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taking a break

Just to let all of you know: I'm going to try and take a break from instructables for a while, I have a ton of stuff to do. Me and my friends have to build 2 grandfather clocks and they have to be done by the 23rd, so I'm going to try and take away the temptation of wasting (constructive ;) ) time on instructables when there are other things that are higher prioity, yet less fun. I also have to do more on my online german, I'm only about 30% done, and I have about 2 and a half months left, so I need to catch up. I'll be back at the beginning of march (or hopefully maybe the 24th of february. I'll c ya guys soon, I just need to get my priorities straight. Of course I will check up on the results for the LED challenge ;) EDIT: oh, and I might be on late at night where I can't make recordings or use power tools, or between tv shows on my ipod ;)

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Spring Break

Spring Break is here! For me, that means I hole up in my house and go into town as little as possible. I live in Augusta, Georgia, the Home of the Masters Golf Tournament. Big whoop. I don't like golf, but people from across the world come to my town, just to watch the game. I'll leave on Thursday to spend 2 days in Atlanta. But what are y'all doing? Going anywhere fun? The beach? Theme park? Post where your going, and if you want, pictures when you get back! Have a fun break, Bran.

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Christmas break

It's that time of year again - off to the in-laws for The Season Of Good Will. I'll be largely absent, so have fun, don't drink too much, and please remember to vote for the Kite Family in the various contests ending soon. Roger-X Conker-X (And don't forget me!)

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I didn't break it!

It wasn't me, but somebody seems to have broken the internet. Maybe dented it a bit. This site is fine, but the BBC keeps timing out, and I've noticed that several adverts here are doing the same. Any ideas or comments?

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Logic breaks reality

My friend told me about this earlier today and I thought it was brilliant: Cheese has lots of holes. The more holes you have, the less cheese you have. The more cheese you have, the more holes you have. So logically, the more cheese you have, the less cheese you have. This got me thinking and I'd quite like to see if anybody has anything similar to this logic fail.

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iPod Touch

How do you jail break the ipod touch 4th gen? (newest one). And what exactly does jailbreaking do? please answer. thanks

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when a guy dumps you for no reason what-so-ever and then hates you for absolutely no reason, what the HECK do you do??? Answered

My boyfriend dumped me for no reason at all, i mean he was having a perfectly fine day then i receive a text from him saying "ITS OVER", i was crushed, but now hes in over his head, of course i still have feelings for him but he is making it his point to hurt me in every way possible, and every time i am about to get over him, he comes up to me out of nowhere and gives me a sweet compliment, like, you look beautiful today hannah. GRR. what is goin on??? this is sooo confusing. im only 16, i shouldnt have to put up with this. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Break circuit when connection made? Answered

Hi,I want a circuit which deactivates(breaks)when a connection is made in the circuit.I'll tell u in details-I am going to make an automated water pump(to a tank)system,which can recognise when the tank is full and stop the motor from pumping water.For your information this is just a model version for school exhibition and what I have in mind is,When the water in the tank reaches a particular height,the water completes a circuit between two open wires(I may add some salt to the water to make it conducting).As soon as this happens the pump which is pumping water to this tank should stop working.How can I accomplish it? 

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anyone know how to make a digital sequencer?

You know one of those things you see in the movies that figure out a code sequence of a digital lock ?

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Hello again folks.

I haven't been too active on Instructables for the last year or so as I have been busy trying to put my life back together. A little over a year ago my partner Joan announced out of the blue that "we had run our course", an accumulation of health issues for both of us, family problems & various setbacks had taken its toll on her and she felt it was time for her to concentrate on raising her granddaughter alone. Needless to say this was a hammer blow losing two people I had built my life around tore me apart, it also meant I had to find somewhere to live, I tried to find somewhere I could have even a small workshop but being on a very limited budget it was impossible so instead I rented a small studio flat and put all my tools into storage. My son & I have now rented a garage to use both as storage and a workshop, we were very lucky to get one quite literally yards from my home, it lacks power and lighting so it is still a little limited but hopefully once it is set up I'll be able to start doing a few larger projects once again. In the meantime I have returned to doing the kind of table top projects I made thirty odd years ago when I last lived in a small flat mostly match craft tins & trinket boxes along with a couple of guitar tool & plectrum boxes, not exactly the beds & tables I was building a couple of years ago but it has kept me busy. I have also resurrected a couple of acoustic guitars, restored a nice Fender Squeir Strat and rebuilt my ex's old electric bike, owing to the vertigo problem I have had for the last couple of years I can't ride a motorcycle at present so this has at least given me some independent transport & its far cheaper than using taxis & buses to get around, I'm now on the lookout for materials to salvage and ideas for new projects so hopefully I'll be publishing a few 'ibles quite soon. I hope you don't mind my sharing my recent history with you but now I'm finally feeling more able to move on with my life & get on with making again I felt the need to reintroduce myself in some way. Here are a few pictures of what I've been making on a coffee table & lap tray along with my Fender & the bike which was a rather unattractive mess a few weeks ago & now has quite a smart vintage look to it.

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When is your spring break?

Just out of idle curiosity... when does your school go on spring break?

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Break Action Gun with Shells

Hey Guys, I recently made this break action gun. I know it's nothing that new and that's why I didn't post it, but I might if you want me to. If I do decide to post it, I would change a few things. It's not the best looking gun out there and I would probably work on that, but it functions perfectly. It shoots white rods about 30 feet. It has an eject lever to eject spent shells. That's the biggest problem I've seen on other break action guns. I'll explain everything in the image notes so be sure to read them. Tell me what you think needs to be changed. Let me say this gun is more made for fun not war. Killer~SafeCracker

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How to break up a couple?

At school all my friends have boy friends and there is one girl that stole my boy friend i know he likes me better coz he comes up and kisses me hugs me.what i wanna know is how to break them up coz i want the boy not her.MAWH-HA-HA-HA

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RSS Feed breaks regularly

The RSS feed regularly fails in Firefox due to unclosed tags:Error: mismatched tag. Expected: .Source File: 141, Column: 5Source Code: ----This was due to a category tag up in the list not being closed. Are you hand editing your feeds?

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Username breaks some links

I have discovered that our username breaks certain links on the site although it presumably passed input validation when we set it up. First locate any use of the username such as on the Instructable here: The link has been encoded as which is not being processed correctly resulting in the 400 error This has been tested on Firefox on Mac, Chrome on Mac, Firefox on Windows.  I know it is not a browser problem but I thought I would do a bit of testing.

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Breaking down the Rating system

I just read one of the recent Answers, and it was asking about how to get ratings. That got me to thinking. I like to think that Instructables is a more useful sight than many others. Given its "usefulness," it follows that each aspect should be scrutinized for said usefulness.The usefulness of the Rating system, to me, is unapparent. On a website, I usually measure usefulness as how much something affects a decision I make. Following the mentality of the day, I need to be able to make such a decision in a millisecond, or else I just opt out of making the decision at all. I see a picture and read a title -- I click the link if I like it or move on if I don't. The problem with a single rating system that applies to the entire Instructable is that if I really like one aspect of an I'ble, yet don't like another, I'm more likely NOT to rate it at all. This saves me the internal struggle about what rating to actually give the I'ble. When I internally rate an I'ble whilst viewing it, I look at two major categories: Presentation and Concept. Is the concept amazing? Is the concept old hat? Is the I'ble written well? Is the I'ble unintelligible? If the Ratings were split into these two categories, I think authors would feel more empowered and would be able to focus their energies more effectively in their quest to submit better I'bles. The Rating system may get more use, too. I see a great idea written poorly, I know EXACTLY what to rate it -- I don't have a lengthy decision in front of me. High on Concept, low on Presentation. Rated. Done. Bam. The author can then easily take this feedback and do what they need to do to improve their contributions. Given the current system, I have to debate in my head whether or not I want to rate high, or middle, or low, because I like the Concept, yet dislike the Presentation. Oops, decision took too long. I've moved on. Didn't rate.The current one-size-fits-all rating system may be simpler to implement, but provides much less function than a slightly-categorized rating system. Readers will be more inclined to use the tool, and authors will be provided with much more valuable information.Ok. I'm done.

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This made the forums break: Ì´

Yay unicode! I like combiners, so I tried one. It --probably-- broke the forum.

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Christmas Interruptus

Just a heads' up, I'm away for the Christmas break, visiting relatives without a useful internet connection* , so I will be less than my usual ubiquitous self over the next week or two.However, said relatives may be installing wireless broadband while we are there, so I may be able to pop in occasionally.The plan is to leave tomorrow morning (the 23rd), so, if we don't speak before then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.(Thank you for all your kind comments already!)*I will not sit in a cupboard to use dial-up!

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Adland - video - how many ads can you spot?

This rather nice video crams in parts of well-known ad' campaigns. It is UK-biased, but some of these will be global. Includes a cake-car, a fish on a bike, bunnies, a transforming car, and kids running through walls, which should have been seen a lot?

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I HAVE NEVER been able to start a "New Paragraph" on the notes that are placed onto My Photo's...ARRRG !

Hi Everyone ! I have not found this bug in this section or anywhere so dont know if its just me now.... The Problem: I have published 5 instructables and in EVERYONE that i have made, i have always made step-by-step photo-instructables as thats how i would prefer to learn something, best of both worlds, reading a little whilst looking at pictures !!! Now, i make mostly ALL my notes and explanations directly onto my pictures by drawing a Box around the section i am describing or detailing the 'how-to' on, then i start typing away into the text box. BUT!!! when i want to start a new paragraph within the text box that i'm writing in, i have USED ALL METHODS DESCRIBED on THIS wiki formatting page for adding OR starting a NEW PARAGRAPH even tried doing the "FORCE" new paragraph code and NOTHING WORKS.......... Ive just finished my 5th instructable and ive got so infuriated that my blood-FLASH-BOILS WHILST STILL IN THE VEINS because i have to revisit every single photo that i have EVER published here on so i can ADD paragraphs to the HUNDREDS of photo-instructions i have PAINSTAKINGLY written for everyone to follow and separate the extremely LONG one-paragraph "BLOCKS" of text so that (i) - I CAN READ IT EASILY to correct any flaws but more importantly (ii) ITS AN EASIER "Read" for anyone and everyone who visits the instructable for the help, how-to or advice i have taken, sometimes months, to compile...  SO i am NOT publishing another instructable UNTIL i have found a solution to this because theres nothing worse than having to read a darn-script without any paragraph-breaks..... Like i have separated all these paragraphs here in these details of my moaning of what bug is bugging the hell outta me (no pun intended, lol !) My browser is Opera, it WAS Firefox RELIGIOUSLY for YEARS but the WHOLE of last YEAR it kept SELF-TERMINATING and closing down by itself when even or was visited so i'll never use it again, chrome is too simple for me and i used to use opera in its early years and kept an eye on it over the years, not switching browsers again as i like the functionality of it... here are my specs for Opera: About Opera Version information   11.61 Build                              1250 Platform                        Win32 System                          Windows 7 XHTML+Voice               Plug-in not loaded Browser identification: Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; U; Edition United Kingdom Local; en) Presto/2.10.229 Version/11.61 My PC 1: MOBO: Intel® Workstation Board S5520SC RAM: 48 GB DDR3 1333Mhz (NO Typo here, Yes, 48 GB) CPU: 2 x ZEON X5560 Graphics 2 x 1GB Asus 9800GT 4 x OCZ Vertex SSD (RAID-0) Win 7 Ultimate BROWSER: Opera My PC 2: Mobo: Zotac GeForce 9300 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz CPU: Intel Q6600 Graphics@ Built-in MOBO 2 x OCZ Vertex SSD Win 7 Pro BROWSER: Opera If you check out any of my instructables, from offtherails2010, EVERY SINGLE text-box on EVERY SINGLE photo has errors within them where you can plainly see where an automatic ""LINE-BREAK"" or ""NEW PARAGRAPH"" should have been started by half finished code like this: (without the quotes): ""  or "" and ive tried everything to try to FORCE it to recognize that there is A NEW PARAGRAPH in the text but i have tried again and again and again THIS ENTIRE YEAR, goolged by brains out and now im just so fed up with it that i wont publish another instructable until i get this fixed because the more i publish, the more work i will HAVE-TO do going back re-visiting the entire collection of hundreds of pictures ive uploaded  that i have added a bit of a speech-to, to separate the paragraphs in EACH PHOTO. The pictures shown as examples here, the 1st picture i have circled in RED where a NEW PARAGRAPH should had-started and the second picture i just Highlighted the error broken code and then circled it in RED. For Example, i only pressed enter twice to start THIS NEW PARAGRAPH. AND AGAIN NOW. But on my pictures it annoyingly DOESN'T start new paragraphs and i have tried manually typing in the code as described on the trac.edgewalll wiki and then clicking the 'save' link on the photo's but still nothing... PLEASE please please can someone help me find what i may have overlooked... Probably something simple and no, i wont feel embarrassed if it was something plainly obvious as it will teach me to be more observant in the area i am lacking in !!!! And thank you in advance for the help & advice

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Are there any k'nex break action guns that automatically push back the firing pin when you break it? Answered

Break action shotguns are cool. Having to break, load, and then pull back a firing pin makes it much less fluid. Are there any guns (so far) that pull back the firing pin or mechanism when you break or un-break the shotgun?

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What projects are you working on during break?

For those of you who have time off over the holidays, what will you be working on?I have 3D printing and laser cut jewelry ideas I want to work on both for Instructables and Etsy while I (hopefully) have some time and I was curious if people had plans for projects they wanted to try to get done.

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I'm Back!

I'm Back too building! YAY! HAPPY! So.... I'm working on a ball machine. sort of......... So yeah. Axiys. Scooby doo FTW!  

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I am going to give up Instructables...

Hell no! I will never give up Instructables! However, I am getting far too addicted to Instructables and I cannot concentrate on my projects... So I need to take a break from instructables, that means I will be inactive for a while, maybe about a week or two.. I will begin being inactive when it passes 12:00 AM in San Fransisco.So, bye to everyone who likes me... ;-(UPDATE:I am back!

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My instructable Is white page after an edit

Hey, my instructable [id/How-To-carve-A-Maori-Hook-Pendant-Video/] is broken and displays only a white page. This happened immediately after i made some edits to the content. Whatever occurred also wrecked my ability to view my list of published instructables, it just displays another instance of instructables inside of itself instead of the list. I've sent an e-mail to fungusamungus, but have not heard back yet. Hopefully someone will be able to help (This entry is in a contests) thanks, -Calvin

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(SOLVED) Break circuit = Make circuit?

Basically, what I want to do is activate something when there is no current somewhere else. Examples of uses of this would include turning an LED on when there is no light on an LDR and turning it off when there is light, rather than the other way around, along with turning an LED on when a circuit is broken by opening a door. Apologies if I have not been clear enough. Is this possible?  EDIT: Thanks to NachoMahma, I have it set up with a transistor. I will post a schematic if anyone is interested.

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My break action knex pistol

This is my new break action pistol! Should I post?

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limit breaking on the Mini Mill/ Lathe

This is a general discussion of limit-breaking for small tools

Topic by ikrase  

Safest way to break sheets of glass?

I'm moving and have a sheet of brand new picture framing glass 39 x 30 inches.  Nobody wants it... I've tried giving it to framing places.  What's the best/safest way to break it into small pieces to go into the garbage? 

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Line-break Text Editor Bug

I guess there's a bug in the new text editor. Whenever I save/ publish a guide. All the line breaks are not rendered exactly as I input it. It's missing the "" line break. This happens when I do a double line break for leaving a single line blank. For now, I use the source code window to manually add the extra "". Best, Angelo

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Is there an easy way to break this down for recycling? Answered

This is a new feather in my recycling cap.  Is there a way to break these down. I'd like to get a better price than "electric motor weight". Thanks

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3D Printer filament breaking in extruder?

Several of my recent 3D printer projects have failed in the middle because the PLA filament seemed to break in the extruder and cannot be pushed out the nozzle. Has anyone had this experience?

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Why do rubber-bands break? Answered

All of my rubber-bands have broken and im mad. I want answers... NAO!!!

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When Carbon Fiber Bikes Break

Not 100% sure how the rider fell (all sorts of stories), but when he did crash - this is the result. CF tubes broken in two places and 1 broken collar bone (a not too uncommon injury on bigger accidents). Just thought someone might be interested :)

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Could removing a buzzer break the circuit?

I have a safe and it has a really annoying beep each time you use it so I wanted to remove the buzzer. The buzzer is on the main circuit board for the safe and while I have no problem de-soldering it, could there be any way that the safe would fail to function if it no longer had the buzzer in the circuit?

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Breaking News: Gifs work in the NEWSLETTER!

Did you know that gifs work in our newsletter?  They do!  As long as they are the correct size which is 240 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.  So if you like to make gifs for your projects, why not make a 240 by 200 one while you are at it!  If you want to see, just check out the Magnetic Tea Towels by mikeasaurus in the old Thursday January 30th newsletter.  If you save every one like I do :)

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Auto Save in editor randomly breaks

This is been going on for a few weeks, Ill be typing away and the auto save will kick in and then just keep spinning. Once it starts I lose all  of my text or photos etc. The only work around it is, to copy all my text, shut down the editor reopen it and paste it back in..... if i notice it not saving. It does it randomly but once it spins longer than 5 seconds or so, it just keeps going. Im using a mac book with firefox 43.0.4 anyone else having this problem?

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How can i make a stand to put would in to break for martial arts?

I need to find a way to make a stand for wood or what ever to go in so i can practice breaking at home.

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French paramilitary forces break the Windows ...

.The French administration is slowly replacing Microsoft's products by open sources solutions.It started few years ago, 2005, with OpenOffice, then with Mozilla.And now, the French Gendarmerie (paramilitary forces) plans to replace Windows XP by Unbuntu Linux. are three reasons behind the move [...]. The first is to diversify suppliers and reduce the force's reliance on one company, the second is to give the Gendarmerie mastery of the operating system and the third is cost [...]The move away from licensed products is saving the gendarmerie about seven million euros (10.3 million dollars) a year for all its PCs.The 70,000 desktops of the French Gendarmerie should be 100% Linux by 2013-2014.This is, again, a proof that Linux solutions became mature enough to compete with Microsoft Windows.Dell now sells computers with Linux instead of Windows.OLPC and EEEPC use Linux.Several administrations around the world are seriously planning to move to Linux and Open-Source.Is this is the beginning of a new era ? How many administrations around the world will abandon Microsoft too ?How long before buying a computer with Linux sounds like a serious option for a majority of consumers ?I wonder if Microsoft really feel worried about that ... =o)

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What Valuable/ skills/hobbies can I learn over spring break?

My Spring break started today, and instead of simply enjoying my time off I thought I could take advantage of my extra time and learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. As a teen what valuable skills can I learn(or begin) in a week? are there any things I can learn online? for free?  

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My New Bow

Just wanted to post a pic of my spring break project, it's a 50 lb red oak bow with bamboo arrows. At the edge of the pic you can see Tracey, excited to help daddy go hunt up some supper ;0-).  This is my second homemade bow, but the first that doesn't suck ;-). It's nice to know after way too many years away from archery I can still put three arrows in a four inch circle (some of the time).

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How do you destroy your ball towers?

I might dismantle my ball tower soon. How do you guys usually destroy yours?

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Should I put pads in my nerf vulcan?

I took out the air restrictor in the main plunger thing (correctly) Everything works great however, I hear that familiar plastic on plastic sound you'd get from any other air restrictor removed nerf gun I did the same thing to my longshot but i put in pads where the plunger made contact with the plastic so it wouldn't damage the gun as much Should i do the same for my vulcan?

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Where Do You Get Your Rubber Bands

I'm sure you all hate replacing rubber bands, so where do you get yours? Are they strong, weak, or average, and how much do they cost per hundred?

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Now that iTunes has the App Store, is there still any advantage to jailbreaking an iPod touch? Answered

I just got a new second generation iPod touch, and I was wondering if there was any advantage to jailbreaking it.

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Can you put flash games on an ipod touch?...? Answered

...or even play them online from the safari app? from what i've seen on the internet you can't, but I was really wondering if it could be done with a jailbroken ipod and if ipod 3rd party app developers are making an app to do such thing or would making such thing require a hardware change (not just a software change?)

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