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Alternatives to Blender?

I hate blender, I really do, I hate Python and I hate the interface and most of all I hate wading through their site, does anyone know another good free 3d modeling software, preferably one with .nif capabilities>

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Blender 3D Help

I am trying to make a softbody animation in Blender 2.46, but there is no deflection button so it can git a floor. Is there any other way to make it so the objects react when they hit each other? On the tutorials I have seen there is a tab called softbody collision. Mine only has collision and the options bake and self collision. I don't know if they are using a different version or what. Can anyone help?

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Blender modelling question? Answered

Hello, I have two objects on the screen. When I select one and press G, a large circle appears which alters both objects when I grab; this has not happened before. I know that I must have pressed a shortcut by mistake but I cannot seem to find an answer on the Googles. I've even gone through the process of pressing each key. Could someone tell me how to return to normal.  Thanks EDIT; When I say normal , I mean, I need to get the Grab cursor back to normal( at the moment when I try to use it, it is a big circle, that effects everything it touches, rather than just the object that i want to move).

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Blender cool effects

So I really like the program blender. I enjoy using it, but I am not very good. I thought it would be cool, though if there was a place where people could share cool effects they made in blender, so this is the purpose of the forum. If you made a video with a cool effect in blender, post it here or link it here, I would love to check it out :D

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Wooden blender base // power drill to food blender converter

I love projects which use power drills to power kitchen appliances: example 1 example 2 example 3 example 4 I live in a tiny home and the idea of having just one DC motor acting as a multi-functional appliances makes sense to me. Now, what I would love is to use my power drill as a food processor/blender. Actually, people have already made an immersion blender with a paint mixer and a normal blender by sticking the drill bit directly into an old blender blade. This is a great start, but it's not the best for when I need to blend something at high speeds for a long time. What would be great is to expand that last instructable with a base such that A) the vessel is upright and B) secure, and that C) I can safely push my drill against without worrying about twisting or anything. I've attached a potential schematic. Where I get lost is how to keep the rods/gears securely in place in a wooden/acrylic base without causing lots of friction against wood. I have close to zero handyman experience so if someone took this up I'd be eternally grateful! Alternatively, a belt could be used as done in food processors (example). It seems like it would be harder to drill downwards onto a kitchen counter, though.

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What to do with blender motor? Answered

Hello all. I have a relatively new blender but the carafe is broken. I hate to throw a perfectly good base in the landfill. So Im wondering if anyone has interesting ideas of something I can do with the motor. Thanks

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Looking for instructions for Exercise Bike Blender. We want to be able to make magaritas at our "off the grid" cottage!

Most instructables are for using a regular bike and we want to use a stationary exercise bike. Should also be somewhat portable.  Any ideas?

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How did you get your magic bullet? My friend gave mine to me on my bithday a year ago. AWESOME GROUP!!!

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My Blender physics simulations!

Just for fun, I created a few physics simulations in blender, All of them of a building getting knocked down with various objects(meteor, plane, car, spheres). Here it is Here is my first one, It is older And included is a screenshot of the second simulation! :D Tell me what you think :) Thanks ~ReCreate

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DIY Blender / Garbage Disposal

I bought myself a used blender with a spigot to make a Garbage Disposal. I was thinking, hook pipping to the blender from the top of the sink, add a pipe going out & bingo a DIY Blender / Garbage Disposal. But, the hole was too small for the stringy parts of the blended garbage & clogged. So I need help on a building plan on how to attach the blade of a blender & put in a small bucket or jug. It hast to be small to fill with sink water & blend. I need to know what to use, were to get it,( the best place is E-Bay), & how to put it together. I need a big spout, angeled to spin the water & refuse out thew the outlet pipe.

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Any Blender People out there

I just want to know how many blender people we got out here Its always good to know who is good to go to for help seeing how anything with blender in the title on ibles deals with a blender, who knew So anyways, a here will suffice, but if you want to show off some renders, go ahead

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How to round corners on blender 2.57.1? Answered

This guy starts rounding off the vertexes I don't know how. starts at 3:26. Anyone have a clue. Does he use a hotkey?

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Who knows how to build a blender bike? Where you can watch as you blend?

Saw one years ago at a festival, and they said it was super simple. when i've googled..found this something mobile and simpler. any ideas, we've got the parts! (i think)

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I recently took apart an old blender (which was broken, but it turns out it only needed a new fuse) and a vacuum, and i'm left with two motors and the cords to plug them into a wall socket. i left the buttons on the blender so it functions at semi-controllable speeds. i feel horrible not putting them to some kind of use, but i keep drawing a blank on what to do. ideas?

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Who knows Blender? (not the kitchen appliance)

So, anyone know about Blender, free rendering program? if you do, post some stuff you've made.

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News intro?

So i have this school assignment where i need to record a fake news report and send it to the teacher. For the video i would like to have a news intro but cant find any good templates to use. the programs i have installed are after effects and blender if anyone finds a good template can you send me the link? Any other suggestions?any other programs?

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Using Autodesk Fusion 360 or other package to make Lids and other form fitting parts?

First off, thanks for all the great posts and Instructables, I hope to be able to add to the growing collection sometime soon with a few projects I need to document.   Recently I have been trying to figure out a good way to create form fitting shapes with decent tolerances for  PLA printing.  I am using Autodesk Fusion and Blender using Boolean CGI operations, specifically the  Cut / Difference option. to create a appropriate sized cap.  If you have a peek at the attached image, the top part (red)  was used as a tool to cut out a matching body from a smaller cylinder (blue).  In the real world If these are printed, the shape would never fit together and if you did, you could never remove them.   What I would like to do is alter the bottom half to shrink it's surfaces inward about 0.25mm to allow for the expanding of materials. Every time I've inquired about this on some other forums, the first response Is  'Just use resize' and make the bottom half larger.'  Great idea, but there are a problems.  The inner plate/cylinder and radius walls expand to be too large The height changes, leaving a gap between the two surfaces Any suggestions would be great. I believe there is a path using Differences / Intersect and subtracting that, but I've been failing to find a solution to it.  I have included the Example top as an STL file.  Thanks for any suggestions.  And No this is not for a school project. Just a hobbyist looking to understand CAD.

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yo frankie! blender game 245.15 binary?

I downloaded the blender game yo frankie! and i already had blender, when i tried to open the .blend file it said that it was written with a newer blender binary, binary 245.15 i looked on their website and it said that they programed it with a set of 64 bit computers, could this have anything to do with it? thanks in advance.

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Does any one know how to couple a fine thread 6mm bolt to a non-metric one of approximately the same diameter?

I am trying to construct a bike powered blender and need to build a new drive shaft for it. I have plenty of threaded rod to use for the drive shaft, however it is all English and the head of the drive shaft, the piece that locks into the base of the blender and spins the blade, is threaded to fit a 6mm fine thread bolt, of which I've found a short one, but what I really really!! need to be able to do is connect the threaded metric bolt to an English threaded rod. Thanks

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Does Anyone Have An Idea For A Project I Can Make From A Kitchen Mixer?

Does Anyone Have An Idea For A Project I Can Make From A Kitchen Mixer? This Is an old 2in1 kenwood mixer that has a mixer and a blender Is there a project (that isn't a centrifuge) I can make from it? Maybe I can make a centrifuge, But I'm just trying to see if someone has a beter idea... Thanks :)

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My phun created Ak-47, SMG, and blender...

Ok, so i just got phun, and while i was bored, i made this fruit blender.and then i made an Ak-47and then i made an SMGboth are fully automatic, and phun to play are the pics, and files, but be sure to convert the scene files from .tmp to .phn, so that they will work...

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Blender 3d Software - A technical question (Not Animation help)

OK, I just downloaded Blender, from blender.orgI started it up, and a Windows98 styled window showed up. So far so good. Well, the thing is, the window said something, but when I closed it, the whole program closed it.What worried me was that it said: (From what I can remember)Not all (something) could be installed and that some scripts might not run. Continue Happily!Any idea of what might have happened? Is that normal? Do I need something? Will I have trouble animating?

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does anybody want to join a blender 3d project top help make a zombie game?

We'll be using dropbox to sync the files, blender 2.49/ 2.5 to make the models, animations and scripting. any help would be good, python scripters are a also needed seen as i can't script to save my life. modelers or designers for the models and texture artists. thanks in advance, message me if you're interested. freerunnin1

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can't get python script working in blender 2.59

Hello, I'm using blender for some time now but I still don't understand how to run python scripts. I've installed the version of python which was used to compile blender (3.2)but I keep getting errors when I run a script like irrb( has someone got a clue of what I do wrong? thanks

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can't get python script working in blender 2.59

Hello, I'm using blender for some time now but I still don't understand how to run python scripts. I've installed the version of python which was used to compile blender (3.2)but I keep getting errors when I run a script like irrb( ) has someone got a clue of what I do wrong? thanks

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[newsletter] Flux Capacitor, Bike Blender, Grow a Pineapple...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. June 5, 2008 Welcome back! We launched our Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest. Share a great travel tip and win some fantastic photo books as well as guidebooks, phrasebooks, and t-shirts! The Discover Green Science Fair for a Better Planet Contest closes for entries this weekend! Submit your Instructable soon to win the Celestron SkyScout. The voting has closed for Park Tool Bike Month. Check back later today to see who won! Check out these cool Instructables! DIY Flux Capacitor Get ready to go back... to the future! 1.21 gigawatts not required. posted by sponges on Jun 3, 2008 How to create a bike blender for less than $25 When the love of biking and the love of smoothies come together it can be a beautiful, and tasty, thing to behold. posted by I_bike on Jun 1, 2008 The Conetenna - a wi-fi antenna The quest for improved wi-fi continues with this massive cone variation of the cantenna. posted by Shadetree Engineer on Jun 1, 2008 How to Grow Pineapples Pineapples are easier to grow than you think. Get a pineapple and some dirt and you're most of the way there! posted by woofboy111 on May 30, 2008 Japanese lamp from recycled materials A cheap but attractive paper "shoji" style lamp that uses mostly recycled parts and is easy to put together. posted by PKM on May 29, 2008 How to make an Iron Man Mask Whether you're stuck in a cave or have some time at home to build, these instructions will help you get that superhero look. posted by msraynsford on May 30, 2008 Repainting an Old Bicycle Want to keep your old frame looking good as times and styles move on? A new paint job is likely in your future. posted by Dr.Paj on Jun 1, 2008 Etching brass plates Adding some brass adds a bit of class to your project. Learn to etch and you can include a sweet custom finishing touch. posted by gotang on May 27, 2008 Win amazing LED POV kits! What have you done for robots lately? Closes for entries this weekend! Handy Bike Mods and Projects This collection of things to do to and with bicycles will provide plenty of ideas for your next two-wheel project. posted by TimAnderson on May 30, 2008 Illuminated Keyboard Hack Turn your ordinary keyboard into an illuminated one for under $5. This is an easy keyboard mod that takes about a half hour to do. posted by Kipkay on May 30, 2008 Bike Generator Attach a generator to the rear wheel and power up both the front and back lights. Never worry about the batteries dying again. posted by dbc1218 on Jun 1, 2008 Zigzag Pop-Up Here's a quick pop-up that only takes a few minutes and has a nice effect. All you need is a printer (preferably color), paper, and something to cut with. posted by fungus amungus on May 30, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Will it blend?

This is crazy. This blender will blend everything! Every video, the guy "tests" out this blender by putting user-suggested items in it. Make sure you watch him blend the iPhone.Will it Blend?I have to say, that is one tough little ol' blender.

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How do I get a Python script to work in Blender?

I am using Blender quite extensively right now, and I would like to be able to import and export md5 models. Unfortunately, Blender does not do this natively, so I had to find and download a Python script. That's when the trouble started. I am new to Python, so I have no idea where to properly place the scripts and how to run them. After some searching, I believe I located the correct folder: Blender/contents/MacOS/2.57/scripts Within this folder are 5 folders. They are as follows: -addons -modules -presets -startup -templates There is also a python folder in the 2.57 folder which contains a library for scripts, but I believe these are for python itself rather than Blender. The files I am trying to install are as follows: I tried opening each of these in terminal to attempt to 'install' them, but got this message: File "/Applications/blender-2.57-release-OSX_10.5_i386/", line 33, in import Blender ImportError: No module named Blender (I did not include some command lines because they contain my name and my computer's name.) What am I doing wrong? Where do I put these files? Is there something wrong with the filenames? Do I have to do anything fancy to get them to run in Blender? Any help is appreciated! I am running Blender 2.57 on Mac OSX v. 10.6.7 

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Can you hook a blender to a dimmer switch?

HI,  i need to be able to vary the speed of a blender, it has to go MUCH slower then a standard setting. And it needs to be infinitly adjustable.  HOw can this be accomplished. Keep in mind i know NOTHING about electrical systems or motors.  Thanks!

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what is a free cg software that is not blender or paint? Answered

I want to make a landscape terrain. Oh I have google sketch-up and it deos'nt do what I want it to do. Any one know of a free software. thanxs a ton -MiiWii3

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Grinding Flour from Wheat? Answered

This season, I plan to plant 4 sq. meters of my garden with hard wheat, with the intention of making bread.  I have no idea how I should make the transition from berries to flour, though.  I have read online that for small quantities one can use a blender.  I have also read that that produces highly inferior flour.  I would prefer to spend no money, but I could allow $20 or so.  Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?  I am not opposed to high-labor options.

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Help sought for DIY 12V for 120V Blender Boat Motor

Howdy, I’m hoping someone could give me a hand with jerry rigging a DIY trolling motor battery for a small boat (not a toy, but made out of many many water bottles, pvc, etc.) that will not get too much use. I need it to be very inexpensive and reasonably light. 10 D cells in a PVC pipe would be great. 20 would not be too bad. I am pretty much electrically illiterate. Here is what I have so far. I have an immersion blender … one of those things that Emeril Lagasse calls “boat motors”. I can attach a drive shaft and propeller to it. Because it is designed for being in liquids with more resistance than water (though with a smaller prop/blade), I think it will have sufficient torque to get some push. I will not know if it is enough until I give it a try, but I do know that weed wackers can be so converted and I don’t think they have much torque. The part I am stuck on is hooking it up to batteries. It is a 120V plug in device. I have a small 75 Watt inverter. I can plug the blender into the inverter and that into a car lighter and it runs well. I have hope! I understand that I should have 120 Watt inverter, but 75 is what I have. I have an accessory car lighter outlet to plug the inverter into. It has a red line with a fuse box mid way and a black line, identified as a ground line with a loop at the end. The directions say to screw that loop into the frame of a car and connect the red to the hot battery line. But as I am not using a car that is not of much help. I tried stringing 10 AA batteries together end to end, temporarily held snug with duct tape, and connect it to the inverter with the accessory lighter plug outlet, but I did not have any luck. The motor did not spin and the inverter power light did not come on. I used electrical tape to connect the red to the positive end of the string and tried taping the black to the negative and also to a knife to ground. I tried AA as I know those will get used one way or another. I did not want to invest in D’s until knew it would work. As I understand it, D’s will last longer. (I am not interested in re-charging). Since then, I came across a few bits of info on another site. One thread mentioned using a spring from, say a flash light, at the negative end and a bolt at the other. Another said that PVC was great for grounding. Some useful bits of info are that in addition to the 120V, the motor runs at 1.0 Amps. I do not know if the 60 hertz is relevant. Does any one have any ideas about how to do something this? Do I just need to replace the fuse and try again with D’s? How do I connect the lines? Wrap the red around a bolt through a capped pvc tube and tape the ground to the side of the tube, with a spring in the other capped end touching the negative end? Do I need two 10 series in parallel? I can stack batteries end to end, but how do I connect parallels, especially without soldering? I do not want to use a 12 volt car or marine battery. This motor is not going to get enough use to justify the cost of such a battery and charger and I do not what to deal with the weight. If I can get 10-15 minutes of power from a stack of D-cells (hopefully more time), I would call that a success as this is a learning experience as much as anything. An hour would be much better. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Trouble with .stl sizing

I'm having trouble with the sizing of the .stl file model. In blender it says that I have everything correct and I've made sure that the scaling was applied but every time I upload it it says that its wicked tiny. I was hoping someone could give me suggestions on how to fix this problem or at least think of something that I haven't thought of yet.. 

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Anyone willing to make a game with me?

I am 15 yrs old.i like to create games.i know lightly about unity and blender. i want to see how  to make a game with a team. I don't have experience of creating a game. i want to learn programming ,modelling,game designing etc from the group members. I can't give any money. so, i want to use free software like unity and blender i want to see how the process of game making works i would be glad if any one wants to work with me. i would like to make a game with genere fps,action,adventure,simulator,logic,rpg

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what's a good way to use frozen bananas?

I got some frozen bananas i was gonna use for smoothies but blender broke. anything else they might be good for?

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Aluminum powder substitute in thermite?

Is there anything I can use as a sub for aluminum powder when making thermite? Or any good way without a mill, grinder, or blender to make powder?

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How do you make aluminum powder?

I dont have a blender, coffee mill, or ball mill or anything any1's said. Can some1 tell me how to make it?

Question by Langarulz  

How do I grind up demagnetized neodymium magnets? Answered

I need to know so I can do a project oh and I cant think of a way aside from using a blender

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Modeling Mathematical Objects for 3D Print in 3dsmax or Blender3d

Hello, everyone.  I'm making my first post here to share some techniques and tips for getting started with polygonal modeling of interesting mathematical shapes, which could be used in 3d printing.  Math objects are quite popular in the 3d printing community due to their seemingly complex visual appearance, and overall unique aesthetic for creation of jewelry and other useful printed objects.  These tutorials are for use primarily with the modeling and animation software, Autodesk 3dsmax, or the free open-sourse Blender 3d.  However, the basic principals of these techniques can be translated to almost any capable polygonal modeling software. 3D Tutorial | Modeling Triply Twisted Torus With Holes | 3dsmax 3D Tutorial | Model A Mobius Strip Pendant | 3dsmax Modeling a Mobius Strip Pendant In Blender 2.73 3D Tutorial | Model a Scherk-Collins Saddle Surface Ring | 3dsmax 3d Tutorial | Voronoi Style Bracelet | 3dsmax Model A Voronoi Style Bracelet In Blender 2.74 These are but an example of nearly a dozen different mathematical and abstract models at my channel.  All tutorials are 100% free, of course, and I'd be happy to help you with any issues you may face along the way.  Keep in mind, in order to follow along with these videos, you will need to use the Autodesk 3dsmax software, or the free Blender 3d software, and have at least some intermediate  experience in polygonal modeling in general. These tutorials are not intended for total beginners to 3d modeling, unfortunately. Enjoy, and I hope you find something useful.

Topic by Luxxeon  

i need to put together a game design team

I need to put together a team so if your familiar with blender. message me on facebook  if your not well work are way around it.

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will an ac appliance run on dc without an inverter?

I look at all the DC windmill and solar panel projects on the net and I was wondering if an AC appliance (lamps, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, etc) will run on DC current. Answers? Opinions? Further Questions?

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Inexpensive way to grind plastic bottles?

Greetings, I am looking for an inexpensive way to grind individual plastic bottles into particles for easy melting in molds. I tried a blender. It just scrapes it very loudly and burns it. It doesn't break it up. Thanks

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Help me create a motion sensing AC outlet trigger?

Hello, I would love to create some kind of motion sensing device that I could plug into a wall socket and then plug a AC 120V device into it that would be activated by the motion sensor being tripped. The goal is to build something simpler and more cost effective than the infamous Blender Defender to keep pets off the counter top.  Looking to keep this cheap as possible within reason.  Would like to be able to make multiple units to plug into multiple wall sockets. I have very little electronic experience but can follow good directions easily, I do have experience soldering though mainly speaker wire. 

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PTAM 3D Mapping?

Hi, I've been looking around for a cheap 3D scanning system for fun and I was wondering if anyone has tried out PTAM or PTAMM for 3D  scanning?  Can these programs record point cloud datasets and pass that info to other computer applications (like the Blender point cloud skinner script)  to convert the points into 3D models?  This could be a way to make a 3D scanner for like $10 or $20 (or free if you already have a camera). Here are a couple links for the info: PTAM PTAMM Blender Script I was thinking to try it out in a week or two when I have some free time but it'd be fun to know if anyone has some experience with it! Thanks

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Game Help

I need help. I've wanted to make a good 3D game for a long time now, and I don't know what to do next. I've downloaded the latest version of Blender on my computer, but my computer is very laggy, has an inconsiderate graphics card, and I have no idea how I'll be able to play it other than on the blender game engine. I took careful notes, I already have a pretty good idea what I want to make, but the idea is so huge, that I don't think my computer (or any computer) could handle it. I have excellent artistic skills, and I've made a lot of thumbnail drawings, conceptual artwork, and details. But I have absolutely no skills at programming, and I've never made a game before. What should I do now? I'm working on learning how to use blender, but since I just got it today, I might be a couple of decades...If I can't make this game, is there a company that I could sell my plans to in some hope that a game might be made? If I can't make a game, I suppose a good 3D movie would work as well...... But I just don't know yet.

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Cutting or chopping packing peanuts for re-use?

How to cut packing peanuts (polystyrene mostly, although possibly also biodegradable) into pieces that can be used in pet beds? I wondered about putting p-nuts into metal garbage can, cutting hole in either metal top or piece of plywood thru which I could insert a "weed whacker" and trying that ... but don't want to buy an otherwise unnec. WW if this won't work!  I read elsewhere about using a blender -- figured that was suggested by someone who'd never tried it!  (1) Don't want to dull blender blades -- and figure static would make it almost impossible to remove the pieces of foam, and (2) It would take forever to cut enough to fill a 3' X 4" dog bed. Thanks.

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Thermite questions

I made some Iron oxide from using a car batterie charger and some salty water and i made some aluminium powder from putting aluminium foil in the blender for a while, I mixed it together and i used my blowtorch to ignite it but nothing happened can someone tell me why

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convert 240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz

Recently I bought a Blender imported from US(to India) which runs on 120V 60Hz. I need a converter which Converts 240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz. I got an idea of using a rectifier-inverter circuit such that by varying the gate signal can accomplish the aim. Is this idea a possible one?

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What is the best way to make Aluminum powder?

I don't have a coffee grinder, or a blender that will make it fine enough, and my belt sander spins the wrong way to collect it. I have all of the aluminum. Can you help?

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