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Stepper motor controllers

Does anyone know where I can buy some bipolar stepper motor controllers and an H-bridge in one package? Or even better, schematics/pcb layout of a driver board?UPDATE:Does anybody have any experience with the Easy Driver? It seems like a cheap alternatives to some of the other available controllers, but I just want to know if you get what you pay for.

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Bipolar Stepper motor drivers...

Can someone please give me a schematic for controlling a BIPOLAR stepper motor (12V/2.5A) using L293D and L298 with parallel port (LPT) with Mach3

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3 Bipolar Steppers

 I am selling three stepper motors that I was wrongly shipped by a vendor. For specs, PM Me. 10.00 Each

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stepper motor

Wondering if any one knows how to control stepper motors via Hand wheels. By rotating the wheel you should be able to control the rotation of the wheel either clock wise or ccw. I do not want to interface the motor through a computer.

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floppy bipolar stepper motor driver? Answered

hi i wanted to salvage my old floppy drive , and take the small bipolar motor from it after i removed it , i looked around and i found small ic (  LB1838M  ) its data-sheet is here i found somethings (pins configuration) in the data-sheet that i don't understand like :  IN1 ,  IN2  ,  ENA1 , ENA2 so , what this pins represent for ? and , can i remove this ic from the board , and make a circuit like this one in the data-sheet and use it to control the stepper ( independently ) ? if yes , i need to know how to make controlling buttons or something . English in not my 1st language btw , so ... thank you :)

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controll a stepper motor

Can you controll a stepper motor with push switches no circuit? i need a 12v motor with pllanty of speed  torque for a diy cnc but i want to controll it manualy with a joystick made with push switched can i just apply power to a stepper motor like a hobby 12v dc motor and run it without a circuit?

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Stepper Motors..

I recently pulled two stepper motors out of a working IBM dot-matrix printer. One larger, 3v one with 1.8 steps. The other is a smaller, 9.5v one with 7.8 steps. I am more interested in the large one right now. I managed to find out that the large one has center-tapped coils. I also found out that Coil 1 is red-white-brown, coil 2 is blue-black-yellow. I found the schematic below on was wondering how this could be adapted to control my motor from a PC program with the ULN2003 (that chip sounds like UT2003)? Here are the complete residences of what I found on the wires with a multimeter, in case that helps. Resistances:Red to Brown: 8 ohms (or 7 some times)Red to White: 4 ohmsWhite to Brown: 4Blue to Yellow: 7Yellow to Black: 4Black to Blue: 4

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Universal stepper motor controller

I wanted to create a universal stepper driver that is capable of driving a stepper of 250w rating at 20A current and a load voltage of 12V . Does anybody have an idea of how to go about it ? . Please do guide me if you have any ideas .  Also this drive should be capable of being used for bipolar as well as universal stepper motors.

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CD stepper motor controlled by PC?

Hello, Is it possible to control a bi-polar stepper motor from a CD reader/writer with the original print board? (so without adding any other IC's), and also with the original flat-cable? I would like to create an XY positioning table with 2 of these stepper motors. I don't understand much about data transfer trough a serial port, so I would like to keep using the original wiring (flat cable) that goes to the motherboard of my PC. Does there also exist software to program a pattern (for drawing an image on the XY table) that sends signals directly to the stepper motor? (trough the flat-cable) ? Thanks in advance, Electorials

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Voltage from 4 wire bipolar stepper motor!

I've stripped a 1.8 deg stepper motor out of an old fax to make a bike generator but I can't get any juice from it. I'm spinning it using a multi tool so I should get something, right?! I did do some research and found out that 4-wire bipolar stepper motors are controlled differently from 5+ wire ones. I guessing then that generating power is different also. I'm reading 2.1 - 2.3 ohms off each coil. Tried wiring the coils in series but still nothing. I need a long serving instructablator to help me!! The label reads: STP-42D1020 1.8deg/STEP 2.1 ohms 33.5 V D.C. 0.7 A 17845G SHINANO KENSHI CO LTD. CHINA

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Is it possible to use a 4017 ic to controll a bipolar stepper? Answered

I want to build a robot. i have got two bipolar stepper motors but my micro is 2 outputs short of enoght so i was woundering if i could use a 4017 taking a pulse from the micro then driving transistors on the outputs connected to the stepper.

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Stepper motors for sale

I have a few large stepper motors I pulled out of a liquid sinilation counter. I'm not exactly sure what thier value is, similair motors are priced around 50-60$ new, so offers are welcome. They operate ~6v and have 0.90 degree steps, I believe they are bipolar. I can upload pics if needed.

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Can I use PIC18F1320 to drive bipolar stepper motor? Answered

I also plan to use L298NH H-Bridge.

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I am using a microcontroller to control a bipolar stepper motor. Do you think this circuit will work?

I am going to use a Basic Stamp microcontroller to control 3 bipolar stepper motors. Tell me if you think this circuit will work. (all stepping signals will be handled with the microcontroller) This is just a modified h-bridge.

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CNC Controller or stepper motor controller

I am looking for some parts to get my home built CNC up and running. I just lost my job so I am trying to find the controller for the CNC as cheap as posiable. I have items I would trade but I will pay cash also. Let me know what you have or what you need and I will see what I can come up with. Thanks

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can i use l293d instead of uln2003

As in this instructables directly connected to the parallel port for a bipolar stepper motor?

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What Stepper Motor Is This, IF it is a stepper??????????

Hi I am a starting level, I mean mail room like even, electronics enthusist, and have been working on a project to make a wifi transmitted dc motor video camrea, with pan/tilt, zoom focus, IR All controled and veiwed through a wifi network and on a pc. I have almost all the parts and set up is going great with the addition of a Lens I salvaged from an 1984 video camrea, ya know the ones you had to hook up to your vcr just to get it to work. Well It was a simple two motor set up with a high quitly lens. As I yanked the lens configuration, ever so gently, the horrer poured forth from my face as I realized that even though one of the motors had 2 wires from it, the secound had 4. I have no ideal about motor orvoltage identification. I am so worryed about hooking up any old power sorce and hoping for the best. I really wanna use this lens but don't wanna fry the motors. COuld any one help me out?? I have included a PDF. of the circuit lay out of the camrea itself my GF was so gifted to find and a couple of pictures of the actual motors and wire set up. If any one could tell me what I am working with and what voltage input I need it would be duely welcomed. And if possable would anyone be able to tell me for the smaller 2 led motor as well?? It's got 2334H printed on it and is from the Nihon Mini Motor INC. Thank you......

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how to control stepper motors?

With pic if possible

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Stepper Motor Controller Problem

I recently set up an Arduino Uno, stepper controller, stepper motor, and power supply. Connected the motor to a shaft on a device I`m making and was able to turn the shaft as I wanted.The controller was a TB6600 that I borrowed from a friend. Received 3 new controllers from Ebay and swapped the new one for the borrowed one. Tried all 3 controllers and none worked. Any ideas on what`s wrong or should I just return them and buy 3 more from someone else?

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Would like to confirm current rating of a stepper motor

I took of it off Epson printer/scanner (CX5200). It's rated at 42VDC (which seems really high) and 26 Ohm. I used formula I=V/R and got 1.6 Amps, which seems awfully big current for this tiny bipolar stepper motor (it moves scanner head). Am I correct with calculations or missing something?

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Arduino + L298N controlling bipolar stepper with pot speed control and speed on lcd (also on lcd thermistor temp in C)?

Lcd 16 x 2 Motor 10K potentiometer L298N is a module Arduino controlled How can i control the motor and lcd?

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Android Stepper Motor?

So I am working on controlong shades in my house with my android phone and my arduino over bluetooth. i was thinking on using a steper motor to act as a gear to open and close the blinds. could anyone help me with any toturials or a link to any documentation involving bluetooth stepper control? Plese help.

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Can someone give me some information on a bipolar driver board? Answered

One of my dad's friends used to work for Applied Motion Products. Anyway he gave me a bipolar driver board: The 057A Oscillator board from Applied Motion Products. It can handle up to 8 four-wired stepper motors but that is all I know. If someone could please give me some information on this board especially any sort of software that I could use to drive three steppers for a CNC project I would be greatful.

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Stepper motor driver?

Hi! I am trying to find a good h-bridge for a 3 volt stepper motor. Basically my plan is to build a stepper motor controller with an arduino for controlling various functions in a model kit. I have the arduino-kit and the motors. But I need a good reference for a h-bridge, but all i can find are chips rated for much larger drive currents. Also exactly how hot does a hbridge get when under load? I would like to integrate the bridges into the kit, but since it is plastic, I would like to know in advance how hot it gets, and if it gets too hot I'll have to look at another solution.Any help appreciated! PS. If you can please put the hbridge part ID in your answer for easy reference. DS.

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build a 3d printer with a standard stepper motor controller? Answered

Hey Im thinking about building a 3d printer, so I'm looking at the (endless) possibilities out there. Can I build one with a standard (4 or 5 axis) stepper motor controller (like the ones on ebay)?? instead of using an arduino (I saw on the internet that that's what they use on RepRap) (and since I'm building a 3d printer/ CNC I think it would be more convenient for me to use stepper motor controllers for "both" the machines, and besides that it appears to be simpler since I know nothing about arduino :( ) I was thinking I maybe could use a controller with 4 or 5 stepper motor outputs and then use 1,2 and 3 for the axis and then use the other one to "tell" the machine how much material it should "spit out" any advice?? or any other ideas for a SIMPLE 3d printing curcuit?? 

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need help selecting a controller

I have 3 nema 23 stepper motors. unfortunately I cant find instructions in English for the controller. and the controller is incomplete when shipped. the controller that came with it is a tb6560-t3-v5. never used, but cant find instructions nor anyone who can explain it to me. I need a new controller with good instructions for 23hs22-2804s. any suggestions or anyone who can explain that?

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Normal motors working as a stepper motor?

Hey folks, I have an arduino(Also l293d motor control) and I was wondering if I could use my normal motor just like a stepper motor by creating a funtion and using "delay" as a mode to control the rpm of the motor

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Stepper motor light test? Answered

Hi. I wanted to know that do all bipolar steppers give result to light test? I found many steppers that seem fine but do not give result to the led test. I am confused weather they work or not.

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Stepper motor Wind Generator Help!

 I need to know how to wire up my Stepper motor for my wind generator to get as much volts and amps.  It is a PM55L-048-HP69 Taken out from an old HP Printer. HERE IS THE DATASHEET All I need is someone to explain to me how to wire it up and make a rectifier for it. THanks Much!!!

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Which Stepper motor and which controller?

Hello, Still in research mode for my own CNC machine which will be Arduino based. But, as everyone is using different motors and controllers (drivers?), how do I choose the right one for me? My machine should be able to do soft materials like wood and plexi/acrylic but I als want to be able do mill/cut aluminum, as I am restoring an old car and parts are not easy to get hold off. For my board I was thinking of an Arduino UNO (like most) but then, which motor to go for? Uni or bipolar? 17, 23, 34? And which driver? gShield / CNC Shield V3 / Dual step driver? A4988? 1 board per motor or can I combine them? How to get a smoother run then 1/8 steps? (Found CNC Shield V3.0 + UNO R3 + 4pcs A4988 Driver for £15???) I have never soldered anything, but I am a fast learner. So far when it comes to electronics, I managed to hardwire a stereo without harness into my car, speakers, radiator fan circuit and some door controlled LED's. Far away from soldering of building a CNC, but I am up for the challenge. I know there are a lot of questions in this post, but I appreciate any explanation why someone chose one motor over the other etc.... Any information is highly appreciated. I rather research more then building something and then have to start over again. Kind regards, Red

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Stuck programming AVR or ARDUINO based 3 axis bipolar stepper controller. Answered

Hello, I am writing a program to control 3 axis bipolar stepper motors using the atmega8 and other hardware (L293). I am facing a mental block for the part of the program where I must switch the 4 outputs for any bipolar stepper motor. I guess the program would explain the problem better. I can do this, but some innovative idea would be good. I am also adding the circuit for the controller for reference.  /* 3-Axis Bipolor stepper motor controller. Takes 5 inputs *  based on: *  1) PD1 - Enable X axis *  2) PD2 - Enable Y axis *  3) PD3 - Enable Z axis *  4) PC4 - Step *  5) PC5 - Direction (Clockwise if 1) *  Gives 12 outputs for motor control, defined as: *  1) PC0 - MX-D *  2) PC1 - MX-C *  3) PC2 - MX-B *  4) PC3 - MX-A *  5) PD4 - MY-D *  6) PD5 - MY-C *  7) PD6 - MY-B *  8) PD7 - MY-A *  9) PB0 - MZ-C *  10) PB1 - MZ-B *  11) PB2 - MZ-A *  12) PB3 - MZ-D * *  The uC reads the dir and step for each axis. Whenever step is *  given a high pulse, step sequence is incremented (or decremented) *  by one, depending on the direction pin's state. * *        Author: Pranav Sharma *        Date: April 3rd, 2012 *********************************************************** */ #define STEP_SEQ half_step_seq #define STEP_PIN PINC&0b00010000 #define DIR_PIN PINC&0b00100000 #define X PIND&0b00000010 #define Y PIND&0b00000100 #define Z PIND&0b00001000 int dir=0; int currentx=0; int currenty=0; int currentz=0; int currentstep=0; boolean enx=false; boolean eny=false; boolean enz=false; void setup(){   DDRB=0B00001111;    //B0-B3 Outputs   DDRC=0B00001111;    //C0-C3 Outputs   DDRD=0B11110000;    //D4-D7 Outputs   PORTB=0;                                                                               //IS THIS NEEDED??   PORTC=0;   PORTD=0; } byte half_step_seq[]={   B1010,   B1011,   B1001,   B1101,   B0101,   B0111,   B0110,   B1110 }; void loop(){   if(STEP_PIN)   {     DIR_PIN?dir=1:dir=-1;     if(X){       currentstep=currentx+dir;       currentx=currentstep;       enx=true;     }     else if(Y){       currentstep=currenty+dir;       currenty=currentstep;       eny=true;     }     else if(Z){       currentstep=currentz+dir;       currentz=currentstep;       enz=true;     }       byte stepbyte=STEP_SEQ[currentstep];         if(enx){       //step currentx time the x motor     }     else if (eny){       //step currenty time the y motor     }     else if(enz){       //step currentz time the z motor     }     enx=false;     eny=false;     enz=false;   } }

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Stepper motors for Prusa mendel? Answered

I have these bipolar round stepper motors that i salvaged from old printers . Can I use this stepper motor in the prusa mendel? and will they work fine?  also can i use stepper motors which are like this one.. meaning the round small ones or do i need to use the nema 17 ones?

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How to control Stepper Motor with Integrated Controller, with Arduino

I salvaged a few big stepper motors from a large Laser printer. Unfortunately they all have integrated controller boards. I would like to control them with an arduino. I am aware that an option is to remove the PCB then use a regular contoller. I would prefer to use the integrated board. The boards have the following inputs: 24V GND P/S LD CLK +5 GND The high and low voltage and ground are obvious. CLK is the clock speed (which I half understand). LD is Load?? P/S is pulse?? The board has an SLA6024 with a nice heatsink. (perhaps that helps. I am after a wiring diagram and arduino sketch to control the motor for a CNC machine. Your help is appreciated. Attached are a few images.

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Need help to select stepper motor and dedicated controller.

Hello, I'm a new member of this forum. I want to learn stepper motor controlling, so please help me to select a stepper motor and a dedicated controller for this motor. It'll be better to understand easily, if i get a sample project. Waiting for your prompt reply!

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Help on stepper motor types and related driver chips?

I have a pair of stepper motors, one with 4 wires(brown, black, yellow, orange) and the other with 5(black, brown, yellow red, orange) they are both from a printer and I want to be able to use them with Mach3 via the parallel port, what chips might I need to use to do this?

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How to control KH56JM2 stepper motor using Arduino?

Dear all, could you please help me? I want to control this stepper motor from Japan Servo CO. Model KH56JM2.  I don't have the wires for this motor. The datasheet of this motor in page 16 of this file

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what would this stepper controller pinout mean?

I salvaged the interesting bits from two gravity fed laserprinters recently, and was delighted to find the stepper motors have small driver boards mounted to them.  Unfortunately, i dont know much about steppers or their drivers.  I'm hoping somebody with more familiarity can point me in the right direction to figuring these out. They are 13.9W 24V steppers, and manually rotating them i can feel 24 jumps, so im guessing they rotate 24 steps per revolution. The pins on the driver are LD, CW, START, GND, DC24V.  Aare those common pins for a stepper driver?

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How to drive Bipolar stepper motor using MTD2006 dual H-bridge

Hi I'm trying to drive a Bi-polar stepper motor using MTD2006 bridge which I got from old copy machine.But when I download datasheet for this IC found that input signals must fed to drive the motor (ENA A,PHY A,ENA B,PHY B ) As I understand ENA signal must be (High) always! So I'm confused how to drive this IC using Arduino? Thanks

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3 axis stepper controller for PC USB?

Hi all I am trying to get 3 stepper motors connected to a PC and controlled by that PC isung USB, is this at all possible? Carl

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Need help with stepper motor controlling

Hi guys, I'm trying to build a contraption based on 6 stepper motors, wich I need to control via a Raspberry PI. Since I'm no good with electronics and my friends who might help are unavailable this period, I thought I'd ask around here for some advice/help. I know I need drivers/controllers for the motors, but each kind of motor requires a different kind of driver (based on power consumption, on electronic specs etc.) The motors I'm planning to use are: 42BYGHW811 and 28bygh102 / 35BYG103 (choice made based on needed power at smallest possible dimensions), and micro-stepping is something I could really use, because I need as fine a rotation as possible. So, the questions are: 1. can you point me to the right drivers, to buy? or give me some pointers as to what parameters to look for in a driver for these motors? 2. if not, can you design and build one driver capable of controlling all 6 motors, or separate drivers, and able to also achieve micro-stepping, at a decent price? I'm planning to make this project of mine available as a kit for sale, in the future, once we see it working - so bringing aboard a guy who really knows this kind of stuff is something I'm also considering (as of right now, we're 2 guys involved: I'm the designer and the other guy is the mechanical builder - we still need the electronics guy and perhaps the programmer) Any ideas/feedback are more than welcome! Thank you, Eros

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Arduino + Stepper motor + RC controller Answered

Hello, I'd like to control a stepper motor using an arduino through an rc receiver/transmitter. First, is it even possible?! How Would I be able to connect it all together? I need the stepper motor to rotate clockwise and ccw a certain amount of times per user input. I'm really confused. Please Help and thanks

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Can anyone help with getting a stepper motor up and running?

I am looking to use a stepper motor for a project I am about to start. I have never used a stepper motor before but it looks the best solution for the job. I have a small stepper motor (Unipolar 18 deg stepper motor,12V 0.4W 170Ω) and a controller (Linear stepper motor controller,350mA). I want to hook the motor up to two momentary switches where the press of one switch turns the motor one turn in one direction and the other switch turns the motor one turn opposite.  Do I need to get a drive board? Do I have to link through a controller?  Any help at all will be most appreciative.

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Pump control - Uni or Bi polar stepper motor?

I am working on a robot that includes several annular gear pumps. We are using the MZR 2521, manual: (please see section 5.5) product page: In the description they say that you can run the pump as if it were a stepper motor. This seems like it could be done perfectly with an Arduino, but I was not sure whether to treat it like a Unipolar or Bipolar stepper motor as the setup for each is quite different. Does anyone have any thoughts as to which it might be? Thanks so much.

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Audio reactive stepper motor control

Hello, i'm new to the instructables-comunity and i just started to work with arduino some months ago. I've already made some small projects with a stepper motor and a project with a SD-Card-mp3 player for arduino. For my next project i would like to work with audio reactive stepper motor control. To do that, i already bought the SPARKFUN SPECTRUM SHIELD , an Arduino Uno and a hand full of the wellknown 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors (5V) and the matching ULN2003APG shields. In the description of the SPARKFUN SPECTRUM Shield it is mentioned that it can also be used to control motors (audio reactive). Unfortunately I couldn't find a code or a manual for it yet. The SPARKFUN SPECTRUM Shield divides an audio signal into 7 frequency ranges (bands). I would like to drive 7 stepper motors in combination with the Shield. Each of these motors should move in one direction with constant speed as soon as the respective frequency range reaches a certain sound level.Does anyone know the SPECTRUM SHIELD and can help me? Or has someone already carried out a similar project and can give me some advices? Maybe an Arduino UNO is not enough powered... and I should rather use a bigger microcontroller? I am grateful for any advice. I'm looking for hints on the coding and the wiring.I attached a rough scheme of my planned project.And here is a PDF for the MSGEQ7, of them two are used for the SPECTRUM SHIELD.Would love to get some help from the community!

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Control the stepper motor through the encoder?

Need to control my stepper motor through the encoder. I am using the encoder of an old mouse, but there is no specification of this component. I measured the tensions and currents of the phototransistor in the mouse circuit. And then, I I calculated the value of the resistor that will be connected at the collector of this component. The problem is when I am testing these components (IR LED and phototransistor) on the breadboard: the voltage and current are not the same measures the mouse circuit. My concern is damage the components. Do have another solution? I need to know the stepper motor position. I opted for mouse encoder, but it's something wrong. Maybe you can help. Thanks

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CNC mill stepper motor controller

Hi y'all from France! I've been aching to get my hands on a CNC machine from quite some time now, unfortunately I'm quite a noob when it comes to electronics and such. I'd found that while the machine itself is not that hard to build (see all the ables), however the electronics involved are just too complicated for me to build a controller from scratch. I've found the other day some seller on french ebay selling a complete controller without the power supply, so I've been wondering about it but am not in the position to fully understand that piece of equipment. So my question is: what do you think about it guys? Does it seems to be ok (BTW I've also found 3 NEMA23 stepper motors, precisely the same model as described in the specifications for the controller board on its seller's page)? For now I just want a three axis CNC machine capable of cutting polymer foam and soft wood, so I don't really need expensive and powerful stepper motors. Thx for any kind of input!

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Can a 24V AC stepper motor be run from 12V DC ?

Hi Instructables people,  have been searching for days to find if there any way of running 24V AC bipolar steppe motor from a 12V DC battery without using a DC to AC inverter. Not used stepper motors before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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What is the difference between a stepper driver and a stepper controller?

I am wanting to build a circuit to drive my stepper motors and control them with the PC with software like Mach 3, or something similar. My question is what is the difference between stepper driver and stepper controller. Do I need a driver for each motor and do the drivers connect to the controller. Newb here and trying to understand before I attempt.

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Control steppers with arduino or raspberry pi?

We have this robotic arm at our school that is broken and we are trying to make it work. The motors are shot and we have no idea were the controller went. We are just going to put stepper motors instead. The problem is we have no idea how to control the motors. So my question is: How can you control 6 stepper motors individually using an arduino uno, arduino mega, or raspberry pi?

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I have a large bipolar stepper motor. What's the simplest circuit to drive it with a microcontroller (arduino)?

I have a large stepper motor with 4 wires (bipolar) from an old printer and I assume it's 12 volts, or at least higher than 5v. I have plenty of transistors: 2n3904, 2n2222, 2n4401 and 2n3906 (PNP). How do I drive the stepper with output from an arduino? (simple H-bridge schematic?) Also, how can i find how many steps it has? Thanks!

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