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Is this a CC Licensing violation?

I came across a blog that shared my DIY rotary tool project which is under CC-BY-NC-SA.  I am new to this licensing thing, but how the project has been shared by the blog doesn't feel right to me.  The blog admin has downloaded the images and stl files from my instructable and uploaded directly to their website and in the 'parts required' list they have put affiliate links. Does it violate the Non-Commercial license?  At the end of the article, they have a small link to my instructable.  Is this legal to do so and within the limits of the Creative Common license? If yes, What can I do in the future so that other people are not using my projects for making easy money? Thanks. 

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adobe illustrator cc 2015? Answered

I was drawing my .ai image during some hours and I got an error: Can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an illegal operand. I opened it in another version of Adobe Illustrator, but it didn't aid. I suppose my adobe illustrator file corrupt. Any variants, please...

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How many CC should a Moped have?

I am currently working on building a Moped id like to post as an instructable if i manage to finish it. I am currently trying to find an engine for it. The only problem i am having is selecting the correct power. In my state, the legal limit is 2 horsepower 50 cc. However, I am 150 pounds and Id like a little more info on how to choose the correct cc. I dont know what someone my weight would need for power. The speed limit on mopeds here is 30 mph. Thank you for any help!

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Change a 7 seg display from CC to CA in code? Answered

I am not as familiar with C/C++ as i am with Arduino. I am wanting to change this code from Common Cathode to Common Anode. How can i do this? //_____________________ fuse.c #define F_CPU 8000000UL #include #include #include #include #include #define _REVERSE #define _OPT_BUTTON_ /* . document tab-stop set to 4, best viewed w/ vi set to ":set ts=4" . description   this project is created so that if i could revert the RESET fuse change and flash via   SPI again. . features   . reads device signature and hi-low fuses for hi-voltage serial programmable attinys   . reset hi-low fuses to factory default on target devices   . layout to drop-on attiny13, attiny25/45/85 8 pin devices targets   . attiny24/44/84 targets needs additional breadboard and jumper wires   . standalone operations, fuses show on 7 segment display . project fuse setting   avrdude -c usbtiny -p t2313 -V -U lfuse:w:0xe4:m -U hfuse:w:0xdf:m -U efuse:w:0xff:m . parts list   . attiny2313   . 4x7 segment LED display   . 1k resistor x 2   . 2n2222 NPN transistor or equivalent   . 78L05   . mini breadboard 170 tiepoints   . +12V battery source . opearation   . place 8 pin target device on breadboard   . for 14 pin targets, jumper wire to breadboard   . apply 12V power   . display shows device name upon identification   . press and release button to cycle display content   . displays device name, fuse hi bits, fuse low bits and fuse extended bits   . long press and release button to reset fuse to factory default   . references and related projects   . datasheets   . avrdoper   . mightyohm                  Gd 12V                  Gd Rt V+ Ck MI MO (tinyusb programmer)                   +  +  +  +  +  +    +=====================================================+    |  .  .  .  .  .  I  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  | [I]n (78L05)    |  .  .  .  .  C  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  | [C]ommon    |  .  .  .  .  .  .  O  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  | [O]ut    | (v)(d)(b)(c) +--------o (v) .  .  .  .  . (d)(c) .  |    |  +--+--+--+  |  o  +--+-(1)-A--F-(2)(3)-B--+--+  .  |    | |+         | 1k | |+ b7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0 d6|    |    | |         -| |  1k|R d0..1 a1..0 d2..3..4..5  -|    |    |  +--+--+--+  o  |  +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+  .  |    |  .  .  .  .  .  o  -  -  E  D (.) C  G (4) -  -  .  |    |  o--------------o  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  |    |  . (a) .  E  B  C  . (a) .  .  .  .  .  . (b) .  .  | EBC of 2n2222    |  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  o--B--o  .  |    +=====================================================+                     (p)(p)                                 join (p)(p) during programming       SDO   SDI     +--+--+--+    |+    SII  |    |R        -|     +--+--+--+       SCI #define HIV _BV(7) //b7 .. RESET #define VCC _BV(6) //b6 .. (v) #define SDO _BV(0) //b0 .. (d) #define SCI _BV(0) //d0 .. (a) #define SII _BV(5) //d5 .. (b) #define SDI _BV(6) //d6 .. (c) */ #define BUTTON_DDR   DDRD #define BUTTON_PORT  PORTD #define BUTTON_PIN   _BV(4) #define SEG_A_PB _BV(5) #define SEG_B_PB _BV(1) #define SEG_C_PB 0x00 #define SEG_D_PB 0x00 #define SEG_E_PB 0x00 #define SEG_F_PB _BV(4) #define SEG_G_PB 0x00 #define SEG_d_PB 0x00 #define DIGIT_0_PB _BV(6) #define DIGIT_1_PB _BV(3) #define DIGIT_2_PB _BV(2) #define DIGIT_3_PB 0x00 #define SEG_A_PD 0x00 #define SEG_B_PD 0x00 #define SEG_C_PD _BV(2) #define SEG_D_PD _BV(7)  // d.7 maps to a.1 #define SEG_E_PD _BV(1) #define SEG_F_PD 0x00 #define SEG_G_PD _BV(3) //#define SEG_d_PD 0x00 #define SEG_d_PD _BV(6)  // d.6 maps to a.0 #define DIGIT_0_PD 0x00 #define DIGIT_1_PD 0x00 #define DIGIT_2_PD 0x00 #define DIGIT_3_PD _BV(4) #ifdef _REVERSE #define HOLD_DDR_VAL 0x60 #define HOLD_VAL   0x40 #else #define HOLD_DDR_VAL 0x18 #define HOLD_VAL   0x08 #endif #define SEGS_STAY(v) \    (((v & _BV(6)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(5)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(4)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(3)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(2)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(1)) ? 1 : 0) +\ ((v & _BV(0)) ? 1 : 0)) | 0x40 #define SEGS_PORT_DET(p, v) \    (((v & _BV(6)) ? SEG_A_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(5)) ? SEG_B_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(4)) ? SEG_C_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(3)) ? SEG_D_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(2)) ? SEG_E_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(1)) ? SEG_F_P##p : 0) | \ ((v & _BV(0)) ? SEG_G_P##p : 0)) #define SEGS_PORT(v) {SEGS_STAY(v),SEGS_PORT_DET(B, v),SEGS_PORT_DET(D, v)} #define SEGS_B (SEG_A_PB|SEG_B_PB|SEG_C_PB|SEG_D_PB|SEG_E_PB|SEG_F_PB|SEG_G_PB|SEG_d_PB) #define SEGS_D (SEG_A_PD|SEG_B_PD|SEG_C_PD|SEG_D_PD|SEG_E_PD|SEG_F_PD|SEG_G_PD|SEG_d_PD) #define DIGITS_B (DIGIT_0_PB|DIGIT_1_PB|DIGIT_2_PB|DIGIT_3_PB) #define DIGITS_D (DIGIT_0_PD|DIGIT_1_PD|DIGIT_2_PD|DIGIT_3_PD) #define USED_B (SEGS_B|DIGITS_B) #define USED_D (SEGS_D|DIGITS_D) /*        ___a__       |      |      f|      | b        ___g__      e|      | c       |      |        ___d__ */ //_____________________ abc defg #define LTR_0 0x7e // 0111 1110 #define LTR_1 0x30 // 0011 0000 #define LTR_2 0x6d // 0110 1101 #define LTR_3 0x79 // 0111 1001 #define LTR_4 0x33 // 0011 0011 #define LTR_5 0x5b // 0101 1011 #define LTR_6 0x5f // 0101 1111 #define LTR_7 0x70 // 0111 0000 #define LTR_8 0x7f // 0111 1111 #define LTR_9 0x7b // 0111 1011 #define LTR_A 0x77 // 0111 0111 #define LTR_b 0x1f // 0001 1111 #define LTR_C 0x4e // 0100 1110 #define LTR_d 0x3d // 0011 1101 #define LTR_E 0x4f // 0100 1111 #define LTR_F 0x47 // 0100 0111 #define LTR_P 0x67 // 0110 0111 #define LTR_G 0x5e // 0101 1110 #define LTR_n 0x15 // 0001 0101 #define LTR_r 0x05 // 0000 0101 #define LTR_t 0x0f // 0000 1111 #define LTR__ 0x00 // 0000 0000 uint8_t EEMEM digit2ports[][3] = { SEGS_PORT(LTR_0), SEGS_PORT(LTR_1), SEGS_PORT(LTR_2), SEGS_PORT(LTR_3), SEGS_PORT(LTR_4), SEGS_PORT(LTR_5), SEGS_PORT(LTR_6), SEGS_PORT(LTR_7), SEGS_PORT(LTR_8), SEGS_PORT(LTR_9), SEGS_PORT(LTR_A), SEGS_PORT(LTR_b), SEGS_PORT(LTR_C), SEGS_PORT(LTR_d), SEGS_PORT(LTR_E), SEGS_PORT(LTR_F), SEGS_PORT(LTR_r), SEGS_PORT(LTR_P), SEGS_PORT(LTR_G), SEGS_PORT(LTR_n), SEGS_PORT(LTR_t), SEGS_PORT(LTR__), }; enum { POS_0, POS_1, POS_2, POS_3, POS_4, POS_5, POS_6, POS_7, POS_8, POS_9, POS_A, POS_b, POS_C, POS_d, POS_E, POS_F, POS_r, POS_P, POS_G, POS_n, POS_t, POS__, }; #define ST_HOLD  0x80 #define ST_PRESSED 0x40 #define ST_BUTTON   (ST_HOLD|ST_PRESSED) #define ST_TICKED 0x20 #define ST_12HR  0x10 #define ST_REFRESH 0x08 #define ST_BUZZ     0x04 #define ST_SETUP    0x03 #define ST_SENSE ST_BUZZ volatile uint8_t busy=0; volatile uint8_t state=ST_REFRESH|ST_12HR; volatile uint8_t dim=1; uint8_t  pos=0, stays; uint8_t  mode=0; #ifdef _OPT_SENSE_ uint16_t charged=0; #endif uint16_t button=0; uint16_t clicks=0, ticks=0; //_______________________ ticks per second and devired values #define TPS   (F_CPU/256) #define TPS_2 (TPS/2) #define TPS_4 (TPS/4) #define LONG_HOLD (TPS/3) #define NUM_DIGITS 4 static const uint8_t digit_mapb[] PROGMEM = { 0x40,0x08,0x04,0x00 }; static const uint8_t digit_mapd[] PROGMEM = { 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x10 }; //_________________ list of porta..c,ddra..c,stay * number_of_digits uint8_t output[3 * NUM_DIGITS]; uint8_t *ioptr = output; uint8_t dot = 0x00; //__________________________________________________ ISR(TIMER0_OVF_vect) { clicks++; if (clicks >= TPS) {   clicks = 0;   state |= ST_TICKED;   ticks++; }//if if (stays & 0x0f) { stays--; return; } stays >>= dim; DDRA  &= ~(USED_D>>6); DDRB  &= ~USED_B; DDRD  &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); PORTA &= ~(USED_D>>6); PORTB &= ~USED_B; PORTD &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); if (stays) { stays--; return; } if (busy) return; #ifdef _OPT_BUTTON_ //___________ scan button PORTD |= BUTTON_PIN; _delay_us(1);  // allow pull-up to settle if (PIND & BUTTON_PIN) {   if (button) {    if (button > 30) {     //_________ released     if (button > LONG_HOLD)      state |= ST_HOLD;     else      state |= ST_PRESSED;     stays = 0x14;    }//if   }//if   else {    stays = 0x10;   }//else   button = 0; }//if else {   //_____________ pressed   button++;   if (button > LONG_HOLD) { // show long hold #ifdef _REVERSE    DDRB |= HOLD_DDR_VAL; PORTB |= HOLD_VAL; #else    DDRD |= HOLD_DDR_VAL; PORTD |= HOLD_VAL; #endif   }//if }//else PORTD &= ~BUTTON_PIN; DDRD  &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); PORTD &= ~(USED_D&0x3f); if (state & ST_BUTTON) return; if (button) return; #endif #ifdef _OPT_SENSE_ if (!charged && (state & ST_SENSE)) {   state &= ~ST_SENSE;   DDRB  = 0x00; PORTB = 0x00;   DDRD  = 0x00; PORTD = 0x00;   _delay_us(1);   //_________ charge sensor led   charged = 1;   //SENSE_CHARGE   DDRA  |=  SEGS_D>>6;   PORTA &= ~(SEGS_D>>6);   DDRB  |=  SEGS_B;   PORTB &= ~SEGS_B;   DDRD  |=  SEGS_D&0x3f;   PORTD &= ~(SEGS_D&0X3f);   DDRB  &= ~0x44;   PORTB |=  0x44;   //DDRB  &= ~_BV(6);   //PORTB |= _BV(6);   //_delay_us(1);   //asm volatile("nop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\t"::);   //asm volatile("nop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\t"::);   //asm volatile("nop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\tnop\n\t"::);   //while (!SENSE_BUTT);   //PORTB &= ~_BV(6);   while (!SENSE_ALL);   PORTB &= ~0x44;   return; }//if #endif //___________ load segments uint8_t portd = *ioptr++; uint8_t portb = *ioptr++; uint8_t porta = portd >> 6; portd &= 0x3f; //uint8_t mapb = digit_mapb[pos]; //uint8_t mapd = digit_mapd[pos]; uint8_t mapb = pgm_read_byte(&digit;_mapb[pos]); uint8_t mapd = pgm_read_byte(&digit;_mapd[pos]); DDRA  |= porta; DDRB  |= portb | mapb; DDRD  |= portd | mapd; #ifdef _REVERSE PORTA |= ~porta; PORTB |= ~portb & mapb; PORTD |= ~portd & mapd; #else PORTA |= porta; PORTB |= portb & ~mapb; PORTD |= portd & ~mapd; #endif stays  = *ioptr++; if (stays && (state & ST_SETUP) && (clicks / TPS_2) &&   ((pos == (state & ST_SETUP)) ||   (!pos && !(state & 0x02))))   stays = 0x08; pos++; if (pos >= 4) {   pos = 0;   ioptr = output; }//if } //__________________________________________________ void seg2port(uint8_t bcd, uint8_t which) { if (which & 0x40) {   //_____________ bcd entry, do 2nd digit 1st, then 1st digit   which &= 0x0f;   seg2port(bcd&0x0f, which+1);   bcd >>= 4; }//if uint8_t *pp = output + which * 3; uint8_t offset = 3; busy++; do {   *pp++ = eeprom_read_byte(&digit2ports;[bcd][--offset]); } while (offset); busy--; } #define HIV _BV(7) //b7 #define VCC _BV(6) //b6 #define SDO _BV(0) //b0 #define SCI _BV(0) //d0 #define SII _BV(5) //d5 #define SDI _BV(6) //d6 #define SCI_PULSE _delay_us(1); PORTD |= SCI; _delay_us(1); PORTD &= ~SCI; //__________________________________________________ uint8_t hv_cmd(uint8_t *dptr, uint8_t cnt) { // data format is like write 0_DDDD_DDDD_00 //                      read D_DDDD_DDDx_xx uint8_t sdo=0x00; while (cnt) {   uint8_t sdi = *dptr++;   uint8_t sii = *dptr++;   uint8_t cmp=0x80;   sdo = 0x00;   PORTD &= ~(SDI|SII);   SCI_PULSE;   //sdo = ((PINB&SDO;) ? 1 : 0);   //sdo = ((PINB&SDO;) ? 0 : 1);   // 0x1e92 06   // 0x62df b0110 0010 1101 1111   while (cmp) {    sdo <<= 1;    //sdo |= ((PINB&SDO;) ? 0 : 1);    //sdo |= ((PINB&SDO;) ? 1 : 0);    if (PINB&SDO;) sdo |= 0x01;    PORTD &= ~(SDI|SII);    if (cmp&sdi;) PORTD |= SDI;    //else         PORTD &= ~SDI;    if (cmp&sii;) PORTD |= SII;    //else         PORTD &= ~SII;    SCI_PULSE;    //sdo |= (PINB&SDO;) ? 1 : 0;    cmp >>= 1;   }//while   PORTD &= ~(SDI|SII);   SCI_PULSE;   SCI_PULSE;   _delay_us(100);   cnt--; }//while //sdo = cnt; return sdo; } uint8_t chip_sig[] = { 0xee, 0xee, 0xee, 0xee, 0x00, 0x00 }; //__________________________________________________ void read_chip(uint8_t release_reset) { cli(); busy++; // enter hv mode, everything go low DDRB  |= (VCC|HIV|SDO); PORTB &= ~(VCC|SDO);// Vcc and data out off PORTB |= HIV;  // 12v off DDRD  |= (SCI|SDI|SII); PORTD &= ~(SCI|SDI|SII); //_delay_ms(50); PORTB |= VCC;  // Vcc on _delay_us(40); PORTB &= ~HIV;  // turn on 12v _delay_us(15); DDRB  &= ~SDO;  // release SDO _delay_us(300); // should be ready to issue commands // read signature // // default fuse settting taken from // // mcu - id          - factory fuse low-high-extended // t13 - 1e9007 (07) - 6a-ff // t25 - 1e9108 (18) - 62-df-ff // t45 - 1e9206 (26) - 62-df-ff // t85 - 1e930b (3b) - 62-df-ff // t24 - 1e910b (1b) - 62-df-ff // t44 - 1e9207 (27) - 6a-df-ff // t84 - 1e930c (3c) - 6a-df-ff // signature  { 0x08, 0x4c, 0xpp, 0x0c,      0x00, 0x68,      0x00, 0x6c // write fuse { 0x40, 0x4c, val,  0x2c,      0x00, 0x64/0x74, 0x00, 0x6c/0x7c // read fuse  { 0x04, 0x4c, 0x00, 0x68/0x7a, 0x00, 0x6c/0x7c uint8_t cmd[] = { 0x08, 0x4c, 0x00, 0x0c, 0x00, 0x68, 0x00, 0x6c, }; uint8_t *pdata = chip_sig; uint8_t i; //____________________ read device signature for (i=0;i<3;i++) {   cmd[2] = i;   if (i)    *pdata++ = hv_cmd(&cmd;[2], 3);   else    *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 4); }//for uint8_t  id[] = { 0x07, 0x18, 0x26, 0x3b, 0x1b, 0x27, 0x3c, }; uint8_t mcu[] = { 0x13, 0x25, 0x45, 0x85, 0x24, 0x44, 0x84, }; if ((chip_sig[0] == 0x1e) && ((chip_sig[1]&0xf0) == 0x90) &&   !(chip_sig[2]&0xf0)) {   chip_sig[1] <<= 4;   chip_sig[1] |= chip_sig[2];   /*   switch (chip_sig[1]) {    case 0x07: chip_sig[1] = 0x13; break;    case 0x18: chip_sig[1] = 0x25; break;    case 0x26: chip_sig[1] = 0x45; break;    case 0x3b: chip_sig[1] = 0x85; break;    case 0x1b: chip_sig[1] = 0x24; break;    case 0x27: chip_sig[1] = 0x44; break;    case 0x3c: chip_sig[1] = 0x84; break;    default: chip_sig[1] = 0xee; break;   }//switch   chip_sig[0] = 0x00;   */   for (i=0;i<7;i++) {    if (chip_sig[1] == id[i]) {     chip_sig[0] = i;     chip_sig[1] = mcu[i];    }//if   }//for   pdata--; }//if //____________________ reset fuse if (release_reset) {   cmd[0] = 0x40;   //________________ write fuse low bits   cmd[3] = 0x2c; cmd[5] = 0x64;   if (chip_sig[1] == 0x13 || chip_sig[1] == 0x44 || chip_sig[1] == 0x84)    cmd[2] = 0x6a;   else    cmd[2] = 0x62;   hv_cmd(cmd, 4); _delay_ms(50);   //________________ write fuse high bits   cmd[5] = 0x74; cmd[7] = 0x7c;   if (chip_sig[1] == 0x13)    cmd[2] = 0xff;   else    cmd[2] = 0xdf;   hv_cmd(cmd, 4); _delay_ms(50);   //________________ write fuse extended bits   if (chip_sig[1] != 0x13) {    cmd[5] = 0x66; cmd[7] = 0x6e;    cmd[2] = 0x01;    hv_cmd(cmd, 4); _delay_ms(50);   }//if }//if //____________________ read fuse cmd[0] = 0x04; cmd[2] = 0x00; cmd[3] = 0x68; cmd[5] = 0x6c;   // fuse low *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 3); cmd[3] = 0x7a; cmd[5] = 0x7c;   // fuse high *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 3); if (chip_sig[1] != 0x13) {   cmd[3] = 0x6a; cmd[5] = 0x6e;  // fuse extended   *pdata++ = hv_cmd(cmd, 3); }//if // done, turn things off PORTB |= HIV; PORTB &= ~(VCC|SDO); PORTD &= ~(SCI|SDI|SII); busy--; sei(); } uint8_t menu=0, loc=0; //__________________________________________________ void main(void) { TCCR0B |= 0x01; TIMSK  |= _BV(TOIE0); TCNT0   = 0x00; DDRA = PORTA = 0; DDRD = PORTD = 0; DDRB   = (VCC|HIV|SDO); //DDRB   = (VCC|SDO); PORTB  = HIV;  // 12v off _delay_ms(50); read_chip(0); sei(); while (1) {   //_____________ "state" bits LBTSRZPP   //              L - long hold, B - button, T - ticked, S - setup mode,   //              R - refresh,   Z - buzzer  PP - digit edit position   //   //_____________ "menu" bits TxxOxMMM   //              T   - in toggle mode   //              O   - option used   //              MMM - menu id (1-4)   if (state & ST_TICKED) {    state &= ~ST_TICKED;   }//if   if (state & ST_REFRESH) {    state &= ~ST_REFRESH;    dot = _BV(mode);    if (mode) {     seg2port(chip_sig[mode*2], 0x40);    }//if    else {     seg2port(POS__, 0);     seg2port(POS_t, 1);    }//else    seg2port(chip_sig[mode*2+1], 0x42);   }//if   //_____________________________________ check input   if (state & ST_BUTTON) { // needs attention    loc = 0;    if (state & ST_PRESSED) {     // normal pressed, rotate display mode     mode++;     if (mode >= 3) mode = 0;    }//if    else {     // pressed and held, reset fuse     mode = 0;     read_chip(1);     _delay_us(100);     read_chip(0);    }//else    state &= ~ST_BUTTON;    state |= ST_REFRESH;   }//if }//while }

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Best Way of Boosting 7.4VDC to 12VDC? Answered

I need to power two stepper motors off of 7.4VDC, and am trying to figure out the best, most cost efficient way.  What type of DC booster circuit would be best for this application? Do I need any noise filter? If yes, what kind? If I understand correctly, Stepper motors need a constant current. Does this limit my selection of DC boosters/step up devices?

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33cc Gas GS Moon Scooter Help? Answered

Ok, I already posted a question about this. The problem was a mislabeled sticker. Now I have more problems. The problem this time is my dad just randomly came out and started adjusting the idle screws for high speed and idling. It will now not run. I am not sure if he adjusted anything else but I need a bit of help. The engine model number is 1E36F 2-stroke 33cc engine and this is a GS Moon scooter. It has a full tank of gas/oil mixture which is correctly mixed yesterday.

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Help with Arduino-Midi CC out? Answered

I've never done a project with Arduino and midi-out yet, but I have an idea: I have to volume and tone pots (potentiometers) that I don't use, and are disconnected. I also use the amp simulation software Guitar Rig 4, which allows midi mapping to various parameters. What I'd like to do is this: Wire up the two knobs to the Arduino, and have them send out 2 different midi cc messages just like a control knob on a midi controller, so I can map them to different things with midi learn. The midi out can either be an actual midi out, or if possible output the messages through the usb cable. I'd like to make an instructable of this too, and all credit would be given to any help I've received. Help?

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Enforceability of CC "Non-Commercial" license?

Update: I was able to resolve this issue with Jameco and I now earn a commission on the kit sales. Original post below. -------------------- I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, and I realize most responses will probably start with "I am not a lawyer, but...", but I figured it's worth asking. I publish all my Instructables under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license: What I had in mind was that I didn't want people trying to sell the content - putting my Instructables in a book and selling it, or behind a pay wall on the internet or whatever (I realize the odds of that happening are probably slim). I figured the odds of anyone actually selling a product based on one of my Instructables were vanishingly small. However, it turns out that my most popular Instructable: is now the basis for an Infinity Mirror kit sold by Jameco Electronics: It looks like this was a project by one of their summer interns, who did a "step-by-step guide" (which DOES link to my Instructable as the original source) here: To complicate things a bit, Jameco as a feature called "Club Jameco" where you can design electronics projects (similar to Instructables) with a set bill of materials, and if it's popular enough they will sell it as a kit and give you a comission: I contacted Jameco to let them know that technically I'd published the project under a non-commercial license, so they probably shouldn't have done that without consulting with me (in a very cordial manner, not threatening to sue or anything). Their response was that they thought the intern's work was "different" enough and that she put enough of her own work into the project that it constituted a different product, which I strongly disagree with (the only circuit diagram in her written directions is from my Instructable - all she really did was create a BOM using Jameco parts instead of SparkFun). I would have liked to make this my own Club Jameco project so I could earn commission, but they said they wouldn't want to sell duplicate kits like that. Realistically, I doubt I'm missing out on huge amounts of cash here (the kits retail for $80 and commission is 10% or so), so I'm in no hurry to go hire a lawyer. I'm just curious about the enforceability of Creative Commons licenses in general. Do I have the right to just tell them "Hey, you actually can't do that, because the license says so?" In theory, would I actually need to hire a lawyer and send them some sort of scary-looking cease-and-desist letter? So again, I know most Instructables users probably can't give actual legal advice...just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I'm sure content gets ripped off without attribution quite a bit, violating the "Attribution" and "Share-Alike" clauses of the CC license.

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Does Anyone Run on a Cross Country Team?

Basically just read the title. Oh yeah, that picture is me and the rest of the boys CC team at our school. We got 1st place there. Yes, I'm in the picture...

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Real simple contest -- Whoops...

Wait, since most people don't change their licence on their instructable, and since the default has "non-commercial", when its featured in the mag., wouldn't that breech the licensing?

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Help with 33cc Gas Scooter? Answered

I have a 33cc gas scooter (sounds nerdy, I know), on the side I can make out what looks like Moto Rebel but not sure. It was used twice, sat in garage for one year without gas in the tank, then sold to me for $20 (Amazing price for something that's $350 new). Like new! It is 2-stroke but am unsure of the model number. It starts runs on choke between a small margin but won't run on ON, which is above choke on the switch. I think it may need the idle screws adjusted but am unsure. Has new and correct gas oil mix in tank and has primer button. Help would be appreciated.

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This made the forums break: Ì´

Yay unicode! I like combiners, so I tried one. It --probably-- broke the forum.

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October DODOCase Build Night at CC Makerspace

This week at the Chesterfield County Makerspace, we were lucky enough to host a DODO Case Instructables build night.  During the week beforehand, Doc and I sat around and brainstormed some ideas for case modifications that would help make the cases better.  We determined that a head strap is mandatory to enjoy any virtual reality games that require a controller. At the RVA Makerfest, we learned that we need a way to be able to clean the faceplate from the hundreds of people that we cycled through our DODOcase, so I designed the front faceplate to be 3D  printed.  In addition to 3D printing the faceplate, I also designed a nosepiece.  I found out, from hard experience, that the cardboard is very uncomfortable for wearing any longer than five minutes; we have access to ninjaflex filament here, so I knew a fix would be fairly easy.  Here are the separate instructables for our mods: Faceplate Nosepad Headstrap Over the course of the night we led two separate groups of kids in constructing their own cases.  We printed out enough nosepieces that everyone could use one, and had enough elastic strap for people to be able to had head straps to their goggles.  Once everybody got their goggles assembled, hilarity ensued as some of the kids almost walked into walls while enjoying their virtual environments.  A few problems we noticed:  not a lot of VR apps for apple devices, some devices do not cooperate with the magnetic switch (although the DODOCase V 1.2 fixes this), and some devices were too small even for the braces to hold them in.  However, everyone had a good time and we cannot wait for our next build session.  Thank you Instructables for allowing us to put on this event.

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Why is my dirt bike Bogging????

I have a panterra 50 cc And it is having an awful bogging problem. why is it doing this? i bought used and this is how it came

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Strange format numbers in Illustratore CC "123 123 pt"? Answered

Given: Illustrator CC, worked fine, and suddenly crashed formats numbers in the input fields. It became something about 123 123 pt. i.e. there is a space instead of commas when entering numbers. The factory default settings had reset, in the regional settings like everything is in order, ID is operating normally. Only Illustrator behaves odd. Maybe i need to delete some configuration files? All advices are welcome...

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Relicense old CC license versions (2.5 to 4.0

Hi guys I have tried to update or relicense some of my projects here from creative commons 2.5 to 4.0 but haven't succeeded yet. The thing is that with the CC 2.5 license there is a possible loophole which can get into trouble with copyright law in some cases if you release your work on another site. Now I wanted to relicense my projects under CC 4.0 license but I don't want ot mess with unpublish and republish. I don't know if this messes up some statistics or some subscriber email distribution lists or in the worst case to rouse the grim database guarding dragon, burning villages and tracts of land making Smaug look like Grisu the little dragon

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gear ratio on a 42 cc chainsaw powerd bike

HI! Im new to instructables and Im wondering what kind of ratio of sprocket i will need to mount a chainsaw engine on a 26 inch bike i want to use pre existing bike sprockets that i can some how mount on the rear tire. ideas? i have the ability to use a mig/tig/oxy welders. also what kind of/ size sprockets will i need to mount.

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Constant voltage AND constant current? Answered

Hi, smart people of the internet :) Is there a power supply or a converter that can be set on a specific voltage and current, and keep both constant at the same time? I looked at ebay converters like B3606, DPS5015, BST400 and the like. They all have constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) settings, but they can't do both at the same time. If for example the current being drawn is too high, the unit switches from CV to CC and drops the voltage as much as needed to keep the current constant. Is a simultaneous CC CV power supply even a thing? Thanks!

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Solar panel short reads 28v? yet charge controller reads 14v? Batteries?

I have a solar panel that I picked up on internet for free due to damaged glass(no biggie).  Placing a voltmeter across the output leads has 28.6volts.  I connected this to a PWM charge controller recycled from a junk yard.  I set the CC parameters to 24v and hooked up two 12v car batteries(13.2v good) in series to make my 24v circuit.  Now the CC digital panel reads 14v.  Checked all the connections and retested the panel, two batteries and CC. It checks out ok. But why does the CC readout at 14v in full sunlight? yet the panel reads 28.6v? The only thing is the two batteries are different in AH ratings. One is 96 Ah and the other 115Ah.

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Can't subscribe to Pro Account

I tried to sign up for a Pro Account. I tried on two different computer, using both IE and FireFox. I also tried to pay using PayPal and CC. I entered my CC info, after submitting, I was taken to a blank page. The same happened when I attempted to pay with PayPal.

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Could i use a 1 3/4 HP electric sander for a homemade pocket bike?

If i were to use a sander how would i make it cordless. or would it be better to just use a 20-25 cc gas weedeater

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How to make a cat-proof c&c Guinea Pig cage?

I Own 1 Guinea Pig

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Question about licensing work posted here for the Etsy contest

I've got the basics of the contest:1. Sign up at both sites.2. Create something, documenting the process.3. Post the item on Etsy for sale following contest guidelines.4. Post the information on Instructables following contest guidelines.5. Win! (okay, maybe)However, the item as I envisioned it would be a licensed item - people could make it for personal use under the CC license subject to the selected provisions* or contact me for commercial licensing.*selected provisions might be, say $5 for making an unlimited number for personal use, a $50 licensing fee for commercial re-sale, along with attribution, et cetera, for a stated amount of timeIs this allowed under instructables rules? I know that standard CC is used here, but I don't know yet if it can be combined with a licensing fee, and if CC does allow it if Instructables does.Thanks!

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C&C RA2 lags in Linux

I have C&C; Red Alert2 installed via WINE, and it played fine but suddenly began lagging unbelievably after a LAN match.

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I'been charged twice for my subscription, wo can help to fix it?

You charged my CC two times for my subscription. Help me to fix it.

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pdf not working

I tried to download several pdf's and couldn't get rid of the "Pro Account" nag. Is it required to pay first? I don't have a cc so that's not possible. thanks in advance

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I need to get the Source code for Hardware Implementaton of Software defined radio by CCS with Simulink Interfacing?

May be give me some useful links so that i can sort out the project

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GY6 50 cc chinese scooter won't start. What could it be?

Hi. I bought a 50 cc scooter that was sitting for some time. It's 2008 model and it had around 400 km when I got it. That's pretty low in my opinion. Well at first it was running fine. I mad around 100 km on the first day. Well the second day it didn't start. Thankfully my friend helped me and he said that my carburetor is dirty. He celaned it and scooter started up. I made around 60km on the same day with no problem. In the morning the next day my scooter wouldn't start. I tried to do the same as him. I cleaned carburetor and fuel filter but scooter still wouldn't start. It doesn't start electrically or kick start. It's like 5th day and my scooter still won't start. What happens when i turn it on:  - sometimes it sounds just like a dc motor spinning but nothing happens (there is no cranking sound)  - usually it makes cranking sounds but doesn't start  - when I let it sit for a while (for 30min, 1h, day ...) it makes a sound like it almost started up but then dies Thank you all for help! I would like to apologize for my lack of english words in engines and bikes field (not a native english speaker and I'm not specialized in those fields).

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In the uk can you legally own a vehicle if your under 18? Answered

If you do not intend on driving it Just keeping it Its a small road legal 49 cc Trike for info

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How to prevent transistor saturation?

I am trying to create my own audio amplifier. My problem was when i have large signal amplification the transistors becomes saturated, as a result the resulting signal is already clipped. This problem usually occurs when i use a transistor at CE configuration. Using CC configuration prevents this saturation problem but it also makes amplification very hard. When i use CC configuration one of the two transistors becomes "useless" because collector current becomes very low and based on further analysis it seems like only the last transistor is doing the job.

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Green Roofs Capture Carbon

"Recently, Royal Dutch Shell PLC received $865 million from the Canadian government for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project. Green roofs, rooftops with plants, can capture and store carbon, according to a new study by Michigan State University in East Lansing. The technology to build green roofs already exists, and they can be created for much cheaper than a CCS project."The key to fighting global warming is capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in new reservoirs that weren't storing carbon before," lead researcher Kristin Getter said...."This looked like a rather elegant answer to the Green Question.  

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knex 9mm (conversion crossbow)

Should i post this?( its a conversion crossbow) cc for short to convert it into a pistol all you have to do is a orange connector and put a rubber bang through the hole heres some pics

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What is a constant current source?

I had some questions: What is a constant current source? How does a constant current source work? Do i need a cc supply for an led or would a cv supply work? Thanks :)

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Can't change license of published instructable

Hi, I have some instructables that was posted under one license by a team member (e.g. CC-BY-SA) and I want to re-licese (to "CC-BY"). I was trying to do the following: * go to the instructable in question * hit Author Options: Edit, * hit publish * change the license value to the desired one * hit save I got a message in the UI that "saved", but if I refresh on the page, or go back to the instructable in question, it still shows the original license, and nothing has actually been saved. Any idea? Tried both Firefox 39.0 and Chromium 44.0.2403.107, on Arch Linux 64-bit, without success (license cannot be changed). Tried for example  this, this, or this instructables.

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max output current of cc cv led driver if i use leds in parallel?

I was thinking of using some 2w leds which i already have for home emergency lighting setup. I was thinking of using;=item2c7c767557 as the driver of the leds. And i was wondering if i could run 2 of the leds in parallel from that driver. i will be using a leatsink for each of the leds. So... the main question is how much current would each of the leds be reciving from one driver. will it be 350ma to each of the led or 350ma total to both the leds... ie 175ma to each led. Thank you

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how do I troubleshoot the idle on my 97 cr 250?

My two stroke honda 250 cc 1997 dirtbike is having trouble idling without me giving it constant throttle.  What are some of the things I could do to perhaps fix this problem?

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Snaped Skate Deck New board Ideas

Hey, I flipped out yesterday and snapped my skateboard In half (I got it for free too!). Now I need a new board, I was thinking any other online skate shops that you guys know of. If someone even thinks CCS I'll eat you children, lol. Oh yeah my price range is like cheap, lol

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How to program in C/C++

Wow, I haven't been on for a long time, anyway, does anyone know how to get started in C/C++ programming? I am looking to buy a gp2x to write applications for, and these are the other languages that it will accept, Assembler CACK Fenix Pascal GLBASIC Python Ruby Sdlbasic So what should i learn first, C++ or the other ones, an if you answer could you point me to a good book or guide?

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Wat is the best way to fix / improve a boggy 4 stroke dirt bike my means of cleaning it or buying new parts? Answered

I have a 4 stroke 50 cc panterra dirt bike and the engine bog if you turn the throtle too quickly insteadof slowly twisting it . how can i improve the throtle response by means of cleaning it or buying H.P. parts

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Home/Lab made heating element?

I am trying to construct a heating element, preferably out of nichrome, for heating a small box (24 * 40 * 13 cc). The box is covered on all sides, so the heat dissipation from the box will be very low, as per estimate. I think a 12V supply would suffice for the nichrome wire. The only thing is, I need to maintain the box at an ambient temperature of about 38 degrees. Any thoughts on how I could go about constructing the heating element?

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Truckers picking up quilting and other hobbies

Love this story in the Wall Street Journal about truckers picking up new hobbies due to fewer jobs. While they used to have just an hour or two between jobs, now they'll have a couple days. Now there are many truckers spending time learning photography, sewing, knitting, and more. Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching / CC BY 2.0

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i don't know where to start???

Hey guys girls robots haha i hava a lot of electronics stuff and i am playing and thinking to build a project but every time i build something i stop with building so maybe you guys girls or something els can say what can build with my electronics  i have this stuff Arduino uno Arduino mega Arduino pro xbee different shields for arduin raspberry pi keypads lcd  relay boards ir remote and a lot other stuff but i want all my electronics to connect it in a big project, so my question do you know something create of have some ideas to build something awesome i was thinking a bout star trek and looking for the control panels to build something like that or better sorry for the bad english  greetings marijn  for questions you can mail me or put something on the forum. >< thanks 

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C/C++ (CPP or C Plus Plus) Programs -- Will Write, money is used to goto College

Hi, I am writing programs for people in C or C++ to earn money for College. I have been programming for many years and have a good amount of experience. If you would like something made, please private message me or leave a comment below. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks  

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need help with adding active mixer? Answered

Hello .i need help with adding a active mixer before the "MXR headphone amp" . The images bellow are the original schematic and my new schematic my question is : 1.will this circuit work properly ? 2.i need the gain of mixer = 1 , so Ra=Rb=Rc=Rd , but what value should i use ? 3.What value should i use for Ca,Cb,Cc ? 4.What value should i use for Rx Thanks in advance! sorry for my bad English!

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Creative Commons Salon: July 6th

Our friends at Creative Commons are running a salon this Tuesday, July 6th in San Francisco.  The discussion centers around online sharing and collaboration that spills over into the physical world, something we're especially excited about at Instructables.  Details below. Creative Commons Salon: We Love to Share At Creative Commons, we love to share. And while CC is primarily known for its work enabling openness and collaboration in the digital world, we're interested in how the culture of sharing is changing offline life as well. Join us at the next CC Salon in San Francisco, where we'll present three projects focused on how sharing ideas, knowledge, and even physical space can revolutionize the way people create, work, and play. The evening's presenters are Jack Herrick, founder of the collaborative how-to manual wikiHow; Clément Alteresco, COO of innovation/strategic development agency faberNovel, which founded collaborative workspace pariSoma; and Neal Gorenflo, founder of Shareable, a new magazine and online community dedicated to sharing. Date & Time • Tuesday, July 6, 2010 • 7:00-9:00 PM • $5-10 suggested donation (no one turned away) • Beverages provided • Plenty of street parking available • pariSoma is located up two steep flights of stairs, and unfortunately does not have wheelchair access at this time pariSoma Innovation Loft 
1436 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94103
 About Creative Commons: Creative Commons’ mission is to provide everyone in the world with easy, free, and legal access to knowledge and culture. Our signature tools are called Creative Commons licenses, which are free copyright licenses that creators can use to offer certain usage rights to the public, while reserving other rights. Millions of people, companies, and institutions throughout the world have used CC licenses to make their work – everything from academic coursework and scientific data to art, music, and journalism – available for free and legal sharing, use, and adaptation.

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Writing Partner

I am hoping to write with somebody on an experimentation novella of sci-fiction. English speakers are preferred, will be an informal schedule, focusing on plot and setting, symbolism is a lesser aspect, professional quality, and will self edit their work. I have a plot and idea, would like to write the novella using a tennis style of writing alternating chapters. I may self-published ( Working under the CC licenses. Wouldn't at all mind having a long term writing partner. Comment here or email me at! :D

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Hi everyone and respected teachers i am jimi. and i felt in great problem i'm new one who is using ccs c and i took some tutorials about basic programming for available chips are PIC16F877A and have also ATMEGA32PU. related to PIC16F877A i wrote a program in CCS C and its compiled well with no errors or warnings and got a hex file/ output file checked on proteus8 downloaded/written on PIC16Fxxx by TL866 programmer but the hardware still not being functional i'm struggling to find a solution but i'm failed. and i have written 4 programs in different examples compiled with no error but hardware is not functional can you help me to take contribute in my first step ?? one of the code is given below i shall be thankful to you#include "D:\DEVELOPE CCSC\two inputs four led\two input 4 output.h"Void Main() {Setup_adc_ports(no_analogs);Setup_adc(adc_off); Setup_psp(psp_disabled); Setup_spi(spi_ss_disabled); Setup_timer_0(rtcc_internal|rtcc_div_1); Setup_timer_1(t1_disabled) Setup_timer_2(t2_disabled , 0 , 1); Setup_comparator(nc_nc_nc_nc); Setup_vref(false); #use Delay(clock = 8000000) Output_low(pin_b0); Output_float(pin_d0); Output_low(pin_b1); Output_float(pin_d1); While(true) { If(input_state(pin_d0) == 0) { Output_high(pin_b0); Delay_ms(2000); Output_low(pin_b0); } If(input_state(pin_d1) == 0) { Output_high(pin_b1); Delay_ms(2000); Output_low(pin_b1); } If(input_state(pin_d0) &(pin_d1) == 0) { Output_bit(pin_b0 , 0 & Pin_b1 , 0); } }}

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Legal and copyrights confusion.

Hey everyone, I love instructables and I've been working on my own tutorial for the last few weeks. I am not far from publishing the instructables. Recently it came to my attention that I might have some legal/copyright issues. I built my DIY using some parts I took down from other products that are still on sale. One of these parts is copyrighted but not patented. I was wondering, due to the DIY and instructables nature if that would be an issue for me? I am not reselling the DIY or pushing people to do the same as me and even give indication to future makers about how to obtain that part legally. I cite all the sources of the original product from which I borrowed the parts. Would it be ok if I publish my instructables like this or should I avoid talking at all about the "borrowed" parts? Also, if a newspaper or magazine wanted to publish an article about my instructables, would granting them sole publishing rights interfere with using the "borrowed parts" that I talk about above? Would I even be able at all to grant them these rights, given the general terms of the CC license (Non-commercial share-alike)? Does this CC license allow anyone to publish an article about my instructables without my written consent (print and online), so long as they cite the sources? Thanks in advance for helping me out, I'm a bit confused!

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