.

Topic by NachoMahma  

orksecurity tops 300 Best Answers!

.  orksecurity has be awarded Best Answer 302 times by his fellow Iblers. Congratulations, orksecurity, and thanks for all your help. 300 Best Answers patch has been sent. .  Graphic courtesy of caitlinsdad

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Steveastrouk reaches 400 Best Answers

.  A big "Way to go, Steve!" for being awarded Best Answer 400 times by your fellow Iblers.

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

lemonie Reaches 500 Best Answers

.  lemonie's fellow Iblers have awarded him Best Answer 500 times! Way to go, L!   (Patch has been sent.)

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Burf Achieves 200 Best Answers

.  Burf has been awarded Best Answer 200 times by his fellow Iblers. Congratulations, Burf, and thanks for being a valuable member of the DIY community. (patch has been sent)

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Steveastrouk reaches 500 Best Answers!

.  Steveastrouk has been awarded Best Answer by his fellow Iblers 500 times! .  Congratulations, Steve! Thanks so much for your many contributions to the DIY community.

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seandogue reaches 200 Best Answers

.  seandogue has been awarded Best Answer 200 times by his fellow Iblers. Way to go, seandogue! Patch has been sent.

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What's the prize for having the best answer? Answered

I would be motivated to answer more questions if there was some cool prize.

Question by Packers Widow    |  last reply

Best Answers Count is offline for a while

.  The boot drive failed on the computer that was running the script that collects Best Answers data. New HDD is on order. I hope to have the system back online by this time next week (I'm trying to put the script on another server, but having problems). If you pass a milestone before I get the script running again, please PM me and I will send you your patch.   -- Nacho

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Steve HAS 800 BEST ANSWERS Probably More Tonight

I will see Venus before getting anywhere close to steveastrouk's scoring. Just hand me a tissue to wipe my eyes please ;-) A

Topic by iceng    |  last reply

Bug in Answers information with new profile tabs

I like the structured layout of the new user profile (except for not having access to direct URLs :-( ). However, there's a minor bug in the information related to Questions and Answers. On my summary page (first image) it says correctly that I have 14 Best Answers. But on the Discussions/Questions tab (second image) it claims that I have not had any Best Answers chosen.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Why is the Answers summary page still running an hour or more late?

It seems that the Summary page listing recent Questions/Answers is roughly an hour behind schedule. When I post an answer, or flag a Best Answer, the summary page remains indifferent (even after multiple reloads) for a substantial time.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Can anyone see their best answer count ?

If I cannot see the best answers accrued in ten years my ten years, my life is over !

Topic by iceng    |  last reply

make a fort: the Ultimate one

Let's make a topic about forts. I need real answers not funny lol ones.

Topic by EpicZombie    |  last reply

How has one of my comments disappeared? Answered

I posted a comment on somebody's question a few days ago, and that comment has disappeared, as did his reply. It was there for some time. The reply has also disappeared from the discussion tab on my personal "you' pages. The question has about 10 comments on it and hasn't been "best answered' yet. How does this happen?

Question by caarntedd    |  last reply

Re-design receives 500 Best Answers

.  Re-design has been awarded Best Answer 500 times! Congratulations. Patch has been sent.

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

kelseymh and Kiteman reach 200 Best Answers

.  I just sent patches to kelseymh and Kiteman, acknowledging the fact they they have been awarded Best Answer 200 times by their fellow Iblers. Thanks for contributing to the community guys. (graphic courtesy of caitlinsdad)

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Contest idea, reward: Patch + best answer Answered

I got upgraded to pro and now I have 14 of my 15 patches left. If someone can tell me a good idea for a K'nex contest (which I will host), he or she will be rewarded with a best answer and a patch. I don't know what to do with them anyway. I don't want the contest to involve guns Thanks for your time.

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

Best Answers Count For 2010-06-01

Best Answers Count for 2010-06-01 lemonie:375 Re-design:362 frollard:243 Steveastrouk:211 Kiteman:174 orksecurity:174 kelseymh:153 seandogue:147 GuardianFox:131 NachoMahma:108 Burf:94 ZEROGX:94 RavingMadStudios:94 AndyGadget:69 NobodyInParticular:58 jeff-o:51 jtobako:51 Grathio:47 MahavishnuMan:48 DJ Radio:47 mikeasaurus:46 alex-sharetskiy:43 Killer~SafeCracker:39 Gorfram:36 UziMonkey:34 11010010110:33 Joe Martin:32 Jayefuu:34 gmoon:29 Jack A Lopez:29 caitlinsdad:26 rickharris:25 AngryRedhead:24 killerjackalope:23 Mr. Stealth:20 Prfesser:20 siliconghost:19 cyberpageman:20 ChrysN:19 RelaxedSoup:18 karnuvap:19 randofo:17 MichelMoermans:18 CameronSS:15 fwjs28:16 iPodGuy:15 yokozuna:14 Shadowman39:13 Zengineer1618:13 ewilhelm:12 acidbass:12 canida:11 Goodhart:12 purduecer:11 Hiyadudez:10 kevinhannan:10 Lithium Rain:9 The Ideanator:9 plane phanatic:9 M4industries:8 gmjhowe:6 nickodemus:6 kcls:5 LoneWolf:3 artificialintelligence:3 wrivera6:3

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