boyfriend is acting funny

My boyfriend is acting real distant and he's always hiding his phones texts from me. he always has this look on his face like he is upset and i ask him whats wrong and he just says nothing. i think he is cheating on me but i don't know. he also goes outside when he gets a call like he doesn't want me to hear what he is saying. what do i do?

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Crafts to make for the boyfriend?

I'm 16, and me and my boyfriend have been going out for six months soon. I want to make him something for Christmas. He said he wants something that reminds him of me. I can make most anything if I try, 'cept for shop/wood things. I also have this little puzzle box and in it you can fit something up to the size of like a 50 cent piece. I want to maybe hide something in here as well- anyone got any ideas?

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Have you ever broke up with somebody that was special to you? Have you ever since that awkward moment when you guys are in the same place? well I have for one. Its always so awkward when s/he says let be friends when you know that you guys arent going to be acting like freinds. Then not only does it effect you but it effets your friends if you guyss have the same kind of friends!!! I hate this so much. You know you guys cant be friends, you still have feelings for s/he, and ya have alot of classes together! So what should you do?? Should you guys be enemies? Should you just erase s/he from you life permentally? I for one dont know what to do.... Maybe you guys know? Please answer this question as if it was you!!! Question: What would you do if you and your special other broken up and s/he dont want to be with you yet you have feelings for s/he??

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gift advise

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months.. Hes really great and its my longest lasting relationship. He said hes getting me something and i have no idea what to get him. Any ideas?

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I really like this boy...but I am too desperate to ask him out...that my friends say it is not a good idea...but will someone tell me how to ask him a way that has been tested before???

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I need a good homemade random gift for my boyfriend, any ideas?

I would like to give my boyfriend a random gift (for no reason other than I love him) but i'd like to make it. I'm already making a scrapbook for us, but that's pretty much all I've seen as far as Ideas go online. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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how can i be rougher with my boyfriend without going so far that its extreme pain?

My boyfriend likes when i bit him harder than a nibble and he says that i should be less gentle with him. Im willing to give it a try but i have no idea what a good limit is without going over the limit?

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Are there many vampire ibles out there? Answered

Well since my boyfriend is a vampire i kinda wanted to know how many people like vampires  so do you???

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Crafts for boyfriend for christmas/six months?

I'm 16, and me and my boyfriend have been going out for six months soon. I want to make him something for Christmas.  He said he wants something that reminds him of me. I can make most anything if I try, 'cept for shop/wood things. I also have this little puzzle box and in it you can fit something up to the size of like a 50 cent piece. I want to maybe hide something in here as well- anyone got any ideas?

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What do you think I should give my boyfriend?

I have boyfriend who is pretty quiet and is very obedient and I need something to get him that is easily homemade and resembles Love. He hates Naruto and Pokemon.

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how do i know if i really love my bf?

I know i do but how do i explain how i know to him and why does he have to be so confusing please help i know because he is all i think about all day and when i a with him i am always happy but how do i tell him with out sounding cheesy or creepy.

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How do I tell a close friend how I feel about them?

I really need some advice. There is this girl I really like, we have been really good friends for years now, but right as I got up enough courage to tell her how I feel and ask her out, my brother askes he out, and she says yes. They broke-up about five months ago; she said she didn't see that the relationship was going anywhere. Now that they ended it and it seems like it has been long enough to try to ask her out again, every time I try to hang out with her when it is just us, something always comes up either with my parents or hers. Can anyone give me advice on how to act on this, because it seems like a very delicate situation?

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perfect 2 months boyfriend gift? Answered

Well, i'm going to mae 2 months with my BF and i want something good, not so big but special you know (: if you can send it in a package the best :D! thanks ya'll

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Valentine's Day gifts --Boyfriend Badges

Just posting this as it is seasonally relevant. Anyone looking for a fun, nerdy V-Day present might be interested in checking it out. My Etsy shop, Boyfriend Badges, sells pin back buttons that are like video game acheivements for couples.  They celebrate off beat relationship moments like farting in front of each other for the first time, drunk make outs, meeting the parents, first road trip, and many more. The shop was featured twice on Geekologie and last year I released Boy+Boy and Girl+Girl versions of the most popular set. I've created a couple tiers of promotion for this upcoming V-Day: Use code LUV2016 for 10% off any Etsy shop purchase. Share the shop link on your social media and send me a link.  In return, I'll send you a promo code for 20% off your order. Submit the shop link to your favorite blog (examples --Bored Panda, Kotaku, BuzzFeed, etc). If they feature the shop as a result I'll send you a badge set of your choosing for free! Thanks for shopping with independent artists for holiday gifts, and for supporting love for everyone!--ashleyjlong

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How should I tell him I'm crazy for him!?!

So I've known this guy for like a year. One night this spring we started talking and we had a really good connection. Since then we've been texting each other and we've been pretty good friends. Then one day my best friend's brother's friend found this note i wrote a while back and it said that i really liked him and all of this and that. After that he hung around a lot more. We used to go to school together but never talked and he graduated a few years back. I like him a lot and pretty much have felt that way since... like last fall (even though i used to like him in school too- we kinda lost touch) We only see each other on the weekends because he's got a job a few hours away and I have school, sometimes I don't even see him at all. But Every time we see each other we always catch up and laugh and have a pretty good time together- like really good friends (I try to talk to him but i get nervous and don't know what to do so I can tell he has a hard time finding things to talk about with me in person, that's why I never call him.) ---what i mean is I'm pretty shy... Last weekend he came over and we laughed and had a really really good time to make a long story short. I always end up telling myself that we're just friends, and I'm pretty sure that he's doing the same thing. (My best friend tells me that it's obvious that we both like each other) A few months back I suggested that we should hang out some time - just us, and he agreed... we just never really got around to it or made any plans...  anyway, lately I've been thinking and i think that I want to just flat out tell him how I feel this weekend but I'm not very optimistic and definately not quite sure how to do it, and I don't want to ruin a good thing. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

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how i represent my love to my boyfriend?

I likes a boy very much . i loves him than any others in this universe. from his behaviour , i concluded that he is also loves me . but the main problem is both of us never opened our mind , what i do

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i m 15 and i havent had a boyfriend. i know i m young but all my friends have one and i m tired of not having one. help?

I m 15 and i havent had a boyfriend. i know i m young but all my friends have one and i m tired of not having one. i dont think i m too bad looks wise and i get along well with lads in generally. But when i see my frineds with their boyfriends i just get so jealous and wish i had one. Any help in to how i can fix this?

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How do I prank my long distance boyfriend?

My boyfriend is at school right now and i'm at home.we live 2 hours away from each other so it's a long distance relationship & I REALLY wanna prank him when he calls me later today.Any ideas?Telling him I'm pregnant or that i'm going to break up with him has already been suggested but i want something different.btw,me & his parents get along really well if that helps.

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what are some cute crafts to make for my boyfriend for christmas?

I want to make something cute for my boyfriend for christmas. We've been dating for almost a year and i want to make him something GOOD. I cant think of anything besides a scrapbook, but i already made him one of those.i want something thatll make him be like "awhh" i mean im sure he'll like whatever i give him, but i just really want something sweet.. soooo... does anyone have any suggestions?

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Any Ideas for Making Chocolate?

I want to make home-made chocolate kisses with my boyfriend.  But I cant find any recipes! I'm up for making any chocolate with my boyfriend. I  just really want to do something different and unique. Thanks for any help -Lexy

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how do i get over an ex boyfriend who i dumped and pushed away because i was too scared to get hurt?

He was the perfect boyfriend and i would pick fights for no reason and when he begged me to stay i would act like i didnt want him and he wasnt good enough when reality was i didnt want him to know that i was madly in love with him for fear of rejection now how do i get over it knowing it was my fault? also how do i let him know the truth that he was perfect and i did and still do love him 

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Someone is lurking on my life and I need to trace their IP address

Meh. Okay. So apparently in 2009 I sent nudes to my boyfriend, who then spammed them to various sites after we broke up. All in all, someone from Australia who knows my current boyfriend, is threatening that hes going to post these pictures up on websites and link them to my boyfriend. Now, I don't really care because it was in 2009 and we all have bodies and its not a huge deal. Just I was 16 then and I don't think nakkie pictures of 16 yearolds should be on the internet. so, he is harassing me on skype and I was wondering if I could get his ip address. I read some posts about this and they didn't seem too conclusive. I am just curious.

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How do i have his texts sent to me?

I want my boyfriends texts sent to me but I don't have access to his phone. Help!

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How do you make a 3d ambulance cake!?

HELP PLEASE! My boyfriend is an EMT and i want to make him an ambulance 3 dimensional cake for his birthday. How do i do it?!

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how to keep things from being awkward?? Answered

I have a boyfriend. And these friends of my boyfriend and I are putting to much pressure on us we skipped the3 steps and we kissed, hug and hold hands but there always telling us that we have to be together always and then, I just want to hang with my friends and they embarrass me in front of him I know there just trying to make me blush but he doesn't laugh he helps me but with all our friends they give him advice and I'm like let's just do what were comfterable with but how do we keep things from being awkward?

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I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. What should I do to keep him excited in our relationship? Answered

He lives in another state than I do, and we wont be able to visit eachother because of school.

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Holiday Spice Pepsi

Hey all - I was wondering if anyone had a recipe or any idea of what spices/flavorings go into Holiday Spice Pepsi.  My boyfriend and I are addicted to it and Pepsi doesn't make it anymore and has no plans to in the future. Any suggestions would be great!

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How to delete a video from the inernet URGENT

My ex boyfriend but an inappropriate video of me in the internet on a bad site, it wont let me remove it. i need help urgently.. does anyone know how to hack into such sites?

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Balancing Relationships

Right so my bestfriend is jealous of what my boyfriend and I have, or what I have with him... She told me yesterday that I am a completely different person when I'm around him and that it makes him not right for me... With her I try to have actual conversations but it just turns in to he's saying how cute Kyle Busch looks, or Carl Edwards without a shirt, or her talking about finding her teachers attractive, I always know what Mr, D is wearing, McGee from NCIS (I personally find DiNozzo more attractive). With him though I don't have to worry about hearing how good Mr.Alex looked in his new black shirt and out of style glasses... He and I have talked politics, hunting, and movies that she refuses to watch because she thinks they'll be boring, like, "Shooter" with Mark Whalberg... Is it that my personality is different or just that with my boyfriend I am able to explore my mind more and talk about things other than attractive men and Kevin Harvick in tight pants... I'm obviously not good at having a best friend and a boyfriend, I need some serious help on this subject...

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this sunday is valentine's day [as everyone knows!] AND my half anniversary!?

 I have really run out of ideas for what i can do. what can i get for my boyfriend? another problem is that we have exams that day and next! :(  hence something short and sweet would be welcome! :) thankyou

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Bachelor survival guide

Hey, guys! my boyfriend is moving away for a year and he'll be on his own for the first time, doing his PhD. I'd like to make him a funny and informative guide about things he should know... But... errr.... well, I have no idea where to start.  Anybody have ideas, suggestions?  Thanks!

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ok. its me and my boyfriends one year anniversary. need ideas for sweet+romantic, inexpensive gfts to make for him .

Hes 17, turning 18 soon, and from our level in this relationship, it might as well be a 5th anniversary. he likes music, guitars, shiny things (lol), things that go BOOM!, fire, and other wonderful things tha guys tend to like. ;P he's gotten me some really sweet gifts before (heart pendant and giant teddy-bear for xmas, ring for v-day, and draws my name in graffiti lettering on posterboard for me all of the time) but i never have enough money to actually get him something, and its just more fun to make something cool and unique to show how much i love him . out of the ordinary is a big++

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How do I turn an ex into a friend?

I dated a guy for about six months.We had a really good time but things started getting complicated. I was friends with my ex-boyfriend and he didn't like that we still talked even though I assured him we're only friends. One night we got into a fight and I got upset and ran into my ex by accident. My ex wanted to know what happened and then they started fight. My boyfriend said he was sorry but I broke up with him. He moved away and three months later I start dating someone else. Well he came back and wants to get back together. He won't staop calling and I want to friends but how do I get him to understand I want him as only a friend.

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How do i make a cool piece of jewelry out of two bullet casings?

It's for my sisters boyfriend and it was their first 2 bullets they shot together.She sort of wants a ring.They are also small so nothing too big.She was thinking i hammer them flat and make a ring by bending and sodering.

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I need advise. . .

I have a best friend and I have been really tempted to kiss her but I don't know how. I have a boyfriend and I don't know if I should tell him or not. I don't want to lose either of them. I am so worried about it. I am 16 - Please help me.

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I think I am gay. I have a best friend and I really

I think I am gay. I have a best friend and I really want to kiss her. She is really pretty and really nice. I have a boyfriend though and I don't know what to do. I am 16. Please Help?

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I received some wonderful mail yesterday

Check out what someone sent my boyfriend yesterday! We have no idea who. They did not put a return address on (which I believe is against postal regulations here in the USA). The stamp was canceled by hand (with a Sharpie) so we don't even have a postmark to go by. Comment here if you have any idea who it was!

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secret compartment box?

I really love what this person did I was wondering does anyone have any simpler projects? I wanted to make a box to fill with gifts with a hidden drawer/compartment where I could put a scrapbook. Its a gift for my boyfriend and where this box is very nice I dont think I would be able to accomplish something like that being a newbie to work working.?

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As for my old laptop

As for my old laptop, im thinking of cracking it open and blowing it out, then adding an external fan, what do you guys think of that? also, what else should i do to it, talking software and hardware type stuff, and sorry, no Linux please, also if you care to leave comments also can you help me figure out how to fix the hinges my moms boyfriend Michael (not gorillazmiko) broke?

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How do I get him to make the first move?

Everytime my boyfriend and I get hot and heavy, I'm the one that makes the first move. It's not that he doesn't want to, it's just that I guess he likes the girl being in control. The problem is, I like the guy in control! How do I get him to make the first move without it being obvious?

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LCD TV cover instructable? (I thought I saw one, can't find it.)

My boyfriend and I just got a new TV and I don't want to stare at it constantly when we're not using it because it's quite large. :P I know I saw an instructable for a cloth cover, but after 10 minutes of searching I'd had no luck finding it. Anyone have a link to it? :D

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Who can make LED Equalizers such as the ones that go inside T-shirts but much smaller?

My boyfriend and I own our own mask company. We used to put equalizers in the mouth piece. They were about 2inchs long by 4 inches wide and were powered by a AAA battery pack. The manufacture stopped making them and we are looking for someone new who could make them or something very similar in size. 

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He s allergic 2 nitrates-beans-caffeine-nuts-etc. Help me mke a birthday meal 4 my boyfriend dinner 4 me 2 surprise him!

Nitrates means meats with any nitrates such as lunch meats, ham, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, or smoked meats to name a few. Caffeine is any item that has caffeine in it, chocolate or cola or such. He is very allergic to any of these. All beans, nuts, etc, including great items such as avacados.

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Improvement-impaired dude needs book reccomendations!

My boyfriend would like a book on home improvement for his birthday. Here's the thing: I normally handle all of that stuff and have a couple of yard sale books that I love. He refuses to look at them. He wants his own book. God love him, the dude can't even change a switchplate. Any book recommendations that are suitable for beginners yet, um, manly? Thx!

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Bicycle Generator upgrade for a rig

Okay- My boyfriend thinks I'm absolutely crazy, but I would like to modify the bicycle generator a la this instructable. I was hoping to have some way to attach it to an axle of an 18 wheeler tractor. Then the trouble would be hooking up the battery to a generator so we wouldn't have to pay for gas to power the ac and tv when we're sitting still. I'm hoping some good mind out there would have some tips! Many thanks!

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