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How non-toxic is CA glue? Answered

Hi gang, I know CA glue (Krazy glue, Cyanoacrylate) is solvent based, and inhaling the solvent is bad for you, but how safe is it after the glue cures? As I understand it, after curing the glue is basically a plastic.  Can I use it in a baby's crib (Assuming it's allowed to cure)? Thanks!

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Change a 7 seg display from CC to CA in code? Answered

I am not as familiar with C/C++ as i am with Arduino. I am wanting to change this code from Common Cathode to Common Anode. How can i do this? //_____________________ fuse.c #define F_CPU 8000000UL #include #include #include #include #include #define _REVERSE #define _OPT_BUTTON_ /* . document tab-stop set to 4, best viewed w/ vi set to ":set ts=4" . description   this project is created so that if i could revert the RESET fuse change and flash via   SPI again. . features   . reads device signature and hi-low fuses for hi-voltage serial programmable attinys   . reset hi-low fuses to factory default on target devices   . layout to drop-on attiny13, attiny25/45/85 8 pin devices targets   . attiny24/44/84 targets needs additional breadboard and jumper wires   . standalone operations, fuses show on 7 segment display . project fuse setting   avrdude -c usbtiny -p t2313 -V -U lfuse:w:0xe4:m -U hfuse:w:0xdf:m -U efuse:w:0xff:m . parts list   . attiny2313   . 4x7 segment LED display   . 1k resistor x 2   . 2n2222 NPN transistor or equivalent   . 78L05   . mini breadboard 170 tiepoints   . +12V battery source . opearation   . place 8 pin target device on breadboard   . for 14 pin targets, jumper wire to breadboard   . apply 12V power   . display shows device name upon identification   . press and release button to cycle display content   . displays device name, fuse hi bits, fuse low bits and fuse extended bits   . long press and release button to reset fuse to factory default   . references and related projects   . datasheets   . avrdoper   . mightyohm                  Gd 12V                  Gd Rt V+ Ck MI MO (tinyusb programmer)                   +  +  +  +  +  +    +=====================================================+    |  .  .  .  .  .  I  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  | [I]n (78L05)    |  .  .  .  .  C  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  | [C]ommon    |  .  .  .  .  .  .  O  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  | [O]ut    | (v)(d)(b)(c) +--------o (v) .  .  .  .  . (d)(c) .  |    |  +--+--+--+  |  o  +--+-(1)-A--F-(2)(3)-B--+--+  .  |    | |+         | 1k | |+ b7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0 d6|    |    | |         -| |  1k|R d0..1 a1..0 d2..3..4..5  -|    |    |  +--+--+--+  o  |  +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+  .  |    |  .  .  .  .  .  o  -  -  E  D (.) C  G (4) -  -  .  |    |  o--------------o  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  |    |  . (a) .  E  B  C  . (a) .  .  .  .  .  . (b) .  .  | EBC of 2n2222    |  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  o--B--o  .  |    +=====================================================+                     (p)(p)                                 join (p)(p) during programming       SDO   SDI     +--+--+--+    |+    SII  |    |R        -|     +--+--+--+       SCI #define HIV _BV(7) //b7 .. RESET #define VCC _BV(6) //b6 .. (v) #define SDO _BV(0) //b0 .. (d) #define SCI _BV(0) //d0 .. (a) #define SII _BV(5) //d5 .. (b) #define SDI _BV(6) //d6 .. (c) */ #define BUTTON_DDR   DDRD #define BUTTON_PORT  PORTD #define BUTTON_PIN   _BV(4) #define SEG_A_PB _BV(5) #define SEG_B_PB _BV(1) #define SEG_C_PB 0x00 #define SEG_D_PB 0x00 #define SEG_E_PB 0x00 #define SEG_F_PB _BV(4) #define SEG_G_PB 0x00 #define SEG_d_PB 0x00 #define DIGIT_0_PB _BV(6) #define DIGIT_1_PB _BV(3) #define DIGIT_2_PB _BV(2) #define DIGIT_3_PB 0x00 #define SEG_A_PD 0x00 #define SEG_B_PD 0x00 #define SEG_C_PD _BV(2) #define SEG_D_PD _BV(7)  // d.7 maps to a.1 #define SEG_E_PD _BV(1) #define SEG_F_PD 0x00 #define SEG_G_PD _BV(3) //#define SEG_d_PD 0x00 #define SEG_d_PD _BV(6)  // d.6 maps to a.0 #define DIGIT_0_PD 0x00 #define DIGIT_1_PD 0x00 #define DIGIT_2_PD 0x00 #define DIGIT_3_PD _BV(4) #ifdef _REVERSE #define HOLD_DDR_VAL 0x60 #define HOLD_VAL   0x40 #else #define HOLD_DDR_VAL 0x18 #define HOLD_VAL   0x08 #endif #define SEGS_STAY(v) \    (((v & _BV(6)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(5)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(4)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(3)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(2)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(1)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(0)) ? 1 : 0)) | 0x40 #define SEGS_PORT_DET(p, v) \    (((v & _BV(6)) ? SEG_A_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(5)) ? SEG_B_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(4)) ? SEG_C_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(3)) ? SEG_D_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(2)) ? SEG_E_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(1)) ? SEG_F_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(0)) ? SEG_G_P##p : 0)) #define SEGS_PORT(v) {SEGS_STAY(v),SEGS_PORT_DET(B, v),SEGS_PORT_DET(D, v)} #define SEGS_B (SEG_A_PB|SEG_B_PB|SEG_C_PB|SEG_D_PB|SEG_E_PB|SEG_F_PB|SEG_G_PB|SEG_d_PB) #define SEGS_D (SEG_A_PD|SEG_B_PD|SEG_C_PD|SEG_D_PD|SEG_E_PD|SEG_F_PD|SEG_G_PD|SEG_d_PD) #define DIGITS_B (DIGIT_0_PB|DIGIT_1_PB|DIGIT_2_PB|DIGIT_3_PB) #define DIGITS_D (DIGIT_0_PD|DIGIT_1_PD|DIGIT_2_PD|DIGIT_3_PD) #define USED_B (SEGS_B|DIGITS_B) #define USED_D (SEGS_D|DIGITS_D) /*        ___a__       |      |      f|      | b        ___g__      e|      | c       |      |        ___d__ */ //_____________________ abc defg #define LTR_0 0x7e // 0111 1110 #define LTR_1 0x30 // 0011 0000 #define LTR_2 0x6d // 0110 1101 #define LTR_3 0x79 // 0111 1001 #define LTR_4 0x33 // 0011 0011 #define LTR_5 0x5b // 0101 1011 #define LTR_6 0x5f // 0101 1111 #define LTR_7 0x70 // 0111 0000 #define LTR_8 0x7f // 0111 1111 #define LTR_9 0x7b // 0111 1011 #define LTR_A 0x77 // 0111 0111 #define LTR_b 0x1f // 0001 1111 #define LTR_C 0x4e // 0100 1110 #define LTR_d 0x3d // 0011 1101 #define LTR_E 0x4f // 0100 1111 #define LTR_F 0x47 // 0100 0111 #define LTR_P 0x67 // 0110 0111 #define LTR_G 0x5e // 0101 1110 #define LTR_n 0x15 // 0001 0101 #define LTR_r 0x05 // 0000 0101 #define LTR_t 0x0f // 0000 1111 #define LTR__ 0x00 // 0000 0000 uint8_t EEMEM digit2ports[][3] = { SEGS_PORT(LTR_0), SEGS_PORT(LTR_1), SEGS_PORT(LTR_2), SEGS_PORT(LTR_3), SEGS_PORT(LTR_4), SEGS_PORT(LTR_5), SEGS_PORT(LTR_6), SEGS_PORT(LTR_7), SEGS_PORT(LTR_8), SEGS_PORT(LTR_9), SEGS_PORT(LTR_A), SEGS_PORT(LTR_b), SEGS_PORT(LTR_C), SEGS_PORT(LTR_d), SEGS_PORT(LTR_E), SEGS_PORT(LTR_F), SEGS_PORT(LTR_r), SEGS_PORT(LTR_P), SEGS_PORT(LTR_G), SEGS_PORT(LTR_n), SEGS_PORT(LTR_t), SEGS_PORT(LTR__), }; enum { POS_0, POS_1, POS_2, POS_3, POS_4, POS_5, POS_6, POS_7, POS_8, POS_9, POS_A, POS_b, POS_C, POS_d, POS_E, POS_F, POS_r, POS_P, POS_G, POS_n, POS_t, POS__, }; #define ST_HOLD  0x80 #define ST_PRESSED 0x40 #define ST_BUTTON   (ST_HOLD|ST_PRESSED) #define ST_TICKED 0x20 #define ST_12HR  0x10 #define ST_REFRESH 0x08 #define ST_BUZZ     0x04 #define ST_SETUP    0x03 #define ST_SENSE ST_BUZZ volatile uint8_t busy=0; volatile uint8_t state=ST_REFRESH|ST_12HR; volatile uint8_t dim=1; uint8_t  pos=0, stays; uint8_t  mode=0; #ifdef _OPT_SENSE_ uint16_t charged=0; #endif uint16_t button=0; uint16_t clicks=0, ticks=0; //_______________________ ticks per second and devired values #define TPS   (F_CPU/256) #define TPS_2 (TPS/2) #define TPS_4 (TPS/4) #define LONG_HOLD (TPS/3) #define NUM_DIGITS 4 static const uint8_t digit_mapb[] PROGMEM = { 0x40,0x08,0x04,0x00 }; static const uint8_t digit_mapd[] PROGMEM = { 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x10 }; //_________________ list of porta..c,ddra..c,stay * number_of_digits uint8_t output[3 * NUM_DIGITS]; uint8_t *ioptr = output; uint8_t dot = 0x00; //__________________________________________________ ISR(TIMER0_OVF_vect) { clicks++; if (clicks >= TPS) {   clicks = 0;   state |= ST_TICKED;   ticks++; }//if if (stays & 0x0f) { stays--; return; } stays >>= dim; DDRA  &= ~(USED_D>>6); DDRB  &= ~USED_B; DDRD  &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); PORTA &= ~(USED_D>>6); PORTB &= ~USED_B; PORTD &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); if (stays) { stays--; return; } if (busy) return; #ifdef _OPT_BUTTON_ //___________ scan button PORTD |= BUTTON_PIN; _delay_us(1);  // allow pull-up to settle if (PIND & BUTTON_PIN) {   if (button) {    if (button > 30) {     //_________ released     if (button > LONG_HOLD)      state |= ST_HOLD;     else      state |= ST_PRESSED;     stays = 0x14;    }//if   }//if   else {    stays = 0x10;   }//else   button = 0; }//if else {   //_____________ pressed   button++;   if (button > LONG_HOLD) { // show long hold #ifdef _REVERSE    DDRB |= HOLD_DDR_VAL; PORTB |= HOLD_VAL; #else    DDRD |= HOLD_DDR_VAL; PORTD |= HOLD_VAL; #endif   }//if }//else PORTD &= ~BUTTON_PIN; DDRD  &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); PORTD &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); if (state & ST_BUTTON) return; if (button) return; #endif #ifdef _OPT_SENSE_ if (!charged && (state & ST_SENSE)) {   state &= ~ST_SENSE;   DDRB  = 0x00; PORTB = 0x00;   DDRD  = 0x00; PORTD = 0x00;   _delay_us(1);   //_________ charge sensor led   charged = 1;   //SENSE_CHARGE   DDRA  |=  SEGS_D>>6;   PORTA &= ~(SEGS_D>>6);   DDRB  |=  SEGS_B;   PORTB &= ~SEGS_B;   DDRD  |=  SEGS_D&0x3f;   PORTD &= ~(SEGS_D&0X3f);   DDRB  &= ~0x44;   PORTB |=  0x44;   //DDRB  &= ~_BV(6);   //PORTB |= _BV(6);   //_delay_us(1);   //asm volatile("nop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\t"::);   //asm volatile("nop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\t"::);   //asm volatile("nop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\t"::);   //while (!SENSE_BUTT);   //PORTB &= ~_BV(6);   while (!SENSE_ALL);   PORTB &= ~0x44;   return; }//if #endif //___________ load segments uint8_t portd = *ioptr++; uint8_t portb = *ioptr++; uint8_t porta = portd >> 6; portd &= 0x3f; //uint8_t mapb = digit_mapb[pos]; //uint8_t mapd = digit_mapd[pos]; uint8_t mapb = pgm_read_byte(&digit;_mapb[pos]); uint8_t mapd = pgm_read_byte(&digit;_mapd[pos]); DDRA  |= porta; DDRB  |= portb | mapb; DDRD  |= portd | mapd; #ifdef _REVERSE PORTA |= ~porta; PORTB |= ~portb & mapb; PORTD |= ~portd & mapd; #else PORTA |= porta; PORTB |= portb & ~mapb; PORTD |= portd & ~mapd; #endif stays  = *ioptr++; if (stays && (state & ST_SETUP) && (clicks / TPS_2) &&   ((pos == (state & ST_SETUP)) ||   (!pos && !(state & 0x02))))   stays = 0x08; pos++; if (pos >= 4) {   pos = 0;   ioptr = output; }//if } //__________________________________________________ void seg2port(uint8_t bcd, uint8_t which) { if (which & 0x40) {   //_____________ bcd entry, do 2nd digit 1st, then 1st digit   which &= 0x0f;   seg2port(bcd&0x0f, which+1);   bcd >>= 4; }//if uint8_t *pp = output + which * 3; uint8_t offset = 3; busy++; do {   *pp++ = eeprom_read_byte(&digit2ports;[bcd][--offset]); } while (offset); busy--; } #define HIV _BV(7) //b7 #define VCC _BV(6) //b6 #define SDO _BV(0) //b0 #define SCI _BV(0) //d0 #define SII _BV(5) //d5 #define SDI _BV(6) //d6 #define SCI_PULSE _delay_us(1); PORTD |= SCI; _delay_us(1); PORTD &= ~SCI; //__________________________________________________ uint8_t hv_cmd(uint8_t *dptr, uint8_t cnt) { // data format is like write 0_DDDD_DDDD_00 //                      read D_DDDD_DDDx_xx uint8_t sdo=0x00; while (cnt) {   uint8_t sdi = *dptr++;   uint8_t sii = *dptr++;   uint8_t cmp=0x80;   sdo = 0x00;   PORTD &= ~(SDI|SII);   SCI_PULSE;   //sdo = ((PINB&SDO;) ? 1 : 0);   //sdo = ((PINB&SDO;) ? 0 : 1);   // 0x1e92 06   // 0x62df b0110 0010 1101 1111   while (cmp) {    sdo <<= 1;    //sdo |= ((PINB&SDO;) ? 0 : 1);    //sdo |= ((PINB&SDO;) ? 1 : 0);    if (PINB&SDO;) sdo |= 0x01;    PORTD &= ~(SDI|SII);    if (cmp&sdi;) PORTD |= SDI;    //else         PORTD &= ~SDI;    if (cmp&sii;) PORTD |= SII;    //else         PORTD &= ~SII;    SCI_PULSE;    //sdo |= (PINB&SDO;) ? 1 : 0;    cmp >>= 1;   }//while   PORTD &= ~(SDI|SII);   SCI_PULSE;   SCI_PULSE;   _delay_us(100);   cnt--; }//while //sdo = cnt; return sdo; } uint8_t chip_sig[] = { 0xee, 0xee, 0xee, 0xee, 0x00, 0x00 }; //__________________________________________________ void read_chip(uint8_t release_reset) { cli(); busy++; // enter hv mode, everything go low DDRB  |= (VCC|HIV|SDO); PORTB &= ~(VCC|SDO);// Vcc and data out off PORTB |= HIV;  // 12v off DDRD  |= (SCI|SDI|SII); PORTD &= ~(SCI|SDI|SII); //_delay_ms(50); PORTB |= VCC;  // Vcc on _delay_us(40); PORTB &= ~HIV;  // turn on 12v _delay_us(15); DDRB  &= ~SDO;  // release SDO _delay_us(300); // should be ready to issue commands // read signature // // default fuse settting taken from // // mcu - id          - factory fuse low-high-extended // t13 - 1e9007 (07) - 6a-ff // t25 - 1e9108 (18) - 62-df-ff // t45 - 1e9206 (26) - 62-df-ff // t85 - 1e930b (3b) - 62-df-ff // t24 - 1e910b (1b) - 62-df-ff // t44 - 1e9207 (27) - 6a-df-ff // t84 - 1e930c (3c) - 6a-df-ff // signature  { 0x08, 0x4c, 0xpp, 0x0c,      0x00, 0x68,      0x00, 0x6c // write fuse { 0x40, 0x4c, val,  0x2c,      0x00, 0x64/0x74, 0x00, 0x6c/0x7c // read fuse  { 0x04, 0x4c, 0x00, 0x68/0x7a, 0x00, 0x6c/0x7c uint8_t cmd[] = { 0x08, 0x4c, 0x00, 0x0c, 0x00, 0x68, 0x00, 0x6c, }; uint8_t *pdata = chip_sig; uint8_t i; //____________________ read device signature for (i=0;i<3;i++) {   cmd[2] = i;   if (i)    *pdata++ = hv_cmd(&cmd;[2], 3);   else    *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 4); }//for uint8_t  id[] = { 0x07, 0x18, 0x26, 0x3b, 0x1b, 0x27, 0x3c, }; uint8_t mcu[] = { 0x13, 0x25, 0x45, 0x85, 0x24, 0x44, 0x84, }; if ((chip_sig[0] == 0x1e) && ((chip_sig[1]&0xf0) == 0x90) &&   !(chip_sig[2]&0xf0)) {   chip_sig[1] <<= 4;   chip_sig[1] |= chip_sig[2];   /*   switch (chip_sig[1]) {    case 0x07: chip_sig[1] = 0x13; break;    case 0x18: chip_sig[1] = 0x25; break;    case 0x26: chip_sig[1] = 0x45; break;    case 0x3b: chip_sig[1] = 0x85; break;    case 0x1b: chip_sig[1] = 0x24; break;    case 0x27: chip_sig[1] = 0x44; break;    case 0x3c: chip_sig[1] = 0x84; break;    default: chip_sig[1] = 0xee; break;   }//switch   chip_sig[0] = 0x00;   */   for (i=0;i<7;i++) {    if (chip_sig[1] == id[i]) {     chip_sig[0] = i;     chip_sig[1] = mcu[i];    }//if   }//for   pdata--; }//if //____________________ reset fuse if (release_reset) {   cmd[0] = 0x40;   //________________ write fuse low bits   cmd[3] = 0x2c; cmd[5] = 0x64;   if (chip_sig[1] == 0x13 || chip_sig[1] == 0x44 || chip_sig[1] == 0x84)    cmd[2] = 0x6a;   else    cmd[2] = 0x62;   hv_cmd(cmd, 4); _delay_ms(50);   //________________ write fuse high bits   cmd[5] = 0x74; cmd[7] = 0x7c;   if (chip_sig[1] == 0x13)    cmd[2] = 0xff;   else    cmd[2] = 0xdf;   hv_cmd(cmd, 4); _delay_ms(50);   //________________ write fuse extended bits   if (chip_sig[1] != 0x13) {    cmd[5] = 0x66; cmd[7] = 0x6e;    cmd[2] = 0x01;    hv_cmd(cmd, 4); _delay_ms(50);   }//if }//if //____________________ read fuse cmd[0] = 0x04; cmd[2] = 0x00; cmd[3] = 0x68; cmd[5] = 0x6c;   // fuse low *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 3); cmd[3] = 0x7a; cmd[5] = 0x7c;   // fuse high *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 3); if (chip_sig[1] != 0x13) {   cmd[3] = 0x6a; cmd[5] = 0x6e;  // fuse extended   *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 3); }//if // done, turn things off PORTB |= HIV; PORTB &= ~(VCC|SDO); PORTD &= ~(SCI|SDI|SII); busy--; sei(); } uint8_t menu=0, loc=0; //__________________________________________________ void main(void) { TCCR0B |= 0x01; TIMSK  |= _BV(TOIE0); TCNT0   = 0x00; DDRA = PORTA = 0; DDRD = PORTD = 0; DDRB   = (VCC|HIV|SDO); //DDRB   = (VCC|SDO); PORTB  = HIV;  // 12v off _delay_ms(50); read_chip(0); sei(); while (1) {   //_____________ "state" bits LBTSRZPP   //              L - long hold, B - button, T - ticked, S - setup mode,   //              R - refresh,   Z - buzzer  PP - digit edit position   //   //_____________ "menu" bits TxxOxMMM   //              T   - in toggle mode   //              O   - option used   //              MMM - menu id (1-4)   if (state & ST_TICKED) {    state &= ~ST_TICKED;   }//if   if (state & ST_REFRESH) {    state &= ~ST_REFRESH;    dot = _BV(mode);    if (mode) {     seg2port(chip_sig[mode*2], 0x40);    }//if    else {     seg2port(POS__, 0);     seg2port(POS_t, 1);    }//else    seg2port(chip_sig[mode*2+1], 0x42);   }//if   //_____________________________________ check input   if (state & ST_BUTTON) { // needs attention    loc = 0;    if (state & ST_PRESSED) {     // normal pressed, rotate display mode     mode++;     if (mode >= 3) mode = 0;    }//if    else {     // pressed and held, reset fuse     mode = 0;     read_chip(1);     _delay_us(100);     read_chip(0);    }//else    state &= ~ST_BUTTON;    state |= ST_REFRESH;   }//if }//while }

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October 12th Grand Opening-Fremont CA

Schmartboard, The World’s Greatest Electronic Circuit Prototyping System, has relocated to the historic Centerville section of Fremont, CA. Join us on October 12th from Noon to 3 P.M. as we celebrate our new location. • Come and meet and have your photo taken with Oakland Raiderettes: Chanel Nichols and Ashley Brown • ***Hand solder a chip using Schmartboard’s patented “EZ” technology which makes hand soldering fast and easy • Contest with prizes from Schmartboard, other technology companies and local Centerville businesses. • Special offers not available to the general public. • Giveaways, Food SchmartBoard is the destination for people who want to hand solder surface mount (SMT) components. Are you an engineer, technician, educator, student or DIY hobbyist who has avoided utilizing SMT components? Those days are officially over, because with SchmartBoard practically anyone can hand solder SOIC, QFP, PLCC, QFN, BGA and discrete surface mount components. More Details

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My pc Speakers make a buzzing noise? Answered

My speakers have always made a weird noise it is more of a patting noise. And it really gets on my nerves when I try to listen to music and the noise is louder then my music? I know it is not a louse wire because I opened up the speakers and checked all the wires. But the  weirds part is when my cell phone is beside the speakers, if someone sent me a text my speakers will make a loud buzzing noise before my cell phone even rings? The are just basic speakers made by CA. Some one please help :)    

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What are these called? And how could i make them?

Ive only seen glimpse of them, and they are normally in movies set in California or stuff like that. Its basically, from what i understand, a pair of shoes with a caster wheel under each one.  Im wondering if i am just imagining them, or its something my mind pieced together that would be a cool idea. Im not sure. Normally its cool dudes, riding around by the beach, but on cement. And its normally an orange caster wheel.  Any feedback would be nice, especially with a link to the website where i could possibly buy them. Or just a name of them would be greatly appreciated.  Update: I have a ripstik, i used to have Heelies. I found a video clip of them! I figured out where I've seen them before. If you watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, you will see it in the intro. After he does his monolauge, its in the video of him running. One of the little clips is of a dude with shoes that have casterwheels attached at the bottom. Here is a link to a video. After you get through the adds, and after they announce the names at 21 or so seconds you see them. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Zippy Oh and it kinda looks like the third caster wheel, the orange one.

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Can you change the shape of an Ni-Ca battery? Answered

From my experience a battery is a collection of cells; and since Ni-Ca batteries are cased in heatshrink you can see the various cells it is made up of!  As I just bought the wrong battery for my airsoft gun (it is way too big) I thought if I took the casing off and disassembled it into various batteries could you then turn it into a stick battery? May seem obvious; but I'm new to this :) Thanks

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Podcast: CA Rule casts Shade on Solar Panels

Day to Day, October 27, 2008 Solar panels are this season's must-have construction accessory in Southern California. But there's a regulatory roadblock. Green boosters say one more state rule needs to change if solar is going to be anything bigger than a flash in the pan....Link to Podcast download

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Building probe/sensor for TI Nspire CX CAS?

My TI Nspire CX CAS just arrived in the mail today!  It's an upgrade from a TI84, and my reliable old TI82.  Just a quick search yields a lot of information on how this calculator can be used as much more than a graphing calc. There is software available for scientific use, which incorporates specially designed probes to measure everything from sound to pH levels.  One that caught my eye as a possible diy project was a microphone.  It appears that there is an application that is capable of measuring and mapping sound waves.  An interfacing microphone.  Can't be too difficult, can it? As soon as it arrived, I popped on to Instructables and did searches for anything Nspire CX related, but received the dreaded "no results found".  I'll have to get to work.  Does anyone have any experience with this calculator or it's data functionality? Thanks!

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The oldest known astronomical atlas -- ca. 667 CE !

I ran across a preprint today which I find wonderfully impressive. It documents a Chinese astronomical atlas prepared some time between 649-684 CE (AD, for the oldsters) , and covering the complete visible sky of the Northern Hemisphere. Star positions are accurate to within a couple of degrees (with naked eye observations). As the authors write in their abstract, This set of sky maps (12 hour angle maps in quasi-cylindrical projection and a circumpolar map in azimuthal projection), displaying the full sky visible from the Northern hemisphere, is up to now the oldest complete preserved star atlas from any civilisation. It is also the first known pictorial representation of the quasi-totality of the Chinese constellations.

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Fixing a built-in dimmer on a desk lamp? Aka: Retrofitting a California CFL compliant lamp? Answered

I live in California and just bought a Pottery Barn desk lamp designed to dim. However, because of the new law requiring CFL-compliant lamps, the dimmer has been tampered with to prevent it from actually dimming, even though the switch is the original. I opened the bottom and found the dimmer switch was encased in cardboard. I removed the cardboard, expecting this would fix the problem, but it didn't. Nothing else looks "tampered with." How can I make my lamp dim like it should A picture of the guts is here: And the model is here:

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how ca i program a new wesite into my psp?

All i have on it is an in accesable network since it is second hand

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Is it possible to download 'ndless and the gameboy emulator on the ti nspire cas?

I have attempted to download the emualtor for the gameboy on my ti nspire cas. But it did not work, i'm pretty sure it won't work, because in the readme file it said they only tested it on the ti nspire.

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Call for Makers - Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire in Greenbrae, CA

The Call for Makers is open for Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire! The event is Saturday, Sept 13, 2014 at Bon Air Center in Greenbrae, Marin County, CA. At the inaugural Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire in 2013 projects included a flight simulator, a hovercraft, coding classes, gardeners, robots, 3D printing, electroluminescent clothing, knitting, and alien mechanical sculpture. For 2014, we’ll be featuring more projects and connecting more Makers with a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and imagination, celebrating the Maker in all of us. We want you to have fun, be surprised and delighted, try something new, and leave inspired!

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Is it legal to do fireworks after the 4th of July in Folsom, CA? Answered

I know I can do them on New Years but can I do them any other day of the year? I bought fireworks but I went camping over the 4th so I want to know if I can still do them.

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Place in San Jose, CA to get discarded DVD burners free? Answered

I need a diode to make a burning laser (Kipkay's ible), but I don't know where to start when it comes to looking for free DVD burners (from a computer repair shop? where?) to get it from. I also need a LM317T chip for the driver, which I've heard is in the burner. Does anyone know a place in San Jose CA to get that? Preferably free, as in discarded.

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I have to remove a huge quantity of limescale (ca. 2 ton).

Do anyone knows the better metod? I tried citric acid (some white powder resist), Hydrochloric acid is not possible to use (some parts are in stainless steel...). I was wondering acetic acid or EDTA.

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Ca huge drinking water filtration system be modified for a fish tank?

I got a few of these filtration units:For drinking usage far too big but I was wondering if it would be possible to modify parts of it for filtering the water in my aquarium.Inside the black canisters is a prefilter (big one) and a de-scaler cartridge (small one).As they are independent from the quad filter system it only leaves the question of modifying some pipe for the inserts and finding a suitable filter medium.Would be nice as a pre-filter to keep the worst crap out of the filter pump.

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Join me at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA - March 21-24

  Have y'all heard of this? I heard about the Craftcation Conference last year and wanted to go so badly, but I had just moved to California and was still getting settled. But this year I'll be there, along with some other fancy Instructables ladies! (Scoochmaroo is presenting three different times over the weekend, and angelabchua will be there too!)  If you're near California and you love to craft or if you own a small business you should make the trip. :D It's going to be held in Ventura, CA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Click here to check out ticket prices and find out more about all the awesome things your tickets will cover! Registration closes March 1st so you better get on it! Tickets are available for the whole weekend, and you can even get a daily ticket for just Friday or Saturday. You should check out the schedule - there are so many amazing workshops and speakers I can't handle it. I have no idea how I'll choose where to go each day! The 2013 schedule includes: SMALL BUSINESS: starting a creative business, social media & PR, wholesale, retail, craft fairs, ETSY, legal & financial, publishing and more! DIY CRAFT WORKSHOPS: sewing, knitting, soap from scratch, photography, letterpress, terrariums, bookbinding and more! DIY FOOD WORKSHOPS: pickling & fermentation, artisan ice cream, salted caramels, farm to fork meals, seasonal jams, rustic italian cooking and more! COMMUNITY EVENTS: happy hour networking, bbq opening celebration, pop-up shop, yoga, dance party and more! (link to Still not sold? Check out this video from last year's Craftcation:   Craftcation 2012 from Letter Box Films on Vimeo.   You know you need to come. It's going to be so much fun! :D

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anyone know why the latest contest Video Instructables is off limits to CA residents? Answered

Just curious what the reason is - especially since two of the sponsors are CA businesses

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Where can I find White Merlot in a box in the Auburn, Ca. area?Dave Ballenger&lt;;?

Where can I find White Merlot in a box in the Auburn, Ca. area? Dave Ballenger ?

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Crucible Fire Arts Festival in Oakland CA - July 9-12, 2008

If you're into fire, metal, dance, and all of the above, BART on over to the Crucible Fire Arts festival, coming next week!Each July The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast.The 2007 Fire Arts Festival attracted over 10,000 people from as far as England and Australia and featured The Fire Odyssey, an innovative production that blended industrial fire theatre with ballet, opera, hip hop, aerial dance and fire performance. See the full lineup of performers, artists, and goings on at: our special Cupola Iron Casting workshop running July 7-13th and wow the crowds with your iron pour!Here's your chance to play an active role in this year's Fire Arts Festival! After learning the steps to create a mold and prepare iron and coke charges for the cupola, you are invited to participate in a public iron pour on the last day of the 2008 Fire Arts Festival.

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Temporary Tent life - Where in Hesperia/Apple Valley Ca can this be done?

Hi folks, I came across a similar question on this site, but the answers were for a different state so I hope this is ok. Me, my mom and a couple others (and pets) have been in a motel for nearly a month and it's way too expensive (running over the $5000 a month mark and this is as cheap as it comes for all of us). 3 rooms. Contemplating on living in a tent, preferably in the wilds somewhere here in the high desert (Hesperia or Apple Valley CA). Some of us may go to the camp grounds (narrows), but those of us with the kitty cats prefer to go out into the desert if possible. Mind you, this is only temporary (as long as we can hold out). If you guys out there know of a good spot that's unclaimed (and legal?? is there such a thing?) please let me know :)  Wilds would be free, however we still have access to toiletry/shower through friends. Long story short, the family was scammed by a realty company and now we're out of our house. To stay afloat, we tried AmericanHomes4Rent to get a temporary rental, but that didn't work out, so we're in the hotel. In fact, a house was readily available for us to rent, application OKd, but at the last second the above company said that there was a glitch in their system and the house was not available for rent.  (BS.. we went to see the place, rental sign, lock box etc.. RENTLY has a let yourself in service which we used to check it out). This has to be voodoo or something... I dunno... bad luck one thing after another. The plan is to save enough money to convince one of these rental companies to let us in  (3 or 4 months rent in advance). That worked for several folks I know, so hope to try the same :) PS - A shelter is out of the question. Not only are they full (went to inquire at the one up here), some of the folks there were wielding pocket knives and someone got into a fight.  Yikes. No way!  Tent it is!!!

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Cyanoacrylate accelerators?

I just read about these substances that are usually sold in mini spray bottles or aerosol cans.  They are supposed to be very useful when you apply a cyanoacrylate (CA) glue (aka superglue, etc.) over a somewhat large, flat surface, as they enhance the alkaline conditions to speed up the polymerization of the CA.     Given this information, does anybody know if a CA accelerator can be made from scratch by regular high pH household materials, like ammonia or sodium hydroxide?  If so, what concentration do you think would work?

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Combat arms; Failed to join battle, connection timed out?

OK, so i downloaded Combat Arms to see what it was like, i downloaded it, installed it, made a user. then when i started it, it worked fine, i logged in, joined a server and a room, then it said the game was starting so i waited, it counted down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then the game froze for around 5 seconds, I thought the game was starting so I waited. Then a message popped up: Failed to join battle. Connection timed out? I have tried re-installing the game twice, allowed CA through my firewall and anti virus (AVG 2011) and yet it still wouldn't let me join a game. I then disabled my firewall and AVG to see if it still happened, STILL DIDN'T WORK! by this point I was getting annoyed :S I exited CA and re-enabled both my firewall and AV software. any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. P.S. We recently got a new router so it's not our internet, i am also running windows 7 64bit, running CA in admin and compatibility for xp sp2 thanks in advance :D

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XYZ Recumbent Trike

So I've been wanting a recumbent bike to help me get in shape. I'm far enough out of shape that a standard bike is uncomfortable to the point of being a deterent. The biggest obstacle to me is the price. Even the Terra Trike which is supposed to be an affordable, entry level option is almost a grand even bare bones. I tried looking on craigslist but even used ones rarely dip below 800. So I looked for something I could diy. My biggest obstacle on that front is I don't own, or know how to use a welder. I think I've found something promising though.  There is a group in The Netherlands called N55. They are sort of a engineering/art collective and they focus on things to improve modern life. One of the projects they have out there is their XYZ Vehicles. They are pedal powered vehicles designed so that they can be put together with a minimum of tools. All that really should be needed is a power drill, some wrenches and a metal saw. From what I understand, they do classes where they build the 2 upright versions, the bakfiet and the tadpole design with the cargo box, but these are all over in europe and I am in Arizona so... I haven't been able to find anyone as of yet who has made one of the recumbents here in the states and posted about it. I would love to do this and post it as an instructable but I need some help. All of the materials list is metric and while I personally think a base-10 system makes a heck of a lot more sense that what we call standard measurements, I'm still not familiar with metric. So my question to the community is, should I convert all the measurements to standard or is there someplace i can buy these materials from here in the states in metric sizes? B I L L O F M A T E R I A L S : B O L T S & N U T S M6 SELFLOCKING NUTS, stainless (DIN985) - ca. 150 pieces (TWOSEATER: 200 pieces) M8 SELFLOCKING NUTS, stainless (DIN985) - ca. 5 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) M8 NUTS NORMAL, stainless - ca. 5 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) M6 and M8 BOLTS with Hexagon head, stainless, (DIN931): 6mm x 140 mm - ca. 2 pieces (TWOSEATER: 3 pieces) 6mm x 90 mm - ca. 15 pieces (TWOSEATER: 20 pieces) 6mm x 90 mm - ca. 5 pieces in DIN 933 (full thread) (TWOSEATER: identical) 6mm x 60 mm - ca. 60 pieces (TWOSEATER: 120 pieces) 6mm x 65 mm - ca. 10 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) 6mm x 40 mm - ca. 25 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) 8mm x 120mm, 2 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) 8mm x 100mm, 2 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) M6 WASHERS - ca. 300 pieces (TWOSEATER: 400 pieces) M8 WASHERS - ca. 10 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) A L U M I N U M 2x25x25mm ALUMINIUM SQUARE TUBE: 15m (TWOSEATER: 34m) 3x30x30mm ALUMINIUM SQUARE TUBE: 1m (TWOSEATER: 2.5m) 4x60mm ALUMINIUM FLAT: 1m (TWOSEATER: identical) 2x22mm ALUMINUM ROUND TUBE Ø 22mm: 1m P L A S T I C S 3x880x340mm POLYCARBONATE SHEET (TWOSEATER: 2 times) ENDCAPS (PE), black, for 2x25x25 tubing: ca. 70 pieces (TWOSEATER: 100 pieces) ENDCAPS (PE), black, for 3x30x30 tubing: ca. 10 pieces (TWOSEATER: 15 pieces) POM or PE black, round Ø 25mm: ca. 0,3m (TWOSEATER: 0,5m) POM or PE black, square 21x21mm: ca. 0,6m (TWOSEATER: 0,5m) POM or PE WASHERS M8: ca. 20 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) M I S C E L L A N E O U S AXIAL NEEDLE BEARINGS M8: 4 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) NYLON SPHERE w. screwthread, black, diameter 50mm: 2 pieces (TWOSEATER: identical) NYLON RIBBON, black, width 25mm, for seat side support: 1,7m (TWOSEATER: 3,5m)

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3.3V voltage regulator for diy "bare-bone" arduino?

I would like to use whether six AA or one 9Volt external battery for a diy "bare-bone" arduino* (*just the 328p atmega, 8MHz oscilator, capacitors, resitor, LED) & tested LM317, LD1086, LM1117 voltage regulators (it's a "budget" project – hence didn't try any step-up/step-down switching regulators though they seem to be the best solution ...); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUITABLE POWER/CURRENT? can i "simply connect" any of the regulators (incl. the necessary resistors/capacitors according to their datasheets) or do i need to add resistors to reduce their current in order to not "over-power"* them? * according to the values i measured (i am a novice to arduino's power management … could have made mistakes whilst measuring) LM317  =  ca. 2A @ ca. 3.3V with 100 & 160 Ohm resistors LD1086  =  ca. 1A @ ca. 3.3V with 100 & 160 Ohm resistors LM1117  =  ca. 1A @ ca. 3.3V without resistors according to dataheets/descriptions of several arduino boards (but i might have misunderstood – this might not have any impact on the power source …   ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TRYING TO PROTECT & REDUCE POWER FOR ADDITIONAL FEATURES ... LED to indicate that there is power flowing … hoping that this reduces the power consumption: - a 20 KOhm pullUp resistor ? Protect from charge … hoping that this protects the circuit from capacitors' stored charge: - 2* 1N4001 on voltage regulator? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i look forward to your advice …

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where is the internet connection sharing page i cant find it?

I cant find the internet connection sharing page

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3 scooter batteries in series: too good: 54 V!!!? Answered

For 2 months now I have an Aldi (low end) e-bike. The Li-battery allows 25-35 km travel (depending on terrain and wind conditions) on max power assist. According to specs, the battery has a voltage of ca. 40 V when fully charged, going down to a cutoff point of ca. 35 V when empty. For a relatively cheap 2nd battery solution  (to increase travel distance for another 20- 30 km) I put 3 brand new motorcycle batteries in series. Charged individually with a good (LIDL) charger, the batteries give a whopping 17.3 V, with a halogen light load15 V!! I don't dare to hook this up to my bike! Of course I can bleed the 3 batteries to ca. 13.5 V to make it safe, but so much capacity is lost! There has to be a common solution/ circuit: 55-41 V, ca.10 A, to a stable 40-36 V. Any suggestions???

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if you win the camcorder can you customize the casing on the website

This is about the teach me fast contest

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Is it possible to add an ON/OFF switch to a USB cable?

In order to switch USB connection ON or OFF as required without unplugging the cable from the PC or device.

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I'm interested in creating a tissue culture for carnivorous plants. How would I go about doing this?

Are there any good instructibles on glove boxes?

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Boost 12 V lead acid to higher values, like ca. 60V (+- 30) for amplifier...How?

"home" amplifiers are relatively easy to find. A simililar amp can be built from available (velleman) kits, or from discrete components.  But for portable use (on the bicycle, or car) , with one, or max. two 12 V batteries, only ready made car amps are available. The only thing between the choice of using stuff I already have or buying car sound system components is the power required... Which would mean there is a circuit inside the car amplifier boosting the battery voltage... Can anyone suggest a simple circuit or easily available gadget to boost the 12 V car battery voltage to the required +- 9 up to +- 40 V required for the variation of designs available. I am thinking of using (X2) the 200 W Velleman kit (+- 30 V) or the TDA 7294 chip (+- 40 V) for my bike amp, but would also like to know how to boost to arbitrary values (like, 17, or +- 21V) (for understanding). Of course, not just voltage, but also power is needed here!

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How to make a iphone like thing that would make calls? Answered

I have 7 old phones! 2 are some what new!

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Bacteria excrete oil

Looky!Scientists in sunny CA have genetically altered bacteria so they eat garbage and excrete crude oil. They plan to be in commercial production by 2011. Sweet!

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which is better the reaper crossbow or the nano cannon? Answered

I am thinking of building  the nano cannon or the reaper crossbow which should I build and why

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