Fingerprint bullets? Answered

Sometimes I see instructables with bullets that are in the shape of fingerprints. How do I do this?

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nerf bullet

How can you make a missile for the nerf rocket launcher?

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what kind of bullet is this? Answered

I found this laying around the bottom is a .22lr what is the one on the top?

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new knex bullet

This is a bullet i come up with while playing around with ironman69 m110 sniper rifle i added a broken end of a rod to the back of the ammo  so it keeps your orange connectors safe from damage from the ramrod

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Bullet proof bra!

A US woman had a lucky escape when a burglar's bullet bounced off the metal underwire in her bra.Police in the city of Detroit said one of three intruders fired a shot when the woman looked out of her window and saw them raiding the house next door.The bullet smashed the window and hit her, but instead of causing serious injury - or worse - it was deflected off the wiring in her bra.The unnamed 57-year-old woman was taken to hospital and released the same day."It did slow the bullet down," said a police spokesman. "She sustained injuries but they're not life-threatening."Teenage gangThe woman, who lives on the west side of Detroit, had seen the youths breaking into the house next door while her neighbour was away.Police believe one of the gang saw her looking out of the window and fired at her.The suspects then drove away after the shooting.Local police Sgt Eren Stephens Bell told the Detroit News: "We need to get some bulletproof vests made from that. It is some strong wire." BBC Story

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Knex gun bullets

These are my knex gun bullets,one looks like bullet bill, the other is a mini splodie.

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What to do with these bullets? Answered

In a tool box in my basement, I found some old Remington .22 bullets. What should I do with them besides shooting them or giving them to the police? Any Ideas, Thanks.

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Bullet Types and Designs

This is a place to post your various bullet types. I have included a short tutorial for what I call "Buck Shot" because it sort of has a spread of blue pieces. The other bullet is also in Gamer5's "Powerful Guns" forum topic. The other bullet isn't very special except that it has a hard impact, but it has a short range."Buck Shot"* Materials: Any Knex gun in which the ram comes almost (within 1cm) of the end. Seven (7) blue spacers (there are six (6) in the picture, though you need Seven (7)) One of those launchers that you can get in some sets and that you flick to shoot a Missile about ten feetPicture 1: MaterialsPicture 2: Cock the gun and put the launcher in the barrelPicture 3: Put the spacers in the launcher in the barrelPicture 4: A self-explanitory picture of the other bullet I mentionedPlease post any of your bullet designs and what they are good for.*I have posted this here instead of in a seperate instructable because it is too short to have it's own instructable.

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are you really bullet-proof?

What im asking is if you were to get hit by a bullet (with homemade bullet proof armor on) would you die from internal bleeding?

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knex bullet belt & grenade &gadjet....

I would like to see everyone's design's for bullet belts exetra, ihave made one with you's swithblade, bedbugs grenade's & a pistol & holster.

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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 pickup problem?

My 1975 model 350cc STD Bullet is literally struggling to cross above 60KM speed. 13000 KMs done after restoration and never allowed me to cross above 70KM speed.Using MIKARB and suspecting that one. But I would like to know whether there are any other reason could cause this problem. Machanic saying noyhing to worry about the engine related components. So please guide me with all possible causes to start a complete investigation.

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Whats the best way to clean a Magic Bullet Power Base? Answered

The Milkshake leaked out of the bottom of the container and went through the power base before I noticed it leaking out of the bottom of the power base. Is there any way to clean the inside of the power base? Or can I just keep using it with out worry of it exploding or something?

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How do i make a cool piece of jewelry out of two bullet casings?

It's for my sisters boyfriend and it was their first 2 bullets they shot together.She sort of wants a ring.They are also small so nothing too big.She was thinking i hammer them flat and make a ring by bending and sodering.

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How can I do highspeed photography like this:


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what gun are these bullets from? Answered

Ok so i was tyding my room and came accross these bullets  the largest one says : k 69 liia2 the second largest says d 10 a 86 the third largest is a colt 45 thats all i know and the smallest says z2mm9 rg 88 then like a plus sign

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Sipriani Rifle V2.0 Bullet

Erm..... well i guess it shoots 250 feet (i sniped from my fire escape) and it's not too hard to make. :D the last 2 pictures are the power from 20 feet away

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knex frag grenade bullet

What do you think

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Is chain maille bullet proof?

How strong is this stuff? Is it comparable to Kevlar? Will it stop a bullet? I know it'll protect you from being stabbed, but what if someone's got a firearm? Are some mailles stronger than others? Which is the strongest?

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Airsoft firing real bullets

Can an all-metal airsoft gun truly be modded to fire a .223cal round, as they are approximately the same diameter

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NAR bullet lock and barrel Answered

I am really confused by the front of the NAR, can someone help me? I don't know what piece fits in the barrel or how it fits in it, if you can post a picture that would be great.

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Turn numbers or bullets off

When I am creating an 'able, I enjoy numbering things.  I don't know why, it could be my attempt at organization or bringing me back to my Sesame Street days of the Count?  Dunno.... I click the icon for numbering, and start numbering things.  I click and it doesn't turn it off.  I turn it off and hit return, it is still on. I remember having this issue last 'able I made but there were two options to create an 'able, and I must have went with the other way... Now there is only one option to create one... Chrome Browser Version 38.0.2125.104 on Mac OS X Ver 10.9.5 Will attempt to recreate on a Win7 machine running the same Chrome browser (it's all I use)

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How do I make fake bullets?

I want to make fake bullets not for like props or anything, but because I want to make a bullet belt, but because I'm in Canada you can't have real bullets unless you have a gun licence

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How strong is the human skull? What material can simulate its strength?

I been experimenting with projectiles, and been wondering what can I use to simulate a human skull. I've been shooting at a 1\2 inch thick peice of wood board, the projectile made it all the way through easily. When aimed at someones head, do you think this could peirce the skull and damage the brain, or do you think the bullet will just get stuck? How strong is the human skull anyway?

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how to make firing detonators for bullets?

How to make detonators for bullets to replace on old cartridges

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Help getting used bullet shells.?

I live in the UK and I want used bullet shells for jewellary and future projects. I also need shotgun shells. If any one knows of anywhere I can get them prease tell me.

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how do you aim with the rubber band and paper bullet trick?

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knex gun/ knife

I found this idea on an army of two 40th day gun idea site. I think that it would make the ultament   weapon for knex wars. i would like to build this but i could use some help with the brass knuckles part and the knife. please help me with this awesome gun. knex man123456 ps. how do you change your name.

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How to add bullet points to an Instructable ?

Question by Navy Wolves 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

What Nerf bullets go the farthest? Answered

What Nerf bullets go the farthest, hurt the most and are still cheap other than stefens?   I'm open to any idea's. Thanks!

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Why is the use of bulleted list's glitchy?

I like to use bulleted list's when creating documents, but am having inconsistent results using the HTML tags within the Instructables editor. Initially when editing an intro page if I enter the tags the formatting doesn't appear in the preview, however if I view the full page and then return to the editor the bulleted list is displayed. This doesn't seem to work though for subsequent steps. I have viewed other contributors ibles where bulleted and numbered list formatting was sucsessfully implemented, what am I doing wrong? (yes I'm using closing tags)

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KNEX Bullet Lock - Design Help?

I am trying to design a bullet lock for my new gun, but I am having trouble The original 3 prototypes miserably failed and I need help. I don't want to lose range or power by adding one... Here Are some Pics. Note the fact that it is Dual-Barreled.

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How can I make a fake bullet? Answered

It should not be functional or harmful in any way.

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where can i get a bullet proof vest like the one below? Answered

Requirements for the vest: - i want it just like the one below -has the FBI label on it (optional) -has to be real and functional      thanks for your answers

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h a any one know some things about bullets?

Ok so i have a bullet(no powder) with a spent primer in it and cannot seem to get the primer out,im doing this to get the bullet out although ive done it by hammering a nail into a with no primer i cannot get the primer out its a rifle shell rws.308 and is there a easier way to get the bullet out of the shell,i dont have a kinetic bullet puller and cannot be bothered to buy one for a few shells

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How does a bullet on a revolver get accelerated? Answered

How does the explosive in the round move the bullet? Is it just a quick bang and the shockwave gives the bullet a quick "kick", letting its momentum carry it down the barrel? or do the expanding gases continue to push it down the barrel? If it is the latter, doesn't there need to be a (reasonably) airtight seal between the chamber and barrel to stop the gases just escaping out the sides?

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Why is not all the energy transfered from the firing pin to the bullet in a K'nex gun? Answered

When the firing pin hits the bullet in a K'nex gun, why is there some energy lost? If all the energy from the firing pin was to transfer to the bullet, then the pin would stop before it hit the back of the gun. Is there some way to use all of the firing pin's energy to completely transfer to the bullet?

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Magic Bullet Mixer Creations - NEW group in search of content

Hi.I just started a group to share instructables involving the use of a Magic Bullet Mixer. I love this gadget and I would like to use this group to collect and share recipes with everyone. When I have some time, I'll post some instructables describing how to make crepes, watermelon daiquiris and even hot chocolate. But in the mean time I was hoping some people would add their own recipes to get the ball rolling.Here's the URL to the group page:

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Is it possible to make a Bullet out of ice like in that film or to make one out of Frozen meat like in CSI?

Is it possible to make a Bullet out of ice like in that film or to make one out of Frozen meat like in CSI? I'm not going to try it but I was just wondering is it possible.

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Does Stefan (modifed nerf bullets) work with stock nerf guns? Answered

I looked at backer rods and they have aren't hollow. The regular stock nerf bullets are. The stock nerf guns have a little stick pointing out so you can put the bullet onto it, but since Stefan bullets aren't hollow they can't go onto the stick. So my question is "Can I put Stefan bullets unto un-modifed nerf guns?"

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Knex sniper rifle

I have a partially completed sniper at home and i wanted to know if you guys want me to finish and post it, i mean, theres no point posting if it gets a cr*p reception, eh? And it is currently unnamed so i am open to suggestions about that aswell. At the moment it has a cool carrying strap (not mine), a bolt loading system (classic) a bipod, a monopod, and a nifty scope (not mine) I am also working on a new mech for possible semi auto, ill get back to you if it gets anywhere.

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Why are there K'nex rifles when none of the bullets are spun out of the barrel? Answered

I have seen a fare share of knex guns and more specifically "rifles". The bullets are not spun at all or spun with fins. But there is no gun that spins the bullet in the barrel. Does that mean there is no such thing as a knex rifle?

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Is an aluminium bullet good for range and spiraling in a spud gun ?

Question by Ben Huber 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

whats the best way to recover a shot bullet cleanly? Answered

I just bought a 1954 mosin nagant rifle (7.62x54R) and was wondering how to recover a clean shot bullet ( not smashed still in its original shape) to make it into a nickels. is there a material that would good to shoot into that wont ruin the bullet?

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How to make a bullet proof armor vest at home ? Answered

Bullet proof armor vests are a very basic need for the news reporters in working in hot war zones. Being a freelance reporter, I would like to know how can one make a bullet proof armor vest by himself.

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where can i get some fake bullets like dummy bullets like the ones they sell at museaums? Answered

Where abouts can i get them in bulk for cheap?

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Salt Attack Project

Dan Holmes pictured on the extreme right is busy with his 2008 Grassroots Bonneville Attack and I wish him well in this endeavor seeing as I'm a Bullet rider myself.Quote from the site Bonneville Bullet "Got motorcycling friends? Motorcycle club, group? Let them know about this underdog, grassroots Bonneville attack by a classic Royal Enfield Bullet and a few dedicated volunteers. We need support from motorcycle owners, riders, enthusiast, groups, clubs, weirdo's, and just plain bike nuts wherever you are."The Bonneville Speed Trials are from 2nd - 7th Sept so not much longer to wait and see history happen. :)

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There's high-speed photography, and there's high-speed photography...

High speed bullet photography is cool - the precision of catching the bullet flying through a carefully-placed target. But how about hitting a moving target?  How about hitting a single drop of water? Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn can do it, apparently using normal flashes, but with the timing controlled by computers. Lex Augusteijn Photography via PetaPixel

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How do I build the NAR bullet lock? Answered

I know there are instructions for the NAR on K'nex Innovation, but the pictures of the bullet lock are too blurry. Can someone please post some clear pictures?

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Knex gun calibre!

For a while people have been calling their guns white rod shooting guns, blue rod shooting guns ect...  Which in my opinion sounds rather poor so I am starting a calibre system. Here it is...                                                                        Green rods= 1cal             White rods= 3cal             Blue rods= 6cal             Yellow rods= 12cal             Red rods= 24cal             Grey rods= 48cal                    The calibre is based on how many connectors the rods can hold.                    If this has been made before I apologise. Please tell me and I will remove it.

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