How do I power my 50 red 3-watt LED's and my 20 blue 3-watt LED's without using resistors to make a panel?? PLEASE HELP

I am no electrician and am having no luck searching the internet on how to power the LEDs. I am trying to build a grow light with 50 - 3 watt Red LED lights and 20 - 3 watt BLUE LED lights. The total power consumed would be 210 watts. Specs for Blue lights: DC Forward Voltage (VF): 3.2 Vdc ~ 4.0 Vdc DC Forward Current (IF): Typ 650mA Specs for Red lights: DC Forward Voltage (VF): 2.0 ~ 2.8 Vdc DC Forward Current (IF): Typ 650mA I know a lot of things on the internet call for resistors but for this project, resistors would give off far too much heat. I know that an LED driver can be used in place of the resistors, but I don't know anything about voltage or amps. I have found a few 200W LED drivers that connect to an outlet and convert the power to a 24V DC, which is usable by LED's. I just don't know if that's all I have to do: connect the driver to the LEDs in a parallel circuit. Actually, I don't know how to find the Constant Current Module that I need at all. PLEASE HELP ME!

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I have 3 led's, would the diagram work the way i want,?

 i would like the 3 leds to work as follows, left speaker left led, right speaker right led, and central led will be off of both speakers, i am quite sorry for my ignorance, i am very new to this and it is a gift for a friend, so i really want to know as much as i can before  i start blowing things up :),  each led is 1 watt and works best at 700 ma from what i understand, but can work between 350-700, so i am hoping 600 ma is fine, i have a wall plug adapter with switch for 3-12v, i will be using a v meter to test these numbers are accurate, it says current 600 ma., in my previous posts i was recommended to buy a CCR, but i haven't the  time to order this,  will this power source eliminate the need? i also have picked up quality heat sinks, and arctic silver, i am not the best at electronics, i do have a relative who works with HVolt  batterys and knows some about electronics, he works at TDI in nj, hes busy so cant ask him much, i am hoping this to be my last post, please help a guy out, thank you all for your support and positive and helpful comments first image without resistors second with

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