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BIG stuff

So, while surfing meh interwebs, I ran into an awesome store that sells giant things like pens, pencils, giant computor keys you can sit on, and many more. Check it out here:

Topic by Flumpkins  

big guns

What do you think of big guns? how big does a knex gun have to be before it is too big? these are the questions that haunt me... -not really.

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Big Dog

Check out Big Dog 2.0. Designed by Boston Dynamics, funded by Darpa, and coming soon to a peace protest near you (of course only after its been equipped with tear gas, rubber bullets, and cattle prods).Big Dog

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Big Capacitors

I found a big capacitor in a floor cleaner...I think. It is a black cylinder with two leads off the end. In the floor cleaner, it was hooked up to a lot of stuff in a really important looking box that had a lot of wires flying everywhere. It looks sort of like the thing below, but a little smaller. So, really, there are two questions: 1. Is it a capacitor? 2. If it is, what can I do with it? Thank you!

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BIG Sheep In Minecraft

Well I'm making a BIG sheep in minecraft it's not done yet but when it is it will be 20 blocks tall!!!

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big knex guns

Will you please join my group here's the link

Topic by biggunner  

The Internet is a Big Thing.

Really.Really. Big.So I was bored. So bored, in fact, that I decided to Google myself. I clicked the text box of my Google search bar and typed in Labot2001. Just to see what comes up, what web sites I've forgotten about, who spies on me, etc. It wasn't until I Googled myself that I realized how big the Internet actually was.For example, my mousetrap car showed up on MAKE. And about 50 million other places. Same with a handful of my other ibles. It's weird to think that the Internet just loops around, through, and under itself a million times. Sometimes without even realizing it.So try it. Google yourself. Share what you find.

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Big Ball Factory?

I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find the big ball factory for <$75

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big bug zapper? Answered

110volt power to transformer to mesh wire... anything else to make big bug sapper. Oh, I know not to touch anything.

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Big knex crossbow

Have a look at my very powerful knex crossbow: fires +-150 feet!!

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Big game hunting

Anone out there interested in hunting? I have traveled to Argentina many times. They have great hunting there. you can see photos at

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Four Big Ones!

Some time in the last twenty four hours, my total view count turned over four million! That is ever so slightly insane!

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Bike too big

Hey all, I need some DIY help. I just rescued this road bike from a woman whose father was a racer, I love it but its just too darn big. I ride it comfortably standing, biut getting on it is quite risky. Any suggestions? I lowered the seat. I don't know what else could be done, but I'm hoping!!

Topic by itsdori  

Zombies in Big Sur

I found a blog of a guy who just finished living a whole year in a simulated apocalypse scenario. He posted a video every couple of weeks in which he tries to learn a new skill. There's surprisingly little content about zombies in any of the videos, so even if you're not into that, you can still enjoy it.;=Df7UfYGn6lQ

Topic by JamesRPatrick  

Eric's Big Idea!

Ads and such usually appear off to the side of forum pages, and instructables, most are scams (haha), but occasionally they are something worth checking into.Below is the ad I saw on the side of a forum topic, and decided to follow it.I got the address for Big Think, which is, from what I gathered, a plethora of ideas for many different things to better the nation.Below is Eric Wilhelm talking about Instructable's impact on education.LINKBTW, there is a typo on the second link..:D

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BIG Computer Problem

I have a used computer I bought yesterday and I have a problem. I was adding parts for a computer that "died" and I ran into a problem. I added some RAM and it worked fine. The problem came when I tried to add the hard drive. I pluged it in and while it was starting it said it couldn't find the boot file. I shut it down, removed the hard drive and now in says " NTLDR is missing". WHAT HAPPENED???

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Three big Problems

Hello everyone, I have three problems at once. They are: 1. I can just look at pics as if I wouldn't have a Account EDIT: I just mean secondary pics can't enlardge 2. I can't rate anymore 3. I can't leave comments anymore, I can just reply other comments I would be so glad if someone could Help me! EDIT: OP-System: newest ubuntu version browser: firefox I already cleard cash and delited cookies and loged out and everything.

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Big Feast Contest

The awesome folks over at Food52 are hosting a fantastic monthly contest called Big Feast. The idea is that  you plan a huge themed feast and document it all along the way (sound like something we do here?). It's an opportunity for you to spend some quality time planning your dream dinner party, poring over your favorite cookbooks, taking gorgeous food photos, and figuring out just how many of your favorite people you'd like to feed. Once you've got your dream feast all planned, you pitch the idea to the editors at Food52 and wait to see if they're just as excited about your feast as you are. If your pitch is chosen, you get to throw your party and capture the whole day of prepping, cooking and partying and send the story and your best photos in -- and you win $500 worth of beautiful Le Creuset cookware and your party/recipes get shared on the blog. How neat is that? They've already chosen their first winner, arielleclementine. She planned a science-themed party for her best friend's boyfriend and her event will be showcased all this week on the Food52 blog - so you should really check it out!  Great ideas there for our Food Science Challenge here as well!

Topic by scoochmaroo  

big and crossed out letters

I would like to know how to cross out and write big. i know you can write semi-big like ==this== , but i want to know how to cross out big and do super big letters, pleez respnd.

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Recently aquired a BIG capacitor

I need some ideas to use this capacitor for. the ratings are 120,000 MFD @ 25 VDC Thank you.

Topic by newwarhammer2    |  last reply

Big letters don't work

Try it and see! Putting "="s in front of your text to make big words no longer works. Subscript still works though.

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Big letters will not work in comments

When I type in comments I can not type big letters and when you preview the comment, the big letters are there but once it is posted the big letters disappear. I know it is not only me because others have complained about it as well.BIG LETTER WORK HERE|| <---But not there ||\/

Topic by n8man    |  last reply

Question: How Big is Instructables?

CameronSS asked: How big is Instructables? Counting all of the text, images, sounds, videos, etc. that are stored on the site, how much space does it take up? A few gigabytes? A few hundred gigabytes? A few terabytes?How big do you think Instructables is? The About page will tell you how many employees and associates Instructables has, but how big do you think Instructables is, information-wise?This is like a jelly-bean counting contest, except on a much bigger scale and with inedible jellybeans.Guess away!

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Big site layout bug

Okay,ummmmm,wow. What a bug Edit, I figured out what the problem is, it seems to be firefox. Edit, Okay, now it works, that was weird (nobody even commented on this)

Topic by n8man    |  last reply

What happened to &quot;BIG&quot; Text!!!

About a week or two ago, I notice that "BIG" text had been disabled...Every time I try make "BIG" texts, the equals just disappear without doing any effects to the text...Why has it been disabled!I am a bit upset over this, and so as other instructable users...

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Big Bang "theory" Dbunked!


Topic by slasinski    |  last reply

Why Don't big citys

Why dont big citiys like Californya use copper undertread in thair roads to let traffic induction charge a current back into there electrical grid? Dum guy in Alaska. 

Topic by NoxCor    |  last reply

Big block wooden letters

Can anyone make the wood big letters for me? I do t have the tools to make them and dont know how to use the tools if i had them..if someone would like to make these for me please call me at 248 636 9735 or email me at

Question by MzNeko  

A big thanks to the code monkeys!

I know I might be worng but it looks the recent spam attack has either reached the end or that the code moneks closed the doors for them. In any case the posting sections look much cleaner now and it is once again possible to see what was actually posted. So despite not always nice comments in the past I would like to shout out a big "THANK YOU GUYS!" to our code monkeys for closing the doors!

Topic by Downunder35m  

RepRap the next big thing?

Im interested in the RepRap project but is it me or does it seem to be relatively unknown to most people, even those who would be interested in this sort of thing? Something like RepRap would pave the way for so much possibility with easier and more complex diy projects, once it gets easy and widespread enough for anyone to make we will see some amazing things being done, this is the sort of enabling technology that we've all been looking for!

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Big mural painter - arduino

I have a dream of being able to paint big space buildings like facades and factory buildings. My dream is to collaborate with city governments to create murals in abandoned former industrial areas. My idea is to create a device with spray cans, electro motors and a software that can communicate a picture into pixels for the spraying device to detect and print on to the wall. See drawing for description. If somebody is interested in designing this I will buy the material for testing and so on... I am completely new to arduino and if someone to start with would tell me if the idea is to far away from reality, that could also be a good start... :-) This was a quick shout out to begin with. Reply if there is any interest or comments. Lets do this together!!

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Texas Windpower = Big Money

Texas is now far ahead of California, and the rest of the country, in production of wind power.From the NYTimes:Texas, once the oil capital of North America, is rapidly turning into the capital of wind power. After breakneck growth the last three years, Texas has reached the point that more than 3 percent of its electricity, enough to supply power to one million homes, comes from wind turbines.Texans are even turning tapped-out oil fields into wind farms.

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BIG electro magnet uses?

So i have been taking apart alot of electronics, looking for sweet pieces for my arc reactor im building and today i decided to take apart an old Goulds jet Pump.  Inside i was please to find all this coperwire. I just LOVE the look of this thing, and i know people always build coil guns and all that cool weapon stuff. There has GOT to be a cool use for this, other then giant paperweight.   Any suggestions.  Here is a photo of it.  That copper goes all the way through it. and looks the same on the other side.

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Drilling straight big hole?

I'm trying to drill 90 degree 14mm hole . My hammer drill without hammering is too fast.  Cutting is not clean and wood splits. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. I have  drill guide for it I also have drill stand. What I don't have is drill guid for my cordless drill. As european I cant buy wolfcraft older model or any thing like this I only have hand tools.

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My big telescope project

I'm starting to design a very large telescope for my "backyard", ideally it will be a 1 meter (or larger) Prime Focus Telescope. I am in the process of engineering the primary mirror and have concluded that I need to create an array of small hexagon mirrors similar to the Keck Observatory but smaller. This will decrease the quality of the telescope but it will make the project affordable. The biggest problem with this design is that the mirrors have to be exactly placed and tilted to form the a perfect parabolic curve, and frankly I have no idea how to practically do that. If anyone has an idea about how this can be done or questions about my project i would be glad to hear from you.

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Big Screen Digital Canvas?

Ok, my parents have an old unusable 52" rear projection television.(projector is busted) I'm a filmmaker/digital sculptor and I want to convert the tv into a large digital canvas that I connect to my computer and can interact with using either the Maxell "Penit" digital pen, or one of these two other digital pens. ( I still have to test the pens to see if they can even live feed information to the computer. I am thinking it should be possible to use some type of bare computer LCD screen as the foundation of a rebuilt rear projector. Anybody have any specific ideas about how to put this together?

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FS: BIG electric motors

've got three 36v forklift steering motors. They're big, beefy, and used. Rated as 1 1/3 HP "special" duty. They draw 4.1A no load at 36v. With the gearbox, they draw 4.3A no load. Speed for the motor alone 3225RPM , with the gearbox is 75RPM. Torque must be something outrageous. They have an optional mating 43:1 Sumitomo-made gearbox which I reckon would make these some great drive motors for a large heavy project. Without gearbox, they would be excellent for go-karts, suicidal ebikes, etc. I even know of a e-car project that used a similar motor. (forkenswift) The motors alone weigh about 18lbs. Not sure what they weigh with the gearbox. You want one. I have three. I'm asking $100 each for the whole motor/gearbox shebang. Pictures:

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Bioshock Big Daddy costume Answered

For Halloween, I've been asked to go as a Big Daddy from Bioshock to a party. Going over the top as I normally do for such things, I'd planed on not only making the drill rotate on the arm, but also the eyes light up. While I've wired motors before, I've never done the same with LED's, which lead to some interesting electrical problems. In total, I'd planned on having all 8 eyes wired up with two different sets of LED's, 4 red and 4 yellow per eye. The idea was to have a pack on my waist set up with the power supply and controls. The power supply was going to be 6 9-volt batteries all wired in series (providing 54 volts of power) connected to a push switch. The push switch would be the on/off switch, with the lead going to a toggle switch. The lead would connect to the middle input, the top would lead to the red LED's, and the bottom would lead to the yellow LED's. The LED's were going to be wired in series as well inside their housing, which was going to be cross sections of multiple Sobe bottles with holes drilled through it for the wires to go through. The eyes were all going to be run in series, with resisters at the end of the series before connecting to the power supply again. 1) does the plastic bottle pose any risk of short circuiting the LED's? Electrical tape can always be applied but the question of if it would be a good idea came up. 2) With 54 volts being generated from those 6 nine-volt batteries, what precautions would be recommended to make sure I don't get 50 mA through the heart if something does go wrong? 3) If possible, can anyone suggest a more efficient way of wiring or working the circuit?

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Big Band Music Stands

I am the leader of a 17 Piece Big Band. Just like Glenn Miller or Harry James, I need to find a way to make some inexpensive but deco looking music stands. In the old days, they used to make them in all types, sizes and styles. Today, they have one kind. I would like to find a way to make some myself that can fold up and be transported fairly easily. If you have an idea of how to do this, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me if you have questions. The stand should be in two parts, the base and the shelf. The shelf should sit on the base. The shelf should also have a lip for the music to sit on without sliding off. The total height of the back of the stand should be 36". The height of the front of the stand, where the music sits, should be approx 29". The width of the top portion, the part that holds the music, should be 22". The lip should be 3 to 31/2 inches. The base will vary depending on style and shape. I look forward to anyone who thinks they have a way to make these. They need to be strong enough not to blow away in wind, yet easy to fold and carry. After all, I will be moving 17 of them each time I perform. As far as the style, well, the more art deco looking the better. If I could have anything I wanted without the worry of cost, I would choose stands that looked like the front of a car from the 1930's and 40's. It would look as though it had a grill in front along with the large round lights, perhaps a cap on the radiator, large wide fenders and whitewall looking tires on the side. Now, that is just my if I could have anything idea. reality says a simple square or perhaps v shaped stand. Solid colored, perhaps made from corrugated plastic. Thanks for looking and giving this some thought. Blessings! Ashley

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Back from the Big Peach

Back from Ole Southey, The Sweaty Apple, Ted Turners Bidet. Yep, talking about Atlanta Ga. and thanks to the interweb I can annoy millions with my travel log.If you like you can check out my pix, I took over 1400, but didn't put all of them online, sorry about the low quality and the image tag, I get tired of finding my pix on other's pages.So my wife and I stayed in an inexpensive best western in midtown, alright hotel, great location, thin walls.We visited the Ga Aquarium, we were underwhelmed, perhaps spoiled by multiple trips to the Shedd Aquarium we were disappointed in that it took only three hours to tour the whole facility, TWICE. The whale sharks are cool, but the cafe is to be avoided, the "burgers" I ordered still had ice in the middle.The Atlanta Botanical Garden is an absolute jewel, I've visited dozens of gardens and this one tops the list, the highlight being the Fuqua Conservatory where you share the environs with poison arrow frogs, along with an outstanding orchid house.The High Museum, is hard to judge, we visited the special exhibits only, it was interesting to see a Rembrandt in person, and the Annie Leibowitz gallery was nice.The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, this one I sadly say, pass on. I LIKE dioramas and natural history museums, but without the Imax movie, it would have taken 45 minutes tops to see the whole thing.Finally the Zoo, a must visit, be sure to visit on a week day, Atlanta seems to be populated entirely with soccer moms witha sense of entitlement and double wide strollers. The zoo has pandas, but the red pandas have greater charm and charisma to them, and you don't need a special ticket.FoodThe only restaurant we dined at worth noting was the South City Kitchen, the food was so good you'll mourn that you will never eat that good again, the She Crab Soup and Catfish Ruben are delicious.And Weissenheimer hambergerler, PM me, Okay ?

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Pimped out big ball factory!

New big ball factory instructions coming out soon!! features:jump, tightrope, big loop, freefall, and more!

Topic by coolknexcreations  

&quot;Tricked out&quot; Big wheel! Help?

Alright... So for fun i decided to make a "Tricked out" Big wheel. Any idea's on what should be on it? I could mount a speaker on the back... I'm not sure

Topic by Robot Cody  


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how big should the button actualy be?

Just wondering

Question by dehlome    |  last reply

Why is Halloween so big in the USA?

I was wondering why its so big, me living in the UK i don see it like most Americans I'd also like to add i wish it was as big over here 'coz i personally love halloween

Topic by Danny    |  last reply

my nerf big bad bow

Should I post the mod please comment

Topic by SorryBarry    |  last reply

how to make a long and big cloak?

Please help me.idont have an idea to makeit

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Knex modefied big ball factory.;=channel_video_title

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Do you have (big) plans?

Hi there people! So recently I'm seeing some comments like: 'Yeahh soon I have time enough to build something big/new' - like that. And because of it'll be summer break pretty soon (for me anyway) I'm interested of some of you are planning to create something very big or new or something! Actually I was hoping there will be new big ball machines, like Metropolis/Chaos or Calactysm (or something:)) If not, I just wanted to wish you all a nice holiday.

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